The Palace doesn’t want to look like they’re vindictive against the Sussexes

Royal Ascot, Portrait of HRH Queen Elizabeth the Second behind TRH Harry the Duke of Sussex and TRH Meghan the Duchess of Sussex

The news of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Oprah interview was met with angst, anger and condemnation… from the royal press pack. These people are so salty and so eager to condemn and profit from Harry and Meghan, so it’s all a very toxic blend of shenanigans. I was reading Tom Sykes coverage of the reaction at the Daily Beast, and he pointed out that the Daily Mail had some very tricky wording about the Sussexes losing their patronages. The Mail claims that Harry and Meghan could see which way the wind was blowing and that they were already going to lose their patronages anyway, and so why not go out with a bang and a tell-all interview. The point, from Sykes’ perspective, is that Buckingham Palace is trying not to piss off Harry and Meghan at the moment:

Intriguingly, the Palace appears eager to show it is not behaving in retaliatory or vindictive fashion against Meghan, who is pregnant, and Harry, briefing that the move to strip the couple of their last remaining royal titles is not a reaction to the interview. The suggestion is that Harry and Meghan could simply sense which way the wind was blowing and got out ahead of it.

The Daily Beast understands that Buckingham Palace had not been informed of the interview in advance, but courtiers sought to dial down any sense of grievance Monday night, with sources saying that as the couple were no longer working royals, any decisions taken with regard to “media commitments are matters for them,” and that they were “under no obligation” to inform the palace of their plans.

While unlikely to impact the royals as badly as Prince Andrew’s 2019 interview with Newsnight and Princess Diana’s bombshell 1995 interview with Panorama, there is likely to be a certain dread at what Meghan may reveal in the interview. The palace is thought to be particularly nervous about possible allegations of racism or sexism and the settling of “old scores,” The Times reports.

[From The Daily Beast]

I think that’s an interesting interpretation, because the Mail definitely wanted to leave the impression with casual readers that the Queen IS punishing Harry and Meghan partly because of the Oprah interview. I guess you have to really parse the DM article to understand that the onus was subtly put on H&M, that the Queen was always going to be a vindictive a–hole and take away their official patronages… and that’s why H&M did the interview. I’m not sure why Sykes thinks that makes the palace look better though! “We did an interview.” “How dare you, we were getting ready to punish you for existing!!” And yes, old scores will absolutely be settled.

People are also revisiting some year-old quotes from Tom Bradby regarding the potential for a tell-all Sussex interview. “I have some idea of what might be aired in a full, no-holds-barred, sit-down interview and I don’t think it would be pretty. I suspect the royal family would carry British public opinion still—perhaps only just—but its international standing is a key part of its value to the British state. If that were to be tarnished, it could be very damaging indeed. The days ahead will be challenging. But the family urgently needs a meaningful peace deal with the young breakaway couple, because a protracted war would be very bloody indeed.”

The British Royal family enjoys day 1 of Royal Ascot 2018

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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  1. Snuffles says:

    The people with the most to worry about is the British Tabloids and Kensington Palace/The Cambridges.

    I think Harry will go easy on the Queen and Charles but will probably express how disappointed he is in them for not protecting his family.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      I want the Sussexes to air it all. If you put my wife’s life or my child’s life in danger, you don’t get the benefit of the doubt. Something is very rotten in Denmark.

      • Chicka says:

        Agreed. I need them to be honest just so that world will know if anything happens to them like mysterious death, the world will know the Royals had something to gain and could have planned it. I’m so relieved it’s a Biden administration in office.

      • bettyrose says:

        I agree but I feel like scorched earth just isn’t their style. I see this interview being focused on their current lives and projects and goals for the future. (Not that I don’t personally want all the dirt but I feel like it’s years off before they’ll really share the worst of it).

      • Madelaine says:

        Don’t you all get to too fired up: my prediction is that Prince Henry and Duchess Meghan will utter but a subtle blend of carefully chosen words of justified self-pity designed to tackle the issue of bullying at large and calculated words of appeasement intended to make Catherine & Willy justifiably appear as the belligerent ones. But it is unlikely there will be some scandalous indictment of someone in particular.
        Why? Meghan Markle has worked towards acquiring a sound strategic intelligence that she chose to dedicate to uplifting causes, and Duchess Meghan has some sense of decorum. She knows Archie will google that stuff in a decade or so, and I don’t see her wanting to make it easy for those who deem her accountable for fracturing that sh…t ‘family’. Therefore, for the sake of Archie and the little one to come, I don’t see anything juicy or outrageous coming from the Sussexes, especially as Meghan might want to enjoy, during her second (and last?) pregnancy, the peace and bliss She was initially denied owing to the press and unroyal clan hassling.

    • Becks1 says:

      Agreed – I think they are going to drag the press, and I think there will be some pretty direct comments about the KP courtiers and the leaks to the press (especially “the” leak to Dan Wootton.)

    • BabsORIG says:

      I think they should tell something, but that something should be stinky enough without telling ALL, just enough to make these MOFOs very very nervous. If Harry can’t have his cake and eat it too, like the palace(s) has/have continuously reminded him, what’s good for the goose is just as good for the gander. The palace can’t have their cake and eat it too.

    • atorontogal says:

      He will def go easy on the queen – I mean who can be mean to their own grandma? Especially now with Phillip in hospital.

      • Harper says:

        Philip walked in of his own accord and they’ve let the world know. Just saying. Hope he’s well.

      • fluffy_bunny says:

        Why’s Phil in the hospital? Is he totally vaccinated yet? Can’t they just treat him at Windsor? They could set up an entire hospital ward for him. Just seems safer during a pandemic.

      • Lady D says:

        I have known or know more than a few in his age range and older. The fact that he can still control his balance is amazing given his age. Phillip didn’t even use a cane. In the picture I saw, he was walking by his car and there should be someone quite close to him, but I didn’t see anyone. That’s a little worrying, but it might have just been that picture.

