Eddie Cibrian’s ex Brandi Glanville doesn’t speak to LeAnn Rimes

Brandi Glanville, the estranged wife of Eddie Cibrian, is now a paparazzi target because of the drama happening between LeAnn Rimes and Eddie. This is an interesting phenomenon, and I don‘t think Brandi minds it one bit, even when she’s out with her kids (Mason, 6 and Jake, 2). This makes me uncomfortable generally, but I have to give this one video-paparazzo for E! News some credit. He spoke to Brandi while she was out picnicking with her kids, but he waited until she was alone by the car to speak to her, and he stopped filming after she talked to him. On Brandi’s side, she really didn’t seem upset with the paparazzo, or with the questions he was asking her.

Has Eddie moved his stuff out of the house yet?
Brandi: Uh… no comment.
Have you talked to LeAnn?
Brandi: I don’t speak to LeAnn.
Does she ever come over and see the kids or anything?
BG: Not to my knowledge.
How’s Dean [Sheremet] doing?
BG: I wouldn’t know, I don’t talk to him.
Seems like you’re doing pretty good, good spirits.
BG: Yeah, it’s all good.
How do you get through the day?
BG: Party like a rock star. [Laughs] No, I just play with my kids.
Did you guys have a pre-nup?
BG: No comment.

[Transcribed from E! Online video]

According to E!, on Saturday Eddie Cibrian showed up for his son Mason’s first soccer game – and Eddie didn’t bring LeAnn, so at least he has some modicum of respect. I wonder what Brandi (who was also in attendance, and who ignored him at the game) would have done if LeAnn had shown up. Something involving a shank, I bet. Sources tell E! that Cibrian and Rimes are “not as serious as everyone thinks they are.” And! According to E!‘s gossips, Eddie has his own apartment, he and LeAnn aren’t really living together, and “He still hasn’t moved everything out of his house [with Brandi].” said the source. Eddie also hasn’t brought LeAnn over to meet his mom, which is some kind of big deal (who would have thought – Eddie is a mama’s boy). E! source says: “His mom and Brandi are like best friends. They are still really close. They just don’t talk about him.”

This totally contradicts the publicity campaign that LeAnn is running in the tabloids. In this week’s current issue of In Touch Weekly, LeAnn’s unnamed friends are all over the place, breathlessly harping on and on about how LeAnn knows that she and Eddie “can be together now” and how this is “no fling for LeAnn – she wants to spend the rest of her life with Eddie… she’s looking for their dream home.” That dream home must suit Eddie’s needs, of course: “He is excited for her to move and would prefer she live next to a golf course.” Yeah. He sounds totally into her, doesn’t he? Like Eddie knows LeAnn is boring as hell, but at least he might get some good golfing out of it.

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  1. Firestarter says:

    Okay, well why would Brandi be speaking to LeAnn or Dean Shermet? Seriously, what stupid questions!

  2. Yippie says:

    WOW. very interesting……NOT

  3. wow says:

    I was just going to say something similar, Firestarter. But she handled that well.

  4. DoMaJoReMc says:

    Now that woman has class! What in the holy hell does Eddie see in LeAnn that isn’t obvious with Brandi? She is a beautiful LADY and she didn’t bash Eddie (even tho there’s tons to bash him about). She is doing as well as can be expected. Who is this idiot photographer? Asking questions like those? IDIOT!

  5. Beth says:

    Brandi has made a lot of statements about the affair to the press. So no she doesn’t mind and probably likes the attention. I’m actually surprised that she didn’t make any angry comments that she’s known for.

  6. Praise St. Angie! says:

    methinks it’s a lot more serious for LeAnn than it is for Eddie.

    she married a man most people think is gay, for companionship or whatever…and probably never felt “in love” until she hooked up with Eddie.

    Eddie has been outed as a repeat cheater so for him, this relationship with LeAnn was probably just a fling (until it broke up his marriage), and he’ll stay with LeAnn until the next hot young thing looks his way.

  7. Sudini says:

    Ya, I think this woman is going to be just fine and I’m glad to see that. She sounds smart and grounded and is able to really maintain her composure.

    I mean, it can’t be fun to be asked these personal questions by a perfect stranger (with a camera no less!) during what must be a heartbreaking time for her. She comes across as good people and I’m sure she’ll be much better off without her bottom-dweller, soon-to-be-ex husband Eddie.

