Prince William & Kate are ‘utterly aghast’ at the Sussexes’ Oprah interview

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attend the EE British Academy Film Awards ceremony at the Royal Albert Hall.

Have you noticed how little we’ve seen of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in the past two or three weeks? They were so happy just doing one or two Zoom calls a week and excitedly announcing their secret plans to be keen at a future date. Then all of the Sussex news came out and suddenly William and Kate aren’t Zooming themselves to the bone. The last time we saw Kate was on February 12, in a Zoom call to Little Village baby bank. I saw one royal reporter note that the Zoom actually happened like a week beforehand and they only released it that week to make Kate seem busy. In reality, she hasn’t done a damn thing in two weeks. But remember, Top CEO! She’s exhausted from working so much! William, on the other hand, did an in-person vaccination event on Monday. He only spoke about his grandfather, not his brother, not his sister-in-law, not his nephew. William and Kate seem to think they can just make do with releasing information about how one of them is incandescent with rage. Here’s a new one: Will and Kate are “utterly aghast.”

Royally offended. Prince William and Duchess Kate are “appalled” by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s decision to air their grievances in a televised interview, a source exclusively reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly.

“It’s just beyond the pale for William and Kate, especially in light of the dreadful timing with [Prince] Philip in the hospital,” the insider adds. “They are utterly aghast.”

The upcoming tell-all is set to air on Sunday, March 7, and will mark the first time Harry, 36, and the Suits alum, 39, will give a major interview since stepping back from their senior royal roles last year. During the “no-holds-barred” conversation, the couple will discuss the reason behind their royal exit, their future projects and Meghan’s pregnancy, which was announced earlier this month.

“They won’t talk negatively about Prince William and Duchess Kate,” a separate source says. “They don’t want to put any more fuel on that fire.”

[From Us Weekly]

“Beyond the pale” is such an interesting idiom to use here. And again with the “but Prince Philip” argument. If Will and Kate cared so much about Philip’s hospitalization, surely they would visit him? Or maybe withdraw themselves from the televised pre-Commonwealth Day BBC spectacular, out of respect for Philip’s condition? No? Oh, okay. Yes, they’re “utterly aghast” that they bullied and abused the Sussexes and now they can’t control the Sussexes. I hope Meghan does say some sh-t. I know she’s too classy to pull out all of her receipts, but God, I would love it.


British Royals attend Trooping The Colour - The Queen's official birthday parade

Photos courtesy of WENN, Avalon Red and Backgrid.

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  1. Noki says:

    The guilty are always afraid.

    • VS says:

      Exactly! if they have done nothing (CW service anyone…cough cough) then Incandescent with Rage with his assistant/top CEO should be fine, right?

    • 809Matriarch says:

      Proverbs 28:1 The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion.

    • STH says:

      Yes. It makes zero sense to be mad about an interview that has not happened yet, unless, you are scared that all of your skeletons are about to fall out of the royal closet and do a jig for the masses.

      • Yvette says:

        @STH … They did the same thing before the release of “Finding Freedom.” One ‘does’ have to wonder why William and Cate are always so nervous about what Harry and Meghan might say.

      • bettyrose says:

        And Finding Freedom was nothing compared to this. Not only was it not written by them, it was mostly written before they had the freedom to tell their true stories. Still, I just don’t see H & M going scorched earth or naming names. They aren’t looking for revenge, just to tell about their own experiences and what lead to this new life of theirs. (Personally, I’d love to hear all the dirt and wouldn’t think less of them for dishing it, but I just don’t think that’s who they are).

    • Where'sMyTiara says:

      Workshy Wanderdick and the Wiglet Wonder have so much time to run to the tabloids of late… are they sure that’s not what’s “exhausting” them, rather than homeschooling and Zooming?

      You’d think they’d be too busy with their Public Service to stop and beg for sympathy every three minutes.

      Oy, Cambridges, if there’s this many gaps in your schedule, maybe get your handlers to schedule you some time with a therapist, so you can sort your sh*t. Because you look unhinged right now, and that’s not really a good look for “The Future of The Monarchy”!

    • Coco says:

      They show their asses every single time. Their pr people are such amateurs.

    • missskitttin says:

      They are so guilty, feel so responsible of whatever it is they did that they are terrified to the bone. How do they know they will “air out their grievances” during the interview? They have a lot od great things going on to fill up the interview allotted time without even mentioning the RF!

  2. Merricat says:

    Lol. Truth will out.

    • bettyrose says:

      Merricat –

      First, I don’t think I’ve gushed recently about how much I love your name (and I’m always tempted to offer you a cup of tea).

      Second, I think you’re right that “truth will out” but I’m so curious to see how that happens. They don’t have to call out anyone in particular to set the tone that they left behind a dusty institution to step into the modern world, which still puts an emphasis on “dusty institution.”

  3. HeatherC says:

    Apparently only William is allowed to talk about Harry, or brief the media against him. If Harry talks about Harry, why indeed that must be very ghastly indeed.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      The list of people allowed to talk about Harry:
      -Racist rota rats
      -Racist and bloated TV presenters
      -His brother aka NotHarry aka Willcandescent aka Baldilocks aka Rosebush trimmer
      -His brother’s mother in law and her press cronies
      -His brother’s wife’s drug addled family members
      - The other duchess
      - His wife’s estranged father
      - The other daughter
      -Decrepit ex army generals
      - Useless Members of Parliament
      - Ineffective and corrupt UK government ministers
      - The orange and bloated ex president of the United States
      -Other members of the royal family
      - Spurned ex girlfriends
      - Racist online trolls
      - Distant, irrelevant relatives
      - Random ‘friends’ of his late mother

      • Sunshine says:

        Elizabeth this is true. I’m so happy they will be speaking for themselves. No middlemen.

        I hope they make that very clear as well.

  4. SarahCS says:

    Is ‘utterly aghast’ the new version of incandescent/blindsided but combined?

    • Miranda says:

      It’s the fancy people version. I’m pretty sure that only the British upper classes are legally allowed to be “aghast” at something. Peasants have to settle for “pissed off”.

  5. Commonwealthy says:

    “Utterly aghast” is such a refreshing use of language, makes a change from “incandscent with rage”, “blindsided” and “never put a foot wrong.”

    Related: “stripped of [titles/patronages]“

    • L84Tea says:

      Something tells me they’ve picked up on the fact that William sounds like a rage monster every time they use that phrase and are trying a different approach…

      • Merricat says:

        Agreed. At this point, William and Kate have become cartoons.

