Donald Trump will leave the White House on the 20th, hours before the inauguration

Trump Departure for Alamo, Texas

CNN has a long story about Donald Trump’s last days in office, where he is isolated, angry and in need of a diaper change, one would assume. Much of the piece is just typical sad-sack sh-t making Trump look pathetic, but even then… there’s this energy like Donald Trump didn’t send a terrorist mob to kill Mike Pence, Nancy Pelosi and others in Congress. This is NOT typical sad-sack lame-duck sore loser sh-t. Just because Trump has been largely neutered following the terrorist attack he orchestrated and incited, doesn’t mean any of us should have one iota of sympathy for his current bullsh-t. Some highlights:

Trump is playing the role of victim & he’s banned the name “Nixon”. Trump has been consumed by the unraveling of his presidency during his last days in office, according to people around him, which included a casual discussion among advisers recently about a possible resignation. Trump shut the idea down almost immediately. And he has made clear to aides in separate conversations that mere mention of President Richard Nixon, the last president to resign, were banned. He told one adviser during an expletive-laden conversation recently never to bring up the ex-president ever again. During the passing mention of resigning this week, Trump told people he couldn’t count on Vice President Mike Pence to pardon him like Gerald Ford did Nixon, anyway.

One last Nazi rally? Eager for a final taste of the pomp of being president, Trump has asked for a major send-off on Inauguration Day next week, according to people familiar with the matter, before one last presidential flight to Palm Beach.

Sullen desolation. He has grown more and more worried about what legal or financial calamities may await him when he is no longer president, people who have spoken to him said, fueled by warnings from lawyers and advisers. He is weighing pardons, including for himself and his family, as he attempts to muster a legal team for another impeachment trial. And he is resentful of Republicans who he feels abandoned him in his hour of need, including the GOP leaders of the House and Senate.

A farewell Nazi address? Aides have pleaded with Trump to deliver some type of farewell address, either live or taped, that would tick through his accomplishments in office. But he has appeared disinterested and noncommittal. On Thursday, it was Pence carrying out tasks ordinarily left to a president, like visiting national guardsmen posted at the US Capitol or visiting White House operators to say farewell.

Trump does plan to leave the White House on the morning of the 20th: As one of their final acts, Trump’s team is working to organize a crowd to see him off on the morning of Biden’s inauguration, when he plans to depart Washington while still president and is expecting a major send-off. Trump told people he did not like the idea of departing Washington for a final time as an ex-president, flying aboard an airplane no longer known as Air Force One. He also did not particularly like the thought of requesting the use of the plane from Biden, according to a person familiar with the matter.

A letter to Biden? For now, Trump is undecided on whether he will pen a letter to Biden to leave in the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office. Some of his advisers have encouraged him to think about continuing the tradition. Early in his presidency, Trump liked to show off to visitors the letter he received from President Barack Obama, which included the now-prescient line: “Regardless of the push and pull of daily politics, it’s up to us to leave those instruments of our democracy at least as strong as we found them.”

The original plan was to leave on the 19th: Initially, Trump had planned to depart the White House a day early. But he now plans to leave on the morning of January 20. His departure aboard Marine One from the White House South Lawn will likely be visible and audible to the Bidens, who will spend the night before the inauguration at Blair House, across Pennsylvania Avenue from the executive mansion. Its use was offered to them by the State Department rather than the Trumps, who refuse to make contact with the incoming president and first lady.

Will he still try to self-pardon? He has also been lashing out at aides, allies and lawyers trying to protect him from criminal exposure following his role in inciting rioters during last week’s insurrection attempt at the US Capitol. Some of his attorneys have tried to explain that his notion of a self-pardon may not hold up, which has led some inside Trump’s circle to believe he is less likely to attempt it before he leaves office.

[From CNN]

Out of all of the niceties extended from an outgoing president to an incoming president, the letter on the Resolute Desk is one of the least important. If he does “write” one, I can only imagine the chicken-scratched, illiterate lies within. As for comparisons to Nixon… like, not to be a Nixon apologist, but Nixon wasn’t a f–king terrorist. He was a deeply corrupt man, but at a fundamental level, the dude was competent and intelligent and he had a sense of shame. Trump has none of that. I’m worried about Trump’s insistence on a final Nazi rally, and all of that as well. He’ll probably try to incite another terrorist attack.

Trump Departure for Alamo, Texas

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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36 Responses to “Donald Trump will leave the White House on the 20th, hours before the inauguration”

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  1. Seraphina says:

    Biden is hoping Trump leaves a letter to him. I am sure he and KH need a good laugh after the destruction they have witnessed unleashed by Trump.

    • Noodle says:

      In Sharpie, including a map where he has drawn the boundaries of his extensive property in Florida.

      • Sarah says:

        I had forgotten about his Sharpie induced insanity regarding the boundaries of Florida and Alabama!! Good grief, there are no words

    • Seraphina says:

      I mean, really what can he write? How much he values democracy and all it stands for? Or how respected the instructions set up by the founding fathers are and as POTUS he protects those institutions? Or how as President one must be a leader and that means thinking of the greater good of the American people and their safety? Or how serious the pandemic is that is currently running savagely through the US?
      There is nothing he can write that would mean anything, not even I AM SORRY.

    • Holly hobby says:

      You mean a finger paint or crayon drawing with misspelled words?

    • Sarah says:

      Knowing him he’ll get a ghost writer to write one. The guy can barely spell covfefe correctly.

