Dr. Drew tries explaining why he wanted his coronavirus test to be positive, which it was

I am about to out myself as someone who does not care too much for celebrity doctors. Dr. Phil started out as doing good deeds but has turned into a joke. Dr. Oz is also a quack. It would seem Dr. Drew, the once beloved doctor from MTV’s Loveline and HLN’s Dr. Drew On Call , has been tumbling from grace for quite some time. Dr. Drew was fired from his show Dr. Drew on Call back in 2016 after “diagnosing” Hillary Clinton with untreated brain damage. What an a*shole. Supposedly, Dr. Drew was fired before his crackpot “diagnosis” but I am sure this behavior was a catalyst for his getting the axe.

Dr. Drew seemingly isn’t done with being an insensitive jackhole. Recently, Dr. Drew came under fire when he posted on Twitter that he had taken a COVID test and that he hoped it was positive. Dr. Drew later clarified his statement in an Instagram video after receiving a lot of push-back for being insensitive. Dr. Drew stated that he had been feverish and sick for a few days and he hoped that having a positive result would explain his symptoms. He also said that having COVID would allow him to develop immunity so that he can continue working with his patients. Of course Dr. Drew ignored studies that show coronavirus antibodies are short-lived. Below is more on the story via People:

“I put out on Twitter that I was thankful to get or wishing for a COVID positive test, because I had this terrible acute febrile illness,” Pinsky, 62, said in the video. “If I did not have COVID, I had acute lymphocytic leukemia, which I did not want to have, because that’s the only thing that would do what was happening to me.”

“So COVID would explain the whole thing nicely. And we have so many good treatments now for COVID, so I was hoping for that. And I look forward to the immunity on the other side of this,” he added.

On Monday, Pinsky tweeted, “After three days of fever and the Zelenko protocol plus steroids, feeling better and getting another test for flu and Covid! Goodtimes. Wishing for Covid since this virus is not fun. Stay well, wear a mask!”

“I beg your pardon. Hoping for COVID so I achieve immunity and can go back out to take care of COVID patients without risking getting sick and taking up another hospital bed,” Pinsky replied to one fan.

He later added, “I only need a few months of immunity to protect the patients and avoid getting sick and me occupying a hospital bed. After a few months, I can then get the vaccine if there is any question about my immune status.”

[From People]

Dr. Who? No pun intended, but I personally have not followed Dr. Drew’s TV career but reading what he said about Hillary Clinton put me off and made me roll my eyes. At this point I feel that there are aspects of being a TV personality doctor that are unethical. It doesn’t allow for these doctors to really research their patients and spend time with them to properly diagnose them. It seems that Dr. Drew has fallen into this hole of being more TV personality than doctor.

Dr. Drew’s tweet was quite insensitive without the clarification. I’ll give him credit for encouraging people to wear a mask, but still. We have already lost over 350K Americans to COVID and I feel Dr. Drew should be more aware of his influence. There are far too many people not taking COVID seriously and are inadvertently infecting other people who are actually dying. Many of the people who saw Dr. Drew’s initial tweet would take his tweet about hoping to be COVID positive as a reason not to take it seriously, all because he has Dr. in front of his name.

As American continue to deal with the fallout of an administration that actively worked to spread a deadly virus, TV personalities such as Dr. Drew need to be more cautious with their words. They need to encourage people to take COVID more seriously. The more people who believe the virus actually exists and is killing so many the better for all of us in the long run.

Wonder how he got it

He was traveling in November

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  1. ican'tanymore says:

    I watched this video over the weekend and the way he points fingers at a supposed screw-up with the hosipital and vaccines and complains that it’s their fault…c’mon. You spent most of 2020 downplaying the virus and flaunting the rules and directly or indirectly supporting the idea that it’s a hoax and now you’re salty at the hospital??? They should be mad at you for working with patients while knowingly and blatantly exposing them to your reckless behavior.

    • Joan Rivers says:

      “Loveline” w/him and Adam Carolla was actually when they both were at their prime, compared to now.

      They’ve both become, or revealed they are, rightwing loons. But on that show they were quick and insightful and did some good. Drew was always professional and sounded very sharp as a dr.

      Adam ended up marrying a woman who sounds like a truck driver in drag. But seems settled w/his family. And Dr. Drew at least has always seemed like a good Jewish dad.

      But they’ve gone off the rails politically. It’s sad.

  2. Katie says:

    one thing I don’t get is how shops and restaurants can enforce the no shoes/shirt no service policy and can’t do anything about masks? how schools can enforce dress code but not masks? how mall security can take my temperature at nearly every shop and not tell a single person to pull their mask on the nose??

    • Esmom says:

      Because bad actors in the right wing media ecosystem convinced people they needed to stand up for their “freedom.” I think minimizing the virus in this way and others was a way to deflect blame away from Trump’s abhorrent handling of it. Plus people are stupid and selfish.

  3. Indywom says:

    i cancelled all of the TV doctors months ago. They are nothing more than quacks feeding their egos for monetary gain. The do a real disservice to the motto “do no harm.”

