“Brian Williams trolls Kevin McCarthy for meeting Trump at Mar-a-Lago” links

Brian Williams trolled Kevin McCarthy & Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago meeting this week by playing a clip from Jerry Maguire. [Towleroad]
Katy Perry talks about motherhood & sounds blissed-out. [Just Jared]
Has Marvel conditioned their fans to not accept change? [Pajiba]
Every Armie Hammer story just keeps getting weirder & more terrible. [Dlisted]
Giambattista Valli’s latest collection has a lot of tulle & ruffles. [Go Fug Yourself]
Pamela Anderson got secretly married to her bodyguard. [LaineyGossip]
Jessica Alba makes me wonder if bellbottoms are making a comeback? [RCFA]
What Claudia Conway’s story tells us about kids dealing with abuse & bad family situations during the pandemic. [Jezebel]
What’s going on with Johnson & Johnson’s covid vaccine? [Buzzfeed]
The Walking Dead shuts down homophobes. [OMG Blog]
Shemar Moore’s mask is amazing and hilarious. [Seriously OMG]

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20 Responses to ““Brian Williams trolls Kevin McCarthy for meeting Trump at Mar-a-Lago” links”

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  1. Emm says:

    I mean *chef’s kiss*.

    My husband did not think it was real.

  2. MyOpinion says:

    Really? Should he be preparing for his impeachment trial? Here he is already preparing for the House in 2022? WTF, did McCarthy miss his treacherous leader? Stay in Florida McCarthy, no one wants you back in DC!

  3. Veronica S. says:

    I mean, at least they’re being honest about throwing in the towel and pretending to do anything but go full fascist regime. Best case scenario is it splits the party and Trump tries again in 2024 and gets soundly defeated (let’s not pretend Republicans will find their spine at this trial). Worst case scenario is we have a united fascist front and people don’t bother to show up in 2022 to keep a Democratic majority, and we go into 2024 with a possible 2016 repeat. Real fun to consider, eh?

  4. SpankyB says:

    In my world, bell bottoms never left. And that’s a gorgeous outfit, I’d wear that everywhere. If I had somewhere to go.

    • MyOpinion says:

      @ Spanky B, you should look at the link, she was stunning. I didn’t know Viola Davis was her daughter. She was just on CBS for an interview for her book. I am sad that she is gone.

  5. Juls says:

    I love Shemar’s mask! I have a confession to make. I kinda like wearing a mask. It hides my undereye bags and makes me look younger. They are huge and a genetic gift from my father. I’m not getting cosmetic surgery so I’m gonna be kind of sad when masks go away. Plus I’ve saved a ton of money on makeup.

    • Emm says:

      I am with you on all of this! For the little I actually go out I love wearing a mask. No makeup, no small talk, no having to fake smile. I might keep them forever.

      • Stacy Dresden says:

        I wish. I love to go out running errands looking like crap, but I’ve been recognized more than once. Kills me!!

    • Ann says:

      I can talk to myself in the grocery store and nobody cares! “OK so I remembered the carrots but have to get some eggs, what else do I need?”

  6. ican'tanymore says:

    Is it me or is Trump’s tie shorter aka an appropriate length and not hanging around his netherregions??? Why now??? Was it just to torture me for 4+years? Also, loving B.W. right now.

  7. DrSnark says:

    The Giambattista Valli collection is amazing and after not being seen in public for a year, all I want is for everyone to start dressing like this once COVID is licked. Amazing. Hair. Flowers. Tulle. I WANT IT ALL.

    • Ohlala says:

      I said to myself when this shitshow is over I will dress ip each time dress to impress! It is Prada bitch or nada! 🤣🤣

  8. JanetDR says:

    I did it even though I didn’t want to give them any traffic. I clicked on the DM link to see Pam’s wedding photos and I am totally here for her look. Beautiful!

  9. Coco says:

    RIP Cloris Leachman as well.

  10. Nons says:

    Brian Williams is the king of subtle shade. This is my favorite

  11. Golly Gee says:

    D-listed has a follow up story about Pamela Anderson’s marriage. It’s a hot mess just like every other one of her “marriages”. The guy was a handyman not her bodyguard and he was living with another woman who found out about the marriage when it came out in the media. Pamela is Canada’s Miranda Lambert.

  12. Mimi says: