Armie Hammer pulls out of an upcoming film, citing ‘spurious online attacks’

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The leaks of DMs, allegedly from Armie Hammer to at least two different women, started happening over the weekend. Throughout the week, there’s been some doubt about the authenticity of some of the DMs, and as of yet, no one has gone to a media outlet to tell her story on the record. We know from Armie’s own social media and interviews that he’s a guy who likes/is curious about BDSM. If even *some* of the leaked DMs are real, then he cheated on his wife Elizabeth Chambers with several women in consensual BDSM affairs, or he was abusing young women under the guise of “being into BDSM” while he was married. According to the DM’s sources, some of those women came to Chambers and told her about the emotional and physical abuse they suffered at Armie’s hands.

Throughout the week, Hammer’s reps have gone silent, refusing to confirm or deny any part of the story. Then, yesterday evening, Armie suddenly announced that he was pulling out of an upcoming production – he was due to begin filming on Shotgun Wedding with Jennifer Lopez in a short time, and now he says he needs to NOT be away from home.

Armie Hammer is leaving a movie he was supposed to star in opposite Jennifer Lopez, and it’s all over a scandal involving alleged DMs of his … which he’s now addressing.

The ‘Social Network’ star tells TMZ … “I’m not responding to these b******* claims but in light of the vicious and spurious online attacks against me, I cannot in good conscience now leave my children for 4 months to shoot a film in the Dominican Republic.” Armie adds, “Lionsgate is supporting me in this and I’m grateful to them for that.”

The flick Armie’s referring to is “Shotgun Wedding,” which was supposed to start filming ASAP. A source close to the production tells us Armie’s role will be recast.

As for what this is all about … it has to do with alleged messages from his Instagram account that were leaked this past weekend, which appear to show Armie messaging women in very graphic and explicit sexual terms, while also discussing cannibalism. We won’t post any here, but there’s a lot of talk about drinking blood, eating body parts, and a bunch of stuff like that. The posts — which have NOT been confirmed as authentic — also portray Armie as domineering, demanding these women call him “daddy” and repeatedly mentioning rape, biting and “marking” in very raunchy sex talk.

A separate exchange that was captured and posted by the person who first spread these alleged DMs appears to show she made the whole thing up, but it’s hard to tell if she’s talking the Armie posts, or something unrelated. Frankly, it’s all speculative.

[From TMZ]

I mean… he literally left his children in the Cayman Islands for months on end without seeing them at all last year. When he and Elizabeth split, they were staying in an apartment with his family, then he left and went back to LA. Elizabeth stayed in the Cayman Islands apartment with the kids and Armie didn’t/couldn’t visit for months. I’m just saying, his whole Father Of The Year routine falls a little bit flat in the grand scheme of things. As for the “online attacks”… the story of the “leaked DMs” is one thing, but now media outlets are just going through his old interviews and rediscovering all of the sh-t he’s said on the record, like how his dream dinner guest is the Marquis de Sade, and talking to Playboy about how much he likes rough sex.

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  1. Darla says:

    A lot of people yell about kink shaming but all I see here is Robert Chambers, and in my book this dude is done.

    • CherHorowitz says:

      I commented on yesterdays post about this in more detail – anyone thinking it’s just a bit of kink needs to actually look through the roughly 70 screenshots. The ones I’ve seen in articles are NOTHING compared to the whole lot. I was truly truly horrified and disgusted and I urge everyone to look at how bad it really is if they can stomach it. He is absolutely a serial killer in the making and some of things he has done are criminal already.

      • BB8 Squirrel says:

        I felt physically ill after reading his messages. It was not “kink”. This was using kink as a guise to abuse women. Not using safe words is never okay. Promising not to do something in the bedroom and then doing it without consent is never okay. This isn’t even about the cannibalism at this point.

      • Kaykay says:

        I agree. I just looked through the 70 screenshots myself and they are deeply disturbing. I wouldn’t consider it being kinky sex – at all. It’s absolutely terrifying.

    • denisemich says:

      This is a bad divorce. Why are these things coming out now? His family is VERY rich. Is it to get a better divorce settlement or sole custody? If he committed a crime these women should go to the police or at the very least sue him. The court of public opinion is rough.

      • AlpineWitch says:

        “If he committed a crime these women should go to the police”

        I wish this ‘myth’ would die a slow and painful death. There’s nothing achievable in ‘going to the police’. I am a rape survivor who went to the police, only to have that trauma added on top of the one I was subjected to after the crime. The number of convictions are a handful.

