Oprah’s Meghan & Harry interview was full of bombshells & shocking moments

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Oprah with Meghan & Harry: A CBS Special ended up being hyped the absolute correct amount. You could tell by the way CBS’s rival networks were hyping the interview that it would be huge. You could tell by the absolutely unhinged smear campaign and naked character assassination of the Sussexes by the monarchy that it would be a watershed moment. And here we are.

I’ll do stand-alone posts devoted to the bigger moments of the interview, so this is just an overview and summary. And honestly, an assessment of what happened. The palace narratives that were crushed, the bombshell moments, the absolutely brutal details of how they were treated. I came away with the realization that Buckingham Palace, Clarence House and Kensington Palace were absolutely trying to facilitate Harry and Meghan’s murder. From the word go, they wanted Meghan gone by any means necessary, with Harry even saying that there were conversations early on about not giving Meghan a title or security when they got married. Then when Meghan was pregnant with Archie, they refused to give Archie security, and withdrew their security at the end of March 2020.

They knew what they were doing to Harry and Meghan. Abusers isolate their victims. Meghan was isolated to the point where even her directives from the Palace were being largely filtered through Harry. They wanted to break her and they came dangerously close to doing so. She even asked them for help. And they refused. Then two years later, they launched an unhinged smear campaign to try to convince everyone that Meghan was the “bully.”

Oprah was brilliant throughout, especially the way she added her own emotion and reactions to what Harry and Meghan were saying. At one point, Oprah was crying off her makeup. Oprah really is a brilliant broadcaster and this was perfectly done. She even teased the fact she’ll drop more clips today on CBS This Morning. I was also left (correctly) with the impression that there’s so much more ground to be covered, that as much as Harry and Meghan revealed in the interview, in many ways it was just the tip of the iceberg. Harry refused to name names in certain situations, and they allowed Oprah to dictate where they went conversationally. So… interview them again! Let’s do this every fortnight.

Britain's Meghan, Duchess of Sussex reacts as she arrives to visit Canada House, in London on January 7, 2020, in thanks for the warm Canadian hospitality and support they received during their recent stay in Canada.

Screencaps courtesy of CBS.

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  1. a0 says:

    This truly was my Superbowl

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      I watched the Diana interview live. I have now watched her son and daughter in laws interview live. Same generational trauma with an added layer of racism. The Windsors, especially Charles and William are disgusting. They will never have the popularity or respect they crave. The Duchess of Karenton is a special type of Karen. May she be trapped in her filth for a thousand years. I look forward to the day she is dumped.

      • Emma33 says:

        I also watched the Diana interview live and I completely agree, it was the same kind of loneliness and desperation from both women, but with Meghan it had the extra layer of racism.

        I think Meghan and Harry were able to be more articulate and really express step-by-step, how the whole process works to isolate and silence a woman marrying into the family. They are older and more educated than Diana was, which I think meant that they had more of a clinical view of the whole system.

        I feel sympathy for anyone caught up in that family, I really do. None of them are allowed to fully mature as adults and are trapped in a dysfunctional system where they are doing some pretty horrible things just to save themselves.

    • Lemons says:

      Me too!

    • Victoria says:

      It was everything that I didn’t think it would be UNTIL the clip of Meghan dropping The Firm tea came about PLUS more.

      The BRF noshed this one completely. They look even more evil and unhinged.

      Shout-out to Auntie Shoula on GMB who shut Piers DOWN. When Jesus is your portion, a constant friend is HE and HE was with the good Dr. TODAY!

      Harry admitting he dropped the ball on supporting his wife. That was brave. He did the interview for HER as uncomfortable as he was spilling that tea.

      Meghan is a class act, because my North Philadelphia born and raised ass would be fucking those dusty heaux up. The CAUCASITY to come for her child…oh hell no.

  2. BabsORIG says:

    Thank you so much Kaiser. It was a phenomenal interview. I watched on Global TV and I couldn’t believe what the Sussexes went through. My heart broke for Meghan and Harry and I cried like a baby through out the interview. For whatever reason, I always believed Harry was suicidal and Meghna was talking him out of it. Little did I know. I really believe the Sussexes. I’m waiting for your individual posts. Thanks again.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      I think the Sussexes were kind to that family. They have held back a lot for insurance. Once the queen goes that’s it for a lot of people. I am so glad Harry and Meghan are free and at peace. May God’s protection encircle them as there are some evil ones still lurking.