      • Commonwealthy says:

        Haha it took them long enough if so! I think it’s quite revealing/concerning/disturbing about the conservative (media/courtiers/royalist) mindset that William being “incandescent with rage” and Kate crying over tights (the story of it, not the fact of it) were such big stories *against* the Sussexes. Rage and tears make W&K look SO bad to anyone who values emotional maturity and other people’s boundaries, and yet these were considered valid reactions from W&K, repeated by their staff and media plants ad nauseum. Harry is/was supposed to cower in the face of William’s rage. Meghan was supposed to be feathered and tarred for “making” Kate cry her precious white woman tears over childrens’ clothing at a wedding that wasn’t hers. Like, what kind of patriarchical/sexist/racist nonsense is this?

      • Dee Kay says:

        @Commonwealthy Very well said. WTF kinds of reactions are these even to have — let alone publicize widely?!?!?!

      • February-Pisces says:

        I love the fact that they read all the comments about Willie being ‘incandescent with rage’ and how it’s been turned into his catchphrase. Just like ‘top ceo’ and the “Keenbridges’. We will now turn ‘utterly aghast’ into a new slogan if we have to, lol.

  6. Angel says:

    I am a very naive person in general but I still don’t believe this prince William bullied prince harry narrative. Ok Prince William doesn’t give a damn about helping his brother and sister- in-law we can all kinda see it but the real person bullying them is queen Elizabeth honestly. If prince William had any type of power prince Andrew would have been kicked to the curb. But Queen Elizabeth wanted him protected and she threw Meghan and Harry under the bus for that. She is the one calling all the shots and bullying people.

    • Becks1 says:

      I think the Queen is the chief bully, but William definitely has power and control. By most accounts, Charles was the one who pushed for Andrew to be removed from duties and William supported that decision. Andrew is still the Queen’s son and he’s her favorite, so she’s only going to let them do so much, but she didnt even want him removed from public duties and probably to this day thinks he’s been done wrong by Charles.

      some sources say that Charles was okay with the half-in half-out proposal and William refused.

      It’s also really obvious that William was the one leaking to the press (or his staff was with his full approval) and we know that the tabloid abuse was one of the big factors in H&M’s decision to leave.

      The Queen is an awful person, but so is William (and so is Charles, but I think in the family dynamic it comes out in a different way.)

    • Tiffany says:

      *stares in ‘are you serious with this’*

      • lucy2 says:

        Yeah I have to agree. I don’t follow the royal stuff that closely, it’s all a little exhausting to me, but even I am aware of stuff William has done against H&M.

      • Myra says:

        If anything, he was the first bully and after the mess he had created, Elisabeth and Charles had no choice but to go along with it. That’s not to say that Elisabeth isn’t without fault, but she wasn’t the one to start all this. William did. The mess they have today is all because of him. He is the only one who allegedly tried to stop the wedding, whose staff was briefing the media against Meghan, who has given direct quotes to the media about how he feels about Harry and who allegedly prevented Meghan from having access to royal jewellery. Then he has the gall to sign Harry’s name to his statement that he never bullied Harry. The media rightly called him a bully once.

      • L84Tea says:

        @Myra, he signed Harry’s name?? I don’t remember that!

      • Myra says:

        I remember they sent out a statement claiming to also be from Harry saying that William did not bully him. Except that Harry no longer operated out of KP and IIRC had already announced he was leaving.

    • Osty says:

      If Wilson wasn’t a bully or in support of, then why didn’t he fire his blabber mouth staff who leaked information about Meghan ti Dan wootton and the others? Why didn’t he n his assistant correct the ridiculous Meghan made Kate cry from the palace, why was KP staff so eager to leak awful information about Meghan?

    • Angel says:

      I simply have a hard time to believe someone would hurt their only brother, their blood like this. Especially after what happened with their mother. Prince Harry is a way better person than me because after all of this he went on tv and said that he loved his brother and that he would always be there for him despite everything. And I still believe Queen Elizabeth is still responsible of all of this, if she wanted all of this family drama to be over, it would be over by now.

      • Snazzy says:

        you’d be surprised. My sister has done it to me over and over again, so we don’t speak anymore. People think that because they are family they wouldn’t hurt each other … in fact it’s the opposite. People think that because they are family they can do what they want and will always be forgiven.

      • Becks1 says:

        Some people are awful people and dont care who they hurt.

        I do think that if the queen wanted this family drama to be over, it would be over, but I think the queen also didnt realize the extent of William’s bullying (I’m still convinced that Harry showed her receipts of his leaks to the Sun etc). I also am of the theory that William often threatens to walk away as well and he gets whatever he wants as a result. (I dont think he would, but I think he threatens it.)

      • Amy Bee says:

        Nah, it’s clear for all to see that William bullied Harry.

      • Nic919 says:

        This is a brother who hasn’t congratulated his brother on the pregnancy nor has he expressed sympathy to the miscarriage. He also said nothing when the media was attacking his sister in law with racist stories and he barely congratulated them when Archie was born.

        I find it quite easy to believe that he’s an asshole to his brother, especially when the entire family and institution has always placed him above his younger brother.

        This has never been a normal family.

      • Couch potato says:

        It’s clear as day, Will is behind a lot of this. It’s hard for people who have grown up with a loving, caring family to understand how f.. up some people are.

        It is ultimately the queens responsibility, yes, but I’m pretty sure Petty Betty don’t know the half of what’s going on. She’s 94 y.o. Her main interests has always been her horses and hounds, not people. She’s not a “natural leader” and she’s repeatedly demonstrated she’s out of touch with “the plebs”. The family are on their best behaviour around mum/granny, and then they hang out with Epstein, drink beers and talk shit about your brother/SIL with tabloid reporters, get your toe sucked in open, make shady deals etc. The courtiers are her gatekeepers. She gets her info through them, and you can bet they’re cherry picking what they present to her, so she makes “the right” decisions. This is NOT a defence of her. She is the one on top. She could and should have stopped this a long time ago, but she’s not strong enough and she’s trained to think the heir is important, the spare is not.

      • ABritGuest says:

        Sorry to disappoint you but an ex Times editor is on record saying how William was talking bad about Harry& to him & saying how he couldn’t put his arm around him anymore. That quote then made the papers when Sussexit was announced. It also gave more credence to this Times article 2 years ago that said William was meeting with editors in preparation for being king & that this coincided with the same papers’ coverage on Meghan’s Toxic Dad, SIDING WITH THE PALACE against Harry & Meghan.

        I personally think most of the nasty press was designed to get Meghan to leave& perhaps there was the feeling without Meghan in Harry’s life- the brothers could repair their relationship& things could get back to ‘normal’ for Harry in royal life. That’s why I think the year review was brought forward & patronages etc were stripped just after the baby sussex 2 pregnancy announcement made it clear that this year away had not broken the Sussexes up.

        All this talk makes all the zoom calls that people like Omid claimed were happening seem very unfeasible. I bet there will be lots of pressure on proper reconciliation soon because the press will want the Sussexes (particularly the kiddies) at royal events going forward like Trooping and the jubilee next year.

      • Jaded says:

        My only sibling, an older sister, bullied me from the time I came out of the womb to her death in 1989. I hadn’t spoken to her in a year things were so bad. So yes, it is believable that William (‘Billy the Basher’ as his mother called him) is a jealous, mean-spirited pr*ck who treated his brother like a scapegoat and punching bag, and has stabbed him in the back again and again.

      • RoyalBlue says:

        1. Please look at the commonwealth day service of 2020 again.
        2. William used George as a shield by leaking a story of George telling someone his name was Archie, months before Archie was born.
        3. William’s staff were colluding with the press to try and win their case against Meghan.
        3. William and his wife have been trying unsuccessfully to one up the Sussexes since they peaced out. If Harry donates, William announces he donates. If the Sussexes have plants in the background, suddenly some appear in the Cambridges’ zooms. If Meghan is styled wearing a suit with sleek locks, Kate jumps in with the same.
        4. william was so upset he refused to sup with Harry and his grandmother, the Queen, before the Sandringham Summit.
        5. After the first fabulous four interview, there has never been another. William was incandescent with rage with how Harry’s wife showed up his wife.
        6.There are many many leaks through William’s mouthpiece, Wooten, that will tell you how he feels.

        list goes on.

      • UptownGirl says:

        @ Becks1, you always have a solid take on PWT and his repulsive behaviour. I agree, I wouldn’t he surprised if he went to TQ and threatened to quit only to get his way. Wilcndescent has historically been abusive and a bully to the point that he even treats his own father in an abusive manipulate manner. For someone who is the FFK, I think the British public will be in for rude wakening once he becomes king. There will be zero control over him and he will certainly rule in a manner that will only benefit him. For forty years his behaviour has been allowed and no one holds him accountable.
        As for TQ, she is the only one that could have put the petulant child in his place, but she hasn’t and has no intention of doing so. The fact of the matter, is that hopefully PWT will start to unravel at his own making. And when that happens, he will only have himself to blame.

      • MJM says:

        Fun fact: most of the shittiest people are brother or sister to someone and have treated said siblings poorly. See it a lot in fact. Plus the BRF are in no way a normal family despite the image they try to project to the contrary.

      • February-Pisces says:

        I would love to give William the benefit of the doubt but too much has happened. If your still in doubt look back at harry and meghans wedding, the part where harry is saying his vows. Neither William or Kate bothered to even look up once at harry, the same guy they claimed to love so much. Kate doesn’t bother to glance over at all, not once.

        I don’t know what Meghan was suppose to have done that was so bad for them to treat her like this on their wedding day. All they could say is that the ‘don’t trust her’ based on nothing but their own fears, which is understandable based on their position.

        But harry made his choice and they could have atleast been nice . In fact so much heartache could have been save if only the keens were just nice. But no, a smear campaign, planning to break up a family and thus destroy apart of the monarchy in the process was the option their went for.

      • BeanieBean says:

        Oh, family knows best how to hurt you, they know your weak spots.

      • MA says:

        @angel It happens all the time. Look at what Meghan’s own father did to her. The royals are no better than us in fact most of them have shown to be worse and more twisted

      • missskitttin says:

        @Snazzy: I had you. I had to cut off contact with my sister for her toxic, BPD ways. I look back and this is the best self care decision I ever took. Enough damage!

      • PrincessK says:

        Remember that when William was asked how he felt about becoming an Uncle for the first time, he said he was already an Uncle to Pippa’s child……that comment told me everything l needed to know…

    • Couch potato says:

      @Becks1 already covered Will’s bullying through the media so I won’t repet that. It’s been painfully obvious a lot of the stories came from KP.

      A close look at the video from the commonwealth service shows WHY Harry was so angry. Will only said “hallo Harry”, he didn’t greet Meghan when he and KatieKeen arrived. You can se Harry get’s angry, and say something along the lines of: “heonly said Harry, he only said hallo Harry” to Meghan. He also said something about “let’s get out of here”. I don’t remember verbatim, but it was clear that Will didn’t greet Meghan AT ALL! Not greeting your brothers spouse is bullying (both Harry and Meghan)in my eyes. The only reason he stayed was because Meghan told him not to. We can’t see what she’s saying because she had her head away from the camera facing Harry, but you can se by her hand movements she’s calming him down.

      • Nic919 says:

        And the look of death Harry gives William in the procession out certainly confirms he was angry.

      • Couch potato says:

        Yeah Nic919, it’s probably the closest H’s ever been to incandescent of rage! He’s angry, Meghan looks serenely calm and Camilla looks like she’s got a nice wind blowing up her hoo-ha.

      • Lilly (with the double-L) says:

        @Couch potato LMAO thanks for the wind blowing comment. I also picture a flask of gin and a garter. I also think it’s very clear, because toxic family survivor recognize toxic family members. I still try and believe in redemption, but I don’t believe incandescent wasn’t a bully/entitled/the ffk wants to speak to the manager.

      • Elizabeth Regina says:

        I absolutely agree @couch potato. Willcandescent did all that in full PUBLIC view. Harry leaving is HUGE. He came to the realisation that his family’s disgusting treatment of Megan will only get worse and he bravely decided to distance himself from the crap.

      • Nyro says:

        Wow, I’ve never looked that closely at the video but I was struck that Harry was ready to leave immediately after the Cambridges snubbed Meghan. On live tv!! He is Done playing games with the Wind word and it’s clear he put his foot down and has boundaries when it comes to their treatment of Meghan.

      • UptownGirl says:

        @ Elizabeth Regina, the fact that Incandescent with rage and Lazy Doolittle publicly shunned and displayed such unprofessional and disrespectful manners at CW, proved that even those with 2 working brain cells and eyes could clearly see who the true bullies are in this entire fiasco from the word go.
        And if TQ and Charles think that PWT will grow up and be a the type of king he needs to be, they are certainly delusional in their thinking.

      • Lemons says:

        @Nyro, Thank you for linking to that video! The background music is hilarious.

      • Where'sMyTiara says:

        Before the Commonwealth Incident, there were other signs. The Ant & Dec interview at Highgrove. William needling his brother and putting him down on camera. Harry tries to play it off, as he’s been taught to by the family (obvious deference there to Charles who is part of the interview).

        There was also this interview of the two of them, both in flight suits.
        William outright lies about Harry and Harry corrects him on camera. William goes on to bully him about being ginger but Harry claps back on William losing his hair.
        They try to pass it off as good natured joshing, but there’s a frisson of tension there because William is clearly bullying him publicly, and Harry is clearly not having it:

      • PrincessK says:

        William has constantly been putting Harry down all his life, and William hates Meghan because she was not having it.