        I’d bet this sleazy jerk settles out of court with those women and pay them off, exactly like Weinstein used to do before he had raped/abused too many.

        “Is it to get a better divorce settlement or sole custody?”

        If it is true that his wife had been contacted by these women, she might have advised them to drop the receipts now. Judging from the texts (leaving his baby unattended at the park?) he doesn’t really seem a good father and from his recent behaviour he seems unhinged. I don’t blame his wife to push this if she is indeed behind the ‘timing’.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Thank you Alpine Witch. I completely agree. The system is set up to protect rich white men like Hammer. It is not designed to protect women.

      • AlpineWitch says:

        “It is not designed to protect women.” It never was, the burden of unattackable proof always rested with the women.

        The investigators threw away evidence like what we can see in the Hammer stuff, it amounted to hundreds of texts, emails and message from message apps. What I stood from the police amounted to torture, and my therapist clearly said that I got psychologically damaged from the crime and the police interrogations in equal measure.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        why does it matter WHEN these messages came out? that’s akin to asking why a woman waited so long to report a rape.

        to clarify, are you suggesting that this is all made up by the estranged wife to get more money in the divorce?

      • BB8 Squirrel says:

        “Why are these coming out now?”

        Sorry the timing that a victim(s) chooses to come forward is so suspicious to you. This is why women don’t come forward.

      • Queen Meghan's Hand says:

        I am so sorry AlpineWitch and so angry at what happened to you. Sometimes the safest option is not to go to the police, so no person should ever judge or ask “why don’t these women just go to the police?”

        denisemich: do you suspect that Elizabeth Chambers plays a part in these messages becoming public?

      • Nerdista says:

        Ew Denise.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        Oh Denise
        I’m a survivor of rape from college. Because of the hospital visit I needed for self defense injuries the police got involved and he was convicted because of a plea deal. Otherwise, I would not have gone to the police. I would have been too afraid. And maybe it would have taken me years to finally get the courage. Even with tons of evidence on my side I was put on trial and lost “friends” for accusing him. If you’ve been assaulted you’re traumatized and living in a personal hell you don’t know how to navigate out of. Just saying.

        The divorce news already came and went a little while ago. Scandals like Potentially lily James and Armie have already faded away.

        The timing or motives argument has no legs.

    • CherHorowitz says:

      He also uses walking his baby to meet up with one of his slaves in the park and do stuff in the bushes. He also mentions leaving his daughter alone because he was so hard thinking about choking her (the woman he is texting)

      Honestly there is so so much more, including a lot of clear psychological abuse, but I have picked out just some of the worst parts.

  2. Emily says:

    He’s not pulling out of the movie to see his kids. He was given a choice to voluntarily leave or be publicly fired. That’s my take.

    • Anname says:


    • Lucy2 says:

      I agree. No studio is going to want to deal with this.
      I find it utterly disgusting that he is using his children as a shield for this, especially considering he already did leave them for months.

      • AlpineWitch says:

        There was an article doing the rounds yesterday that he left for LA after the divorce was announced in July and that he refused to see his kids for Thanksgiving because he didn’t want to go to the Caymans. 4 months without seeing them and he didn’t care.

        He’s a POS.

    • AlpineWitch says:


  3. BB8 Squirrel says:

    Men get so angry when they get caught. Odd choice of words to deny the stories being leaked.

  4. SarahCS says:

    I saw this story on the BBC this morning and my first thought was that he already doesn’t see his kids for months at a time so that’s clearly nonsense. Methinks someone was given the option to ‘quit’ rather than have to be pushed. I’m sure that legally this was easier for the studio but it also pains me how much white men are protected in society.

  5. Bee says:

    SPURIOUS! Spurious, I tell you!

    I doubt he knows what that word means. There’s dozens of victims with similar receipts. He just wants it all to blow over. Nope. It’s not about kink shaming either. It’s about crossing boundaries, not respecting safe words (aka r*pe & physical abuse), nonconsensual. It seems more and more women are coming forward with disturbing similar tales & texts.

    • Ana Maria says:

      …remember when Michael Jackson used that word, trying to defend himself from the child abuse allegations?

  6. Oh_Hey says:

    Wow. And we all thought the divorce was because Elizabeth Chambers was MAGA idiot during the summer.

