Woody Allen & Soon Yi release a joint statement condemning HBO’s ‘Allen v. Farrow’

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Sunday night, HBO began airing their new docuseries called Allen v. Farrow. The series contains interviews and archival footage from the swirling controversy in 1992, when Mia Farrow and Woody Allen broke up and began their custody dispute over Dylan and Ronan Farrow. Mia accused Woody of molesting Dylan, and Woody had already run off with Soon Yi Previn. Soon Yi was, at the time, Mia and Andre Previn’s teenage/early 20s adopted daughter, and Woody and Soon Yi were later married in 1997. With the help of Mia Farrow and Ronan Farrow, Dylan Farrow began telling her story publicly years ago, while Soon Yi and Moses have only made a handful of public statements in the past decade, and both Soon Yi and Moses Farrow have pointed the finger at Mia as the emotionally and physically abusive parent in their lives. That didn’t stop HBO from doing this series which seems largely more of the Farrow side of things. According to Woody and Soon-Yi, it’s just another hit job organized by Mia.

Woody Allen and his wife Soon-Yi Previn have issued a statement to the press through a spokesperson — Allen’s sister, producer Letty Aronson — in response to the HBO docuseries “Allen v. Farrow” that premiered Sunday. The program details his daughter Dylan Farrow’s allegations of abuse against the director, and includes in-depth interviews with her, Allen’s former partner Mia Farrow, and those who say they witnessed his behavior.

Allen and Previn claim the filmmakers — Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering — had “no interest in the truth” and were “surreptitiously collaborating” with the Farrows to do a “hatchet job riddled with falsehoods.”

In the four-part docuseries, which contains interviews with the Farrows as well as close family friends and experts, Dylan Farrow says that “for the longest time I’ve been trying to set the record straight… No matter what you think you know, it’s just the tip of the iceberg.”

Allen and Previn’s full statement can be read below:

“These documentarians had no interest in the truth. Instead, they spent years surreptitiously collaborating with the Farrows and their enablers to put together a hatchet job riddled with falsehoods. Woody and Soon-Yi were approached less than two months ago and given only a matter of days ‘to respond.’ Of course, they declined to do so.

“As has been known for decades, these allegations are categorically false. Multiple agencies investigated them at the time and found that, whatever Dylan Farrow may have been led to believe, absolutely no abuse had ever taken place. It is sadly unsurprising that the network to air this is HBO – which has a standing production deal and business relationship with Ronan Farrow. While this shoddy hit piece may gain attention, it does not change the facts.”

[From Variety]

Dylan and Mia insist that this is false: “Multiple agencies investigated them at the time and found that, whatever Dylan Farrow may have been led to believe, absolutely no abuse had ever taken place.” The investigations stalled largely because of concerns of making things more traumatic for Dylan, and investigators have gone on the record about how there was enough evidence to proceed, but there was a choice to not put Dylan through an extended legal drama. Variety also spoke to the producer of the HBO series, Amy Herdy, who says on the record that she began reaching out to Woody and Soon-Yi in June 2018, asking for their participation in the docuseries. That’s why the series tilts so heavily in favor of the Farrows – because they were the ones who agreed to be interviewed.

Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn are spotted out for a stroll near Bloomingdales in NYC

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  1. Elaine Stritch says:

    1. Woody Allen is straight trash.
    2. I think it’s an interesting dynamic that HBO put out this documentary, but also has Woody Allen’s full filmography for streaming on HBO Max. So they, and Woody Allen, stand to profit from this documentary in multiple ways. Regardless of one’s opinions on this situation, it will inevitably drum up interest in his back-catalogue for multiple reasons.

    • Mac says:

      Yup, Allen will make a bundle from this. It’s so gross.

    • Joan Rivers says:

      What’s shocking is the photo of the whole family where Dylan is a BABY! I didn’t realize she was so young. It’s extra pervy to covet a child you knew so young, even if you didn’t start groping her till she was 7. Gross.

  2. Southern Fried says:

    If I understand correctly Woody wanted one of the children he helped coparent all to himself, to live together as a married couple and made it happen. Perverted creep.