      • Maria says:

        I could be mean to my own grandma if she cooperated with the media intrusion that threatened my partner’s life and my child’s. And Philip was part of that too, and in any case he’s lived apart from the rest of the family for years.
        Harry won’t be mean to her or throw her under the bus, but the “Grandma” excuse doesn’t hold here. Especially when she’s happy to protect the child rapist uncle.

      • anotherlily says:

        The photos shown with the story are old photos. He wasn’t photographed arriving at hospital but hopefully will be seen leaving as on previous occasions, walking out unaided.

    • LadyMTL says:

      I personally don’t get the feeling that H+M will attack the BRF much if at all, it doesn’t strike me as something that they’d do…they’re not going to stoop to the level of William and get all ‘incandescent’. :P
      The British press, on the other hand, should be and hopefully will be shown to be the racist, xenophobic, misogynistic a-holes that they are.

      • UptownGirl says:

        @ LadyMTL, I agree with you. As this will be a platform only for Meghan for a majority of the time slot, I am certain that Meghan and Harry will not hold an all tell, bash TQ, Charles or even PWT and her Laziness Keen. I believe that Meghan and Harry will discuss matters personal to them, their plans for philanthropic agenda/purpose, living in the US, possibly her miscarriage and what they have planned for the future of Archewell and so on.
        I don’t see a tell all from either one. It’s possible they will discuss the smear and racist attacks from RR, DF and other publications, but that will be the extent of it. Or Meghans father and evil step sister.

    • My Two Cents says:

      Remember what Harry said to Tom, ‘If you knew what I know’… maybe we’ll all know soon enough

  2. godivalady says:

    omg i hope the BRF get dragged for f***ing filth. trash ass family.

  3. Neners says:

    They desperately want to attack the Sussexes, but it may finally be dawning on them that they’re losing that particular war on an international scale and it may not be such a smart idea.

    • Liz version 700 says:

      This 💯! It took 2 years but someone noticed they look awful having chased their child and his family out of the country….

      • sunny says:

        @Jaded, Canada is very anti-black as well and has a terrible history we choose to ignore. Signed a Black Canadian.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      Exactly. I’ve always spoken about over smearing the Sussexes and how it will backfire spectacularly. Coupled with covid and a crap government and Bexit most sane people in the UK and all over the world are fed up and are calling out the attacks. Ever Piss Moron was forced to delete one of his tweets. The world is watching and listening intently.

      • Neners says:

        As an American, the commentary around Meghan from the BM and the RF has been very off-putting for me, to say the least. As a BLACK American? It’s been downright infuriating. I don’t know how POC in the UK function in a country that is that racist whilst refusing to even acknowledge that racism exists. The gaslighting is breathtaking, it’s suffocating.

      • Jaded says:

        @Neners – same in America. I just finished reading a great book about black voter suppression – which is still happening in a big way – in the US. It’s called “One Person, No Vote: How Voter Suppression Is Destroying Our Democracy” by Carol Anderson and it’s horrifying. Republican voter suppression efforts disproportionately and specifically target black/latino voters along with blatant gerrymandering and disenfranchisement. So as a Canadian (and Canada has its own shameful history of racism against its First Nations peoples) I can’t understand how this full throttle racism is continuing anywhere in the world.

      • Neners says:

        @Jaded oh, absolutely! In the US, though, we talk about it. Loudly, nastily, angrily, but we talk about it. I don’t know how I would function if all of that was going on and no one was even acknowledging it. Both problematic but in different ways.

      • Yvette says:

        @Jaded … That’s how George W. Bush won Florida in the 2000 Presidential election, and how Al Gore lost. Jed Bush, who was Governor of Florida at the Time, disenfranchised black male voters by using Florida’s ex-felon laws. These men showed up to vote and were told they weren’t eligible because they were on the ex-felon list, even though some of these men weren’t ex-felons and had voted in past elections. I can still remember black Florida State Representatives in the streets talking to reporters about it, about how they couldn’t believe nobody cared about the fact that black voters in their districts had been disenfranchised and had their votes taken away in a very blatant manner. The State of Florida didn’t even try to hide it.

      • Alarmjaguar says:

        @Jaded, that is such a good book! I second your recommendation

  4. Lauren says:

    We are way past them looking vindictive. The point of no return was not placing the wreath. Anything beyond that is just the queen and her people further digging their grave.

    • Merricat says:

      Agreed, the wreath debacle was so offensive. The whole world saw that.

      • L4frimaire says:

        That was just disgusting. I think Harry was using the wreath request as an olive branch,a way to reach out and try to reconcile. Instead they decide to be petty and nasty and by that time Meghan was most likely pregnant again. The birth certificate incident,the erasure of Meghan’s name, was also just disgusting, and was used to deliberately hurt Meghan.

    • My Two Cents says:

      yes, the whole world saw the wreath and the Commonwealth moment where Will and Kate completely ignored Harry and Meghan

    • Mac says:

      The BRF is trying to blame the pants for making their butt look big.

    • Christine says:

      I completely agree with you. That was my personal last straw, and I can’t imagine I am unique.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I agree. When I saw the headline, I thought, “Way to late for that!”.

  5. Oh_Hey says:

    Ok I know I said I wanted a fluffy happiness interview- I fully take that back. My ears a fixed and ready for this. I don’t think we’ll get new info but I do think it’ll be good, at least for the H&M gang.

  6. Kate says:

    It’s funny how the RR is holding their breath over the damage that this interview might do, when they completely fail to realize a ton of damage has already been by the RF over the last few years by their own pettiness. If they hadn’t been assholes, an interview wouldn’t reveal anything. If they’re scared, then they know they’ve been assholes.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      Their reaction confirms that they have been assholes. Can’t wait to hear what was done to Meghan.