    Welp – I hope she didn’t sign a prenup and takes Mr. trust fund actor to the cleaners.

    • Lucy2 says:

      Right? Now I’m wondering if he put that out there in an effort to make her look bad right off the bat.

      • Esmom says:

        Oh, yikes. That makes sense. I don’t think it’s hyperbole to call him a serial killer in the making. This world, man.

    • AlpineWitch says:

      He excused Trump in a series of tweets. So I’m not sure his wife was the only Trumpster in the family.

  7. Keen Kate says:

    Interesting how he didn’t out and out deny – “I’m not responding…” or say that he respected women and doesn’t hurt them and isn’t manipulative. Also, he doesn’t look so attractive now when he looked so handsome before – bloated binge drinking face (and possible drug use according to a source and the video of him consuming crystals released the other day).

  8. Sabrina says:

    He should have continued to keep quiet. This story would have blown over fairly quickly unless one of the women filed charges against him.
    I did find it ridiculous that he’s mentioned not wanting to be away from his children when he hasn’t seen them in months. I’m curious to see whether this has an impact on his divorce and custody proceedings.

  9. janey says:

    I feel like Karma might be busy in 2021.

  10. Lillyfromlilooet says:

    Whenever I see someone with a public profile like this blow up their lives I am always amazed at how they don’t think about highly probable consequences of their actions. On the other hand, we forget that actors are not the scholars, superheroes, executives etc that we see them portray but people who make their living by digging deep into invention and exploration, and dark things. He just seems crazy out of touch with basic your filth + exchanges with strangers = your private life going public.

    • Esmom says:

      I think you answered your own question. People whose minds work like this and who are enamored with their own fame tend to think they are immune to consequences. See also: Trump family.

  11. Tink says:

    He is not a Dom, he is an abuser and I hope that if this is true that those poor women bring the receipts and open cases against him.

    • AlpineWitch says:

      “In a November 2020 Netflix interview for the film Rebecca, starring Lily James, Hammer was asked (in Spanish) ‘What historical person would you like to have dinner with?’
      To which Armie responded, ‘Marquis de Sade.’ ”

      Someone who would have dinner with De Sade is not into BDSM, he’s into creepy torture. I’ve been to Lacoste (France) many years ago, where what was left of De Sade’s castle was restored by a family… Not sure how they can even live there knowing that the Marquis was detailing in journals/papers what he did to his victims with the pretence of wild sex, and yes it ranged from mutilations, cannibalism, several modes of torture, list is endless. There was an exposition out of the castle with well-made representations of his ‘practices’, I will never forget it. The TV show ‘Hannibal’ was vanilla in comparison.

      I remember me and my boyfriend basically ran away. I never felt that uneasy in a place again.

  12. Wowza says:

    I don’t know. I’m quite sure that he is an entitled A-hole who cheated on his wife, and who neglects his kids. I am also sure that he harbors some seriously dark, messed up fantasies and that he needs help dealing with those. I am also quite sure that he is now an alcoholic (and drug user?) and completely spinning out of control since his wife left him. What doesn’t quite feel right to me is the one woman who has mainly (and as the first) been accusing him – and who opened an anonymous account and posted messages from him (I know that two other women posted supporting accounts as well). I find it so odd that she redacts the content, leaves out her own answers, and so on. Also, I noticed that she wrote comments on the messages from him that she posted like “if only you had protected my feelings I would have protected you forever” and other stuff that sounds a bit like she’s a scorned lover out for revenge, and not justice. She did after all have a sexual relationships with him that seems to have lasted almost five years, she must have been invested in him more than just meeting up with him occasionally and being subjected to his sick fantasies. Are we absolutely sure that we are not just witnessing the remnants of a seriously fucked up sexual affair that turned even worse when she told his wife?

    • AlpineWitch says:

      ““if only you had protected my feelings I would have protected you forever” and other stuff that sounds a bit like she’s a scorned lover out for revenge, and not justice.”

      To be honest she could be scorned and have been abused at the same time, both things are not mutually exclusive. I’d bet that the first one was also the one who spoke with his ex wife and released the receipts before the custody trial starts.

      However, if you think that in DV/rape cases there is justice, you’ve been misled.

