ET: Jason Sudeikis is ‘hurt & jealous’ because Olivia Wilde moved on with Harry Styles

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I’ve come at Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis’s split from a perspective of “neither of them are my faves, so it’s fun to watch the mess.” Like, I think Olivia is an a–hole and I’ve never paid close enough attention to Jason to really figure out if he is too. But lordy, you guys have some strong opinions about these two and I just don’t get it. Is it because they’re so bland, people can project all of this bullsh-t onto them?

For a brief recap, Olivia and Jason officially split in mid-November. By the first week in January, Olivia was already pap-strolling with her new coworker boyfriend Harry Styles. Olivia had, at that point, already established a narrative about her split which was that she and Jason were having problems for a while and the split was amicable, even though he was super-mad of how famous, pretty, talented and in-demand she is. I’m not even joking. Then Jason pushed back after the Styles photos, with his side saying that she’s a cheater and she checked out of the marriage as soon as she met Harry. Now that Team Sudeikis has pushed back, it’s time for Olivia’s publicist to respond.

Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde are learning to navigate their new normal. A source tells ET that while the pair wanted to remain close after their split, the Ted Lasso star is “really hurt” by Wilde’s new romance with Harry Styles.

“Olivia and Jason ended amicably and both wanted to remain close and stay friends for the sake of their kids and because they have mutual respect and love for one another,” ET’s source says, explaining that Sudeikis had hope he and Wilde “would eventually reconcile and get back together.” “He has been really hurt and somewhat jealous that Olivia has moved on with Harry.”

News of Wilde and Sudeikis’ split broke in November, seven years after they got engaged. However, a source recently told ET that the couple — who share a 6-year-old son, Otis, and a 4-year-old daughter, Daisy — actually “split almost a year ago.”

[From ET]

Team Sudeikis was already pushing back on the “amicable” narrative and painting Jason as the wronged party, the one who was abandoned when Harry Styles came around. Now Olivia’s team has taken that and twisted it – yes, Jason is hurt… because Olivia is with Harry. Jason is jealous! You wouldn’t think we were talking about a 36 years old woman and a 45-year-old man given this middle school dramz.

The unnamed sources continue to be at war with each other, just look at the back and forth in this Us Weekly story. One source claims that “Olivia called off the engagement in early November but only after she already had gotten close to Harry… Whether Harry knows it or not, he was a reason for the split and it blindsided Jason — he totally adores Olivia and is devastated. Family is his biggest priority.” Then two more sources furiously deny that quote in the same article. Wow, so Jason and Olivia are really going to fight this out in the media huh? We haven’t had one of those kinds of breakups in a while.

Jason Sudeikis, Olivia Wilde at the premiere of Amazon Studios' 'Life Itself' at ArcLight Cinerama Dome in Hollywood

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  1. LaraK says:

    Breaking off the engagement makes it sound like she just checked out of a relationship that’s not working.
    Nope. She checked out on a de facto marriage with two children. She is such a colossal a-hole.

    Not to say that women can’t get divorced after children, bun not because they want some strange on set. Gross,

    • Darla says:

      Why not though? She never married him, and if you break up before getting physical, I see nothing wrong with it. I am a serial monogamist myself, and I cringe every time I see all of the judgy posts about this kind of thing.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        Before getting physical? They had 2 kids. Did you mean legal for marriage?
        I’ve been in a decade long relationship with a mortgage, business and dogs. And a marriage. They are the same.

        She got bored with Jason like she admittedly did with her 1st husband and went to a jump off like her 1st. It seems to be her MO

      • Darla says:

        “DId you mean legal for marriage”? I don’t know what this sentence means.

      • Myra says:

        I think Darla is referring to Wilde getting physical with Styles, meaning if she broke up with (I had to go back to double check his name) Sudeikis before having sex with Styles, it’s better this way. I hope I got it right and I don’t disagree. It’s hard for the kids no doubt and it’s hard for the partner, whether legally married or not. However, it’s better not to drag a failing relationship any further. I appreciate honesty rather than the cowardly act of cheating because the adulterer was too scared to take the leap with the other person. It still sucks for Sudeikis, but he’ll be better off moving on than hoping for a reconciliation.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Wiglet Watcher, even if they were married….she still has the right to leave the relationship. Why are you acting like she is obligated to stay? Staying in an unhappy relationship is not good for children, so I am not sure why you are bringing up the kids.

