“This treasonous nutjob also happens to be a transphobic bigot” links

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Marjorie Taylor Greene is a hateful transphobic bigot. [Towleroad]
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I don’t know, will you watch The Blended Bunch? [Starcasm]

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  1. ravynrobyn says:

    I already have two “trips” planned post(??) pandemic: In June, seeing Les Miserables;; in November, seeing Donny Osmond (don’t shame me!) in Las Vegas .

    Think they’ll both be postponed, hopefully not cancelled 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞

    • Tiffany says:

      I will not. I heard that Donny gives a great show.

      You know who I saw perform and it blew me away, that’s right Greg Brady himself, Barry Williams.

      He was hosting an event I was volunteering at and he amazing. Great songs, had the hosting aspect down pact, knew how to work the room.

      • Becks1 says:

        I would love to see Donny perform!

        My dad’s music taste growing up was a lot of the Doors, Cream, Led Zeppelin – but he said that one of the best concerts he went to was when my mom dragged him to see Neil Diamond (this was decades ago, not recently). and he said he was just such a good performer, there was such energy. There’s a lot to be said IMO for someone who just knows how to work the room like Tiffany said.

      • Holly hobby says:

        Greg Brady took professional singing lessons as an adult. I bet he’s good.

      • badrockandroll says:

        I saw Donny O in “Joseph and the Amazing… ” and I swear to god, he was looking at me and smiling at me (me!) the whole time, like he knew I wore purple socks just for him back in the day!

    • Zen says:

      I saw the Donny & Marie in Las Vegas in 2018! They have super stage presence: funny & talented. Donny is the better dancer but Marie is the better singer. I really enjoyed their show.

  2. Leah says:

    She’s just an awful person and she needs to be sent packing. I heard that they are starting their investigation into 1/6 so I hope she’s implicated and they vote to expel her (they have done this before, just after the civil war broke out).

    Also she shouldn’t be allowed to paste signs up in the hallways like that. The Capitol building belongs to the people and as one of the people I find that sign to be disgusting and transphobic.

    • Monika says:

      Leah… She put that sign in the hallway like that, because the Democratic congresswoman, put a Trans flag in the hallway just to provoke her!! So if they allow people to put flags in the hallway… They cannot stop anyone with replying with a sign!!

      • KL says:

        “just to provoke her”

        Congressman Marie Newman has a transgender daughter. The flag in itself is a symbol of support, safety, and community. It means so much more than sticking a thumb in a colleague’s eye.

      • Rapunzel says:

        Monika- the trans flag would only be provoking to a transphobic a-hole.

      • Jensies says:

        Monika…or Gina Carano or whoever you are, a flag in support of trans and non-binary folks is not “provoking” unless you’re a transphobic a**hole. Go troll elsewhere.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        ” if they allow people to put flags in the hallway…”

        Um, did you not see where she put the Trans rights flag in a flag holder that was bolted to the wall? There are many flags in the hallway. Do you not see Greene putting her sign next to a flag?

        Greene’s sign was hateful and ignorant, and anyone that defends her should be ashamed and embarrassed.

      • Oy_Hey says:

        So not assuming anyone’s politics here but the congresswoman that “provoked” Greene has a trans child and has to have her office next to a known bigot and likely 1/6 co-conspirator. Also how does preaching acceptance to all, especially as the parent of one of Greene’s targets, the same as telling people their gender is invalid with a literal sing. Tolerance and acceptance kinda have to set the limit at, you know, intolerance…

      • Va Va Kaboom says:

        Both things are true. Yes, Newsome did it in support of Trans people AND she purposefully provoked MTG by the manner she did it in.

        MTG is a flagrant bigot and transphobe who reacts to everything in the most hateful way possible. Newsome is neither an idiot nor oblivious… she knew MTG would react and she did. The incident has MTG showing her petty bigoted ass to the world again and garnering more support for the Equality Act. Hopefully that will help undermine her efforts to stop it.

        Hence the video of her explaining why she’s putting up the flag and (kind of smugly) wiping her hands. She was publicly taunting MTG. If it was just in support of her daughter and other trans people she wouldn’t have made that video about it.

        Side note: I won’t lie, I’m side-eyeing Newsome a little bit for not having the Trans flag on display from the beginning.

      • Rapunzel says:

        Va Va Kaboom- the trans flag should not be provoking. And even if provoked, two wrongs don’t make a right. Such whataboutism is a logical fallacy, and ” she started it” is the kindergarten defense of a toddler.