      • Killfanora says:

        I think you’ll be holding your breath a long time. Meghan is too classy and too smart to lay it all out there. She’ll be subtle, as she was in the interview when she said no one checked how she was. She can talk warmly about Harry’s grandmother and his father as she got on well with them on a one-to-one basis. It’s what she doesn’t say, but maybe hints at, that will put her her in the driving seat going forward. If the palace knows she CAN tell all, whenever she likes, to her friend Oprah who has a world-wide audience, they are left wrong-footed for good. THAT is her best tactic to rein them in IMO.

      • Nyro says:

        Killfanora, almost 18 months later, they’re still shook and crying over “nobody asked if I was ok”. 90 minutes of just “nobody asked if I was ok” will absolutely kill them. That’s not even getting into specifics or Oprah running a glossy package showing all of the BM greatest racist hits and attacks. They’re going to rue the day they decided to try to ruin Meghan Markle.

      • Maida says:

        I just watched the Jeffrey Epstein documentary and I’m interested to see if we ever see action on Prince Andrew’s escapades with him. The Sussexes have, in part, been a welcome distraction for the BRF.

      • Coco says:

        I think anything really juicy will come from Harry rather than Meghan. I think they realize there’s already a narrative of ‘Meghan’s an American witch who hypnotized Harry into turning his back on Britain,’ and (including Oprah and her editing team) don’t want to give that narrative any ammunition.

      • Keri says:

        Neither can I. No matter how long it takes like all things in this century it will come out and I bet it will shock the whole world into action. Nowhere to hide.

  7. Liz version 700 says:

    Too late! They looked vindictive 2 years ago. They looked like giant jacka$$es over the wreath. Now they look cold evil and archaic. But hey keep being jerks to them Petty Betty. Seriously, the freaking out is glorious to watch, but H&M are not going to sink the ship…they just got off the SS Windsor Titanic before the ice water started coming in through the incandescent iceberg holes.

  8. Brit says:

    I’m truly astonished at the amount desperation, backtracking and hot and cold foolery from the family and press. I don’t understand why they don’t come out and say how they feel, ask them to return and just apologize. It’s getting very pathetic at this point and all these threats are not working. If anything Andrew situation will put them in a pickle because they that hasn’t gone away and everyone can see the double standards regarding him. Them going after the Sussexes over and over again isn’t getting them anywhere especially when both the press and family are clearly losing interest and money in the long term.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      I feel they would rather cut off their noses to spite their faces when it comes to the Sussexes. They can’t let them ‘escape’ and make the rest of them look bad. Luckily we are at the point of no return so i want Harry and Meghan to SPILL IT ALL.

      • BabsORIG says:

        You know I would like the Sussexes to just reveal the tip of the iceberg, which in itself would be a ton of stinky hubris for the RF and their RR. BOTH the family AND the Sussexes would know they just revealed the tip, and the palaces would know if the tip revealed stinks to heaven and back, then revealing more would sink this old ship. I want the RF and the RR to live in constant fear of what it would be like if the Sussexes reveal EVERYTHING.

    • one of the Marys says:

      @Brit The family won’t do that because they don’t think they’ve done anything wrong. Everything revolves around the queen and the heirs. You get on the same page, or you get squashed. Harry chose option #3 which for that family was unheard of.

    • Ainsley7 says:

      I don’t think the family want H&M back. They don’t want anyone with any star power. They like to be seen as somewhat bland and normal. It’s why they have so few tiara events and such compared to the continental Royals. They don’t actually want to be seen as glamorous. The Queen has relied heavily on the Royal image during WWII. They don’t like it when anyone except the Queen stands out too much. They want to be seen as doing their duty. Too much glamour takes away from that. I think they would very much like H&M to get regular jobs and disappear rather than their current path.

      • Maria says:

        They’re fine with glamour. They just think it should correspond to rank and birthright. It doesn’t, so that’s why they are angry. When William and Kate first got married they were stars and the family had very few problems with it (they aren’t stars now of course, but that’s a different discussion). Even Charles wasn’t super threatened because it was the wedding everyone had expected for a decade. And they immediately went to Hollywood to hobnob with celebrities.
        I am sure they want Harry back. But only Harry, without Meghan and Archie. They want him to come back divorced and to marry an “English rose” and have “real” English children. They can keep holding their breath.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Kate’s clothing budget would be cut by 90 percent and under the control of Angela Kelly if the BRF didn’t want some glamour. Ditto Sophie’s clothing budget and her increasing use of expensive bespoke outfits in the last 10 years. If the BRF was anti-glamour, they wouldn’t have William as the President of BAFTA, etc.

        The BRF and courtiers do want Harry and Meghan back, but they want them willing to play the roles of scapegoats to W&K forever. As Harry and Meghan are unwilling to do that, the BRF loses internationally by their departure.

  9. NotSoSocialButterfly says:

    Ha! Too late- they’ve been nothing but vindictive and petty.

  10. ABritGuest says:

    Lol I hope they pay them dust and don’t refer to the family at all.

    • Ann says:

      I really don’t see either of them trashing the family in any sort of direct way. I think they will criticize the press, for sure, and share details about how difficult it was for her. But they are too classy to rip into his family, as someone above said. And honestly, it isn’t good for their brand. Not that their brand is a false veneer or anything, I think it’s genuinely who they are. They’re not petty like his family. His immediate family, I mean. I have no issue with the York sisters or, say, Edward, but his granny, brother and father? Ugh.

  11. My3cents says:

    Oh Petty Betty, that Covid train has long left the station. Last two examples are Harry’s wreath refusal and Archie’s birth certificate.
    You lot are well capable of making yourselves look petty and vindictive all on your own.