    • bettyrose says:

      This is it exactly. His supporters can call Dylan a liar and/or slam Mia until the end of time, but Woody wanted a child bride he had total psychological control over. And if that weren’t bad enough, he picked one from his partner’s children, the sister to his own children. Those are facts.

    • Maida says:

      I watched the first episode last night, and seeing the video of the whole family really underlines not only the creepy dynamic between Allen and Dylan, BUT ALSO the fact that Allen met Soon-Yi as a preteen who was part of a group of siblings he was in essence co-parenting. And that he evidently started a relationship with her while she was still in high school.

      There is just not a way to whitewash that.

      • Seraphina says:

        @Maida, At first I misread that last sentence as: There is no way to out white trash that. Good grief. I am still laughing at the mariachi band outside Cruz home.
        I don’t have HBO, but I think I would be sick to my stomach watching the show. During this lockdown for the pandemic I get quickly upset at things that I normally could kinda stomach.

      • bettyrose says:

        Seraphina – ITA! I do have HBO but I can’t with this. As I said above, it’s beyond proving whether he’s a sexual predator. He groomed a child to be a wife completely under his control. Unless we’re going to take a hard look at the psychosis that needs that kind of control, I don’t need to be told what I already know about him (and mentally run through every awful conversation I’ve had with one of his supporters).

      • HeyJude says:

        Yep, let’s take Dylan and her case completely out of this.

        He’s a pedophile and incestuous because he married his former teenage step-daughter. (*Ew, I should say child step-daughter, apparently Soon-Yi was 9 when Woody began dating Mia.)

        That’s the reason, that’s irrefutable, and currently happening right in front our eyes for the entire world to see. His creepy deed is on-going. Exhibits A are them, exhibit B is their current marriage, C & D are the 2 children they’ve adopted together.

        The only question regarding him is- did he marry Soon-Yi? Yes= allegations proven and we’re all done with Woody Allen forever.

    • Nikki* says:

      ALL you need to know is that in Dec. 1991, Woody filed to adopt Dylan and Moses Farrow (Mia had adopted them years earlier), and that SAME MONTH, he began an affair with the kids’ sister, Soon Yi. Whether or nor you believe he molested Dylan or not (and I do), he is a SCUMBAG for seducing the daughter of his girlfriend (his own kids’ sister). Soon Yi was NINE YEARS OLD when Woody Allen first started dating her mother, and he’d been in a relationship with Mia for twelve years before she discovered the nude pics of Soon Yi in Allen’s apartment. REPULSIVE. And his defense of his actions was twofold: (his actual statements) : 1) He didn’t think the affair would be found out, and 2) “The heart wants what the heart wants”. PREDATORY PSYCHO.

  3. Original Jenns says:

    Mia can be a “Mommy Dearest” to some or all of her children, and Allen can ALSO be a broken man who molested his child. One doesn’t delete the other. This is the only justice Dylan may be likely to see now. As long as Dylan wants this out in the open, keep it going.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Ronan Farrow is a respected journalist. He doesn’t do “shoddy” “hit pieces.” That is just not true, first of all.

    This isn’t really Mia vs. Woody. Dylan’s an adult who has told her story publicly and been crystal clear. This is Dylan speaking her truth as a survivor and I for one applaud her.

    There are a lot of questionable things about Woody Allen. He was close to Jeffrey Epstein (he visited during one of Prince Andrew’s visits). He married his very young adopted step daughter. I’m not sure why anyone would give him the benefit of the doubt other than his wealth and film success. He’s pretty obviously a creepy old man.

    And by the way? “Woody Allen is a lowlife. A misanthropic imbecile, a second-rater, a runt and a louse. An immature, maladjusted wreck, a fatuous dunce, an ignoramus, a schnook and a klutz. In a directing career spanning more than half a century, he happens also never to have made a great film. The source of this invective is Allen himself, and it is in generous supply across the 400-odd pages of his autobiography Apropos of Nothing.” — from a recent review by the New Statesman.

    • Merricat says:


    • Darla says:


      Exactly. And that is all regardless of Mia and whatever she did or did not do. It stands alone. Period.

    • Golly Gee says:

      And many (most?) of his films, are about older men lusting after girls/very young women. That is where his interest lies.