    • swirlmamad says:

      William has never shown or spoken one iota of support for his brother. EVER. Harry is always the one saying things like “it’s difficult but we’ll always be brothers.” I don’t think Will nor Kate have ever even uttered Archies name in public. It’s quite easy to believe that Will has been horrible to his brother and an utter bully.

      • Harper says:

        Will is a bully. Why does everyone have to tiptoe around this tyrant? Being a “king” in this day and age is a joke– Will can’t chop off anyone’s head for coming up against him and let’s see him try and leave royal life. If Charles can be humiliated with his innermost tampon desires being broadcast to the world, somebody someday is going to let loose on William, and deservedly so. Everyone is assuming that Harry & Meghan won’t go there, but they have a right to say how they felt and exactly who stirred everything up, and I wish they would.

      • PrincessK says:

        Yes, they have never said anything nice about little Archie….

    • Tessa says:

      To me William’s PR stunt about the commercial jet was the turning point, I could not stand him after that and was convinced he was actively putting down his brother and had been for a while. That stunt was the most horrible display even bringing the small children into it. The two looked like the VOn Trapps escaping with the children and the luggage when they dashed out of the plane. ANd it backfired because the commercial jet had to make an extra trip for them. From then on I was turned off totally. I do believe he said awful things about Meghan to Harry. And Kate never denied to gossip about Meghan not following (PRO TO COL).

  7. Carol says:

    So we are going with US Weekly has sources from BOTH camps?

    • Carmen-JamRock says:

      usLIESweakly doesnt know shit. But, as with yellow journalism everywhere, theyre good at making pies out of shit. And there are literally millions of people all over the world who are indiscriminate pie eaters.
      C’est la vie.

    • Greywacke says:

      I was going say that this mag has proven time and time again it has no real sources. It isn’t even a credible enough publication for sources to go to. It is one step above the bat boy tabloid rags in the U.S. Clearly People is the go to plant stories.

  8. Harper says:

    Is this William’s new private secretary realizing that being incandescent with anger all the time is not a good look and redirecting the verbiage to “utterly aghast” and “beyond the pale?” So much more statesmanlike to be aghast than a raging bully.

    • Rocķy says:

      He is coming off more and more like an out of touch old lady. They may want to reconsider that approach

    • PrincessK says:

      Absolutely….this was a quick PR move because the support for the Sussexes is growing all the time.

  9. newmenow says:

    Utterly aghast….hahaha

    I like the yellow outfit and cute hat on Kate.
    More royal jewelry, please.

    I am only pro BRF because of the royal jewelry. lol
    The rest of it has all turned a bit The Young and The Restless for me.

    TGIF in 24 hrs = yay!

  10. Mila says:

    Show me them calling Kate ‘Duchess Kate’ and Duchess Meghan ‘Meghan Markle’ is a micro-aggression. That is all.

    • Amy Too says:

      It gets even worse with this:

      “…will mark the first time Harry, 36, and the Suits alum, 39….” She doesn’t even get a name in this sentence. And it’s not like they’re calling her something else because they already used her name in paragraph 1, because they used Harry’s name in paragraph 1, yet he still gets to be called by his name in paragraph 2. Identifying her only as “the Suits alum,” when she is still a Duchess and Harry’s wife, a mother, a founder of Archewell, a bussiness woman with multiple deals with Netflix, Spotify, a speaking agency, and tons of charitable work that they could refer to is so sexist and racist and horrible. She’s a nameless former actress to them. Stop erasing her name!

    • Gail Hirst says:

      Constant drip to ‘lessen’ and ‘other’ our Duchess-without-Borders

  11. Cecilia says:

    Us weekly is really pulling things out of their arse here because CBS didn’t say a damn thing about talking about megs pregnancy in their official statement. Also, if the family is so convinced that everybody should just sit still until philip is out of the hospital maybe they should just cancel CW day?

  12. Sofia says:

    From the creators that brought you “incandescent with rage”, get ready for “utterly aghast”.

    And on a side note: I had a look at Kate’s Court Circular entries and her last engagement was on the 16th of Feb. Her kids school term started ended on the 15th and started again on the 22nd so I’m guessing the break was because of that.

    That being said, I would love to see an entire calendar of sorts of the days Kate has worked since 2011 and notice if there’s any patterns other than not working when her kids are on holiday. Does she work certain days? How long are the breaks between engagements?

    I love numbers and statistics so seeing something like that would geek me out lol

    • Becks1 says:

      She’s hard to track because of how they release her events (and because of what they include for her.) So like Kaiser mentioned, she had that zoom meeting with the baby bank released, but the phone call was actually a week prior. And there were a few times over the summer and fall where she and William would do 3 events in one day, and then they would only release 2 of them and then a week or two later release pictures from the third event. So it ends up looking like she’s working more than she is.

      That’s why i find the actual number of days worked to be more interesting than the number of events – and I think that’s where it becomes clear that the royals don’t work as much as they pretend.

    • Nic919 says:

      I saw a chart on Twitter that listed engagement numbers for the Queen , Charles, Billy and Cathy for 2020 and Kate had 88 total engagements. 20 were zoom calls. William had 181 total engagements. Charles had around 250, which is lower than usual for him because he’s usually around 500.

      Despite the pandemic, there is no excuse for Kate to not even hit 100 when she’s counting zoom engagements and I am sure Royal foundation meetings online were added to that count as they do every year.

      • Becks1 says:

        Right? Kate counts meetings with Jason Knauf as an engagement and still could not break 100 engagements. When you consider that many of those were on the same day (cough Covid Express cough) , its really obvious how little she works. She is young and healthy – there was no reason she could not have been doing the same kind of volunteer work that we saw from Sophie or Eugenie (I think it was Eugenie? but now I’m doubting bc she would have been pregnant over the summer and fall?) but anyway – actively volunteering at food banks, preparing meals, packaging meals – one package of homemade pasta delivered by Charlotte is lovely, but Kate 100% could have been doing so much more.

        So even during a pandemic Kate has no excuse. Her elderly father-in-law who had covid still did 3 times as much as she did.

      • Sofia says:

        Her numbers were pitiful. 3 70+ year olds and a 95 year old outworked her. Pandemic or not, that is just sad.

      • Amy Too says:

        And I’m sure something like 15 of those engagements were all the stupid mini-videos she did to announce the “Big 5 Insights,” in which she taped pieces of paper to the side of churches and “revealed” some big insight like “parents feel like pandemics are hard,” for 10 seconds. Does the photo shoot at the sofa table she used as a “desk” in which she took notes by holding a pen in her non-dominate hand count as an engagement? Maybe the photo shoot where she copied into a notebook her own pie chart that she supposedly made herself counted too. Were those all in 2020?

        And then her Covid choo choo tour of broken dreams probably racked up 30+ engagements since they count every time they get on or off the train, listen to a band, walk down a street, write on a white board, haul an old lady out of her home so they can greet her, turn from looking at children dressed as reindeer to look at children dressed as elves as separate engagements.