  8. Linda says:

    Oh, man, I just can’t think of a single person in this entire world who might possibly care about that.

  9. Green Is Good says:

    I foresee an album from LeAnn Rhimes filled with songs about love, BETRAYAL, heartbreak and rage.

    And also *puke* immature, girly notions of romance, or just being plain horny.

  10. JJ says:

    Interesting how all of a sudden, EC sources are now coming forward to stop the tide of love from the LR camp. It has been apparent from the start of this affair that EC was in it for sex and would have never left his wife. LR has snowballed this from sex on the sly to eternal bliss. Think she has some screws loose? If EC has three brain cells (one to zip up, one to zip down) he will use one to run from this girl. Stay strong Brandi :)

  11. Terry says:

    Brandi has more class in her used toilet paper than Rimes has or ever will have. When I see Rimes without her makeup and think that Eddie sees that in the morning when he wakes up I am sure Eddie is thinking he went to sleep with Miss Rimes and woke up with Mr. Rimes. Brandi, after you adjust your heart will be reassured that Eddie is no man to be with and you are worthwhile in every way.

  12. Aspen says:

    @Terry! HA HA HA! Oh, that was awesome.

  13. Deb says:

    Methinks Brandi has Eddie by the short hairs in the divorce and custody settlement

  14. bb says:

    Agree Deb, there has been a subtle shift in the relationship karma. Maybe some cracks (no not LR’s personality) in this tawdry affair. Hope it ends before Stalker girl gets preggers to keep her lover. Better watch it EC, she is quite obessed with you and will pull out all the stops to getcha.

  15. Deb says:

    #16 I agree. I think the noose has tightened on Ole Eddie he’s starting to realize he won’t be able to pee on his own. Also his recent comments about privacy and being respectful and sensitive have been torpedoed by Leann oopps I mean her “source’s” comments as of late. The Mexico pics I believe were the nail in the coffin for him. All of a sudden he cares enough to go to his son’s soccer game when he couldn’t see his youngest off to his first day of pre-school! His source’s have also contradicted all the Leann “we are getting married crap”. The statement on how they weren’t as serious as everybody thinks. What do you make of that? Yep the noose is tightening.

  16. Harmony says:

    she seems really sweet, gorgeous, and positive. She doesnt need to worry about some stupid douche, shes way above him and she is so much better off without him.

  17. sunseeker says:

    Normally I agree with most of your comments KAISER but this time I am not sure, Brandi was very reserved at the beginning. Coming home from Bruce Willis wedding on LAX it was Eddie who held her hand and she dragged behind, she did not look happy. She kept quiet and supported Eddie until the sh*t hit the fan and I think she got mad, which is understandable. Leann’s sources are the main ones talking. Leann is keeping stum because everybody is doing the talking for her, very clever. Brandi has calmed down and most likely realising that she is better off without Eddie. Smirker Leann is just happy to get the limelight.

  18. JJ says:

    #17-the source comments about the relationship not being as serious as everyone thinks-is probably EC trying to distance himself from Stalker Girl. It is obvious she paid for the Mexico trip, does anyone really think he can afford a $2750.00 night villa for 4 nights and a diamond bracelet while going through a divorce, not. The affair snowballed out of control for him and he went with the flow. Now reality is sinking in as the divorce negotiations take place and although he is a hound dog, he may be realizing his loss. LR has done everything imaginable to get her man and plowed down BG and her children in the process. Her continued tipping off of the paps to follow her every move (and drive in EC’s car) is just sick. Yep, that noose is getting tighter for EC, let’s see if Stalker Girl arranges a photo-op with him to show the world their “love”is strong. Yuck.

  19. Dottie says:

    Eddie is a fool. This woman, Brandi, is beautiful and a lot more classier than Leann. He needs to go to therapy to learn how to keep his zipper up.

  20. Deb says:

    Wasn’t the singing done months ago on the kareoke double date with Brandi and Dean there? This wasn’t something recent I don’t think. Both spouses were there watching this. Correct me if i am wrong. You can best believe if this was recent it would be all over the place not just on the insider.

  21. Deb says:

    @ fern Bingo…also this doesn’t prove love at all. Check out the look Eddie is giving Leann in the clip now think back to the photos of Brandi and Eddie when they were in Vegas…..he is looking @ Brandi the same way. All the leak of this clips proves is Leann is trying way to hard to sell the general public on a “romance” that is more on her side than his. I think he is having 2nd thoughts.

