“Is ‘Nomadland’ director Chloe Zhao the Oscar frontrunner?” links

With her Golden Globes win for Nomadland, is Chloe Zhao the frontrunner for the Best Director Oscar? I hope so! [GFY]
Rep. Madison Cawthorn isn’t just a fascist douche, he’s also a serial sexual harasser with a long history of racism and misogyny. [Jezebel]
Baarack the Sheep was rescued and shorn of 35kg of fleece. [OMG Blog]
I posted photos of Josh O’Connor in our Globes coverage, but it’s worth noting that Josh really loved his multiple Loewe looks! [Tom & Lorenzo]
So was Jason Sudeikis high at the Globes or just exhausted? I think exhausted more than anything else. [Dlisted]
Is anyone into the Tom & Jerry live-action movie? [Pajiba]
CPAC went full Nazi. [Towleroad]
I forgot that Ashley Tisdale is pregnant? [JustJared]
I thought Tina Fey & Amy Poehler handled their Globes hosting duties pretty well? There were jokes, but they struck the right tone. [LaineyGossip]
Halsey says her pregnancy was 100% planned. [Buzzfeed]
Josie Canseco posed for the cover of Maxim Mexico. [Egotastic]

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  1. Tiffany says:

    Considering how late/early it was in England, I think Jason was tired.

    And also, totally expect a story from Olivia. Remember, her success she said was what contributed to their breakup.

    • marci-m says:

      I recommend trying to safely see Nomadland in a theater. So starkly beautiful and immersive. Most of the people in it besides McDormand & Strathairn and not actors, but the REAL nomads.

  2. bettyrose says:

    Nomadland is brilliant. I don’t think I realized it’s also a theatrical release, but it has my Oscar vote. A friend watched it, texted me and said to watch it, I watched it, and then watched it again because you can’t truly absorb the stunning landscapes and little nuances while following the plot on the first viewing.

    • atorontogal says:

      I loved loved loved this movie too! I’m a huge fan of under appreciated Frances McDormand.

  3. VAE says:

    Well I hope Halsey’s relationship lasts. IMO getting pregnant so early in the relationship doesn’t end well.

  4. Lightpurple says:

    What’s most troubling about the Madison Cawthorne stories is the use of cars. They make kidnapping easier. They make rape easier. They make murder easier. This guy is deeply disturbing and scary.

    • Julie says:

      Madison Cawthorn is the absolute worst, and unfortunately he is my Congressman thanks to severe gerrymandering in North Carolina. In addition to the sexual predator stories, he is a serial liar with a thing for Nazis.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Yes, and the “punishment” that followed, using the car to make women fear for their lives.

      He also named his “company” the acronym of a white nationalist saying, so he’s definitely a horrible person.

  5. Curlo says:

    So apparently not only are Swift fans doxxing & harassing the young black actress from that Netflix show WHO DIDNT WRITE ANYTHING, they told Ceciley Tyson she can’t watch netflix (“thanks for giving me the ultimatum I didn’t ask for”) & spammed comments under Chadwick Bose man’s post on Netflix account celebrating his win w/RESPECT TAYLOR SWIFT. Watch white feminism center itself!

    part of the Swift fanbase is very racist & it needs to be addressed. Not all fans obv & I like many Swift songs too, but she knows what she is doing esp w/ the ‘horsesh*t’ mention (it’s a dog whistle for her fans to buy/send literal horse manure to her enemies like they did with Scooter Braun’s family etc)

    It’s disappointing bc I thought she had turned a corner in actually being able to not be bothered by pointless stuff like this. Netflix doesn’t police it’s shows scripts line by line – Swift knows that too.

  6. Becks1 says:

    We watched Tom and Jerry last night.

    Do not recommend. Like, at all. My husband and I kept texting each other during it complaining about how bad it was. And it’s only 100 minutes but omg it felt SO MUCH LONGER.

    My boys loved it, but i dont think its one of the movies that appeals to young and old alike.

  7. booboocita says:

    Y’know, I never really got the Josh O’Connor love until I saw the photos at Tom & Lorenzo. He’s a fine actor, and his portrayal of Charles on The Crown is both brilliant and appealing (he really got the odd combination of arrogance, diffidence, and resentment down pat), but I never thought of him as hot until I saw him wearing his Golden Globes finery and surrounded by roses. OMG — look what I was missing. Niiiiiiice …

  8. MF says:

    So, when is Josh O’Connor gonna get a fashion contract? Would love to see him repping Tom Ford or Burberry.

  9. nicegirl says:

    I certainly hope so! Love