      • Nic919 says:

        There was also the Ireland tour where they drank Guinness and Kate wore all the ugliest outfits possible in the colours of the Irish flag. Oh and Billy laughed about spreading covid despite thousands dead already.

      • Tessa says:

        The train tour coverage was about Kate’s new coats. Pathetic .

  13. Snuffles says:

    All Meghan has to say is that she never got to know them well despite reaching out on numerous occasions and leave it at that. The rest of the world will read between the lines.

  14. Cecilia says:

    Also the fact that everybody is calling this a tell all when CBS official statement said no such thing…..

    • Rapunzel says:

      It’s cause Gail King said “nothing is off limits” in the interview. That quote has been taken and run with. Which…makes me wonder if she didn’t say that just to frighten the BRF. That would be hilarious.

      • Cecilia says:

        I think that is exactly what it was from Gayle’s part tbh. Just messing with royal reporters. On the other hand the way the british media have been behaving the past week or so gives oprah more then enough material to work with.

      • ABritGuest says:

        Yeah I think Gayle was hyping the interview. Of course media (including those complaining about it) want to hype it as a Diana panorama event for ratings & because it will give more content to the rota etc who have been hit hard by covid etc. Also the British press are still smarting from Meghan’s summary judgement win depriving them of a juicy trial so would love a tell all to hammer her over ‘hypocrisy’.

        But i definitely cannot see it being that.

      • lanne says:

        I think that was a chess move by Gayle. See what the royals would say in response. They are already saying that they are afraid of being accused of racism. Why would they fear that if they hadn’t behaved in a racist way? Let them sweat!

      • LaraW" says:

        Given the reaction of the RR, it seems to be working. I am seriously going to be disappointed when Meghan doesn’t announce herself as the messiah sent down by angels to solve covid, world hunger, distribute women’s rights like candy, and bring down thunder and destruction on the monarchy like the mighty hand of zeus. Oh look, is that little Miss Betty washing her hands of this?

      • Where'sMyTiara says:

        Meghan hasn’t even said word one yet and Gayle’s already out here snatching the wigs of the British media for her, lmao.

        I am so looking forward to March 7th.

  15. Betsy says:

    Wonderful new development, at least from a synonym perspective. “Incandescent with rage” was getting tired. I wonder what will replace “keen” now that Jason has a new thesaurus.

  16. Izzy says:

    Is that fear I smell? Or the rot of racist garbage?

    Yeah, they have no idea what’s coming in that interview and they are nervous AF. That last quote about not adding fuel to the fire is interesting, it almost reads as a warning to Harry and Meghan. They forgot that Oprah can still dig up plenty of dirt on her own to use as background, to say nothing of what 60 Minutes might do.

    • Harper says:

      Exactly. Will Oprah’s producers go there with the idea that Meghan was thrown under the bus as a cover for Will’s affair and Andrew’s closeness with Epstein? Will does not have the ability to keep that from airing here in the states, and if he tries to then Oprah can say that the Palace did not want her to say anything. Even if the affair as motivation is not hinted at, just the fact that Will & Kate are peeing their pants thinking it will be is something.

      • Cecilia says:

        Tbh if oprah wants to be messy she doesn’t even have to ask meghan if the palace was behind anything. She can just dig up the court case where the DM said with their whole chest that they had a senior source within the royal household who spoke to them about Meghan and who would never lie to them. If she shows that to an American audience and the RF is done for.

    • Novice says:

      I thought the last bit is the warning shot from Harry and Meghan not the other way around, because the article said the other source. If the main source is feeding the aghast & beyong pale article, then the other source must be from M&H.

      • Carmen-JamRock says:

        @Novice….”If the main source is feeding the aghast & beyong pale article, then the other source must be from M&H.”

        Srsly? Yours is a classic, textbook case of logical fallacy. Look it up.

      • Novice says:

        @Carmen-JamRock ““They won’t talk negatively about Prince William and Duchess Kate,” a separate source says. “They don’t want to put any more fuel on that fire.”
        This separate source is clearly H&M’s source.

    • MF1 says:

      No kidding. Oprah can do a lot of damage on her own, without H&M’s help.

      Honestly, I really think these royals and courtiers need to learn to STFU. The more they bad mouth H&M in the press, the more likely it is the Sussexes will lose their patience and start pulling out receipts.

  17. Merricat says:

    “Beyond the pale” is the phrase that got me. No kidding.

    • The Hench says:

      Particularly given the origin of the phrase…

      “From pale (“jurisdiction of an authority, territory under an authority’s jurisdiction”), suggesting that anything outside the authority’s jurisdiction was uncivilized. The phrase was in use by the mid-17th century, and may be a reference to the general sense of boundary, but is often understood to refer specifically to the English Pale in Ireland. In the nominally English territory of Ireland, only the Pale fell genuinely under the authority of English law, hence the terms within the pale and beyond the pale.”

      ie it refers to the English occupation of Ireland and the meaning attached to those ‘beyond the pale’ is that they are unheathen savages….

      • lanne says:

        also refers to the boundary where Jewish people could live during the Romanov imperial dynasty. Living “beyond the pale” meant, at one point, that jewish people could be openly attacked and that jewish women would be registered as prostitutes (see the governorship of Moscow by Sergei Romanov, uncle of Nicholas who was assasinated in 1905 for being a reactionary bastard. he was also a hard-core anti-semite who wanted all Jewish people to be expelled from Moscow.

      • Merricat says:

        Yes. Thank you.

      • BeanieBean says:

        Ianne: I only knew about it in the Irish usage. Learn something here all the time, thank you.

    • Godwina says:

      Yeah, I suspect Kaiser was doing her “whitey is white” thing there, but knowing the icky colonial, anti-Irish origin of the term (folks shouldn’t use it, like “hooligan” and “paddy wagon”, but it’s no surprise English courtiers still do), I couldn’t make my brain go in the direction the joke intended.

      (PS go ahead and say “beyond the pale” in Dublin, if you don’t believe me)

      • Lady D says:

        I haven’t used it for a long time, but I didn’t know hooligan was a slur. I won’t use it again. I thought it meant a juvenile troublemaker. I used to call my little brother that back in the 70′s.

      • Godwina says:

        Yes, it means both, by way of the English assuming all young Irish men (or Irish football fans) were troublemakers.

  18. Rapunzel says:

    Of course they’re beyond the pale, William. They aren’t getting sunburnt by your incandescent rage anymore.

  19. jferber says:

    Oh, please. How many ways are there to say they both have their knickers in a twist and are clutching their pearls? “Utterly aghast” sounds so fake. William, you repeatedly threw your little brother under the bus and have forsaken him, truly. And for what? In my opinion, your mother would have been so saddened by your behavior.