        There’s no excusing MTG, period. And Newman’s actions in putting up a trans flag don’t deserve to be questioned in this manner. Side eye yourself, please.

      • Leah says:


        “ Trans flag in the hallway just to provoke her!!

        It’s a flag, it’s not a transphobic sign. The halls of the Capitol building are not the side of a circus tent where every clown can paste whatever pops into their head in 50 pt letters. The building belongs to the American people, that includes everyone not just people that MTG chooses to recognize as an American.

        To add, Greene is a traitor (she was involved in the insurrection on 1/6) and I cannot believe that you are defending her like this. If she’s offended by a trans flag perhaps she should pack it in and go home.

      • Va Va Kaboom says:

        Rapunzel Let be clear, I don’t think Newman did anything wrong nor am I excusing what MTG did. I’m simply being honest that Newman went about her show of support in a way that seems designed to provoke the known bigot into showing her ass again. Of course the Trans flag shouldn’t be provoking. But it is to transphobes and you don’t display one outside the office a known transphobe without knowing she’s going to react.

        I refuse to pretend it wasn’t just as much a political move as it is a show of support. Hopefully, the overwhelming backlash works to undermine MTG’s efforts to quash the Equality Act.

        (I just realized I called her Newsome in my other comment 🤦🏻‍♀️)

      • Jaded says:

        @Monika – Newman has been with her daughter, supporting her and loving her, all throughout her transition. She is legitimately proud of her daughter’s strength and willpower, and in this day and age when Trump and his fart-catchers are clearly trying to curtail LGBTQ+ people in the military, government, etc., people have to fight back openly and show their PRIDE in these people. Greene’s anti-LGBTQ+ stances are well-known and have been for a long time. She has been quoted saying “Trans does not mean gender change, it just means a gender refusal and gender pretending,” she said in a social media post. “Truth is truth, it is not a choice!!!” Greene even showed up at the Drag Queen Story Hour in person and in a 90-minute Facebook live rant, she referred to the event as “an attack on our children” and called the drag queen reading books to children as “an abomination.” More recently, Greene has also referred to trans girls as “biological males” on Twitter, a well-worn talking point used by trans exclusionary radical feminists (TERFs) and anti-trans trolls.

        You’re telling us that Newman’s posting of a trans flag is inappropriate?! Publicly demeaning LGBTQ+ people is a far more serious offense.

      • LaraK says:

        Va Va Kaboom specifically said it was NOT inappropriate. She specifically said Newman did nothing wrong.
        Read better please. Don’t gaslight time make your point.

        And the point that the flag was a political move AS WELL as a show of support should be obvious. Both can be true.

      • Indywom says:

        Funny how her sign said to support the science while she was not wearing a mask.

    • Snappyfish says:

      Her sign shows her stupidity. Sex and gender are different concepts that are often used interchangeably. Plus her opinion, which is what her sign indicated, means nothing & was an inappropriate response to something that didn’t concern her

  3. Emm says:

    This is exactly the type of “difference of opinion” that Gina Carano and all the rest of them are talking about. They want to be able to hate and marginalize who they want but you can’t love and include them.

  4. Stacy Dresden says:

    She is just so dumb and evil. Great representative of the GOP actually.

  5. Watson says:

    This is just disgusting. This woman needs to grow up.

  6. Tiffany :) says:

    I read on CNN that Lady Gaga’s dog walker was shot last night, and they stole 2 of her 3 dogs! Apparently they didn’t know they were Gaga’s dogs, but were probably targeted because they are French Bulldogs. The dog walker survived and is in the hospital.

    • Christina510 says:

      I saw this too. We have always had frenchies and the crime surrounding their abductions is getting terrifying! So sad. I hope they are recovered safely and the dog walker is ok.

  7. fluffy_bunny says:

    I have a June 2022 Baltic cruise booked. It was originally scheduled for 2020 and then rescheduled for 2021 and now is in 2022. I’ll get there eventually even if I have to keep moving it from year to year. The only thing that will stop me is the total collapse of the cruise industry.

  8. salmonpuff says:

    Important context: Marie Newman has a transgender daughter. Taylor-Greene is not just being generally hateful. She is also being pointedly cruel. As is par for the modern-day GOP. I’m so, so tired of their petty, ignorant, mean, hypocritical, gaslighting, woe-is-me shenanigans.

    • Sparky says:

      Actually, the context is a smidge different.

      Rep Newman tweeted this first: “Our neighbor, @RepMTG, tried to block the Equality Act because she believes prohibiting discrimination against trans Americans is “disgusting, immoral, and evil.” Thought we’d put up our Transgender flag so she can look at it every time she opens her door.” The tweet included a video of the Rep placing the flag in its holder and then doing the same hand wiping action.