    • HeyJude says:

      For the record- It’s Mia, her other kids, Dylan, one of the world’s leading journalists Ronan, Andre Previn (when he was alive), the witnesses, the NY City authorities, and every movie he ever made where he told on himself by having an old man chasing extremely younger women vs. Woody.

  5. Merricat says:

    The makers of this documentary series aren’t fooling around. They did exhaustive research, and they are laying it out, piece by piece. Watch the whole thing, and make up your own mind.

    • Andrea says:

      What mind is there to be made? Is anyone actually that delusional to think Woody Allen is somehow innocent? It’s just rehashing the same again and again. The only difference now is the children are adults and free to speak. I just wish something would end Woody Allen’s success but I’m afraid the only news to look forward to is his death.

      • KL says:

        “Is anyone actually that delusional to think Woody Allen is somehow innocent?”

        I had a professor in college who taught an entire course on Allen, among others, and who gave me an A on every single paper I submitted for any of his classes. Except the one where I dared to allude to Allen’s private life as context for the movie Manhattan, where he romances a 17-year-old girl onscreen. “This is beneath you,” the professor wrote in the margins. I got a C.

        If he’s still kicking, he probably in his heart of hearts refuses to see Allen for who and what he is. There is a certain breed of person who needs the facts laid out exhaustively and repetitively until their fave of the Western Canon of Verified Good Art is revealed as a predator. I have no wish to cater to those people, but I’m glad this documentary exists, because so do they.

      • Merricat says:

        There are plenty of people who didn’t believe Dylan. She has a right to tell her story.

      • Darla says:

        Scarjo believes he’s innocent, so yeah.

      • MM2 says:

        What if….people do believe it happened, but they just don’t care. As a victim of abuse, I used to think people who wanted me to not unearth the abuse in my family didn’t believe me, but it ended up that many of them did believe it happened, they just thought it should stay buried & that I was causing waves in a family that could be peaceful today (ahem, not for me). As a note- many of these people have abuse in their own lives & took the “the past is the past” route, so I don’t take it personally anymore.

      • Miranda says:

        @MM2 – I’ve seen that same indifference in my own family after my cousin was abused by another cousin. I eventually discovered a very long history of similar incidents in my mom’s family, and it made me so angry. The fact that everyone felt that they needed to bury their pain to protect the family’s reputation allowed horrific, traumatizing things to keep happening again and again.

        I’m so sorry for the way you’ve been treated by your family, and I hope you’ve been able to find support and healing elsewhere.

      • Holly hobby says:

        Yes Mr Hilaria Baldwin tweeted the injustice of it all this am. Seriously, he should worry about his fake Spanish wife. 🙄

  6. Joan Callamezzo says:

    Even if people want to argue that that scumbag didn’t abuse Dylan, he had a sexual relationship with his children’s teenage sister. Full stop. I believe Dylan Farrow. I haven’t seen a Woody Allen film since 1992. Anyone who works with him is complicit. Team Farrow.

    • Myra says:

      I believe Dylan. But even if others believed she was coerced and brainwashed, how do you explain the relationship between Woody and his then partner’s young daughter? It’s creepy and predatory. Apparently even his filmography portrays perverted old men preying on young girls. If that’s not an admission, I don’t know what it. At worse, he is a child molester; at best, he is a predator and a creep.

      • NorthernGirl_20 says:

        Exactly, all you have to do is look at his films.

      • pottymouth pup says:

        Moses wrote a pretty strong statement in 2018 saying he does not believe it happened

        Allen’s relationship with his children’s 18-year-old sister disgusts me but I’m not sure that it means that he molested a 7-year-old Dylan. What’s clear is that Dylan was a young child who was abused by someone whether that was by Allen on the day it was alleged to have occurred, by Farrow’s brother (a convicted pedophile who is now doing time) on a different day or by her mother drilling the story into her head is probably something nobody by Farrow & Allen will ever know without a doubt.

  7. Andrea says:

    Oh my goodness. So much to talk about with this doc. But the takeaway last night was that both Woody and Mia were culpable. I just feel sad for the children. He told her from the get go that he wasn’t interested and children. Further the comment from him about wanting a blond baby girl was f disgusting. And then she went out and procured him said child, Dylan. What is wrong with these people?!

    • Merricat says:

      They were in a relationship and she had no cause at that time to suspect him of being a predator.