  12. Vanessa says:

    Hasn’t the image and reputation been destroyed Already the way the Royal allowed the British tabloids to destroy Meghan reputations. Meghan and Harry were chased out by the royal reporters with the help of the royal family . The royal reporters has gotten alway with lies and slander for years and now Meghan and Harry get to tell the truth what is the family so afraid of the public siding with Meghan and Harry .

    • booboocita says:

      “The royal reporters have gotten away with lies and slander for years and now Meghan and Harry get to tell the truth.”

      And that’s the real issue, in a nutshell. The RR is afraid that Harry & Meghan will deny, refute, and expose their lies. And it’ll be a taped interview, and broadcast internationally, no doubt — so there’ll be no opportunities for immediate contradiction from the RR. I am SOOOOO here for it …

  13. Naomi says:

    i don’t see h&m doing a big tell-all spilling tea about the BRF. they strike me as operating in the michelle obama “when they go low, we go high” kind of way. they’ll discuss the racism of the press, for sure, but fairly certain they’ll stay far away from naming names (will, kate, charles, queen, etc).

  14. Chill says:

    They are right about the international opinions. I use to be such an Anglophile. I’ve been to London twice and wanted to go again. Not anymore. I will go to Paris, Amsterdam, Venice, Rome, Vienna, etc. The Brits lost me because of the incessant racism towards POC, Meghan and Americans. (Of course, I’ll go after Covid and a vaccine!)

    • harla says:

      Same here Chill. I used to dream about going to London and taking in all the royal tourist sites, BP, the Tower, etc but now I wouldn’t step foot in that country if they paid me to. I realize that not all Brits are racist and many in fact support the Sussex’s but imho they need to get a grip on their press and start demanding change before the British press completely ruins England in the eyes of the world.

      • L84Tea says:

        Same here. I’ve been an Anglophile and royal watcher since I was a kid in the Chuck&Di days. I’ve always dreamed of going to London and seeing all the Royal sites. Watching this unfold the last few years was devastating to witness and it crushed my London dreams. I’m not the slightest bit interested anymore in stepping foot over there. If I ever get to visit the UK, I’ll go to Scotland.

        If I was a Brit, I’d be irate at my country’s media because they’re making the UK look terrible. I am aware we have our own messiness in the US, but we’re at least willing to own and admit we have problems and admit there is racism, and that it needs fixing. Meanwhile, I just can’t with all these “No, it’s not us, it’s them…Who, us? We’re not racist! She ate avocados!” reporters.

      • Lady D says:

        For the record, the racism Britain has shown has broken my heart. I believe I’m English to my soul. They are my ancestors, along with the Scots, and there is more tea than blood in my veins. I’ve also been following the RF as a fan since the late 70′s. What I’ve seen in the last 4 years has destroyed every illusion I ever held. I still will go to Scotland, Wales and both RI and North Ireland, and but I’m going to pass on England too. Can’t get over how fooled I was by Liz. I really bought into the PR.

      • L84Tea says:

        @LadyD, it’s the same for me. I realize now it was all an illusion, but it shattered so spectacularly in my face and absolutely broke my heart. My mom (who died when I was 16) was like me in that way–she loved all things English. She wasn’t so much a royal watcher like me, but kind of like you–tea ran in her veins. That was a love that we shared together. That all feels like it’s been destroyed. :-(

    • Myra says:

      I used to live there so I’m not unfamiliar with their brand of racism, which isn’t always polite racism btw. There is also the in-your-face, ugly and violent racism. But I still enjoyed the UK and would sometimes visit, even for short weekends. I skipped it in 2019. Went elsewhere in Europe. I know not everyone is racist and there are lovely, witty and intelligent people there, but still, the damage is done. It’s a shame that people in the media, some of them very intelligent, cannot see how they are harming the country’s reputation. Unlike the US, the UK doesn’t have enough positive voices being equally as loud as the negative ones.

    • fluffy_bunny says:

      I refuse to have anything to do with the UK. I had a cruise booked that got rerouted and is now sailing out of Southampton. It was promptly cancelled. I won’t even fly through their nation. I’m hoping the Scottish independence thing works out because I’d really like to go there.

      • Dee Kay says:

        H+M aside, I heartily agree with this. The reason I won’t be visiting England in the foreseeable future (besides COVID) is Brexit. I’ve lived in England before, when I was a teenager in the 90s, before it started importing loads of delicious fresh fruits and vegetables and meat and wine/beer from Europe, and the food scene was dismal (South Asian restaurants excepted, thank goodness for Indian and Pakistani places in the 90s in England!!!!!). Where I really want to visit next in Scotland, and I hope they rejoin the EU in the next few years just purely selfishly so that I can feel assured the Scottish foodie scene is as robust as it was before Brexit. I know there are other reasons to travel places but food is really important to me!!!

    • Amy Too says:

      “The Brits lost me because of the incessant racism…” And what bugs me is that they’re racist, they know they’re racist, they know they were racist to Meghan, and they know that she knows they were racist towards her, but they’re not afraid of being racist and the damage that causes, they’re afraid of “allegations” of racism and sexism:

      ‘The palace is thought to be particularly nervous about possible allegations of racism or sexism and the settling of “old scores,”’

      I hate that this keeps coming up in these types of articles. The BRF is mostly scared that Meghan will accuse them of being racist and/or sexist towards her. They’re not scared about the fact that they actually ARE racist and sexist. They’re not looking to change that and stop being racist and sexist. They just want to not be called out on their racism and sexism. If you don’t want to be accused of racism and sexism then maybe stop being racist and sexist! No one can hold “possible allegations of racism and sexism” over your head IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEN RACIST AND SEXIST.