      Then in response MTG put up her dumbass sign. And, for the record, ole holier than thou MTG was involved in an adulterous affair for quite some time.

      • Jaded says:

        So I’ve read. From Jezebel last year…

        Greene often describes herself as a wife, a mother, and a Christian and as someone who will bring those values to D.C. But according to Jim Chambers, the former owner of the CrossFit gym that Greene took over, it seems part of Greene’s family values is sleeping with men who are not her husband. From the New Yorker:

        “[W]hen the former gym owner, Jim Chambers, first met Greene, he got the sense that it “had kind of taken her life over,” he told me. “She had a lot of time and a lot of money,” he said, and also a vague ambition, as he saw it, “to run a gym.” When, eight years later, it looked like she might be headed to Congress, Chambers got on social media and told the world that, back when he knew Greene, she was having “multiple, blatant extramarital affairs in front of all of us.” He added, “I don’t even judge that, until you say the kind of shit she does and claim that Jesus is all about it too.”

      • The Recluse says:

        If Marjorie submitted to Biblical standards for reals, she and the men she slept around with would be in big trouble. She’s a hypocrite.

  9. Jordana says:

    I’m not American, but am I had the impression that there is a separation of church and state, and the American Constitution makes absolutely no statement on a nationally imposed religion….so, whenever I see an american elected official making their argument “God created____ , and so therefore I am right”.
    I just don’t understand.
    Freedom of religion, yes. Right to impose said religion on everyone: No.
    She literally made her argument based on a premise that her religion supercedes everyone and everything.

    • Piratewench says:

      I am American and I have spent my entire adult life trying to understand how this is in any way acceptable. I want all the religion OUT OF my government.
      Can you imagine if I got elected and started making decisions for my constituents based on my own interpretation of the words of the Buddha? What if someone went into congress saying she was making decisions based on the Koran, or constantly quoting from the Vedas? People would lose their ever-loving minds.
      As an American and a historian who understands the enlightenment upon which our government is actually based, it is like nails on a chalkboard to hear all the religion in politics. And to hear Americans say that we are a “Christian nation”. It’s also sad because it slows us down and holds us back.

      • Sunnydaze says:

        @piratewench, could not agree more! Exactly why I refuse to say the “under god” in the pledge (aside from the fact it’s not even original to the pledge * facepalm*!). Can you imagine a standard of swearing on the constitution as opposed to the bible?! Dare to dream…

    • whatWHAT? says:

      “Freedom of religion, yes. Right to impose said religion on everyone: No.
      She literally made her argument based on a premise that her religion supercedes everyone and everything.”

      no, you DO understand, perfectly. you have it right.

      it’s bigots like MTG that have it wrong. she has the right to practice what-the-f*ck-ever religion she wants to. but she does NOT have the right to apply her religion’s rules to the rule of law. nor does she have the right to force all Americans to subscribe to her religion and live by it’s rules.

    • LaraK says:

      Freedom of religion, yes. But part of the problem is that God is actually quite present in a lot of formal documents and procedures, and by default God means the Christian definition since the founding fathers are Christian. Some examples:
      – swearing on the Bible at inauguration
      – “in God we trust” on money
      – “God bless the USA” at, like, everything, especially the state of the union address
      Etc, etc.
      I think many take “freedom of religion” to mean “I get to be as extreme Christian as I want, and you can’t stop me”

  10. Tiffany says:

    And it gets better, Congresswoman Newman posted on her Twitter account that Facebook removed one of her posts with her placing the LGBTQ flag in her office for support,

    But Nutjob’s post is still on there.

    • Sparky says:

      I just saw Rep. Newman’s tweet with the video of her placing the flag outside her office. I guess it’s back up?

    • badrockandroll says:

      It was removed as “hate speech”. I reported MTG’s post as hate speech. The I reported it as health misinformation. I was informed (twice) that it did not violate community standards. More than ever, I do not want Mark Zucherberg defining any community and I do not want MTG an anti-vaxxer, anti-mask moron misinterpreting what science says about anything.

  11. Elizabeth says:

    What a sad commentary on politics that hatred and religious extremism can propel this unqualified conspiracy theorist to national office. I’m so sick of it,

    • Betsy says:

      She was propelled into office with a lot of help from the GOP. This is who they are and what they love.

