Kim Kardashian ‘is over Kanye’s chaos, she just wants to focus on the kids & her own life’


The Capitol siege pushed Kim Kardashian and Kanye West out of the public’s mind for a week. It was sort of odd that the story got so pushed aside, just because in my experience, many gossip stories begin to pick up concurrently with major national or international events, almost like people need a silly gossip chaser for all of the horrific fascism. I think that’s why the Olivia Wilde-Jason Sudeikis split has picked up steam, btw. But people just forgot that Kim Kardashian is doing her Hamlet act over whether to file for divorce from Kanye. Thankfully, Kim ran to People Magazine to remind everyone!

It’s a new year, but Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are still navigating a significant rough patch in their marriage. Multiple sources confirm that Kardashian, 40, has been struggling in her decision of whether or not to end her nearly seven-year union to West, on the heels of an exceedingly difficult year.

“Kim and Kanye’s marriage is beyond repair,” says a family source. “Kim is over Kanye’s chaos, and at this point she just wants to focus on the kids and her own life.”

The high-profile couple shares four children: daughters North, 7, and Chicago, who turns 3 on Friday, and sons Saint, 5, and Psalm, who turns 2 in May. Despite social media posts showing seemingly happy family vacations to Wyoming and Colorado last year, sources say behind the scenes, Kardashian grew increasingly concerned about West’s behavior — including his unlikely Presidential run and controversial and public statements about abortion, Kris Jenner and his marriage to Kardashian.

“If I had to say the final straw, I believe it was a combination of the Presidential run and his Twitter rants,” says an insider. “It created havoc at home. And though Kim is well aware of his issues [West opened up about his bipolar disorder in 2018], and tried to help him, she realized it was futile.”

Ultimately, “they are not on the same page,” says the source of Kardashian and West, 43. “Kim knows what she wants to do with her life and Kanye is constantly all over the place.” Continues the source: “She isn’t in a rush to file for divorce. But it is on her mind.”

[From People]

I don’t think Kim’s support was necessarily “futile.” Time and time again over the past four years, Kim is the one who has shouldered the responsibility of getting Kanye help, or taking him away when he’s being batsh-t in public, or convincing him to stop tweeting, etc. But I can understand – and I have understood, this whole time – how it probably feels futile to her, or it feels like Groundhog Day, with Kanye having these increasingly awful manic episodes every five months or so. She’s worn out from dealing with it. I would have said sayonara years ago.

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  1. ItReallyIsYouNotMe says:

    dupe deleted

  2. Lori says:

    Kanye would be an exhausting person to have a relationship with…even without bipolar!

  3. JT says:

    I probably sound like a broken record, but come on, these two have never spent much time together in their marriage. She’s always focused on her own life or her sister’s lives. They’ve always lived separate lives. Kim continued to have two more children with Kanye after his last breakdown, even when he admitted to not taking his medication. He has never been helpful with the kids, but that didn’t stop her from having more children with him. I think she should stop this talking point and maybe focus on another aspect of their “split”. We’ll see if she goes through with it though. As of now she’s playing the wearing the wedding ring and taking it off game for publicity.

  4. S2 says:


  5. Mar says:

    This will drag on and on….. they already live separately

  6. Elizabeth says:

    It is true, gossip is an escape for me from the events of this year (and the last four or so!). I appreciate this site!!

  7. ce says:

    Anyone else getting the sense that these stories are floated out to ‘read the room’ before filing? Last couple times this storyline has been put out, the general consensus (not from me!) Has been ‘But he’s sick 😥’ so the divorce never seemed to materialize. Now that everyone is over Trump, over Kanye, over hypocritical ‘christian’ men, maybe she’ll really do it.

    • Sojaschnitzel says:

      I have had that feeling once or twice indeed. It feels like she’s asking for the public opinion on it, testing whether there might be negative feedback. Kimmie you can stop, I think we’re all tired of him. Just do it already.

