American Kennel Club recognizes new toy dog breed, the Biewer Terrier

This is exciting! 2021 is only a week old and we already have a new dog breed to show for it. Apparently, the American Kennel Club has added a new toy breed to their eligibility for competition, the Biewer Terrier. The Biewer, that’s pronounced “beaver,” is an adorable little long-haired number with a big ol’ handlebar mustache and a glorious layered mane that is sure to reintroduce the Rachel after next year’s show.

On Monday, the American Kennel Club announced recognition of a new dog breed, the Biewer Terrier.

The Biewer — pronounced like “beaver” — is eligible to compete in the toy group and marks the organization’s 197th recognized breed, according to a press release from the AKC.

The organization describes the small breed as a “happy-go-lucky dog with a childlike, whimsical attitude.”

“Their purpose is to love and be loved, making them excellent companions. These dogs are loyal and a friend to all they meet,” the AKC adds.

Of the Biewer Terrier, AKC Executive Secretary Gina DiNardo said in the press release that the group is “thrilled” to have the breed join the pack.

According to the release, receiving AKC Recognition gives the Biewer Terrier the opportunity to “compete at all levels of AKC-sanctioned events,” including the upcoming Westminster Kennel Club show in June.

The 4-to-8 pound breed got its name from a Yorkie-breeding German couple whose dog had a puppy born with rare white markings, the Associated Press reported.

[From People]

OMGsh – these little guys are “whimsical.” Any Brooklyn 99 fans out there can already hear Captain Holt yelling at the television during the competition, “Of course she’s whimsical, you luddite! It’s part of the breed’s classification.” And “their purpose is to love and be loved” – their AKC bio reads like wrote it. They look like Seussian characters. And I love that their resting face looks like my mom when I’ve disappointed her:

“Seriously, Hecate – again?!”

According the article, they don’t need much exercise, which makes sense because their little legs are so short, they get their daily steps in just crossing the living room. But they do need major grooming. Uhm, duh – fabulous takes upkeep, you know. Lots of folks clip their coats short, which makes sense if the dog spends any time outside. That fur is just begging to get matted. However, if you have the energy, or a full-time doggie stylist on call, apparently Biewers are a great match for a variety of folks and households. They join the Barbet and the Dogo Argentino as the newest members of the AKC. Cannot wait to meet one of these little guys in person.

Note by CB: I added more Instagram pics to Hecate’s post! Some of these dogs are tagged Biewer Yorkies, but apparently what sets them apart from Yorkies is that they have three colors instead of just two.

Photo credit: Instagram

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  1. Lizzie says:

    Just the news I needed this morning, thank you.

  2. Aang says:

    Very cute. But I’m skeptical of the personality if they are descended from Yorkies. The Yorkie next door is the angriest dog I’ve ever met. He cornered my Golden Retriever on our own porch and bit her to the point of drawing blood. She’s 5x his size but terrified of him. I live in a dog neighborhood and it’s always the tiny terriers causing trouble.

    • BearcatLawyer says:

      Those are temperament and training problems. No dog should attack unprovoked like that. I had a Yorkie who was very calm and laid back – until it was time to hunt rats. She loved playing and snuggling with my Goldens too. But she was also very, very well-trained.

    • Elizabeth says:

      That is a problem with the owner, not the dog. Such a dog was clearly never trained or properly socialized. I’m so sorry your dog was injured. My parents have a neighbor with two large German Shepherd who she allows off leash throughout the neighborhood and it has caused many problems because they will go up to everyone and growl and be intimidating. At one point they attacked my tiny poodle mix who my parents were walking on the road by their house and injured him, but my mother asked me not to go to the police because she didn’t want to be on bad terms with the neighbor (!). The neighbor doesn’t care. It’s not the dogs, it’s the owner.

      • aang says:

        I agree. I didn’t mean to offend yorkie owners. It is just my personal experience that small terriers tend to be high strung and touchy. I once watched in horror as the jack russell owned by my mom’s manicurist escaped the door, jumped in one bound over a 4 foot fence, ran into the street, and was hit by a car. Terriers need more training than I could ever offer. I picked a golden because I knew I needed an easy dog that lived to do what I wanted. I wasn’t disappointed. The small dogs in my neighborhood that are sweet tend to be cavalier spaniels and breeds mixed with cavaliers like cavapoos and cavachons. If I ever get another dog it will be some kind of cavie mix just based on dogs I’ve met. But this all anecdotal and in the long run I’d much rather be bitten by a yorkie than a german shepard.

      • booboocita says:

        My parents have owned four German Shepherds (not all at once, but serially, never acquiring another until the previous had passed on of old age). Lovely dogs, loyal, intelligent, and protective — and you have to train the s**t out of them. My parents’ visitors always commented on how mellow, friendly, and well-behaved the dogs were, not realizing that all of them had been to obedience school with my stepfather and carefully socialized. @Elizabeth is right: a good dog is the product of the owner.

        My parents no longer have a dog, as they’re quite elderly now and don’t have the energy or strength to care for a large animal, and they won’t even consider any breed other than German Shepherds. As with any breed, you have to exercise some judgment and be responsible. Know what your tolerance is.

    • Nicole r says:

      I have a Yorkie who rarely barks, at first we thought he didn’t know how but it turns out he will if a stranger enters the house. So that’s good. Otherwise he is like a cat, sitting at the window. He also knows that he is a small dog and always acts submissive around other dogs and even cats. But yeah some Yorkies are yappy and only like their owners.

  3. Libellule says:

    So cute! I hate the name “toy dog” though. Dogs are not toys, no matter how small

    • Mac says:

      Agreed. They are bred specifically to human companions. “Small companion” seems like a better description.

  4. Josie Bean says:

    How very sweet they are – the black and white ones look like my little Havanese.

  5. BearcatLawyer says:

    I have met several at dog shows, and they are incredibly cute and fun. I am not a terrier person though so I will likely never have one.

    • detritus says:

      They seem perfect for an older audience, but agreed, while cute I’m not a terrier gal so won’t likely ever be getting one of these.

    • booboocita says:

      There’s a great story about the old Madison Square Garden in NYC before the renovations. Madison Square Garden is where the AKC holds the annual Westminster Kennel Club dog show. Before renovations, the venue was infested with rats. A rat fell from a rafter just as the terrier group was being judged, and true to their instincts and breeding, all of the dogs went nuts, barking and snarling and tugging to get at the rat. I wish I’d seen that.

  6. manda says:

    omg so adorable. omg the little PJs with the reindeer on the butt!! Love

  7. LaUnicaAngelina says:

    Gahhhh the one with the bow tie around their neck! Soooo cute!

  8. Bavarian says:

    My Bella is a Biewer Yorkshire from Hungary. Super calm, lazy, patient with kids and other animals. We also cut her hair short and she isn’t shedding…a huge plus for me.

  9. MissMarierose says:

    This post is a wonderful palate cleanser. Thank you!!!

  10. detritus says:

    Love the lighter posts on heavy news days.

    Things I also love – pictures of the writers pets and plants, silly off topic stories, ranking the chrises etc

  11. jennyrev says:

    Great. Another excuse for bad breeders to exploit toy dogs for profit. This was an unnecessary decision by the AKC, but they are always in it for the money and not the dogs.

  12. Charfromdarock says:

    Ahhh so freaking cute!

    I love dogs especially tiny little doggies. I have a Maltese and he is one of the greatest joys of my life.

  13. Biewer says:

    I have a biewer and he is a little ball of light, playful whimsy, and endless love 💕 Also basically never barks. Just a fun lil scrappy boi ✨ so happy they are finally recognized!! My sister has a yorkie; I would say they are definitely different in temperament. I was never into small dogs, felt them to be yappy with a Napoleon complex, but my biewer changed my mind ✨✨