    • UptownGirl says:

      I was gutted by Meghans announcement as to her declaration that she was so close to suicide. The fact that she had to swallow that immediately and for them to make an appearance that evening and for her to then reach out for help and was refused further broke my heart. My jaw dropped when she said that. I am utterly heartbroken that Meghan came to that point in her life, as a newlywed, happily married to her dream man, came that close to ending it over these racist trolls and their willingness to attack and dehumanize her and her unborn child that she came to that breaking point.
      I have so much more admiration, love and support for Meghan and for Harry now, more so than before, after watching this interview. I knew that Meghan and Harry would be a first class act but the unforgivable manner in which they were treated is unforgivable. There are zero excuses for which The Firm and the powers to be behaved and must be held accountable. As for Charles, I see him as unfavorably as her father.🤬

      • My Two Cents says:

        I was in tears at this point with Meghan and when she said they asked about what colour Archie could be!! Tears !! It’s amazing how close we all feel to this family and how heartbroken we all are. It makes you think, shit, if we feel this, what did THEY feel? and second, it shows how inspiring they are to move people like they have. Kate and Will will never have this kind of adoration. Even the people who hate Meghan, don’t love Kate. She doesn’t inspire people. That’s why all those people have left is to come after Meghan.

      • K-Peace says:

        I am filled with hate & rage towards the people that caused Meghan to come to her breaking point & feel suicidal. I don’t understand how people can be so hateful & evil. So many people in this world are just disgusting; it makes me feel physically ill.

    • HeyThere! says:

      I also cried off and on in the interview! The emotions were raw and real. 🥺

  3. Lauren says:

    They all got off easy. There is going to be horrible backlash to the firm and the institution, but it could have been so much worse.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      I believe so. I think Oprah has more footage for insurance. Thank God the Sussexes have some great people in their corner.

      • Seraphina says:

        The Sussexes have wonderful people who genuinely care and want them to succeed. Yeah, there is more more footage. I bet it is insurance. Like: Oh yeah Chuck, sit still or we will release the other footage.

  4. Cecilia says:

    The interview was brilliantly executed. And wow. I wasn’t expecting them to reveal as much as they did. I genuinely hope they are safe.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      I actually expected far more to be revealed but I’m happy with what was revealed and the classy way it was revealed. Charles the tampon has only ever fought for Camilla. Even Andrew the pedo is a much better father than him. As for William he is in his own special hell. May he and that gaslighting mannequin of his endure a lifetime of deep marital unhappiness.

    • carrotface says:

      Yeah I didn’t expect nearly this much to be revealed either! I was riveted; the two hours absolutely flew by. Even my husband watched it with me – he’s Canadian but has never really followed the royals – and he was blown away. Oprah, Meg, and Harry all really did a great job IMO.

    • Becks1 says:

      They revealed way more than I had anticipated and the scary thing is that we all know there is SO much more they could reveal – they were still being kind to the family and even the courtiers, and I think that if they keep pushing H&M they wont get off so easy in the future.

  5. Belli says:

    Oprah gave a masterclass in interviewing. Even with the bombshells I was in awe of her all the way through.

  6. Laugh or Cry says:

    I agree, that was my takeaway throughout, they wanted and probably still want to remove this entire bloodline, Harry included. Honestly, they should not go back there even for funerals. These clips of that delusional stalker on GMB, that country is going to have an entire meltdown tonight.

    • heygingersnaps says:

      some people were already calling Harry, a race traitor for choosing Meghan since it came out that they were dating. some people are really disgusting.

  7. Travelin says:

    I haven’t been able to watch it yet. (Located in africa) but what I have read is so much more shocking than I imagined. I knew it must be bad but this is even worse.

    Harry and Meghan are a class act and the royal family has screwed up in the most epic of ways.

    They even succeeded in driving them away and then still wouldn’t call off the attack! I’m not sure that the institution will survive this. At least for my part I will never respect them again.

    • Mgbaru mmiri says:

      Sorry, it you have Dstv. You can watch this night. Had to be up and tune into zoom for it

    • Eleonor says:

      I am in France and I haven’t seen it yet.
      But I am reding comments (The Guardian) and I ham happy they moved far away from that toxic family.

  8. Laugh or Cry says:

    Also Chris Ship is saying his sources are stating it was Phil or Betty who made the remark, so that would leave Chuck, Bill and/or their wives. I think it is William, remember that interview some things cannot be unsaid..

    • MA says:

      I think William. Remember it was reported that he said things that cannot be unsaid. And even during the engagement interview Harry couldn’t hide his lack of support. The others Charles Camilla Kate were fake supportive in the beginning but William was never

    • BabsORIG says:

      Chris Ship is such a liar. The Sussexes specifically used male adjectives so queen is ruled out. They said they chat with Harry’s grandparents regularly, so that relationship is good. There’s no way Harry would still have a good relationship with his g.parents if they were racist against his son. Ship is subtly siccing their racist mob on the Sussexes because “how dare they say that about our queen”, those RRs are disgusting.