  2. Becks1 says:

    The final rally is the part of this that worries me the most, since we all know what happened the last time he attended a rally. I dont think the Bidens care about whether he takes his last flight on the plane as president or ex-president, but clearly Trump wants that one final flight on “Air Force One” (ie when that is still its name, which it wouldnt be if he werent president.) Whatever. Get him out of there. Get him out of DC. Maybe Biden can order that AF1 be in DC when he is president, so that limits Trump’s time to have his rally and escape to Florida.

  3. caitlinsmom says:

    He should under no circumstances be permitted to have another rally. Jesus take the wheel. Can we not see what happened at the last one? Why would another one be any different?! How many chances do they want to give him to Coup correctly?

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      He’s pathetic. And if the rally is allowed it will be surrounded by The National Guard. Someone will try to start something and the NG will shut it down instantly.

      • molly says:

        Pathetic is exactly the word I was going to us. We’ve all grown pretty numb to his sad and petty demands, but he’s absolutely a pathetic man.

    • Swack says:

      I would hope that a rally would be banned anywhere near the White House. With the extra security his minions would probably not be able to get on the grounds. Read where one might take ace at Andrew’s Airforce base or in Palm Beach.

    • Holly hobby says:

      Just saw on Twitter they are giving him a 21 gun salute off Andrews airbase as Marine One tries to fly off with the dumb wide load.

      Why are taxpayers still paying for his ego trips?

  4. Darla says:

    I thought he was still leaving the day before. He’s doing this to make it hard as possible for the people who have to fumigate this hell hole, and God knows what kind of filthy surprises he’ll leave behind.

  5. steph says:

    Who does he plan on having at this end off? It’s going to be more white supremacists.

  6. HK9 says:

    Hell naw. Haul is ass out now. He and his cronies can’t be trusted and if Biden wants a letter, have the authorities get that from him. enough is enough.

  7. Lizzie says:

    With all of the new security in Washington I cannot image he will be allowed a rally anywhere near the White House.

    • Emma33 says:

      I read yesterday that Airbnb had cancelled all DC booking around the inauguration days. I think it will be difficult for people to even come to DC.

  8. Golly Gee says:

    Meanwhile, he’s been having conversations with Bannon asking him to find a way to overturn the election results. He won’t stop.

  9. Insomniac says:

    I swear, I want these people OUT OF MY CITY right now. Not next week, not an hour from now. NOW. And hell no, he shouldn’t get to hold another rally in DC. Can’t he just go to Mar-a-Lago and throw all the ego rallies he wants down there?

  10. Beatriz Elizabeth Santos says:

    That’s what boils his potatoes. The fact that he won’t have the perks as President anymore. I can’t imagine the mess he made inside the White House.

  11. wildwaffles says:

    I am really curious where he thinks he’s going? Mar-a-Lago has been made clear is not a long term option. Scotland banned him. NYC doesn’t want him but it would sure make those arrests easier. Is he just going to golf club hop? Or get on the next flight to Russia?

    • whatWHAT? says:

      he’s got an “estate” in Bedminster, NJ, I believe, which has been suggested as his final destination.

      and we don’t want him either!!!

  12. Deb says:

    The White House will have to be fumigated to get rid of the tRump stench I don’t care where the grifter in chief and his spawn go, just GET OUT of the people’s house.

  13. Agirlandherdog says:

    A farewell address ticking through his accomplishments… wtf is he going to talk about? I made history as the only president to be impeached twice! I incited homegrown domestic terrorists into storming The Capitol! I will go down in history as the bigliest worst president in the history of the United States!

    • Christin says:

      Wall, cages, riot…A bigly list.

      History will not be kind, to him…and his kind.

    • Golly Gee says:

      I saw this on The Hill. “The most impeached president ever. No president has reached this accomplishment. They told me this has never happened before.” Trump bragging.

  14. JustMe2 says:

    Check for valuables on the way out…these grifters will steal the silverware if they could

  15. Liz version 700 says:

    Trump’s letter. Joe Biden Pardon ME! JK. I cannot imagine anyone in DC is in a mood to give him a huge send off. Independence Ave is completely shut down, there are 20k National Guards there to keep order. Not a great moment for another mob rally. I bet there are a lot of folks who would be glad to gather at Andrew’s to flip him off as he boards the plane.

  16. grabbyhands says:

    Unless they legally can’t stop him from holding a rally, no one in their right mind should be allowing it. You might as well just put a sign up saying “Attempted Coup Part Two Staging Area”.

    I hope the Bidens stay at Blair House so a Biden appointed Secret Service team can do a sweep of the White House for bugs (literal and electronic) and bombs, not to mention a top to bottom de-germing since he is a one man super spreader and this place is probably crawling with the virus.

    • Exactly says:

      @GRABBYHANDS, Preeeeeeeeeeeeeeach👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠!

  17. Dara says:

    Nixon may have done the right thing in the end, but the Watergate break- in was not his biggest crime. There is compelling evidence that then-candidate Nixon reached out to South Vietnamese politicians in 1968 to have them delay the peace talks underway so he could use that against LBJ in the campaign, not only breaking federal law but possibly costing thousands of lives. Historians have theorized the break-in was motivated by Nixon trying to find out if Democrats had proof he had interfered and could potentially use that against him.

    Trump may not like the comparison, but he and Nixon have so very much in common.

  18. Amando says:

    I hope Trump gets arrested the minute Biden is sworn in. Good riddance to Trump and his family.

  19. jferber says:

    Because that’s how he rolls, useless piece of fat shit (sorry for the language. It’s what I’m feeling.)
    Country-destroyer. Monster.