      It’s just so tone deaf. It’s so wrong. “We’re not worried about the fact that we are racist and sexist, and that that racism and sexism completely destroyed our own (grand)daughter-in-law and drove three of our best, most hardworking family members out of the country and 5,000 miles away to safety, we’re just worried about people THINKING or SAYING that we’re racist.” It’s the whole “accusing someone of racism is just as bad as actually being racist” thing that’s been going around especially since 2016. It’s the idea that someone pointing out that you might have some unconscious bias or that the culture/country/institution you exist in might be inherently racist, is the same level of offensive and hurtful as being called the N-word.

    • Ann says:

      I never really was an Anglophile. I spent a summer in London in college and was somewhat disillusioned. We get such a twee, polished image of the UK over here, what with all the period pieces on TV, the Jane Austen cult, Hugh Grant romcoms and the gushing coverage of the Royal weddings and births (on a lot of networks anyway). Being there and working (I was a clerk at a government agency) is a different matter.

      That said, I certainly didn’t have a problem with the system over there. I wouldn’t want a monarchy, but it’s not my country so, whatever floats their boat. Now on the other hand? I’m disgusted. By the royal family and especially by the press. It’s a broken system. Not that ours is looking so wonderful right now, but still, at least we can vote people out.

      • Coley says:

        Like every country there’s the image from the outside and the reality inside. I am English and I can tell you that just like in the US there are rampant racists and also good people who think racism is an abomination.

        Our press is mostly trash that’s for sure. It’s very right wing in the main. The way they have treated Harry and Meghan is awful!

        We certainly do have a problem with racism that our current government is keen that we stop talking about. I’m an academic and they have been talking this week about how we can’t talk about history in a political way i.e. stop saying colonialism was a bad thing.

        Anyway you don’t want an essay from me but please don’t give up on England. It’s a shambles at the moment but there are still good people here who see what is going on. X

      • L4frimaire says:

        I feel the same way. I think monarchy is a ridiculous outdated system of governance for a modern country, incompatible with democracy, merit, and social mobility, but it’s not my system and I don’t live there. I’m not calling for death to the monarchy because,again ,not my system and the people consent to it and it generally works for them. However, there really is something very corrupt and dishonest with the way things are run over there, how the government and state lords collude to slander political opposition, undermine and dismiss their critics ,and just the contempt they show for racial/ lgbtq minorities. By attacking Harry and Meghan from day one, with out a pretense of really trying once the wedding was over, they have left themselves open to us seeing what they are really like, and it is not pretty.

    • Lexistential says:

      Same here. I used to dream of going to London for a week and exploring the English countryside afterwards. No more. The racism in the last few years has totally neutered that aspiration dead and I can now die without caring over setting foot in England. (That said, I would gladly visit Scotland though, and I hope they succeed in becoming independent.)

  15. newmenow says:

    Too late KP.
    You are AND you do.

  16. Becks1 says:

    And Tom Bradby said that before things got really ugly with the royals and Harry and Meghan. Wonder what he would say now?

    • Amy Bee says:

      Things were already ugly between them, that’s way Harry decided to leave. Considering Bradby probably damaged his relationship with Harry with his recent comments, I’d suggest he stay out of this.

      • Becks1 says:

        I mean if it comes down to it all of these reporters/tabloids etc should stay out of this, but they dont.

        And I know things were already ugly, but come on, lets not act like the situation didnt take a dramatic downturn after January last year.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @Amy Bee – What recent comments by Bradby?

      • Amy Bee says:

        @BayTampaBay: That he thinks Harry is heartbroken about the rift between him and William. The Daily Mail took that comment and made it a huge story. I don’t think it was Bradby’s place to say it and he was publicly speculating about Harry’s feelings. It didn’t seem that Harry had spoken to him in quite awhile either.

      • Ginger says:

        Tom Bradby said Harry is heartbroken over his family ( for how things ended) and the press just ran “Harry is heartbroken!” And tried to make it seem like Harry was miserable. Toms interview even said that Harry was happy with his life in CA but the press just took his words out of context. A lot of people just thought he should have remained quiet.

  17. Mina_Esq says:

    I think it would be the biggest burn if H & M simply didn’t talk about the BRF during the interview. If they just focused on their new life: foundation, business deals, settling down in California, Archie, maybe miscarriage, and new baby on the way. I’d honestly watch that. I don’t need a rehashing of BRF drama to watch them. I’m sure it was all very painful for them, and I don’t need to see them cry on TV. The late Princess Diana was trying to break free and regain her voice when she did Panorama interview. H and M have already broken free and are thriving. I want to see them bask in their happiness!

    • Nyro says:

      That would be the biggest burn but it is not going to happen. You don’t go to Oprah for a 90 minute primetime network interview just to dance around the biggest story of the last few years: the coordinated and public abuse of biracial black American woman who married into the British Royal family. And Meghan and Harry have found freedom but now it’s about reintroducing herself to the public and ridding the world of the racist caricature of her that the BM and BRF created. There’s nothing petty or low about that.

      • notasugarhere says:

        They would talk about the tabloid press, the repeated privacy invasions, and their multiple lawsuit wins. No need to mention the BRF, but able to get in plenty of sideways kicks about the tabloids and possibly courtiers.

    • booboocita says:

      This is what Lainey (at LaineyGossip) is speculating. What if H&M’s interview is all about their happy family, their thriving marriage, their charity work, their foundation, how much they love California and their lives — and not a single mention of the RF or UK press? That would truly be a poke in the eye for Petty Betty …

  18. Adream says:

    I dont think there will be any dragging of the BRF or the press. Megan and Harry know every single word will be dissected instantly which could affect current and future business or non profit prospects. It’s in their best interest to be neutral and polite which they have done very well to this point.

    • Lady D says:

      I’m actually looking forward to the RR dissecting and putting their spin on every remark the couple make. I think that will tell us a lot more about what really happened.

  19. Cat says:

    They’re all worried about what Meghan will say when they really should concern themselves with what Harry will say. Should it touch on what occurred before they left I imagine it will be him who will be speaking more while protecting his wife & children.