      • Didi says:

        I think it’s a typo. Laugh or Cry wanted to write “it wasn’t Phil or Betty”. Otherwise, the rest of her comment wouldn’t make sense.

      • Becks1 says:

        I think the comment has a typo, its supposed to say that Ship is saying it WASNT Phillip or Betty.

        My money is on William. I bet that was the “thing that was said that cannot be unsaid.”

    • Heat says:

      I could totally see it being Philip. A comment like that seems right up his pompous, racist alley.

      • mj says:

        I actually don’t think it was Phillip. I don’t think Harry or even Meghan would have been so shocked by Phillip saying something that awful. It has to have been someone Harry expected better of. My money is on William or Charles.

      • L4frimaire says:

        I don’t think it was old Phil mainly because I don’t think he has a high opinion of either Charles or his sons, and doesn’t care what they do. He still hates Fergie though, so who knows. Also, despite her grifting,and batty ways and ride or die for Andrew, Meghan actually gave her a nice mention in the interview with the curtsy, maybe because she’s Eugenie’s mom

      • sassafras says:

        Harry still Zooms with Phillip (as he said on James Cordon). I think Harry would have rolled his eyes and chalked such a comment coming from a 97 year old man as “okay whatever” like most of us do when grandpa says something weirdly out of touch.

      • windyriver says:

        Oprah said Harry wouldn’t tell her who it was, but said NOT Philip or TQ.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      It was definitely William. Phillip can definitely say something like that but it would be more colourful. For Harry to be that upset about it and seeing how he said there is space between them, tells me it’s William.

      • Darla says:

        Could be WIlliam, was not Definitely William.

        I give 70/30 Charles/William.

        Old Chucky the gaslighting cheat still getting way to much slack. That decades long PR glow up really worked wonders. He’s an old cruel gaslighting cheat married to an old lying drunk. The two put on their own Cruel Intentions skit directed at a 19 yo virgin. Just for fun.

        And that’s still who they are.

      • UptownGirl says:

        My bets are with PWT as well. He’s such an incredible ass to everyone, including his own brother!!

    • Didi says:

      I think there is a typo in your first sentence? Didn’t you mean “it wasn’t (negative) Phil or Betty”?

  9. MA says:

    I’m so so proud of them. I think they rose to the occasion well, revealing things and setting the truth straight but managing to look classy and not petty, holding themselves above the tabloid trash that was flung at them.

    This left me stunned and so emotional for Meghan. This is going to be devastating for the royals. For as Low my opinion was of them before they actually managed to shock with their cruelty. Yes they’ll keep their rabid fans but the vast majority of people are neutrals .. the royals actions have really tarnished this supposedly respectable institution and I don’t think most of us will ever look at them the same again

    • Amy Too says:

      What I liked was that it focused on the very broad issues and how Meghan and Harry were feeling. As much as I would have liked a run down of “what’s the true story behind this tabloid lie? And this one? And this one? And this one?” I feel like it’s better to just go with the overall emotional impact that the overall culture of isolation, racism, and press smearing had on both of them and the lack of support they received, with just a couple of examples for illustration, because then it’s harder for people to come back and pick apart the “facts” of what they said. Like “she said that it happened like this on this day, but *I* remember it happening like this and I never said those exact words, and also it was a Tuesday not a Wednesday, so she’s not telling the truth.” All the articles are about these made up or exaggerated or flipped victim/offended little instances and interactions, and then everyone is caught up in the minutia of petty little, unimportant details when what really matters is A) how she felt B) how she was treated/isolated C) the racism and double standards and how they treated Archie and D) the hostage type situation the RF has with the media and the culture of fear and suspicion and leaking and lying that breeds.

      • L4frimaire says:

        It’s ironic the press were calling Harry the hostage when Meghan was the one isolated with all her documents taken away. No wonder the egregious birth certificate story unleashed her wrath .

    • Nic919 says:

      This will be devastating because while those who follow more closely had ideas about some of the bad stuff going on, this Oprah interview had a huge audience and people who didn’t pay attention at all are hearing these words.

    • UptownGirl says:

      What was absolutely disgusting was the fact that BP has annual parties with the RR’s to keep them in their pockets as they know how beneficial it is to them, but they refused to support and/or protect Meghan, especially as she was pregnant. Add that to Charles pulling their security detail and “someone” leaking as to where they were staying proves that they wanted Meghan gone and they would do anything in their powers to be to break and destroy her.
      But as usual, they gave a class act interview and Oprah was magnificent!!