    • Elizabeth says:

      A “de facto marriage” could also be a relationship that’s not working, though. If she wants to leave, let her. If she wants a rebound with HARRY STYLES, who wouldn’t? Lol. Also she left her partner, not her children — don’t twist it.

      I really despise men who pout and whine in the media about a woman having the nerve to leave them.

      • Oy_Hey says:

        Say it loud for the folks in the back. Even if what he said is true (which I don’t believe) your kids are going to see you freaking out at her in public and in the press. That alone makes whatever you say trash.

      • Alexia says:

        Jason isn’t pouting because she left him- he’s saying she cheated on him and then lied about their breakup timing. There’s clear evidence that she lied too- Instagram photos, vacation pics, interviews, she’s wearing her ring, they bought a house together in the uk. She literally just photographed moving out of their shared house. Men get roasted on here when they cheat, but now it’s ok because Olivia cheated with HaRrY StYlEs, like what? This isn’t a pro woman movement, I’m not rooting for either sex getting to cheat, especially with children.

      • whateveryousay says:

        Why do women keep defending her. If this was a man everyone would rightfully be calling her out. She cheated on him. End of story. They should get it together for their kids though.

      • Ann says:

        I don’t know, saying that he is hurt, felt blindsided, and adores her and prioritizes their family/kids doesn’t sound so much like pouting and whining to me. I wouldn’t want my stuff aired in public but since they are celebrities and her side of the story was already out there, I can get him wanting his out there too. I don’t know either as people, but I prefer Sudekis as a performer because he’s funny and I am familiar with his stuff. Not as familiar with her and honestly knew her more through her connection to him than anything else. And sure, she’s pretty and shiny and in demand….for now. No guarantee of longevity in this industry. But like I said, I don’t have an opinion on them as human beings.

      • AnneSurely says:

        I do too. They weren’t married, on purpose. They purposely created a family without making a legal commitment to each other. Everyone who talks about ‘buying a house is a greater commitment than a marriage’, ‘having kids is a greater commitment than having a marriage’ misses the fact that neither one of those institutions is a relationship commitment. It’s a commitment to paying a bill and raising a kid. Either of them was free to walk away at any time and Olivia chose to go. And why are we taking the word of the man as gospel? He likely got his paunchy, middle-aged feefs hurt by his former girlfriend moving on with someone 20 years younger and more successful. This happens to women all the time in marriages. He needs to be mature for his kids and knock this nonsense off. No one gets hurt here but the kids.

    • AnnaKist says:

      I don’t know anything about these two, except for what I’ve read here the last few days. My first thought was that the Styles lad isn’t known for the longevity of his relationships, is he? I guess we’ll have to wait and see if the new romance lasts or if she chucked her old life out for a quick shag. She’s entitled to do whatever she wants, but sometimes there are bigger things to consider than one’s own libido.

      • ennie says:

        We don’t really know the state of her relationship with the father of the children/Sudeikis. The best thing is that they both should have addressed their issues prior to drift aways, but many times it doesn’t happen, and because of the children precisely, people go along with something that is far from the best.

        Dragging on a relationship is not healthy either, and she might be keeping her fling or boyfriend or whatever, away from the kids.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      It is completely wrong to call someone an azzhole just because their relationship didn’t work out. No one is obligated to love another person.

      Also….this is paint-by-numbers gossip that people are thirsting for. It sounds like a narrative you could assume without actual insider knowledge. I wouldn’t take these versions as gospel.

      As for assumptions of cheating…remember that the public announcement is the last step of being separated, and many times that is delayed if there’s hope if reunification. Usually they’re separated in real life for a bit before a public statement is made.

      • Kate says:

        Right, which could explain why they would be wearing wedding rings in public recently. They know once they take them off in public, if they are photographed everyone will speculate before they are ready to make their “we have amicably separated” announcement.

