Harry Styles feels ‘blameless’ in the Olivia Wilde-Jason Sudeikis love triangle

Harry Styles

When Harry Styles appeared on the cover of Vogue last year, the focus was on Harry’s editorial, and the fact that he wore some dresses, skirts and pretty jewelry. I feel like the cover interview didn’t get enough attention though! I read the whole piece and wrote about some excerpts from it, and I feel like I “know” Harry a bit better after that piece. He’s very “soft,” as the kids say. Meaning, he’s very sweet and not into drama and he just seems like a very kind guy who wants to do right by his young fanbase of mostly girls. Which brings me to Harry’s part in the ongoing Olivia Wilde-Jason Sudeikis drama. To hear Team Sudeikis tell it, Olivia dumped him as soon as she started working with Harry, and Team Wilde says nuh-uh, Harry’s not the reason for the split. It’s messy as hell and I feel like Harry really wants no part in it. It goes against his whole peaceful, no-drama vibez. That’s what “sources” are saying too:

Harry Styles is said to be ‘blameless’ as he was told his new girlfriend Olivia Wilde was single before they started dating, amid speculation that the actress argued with her ex Jason Sudeikis over an alleged relationship cross-over.

Earlier this week, insiders told MailOnline that the screen star, 36, and the comedian, 45, split months before the filmmaker and the One Direction star, 26, who went public at his agent’s wedding earlier this month, formed a romance. But sources have now claimed the origins of their bond is reportedly being perceived as a ‘bit of a mess’ among their inner circle, with one telling us: ‘Harry probably wasn’t aware that they broke up in November 2020.’

Another added to The Sun: ‘This looked very Hollywood at first, but it’s a bit of a mess and what ­actually went on looks very ­different, depending who you ask. It is understood that Olivia told Harry she was already single when they met, and those close to the situation say he is blameless, despite the controversy around the new couple.’

[From The Daily Mail]

I agree that Harry is pretty “blameless.” I seriously doubt he was the one pursuing Olivia, and I don’t think he would have started up with Olivia if he believed that she was still romantically involved with Jason. Jason’s side has insisted that Olivia didn’t really call off their engagement until she met Harry though. So… hm. There was probably about one month last year where everything was happening, where Olivia and Harry were starting up and THEN she announced the split from Jason. So, yeah, messy. I still think Harry is going to end up checking out of this drama at some point very soon.

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  1. lunchcoma says:

    Harry is very sweet, and I agree he has no blame in the messy end of this relationship.

    I don’t buy that he’s not into drama, though. He’s been involved in some of it in the past, and going to a wedding with someone who’s only just announced the end of her long term relationship is likely to lead to some even if you’re under the impression there was no cheating. He has no guilt in this, but it seems like he might be attracted to people who cause drama, even if he’s lower key himself.

    • Madelaine says:

      To further your analisis, perhaps it’s time we revisit the terminology we’re using to label the Harry-Olivia relationship: these two are a couple and because some ex is having a hard time letting go should by no means allow us to dismiss their live story as a triangle. What makes it a triangle is Sudeikis’ momentary inability to get a grip and move forward but I am pretty confident that neither Harry not Olivia see themselves as being bogged in a triangular relationship. They have clarity, I guess.

      • BL says:

        @Madelaine, I totally agree. It would appear as though Sudeikis has created this triangle with this whole “desperate” narrative he is creating. I’m not saying Olivia isn’t a douche, but there doesn’t appear to be a triangle…just a couple and a man who cannot move on.

  2. Sean says:

    Someone is feeling very scorned. I don’t know who carries more blame – Jason or Olivia. That being said, they’re both coming off as assholes IMO. Not sure exactly how Harry fits into all of this but if he genuinely became involved with Olivia thinking she was out of her relationship and now all of this?

    Yeah, I’d bounce.

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      Harry might be sweet and naive. That’s the only way I’d give him a pass on the home wrecking mess.
      I think from the timeline and statements Olivia pursued him. He believed her. But now? He can escape this and save himself a lot of issues or lean into the forbidden romancing and bail after filming wraps.

      • Larry says:

        Feels more like Harry wants to be *seen* as sweet and naive – that’s his persona that he has spent ages crafting. He is a grown man, and I have trouble believing that he waded into this as unknowingly as is made out to be the case. As other commenters have pointed out, his previous dating history suggests that he doesn’t necessarily have an issue with when a potential partner currently is in a relationship.
        Not to say that how his sources tell it isn’t how it happened, but prob shouldn’t immediately accept it at face value. Also, appaz sources have been saying that they are getting very serious – so not convinced he will exit left because of the drama.

