Prince Harry wants to have his cake & eat it too, the cake being military patronages??

The Duke Of Sussex Carries Out Green Beret Presentation

As Rebecca English reported in the Daily Mail, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are going to lose all of their remaining royal patronages. Note: they will not lose any of their personally established patronages. Harry will lose his honorary military titles/patronages but obviously he will keep Invictus and he is still free to work with veterans’ charities and the like. Meghan will likely lose her patronage with the National Theatre (something given to her by the palace) but she will probably keep her patronage with Mayhew. The point of the Daily Mail story was to show the world that the Queen is petty AF and she’s taking punitive action against the Sussexes, but not necessarily because of the Oprah interview. Liz is just incandescent with rage generally, I suspect. Anyway, now the Times reports that Harry is suddenly super-upset about something which he’s known was going to happen for months.

The Duke of Sussex is said to be upset after the Queen agreed that he should lose his royal patronages and honorary military appointments. An announcement is expected in the next weeks confirming that he is to be stripped of a range of official positions, including his cherished role as captain general of the Royal Marines.

As part of the deal with the Queen, Harry and Meghan were allowed to keep their patronages for the time being. However, Harry had to put on hold his military appointments, although no decision was made about whether he would be replaced. As well his role with the Royal Marines, which was previously held by the Duke of Edinburgh, Harry is honorary air commandant, RAF Honington, and commodore-in-chief, Small Ships and Diving, Royal Naval Command.

“His military work is one of the most important things to him,” a friend was quoted as saying. “Of course he wants to keep them.”

The Palace has long maintained that it would not be possible for the couple to be both half in and half out of the royal family. A source said: “There was no choice. The reality of not being able to have their cake and eat it is finally dawning on him. I am sure it is really painful for him. He is very upset to be in this spot. But they have made some choices. They have lots of exciting things to work on, and that can be done with everyone’s best wishes. But you cannot confuse representing the institution and the head of state with the sort of commercial operations that they intend to run.”

A former senior naval officer said: “I think people would not wish to upset Her Majesty. Nor can I see how, if the rumours that Harry wishes to live in America and even become an American citizen are true, his wishes could possibly be acceptable.”

It is thought that an announcement will be made before the review period closes at the end of next month. Their positions with two Commonwealth organisations are understood to be more of a grey area. The duchess is patron of the Association of Commonwealth Universities, and both are respectively president and vice-president of the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust, an organisation set up by his office in 2018 to mark the Queen’s 92nd birthday.

A Commonwealth source said: “I think for them the novelty has worn off. In the early days they thought the Commonwealth could be their thing. But I don’t see any appetite for maintaining that engagement.”

[From The Times]

So… Harry has known that he’s going to lose his patronages for months, in January the “one year review” was basically cancelled, he didn’t even call to set up an appointment for the fakakta review, and he’s building a lovely life for himself in California and someone, somewhere said “I bet Harry would love to keep working for the Firm in some capacity, especially when it comes to representing the military” and that was the jumping-off point for this story. It’s just an excuse for a royal source to whine and project all of this bullsh-t onto Harry. Also: The Times should be pretty careful with their implicit accusations that Harry and Meghan aren’t doing anything for the Commonwealth – Harry has truly sued over that kind of thing. Last thing: I think Harry is more than happy with his California cake and he’s eating it too. (Therein lies the problem for these dumbf–ks.)



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  1. Alexandria says:

    Whatever. If they communicate via WhatsApp and say they’re taking X and Y patronage blabla Harry should just say “K. Say hello to Uncle Andrew.”

  2. Billy the Bruiser says:

    Good god, they’re not trying to be half-in/half-out anymore! They’ve accepted it and moved on! Why can’t the royal rota do the same?!

    Also, didn’t Rebecca English write that piece in the Mail? Just saw her tweets complaining the story has been “misreported” elsewhere and claiming “the loss of the patronages is not a punitive exercise as a result of the interview” … despite the Mail 100% presenting it that way

    • Kaiser says:

      Yes, sorry – I honestly get English and Andrews’ reporting mixed up.

      • Amy Bee says:

        An easy mistake to make, imo.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        Hate Fiction is Hate Fiction; it is all the same.