  20. Hell Nah! says:

    I hope their bellies are burning with anxiety of what could come out of Meghan’s mouth alone (okay, I know nothing close to what really went down will be revealed but the not-knowing should be enough to eat a few holes in their intestinal lining) never mind what Harry might intimate.

    Check the look Keen FFQ is giving Meghan in the second photo — she’s (fake) smiling but I see scheming in those eyes…

    • MF1 says:

      It makes me happy to know that they’re sitting around in their big drafty castles and stewing about what H&M will say. But I’m petty like that.

    • Steph says:

      Yeah, Harry is the one to worry about here. Meghan may imply somethings Harry is much more likely do bluntly state something in my opinion. I don’t think either of them will, but if one does, it’s going to be Harry.

  21. tee says:

    It is amusing that without competition once again, Kate has gone back to business as usual, doing the bare minimum. I had a feeling she wouldn’t keep it up, but I also thought maybe she really bought in to the Kate the Great, savior of the monarchy narrative. Will is just as unproductive as ever too. All is right again at KP.

    • Novice says:

      If they continue this behaviour, William will be in for a treat when he becomes king. At the moment, even though the Head of Commonwealth is not inheritable, the current practice seems linking the position to the British Crown. Only this position is bestowed upon the head partly out of the historicall momentum, partly out of the Queen’s personal influence. The Commonwealth showed less enthuasm when Queen lobbied her son for be the next head, and now with M&H continue making contributions to the Commonwealth with their own Archewell foundation, while the Cambridges doing minimal even in their own country, I can’t really see these Commonwealth countries be happy if William assumes the title but not Harry when their father passes. And should the title go to Harry, it will amount to a modern day court coup, a la Wars of Roses 2.0.

    • Nic919 says:

      Kate never really started it up. She did a total of 88 engagements in 2020 (William did 181) and that’s one of the lowest totals ever.

      • JT says:

        Even with competition she didn’t actually work more. I don’t think she’s ever surpassed 150 engagements in a year, with or without Meghan. The only thing that changed was the press. The BM no longer highlighted her lack of work, they just whitewashed it. She has never worked and will never work more than she has, because the BM and RF are stuck with her for now. Girl was “exhausted” during a pandemic and only 88 engagements.

  22. Becks1 says:

    “utterly aghast” lol – I’m sure they are. They’re aghast that they cant control Harry anymore like Kaiser said. They’re obviously terrified about what Harry could say – even that last line about how Harry wont say anything negative about them because he doesnt want to add more fuel to the fire – it doesnt say he CANT say anything negative, only that he WONT.

    We knew the weeks leading up to the interview would be messy but lordy royals – stop telling on yourselves. We know you were awful to them.

    • bloemheks says:

      Reads like an admission there are things to tell.

      • Where'sMyTiara says:

        I want Harry to “tell all” about who in the family blabbed to the press about his location in Afghanistan during his first tour, putting his life in danger.

        We know it couldn’t have originated with a courtier, because if it had, the Queen or Charles would have come down on that person like a ton of bricks.

        The only one those two won’t cross …is William.

  23. Abena Asantewaa says:

    Oh my Goodness, what evil thing did they do to Meghan, they are so terrified! Let’s say William and Kate are going to be in conversation with Oprah, what will the reaction ftom the tabloids be; Food for thought!

    • Nic919 says:

      Tom Bradby and a few other reporters have said that if the public knew the full story about what happened that they would side with the Sussexes. I really want to know what they mean by that.

      Also, if these journalists know the full and story and still we get this biased coverage attacking them, what a true mess of a media environment, especially in the UK.

      • Jaded says:

        Aside from the leaks, the tacit approval of the tabloid racism, the financial shenanigans, I’m wondering if William did/said something *inappropriate* to Meghan which she in turn told to Harry which lit the fire?

      • Where'sMyTiara says:

        They also said they themselves couldn’t tell the tale “for legal reasons”. It’s all very weird, why they are keeping it hush hush. If a hate crime was committed by a member of the Royal Family, publish and be damned.

  24. Osty says:

    These pple always reveal themselves with or without provocation. They are so guilty that they automatically think an interview they haven’t seen will make them look bad and r running to their cheerleaders to cry wolf . At this point harry and Meghan don’t need to do anything or say anything bad about them, they should just sit back and watch them reveal the truth on their own

  25. Miranda says:

    Honest question: Why do William and Kate even care what Harry and Meghan do? It’s not like they’re going on Oprah to reveal dark family secrets (hell, could any secret even be darker than their uncle’s pedophilia, which we already know about?). They likely won’t be airing any dirty laundry about how everybody in the royal family hates everybody else (which is hardly a secret). They just want to talk about their own philanthropy and issues they care about. Harry is so far back in the line of succession at this point as to be almost irrelevant. He should be able to live a relatively more down-to-earth life with his wife and child(ren), dedicating himself to causes of his own choosing, if that’s what he wants. Is William just jealous that Harry was smart enough to find a way out of that clusterf–k of a family?

    • Merricat says:


    • Lemons says:

      William is upset that nor Netflix, nor Oprah nor BBC, nor anyone else of note is interested in what he has to say. William is upset that when Harry and Meghan are interviewed, they sound knowledgeable and click with their audience. William is upset that Meghan and Harry have an audience and fans that are not largely old, bitter racists and just bitter aristocrats who also are their friends. They get to hang out with politicians, activists, and celebrities and those people don’t want anything to do with William and ofWilliam.

      • RedWeatherTiger says:

        Lemons, I also think William knows that he has nothing at all to say. Even if he had Oprah’s ear, what on earth would he say? He is as empty as his wife.

    • StartupSpouse says:

      William is angry that Harry is now happy and he is not. I think William is fundamentally an unhappy person. And consciously or not he looks at his future and knows he will never be happy.

      It’s as simple as that.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      William hates that Harry has the life that he wants and that he can’t control Harry any more.

    • MF1 says:

      Yes to what everyone in this thread said. But also: William is upset that he’s been outsmarted and outshined by a black woman.

    • Novice says:

      Simple, sibling jealousy. Harry has matured and he shines wherever he goes. He has this natural leader charisma that William lacks, and he knows it, and secretly I think Harry knows William knows it. This knowledge itself is just unbearable. William should count himself lucky that he lives in this modern age and Crown power has been severely clipped, and hardly anybody wants this otherwise enormous position. Were they in Middle Ages, Harry could have very well pulled a Henry IV, after all the abuse he had suffered by his own brother.
      God, I still vividly remember that interview he did with former president Obama. Now that, is influence!

    • RoyalBlue says:

      William is upset that Harry is out of his control and not under his thumb. William was used to being the boss of Harry and now he has no one to boss around but Kate. Ergo, Kate is also unhappy.