  20. Pétulia says:

    These Windsor have really the worst PR ever. How hard it is to just keep their mouths shut.
    I wonder if it’s the courtiers acting on their own or they are given orders.

    I bet Harry and Meghan won’t even say anything bad about any of them.
    I suspect a large part of the interview with Meghan will be about her life before Harry and the treatment from the British press.
    And with Harry it will be about their new life.

  21. S808 says:

    They’re years late on trying to not look vindictive. Boy isn’t this a complete 180 from this time last year! They were eager to be cruel when they thought the ball was in their court. I guess someone finally told them how they’re coming across outside their bubble and they’re being cautious. It seems EVERYONE saw this coming except them.

    • Kalana says:

      They really were eager to be cruel. It was and is genuinely shocking. That family is deeply controlling and messed up more so than I thought and I wasn’t a fan in the first place.

  22. Thaisajs says:

    If the only thing the Palace has over H&M are some patronages to a couple of organizations, that seems pretty thin? I imagine Harry would be bothered with losing some honorary military titles, but in the grand scheme of things, who cares? They can’t take away his military service. Maybe palace aides hold those titles and patronages in high esteem, but honestly, H&M could help non-profits and charities without them and do just as much, if not more, good. And isn’t that the point of patronages anyway?

    • harla says:

      Meghan and Harry could still be patrons of these organizations so what if they’re not “royal” patrons, I mean what has Kate’s “royal” patronage gotten her charities, very little from what I’ve seen.

  23. Merricat says:

    As with FF, I expect a lot of revealing reactions from the RF in the lead up to this interview airing, as they try to get ahead of things and tell on themselves in the process. Lol.

  24. Crowned Huntress says:

    I doubt Meghan will say anything untoward but Harry may let the choppa spray and he has every right to.
    From the way Diana was treated before and after her death, to the way he and William were used to bolster the family image
    and everything in between. Harry has been the star of that family for atleast a decade & they treated him like absolute garbage & dared him to leave.
    I hope he lets them know once and for all that he’s done with their nonsense and if they try it again he’ll burn the whole place down.

  25. Nyro says:

    Four years too late, Brenda. And the nerve, like you didn’t just deny your war veteran grandson the privilege of laying a wreath on Remembrance Day, making sure to run to the media weeks later saying “I want him to know it was me” just to humiliate and stick the knife in further. Hateful witch. The problems and decades of family dysfunction begin right in the heart of this selfish, bigoted, jealous, basic, morally bankrupt old bat.

    • Ann says:

      Question…..why do people on here call her Brenda? I mean don’t get me wrong, I think it’s hilarious, I just don’t know the origin. I remember that SNL sketch when Fred Armison and Bill Hader played Betty and Philip and they morphed into scary thugs when Kate was alone with them….Fred said “Call me Debra.” But why Brenda?

      • Lady D says:

        Betty is one of the nicknames associated with the name Elizabeth. Similar to Dick being short for Richard for some strange reason.

      • Sofia says:

        There’s a British satire magazine called Private Eye which gave nicknames to the BRF. They called HM Brenda, Charles “Brian” and Philip “Keith”.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Brenda, Brian, and Keith were typically lower-class / middle-class, more modern names (and all Scottish/Irish, rather than English, apparently?). It was a way to poke fun at the royals’ pretension because an aristocrat/royal would never be named Brenda.

  26. one of the Marys says:

    So the people who were definitely not racist, sexist, elitist are worried about looking rasist, sexist and elitist? Hmmmm

  27. Amy Bee says:

    Rebecca English jumped on Twitter today to clarify that the stripping of patronages was not punishment for doing the interview with Oprah but the way the report and headline was written on Monday evening says otherwise. Anyway as others have already said, the Royal Family has been looking vindictive and petty for 4 years now.

    • harla says:

      She can say that all she wants but people aren’t stupid, they can put two and two together and notice that the stripping of patronages comes right after the interview announcement, what else are people supposed to think?

    • Rebecca Mouthpiece musta got a call from the PALACE telling her to tone it down.

      And PS — Lainey’s post on Oprah and Meghan is as good as it gets. One of my favorite lines from her post referencing the British media and Palace output:

      “ This is sh-t PR, pick a lane.”

  28. harla says:

    The British tabloid press reporters are the ones to bring by the downfall of the monarchy and I’m totally here for it.

  29. ElleE says:

    For our UK friends: is it common knowledge/practice in UK media to attribute a fact to a source with the words, “…understands that” without further qualification? We don’t use phrases like “given to understand” here so

    In the US, even articles written by j-students source info is preceded or followed by the source’ s name (“Smith continued…” or “the department spokesperson, who was not authorized to speak on the matter…”). When I read excerpts of DM articles here, it is like reading a play where one has to initially flip back to the “cast” section to keep the story straight.

    Not throwing shade on any journalist-I am just asking if this is the accepted standard and local phrasing for unnamed sources. TIA!

  30. bonobochick says:

    They keep saying they’re worried about what Meghan would say but to me, Harry is the one they should worry about re: spilling any beans. He’s the one who seems pissed off about what has happened the last few years and how his wife has been treated by his family +by the press.

  31. Kitty says:

    Does anyone else feel like the British monarchy isn’t as big in popularity as it used to be with Diana but also the WK years from 2011-2013? I feel like their relevancy keeps dying and it doesn’t help a “spare” like Harry overshadows them.

    • Josie Bean says:

      Well my husband (born and raised in Windsor) who was always pro monarchy and thought that the Royal Family brought a lot of money into the UK from tourism, now doesn’t give a damn about them, expect for maybe the Queen but that is all.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Asking the exact same question on multiple platforms that you’ve been asking for years.

  32. Lyn says:

    Since they’ve been quite happy to not only be vindictive and petty but be seen as being that way against Meghan and Harry, I wonder why they’re shifting away from that narrative?