    • Chlo says:

      I’m glad you are able to determine the acceptable reasons women can break up with a partner.

  2. Zen says:

    Engaged for 7 years!? Why never got married? hmmm. The only purpose of an engagement is to get married. If you want a common law marriage (which they had) just don’t get engaged. Seems like one of them never wanted to get married.

    • Oh_Hey says:

      Bingo. Women love hating on other women for stupid or nonexistent reasons. We can second guess the timing all we want but folks are out her calling her everything on the day so of her ex who himself is a known cheater.

      Team nobody but the kids. Jesus people – women are allowed to break up with folks and then date someone else.

    • Lauren says:

      Both Olivia and Jason are both smug. They certainly don’t look happy in those pics! I think there were problems for a long time and that is why they didn’t get married.
      At least Olivia picked someone very talented and sweet natured. And Harry chose Olivia!
      Harry has a beautiful voice, and never hear a bad word about him. Olivia looks so much more relaxed now! Watermelon sugar indeed.

  3. My3cents says:

    I’m here for some WildStyle.
    Best couple name be far.

  4. Chill says:

    They weren’t married. After all those years there must be a reason. Why be engaged if not to marry? So, obviously they weren’t meant to be together. Better now than after marriage.

    • MissMarierose says:

      I can’t speak for these two, but I had a friend who was engaged for 9 years before they parted ways. She said it was basically the same outward commitment, but they didn’t have the expense of a wedding or the expense of a divorce.
      I think there’s a lot to be said for avoiding the expense and trauma of getting a divorce in the court system.

    • Nicky says:

      They said in an interview in the past, that since they both already had messy divorces, they didn’t believe in the institution of marriage anymore and they will only be engaged to show commitment

      • Delilah says:

        That, I can get on board with. Most ppl get married for the wedding. It doesn’t make the couple impervious to rel’s failure. The commitment is a decision you make every day. Gotta say it was very smart for them to avoid the paperwork. I bet Sudeikis is kicking himself now. He couldn’t held poor Olivia hostage. Now she gets to live her life with no pretenses!

  5. BitsyCS says:

    I feel like people feel more invested because of Ted Lasso too. It was a glimmer of joy in a shit year and people seem to see Jason as Ted Lasso who is basically the best human ever. I don’t really care about either one of them but I do love Ted Lasso lol.

    • ClaireB says:

      Yeah, I’ve watched Ted Lasso through three times in the last month or two, after I took advice from other CBers and watched it. I never really paid attention to Jason Sudeikis before, but I loved Ted Lasso and appreciated the writing and acting in the show, so I’m disappointed to learn that he’s got a history of cheating, too. Olivia Wilde turned me off in her House days, so I was prepared for her to be an a-hole, but not him. Ugh.

  6. Princess Peach says:

    They were engaged for a really long time and never married. That does not seem like everything was perfect before Harry. But I wouldn’t be shocked if there were some overlap. I guess the truth will come out on Ted Lasso at some point.

    That said…that’s a pretty bold move recycling the narrative of her first divorce again. And it really doesn’t make a ton of sense in this situation as both of their careers seem pretty good.

  7. anna says:

    on a superficial level, looking at these pictures, she is positively gorgeous and he is…not. and if it wasn’t for her looks, it’s the passive-aggressive ,,Jason puts his family first” narrative that makes me lean heavily towards team olivia. i hope she has all the fun with harry.

    • Madelaine says:

      @Anna: Bless your heart. Exactly my thoughts.

    • Delilah says:

      Yeah, really. I thought that was the general consensus when they got together: Olivia was the hot one and Jason was the lovable boy next door. He was surprised to have landed her. I recall her also having verbal diarrhea about her 1st marriage. That turned me off.

      I derive equal joy from both their films which I rate as mediocre. But, during the promo of Booksmart something told me perhaps as a director she was now surpassing him from a career standpoint. Kiss of death.

    • Heat says:

      I agree about the passive-aggressive tone that “his side” is taking. If he really wanted to make his family work, loves her, and wished to reconcile, etc, etc, he has a really funny way of showing it.