  3. Lively says:

    Jason Pr decided to make this as messy as possible. When news of the divorce was first announced; the talking point was they’ve broken up for awhile and decided to hold off on the announcement.
    She moves on with someone else, the timeline of the end of this relationship is not known to anybody, so why are ppl so quick to drag Olivia?
    In my eyes, Jason or is the only thing that switched up

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      I think Olivia’s PR lit this fuse with the original statements she’s so great and Jason doesn’t want to be in her shadow. There was a better way to handle this.

  4. Dria says:

    I mean, Harry loves the drama. He got with his last gf when she was in a relationship. He hooked up with 2 other women who were married in the past. Do I think he’s blameless? Idk, who knows what Olivia said was happening in her relationship with Jason. I don’t think he’d run from Olivia based on her being entangled, but I do think too much publicity drama about it would cause him to panic. He likes his golden boy image.

    • Nicky says:

      Lets be real: it doesn’t matter what Olivia told him, because it wouldn’t matter for Harry anyway. He never cared if the woman he wanted was in relationship or not.

  5. Amy Bee says:

    Being engaged for seven years should have been a hint that this relationship wasn’t going anywhere. I don’t understand Sudeikis’ reaction is it because Olivia left him for a younger man? Because if he really wanted to stay with her he would have married her a long time ago.

    • Dria says:

      How do you know that it’s Jason’s fault that they weren’t married? I think they both said they didn’t want to get married because of some sort of law. Olivia has been married before, I’m sure she didn’t feel the need to rush into one again. Jason seems to be upset that there’s an overlap between his relationship with her and Harry. It’s not Harry specifically, or that she moved on, it’s that she believes she cheated.

    • whateveryousay says:

      They have both said repeatedly they didn’t want to get married.

      “But in February 2016, the Tron: Legacy actor defended her lengthy engagement to the Hall Pass actor while speaking with NET-A-PORTER.com’s The EDIT.

      According to Wilde, she and Sudeikis were already bound together through their son and didn’t need a marriage license to prove their commitment to each other.

      “We are seriously connected,” she told the outlet. “Before you have a child, marriage is the ultimate commitment and promise to one another, and then once you have a child, it’s like, ‘Oh, we’re committed and promised already.’”

    • ce says:

      All the couples I know with long engagements like that have either not made it down the aisle or divorced soon after. I know couples who take marriage seriously and have found ways to make it happen despite any and all circumstances. The ones that keep pushing or coming up with reasons that the timing isn’t good etc… red flag.

      • wendy says:

        eh, I’ve been engaged for what will be 8 years in July. When he proposed I said no, I had been down that road before and just didn’t want the legal and financial entanglements. He said will you be my fiancé for as long as we can make it work?
        Why yes, yes I can. We work better that way and are in no way less committed because it would take paperwork to split up.

        I think people saying the long engagement is a red flag might be projecting a little.

    • Sojaschnitzel says:

      Unless she didn’t want to marry, which happens. Not every woman enjoys the idea of marriage.

  6. Angel says:

    So he is already throwing her under the bus ? I don’t see this relationship last. And if when he started dating Olivia she was still with Jason then no he is not blameless.

    • Lexy says:

      This! I’m laughing that Harry is throwing his new gf under the bus by stating that Olivia and Jason DID in fact break up in November, Harry just didn’t know. So he’s saying first, that there was some overlap with Jason and second, that she lied to Harry. I mean, who knows if this is actually from Harry’s camp but I love that his image is clearly more important here than his new relationship.

  7. whateveryousay says:

    Yeah he’s gearing up to dump her. Honestly if she lied to him and her long time partner why even deal with that mess. She should have just been honest with everyone and then broke up and started up with Styles. To do what she did which was claim that JS was not happy being in her shadow (which sounded hilarious from the first) and that’s why they ended showed she wasn’t thinking about him or their kids at that point.

  8. Guest with Cat says:

    Oy, what a mess. I would not want to be involved with any of them. I’m going back to Jason Momoa. I’m so glad he got posted today. I just came here to check out what Harry was wearing this time.

  9. Nicky says:

    This is not the first time Harry started a relationship like this. His ex Camille broke up with her boyfriend mere days before she was first seen with Harry. Same situation with Georgia Fowler (her ex-bf was shocked as well, just like Jason). Harry Styles enjoys making mess.