      • Love the photo of Harry sitting with Obama and Biden. Truly when a photo says a thousand words about Harry’s ability to make an impact in supporting the military with or without his “honorary” military titles. Agree with you, Kaiser. Harry dealt with this all in Jan 2020. He said himself he was prepared to give it all up if he had to and I’m sure he had already faced the emotional turmoil of that possibility before he even stepped up to the plate for the exit meeting with the Queen, Charles, and William. That’s been the whole issue for The Firm —- Harry knew he’d probably loose it all and still walked. Thanks Kaiser, as always, for your great posts.

        Also, I understand that in middle of last year Queen did run Andrew up the flag to step in to these honorary titles and the various military organizations said NO. Last I read, the Firm was now suggesting Anne or William. Although there was an article that suggestion of William stepping up got a less than enthusiastic response, which should tell us all something about William’s reputation within the military. Considering Edward washed out, I’m sure the military would be quietly pissed if he was offered up.

  3. Fleur says:

    if they do, the more interesting will be the reaction of the military and veterans

  4. Merricat says:

    Harry’s happiness is driving them crazy. Lol. Do they think we can’t see that?

  5. Brit says:

    These people are trying so hard to keep them attached to this family even though they have left the country and never wanted a review in the first place. Whoever told these people that Harry and Meghan were ever returning got played or they’re just straight up delusional.

  6. Muffintop says:

    I wonder if Charles would be this punitive if he was the one in charge?

    • Amy Bee says:

      Yes, he would. Let’s not forget how he treated Diana.

      • Becks1 says:

        I dont think he would be because most of the sources indicate that he was not opposed to the half-in half-out idea. So I think he would be more likely to let things like the military appointments stay as status quo.

        Now that’s not to say that I dont think he could be punitive over certain things, I just think if he was in charge the past year would have played out very differently.

      • molly says:

        Charles needs Harry and Meghan far more than Harry and Meghan need Charles. He’d find a way to keep them. He’s not nearly popular enough on his own.

  7. Jay says:

    I’m sure he feels the loss of his military patronages, but there is plenty of work to be done supporting veterans in the United States, too, and he doesn’t need permission from the royal family to continue fundraising or supporting the causes he cares about, right?

    I’m not worried about him finding ways to be useful, I’m worried about the British papers blowing a gasket if Harry shows up somewhere with Dr. Biden to support American military families.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      Let ’em blow a gasket.

    • Izzy says:

      Let them blow gaskets. If the First Lady wants to invite Harry to participate in activities supporting the military here, that is her prerogative, and if the Royal Family wants to bleat about it… well, I thought they weren’t supposed to interfere in the affairs of other sovereign nations.

  8. Over it says:

    Rebecca,pierce, Dan, Camilla, rora ,Phil, dickie, ingrid.who ever just F off already. Harry is Happy. Did you not see his face in that picture. He is living California dreaming in his king size bed with his absolutely beautiful wife. Get over it already. He got a woman who is all woman and keeps that smile on his face. A beautiful son and another baby on the way. If granny petty wants to strip them then so be it. However I hope she doesn’t complain when him and his family don’t return for any of her or her dead husband walking tax payers wasted money events .

    • BayTampaBay says:

      @Over it – What a wonderful comment. Could not have said it better myself.

    • BabsORIG says:

      And I think the RF and RR are really getting way too ahead of themselves. The IG in and of itself is big enough to keep prince Harry busy for the rest of his life. When you add the Endeavor Funds to that it gets even bigger, much bigger and much more meaningful than everything Royal. Now add Sentebale to those two and Harry is set for the rest of his life; his legacy is ALREADY set in stone, he will go down in history for just those 3 organizations alone. And now we’re being told that the Sussexes, NOT the Queen as we’ve been being told, The Sussexes DID INDEED start the Commonwealth Trust, Harry and Meghan are alright, they will have their cake and eat it too…. Now, with Archwell going open, Harry could still work with his connections to continue to work for the military through Archwell. He might not necessarily be the royal patron but he can still be a big part of all these organizations, continue to fundraise for them and still have his cake and eat it too. I’m not sure why these people think “Royal” is all that and a bag of chips when Harry clearly doesn’t. He can continue to do ALLLLL the things he’s been doing and then some, only it will be through his organization and on his terms, not the RF’s.
      Archwell is already a big organization and they haven’t even officially opened their doors. both Harry and Meghan are set to be involved in a lot of humanitarian endeavors that will be way way bigger than the RF and the RR ever imagined. Look, English/Wootten/Andrews/Morgan/Lacombe/Kay/Arbiter/Levin/Tominey…. they can aaaalllll keep writing hit pieces about the Sussexes and etc, etc, but it’ll all be in vain. The Sussex train is already left the terminal and its unstoppable.

