Suzanne Somers’ live stream was interrupted by an unclothed guy who broke in


This Suzanne Somers story is equal parts funny and creepy as hell. Fortunately, the reason we can find humor in it is because A) it ends up okay and B) Suzanne is so composed, it puts you a little at ease. But when you break down events, it goes back to being creepy. Last Friday, Suzanne was filming her Facebook livestream, in which she sells her makeup line. This is the first time I have ever watched her show, so I assume this is the normal format. Suzanne and her husband, Alan Hamel, were at their Palm Springs estate. Both Suzanne and Alan are in great shape, but they are 74 and 84 respectively and Suzanne is a breast cancer survivor, remember. Anyway, they began their show by explaining that it was formal Friday, which is meant to explain why she was dressed like a mob widow and he was dressed like an extra from Miami Vice. They engaged in playful banter and often got sidetracked from their makeup discussion with whatever pops into their mind in that moment. About 40 minutes in, when Alan and Suzanne were quibbling over her lipstick application process, Suzanne said she heard someone. Sure enough, she turned to her left and saw a man she doesn’t know who has randomly, he claimed, wandered on to their property. Things got even weirder when the man said he was terrified because there were “ghosts following him.”

Suzanne Somers is speaking out after an unexpected visitor showed up at her Palm Springs, California, home on Friday night while she was in the middle of a Facebook Live session.

Around 40 minutes into the video, which sees her discussing various makeup products, the Three’s Company star stops abruptly and asks her husband, producer Alan Hamel, “Is somebody here? I just heard a person.”

Somers, 74, then invites the person over toward where she’s sitting because, as she says later in the footage, she thought he was a dinner guest who had arrived early. But she soon realizes he isn’t one of the individuals she was expecting — and “he barely had any clothes on,” as she later told Page Six.

The man is heard telling Somers he is “terrified” because there are “ghosts following” him. And after Somers politely asks him how he got there and tells him he shouldn’t be there, she adds, “You don’t scare me … but I’m not used to people being on our property.”

He then apologizes to the star, who calmly gives him directions back down the hill to exit their property and asks Hamel, 84, to show the intruder the door.

A few minutes later, the Step by Step alum says she “may cut [the broadcast] a little short, because … we may have to call the police.”

“All is well, but thank you for your concern everybody,” she adds, writing later in a comment, “All clear and safe! Thanks for your concern. Have a great weekend.”

Somers told Page Six that the man was wearing “flip flops or a bathing suit, or a bikini,” and that her seemingly comedic wide-eyed glances at the camera were because, “I had a few hundred thousand people watching, and I wanted to keep them calm.”

[From People via DListed]

I went into this story/video knowing that there was an intruder involved and that Suzanne came out unscathed. Still, it calmed me to know that Alan was present in the beginning. The more voices I heard leading up to the guy’s arrival, the better I felt that there were reinforcements. Otherwise, I don’t know if I could have watched this all the way through. As Suzanne explained in the article, she first thought he was one of her invited dinner guests, but you can see in the video below the moment she realizes he is not and I felt that in my chest. Especially when he starts speaking about ghosts and how he entered the property as casually as he did. I’m sure his appearance in what sounds like a speedo assured her he didn’t have a weapon, but some whack-job in a speedo at that time of night is still pretty disturbing. I am so impressed how calmly but decisively she handled the situation. Honestly, Alan too. He was firm but didn’t rush in without assessing the danger the man posed.

Alan told Page Six that many times hikers don’t take enough water when they hike and get disoriented. He said they found the guy odd but not threatening. I get that from the audio and, it sounds like, from his appearance. Also, he did walk up and identify himself with a full name, which might have legitimately been his own. But I don’t think he was hiking in a speedo and flip flops, especially at that hour. And he didn’t just wander on to that property, he worked to get there so getting the police involved was a good call either for their safety or his, if he truly was disoriented. But here’s the part that brings me back to creepy – Suzanne and Alan have been trying to sell that Palm Springs property for a few years now. They’ve taken it on and off the market a few times. However, they just slashed the price and relisted it with a splashy new photo spread covered by many outlets just last week.

Skip to minute 40:32 to get to the intruder:


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  1. Faithmobile says:

    Dinner guests? Who’s having dinner guests right now? The whole thing is bizarre.