  8. GrnieWnie says:

    wow, I do like her dress in that last photo. Also she gives me hope that women with strong jaws can still look feminine.

  9. Michael says:

    I wish I cared more about this story. I used to like Olivia back when she was an ardent Obama supporter. I am pleased her directing career is going well. She seems to be an interesting person if not a great one. The Olivia and Harry romance will not last so maybe Olivia and Jason can talk things out after the passion dies

  10. Caitlin Bruce says:

    If you go back and look at the pics after their spilt was announced and they are handing over the kids, Olivia is all over Jason. No wonder the guy got mixed signals.

  11. Belig says:

    “you guys have some strong opinions about these two and I just don’t get it. Is it because they’re so bland, people can project all of this bullsh-t onto them? ”

    I think it’s got nothing to do with Jason or Olivia. My guess is you currently have a ton of Harry, Larry (yes, *that* Larry…) and ex-Larry fans in your comment section… Most of them have been freaking out… and most of them have an agenda!

    • Billy says:

      So many harrie fans! Good grief, you’d think Harry was a virgin. I love the comments that are like Jason is ugly! Yes, that’s the reason Olivia cheated.

  12. Implicit says:

    Hey Jason here’s a pippa tip for you. If you’re going to ask a younger woman to marry you to up your profile actually may be marry her? What do you expect? She gets to hang out her whole life with some droopy balled old guy who won’t get married?! What’s a tool. You jealous? Oh well y’all weren’t level married a seven year engagement is asking to be dumped bro🖤

    • Ann says:

      Maybe she didn’t want to get married. I don’t see anything anywhere that implies a reason for them not getting married, not even hints at a reason. You’re putting assumptions on both of them.

    • Alexia says:

      I feel like I’m living in an alternative universe. I can only guess it’s Harry fans. How is it Jason’s fault they weren’t married? Maybe Olivia didn’t want to get married again. And she clearly found Jason attractive, she had two kids with him. She was making out with him just a few months ago.

      How is cheating EVER ok? Like, if you were falling out of love with someone, break up with them. Then date. I’m really disappointed in the comments here, it’s really eye opening that I see some people think you can do whatever you want as long as you’re attractive.

      • Ann says:

        I agree, we don’t know why they were not married. It could just as well be her doing or both of theirs that they were not. I would say that since they were not married it isn’t the same, but when you have kids, best to be very discreet and concrete about it.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Correct, Alexia, you ARE living in an alternate universe because you are inventing cheating allegations. Up thread you say Jason is accusing her of cheating…but he hasn’t made that accusation. You’re inventing things and wondering why everyone else is on a different page than you.

      • Dria says:

        Actually Tiffany, I agree with Alexia. Jason’s side said he caught her and Harry sexting each other. That she was all in on the relationship, but then she met Harry and things were off. There’s been many sources that said there was an overlap. So yeah, his side of the story is that she cheated.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        The texting bit is only found in super low rent tabloids. So yeah, you are making assumptions.

    • whateveryousay says:

      What? If anything he was more famous higher in status than she was when they got together. She was only on House.

  13. Billy says:

    Olivia has a series of white, fake feminism episodes so excuse me while I roll me eyes and people pretending this is a woman’s movement for her to cheat. She CHEATED on the father of her children, she hired Shia even though there were well known stories of his abuse (then pretended to fire him), she was super close to Harvey Weinstein (there are stories of him with her while he asked for three somes), and she stole the director job from Booksmart after a previous director did all the lead up work (brought to her by her friend who was funding the project). So yeah, I’m not understanding the love for this woman here when she’s a complete joke.

    Both her and Harry won’t last, so it’s crazy to me that’s she willing to fight so publicly for something that clearly won’t last a year.

    • whateveryousay says:

      Finally! Applause!

    • Summergirl says:

      Genuine question: how do you steal a director job from someone who’s already been hired to direct? I’ve never heard this about Olivia before and I’m curious but also skeptical.

      • Jesus says:

        Dunno the story, but based on the previous comment I speculate her friend was the movie producer and simply fired the previous director and hired her.
        Interesting info, also, if it’s true. I wonder how her new movie will fare, since she’s the one doing the whole thing now.

    • Darla says:

      Rancid rank misogyny, your entire post.

    • Kebbie says:

      Who is the director she supposedly stole Booksmart from? According to Wikipedia the production company purchased the script and pitched it to Olivia, so a link or more information on that would be appreciated.

      Also, your Harvey Weinstein comment is disgusting and despicable. Are we really still insinuating women slept with him consensually and then shaming them for it? Eff off with that misogynistic bullshit. The man was a predator. He preyed on and abused women and spread vicious lies about the ones he didn’t like.

      • D says:

        Thats really… not what she said. She never implied she knew about the abuses – like 100% of Hollywood – and was still friendly with him anyways. Dont twist people’s words. Its ugly.

    • Kristen says:

      I don’t understand the pretended to fire Shia thing. She actually fired him.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      ” She CHEATED on the father of her children”

      Where do you get this from? It’s an assumption that says a lot about your misogyny.

      • D says:

        Maam, this is a gossip site. People take the info they have and speculate. This is far from misogyny. Stop clutching your pearls lol

    • Renee says:

      Billy….err I mean Jason, is that you?

  14. Ann says:

    What is so wrong with Jason Sudeikis that some of y’all feel comfortable openly calling him ugly? He is funny, seems nice enough, and from where I’m sitting he isn’t unattractive. I’d take him over Harry Styles in a heartbeat.

  15. Maliksmama says:

    I believe I read somewhere that this lady doesn’t really believe in long term monogamous relationships. Which isn’t bad if you’re single without kids.

    The kids are in for a bumpy ride.

  16. Meime says:

    Anyone see Drinking Buddies? I’ve always envisioned that this is actually how Olivia is. A certifiable “cool girl.” I’m not saying she’s not talented and beautiful. I think she is both of those things, but I can also very much see her being an asshole out for herself and her image, and trying to manipulate a man who still supposedly adores her to just go along with her narrative.

    I’m not a big fan of what Jason is doing either bc they have kids, but it would be hard to sit back and let her completely lie about the timeline so she doesn’t look bad.

    Now they both look bad.

    • sunny says:

      All of this! I think Jason has every right to push back but doing so is messy and the whole thing could have fallout for their family.

      Also they could have legitimately has communication issues- where Jason saw them as working on things and Olivia thought they were ending things.

      I hope they avoid too much petty for their children.

    • Persephone says:


  17. Millenial says:

    I dunno, I have seen enough older dudes trade in their baby mamas for someone younger/hotter that I can’t help but kind of smile when a women does it (whatever, I don’t care if y’all disagree). And it seems like Jason was totally find with ending the relationship until he realized Olivia upgraded and now he’s big mad about it.

  18. Evenstar says:

    I think a lot people on here are projecting their own unhappy experiences into these guys because they’re such a blank slate. If you’re a woman who was led on and disappointed by some guy, then you see Jason as the person who disappointed you, even though there’s no evidence he’s the one who didn’t want to get married. If you’re unhappy in your current relationship, Olivia is some avatar to vicariously experience leaving for someone new. The list goes on… I think that’s the reason for so many bitter, overly-involved comments on here about this story.

    • Dria says:

      I can’t believe how many comments are saying that cheating is ok because Harry is “better looking”. I don’t know if Harry fans are overtaking the comment section or what. If a man did this exact thing tomorrow, people would be burning him to the ground (rightfully).

      • SM says:

        @Dria, looks like this is what some understand as essence of women’s fight for equality. Apparently, women should be applauded when getting together with an attractive man, no matter the partner/marriage/kids. Just look up comments to the Zoe Kravitz divorce.

    • Watson says:


    • Meredith says:

      Really good comment and I totally agree.

  19. Katie says:

    Not following them closely but for some reason I was under the impression that he checked out of this relationship, no? Anyway, I applaud any couple who have the guts to just call it quits when it’s not working anymore and remain civil about it. This “really hurt” and “somewhat jealous” quote actually feels like it’s a PR plant to get some publicity or an angle tbh.