      • Andrea says:

        It was a very sort of arms length relationship. They lived across the park from each other and maintained different residences. I agree she couldn’t have known he was a predator but on the flip it doesn’t appear that he was any sort of positive influence in her other children’s lives.

      • Maida says:

        I think Mia Farrow was naive, but she 1) admits that and 2) talks about how charming Woody was. We should not underestimate the power of that charm. It’s what he built his career on, and he’s very, very skilled at deploying it.

        Watching the first episode, I was also struck by how much more educated people in general are about child abuse now. Growing up in the 1970s and 1980s, this was not a subject that I EVER heard mentioned. The degree to which this kind of thing went under the radar at the time is sickening.

        I think Mia Farrow showed some bad judgment, but she did seek out therapy for Dylan and Woody Allen, and she’s at least admitting her part in things now. She has said that bringing Woody into the family is the worst mistake she ever made.

      • Arpeggi says:

        I’m not sure Mia is as naive as she acts… Her previous relationships were super messy, from dating then marrying Sinatra just out of her teens to starting a relationship with a very much married Previn (wasn’t she friends with his wife?), to claiming, after Sinatra’s death, that Ronan could be Frank’s son because she was hooking up with him while she was with Allen: she’s super messy on her own. I also don’t think she treated all her children with the love and care they deserved.

        Does that prevent Allen to be, at best, one of the creepiest of the creeps to ever walk the Earth and at worst an incestuous monster? Absolutely not! Those poor kids had a very traumatizing childhood as a result of being surrounded by self-centered grownups who did not have their best interest in mind and let them down in the worst possible way. For some of them, it led them to an early death. It’s all around tragic

    • Ariel says:

      I found myself fighting that feeling too- every time Mia ignored a red flag, excused the behavior- even though she did insist he go to therapy and did recognize that his attention toward dylan was inappropriate. Mia was her mom and should have protected her.
      But then i think- am i victim blaming, Woody *allegedly* molested her. She ran from him and his intense attention from an early age. Why am i blaming anyone but the perpetrator.

      But yeah, when Mia went out and found a blond baby girl because that is what he wanted- i felt sick.

    • damejudi says:

      Mia Farrow does take responsibility-she says in the doc it’s her fault, she brought this man into their lives.

      • Waitwhat? says:

        It’s also worth remembering Mia’s own upbringing, which was pretty far from “normal”. If i remember right, her dad was an alcoholic and she and her siblings grew up in a kind of genteel poverty and outright neglect, pretty much left to their own devices. I think she started modelling/acting quite young, too, so you can imagine what sort of behaviour she was faced with… And then, when she was barely into her twenties, she married Frank Sinatra, who divorced her because she wanted to finish work on Rosemary’s Baby when he wanted her to come home to him (I think to make another film, but I might be wrong about that…)

        My point is that she was someone with a lot of damage of her own and so I’m sure she had issues with boundaries, family roles and so on. And people weren’t as aware of red flags for abuse or grooming or predatory behaviour. So while she isn’t entirely without blame, as other commenters have pointed out, Allen is the one who committed the abuse.

    • Marcie says:

      Thank you! This here. There were so many red flags! She ordered a baby like that child was an accessory.

    • MM2 says:

      Abusers pick people who they can easily manipulate- maybe people with abuse in their past, shame, some sort of sickness they can monetize, etc. They build people up & shower them with a love that they never received before, then they capitalize on whatever weakness the person has. So, while Mia might not have been a protective mother, I still hold Allen’s abuse squarely on his shoulders.
      Hopefully, we reduce women’s shame, and needed secrecy around abuse, so that we can see red flags, actually name them, & act on them without being further shamed, abused by the perp or people around him that think the woman is “crazy” for thinking he could be anything but perfect. Mia was perfect for him & he knew it. Once she finally did see the red flags, he was already grooming his next.

    • Holly hobby says:

      If he’s not interested in children, why did he adopt two girls with the teenage bride?

  8. Wiglet Watcher says:

    Woody and Soon Yi have attacked Dylan as much as they’ve attacked Mia. Dylan is a survivor and Woody can disagree all he likes, but to attack her? No. He can present facts to prove his innocence. What’s that? He has none? And he ran off with his step teenage stepdaughter? Ok.