    Not too long ago they were boldly calling Meghan names and making it known it came from the palaces via their media publications.

    • Nyro says:

      Ikr? What happened to that “degree wife” energy? What happened to that public silent treatment energy from the Commonwealth Day ceremony? Hmmm. They’re shook.

  33. Harper says:

    If you don’t want to be seen as vindictive, try being supportive instead.

  34. Wiglet Watcher says:

    This interview will be about racism from press and social media. About leaving a toxic environment. About new growth. About their charities. About the courtiers.

    No way they’ll trash the actual family. Maybe they come close and say how they wish their families spoke up. Maybe.

    But this is all just the royals tripping over a guilty conscience.

  35. The Duchess says:

    The only people who should be nervous are the residents of KP/Anmer/Sandringham (😏). I don’t think Harry will say anything that will directly harm Betty or Chuck, but I do think he will allude to some of the dirty deeds that KP have done towards Meghan and himself. I don’t want him to say too much, just enough that will make people work it out themselves. Harry is very good with how he says things, especially in confined interviews where the pressure is high. All he had to say to Tom Bradby was “if you knew what i know” and that was it. Most people worked it out for themselves just how cruelly that firm was towards the Sussexes and why they made their departure in the following January. As for Phil’s convenient hospitalisation? It’s a load of old rubbish! Nothing will stop this interview from going ahead.

    • Nyro says:

      Somebody said look for Prince Philip’s plug to be pulled on March 6th. LOL!!

    • notasugarhere says:

      The storm clouds over Middleton Manor are also growing. Years ago they were caught using company computers to post Kate-positive messages on multiple forums. All of Carole’s anti-Meghan shenanigans in the last few years are worthy of more investigation.

      • The Duchess says:

        The net is closing in on these grifters. I’ve been amazed at the pushback we’ve seen against the royals and just how many people are now waking up to how poorly Meghan was treated by them. Bucklebury better be on lockdown when Carole’s whole antics are exposed for the world to see. If Baldy doesn’t pull the plug, Harry certainly will. This is the karma we have all been waiting for.

    • Dl says:

      My dream harry waltzes in picks up remote and low and behold a video of PWT screaming horrific things about Harry and Megan and even Diana. Harry turns off video at the end drops the remote smiles and leaves. Yeah I can be a real witch but the world would know

  36. tee says:

    I hope Meghan is honest about her experiences, but the best play is to go high. She’d be justified if she were hurt or aggrieved, but if she displays any of those feelings, she’ll have to counter with gratitude (for being able to return home) and humility. This is not about invalidating her feelings, but rather perception post-interview, with consideration of people’s inability to see Black women as vulnerable. I have faith she’ll play it right, while making her point. I hope Harry is as disciplined.

    Note: I mean perception outside of the UK. The BM’s narratives regarding this interview are already drafted.

    • booboocita says:

      As a Chicana and WOC, I’m in complete agreement with Michelle Obama’s aphorism, “When they go low, we go high.” I think Meghan is, too. But dear God, sometimes all I want to do is kick racists in the nuts. I know Meghan will be nothing but tactful and graceful in her interview. I also wish that, just once, she could kick some RRs in the nuts. Literally and metaphorically.

  37. anotherlily says:

    I wish these people would learn the difference between titles and honours. The three remaining honorary military positions are not ‘royal titles’. Harry’s royal titles, HRH/Prince and Duke of Sussex cannot be removed except by Parliament on the grounds of treason.

    Without the pandemic Harry would most likely have been making visits to the UK to support his military and charitable commitments. Meghan would also have visited to support her own commitments. Removing these honorary positions IS spiteful, whatever the RF may say to the contrary.

  38. Beech says:

    My hope is there will be shade at it’s most finely honed as defined by the glorious and Honorable Judge Kara Brown. African American grannies and drag queens will be slapping their knees.

  39. HK9 says:

    The Palace doesn’t want to look vindictive….hot damn it’s too late for that now. I cannot wait for this interview. I hope it’s FULL of shade.

  40. Mel says:

    I don’t think the interview will be negative towards the Queen, Charles or even William. Well less sure about Will. There isn’t much to gain by throwing shade. Actually it’s a great opportunity to try to get ppl to move on as H and M clearly have. It is in H and M’s long term interest if they want to achieve lasting success on their own merits as opposed to being tabloid celebrities defined by their break from the royal fold. Simply put – they left their jobs in the royal family but they still have a place in the royal family that they may actually want as time goes on… I know ppl love a fight and to take sides but I see them painting the enemy as ignorance, hatred, racism and the tabs, not the fam or institution. I predict they will say that they had to get away from all that and that they want to be independent and successful on their own terms. So why not let them… no need to drag the royal institution into every conversation about them.

  41. L4frimaire says:

    They don’t want to LOOK vindictive, but they are. The fact is this triple whammy has them shook. They didn’t get like this when Harry won his lawsuit, or the fact he’s having another child, or he’ll speak to Oprah. No. It’s so manipulative how they throw the entire country at them ,even has beens like Boy George have to weigh in and attack her. Basically, they will pull out all the stops unless she completely disappears and then use it against her if she dares to speak. This whole thing is making me incredibly angry.

    • Izzy says:

      Seriously. That train left the station a long time ago. They’ve pretty much put themselves into the position that whatever they do looks petty, even if it’s just a comment about how the palace isn’t involved.

    • Nyro says:

      I say Boy George’s stupid tweet. Typical older white Little Englander, clinging to old Britain as if it ever included him. Pathetic.

  42. Izzy says:

    Oh honey, no. The war would be neither protracted nor bloody. If Meghan and Harry blow the lid off the real extent of the crap they had to endure, it is game over. The Royal “Family,” such as it is, would lose most if not all of its international credibility and Commonwealth countries will start talking loudly about scheduling those votes to leave. The British media would be scrutinized and written about in media all over the world, and would eventually become case studies in college journalism classes.