  20. Lunasf17 says:

    She has every right to get out of a relationship that isn’t working but it’s pretty obvious Harry was her jump off and reason for calling it quits. After seven years and two kids together it seems disrespectful. I think she is over rated and comes from a very privileged background where she was told how special and amazing she was her whole life for basically being born into a connected, wealthy white family. I think Jason is attractive, compared to their female partners most men are coming up short-women almost always are more attractive than dudes, that’s a fact! I think the Harry fling in going to burn bright and hot for a short period but it will be fun to watch.

  21. Jesus says:

    Why are some people acting like Harry Styles is the shit lmao? Ladies, he’s only what, 26? And already has a receding hairline. Also seems like a major a_hole as well (just like his new girl), also breaking relationships seems to be his MO but wait! He wears skirts and is a white man so we are gonna let this slide, right? But Lily James is the second coming of the devil lol (*cue someone writing a long paragraph of how theyre not the same wah wah wah*).
    Let’s not act like Sudeikis has no right to be upset about the ending of his relationship, please. Also just because he’s a man that doesnt mean her @ssholery is justified. The white feminism is jumping out of you guys.

    • Lalalaland says:

      I don’t get it either. Feminism isn’t about giving other women a pass for acting like straight up A-holes. Why is her problematic behavior ignored? Then again, so is Harry’s. Their performative “wokeness” makes them a good match, I guess. It’s just really bizarre that people are ignoring the fact that they were the ones who came out with guns blazing to get their story out there first. Like they were trying to hide something. The love bombing pics didn’t look sus at all, lol.

      I think they were also arrogant enough to think that people would be celebrating them as Hollywood’s new power couple. It might still work out that way since both of them have the connections to rewrite the history and timeline to push the narrative that they’re star-crossed lovers who are meant to be and anyone who says otherwise is just jealous and is not supportive of other women.

  22. Darla says:

    I don’t find either of these men attractive, and of the three I’d be more likely to jump into bed with Olivia. Since you probably know I love the d, that’s saying something. The sexism is insane though, i guess it’s something about stans that I’m unaware of. I don’t follow any of the 3 closely so I wouldn’t know.

  23. Case says:

    As I said in yesterday’s thread, I’m Team Nobody. We have too few details to judge this properly. Do we KNOW she cheated? No! Do we KNOW she fudged the timeline of their breakup? Nope! I don’t know why people are taking Jason’s word as gospel. He could easily just be bitter and jealous that she moved on so publicly and is trying to smear her, for all we know. I’m just not understanding where we have the information that she’s definitely the a-hole here. That said, I’ve always had a bit of a crush on Olivia, so maybe that’s why I’m not quick to blame her for everything.

    Anyway, it’s fun to see some good old fashioned PR drama.

    • Dria says:

      I mean of course we don’t know for sure, but this is a gossip site. However, pictures/interviews/Instagram seem to be on Jason’s side. Jason and Olivia just bought a house together in October. There were pictures of them kissing in the fall. She was wearing her engagement ring until October. She posted pictures of them in bed during the summer. I can’t see them breaking up in early 2020, but still doing all of those things. It’s weird that when men do this people rightfully rip them apart, but people are weirdly saying they’re glad if she cheated. Literally one comment is saying she’s be happy if Olivia cheated, that Harry is better looking.

      • tcbc says:

        I don’t think it’s weird. They “separated” but were still having sex sometimes. But that’s a liminal state, and eventually one person is the first to leave it. Olivia left first, Jason’s ego was bruised. So he’s punishing her.

      • Dria says:

        Or you know, she cheated.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        “Jason and Olivia just bought a house together in October.”

        A lot of wealthy families that split get a house for the kids, and then the parents rotate in and and out to their second homes. It is a way to co-parent and maintain stability for the kids, so they don’t have to switch homes/schools when they go back and forth between parents.

    • osito says:

      I agree with what you’ve said here, minus the Olivia crush (she’s beautiful, but her head is so *big* to me. Physically, not figuratively. It seems disproportionate to her body, like Lizzie from “The Blacklist” — another exceptionally beautiful woman with a giant noggin’ that I find fascinating and distracting!).