    • LadyMTL says:

      I don’t think that the Kardashian clan does anything without testing the waters first, so to speak. In this case I honestly am surprised that the marriage lasted as long as it did (assuming it is true that she’s filing for divorce) because I would have vamoosed as soon as he put on that MAGA hat. Being bipolar doesn’t excuse being a Trump supporter, IMHO.

    • lucy2 says:

      Probably, and also to keep her name in the news. God forbid any of them go a day or two without attention.

  8. LA says:

    I’m no Kim apologist. But I absolutely understand the feeling of having done all you can, and just being…done. Perhaps, as people above have commented, they have been living mostly separate lives, but the fact remains that she has done A LOT of image rehab and management for him over the years. Also worth noting that she is FAR from the only woman to have children with a man who struggles with BPD. I’m not down with shading her for that – as if people with BPD shouldn’t be parents. There’s plenty else to shade her for. That ain’t it.

    • steph says:

      My sister and I argue about people with severe mental health issues procriating all the time. She’s in your boat, while I’m mind blown about why people would intentionally pass on those genes. I suffer (and have since I was in single digits) from really bad depression and would never want to risk passing that on. My sister (a mom) tells me that don’t know what it’s like to love someone and want to have kids with them and I’m approaching it too logically. I asked why not adopt? She tells me I just don’t get it. And she’s right. I don’t see how anyone could watch someone struggle that hard and say “yes, let’s bring 4 more in to face the same thing.” She says I’m cruel.

      • Joy says:

        As the child of someone with severe mental illness it is hard. Even if you don’t inherit it, dealing with their issues non stop is exhausting.

      • cdnKitty says:

        I had kids with someone who has unmanaged BP2 and it was hell. I didn’t find out about the mental illness until after our son was born and then our daughter was unplanned so then I was DONE. Had I known he had a major mental illness I would have bailed early on while we were dating. I grew up with a parent with a major mental illness and it was so so hard – I do not have the capacity to stay through that chaos.
        This is not to say that people who have a mental illness shouldn’t be parents, but the self-care that is required to be well has to come first and that’s hard to do with a kid (or kids) in tow.

      • JustVisiting says:

        Because it **IS** cruel.

        It’s one thing to say you personally are choosing not to have biological children because you fear managing your mental illness in tandem of keeping an eye out for it manifesting in your offspring.

        It’s another thing entirely to condemn all parents with mental illness. Just like a physical disability, there are ways to manage mental illness in order to lead full lives. To say those will mental illness “shouldn’t reproduce” is just eugenics with extra steps.

  9. mtec says:

    Yeah exactly. Let’s not pretend like she’s been his “concerned about his behaviour” for anything other than how it may harm her image. Not too long ago she was publicly enabling his campaign for presidency and keeping conveniently quiet while her husband went around wearing MAGA hats and supporting trump. She only cares now cause it doesn’t serve her image or business anymore. We get stories like this about divorcing him every-time he starts to damage her public image and he doesn’t serve a purpose to her anymore.

  10. Chelle says:

    She’s his wife. She should help him. I say that through the lens of she’s monetized and/or benefited from him and the “association” with him for years. She’s perhaps tired now because it’s just too much work to f*ck with him especially since she’s gotten what she wants out of him (return on investment).

    • Nicole says:

      How?!?! The man won’t take his medication, what can she do?

    • Yup, Me says:

      Nope. We cannot save, fix, heal or change anyone. 6+ years is more than enough time. If she is done with his bullshit, she gets to be done. Period.

  11. Nicole says:

    My sil is bipolar and refuses medication. I don’t know how my bil has managed, quite honestly. It’s been an incredibly messy several years for them and I think I would have turned away already. Police have been called to the house several times because she’s swallowed a bottle of pills. She’s been hauled away on a stretcher more than once in front of her kids. He’s been taken to jail because she said he hit her (he did not and was released several hours later). They also continued to have children and I never understood why. Kim has shouldered as much as any spouse can be expected to, especially given the article we read earlier regarding Michael Phelps’ wife. A spouse can’t fix their partner’s issues.