      • Wowza says:

        I know, you’re right about justice in rape cases. After reading her comments and her “indictment” of him, it just confused me what she was trying to say, it still does frankly. She describes him telling her to follow him all around the world, but often ghosting her when she arrived, because his wife was with him, and how he wanted her to not have other sexual partners than him, even though he stayed married and (as she has learned since) had several other women he met up with. Most of her own words center around being promised a future he never delivered on, feeling having been used just for sex. It just seems odd, considering that one would think she would emphasize other stuff, taking into account the content of what he wrote her and did to her.

    • Myra says:

      I haven’t read the DMs but from the comments here, he comes across as a sociopath. He seems to get off on torture with little regard for the other person’s well-being. Even if she is a scorned lover, it seems that she is outing his actual perverse nature. The way you’re describing her texts, it comes across like she was emotionally manipulated by him. He strung her along and degraded her, and when he was done with her, he ignored her. She will never get justice in the court of law, but I’m glad she took it to the court of public opinion.

    • tcbc says:

      I think this is why he’s going to wriggle out of this. First of all, as far as we know no one has filed charges, which means none of this is being investigated by law enforcement. But to hedge his bets, he will release his copies of the DMs, which will have the messages he was responding to. There will be enough to show that the women were consenting* to some measure of this specific kink, that the relationships lasted over several encounters, some over years, and that the women knew he was married. All of that together will be enough for the general public to dismiss the women. Then he’ll say because of his addiction issues he went farther than he intended, still maintaining that it wasn’t rape because he will have proof that they “wanted” it. And people will say that the women involved were just clout-chasing star f*ckers who knowingly had affairs with a married man and then sought revenge when he didn’t leave his wife.**

      Nothing serious will happen to him. I can see now why he was so outspoken defending fellow rapist Nate Parker.

      * I believe in some cases he did violate their consent and that is rape.
      ** I also believe most of these women were clout-chasing star f*ckers but that doesn’t mean they deserve to be raped. No one does. But it does make them less sympathetic victims in the eyes of the general public, which is probably the reason none of them have filed charges.

      • AlpineWitch says:

        Proving sexual assault/rape is always difficult but let me tell you that the reason why none of them have filed charges is that they consulted a lawyer and he/she told them not to.

        What would he be charged with? Nothing, all the ‘crimes’ happened within a consensual relationship, they’re historical (meaning they didn’t happen recently) and even part of the sexual acts were consensual.

        How and where do you think the law or a judge would be able to draw a line?

      • Wowza says:

        Very well put, and I agree. Reading the messages, it is 100% clear that he’s done stuff that is ethically and morally wrong. I think we all see that. Legally, I agree that it’ll be difficult to prove. The fantasizing about cannibalism, and tasting her blood is disgusting but it seems to be just that – a fantasy. The reference to the time he “raped her on the floor of her apartment” is something they go back to a lot, and he also writes stuff like “come to XXX spot at the park where I’ll rape you”. I’m quite sure that he crossed the line and violated her consent, both with the belt around the neck he promised not to clasp but did, and the stuff with the knife and biting. But with the rape stuff being an integral part of the role playing they seem to have done, unfortunately many will regard her as having been a willing participant

  13. SLou says:

    He started dating his wife when he was 21 and married at 23, he probably cheated a LOT over the time they were together, I doubt all his wild sex and partying was done before he was 21, and I also highly doubt Elizabeth didn’t know about his “kinks”!

    • Fleur says:

      I don’t believe Elizabeth didn’t know his kinks. Anyone in a romantic physical relationship knows what turns their partner on. She prob didn’t know the scope of women he was communicating with it exactly how he connected to them via DMs, but I’m sure she knew he was a scary kinky mf if they were married for years. I find the words and images he’s into horrifying and grotesque, and I think he sounds very dangerous, but I don’t understand how on some level she didn’t know. People here stated he seemed open about this in past interviews.

      • AlpineWitch says:

        It’s something to know your partner’s proclivities and something else to wake up thinking she was married to someone who would drink human blood and penetrate internal organs.

      • BB8 Squirrel says:

        For Armie and Elizabeth’s first date he took her to a sex shop. Just saying.

        I don’t know how much she knew though about the super sick stuff. I know she sent an angry message to a woman in the past (publicly, Elizabeth posted about it) that was sending Armie DMs (I’ll bet it was a back and forth between the two), so I’m not sure if she saw some of the horrid stuff he was sending. How much she was actually aware of we will probably never know.