  9. Sofia says:

    The Commonwealth source is just wrong. The Sussexes do care and have interacted and done Zooms with the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust. So for the source to say that they aren’t doing anything with it is just wrong.

    • Myra says:

      It’s an artistic licence used by the writer of this fictional piece. It’s possible that no one actually said this at all. How could a Commonwealth source know the inner thoughts of Harry and Meghan, not just back then but right now? To say that the novelty has worn off, they thought commonwealth could be their thing. That sounds like royal commentators speak to me.

      • Smices says:

        They act like the Sussexes should be flying around doing a bunch of Commonwealth projects, like we’re not in a pandemic.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        “In the early days they thought the Commonwealth could be their thing. But I don’t see any appetite for maintaining that engagement.”

        DUH!!! There is a fracking pandemic going on making it difficult, if not impossible, to safely travel anywhere. What planet is this dude living on? What is is this dude smoking ‘casue I very much want some.

      • Myra says:

        People have a lot of expectations of Meghan that they don’t seem to have for the others. Has the Queen visited all her patronages this year? Has Charles? Isn’t everyone meeting via zoom. Even then, I’m pretty some of them were not even graced with a zoom call. Should these royals be stripped of the patronages they consistently ignore?

    • Alison says:

      I do feel like the Commonwealth is problematic. The “legacy” of British rule and colonialism still impact so many of the member counties today. This racist and problematic past is something that is tricky to address without acknowledging and challenging the continuing role of today’s royal family.

      • BabsORIG says:

        A lot of the countries are in the commonwealth by choice. They are already republics that can choose to walk away from it. It might be rooted in the colonialism of them countries but at this point, the choice is on individual republics to stay or leave, no one is holding anyone at gun point. For those that choose to stay in, there are benefits and those benefits are to those individual countries. I think that’s where Harry and Meghan’s interests in creating this thing are. It’s for those that were colonized to get something back, even if it’s very, very small compared to what was stolen from them.

  10. Yoyo says:

    Why not listen to what Harry said, Archie is their number 1 priority, work next (assuming he meant paid work) and if he is “allowed” he will continue to help, that message was to the Rugby League and I think it covered all Royal patronages
    Harry have to earn a living to support his family.
    Invictus and Senetable ??? Are his charities, so he will always work with them.
    The British media is carry on like Harry is a baby and the Queen is taking away his binky, he had a year to miss the military patronage.
    What is funny if they give the patronages to willnot, he won’t have time to fix racism in football.

    • Petra says:

      Lol on the fix racism in football. I guess racism in football started a month ago hence William is right on it at the get go.

  11. Jenn says:

    I really wonder why people continue to entertain this foolishness. Didn’t the British media insist that every word written on FF was approved by Harry and Meghan? Is it not written on FF that Meghan couldn’t understand why Harry’s military appointments (patronages) were taken from him? And Harry was Hurt by that?
    Didn’t the palace refuse to lay his wreath at the Cenotaph because he no longer has those patronages?

    So why are we entertaining tabloid fantasies? This issue is mute, its mute because it was settled last year.

    • Myra says:

      This is the thing for me. Last year, they announced that the honorary military titles were taken and they followed this by denying a wreath to be laid down on his behalf. So why pretend he was still the Captain General of the Royal Marines all this time? I think it’s to save a bit of face from the 12 month review fiasco. Harry hasn’t contacted them so they reluctantly had to admit that the review was cancelled. But now they have it to walk it back a little to try and gain a PR upper hand. They’re not doing this to punish Harry and Meghan (they already did that last year), but to pretend they still exert some control over this situation.

      My only wish is that some corners of the media highlight the hypocrisy given the better treatment of Prince Michael and his wife and Prince Andrew and his daughters.

  12. Belli says:

    The palace are the much worse offenders for wanting to have their cake and eat it. They want to disown Harry and Meghan and still control them.

    If you resigned from a job and a year later your ex employer was still trying to tell you what to do, everyone would agree it was ridiculous.

  13. Amy Bee says:

    This story is just full of hearsay, assumptions and speculation. I think Harry has already accepted that he’s going to lose his royal patronages and military titles. In fact he hinted to the that during a Zoom call with the people from the Rugby Football League last year. Harry and Meghan have moved on and are looking towards the future. If all that they have done since leaving didn’t make that clear, their decision to do an interview with Oprah should confirm it.