  4. AnnaKist says:

    Geez, if these supposedly intelligent people can be so stupid, I might need to start being a bit more charitable to the ordinary, average, garden variety twits who say and do dopey things.
    We don’t have these celebrity doctors in Australia. Sure, some are well-known, usually due to a regular spot on morning TV. It wasn’t that long ago that doctors were forbidden from advertising, and those who did appear on TV had to use a pseudonym. The most well-known was Dr James Wright, whose real name was Dr John Knight. Sorry, I can’t stand these self-important twat doctors whose fame overrides their common sense. I’m so sick of celebs of any kind spewing garbage and then *apologising* for being an arse.

  5. Esmom says:

    His story about his feverish illness as having to be either Covid or leukemia, therefore making him happy it was Covid, is such bizarre bullsh^t.

    I don’t follow him or any celebrity doctors and looking at his social media posts makes me not regret that decision one bit. Cringe.

  6. Liz version 700 says:

    I have loathed this man for years. He is and entitled prick and a complete fame chaser. I once heard him pronounce that there could not be hunger in America when cheeseburgers were $.99. All hunger is a myth because this jackass can get a McDouble whatever. And his advice on the coronavirus has put so many lives in danger, advising people to not take it seriously when the CDC was begging people to follow the lockdown. I also loathe Dr.Phil and could go on for hours about my disgust over Dr. Oz whose has members of his own department continually trying to fire him because of the stupid stuff he says on TV. But of all of these fame chasing greedy SOBs Dr Drew is the most pompous jackass of all.

    • Joan Rivers says:

      He was much better on “Loveline” but has since come out of the closet as a rightwinger. He never indicated that then and acted fairly liberal dealing with the young callers on the show. He answered questions about drugs and sex and teenage health and was respectful.

  7. Willow says:

    Didn’t he start out as the luurve dr on radio and then the man channel? Transferred to mtv dating shows, then was a celebrity drug addiction helper (still mtv). Next he counseled those teen parents, couples therapy, family therapy, etc. My head is spinning. Now he is a expert in diagnosis of both cancer and viruses? And of course, guru of everything pandemic. Clearly his medical degree is in snake oil sales.

    • lucy2 says:

      I always assumed he was a psychologist or something like that, but…apparently he was an internal medicine specialist? So why does he feel qualified to act as a therapist, or infectious disease specialist?
      I vaguely remember him being well thought of early on, but like all those other TV doctors, greed, fame, and ego took over, and none of them should be listened to now.

      • Joan Rivers says:

        He, and even Adam Carolla, WERE good back in the day. They did a lot of good.

        AC absorbed a lot from Drew and Drew gave good advice and analysis.

  8. Mle428 says:

    I share this story whenever possible: I know someone who used to work with him. He would take all the good stuff out of the gift baskets for the staff and then leave what he didn’t want for everyone else. That’s all I ever needed to know about that guy.

    • Moo says:

      Because he couldn’t afford to buy nuts and jams that he likes.

    • Joan Rivers says:

      He used to talk nicely about his wife and kids, but guys like that want the best for THEIR family, their life, them selves.

  9. Saywhatyousee says:

    I despise this man as much as anyone else, but don’t spread misinformation about the virus. Immunity is not “short lived.” We don’t know yet. Initial studies indicate reinfection is so far rare. The link you provide lists a study of infected medical workers that suggests immunity lasts at least for months. Antibodies are not the whole story of immunity.

    I’m a leftist, and we must be vigilant in the accuracy of our words.

  10. Linda says:

    Ugh. Never forget that ‘Dr’ Phil and Dr. Oz also went on tv and pushed for schools to open because the number of kids that could/would die was small but freedom was more important. Never mentioned the adults that work in the school too, let alone how callous and gross it is to shrug at the idea of children dying. They all need to go away.

  11. IMUCU says:

    I used to appreciate Dr. Drew so much. I grew up listening to Loveline (from about 11 years to 20 years old) and things he said on that radio show helped me navigate an abusive & dysfunctional home life with drug-addicted parents. I never blamed myself for their behaviors and was also aware of any potential addictive personality traits I might have bc of things I learned from him. I learned a lot from him and Loveline was the closest thing I had to therapy until I went away to college bc my parents wouldn’t allow me to see a therapist for fear of what I might say about them. It is really sad how much he has changed for the worse over the years as he has become more famous.

    • Joan Rivers says:

      That’s what I think a lot of people would say. The show was good. Even Adam was good.

  12. Mee says:

    These are ‘tv doctors’, operative word is tv. All 3 ‘doctors’ downplayed the virus, which was unbelievable to watch.

  13. pottymouth pup says:

    so wait, the symptoms he experienced of the virus he pooh-pooh as no big deal had him concerned he had leukemia if it wasn’t COVID? but the left is making a big deal out of nothing?

    also, love the hypocrisy of him pitching the idiotic zelenko protocol for treatment when he also had infusion of one of the monoclonal antibodies very early after his diagnosis (I think he was even able to receive his treatment at home too)

  14. Zaya says:

    I also loathe TV doctors.