      Anyway, I don’t follow either on social media, so I really don’t know who to believe, and feel like the truth is somewhere in the middle. And I’ve been through a long engagement that I ended before we even thought about starting to plan the wedding because I realized that I *didn’t want* to start planning the wedding. And I was pretty affectionate with the guy up to the point I realized I needed to end it with a full stop because I still really liked and valued him as a person. I loved him, even though I had ceased wanting to be in a relationship with him. He was understandably a bit confused about the “sudden” breakup (we’d talked a lot about my feelings for months before I actually pulled the plug, so sudden it was not despite what he told everyone we knew) because there wasn’t a big ugly fight, and we still kissed goodnight, and hugged and stuff. I just realized that, beyond a shadow of a doubt, I didn’t want to marry him and he would be miserable married to me, a miserable person because of said marriage. Thankfully, we didn’t have kids.

      So I feel for them both, and I can absolutely see how she “moved on so quickly,” but that he feels like “things were moving toward reconciliation,” even if they weren’t. Other than that, I don’t have much of a read on the situation other than people are really going out of their way to pick a side because both sides have set up narratives that are pretty gross to the other party. But again, that’s super common once feelings get hurt, so *shrugs*.

  24. Katie says:

    My main takeaway from Ted Lasso (which is a wonderful, wonderful show) is that Jason Sudeikis, a man I’ve never thought of as a very good actor, is excellent in scenes about a long term relationship breaking down. Who knows what happened and when but it’s hard not to read that part of the show as somewhat autobiographical even though it was written/filmed, I assume, in 2019/early 2020?

  25. Ivy says:

    I LOVE JASON!!!!
    I don’t believe for a minute hes crushed. I like to believe he’s recovering by dating and enjoying himself.
    I’m jelly of Olivia getting to love up on Harry.
    Everyone is going to be fine.

  26. L4frimaire says:

    Guy breaks up with his baby momma and now upset she has a new boo. They sure are squeaking a lot for a couple who don’t have to deal with filing divorce papers, and deciding community property. They do have to work out custody of their children so this is way too much drama. This isn’t Angelina and Brad.

  27. LeonsMomma says:

    I know they are grown adults, but I know of either of them were my children or sibling I would be ripping them a new one because they are playing this out publicly and the kids can read it or hear about it. They need to get their act together and STFU.

  28. Chris says:

    I have no clue about these two and find them relatively boring. Whenever I see a couple who is engaged for that long without getting married, I feel pretty sure they won’t make it. It seems like they aren’t on the same page. I like Harry Styles, but wasn’t there a gossip item about him back in the day where he was hooking up with a married woman? So uh… is this a pattern? Kind of team no one here.

    • Snuffles says:

      Yeah, I’m team no one as well. But I still like Harry. I honestly couldn’t give two shits about celebrity dating drama.

  29. Fani says:

    It was rumoured he did the same thing he is accusing O.W. of to his first wife, although he and his first wife did not have children. As his first wife was partly responsible for 30 Rock, 30 Rock wrote it into the show and made the character he was playing into a liar and a cheater.

  30. Jodi says:

    Wow, the anger that triggers in people when a woman makes a decision she’s perfectly allowed to make about her own life and happiness (THE NERVE OF HER!!!). Who cares? If she didn’t want to marry Jason, so be it. They are both adults and can think of what makes the most sense when it comes to their kids at this stage but if she wants to be with someone else, let her. the judgement is straight up RIDICULOUS.

    • Lulu says:

      I agree! There is a lot of subtle slut shaming from the public about this situation, including from Jason himself. She gets to move on as quickly or as slowly as she wants to. It’s her business. Her ex is getting on my nerves. I believe her that there was no cheating on her part. If she had an attraction to and friendship with Harry but didn’t act on it until her relationship was officially over, that is totally respectable. It sounds to me like Jason’s ego is just feeling bruised that she doesn’t want a reconciliation with him, and he’s relying on society’s slut shaming of women to bring her down a peg or two. That’s BS. End of.