    • Over it says:

      Agree, Oprah interview is the final F you to the racist clown British media and the petty AF Windsor’s.

    • Brit says:

      The problem is that either they’re delusional or just stupid. They have careers now, they are financially secure, they bought a house and invested in companies etc. I’m trying to understand what in the last year has it not been evident enough that they’re not returning. It’s like everyone is trying to hold on to these two as hard a possible because they know it’s done and over. What are they going to in the next six months? Everything that’s happened in the last week has been straight desperation from people who won’t let go.

      • Ann says:

        Some of them have piss-poor writing skills for journalists, so I am thinking stupid is part of it. Not stupid, but not too bright. I don’t understand how they can get away with it.

    • Becks1 says:

      I think he has accepted it as well. I think it will still hurt when it actually happens, but he knows its coming. Harry sees his family for who they truly are and I think its clear he has moved on like you said.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      Is there anything preventing the England Rugby Football League from asking Harry to be a patron in a private capacity?

      I mean if the England Rugby Football League wanted Joe Biden or Daddy Warbucks, what would prevent the England Rugby Football League from extending an invitation to Joe Biden or Daddy Warbucks to become a patron?

  14. Lesley says:

    Another made up story by a member of the Royal Rota.

    If you are looking for a copy of Daily Mail etc in your local library? May I suggest you look in the Fiction section.

  15. BayTampaBay says:

    Wrong Place

  16. ABritGuest says:

    Well apparently of the patronage’s handed down by the RF, London marathon, National Theatre & England Rugby have given quotes saying they are happy for them to remain patrons. I saw an article saying review will be pushed forward to end speculation but seems like palace isn’t communicating plans with these orgs & not ideal for the rugby with the World Cup coming up…the palace needs to stop with the games.

    The military associations weren’t filled whilst firm waited for Harry to come back to his senses & dump Meghan. Given Invictus and other work he can do with vets won’t be the end of the world but will miss Harry in uniform lol. If these are taken I hope campaign is started for Andrew to lose his& all patronage’s. It’s ridiculous Harry is blatantly punished for crime of marrying a mixed race woman they didn’t approve of.

  17. tcbc says:

    I think he should let the royal military patronages go, if he hasn’t already. He works with vets in other capacities, and he can choose similar nonprofits in North America and do the same work. Fisher House would be a perfect fit. Or a Canadian organization, since they’re both fond of Canada. Expand their work with Compton Veterans. The highest profile American celebrities who do a lot of work with veterans that I can think of are Tom Hanks and Gary Sinese. It is time for the younger generation to step up.

    The RR and the royals don’t seem to realize that the “punishments” they’re advocating will only further distance Harry and Meghan from GB. I know they don’t care about Meghan but why do they believe that being terrible to Harry will entice him to return?

  18. Elle says:

    I love that pic of Harry with Dr Biden and Michelle

  19. Kalana says:

    Anything about the Sussexes from The Times isn’t worth anything. Royah Nikkah just got dragged for her last article about the witnesses because it was a direct contradiction.

    The Times is a mouthpiece for the Palace with no logic or truth required.

  20. Abena Asantewaa says:

    Has Rebecca English forgotten, that the DDOS, have had Zoom calls with QCT, and also they matched up a donation by the sussex squad, to be given to CAMFED? Didn’t the queen strip Harry off, The Commonwealth Youth Ambassador patronage? Rebecca English, is being deliberately obtuse, she is incapable of telling the truth. Who is the Queen going to give this patronage to?

  21. MsIam says:

    The Rota is ridiculous. They have nothing new on the Sussexes, they didn’t know about the baby or the Oprah interview. What do they have to write about but these patronages? Same old, same old. Wouldn’t it be funny though if the Sussexes were using the Oprah interview to announce they are dropping their titles and cutting ties to the royals, other than the family ties? What in the world would Piss Pot Morgan, Old Dickie and Camel Toe do then? Heads would explode, it would be check and mate. And poor old Angela Levin, that would be the end of her!

  22. Well Wisher says:

    It is time for the BTM to update their business model. The attention that the Sussexes garner and the response goes beyond their privacy and ‘mistakes’. Should the tabloids choose to focus on news, there will not be this non-existent relationship with the Sussexes and one will not have to relegate their articles to the petty dustbin.
    Harry is aware that he has no obligation to accommodate their toxic needs and gaslighting.