  26. TheOriginalMia says:

    They are utterly worried their misdeeds will be exposed. Not just Willy’s wandering dong but Kate & her family’s nastiness from the get go. There’s so much Harry & Meghan could say and it’s got KP scared. Good! Let ‘em sweat. I hope CBS doesn’t allow the BRF a peek at the finished product. Let them find out the same time the rest of us will. As for Phillip, those two delayed becoming full time Royals, even in the face of his advancing age and declining health. They can miss me with this faux concern for their elderly grandpa.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Yeah – people should never forget how the Middletons were/are up to their eyeballs in sh!t when it comes to the smear campaign against Meghan.

      Part of me thinks that if the Cambridges/Middletons don’t back right off, Harry will burn them all down.

    • Amy Too says:

      Does anyone know if for these types of interviews, 60 Minutes or Oprah’s producers would be reaching out to the palace or the RRs for replies? Is it like a news article where if your source accuses someone of something, you have to give the accused the right of reply and then you end up with the “So and so denies these accusations” at the bottom of the article? Could this maybe be why the RF and the RRs are already shi**ing their pants? Have they been asked to “clarify” some of their previous statements or reporting or actions or stances regarding H and M, so they kind of know what might be covered in the interview?

    • Nic919 says:

      Yes thank you for bringing this up. Phillip wanted to retire earlier than he actually did but Billy went and got the part time chopper job to delay taking in more full time duties. The renovation of KP apt 1 once they returned from Wales was done with the express intent of them having a London base to start full time duties, but they never did.

      They finally were forced to pretend to be full time once Phillip basically said fuck it once he turned 95. Of course within months of that announcement Kate got pregnant with baby three and dropped off once again.

      • Lionel says:

        As a mom of two kids in the same age range I find it baffling that anyone could think of having a third baby as a way to avoid more work! But I don’t have a full-time staff, so…

      • Tessa says:

        Kate does not have to worry about “housework” cleaning the kitchen floor or scrubbing out tubs. She has many many rooms in both residences and the “help” clean. She has the full time nanny and her mother to help with the children. She can spend time at the “spa” in her home and shopping for clothes.

  27. Digital Unicorn says:

    All this does is prove that it’s the Cambridges who are the most nervous about the interview – they know what they did and if it ever got out they’d be finished. The BM know what went down and as a few of those journo’s have said people would have sympathy/understanding of why they walked away. As well as the Cambridges not liking or accepting Meghan, I think a lot of the big sh!t was to do with the money in the RF (which was shared between both couples at the time). When they set up their own office under BP that move pretty much confirmed there was a serious rift between the brothers/couples that was not going to be repaired. Things went from bad to worse after that happened.

  28. Sunday says:

    Meanwhile, ITV just sold the rights to a documentary about Will & Kate’s wedding to a handful of European channels with further distribution still being negotiated, but THAT’S totally fine.

    • Lionel says:

      Really? That’s so weird to me. I mean, who wants to watch a documentary about Will and Kate’s wedding? Charles and Diana’s, sure. Or Harry and Meghan’s if they got into the interpersonal drama, that I would maybe watch. But Will and Kate?

  29. ToastnBeans says:

    Imagine if these two spent the same amount of energy in work as they do in complaining to papers. It reminds me of my toddler who spends more time throwing a fit about brushing his teeth when he could just brush his teeth and be done with it!

  30. February-Pisces says:

    Imagine for one second Willie and keen weren’t behind the smears but just had to sit by and watch harry and Meghan get abused in the press daily for the last 3 years. Now if the Keens were innocent bystanders and all they want is the best for harry, why is Willie always raging? Why is Willie publically outraged by anything the Sussex’s do? Why did the Keens never once publicly show any support to them whatsoever? No matter what issues I had with my siblings, I would never sit back and let one of them get this sort of abuse on such a large scale. If Willie cared so much about his brother, why isn’t he rooting for him after he’s basically been a victim of abuse? Willie and keen can pay today’s press off, but they can’t change how history will tell this story.

    The fact is harry and Meghan don’t need to say sh*t about the Keens, we can see their abuse for ourselves.

  31. Gobo says:

    “Beyond the pale” *is* an interesting one. The Pale was the Anglo dominated Dublin region of Ireland. Beyond the Pale meant outside of the bounds of civilisation- i.e. where the savage and uncivilised Irish resided. More colonial supremacy, what a nice tone.

  32. Amy Bee says:

    I would love it too if Meghan said something about William and Kate in the interview but it’s not a level playing field. Black people are never seen as the victim, even in death, and if Meghan said anything out them so will be attacked by the press and the courtiers and William and Kate will be portrayed as the victims.

    • Dl says:

      I hope Harry states it and drops receipts

    • swirlmamad says:

      And this is the main reason why Meghan, at least, will not say a word criticizing any of the members of the BRF. As a black woman, she doesn’t have the luxury of being given the benefit of the doubt and being regarded as a damsel in distress. Black women have always been expected to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders and grin and bear it. As a general rule, it’s not a knee-jerk reaction to feel sorry for us. As many others here have mentioned, Harry will have to be the one to say anything (even though odds are he won’t) and even then, it would be shouted from the rooftops that Meg led him astray and encouraged him to turn on his family. He may want to clear the air and put them all on blast SO badly, but I think he’s been going through this long enough to know how that would only play out negatively for Meg. For her sake, he’ll keep it PG.

  33. Rapunzel says:

    Lol…. meanwhile, the Fail has a story criticizing Oprah for asking the Olsen twins about their weight, in a nearly 20 year old interview. Trying to make like Oprah gave the Olsens an eating disorder.

    These losers are so desperate to hurt Oprah’s credibility. Spoiler alert: they won’t.

  34. Jenn says:

    They will get over it.

  35. Jay says:

    I would actually be very interested in the work details of Meghan shifting from actress/blogger to royal to parent/ philanthropist. There’s a lot she could unpack about the institution of the monarchy and unhealthy double standards of the press that she could talk about without necessarily naming names.

    Remember that huge wave of “Meghan is demanding, she sends emails early in the morning and chooses her own projects without waiting for approval from the palace” crap? I think that would be especially appreciated by an American audience.

  36. Nyro says:

    When are these two losers going to mind their business and worry about their own lives. And you can tell that Baldur’s never been cursed out before in his life. What was it that Richard Pryor told Eddie Murphy to tell that busybody hypocrite Bill Cosby? “Have a coke and a smile and shut the F up!” That’s what I need them to say to Will during the Oprah interview.