  9. Gabriella says:

    This is clearly proof of nothing, but I always found it super unsettling that Woody and Soon Yi’s adopted daughters look a lot like a young Dylan and a young Soon Yi.

  10. eekamouse says:

    The most disturbing aspect is the realization that as everyone was noticing how inappropriate he was with Dylan, he was also grooming Soon Yi and no one saw.

    The whole show was horrible to watch, but necessary in understanding this type of abuse occurs and is added by inaction of others. Mia is so problematic, but I believe was also abused in some way.

    Dylan is a hero. And she deserves to tell her story for as long as she wants.

  11. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I’m tired of this. Nothing will ever come of it. The richies rehash their grievances and woes for recirculation, relevance and most importantly, to keep the money train on its tracks. F#ck em. I don’t watch his shows. And Mia could’ve been better. She is not without fault somewhere I feel it in my bones. Kick em off the stage already.

  12. Veronica S. says:

    Mia could very well have been abusive or problematic, but that frankly doesn’t help his case. If anything, it just tells you the kids were primed already for another adviser to sweep in and make a move.

  13. Amy Bee says:

    I mean Soon Yi is evidence of Woody Allen sexual abuse so it’s not difficult to believe that he also abused Dylan.

  14. Shoo fly says:

    The original Maureen Orth piece in Vanity Fair from the time period this was all going on is essential reading and it is no surprise that in the misogynistic 90s that the only pieces that weren’t Allen propaganda were written by women.

    • Va Va Kaboom says:

      And even that smacked of misogyny and discrimination. The way Soon-Yi was discussed in that article was disgusting.

  15. Watson says:

    I’ve believed dylan from day one.

    • Jules says:

      Yes, if you read the official court documents, the evidence is pretty damning. If I recall correctly, a lot of proof that is used in the documentary was not deemed admissible by the court, I think because the filming was without Allen’s consent. Gross all over. My stomach turns whenever I see his photo with Soon Yi.

      • Watson says:

        JULES: Same. It’s vomit inducing. This man should be in jail and i don’t understand why he’s still celebrated.

  16. DS9 says:

    I will never understand why people want to argue over whether Dylan is telling the truth when Woody’s behavior with Soon-Yi, documented and admitted to by all parties is predatory, sexual abuse all by itself.

    Honestly, I do believe that Farrow is a trash mother who has caused a tremendous amount of damage to all of her children. Her other children have the stories. And her haphazard care of all of them is well documented.

    But that doesn’t make Dylan a liar.

    And Woody is still straight trash for sleeping with his children’s neglected sister. I mean, ffs, his wife is the mother of his daughter’s sisters….

  17. DS9 says:

    Just the fact that no one knows how old Soon-Yi is definitely, that Mia brought her home to a chaotic house with no stability where no one spoke her language and then Woody begins a “relationship” with her before she’s a full fledged adult…

    Sir…. get all the way the hell out with this.

    If Dylan had never been born, he’d still be sexual assaulting trash who tore up an already broken home so he could mold a child until a compliant partner.

  18. outoftheshadows says:

    It set off red flags for me when I found out he only adopted two of Mia’s children. What about being a parent to the others? i guess that isn’t a good look if you decide to marry one later.

  19. S2 says:

    Because only two people know the truth, we’ll never know, incontrovertibly, what happened between Dylan and Allen. What we do know is that Allen groomed and seduced his defacto stepdaughter—his own children’s sibling—who is at least 35 years his junior, after knowing since early childhood. Even putting aside the familial relationships, as a 50+ man of great wealth and power, Allen took naked photos of a young woman in her late teens who was still living in his romantic partner’s house. He then cut Soon-Yi off from her only family, and she has since lived a fairly insulated and isolated life as his wife. Allen continues to defend his despicable, grotestque behavior as “true love,” among other self-serving and disgusting excuses. Even if you believe Soon-Yi was “of age” before her sexual relationship with Allen began, the power imbalance alone inherent in ANY such pairing, let alone one so complicated by family dynamics, is appalling.