  10. L4frimaire says:

    The royal reaction prior to the interview was bonkers unhinged. We all saw the press abuse, but they really did blatantly lie. I still think the lie about Meghan making Kate cry came from Kates mother. She was very diplomatic toward the family, they stated she was welcome at first ( to a point imho) and as we all saw, they became nasty and jealous after the tour and the pregnancy. So much more I want to know but they definitely seem more ready to move on.She was figuring out the role on her own, even googling the national anthem. I think she tries to show a lack of preparation to dispel some of the calculating comments about her. The comment on avocados was priceless: “ that’s one loaded piece of toast”. Charles is weak, they’re hostages to the press, Harry still loves his family very much,wish they’d talked a bit more about Meghan and how she said she lost her father. Wanted info on lawsuits and more on Archewell. I have no issue with their capitalism and think cutting security and exposing their location at the same time was so wrong. Archie is so cute and Yay, team girl!

  11. Keri says:

    God! I hope this interview is the catalyst that all the commonwealth countries need to make a mass exodus. These people are vile. I hope Harry, Meghan, and their family never set foot in England again. It’s not worth the risk and these people are depraved and ruthless. We see you royal family. The whole world sees them now. Abolish the monarchy.

    • Kittylouise says:

      I hope a large number of countries leave the commonwealth, become republics. This has been a poisonous institution for years. It won’t change, but people/countries can change their response to IT.

      • Amy Bee says:

        The majority of members of the commonwealth are republics. The issues to be discussed are should the commonwealth continue, if it does the queen/charles should not be the head and the countries that still have the queen as head of state should consider becoming republics. Barbados says they’re getting rid of her this year, let’s see if others will follow.

    • Deering24 says:

      The Commonwealth angle would also explain why the RF and RR went so nuts last week. Countries-of-color already considering leaving would be less-than-thrilled at Meghan’s treatment. And this story coming out just before Commonwealth Day—talk about disastrous timing.

      • Victoria says:

        At this point any country with majority POC still fucking with these nut ass heffas will never get my vacay coins. Period. Cuz Meghan and Harry took one for the team.

        I know it’s complicated but the right decision needs to made and then make the decision right just like the Sussex fam has done.

        Let The Windsors “rule” their tiny little island and only their island. Make them the monarch of ASHES

        I hope Scotland and Ireland fall off too and tell the English to suck their Celtic Co*ks.

      • OriginalLala says:

        I’m Canadian and it’s time for us to become a republic. It’s been wayyy too long.

    • Jess says:

      I’m from Australia and absolutely horrified at Meghan and Harry’s treatment. My Dad is English and came to Australia in the early 80s and married my Aussie mum. Half my family are in England. I’ll always have that connection there. And I honestly never had a problem with the Royals before now, I liked them in fact. However the way they have treated, and the press have treated, Meghan in particular is disgusting. It happened from the very beginning. First it was the fact she was an actress. Then being a divorcee. Then, god forbid, it was about her being half Black and half white. As strong as my connection to my Dad’s homeland is, I would welcome Australia becoming a Republic and truly removing herself from such a toxic monarchy. We will be better off when all these institutions are removed once and for all.

  12. Ania says:

    This is shocking. They really tried to break her and lead to leaving Harry or suicide. They literally stole 4 years from her life. They stole this wonderful first pregnancy experience. It’s a miracle she was able to carry Archie to term and he came out healthy. How can you tell a pregnant woman that her child will not be protected even though there is such hate whipped against him? Now I’m joining conspiracy that Diana was killed by BRF because what they did to Meghan sounds like they did it once and were just repeating those steps.

    Charles is a horrible horrible person and father. He really risked their lives by taking their security, I just cannot stomach this. He left them in such a danger because they didn’t want to cave. Even bad parents don’t want to see their children dead! Whatever Will said/done is not even close to Charles cruelty. It always looked like Meg and Harry planned their exit well but in fact they were frantically trying to stay safe.

    I’m so happy they spoke out because it can protect them from “random accidents”. Nobody would believe in second “accident” happening to another inconvenient member of BRF.

    • Kittylouise says:

      I totally agree with you – how she must have felt, pregnant, isolated and alone (apart from Harry) in a foreign country with all this hatred whipped up against her. I feel so desperately sorry for her having to have lived that, and angry that she had to.

      I hope her current pregnancy is a breeze in comparison.

      • Ania says:

        I’ve recently moved to my husband’s home country. It’s very stressful, isolating experience even if you are enthusiastic and have a lot of support and nobody is tormenting you daily and in front of the whole country. I still get homesick often. What she went through seems unimaginable to me

    • lanne says:

      And all his nonsense about the crown. He can speak up for himself but not his son. What a bastard.