    • Susan says:

      My only caveat to that is—as a married mother of two children of similar age—relationships and break ups are on a WHOLE DIFFERENT level when there are kids involved. Marriage or not, kids are glue that forever binds you and….often makes you crazy. I joke the number one reason I haven’t divorced my husband is I don’t want a 22 year old hottie being my kids’ stepmom! (I’m kidding, but seriously, kids in a relationship change everything. Trust!) Meaning, this breakup is ten times messier than his previous ones I suspect.

    • Cava24 says:

      The press accounts about Harry getting together with Georgia Fowler describe her breakup with her boyfriend as being “weeks” before, that guy’s last photo with her on his IG was in mid August 2015 and it’s a group shot that they are at the far ends of. Their last photo together as a couple (ish) was in April 2015. She stopped “liking” the guys photos for a long period starting in July 2015 and he went to Ibiza with a bunch of people, but not her, in September 2015. The fact that she didn’t alert him she was dating Harry when she started dating him in October 2015 isn’t shocking, he might have been surprised getting a call about it but that doesn’t mean there was overlap.

      Re Camille Rowe and Devandra Banhart- I don’t seen anything about that timeline overlapping except in the comment sections here and people sometimes pick up incorrect information from other places or lose the detail in summarizing it.

  10. Cee says:

    I feel that long term engagements always end up in messy breakups.
    Why get engaged if you’re going to wait 7 YEARS to get married? I’m not surprised at all that this happened – one of them did not want to get married, at all.

  11. DS9 says:

    I would guess that there is a lot of truth to all three stories.

    Olivia and Jason’s relationship has been petering out for a while. Jason perceived it as a lull, which happens pretty often but thought they were still committed partners. Olivia, otoh, had one foot out of the door and likely wasn’t very honest with Harry or Jason with how she felt, maybe didn’t know herself how she felt until she was dealing with Harry.

    But no matter how you swing it, it’s clear to me that Olivia has handled this very poorly and stepped into a new relationship while being in limbo with the old and I would imagine Harry’s going to walk.

  12. Mika says:

    Sometimes you throw yourself into a new relationship in order to get out of a bad relationship. I believe that this is between Olivia and Jason – Harry just made it easier for Olivia to end something she wanted to end.

    • Jenn says:

      @Mika, mhm, plenty of people won’t move on from their “holding pattern” until they’re “rescued.” I don’t think this is necessarily always a bad thing; sometimes it takes the appearance of someone new to help you reassess your priorities.

      H.S. seems very nurturing and like he’d get a lot emotionally out of being a “rescuer.” My husband — who is younger than I am, and who relentlessly romantically pursued me when he was 26 — is probably the same way. (We’re healthier now!)

      • Nikki* says:

        INTERESTING, Jenn!! 🙂

      • Sharylmj says:

        SAME – I was extremely unhappy in my first marriage and it took meeting my soul mate to give me the push I needed to get out of a bad relationship. My second marriage is amazing and we have been together for over 26 years now. I’m not saying Harry is Olivia’s soul mate, but he might be hanging around to help her separate from Jason. He might be helping her have the confidence to make herself happy…. side note, I think this thing between Harry and Olivia will go away as soon as they are done filming.

  13. Jesus says:

    I cant stand this guy lol. It’s known he loves to pull shit like this, as others mentioned above. And who believes that this grown man is naive and was absolutely clueless in this story? Please. Not to mention all the pap walks and articles – even if he wasnt aware of her relationship status (unlikely) he sure as hell is not being timid. He’s absolutely part of this. His whole thing of being shitty and then playing innocent for the public irks me. White male priviledge at it’s best.

    • Susan says:

      I love Harry Styles—up until this point. I am sitting back with popcorn to watch, because I have often wondered if he really is this amazing nice guy and or if he has GREAT handlers/PR people. (Remember how much we loved Tom Cruise until he dumped his publicist and came out as crazy?) How he navigates this mess will be interesting and perhaps, a master class in PR. If he dumps Olivia, is he going to be that mean guy that got her to dump the father of her children for a quick fling? If he stays with her, will he meet the kids and be the cool defacto step dad? Then to disappear when things get heavy? Oof. PR minefield ahead.