  22. deb says:

    @fern….agree. There was an article awhile back in US stating Eddie,Brandi,Dean and Leann went on a few double dates and one of them was Kareoke. I don’t know what the purpose of releasing this now was for. Could have been from Leann to shove this “true love” once again down the publics throat or someone else released it to prove what Douches these 2 are for doing right in front of their unsuspecting spouses. I only saw a still clip of the preview on line Dean was in the picture. What I noticed was the look on Eddie’s face was the same look he looked at Brandi with when they were in the Vegas pics. Eddie is so shallow a puddle has more depth than he does. I have a feeling this is going to move real fast and the crash and burn is coming pretty quickly. Anybody who is trying to sell this as desperately as Leann is is whacked in my opinion.

  23. JJ says:

    Deb, totally agree. All I saw was the clip of them singing and Dean was in it. More pics of Smirk girl out shopping and jumping for joy as the paps snapped away have hit the wire. There is somthing wrong with this chick, from an unhealthy obsession with being followed by the paps to outing of the affair with EC. After all the pain and humiliation LR and EC caused, Brandi’s best revenge might be that EC is stuck with psycho girl. It will be interesting to see if EC sources continue to try and downplay the seriousness of this affair.

  24. deb says:

    @JJ In my opinion Leann is one disturbed chica. The more she does this the more she tanks her reputation as well as Eddie’s. Wouldn’t surprise me a bit if his agent as well as lawyer is telling him to back off big time. The comments released by his “sources” tell me he is having some major second thoughts. Sucks to be him his wife won’t take hime back. I don’t think the thought of him becoming Mr. Rimes is sitting real well. Also I’ll bet money the CBC/CSI emails aren’t to flaterring about Ole Eddie. Also I bet he is in major hot water with his attorney after the Mexico stunt. After all the BS he was spoutung about being a “good father” he looked anything but in those photo’s. He is getting more sh*t than we will ever know, if he wasn’t the “sources” wouldn’t have released those statements. See Leann’s problem is she thinks her wealth will protect her from cruel behavior. What she doesn’t get is most of the general public(who pay for her lifestyle) are sick of people who do this. Keep it up Leann you are your own worst enemy.

  25. deb says:

    forgot to add….the only thing Eddie can do to somewhat redeem himself is to dump her. Hopefully he developes a brain above the belt and does just that.

  26. deb says:

    sorry for typo’s need coffee

  27. JJ says:

    Thanks Deb, every day she is out acting like a pathetic high school girl. Jumping up and down, making faces, riding around in his car, continuing to show the Mexico tan lines and the smirk leaves little doubt she is mentally off. Her full scale “got him” campaign is beyond rational thinking. Wonder how zipper boy is feeling? Better be careful, I see a pregnancy in the very near future.

  28. Deb says:

    Someone on the x17 board said Eddie had been snipped.. She also just got into another fender bender, wonder who’s car she was driving. Methinks zipper boy is feeling boxed into a corner but ya know what they say about hind sight always 20/20.
    It looks to me like Karma is making its self known little by little. The more you ignore it and don’t correct bad behavior the worse it gets. Every bad action has a consequence. I think we are going see Leann and Eddie’s pretty quick in my opinion.

  29. JJ says:

    I saw the x17 posts, from EC being snipped to LR being pregnant. Also saw the story of LR calling the police cause she could not pull out of her driveway. Only problem is when the cops arrived, no one was there. It appears she is taking the Sienna Miller stance, oh the paps follow me everywhere, poor me. Only problem is these idiots let the paps know their every move. There is no way this affair can survive with all of this drama, karma, karma comin’ at ya.

  30. JJ says:

    In yet another “Sienna” move, LR’s spokesman releases a statement blaming her accident on the horrible paps. Maybe she should take their numbers off her speed dial. Also looks like she is going somewhere, police pics showed her rolling a suitcase. Perhaps going to EC’s apt or another mini vaca for this fun lovin’, who cares about anyone else pair?

  31. deb says:

    @jj… I live in Calif, LA county. Last thing I want to see is a frivilous call to LA PD to escort someone who doesn’t need it. Those are my tax dollars going to waste. This pisses me off and I’m sure alot of other people also.

  32. Anthony says:

    Listen, LR fell in love with EC, probably a one sided affair. Stop knocking her – there’s always 2 sides to every story.