    Those undisputed facts, even without Dylan’s compelling testimony, tell me everything I need to know about Woody Allen. That he was friends with Jeffery Epstein and consistently explored much older man-very young women relationships in all of his films, only adds to the uncontested evidence he’s, at the very, very least, a user scumbag who manipulates his sexual partners, and strongly informs impressions of him being something far worse.

    • S2 says:

      Or, to put it far more succinctly, if somewhat more crudely: If your best defense as an 85-year-old man to not being a pedophile is “I waited until the person I’ve known since childhood was 18 to have sex them”…You’re a trash person. Full stop.

      Lastly, the amount of red flags in how silent Soon-Yi has been throughout their relationship—every interview and statement is done jointly; even the single one Soon-Yi did with a “family friend,” Allen was present for—are really more giant, blaring sirens of an ongoing abusive relationship. She went directly from Farrow’s (by Soon-Yi’s own description) unstable home, to Allen’s. Allen is an extremely public person who has been making semi-autobiographical films for five decades, and their relationship has been under extreme scrutiny from minute one. For his to be the sole voice of the relationship is in no way, shape or form explained by any “shyness” his wife may or may not legitimately possess.

      • DS9 says:

        I think it’s worth repeating ad nauseum that no one knows how old Soon-Yi is. She was found on the street. She was subjected to bone scans to make an educated guess and there’s about three to four years of wiggle room.

      • ACB says:

        The way early trauma works is to slow development, making a child much younger than their chronological age, even if they’ve had adult experiences as a child. For example, my son came home to me at 2. He’d been abused and neglected for those two years. He’s chronologically 14, but his emotional development is more like that of a 12 year old. He started developing once he was safe. Which is to say, Soon Yi may have been developmentally a lot younger than her estimated chronological age.

      • RedWeatherTiger says:

        I’m guessing Woody picked her BECAUSE she was willing to be silent. About all of it.

    • MM2 says:

      “No one can actually know for sure if Woody abused Dylan because it was just the two of them”…. It’s not necessary to give this type of obvious statement, used specifically in relation to intimate crimes against women, when we don’t give this automatic caveat to other type of criminals. I know people think it makes them look like they are non-biased detectives because they don’t knee jerk believe women, but nope. We skewer Mia for ignoring red flags, and then the next breath say that we will never really know if Dylan was abused. I can see why Mia was in a rock & hard place. Ugh.

      • S2 says:

        I never denied anything, or skewered Farrow. I simply said incontrovertible proof will never exist, because it won’t. This is true of most crimes, of any nature. I feel like maybe you stopped reading after the first sentence, because my entire comment is actually laying out very clearly why all the known evidence points to Allen being an abuser.

    • Miranda says:

      Re: the photos he took. Didn’t he once leave some very lewd photos of Soon-Yi in a prominent place where he knew Mia would see them? He absolutely knows that his behavior is fucked up, and he absolutely gets off on it.

  20. Marigold says:

    I never liked Woody Allen movies because I hate his whining. Just not my style. And then when all this came out? Just horrific.

  21. Tiffany says:

    I always find myself thinking about the prosecutor and the judge on this case. Surely, there were protections in place to where they could have gotten Dylan’s testimony on record without having to face Allen, as he is entitled to have that right.

    It was a cluster from day one and so many people did Dylan so wrong. And this is a well to do white child in Connecticut.

    • pyritedigger says:

      This. I came to comment because people who were interviewed are acting like the only reason this didn’t go forward legally was to “protect Dylan.” LOL. As if Woody Allen’s reputation and protecting the celebrity white guy didn’t have anything to do with it.

  22. Valiantly Varnished says:

    F-ck both of them. Truly.

  23. Juju says:

    I just watched part 1 of the show and I’ve been sick to my stomach. I can’t believe he’s even made a statement about this when his inappropriate behavior is detailed in official court documents and he’s also gone to therapy for his inappropriate behavior towards Dylan. What a disgusting piece of trash of a human being.

  24. L4frimaire says:

    I can’t get over the fact that Allen married his stepdaughter. It’s just wrong on so many levels and he obviously groomed her. I haven’t seen the documentary but remember back when this story broke that Mia had found nude Polaroids ( remember those) he had taken of Soon-Yi.It’s just gross. Remember the film Manhattan where his character was a 30 something guy dating a high school student. Just gross.