    No, this is not a war the Palace should be seeking.

    • Nyro says:

      Exactly. This is not 1951. It’s not 1971. Hell, it’s not even 2001! It’s 2021 and, more than ever, people are speaking up and demanding change. Women of all colors are speaking up. And black women in particular, are saying “no more” and that you will hear and acknowledge our unique experiences with misogyny and racism. Meghan will not be brushed off and dismissed. Not after Me Too. Not after Black Lives Matter. Not after the media are finally grappling with how they completely tormented young Britney Spears and slut shamed Janet Jackson to where her career never really recovered. The world is changing and the BRF don’t understand it. If they think they’re going to hit back and win after this Oprah interview, they’re even bigger fools than we thought.

  43. Lesley says:

    I think that the Royals won’t be worried about what made up stories the royal rota are creating right now about Harry and Meghan while Prince Philip is in hospital. The Men in Grey Suits made be sweating but The Queen will have her mind on her husband.

    • Coco says:

      You mean like how Meghan asked Elon Musk to install a transatlantic death ray in Harry’s nipples, and that ray has targeted Philip to slowly but surely drain the life force of a 99 year old man?

  44. tcbc says:

    I wonder if they are going to announce a project/collaboration with Oprah herself? If so, I could see the focus of most of the interview being about that.

    • Jenn says:

      Wouldn’t that be great! I could see Oprah pushing for it, in fact. “What even is a patronage? *I* could be your patron…”

  45. fluffy_bunny says:

    Too late House of Petty.

  46. Keri says:

    This institution should be abolished stat. Let us see what leg they have to stand on when they are all nothing like they treated Harry, his wife and child. Horrible, horrible individuals, the whole lot.

  47. Delphine says:

    It’s a bit too late isn’t it? They already look vindictive as hell.

  48. Laugh or Cry says:

    Sorry for my tardiness, and please forgive me if anyone has mentioned this, but I really think this a PR exercise about their foundation, podcast and other endeavors with a touch of the misunderstanding British press. As vile as they are, I don’t see them throwing Chuck,Betty and Phil under the bus. JMO

    • Nyro says:

      Meghan speaking honestly about what she experienced the hands of these people is not “throwing them under the bus”.

  49. Flying Fish says:

    The Palace was always vindictive.

  50. Well Wisher says:

    I agree with the comments relating to the Sussexes relegating the interview to their present life and future plans focusing on volunteering and media endeavours. Meghan will also have a chance to be self-defined. The noise from the British tabloids is just that noise. It is a desperate attempt to show that they still have some sway in general. They framed the upcoming interview in terms of the RF especially the Queen and what the possibility output will be. Then, if not as expected, they will do follow up articles, as explanation , which is in an effort to increase sales.
    They are not impartial.
    I noticed one important factor, the wording in the particular article stating that the Sussexes ‘ may’ lose patronages etc. They did not include that particular wording when mentioning that they asked for, as required, comment from the BP, which , chose to not comment.
    So are the feelings attributed to the Queen hers? or the snubbed RR?

  51. blunt talker says:

    Calling an innocent baby-Archie a monkey a few days after his birth will stay with me forever-that’s a salvo too hard for me to forgive-The royal family did nothing about it-All of them have shown some type of vindictive behavior every since Meghan came on the scene-The tabloids acting like maggots every since Meg came into Harry’s life-I hope in this interview they show the pictures/articles showing the dehumanizing of Meghan these past 4 years-The evil eye treatment they give Harry-If anyone who thinks they are getting in God’s kingdom with this malice and hatred in their heads and hearts they are in a nightmare of delusion. People are noticing the tabs trying to throw shade at Oprah-another black woman for having this interview. The British press act like blockheads who can’t learn-Learning disabled- STOP BEING STUCK ON STUPID TABLOIDS.

  52. Sunnyvale says:

    Goodness me the panicking from RF,courtiers & tabloids shows how guilty they are. I doubt Harry & Meghan will say anything major but I feel like they’ll discuss everything from media intrusion+24/7 nasty coverage to the guilded cage in RF and not having a voice. Harry might discuss how he struggled with the constraints for YEARS abd set the record once and for all about him making decision for his family to move.
    I hope oprah has a long montage about nasty articles especially piers morgan using his itv post to say nasty things & arranging his disgusting interviews with that deadbeat Tom. The tabloids are petrified about this interview even more so than RF because they know it’ll expose them to the whole world. I hope Harry says something about how their owners Murdoch and Rothermere profit from creating fear and division all whilst avoiding paying taxes and barely paying their staff min wage

  53. Sarah says:

    LOL I love how the RR are getting their panties in a bunch.

    #1 90 minute interview on CBS excluding commercials = 60 Minutes.

    #2 Meghan will not say anything damning about the royal family. Her ire will be with the press and she’ll discuss ways that she and Harry are combating that. There will be a mention of her winning her court case. She’ll discuss their fairy tale love story, the wedding, the baby, the press, them moving, etc.

    #3 She’ll talk briefly about her pregnancy and how happy she is coming back to America to start fresh and be closer to her family (aka Doria).

    #4 She’ll talk about BLM and the racial injustice in this country.

    #5 Harry will join her to discuss their family life, how he’s adjusting and we’ll get a slight glimpse of Archie (maybe) and the dogs.

    #6 Netflix and their podcast and the show that Harry is doing with Oprah will come up.

    #7 They’ll talk about Archewell and what their plans on for the future which means they already have what they want to discuss in place, H&M never speak until they have something substantial to show.

    #8 All of the volunteering that thye’ve been doing, we’ll see that as well.

    Anyone who follows them will learn nothing new, the RR WILL find something to complain about. #theend.