  12. MizJ says:

    First, I am NO fan of the Kardashians. I have never watched the show and never read about them. I could give you a Ted talk about Why They’re Bad For Everyone. But, that said…

    It’s interesting to me that fka Twigs is embraced and supported but Kim is not. It’s not just that Kim is problematic and an unsympathetic victim; it’s that you can’t see the damage that Kanye’s abuse is doing.

    I lived in an emotionally and financially abusive relationship for over 20 years. Literally no one believed that the marriage was bad, and requests for help were deflected with ‘you just need’ advice: you just need therapy, you just need couple’s counselling, you just need to help him get a better job, you just need to be more supportive because he’s sad, His diagnosis with mental health issues was the greatest gift he’d ever received, because he could bludgeon me with it. Leaving him would be abandoning a sick person, which would prove that I’m the cruel, heartless bitch he believed me to be. It also gave him a free pass for pretty much everything – it’s not me, it’s my mental illness, and you have to support me no matter what I dish out.

    The only thing that finally changed everyone’s minds was the actual end of our marriage – my ex walked out on our family two days after my father died, and bankrupted both of us within weeks, just to prove he could. Everyone was horrified and I got a lot of messages saying that folks wished they’d believed me when I came to them. They described emotionally abusive situations they’d witnessed but dismissed as a ‘spat’ or ‘shrug, he’s like that.’ Only after he did something inexcusable, that’s when they stopped excusing him. And there are still people who try to make me feel sorry for him.

    What I’m seeing, based on my experiences, is Kim carefully trying make sure she ticks all the legal and emotional boxes – I tried this, I tried that – so that Kanye can’t accuse her of any manipulation or trickery. Living with someone like Kanye or my ex is like living with someone pointing a loaded weapon at you. You are literally hostage to their mood. You have to move slowly, be very clear about what you’re doing and why, give them lots of opportunities to come around, and document everything. You have to let their actions speak for themselves and yours have to be very solidly fair, legal, and transparent. Otherwise Kanye will do as he’s done before and go to the press and vilify her, savagely.

    And let’s remember, all the things he’s saying about Kim could seriously damage her brand. Yes, that brand is gross, but again if we were talking about someone who lived paycheque to paycheque and her ex was trying to get her fired from her job, we’d be way more supportive.

    I am NOT defending Kim. I’m just pointing out the serious dangers of assigning merit points to victims based on the kind of abuse they may be suffering (physical vs emotional etc), or on whether the victim is sympathetic or not.

    These things have real consequences. If you need to see what that looks like, go read the reviews for The Stand. Depp’s insane fans are trying to tank Amber Heard’s career, perpetuating the abuse for him. Kanye will try to rally folks do the same to Kim. Let’s be careful not to help him.

    • steph says:

      This is such an interesting perspective. With FKA everyone heard the story and agreed it was abuse. I never viewed Kanye as abusive just an ass hole. Maybe bc intent? But that’s not really an excuse, right? He may have been in a mental breakdown but the intent of those tweets during the last episode was to hurt. The hurt caused bc he is having an episode can’t just be dismissed.

      • MizJ says:

        Accusing his wife of wanting to abort their child is abusive. It hurts Kim, attacks her commitment to motherhood and damages her relationship with her child. And imagine how North (was it North?) will feel when she reads that. It’s out there, permanently, and people will believe it. It’s abusive.

        Telling his Black children that slavery was a choice and any discrimination they experience as Black people is their fault and their choice is abusive.

        And that’s the thing about psychological abuse – from the outside, it just looks like two people being a-holes to each other. Living inside it? Well, within weeks after he left the PTSD was so bad I was deemed to be at very high risk of addition, self-harm or suicide. Thank god I got good help from a solid professional team.

    • Anna222 says:

      Thank you so much for sharing this perspective. Like you, I’m not a fan of the Kardashians and I hate their cultural impact. But I have such sympathy for Kim in this situation. She cannot win, she cannot fix Kanye’s issues for him and she has a right to choose to step away for herself and her children’s well-being. Yeah maybe this will all be picked over as a storyline on the last Kuwtk series for ratings, but that doesn’t negate what a hard decision this must have been.