  12. Piratewench says:

    Qanon is into transphobia big time. You have to be a special kind of arrogant, hateful, unthinking bigot to be against trans rights and protections. So, those are exactly the ones being grouped together by Qanon. I have some family members who are transphobic and I am so repulsed, they are so blatant about it at this point I can’t even consider them my own people anymore. And they are also conspiracy nuts like the shameful congresswoman here.
    The far right is a group of people who are full of hate and missing a “shame” chip. You have to be ashamed for them, they won’t do it themselves. Marjorie Taylor Greene has no shame and lots of hate. It is truly repulsive.

  13. Jennifer says:

    Reviving Ophelia radicalized me. It was the first book to point out how toxic the cultural messaging was at the time. It’s striking to see how women and girls were portrayed in the sixties/seventies tv shows and how they were in the 90s. Congratulations to all of who survived overprescribed Prozac, pro-bulimia articles in women’s magazines and all the other horrible shit late Gen-X early millennials experienced without effective pushback. Those scars make us strong today.

  14. Ann says:

    I agree. I won’t give her, Trump, and all those other nut jobs my time. They live and breathe on the attention.

  15. Ann says:

    And I can not wait for that Tina Turner doc! I don’t know anything about her other than the Ike drama!

    • Alarmjaguar says:

      That trailer brought tears to my eyes! I love Tina and remember the amazing biopic with the incredible Angela Bassett when I was in high school (had to look it up 1993, so I was just out of HS), What’s Love Got to Do With It. Damn, I can not wait until March 27!

      I’m not even going to comment on the disgusting hate emanating from Rep Greene.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Read her autobiography, “I, Tina”. It’s terrific.

  16. Miranda says:

    Traitor, transphobe, xenophobe, bigot…I cant keep track of all her honorary titles anymore. Cant we just call her a c— and be done with it? It’s nice and succinct.

    (And I know some women don’t care for that word, but I think we need it precisely because of people like her.)

    • whatWHAT? says:

      I use that word for some people, too. it’s a strong word and I only reserve it for the worst of the worst.

      and I’d use it for her, for sure. she’s awful.

    • Betsy says:

      No, I won’t use that word because I don’t use women’s genitalia as insult. It’s “not liking the word,” it’s not wanting to denigrate women.

  17. Betsy says:

    Ill play along with her: let’s pretend that gender is the same thing as biological sex.

    Some children are born with ambiguous genitals. Some children are born with both. There aren’t just two sexes.

    • Rapunzel says:

      Betsy, yes! I am an intersex woman (born with Turner’s syndrome). This reductionist gender/sex “biology” is personally insulting. It’s junk science.

  18. TeeBee says:

    I know this is an oversimplification of the issues at hand, but the more these rightwingnutbars are goaded and called out the more disgusting and determined they are to stir the pot. These are stunts, they are for attention, and they love it. No calling out or criticism will get this behaviour to stop. I know it is almost impossible to ignore these people, but unfortunately, the reaction is exactly what they want. Therefore, I have no solution. Only hope that the people who support them are actually a small number of Americans, and that when it comes to making your ire heard, it will only be at the polls.

  19. Ann says:

    The Tiger Woods article is interesting. The way he was treated after the cheating scandal really was disgustingly racist, which they implied in the documentary.

    And yeah, MTG can bite me. Get that woman the Hell out of my government.

  20. Lynne says:

    She did it solely for the publicity.

  21. Midge says:

    I thought Garrett Hedlund was a god in his Kiki days. On fire. Now he just seems like a big mess to me. I see a future of dysfunction in this relationship.

  22. teehee says:

    God did not make genders.

    Mankind has made genders.

    God has made biological sexes. And sometimes, those biological sexes are not clean cut or functional, either; the body can and does betray the spirit.

    And only mankind has an “issue” when someone doesn’t fit neatly into culturally defined gender roles and expectations.

    (I am not personally religious, but I just want to point out that she cant even be right at being wrong)

  23. NotSoSocialButterfly says:

    Ah, remember the good old days when Michelle Bachman was the only bat-sh*t crazy repub woman disgracing herself publicly.

  24. nah says:

    As a trans woman, please, I beg of you. Use the word transmisogyny it is what this is. This is not transphobic, this is not LGBTQphobic. It is about trans women.

    Umbrella terms are useful, but there are times when we must be specific and call a spade a spade.

    This monster attacked a trans girl. She used the same tired defense about “protecting women and girls”. This is transmisogyny.

    At times it feels like people water down specific instances of transmisogyny and avoid saying the word because transmisogyny isn’t important or awful by itself so you have to make it about everything but trans women. I’m not saying that’s the intention behind the articles or the replies. But it feels like it and I am tired.