  37. Mooshe1 says:

    They’re “aghast” over H&M’s video bust are silent about Andrew

  38. Gail Hirst says:

    I remember the Queen thanking the newspapers during the time M&H were being crucified (figuratively speaking) by those very papers. I remember the Queen refusing the laying of a wreath on behalf of Harry.
    I believe the Queen did the big crap, and Wm & Kate supplied the “death by a thousand cuts” drip, drip, drip with Queenie’s permission and approval.
    I believe they really thought shaming him would bring Harry back into the fold; he would acquiesce to the demands of the Crown, and be a whipping boy, because that’s HIS duty to the crown . I believe they figured Meghan would remove herself because she is an intelligent, forward thinker, but they’d hold onto Harry because they are “true blue blood” and so is Harry.
    When Meghan got pregnant, their plans both fell apart and intensified at the same time. I believe that at first, Harry couldn’t see it/believe it as coming from his family. Once the family’s betrayal was on view for all to see, that was the end for him.
    I believe the family thinks that’s what he’ll talk about. They feel wronged because they did it all for the Crown. Whereas Harry did what he did to save his mind (was he crazy? would his family really be the source?), his heart (Meghan, Archie and babe), and his very soul. I’m so freaking proud of Harry I could burst.

    • swirlmamad says:

      He definitely didn’t realize going in how they actually felt and how terrible they all would be. He was excited and in love, and figured his family of anyone would ultimately be happy for him. Remember in the engagement video “They’ll be the family she never really had?” Poor guy didn’t have a clue. (Or maybe, up until that point, it was easier to play ostrich and just go along to get along.) But it’s above him now, and affecting the 2 people he loves most in the world. I honestly feel for him. HE is the one who was blindsided, in a way.

  39. CrystalBall says:

    ‘Excuse me, Duchess Kate – but as you rode in the carriage, regarding your decent and kind sister-in-law with undeserved distain, the repulsive drop of white privilege dripping from your snobbish over-priced nose was prominently displayed for all to see. ‘ A concerned citzen (NOT subject)

  40. Aphra says:

    All the cool Millennial kids use language like that: “Utterly Aghast” is the cool new “freaked out”. Kate is such a with-it Millennial queen *sarcasm*

  41. Jaded says:

    The editor in me has made some tweaks:

    “Royally envious. Prince William and Duchess Kate are “hella jealous” by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s “right” to air their “truths” in a televised interview, a source exclusively reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly.”

    “It’s just “well deserved” for William and Kate, “and has nothing whatsoever to do” with [Prince] Philip in the hospital,” the insider adds. “They are utterly “spitting nails they’re so jelly.”

    There, fixed it for you.

  42. Case says:

    “…are ‘appalled’ by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s decision to air their grievances in a televised interview.” I guess it’s hard for William and Kate to imagine because they’re nothing like H&M, but I HIGHLY doubt this will be an interview in which they “air their grievances.” They have so much class and kindness. I’m sure they’re much more interested in talking about their new lives and new work instead of airing the RF’s dirty laundry. William and Kate assuming it’ll be a gossip session reveals more about them and how they treated H&M than it does about H&M.

  43. chimes@midnight says:

    It just occurred to me: so much of the press about W&K is based around how they feel. They are utterly aghast, they are very keen, they are incandescent with rage, they are taken aback, they care deeply about, etc, etc.

    Compare that to H&M, negative and positive press is about what they DO. They made this deal, they are living in this multi-million dollar home, they partnered with this charity, they are launching a podcast, they made Kate cry over tights, they refuse to call Gramma, etc.

    • Amy Too says:

      Will and Kate do so little that all of their press is them reacting to Harry and Meghan doing things.

  44. Lizzie says:

    Bill and Cathy are aghast that the world is interested in Harry and Meghan while they have to plant ridiculous articles in the daily fail praising Cathy for zooming herself to exhaustion.

    • Yes this is true. Prince Harry and Meghan have a captive global audience. The world is interested in them. Anything and everything about them. The world is their stage. William and Kate’s audiences are the royalists, courtiers, the RF, and the carnival of so-called royal experts. Limited and myopic. That’s why William is outraged and utterly aghast at his brother. He’s jealousy and hate-filled. Pathetic prince.

  45. Let’s hope the so-called “Royals” are equally “aghast” at wife-beating “Uncle Gary” getting away with knocking his wife out cold. The only reason the Middletons tolerate this lout is because he paid for their entrance into “Society”.

  46. Jezebel's Lacefront says:

    I’m utterly aghast at their treatment of Harry and Meghan. But, go off, I guess.

  47. Ah, will you just look at the professionally-trained, PR girl for whom Google “forgets” how she wore tiny shorts to sell stuff to rich old men in a previous life. All erased. Now she is Mother Theresa and Eva Peron rolled into one. I don’t think so!

    • BeanieBean says:


    • Lanie says:

      What are you even going on about?

    • Nic919 says:

      Kate had a job during the summer before university where she worked on a yacht and the outfits were not baggy clothing. So all the insults about Meghan being a yacht girl was really more projection on what Kate had actually done. Just like the social climber and gold digger insults.

  48. Kymburlie says:

    They sure do aghast and apall easily. How do two such dainty personalities expect to represent an entire country? They’ll be dead from stress within a month of coronation!

  49. Dee Kay says:

    I would love it if H&M do not utter one word about the Royal Family in the Oprah interview. It would be awesome if the only thing Oprah asks about Harry’s former life is, “How is your new life in the U.S. going?” and Harry says, “Great, I love it here,” and that’s all. I think the best way to respond to the RF bulls–t is to completely ignore them. That would make them totally lose their minds — to realize they’re completely irrelevant to H&M now.

    • RoyalBlue says:

      This is the approach I think they will take. Royal Family Who?

      Talk will be about their new plans, Archewell, Spotify, Netflix, her new investments, what else they have planned.

  50. yinyang says:

    WE obviously don’t need them and they clearly don’t want to do the work. So basically we throw money at them for nothing, no need to beat around the bush. Get rid of the lot of them

  51. Tessa says:

    The hypocrisy is astonishing. If Kate and William went on Oprah their “sugars” would be in heaven. With Kate’s posh accent, William looking concerned as he talked of “issues” in the world and photos of the kids maybe with their talking to the cameras to Oprah. The stans would go wild. But with Meghan and Harry…

  52. Noor says:

    I think it will be more helpful if Prince William and his wife Kate keep quiet over Prince Harry like his father Prince Charles.

    Only people who do not need to earn a living can afford to be aghast over Oprah interview. Reserve your judgement until you see the interview. Prince Harry probably needs the oprah interview to make himself known to the American public. He needs to hustle for a living which the Cambridge do not have to. His security bill alone is so huge.

  53. Lizzie says:

    Reacting to others is about all they have going on.

  54. Trish says:

    I’m totally aghast at the hatred and bigotry of this article and comments. How do you know that Catherine and William have ever done anything to H&M? Why don’t you state where you get your information from…sources, etc. I think this is good old American bigotry against another nationality. You seem to like gossip so much…how about the gossip from years ago that Harry abused prostitutes? That is exactly the type of man you would defend.