  14. Meime says:

    I love that he’s acting like leaving this movie was his own personal choice. Ok, Armie. I like to think JLo got briefed on this and made some calls like “This m*f*er needs to go, or I go,” because there’s no waaaay she wants to be anywhere near this mess.

    • Turtledove says:

      I had the same thoughts. JLo isn’t going to want anythig to do with that, nd is in a position to not HAVE to.

    • KaleBowl says:

      And meanwhile the cast, crew, and marketing team for Death on the Nile are wondering how they’re going to explain away one of their leading actors.

    • Charfromdarock says:


      J-Lo, rightfully so, wasn’t having this taint her hard work.

      It’s typical though that he’s given the opportunity to save face as such a great Family Man™️.

      The horrible truth is he will be given more benefit of the doubt than his victims. Less than 3% of sexual assaults result in conviction. Legal systems created by and for rich white men rarely provide actual justice.

  15. BB8 Squirrel says:

    People will bend over backwards to protect a bland piece of toast. I was an Armie apologist before this but it’s so gross to see how many people are defending him because they’re suspicious of the timing or the women coming forward. This is why women don’t come forward and when they do it’s extremely traumatizing. If you’ve seen house of effies stories and still doubt that they’re real then I don’t know what to tell you. You’re fine with an entitled abuser who has never suffered a consequence in his life.

  16. Marty says:

    I actually found the Page Six article with his past comments to be the most telling. He frames rough sex acts as disrespectful and something he wouldn’t do to with his wife because he loves and respects her. Equating those acts as demeaning and only done with certain women shows a very dysfunctional view on sex.

    • Lula says:

      Yes, me too, because what he clearly wants is to degrade someone, not just explore some fantasies with a consenting partner.

  17. Ariel says:

    Is there a summary of the screen shots somewhere on a reputable site? I don’t want to chase these down, and Armie Hammer has always seemed like a born rich, worthless bag of yuck,
    but as someone who identifies in the BDSM community, which i have always found to have a lot of decency and a whole lot of respect for consent and boundaries, i find this troublesome.

    Did he engage in acts of abuse?
    Is this all fantasy writing?

    I feel like i don’t have enough information.

    • Wowza says:

      Hi Ariel. I don’t think you’ll get a complete overview unless you look at the insta account of house of effie, the girl who had a relationship with him for about five years and who went public first. She’s private, but she’ll accept if you request following her, she has an enormous amount of followers now. She’s put all his messages in her stories, as well as her own comments. In some of the messages, he asks her for her experiences with certain BDSM aspects. From her account, I could imagine that she was into the BDSM community before they hooked up.

    • AlpineWitch says:

      You need to follow that girl’s account on Instagram.

      Personally, reading the texts I got the impression he is either unhinged or high from drugs, but the ones that stuck with me were those where he says he ate an animal raw heart and the one where he says he would have liked to rape the girl again. In several instances, disregarding consent turns him on so that is a ginormous red flag.

      Seriously, he’s insane.

  18. Valiantly Varnished says:

    So basically he was told that he could pull out of the film or they could fire him.

  19. Faye G says:

    I believe his accusers 100%. The stuff coming out is completely horrifying, at minimum he needs to be thoroughly investigated and prosecuted, but I don’t have much faith in our legal system for that. There’s always been some thing incredibly off about him to me, I could never quite pinpoint it but yeah, here we are. What a sick person.

  20. Marigold says:

    If even half of this is true, it is beyond disgusting and incredibly disturbing. This isn’t kink. This is the thinking of a sociopath on the way to being a psychopath.

  21. Cocococococo says:

    He’s a classic sociopath – charming on the outside but pathological deep down.

    Also, have it on first hand account that the ex wife is a major MAGA. She was actively rude and racist when in India for the priyanka/ nick jonas wedding

  22. Dana Dayen says:

    The guy stars in one of the most iconic gay films the 21st Century and has been non stop smeared ever since. I see what’s going on here.

  23. Sam H x says:

    I only read about this last night. It was sickening to read how sadistic and depraved Armie is. The personal instagram photos he sent her confirm it is in fact him and he can’t deny it. He needs to be locked away for the safety of women everywhere. What was surprising is that the women he abused seem to pay for everything he didn’t. Has he squandered his money or he didn’t he want it traced back to him? I think the wife knew about his affairs but didn’t know the extent of his depravity.