    • lisa says:

      “Leaving him would be abandoning a sick person”. MizJ, I would like to thank you because I don’t feel so alone now. You described that perfectly.

    • The lady says:

      As a survivor of an abusive relationship as well, I wish I could give you a hug. Everyone shrugged off my ex’s behavior as “oh he drinks too much” or “oh yeah he’s just loud like that” when I was actually kind of afraid of him. It took him finally hitting me with something he threw for people to start listening, including my loving parents, who were horrified.

      It sucks that most people dislike kim and what she stands for and that affects the perception of this situation, but it’s also fair. And that makes it even weirder for me to reconcile in my head. Being a famewh*re for this long means no one believes you when you really scream “wolf”, and that may undermine other, non-famous women suffering as well.

      I hate the 20’s.

    • cdnKitty says:

      I am so so sorry you went through this. I spent 13 years with someone who emotionally and financially abused me even though I was the breadwinner who took care of everything. I looked like I had the power but really, it was just like you said – I tiptoed around everything, and his illness meant that he wasn’t responsible for *anything*.

      You aren’t alone, and I’m glad you’re out. I hope there is much happiness for you now. I’m living my best timeline, even in the pandemic, which says something I think?

    • AMA1977 says:

      Thank you for this. I believe this describes my sister’s marriage fairly accurately. She has been walking on eggshells around his moods for many, many years, and it makes me so sad. She’s almost left a couple of times, but he always reels her back in. When I was almost due with my youngest (who is now 8) I remember being on the phone with her while she sobbed and swore she was leaving because they had a fight and he trashed a room in their home including breaking the door. She got as far as packing a bag with important documents, and then he told her she’d never see her beloved dog again (they are childless by choice, which seems like a blessing in this case) and that was it, she stayed. For many years, they lived in my city and we were able to get together (my parents and other sibling live here as well) and I felt like she was more “protected” but they are states away again and I worry. He’s never laid a hand on her, but the emotional abuse is almost worse. I’ve shared the cycle of abuse with her on several occasions. It makes me so sad to see her carefully gauging his moods and frantically trying to keep him “happy.” He is sometimes med compliant and sometimes not. I make sure he knows he will never, ever run me off.

    • motema says:

      Just came here to say I am loving this thread, it is so thought-provoking. I was raised in an emotionally abusive home by someone who was careful to make it look like she was mother of the year to people on the outside. It wasn’t until she became an alocholic and died of it last year that the wider community saw her for the very, very complicated person she was – and understood somewhat what we went through as children.

      So yes, brilliant point, you have to be inside a relationship to know what is and what isn’t abuse. Just because Kim is wealthy and has a tight-knit family doesn’t mean that she wasn’t abused.

  13. psl says:

    Please. Kim wants sympathy, because she has gotten so much crap for vacationing during the pandemic, etc.
    The ONLY ones I feel bad for are the kids, and divorcing Kanye won’t change things. They have not one good influence in their lives.

    • lisa says:

      The nannies of rich folks are sometimes really, really good people. So the kids might not be a lost cause…

  14. JustMe2 says:

    My SO is bipolar. It took YEARS of mood swings and bankrupting up both and he still wouldn’t see the cause was him. We separated many times even got divorced. When his brother died we were living in different states. He had a breakdown and I told him to come home. We reconnected and all was great until his “episodes” came more often and lasted longer. Eventually he was hospitalized and diagnosed bipolar. With an untreated bipolar there can be HUGE sudden mood shifts – I’m talking leaving room laughing and coming back angry. They over react to the slightest things and blame you for making them upset.

    I can’t imagine having someone like that around small kids…so if Kayne won’t accept his diagnosis, it’s only going to get worse. He already has religious grandiosity and I wouldn’t want him around my kids if I were Kim.

    My SO is now on medication which brings its own curses. His brain is quiet but he’s like a ghost of his real self…the meds have him zonked but Covid and lack of psychiatric care mean it can’t be adjusted. But at least he’s safe so we are good

  15. Christine says:

    “Hamlet act”!!!!! Thanks for the laugh, it’s so true!