  25. Amelie says:

    I believe both Mia and Woody are two incredibly messed up individuals. Woody Allen had multiple affairs while he was with Mia with underage girls, not just Soon-Yi. It’s only come out now relatively recently because the girls he had relationships with are all adults now and can speak for themselves. We have no idea when his relationship with Soon-Yi started, supposedly she was 21 and in college. But even if he wasn’t her father or stepfather, he was her mother’s boyfriend and met her when she was around 9 or 10. There definitely was a grooming process that started when she was in high school (Soon-Yi did an interview with Vulture giving her side of the story for the first time a few years ago and I recently re-read it). Just due to all his depraved behavior, I could easily see him preying on Dylan.

    However I’ve always viewed Mia with suspicion. I’m always suspicious of people who adopt children in large quantities (unless they’re all siblings being kept together), especially if they are adopting a lot of children with special needs. Mia adopted 10 of them which just boggles my mind. I really do think at one point if you’re adopting that many, it stops about wanting to provide a home for these kids versus collecting them. I believe Soon-Yi and her adopted brother Moses who talk about the verbal and physical abuse inflicted by Mia. Several of Mia’s adopted kids have died as adults under tragic circumstances, which you could chalk up to coincidence. But if even a fraction of what Soon-yi told Vulture is true, those kids were growing up in an incredibly toxic and unstable home environment. Soon-yi’s life story is particularly traumatic. She was found wandering the streets of Seoul as a young child. She went to go live in a foreign country with all these adopted siblings with special needs, she didn’t speak English, and she was taken from her culture and people who looked like her. It doesn’t sound like Mia was equipped to take on a child who with that kind of trauma and it’s clear Soon-yi suffered. She was probably starved for affection and love and as soon as Woody started paying attention to her, she latched onto it and never let go.

    Maybe I’m alone in thinking this but I believe Dylan and Soon-Yi are both victims of two narcissistic Hollywood celebrities.

    • DS9 says:

      You are not alone. Mia Farrow’s children have suffered greatly, the adopted ones worse than the rest.

      She is not to blame for Woody’s abuse of Soon-Yi or Dylan. But I wholeheartedly believe she was an irresponsible, neglectful, and abusive mother to her children. And I think That abuse had a devastating effect on Soon-Yi in particular and makes it impossible for her to see Woody with any clarity.

  26. newmenow says:

    Woody Allen is a predator.
    He crossed very taboo boundaries becoming involved with Soon-Yi.
    Horrible, vile man.

    I do not care about his “art” or his “talent” IMO, he should be shunned by his profession.

    His personal life and behavior has ruined a family.
    How on earth he and Soon-Yi were allowed to adopt children..I still don’t understand.

    • S2 says:

      Exactly. I’m fine with people credibly accused, even if not convicted, of molestation not being allowed to adopt, no matter how wealthy they are, especially if they’re doing so while married to their own child’s sibling. Seems like a non-arbitrary standard that shouldn’t be hard to maintain.

  27. Lily P says:

    Woody Allen is a purposeful predator. Every single person in Hollywood that is still happy to hitch their name to that predacious monster needs to be held accountable.

    How and why would you want to even risk knowingly enabling or endorsing an abuser? Kate Winslet, Liev Schreiber, Steve Carrell, Blake Lively, Emma Stone, Cate Blanchett, Joaquin Phoenix, Colin Firth – and that’s just a few from the last 5 years in front of the camera. They are directly undermining the validity of Dylan’s experience and by extension all survivors and victims of sexual abuse around the world.

    Victims of sexual abuse will continue to struggle to be heard if we as a society don’t respect their bravery and lead lives that show intolerance to such traumatic atrocities.

    • Lily P says:

      EDIT TO ADD: I know some of those actors have come out with “I didn’t know” or “I’d never work with him again” but his abuse has been public knowledge since 1992 so I’m unconvinced those statements are anything more than saving face.

  28. Miss Margo says:

    Ewww. He is so gross. What a creeper, just LOOK AT HIM. And I’ll tell you, I would side eye anyone who ends up married to someone a million years younger whom they knew when they were a CHILD. Woody Allen is a pedofile, PERIOD.

  29. NYStateofMind says:

    I still think that Mia brainwashed their daughter. Something is off. I just never ever believed her. Not defending him at all. I just feel in my gut that she’s lying.