  2. AnnaKist says:

    She handled it well. Something similar happened to us years ago. It was Winter, raining cats and dogs, and about 2am. Hubby and I had a fire going as we watched the word athletics championships in Rome. There was a knock at the door. We weren’t fazed, as we had a lot of show biz friends who sometimes called in at odd hours, on their way home from a gig. Hubs answered the door and returned with a guy of about 28, who’d obviously been at the nearby pub all night and obviously not doing a gig. I made us all coffee, thinking it was someone hubs knew. Chatter went on for a couple of hours, like they were long-lost buddies, and he knew hubs’ name.. There was a lull, and I was trying to silently convey to hubs that it was time this guy pushed on. Suddenly, he leapt up and announced, “Oh, schitt. Sorry, I’m in the wrong house. I thought this was my brother’s house.” I stood there, mouth open. He just made his way to the door and left, not even bothering to pick up his sodden thick woollen socks he’d taken off, and we never saw him again. We laughed about it for years.

    • Nikki* says:

      Funny story!

    • Beth says:

      Oh my goodness this is funny. Similar thing happened to me in college. Came home late to someone sleeping in my bed, figured roommate #1 got into a fight with her boyfriend and he thought I wasn’t coming home so crashed in my room. So I went to my bf’s. In the morning mystery man comes down, roommate #2 is awake making breakfast, assumes this is a guy roommate #3 brought home and offers him eggs. He looks around all disoriented says, no thanks, walks out the front door and not down the street, but into the woods. It took us hours to realize no one knew him. 😂

      • Chicago says:

        Oh, this is hilarious! There’s this great novel called “Laura and Emma” by Kate Greathead about a young woman who is staying at her parents’ brownstone in New York and discovers a guy sleeping there too, whom she assumes to be her brother’s buddy, so no big deal. Well, the stranger is super charming and they have a bit of a fling and the whole thing has (non-tragic) consequences…

    • Golly Gee says:

      Lol! Things that make life interesting! But not in a threatening way of course. I had a similar experience, except I was the one who walked into the wrong house. Some friends of mine lived in sort of a McMansion and there were many similar houses along the street. It was around Christmas and I knew that my friend’s brother Paul, who I had never met, was going to be visiting. So I knock on the door and a man I don’t know answers the door. I say “hi, you must be Dave’s brother Paul. Nice to meet you“ . Paul — yes, his name is actually Paul — smiles and invites me in and there are a bunch of people in the living room. I go in and sit down with several other people who I assume are other guests, sort of smiling looking a little bit awkward. After a minute of chitchat, I ask where my friends are, and it dawns on us that I am in the wrong house. Wrong Paul’s brother was also named Dave. It was freaky. Had a good laugh about it with my friends a few houses down.

  3. Doodle says:

    I remember reading her autobiography a good twenty years ago or so and being incredibly impressed with her back then. She has been through so much and seemed so grateful and resilient. I’m glad nobody got hurt in this scenario.

  4. Christin says:

    The house is more or less a mountainside compound, with multiple structures and even a funicular tram. The property description also mentions access to several trails.

    Since the trespasser mentions he’s seen photos of the home, perhaps he thought he could sneak in from a trail and take a look. The couple reportedly bought another (smaller) property in the town, so maybe he thought they would not be there. Hopefully it was not anything more sinister.

    • Chaine says:

      From the photos, it looked like a massive property with lots of separate structures. An intruder could be living there for days without being caught!

      • Christin says:

        One recent article lists the grounds as 73 acres! She bought it more than 40 years ago, to escape being hounded during her 1970s fame.

        I would definitely be concerned if people can access the property from the hillside trails. They really could hide out in a cottage or the standalone wine cellar!

        Part of me wants a more private, additional land type place, but the flip side to that scenario is that bad people know you’re isolated. Case in point is this situation. If the guy were on certain drugs, he could have suddenly become very dangerous.

  5. Willow says:

    I can’t believe how calm they were about that. I would be freaked out. But thanks to my dogs, no random person is getting on my property. It’s amazing what they alert to. Kaiser can be sound asleep on the couch, will pop his head up and growl, and I will get up and see a bike just going down the street through the trees. They will be in different parts of the house and both bolt to the backdoor so they can chase a critter they heard in the backyard. Most important, they know the difference between the Barkbox and other packages. When the Barkbox is on the front step it must come in immediately. So, a dude in flip flops and a banana hammock would have been in serious peril.

  6. Chaine says:

    She was so calm. I bet she had her share of stalkers back in the day and has been professionally trained how to respond and interact in a confrontation or kidnapping situation.

  7. I Came Late to This Drama and Saw No Drama says:

    Her assistant, on camera: Yeah once in a while hikers wander on her property from the mountain up back

    Suzanne, unfazed: oh hey hon show him the gate …

    Suzanne then realizes people are watching and shes selling stuff: OMG that was dramatic!! Call Page Six! Eyes wide and stare in the camera! He was nearly naked!!

    Sigh. Some women manufacture drama as a side bizness.

  8. Julia K says:

    Where on earth is her security? No alarms? No property manager? No guards?This could have been tragic. Lucky lady.