    • Diane says:

      I agree it’s so weird. I do not condone cheating, but you can break up with someone. It’s weird this story has such strong feelings attached to it. Even more that the Diane Kruger story. Ima I think it has to do more with the conspiracy theorists surrounding Harry. BTW just a reminder conspiracy theory is not gossip and all are equally harmful. Those that participate in hold on to and will dispute even with evidence to the contrary.

  31. candy says:

    Sounds like he has strong feelings about his ex-fiance moving on with her life. They weren’t married, and by all accounts, the break-up was well underway by the time she “got with” styles (if you believe any of this).

    • Lauren says:

      Is there a possibility that Jason cheated on Olivia? He has the reputation of being a cheater. They have not seemed happy together for the last 2 years. I am not blaming Olivia for trying to find happiness, and I do not think this situation is messy. Jason is probably upset because Harry is about 20 years younger than him!

  32. mish-mash says:


    • ennie says:

      He could be bi, or whatever rocks his boat. I had a fling long ago with my forever (back then) crush, I ended up discovering later that he was bi, but I have no sad feelings about it. I think Olivia knows very well what she is in with him.

    • Case says:

      I don’t think he’s completely straight, but that doesn’t mean he’s strictly gay either. Sexuality is a spectrum.

  33. Mrs. Peel says:

    So no criticism of Harry, loving up a married (common-law) woman? Let’s pile all the blame on the evil Olivia.

    • Jesus says:

      Okay, explain this supposed slut shaming please? Literally no one was giving the time of the day to this little couple (except Harry’s sad stans and the newspapers their PR’s are feeding in exchange for attention) before they got really clocked over her suspicious (very likely) cheating. No one is shaming her for having sex, but come on – she bought a house with Sudeikis when they were supposedly over for more than a year, were seen out and abt together, etc?
      I’m literally begging yall to stop using important causes such as feminism to deflect blame from people you stan or like. It takea the value outta it.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Buying a house together is something MANY couples do when they aren’t together anymore and are co-raising children. The kids stay in the home, the parents come in and out depending on scheduling of custody.

        One of my friends was doing this 10 years ago, and it has only become more common since then.

    • Jesus says:

      It’s sad to see the double standard. There’s no doubt women are called out in this kind of situation (Lily James, Claire Danes, Angelina Jolie etc) – as they should, because that’s a terrible thing to do. Regardless of who is married and who is not, one should not stomp over somebody else’s feeling and mental health like that. When it comes to men, however, it’s a free pass. Who cares, right? I bet in a few months she will be part of one of those “Harry styles’ romances” lists his publicist pays tabloids to publish because hes oh so proud of his fame and loves the attention. Meanwhile, women lose their careers over this shit.

  34. Poppy says:

    I like both of these people, here’s my take. Two kids, 7yrs, still not married, then Covid hits. They become one of the celebrity couple casualties but kept it on the DL or just no one cared. Probably still living together because pandemic. She starts working with Harry & decides to move on, which looks like her pattern (having a jump off) but is also so many people’s pattern. She may have even said I’ve met someone else, I’m now moving out. She spins a favorable narrative so she can do the new boyfriend rollout sooner then later because of Harry’s level of celebrity, harder to hide from the paps. Jason was/ is hurt (who wouldn’t be) & jealous because it’s an asshole move to do a rollout so soon after their split AND because she’s moved on with a younger, higher profile partner & maybe he did want to work their shit out. So his sources enter to spin the poor jilted partner narrative casting him in the “Jennifer Aniston” role. Are there some asshole moves in there? Sure, but looks like one of many regular breakups to me.

    • ennie says:

      She was not with Sudeikis when she divorced the first time. They met and got together after they respectively divorced , according to Jason, he did not have moves towards her first because he heard she might have been dating someone. She might have been with somebody else… or not.

    • Case says:

      Totally agree with this assessment.

    • Cava24 says:

      This sounds about right.

      It doesn’t look like the coverage of this is going away so there may be more details on timing, what was communicated to whom when etc that come out.

  35. Bobbie says:

    Why is this so bad? She split up with Sudeikis. She is free to date someone else.