    • Annabel says:

      Really? But why would your gut know if a complete stranger is telling the truth or not? In terms of the timeline of events, Dylan Farrow’s account of what went down on the day she was allegedly molested is backed up by the sworn statements of three adults. (There’s an old Vanity Fair story that goes pretty deep on this, if you want to look into it.) Allen initially claimed that he’d never been in the attic where Dylan said he molested her, until police told him they’d found his hair in the attic, at which point he changed his story. The prosecutor on the case said that he believed Dylan but that he felt she was too fragile to withstand a court case. It just goes on and on.

      • NYStateofMind says:

        Didn’t Moses say that it was Mia that abused them and brainwashed the story into Dylan’s mind? I thought she claimed he also molested Moses but Moses said that was all lies. I don’t know what to think. Woodys relationship with Dylan was definitely off. The three adults that all are sticking with Mia are her family members and friends. Something happened. I don’t think think we will ever get the whole truth. It’s a he said she said. Again, not defending Woody Allen. Just have a lot of questions.

      • Mrs. Darcy says:

        Every Vanity Fair piece is written by a friend of Mia though. For real.

    • Mrs. Darcy says:

      100%, you are not alone if you look elsewhere on the internet. Dylan’s story has changed many times over the years, and it’s truly bizarre to me that no one questions why Mia would re-traumatize her child over and over again by trying to drag Woody publicly. If they wanted to get actual justice for this alleged crime it’s still in the statute of limitations to bring a civil case. I cannot imagine any therapist worth their salt would find anything in this dynamic healthy if she is an abuse survivor.

  30. truth fairy says:

    Some items I remember from the time:

    1) In an interview when Farrow was pregnant with Ronan, Allen said about his future child “It’s very important to me that it be a ‘she’”

    2) An employee of Sinatra’s said that at least once Sinatra beat Farrow black and blue

  31. Lissdogmom02 says:

    The fact that he has the gall to respond to this after marrying his own child, adopted but still. I don’t believe him, don’t like him & really if cancel culture was a thing & I never had to hear about him again I’d be just fine.

  32. Mrs. Darcy says:

    I guess no one cares about Moses Farrow’s story of systemic physical and mental abuse at the hands of Mia, her four adopted children who died young, two of suicide, one of suspected suicide and the other from AIDS. She is no saint, I believe she is 100% capable of brainwashing a toddler, reports from nannies and a maid saw her videotape Dylan repeatedly, coaching her small child to testify if need be. Woody was cleared of all charges by two investigations.

    Mia is freakin weird, sorry, and her creepy Frank Sinatra fixation, pretending he might have impregnated her in his 80s when his wife said he would not have been physically capable at that time was trashy. Anyone watching Dylan’s ott performances of forced tears in these interviews is easily fooled. She is a troubled woman raised by a narcissist type who rather than let her child grow up trauma free has cemented these “memories” in her head for her own gain.

    Is Woody a creep who took up with a teenage girl who he was around as a child but by Mia’s admission not involved in raising? Of course. It’s icky and will always tarnish his rep. Does that make him a paedophile? Not by a long shot.

    • Lyds says:

      I absolutely think both Mia and Woody are highly dysfunctional people with major issues. And yes, I can believe both Dylan AND Moses as victims of sexual and child abuse by Woody AND Mia, in separate and respective incidents. It absolutely curdles the mind when you realize that the children that have survived and stuck with Mia are the white ones, while the non-white adoptees, per Moses’ account, were routinely abused and silenced.

      I also believe Mia so mistreated Soon Yi that she fell into the predatory arms of Woody. There is NO side but those of the victims and neither Mia nor Woody are one.

    • whoops says:

      ok how much is woody paying you and how can I contact him? I’m ready to sell my principles for money just like you, sis!

  33. sup says:

    I have my issues with celebitchy (with any site that has a modded comment section, really, because I don’t like it when a site controls the narrative like that), but when it comes to stuff like this it is definitely my safe space.

    I am a victim of childhood sexual abuse and seeing people (mostly men lbr) defending Woody on sites like reddit or twitter is so bad for my mental health.

    Thanks, celebitches, for making me feel like I’m not crazy. You’re great.