    • BenanaFanana says:

      I see a lot of people on this site have lady boners for Harry Styles so they have no problem excusing his problematic behaviors, and boy, does he have many. They think he’s cute so it’s ok that he’s gone after at least 3 people that were still in relationships. Notice the subtle bus throwing and laying down the groundwork that Olivia gave him a different story. How he keeps getting the nice guy edit is beyond me. People just want to gloss over the fact that Harry and Olivia were the ones desperately trying to get their story out there first. It wasn’t fishy at all that they were love bombing the public with their Teen Magazine love story photo shoots, a convincing montage to sell the story of how they “legitimately” fell in love. And as some people have said already, it was weird that up until this point, I’d never seen so many articles and photos of Olivia Wilde in her entire career. HOlivia’s true love campaign reminded me a lot of Trumpers who thought that by shouting loud enough and talking over everyone, it was definitive proof they won the election.

      His fandom is toxic too. They will track you down and call you racist, homophobic, mysoginist if you dare say anything about this pretentious clown. He won’t say anything about it either so they feel like that’s an endorsement from him. I’ve been seeing a lot of Harries posting here lately defending their white privileged king. I see you and here’s a tip, do not go on a POC or lgbtq person’s blog and attack them for expressing their opinion about Harry. It’s not a good look calling POC racial slurs or trying to shout down lgbtq for not feeling comfortable about Harry’s queer baiting. I don’t know which is worse, Harry or his rabid fans.

      • NOBODYS DAUGHTER says:

        Yes to all this. Harry and his fandom are absolutely toxic and it baffles me how everyone seems to ignore it. It’s gross really. Using someone I dislike as an example: Taylor Swift. Imagine if she flaunted her relationship with a recently separated man, possibly a relationship that started out of said man cheating and then, when realizing the mess she made, tried to play coy. NO ONE would believe her. The “Snake Fam” would get dragged for defending her. How on Earth is so wrong and misogynist of Jason Sudeikis to push back against Olivia’s version of the facts but it’s okay for Harry to throw her under the bus, placing the blame solely on her shoulders for the public to attack her? How is this not misogynist as well?
        I remember how back in the late days of 1D, shortly before the breakup, his now handlers’ would pull articles shitting on the other boys (who are no saints either, but at least have my sympathy) while “casually” sliding in some praise for Harry. Harry and his fans played HARD into racism and islamophobia against Zayn – still do. Theres way more to his shit as well but yeah. The way he queerbaits for clout as well. The way his team made sure to put his donation to BLM out there – look at him! Such an ally! Dont talk abt the movement itself! Tall abt Harry! – and how he placed himself front and center as this gender non conforming trailbrazer when… hes not. Hes just a white man in a skirt.
        And his music sucks. He got that 70s sound right bc boy does it sound dated.

    • Larry says:

      Big yes to this. Maybe he is as great as he seems, but I wouldn’t take it as a given – esp if we don’t give most women in this situation the same courtesy.

  14. LaurenMichelle says:

    Jason has the reputation of being a prolific cheater. Olivia was tired of being humiliated. Harry was there and made Olivia feel valued and beautiful.
    Olivia has mentioned she has felt insecure about her relationship with Jason, and how sometimes she didn’t feel good enough for him. Jason fuelled that insecurity with his infidelity.
    I believe Olivia, and I hope Harry doesn’t flee because of Jason’s disingenuous pity party.

    • Darla says:

      “Jason’s disingenuous pity party.”

      This has been my experience with men when you leave them.

  15. Darla says:

    I have a very difficult time ending relationships. I drag the ending out so as not to cause pain, and often guy hears what he wants to hear. I don’t read this situation the way most here do.

  16. Ann Pearl Owen says:

    It sure seems like Harry is “sweet” just like Angelina Jolie — except in my mind it’s worse when there are children involved.

  17. NYStateofMind says:

    Um yah, bullshit. Call it what it is, sex. A sex romp.

  18. Jane Doe says:

    If we’re here to have fun with the messy gossip, I’m a bit sad – because this crew just isn’t that interesting…I think they would need to have been wackier in public prior to the break up and new hook up. Just my thoughts. I give the three of them 7 out of 10 for effort.

  19. Sonyan says:

    Run, Harry, run

  20. Godwina says:

    Wait, this fashion-world, woke-world vaunted Harry Styles was in One Direction??????

    BWAAAAAAH hahhahahaaaaa

  21. lillyfromLilloet says:

    OMG Staaaap.

    She broke up with one guy and took up with another. End of. There is no triangle.

  22. Hooboy says:

    I am amazed to see that anyone is believing any of this as more than the latest obvious and boring PR stunt perpetrated on behalf of all three of these people.