      • greenmonster says:

        That’s what always stood out to me as well. The “never complain, never explain” angle flew right out of the window after The Crown’s last season. All of a sudden Charles was complaining left and right and wanted to explain a lot. But he could not do that for his own son, DIL and grandkid.

      • Ginger says:

        This reminds me of Harry’s comments on Corbin where he talked about some freaking out over a show that is fiction but not untrue articles on his family.

      • Myra says:

        A man who does this to his own son. Imagine what torture he put a 19 year old virgin through. Diana wasn’t a manipulator, Charles has always been a horrible, selfish man.

    • Miranda says:

      The mental torture (I don’t think it can be called anything else) of a vulnerable pregnant woman is one of the things that hit me the hardest. No matter how much you want that baby, no matter how prepared you think you are, a first pregnancy is always a little daunting. But most women have friends and family to support them and somewhat cancel out the worst of those negative feelings and allow them to feel excited instead. Meghan had her husband and her mother, but the people with the means to actually protect her refused to do so. Considering that they continued relentlessly tormenting her after Archie was born, you have to wonder if the extreme stress may have contributed to the loss of her second pregnancy.

      • Ania says:

        I suppose Meg still feels stomach turning guilt for those suicidal thoughts when she looks at Archie. Even though she knows it was not her fault, this is how mother’s brain works.

  13. Southern Fried says:

    It was A LOT. Loaded toast is right. I mean we knew it was bad… turns out the RF ARE monsters! The firm = the family = the men in gray = the establishment = the institution = BP = KP = Charles & Camilla & Andrew = evil garbage racists trying to destroy pregnant Meghan and delete her child. #AbolishtheMonarchy
    I’d like to know if Diana’s friend that helped Meghan is Elton John or whoever and hear more from them. Bless Harry’s big sweet heart for hoping his family may someday become decent human beings. In the end though he’ll always and forever have his own loving family of four. And the genuine love and respect from all over the world. Thanks, GB! We love having H&M&kids here in the US. Thanks, GB, for giving the world the unrestricted generosity of M&H. Bless those that helped them in their time of need.

  14. Kittylouise says:

    I am heartbroken for her that she had to live through this. What an absolute nightmare. It’s quite clear they wanted to break her and want her to go back to America, not knowing that Harry would leave with her. And then to not care about their safety, and withdraw their security.

    It’s a disgrace. No matter how it’s going to be covered here in the UK by the tabloids, there is a LOT of support for them outside of the scum media.

    DOWN with the mfing monarchy.

  15. Amy Bee says:

    I hope this interview puts an end to the notion that Charles was supportive. He used them to boost his image, he lied about financially supporting them and was not in favour of half in half out. The interview was so good I wished it was longer. Harry and Meghan are class acts and really nice people. The Palace has a lot to answer for but for their sake they better not smear Harry and Meghan any further.

  16. Zaya says:

    This was my first Oprah interview. I can see why so many people love her.

    Rooting for H&M.

  17. yellowy says:

    It showed to me how privileged Kate was in William “allowing” her to stay with her parents over her pregnancy and not being isolated at home by the courtiers as Meghan was. And it enrages me all the more that Kate and William didn’t offer Harry and Meghan that same support.

  18. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    I got cold chills of horror when I read about Meghan’s mental health crisis – I’m in the UK, so will be tuning in tonight – followed by tears for her. The poor, poor woman. How bloody dare they? How dare they take endless pots of money and sit on their high horses and push their exceptionalism while bullying a woman of colour, a vulnerable pregnant woman, to thoughts of suicide? It is absolutely and utterly devastating, and the sooner the whole institution, busy supporting paedorapey Andy, collapses the better.

    • heygingersnaps says:

      I now live in the UK, I stayed up last night to follow this on twitter because I couldn’t wait to follow and oh my gosh. I’m trying to brace myself for the toxic headlines tomorrow, I’m surprised that CBS’ foreign correspondent in London didn’t show the megxile tabloid cover because that was nasty compared to the headlines about Meghan crying and would show how the press are still vile and not likely to change.
      Before coming here to the UK, I really thought people were more open minded but it turns out, most are very insular in their thinking. I totally believe H&M when they said about how someone made a comment regarding their child’s skin colour because my partner’s mum also had that concern when I was pregnant with my son, she (white british) burst into tears because she was worried about how he would look like because I’m brown skinned. Micro aggressions like that and remarks about the countries I’ve lived or if we had gardens back in Asia, just random stuff was really odd but she will say that she is not a racist nor that she needs to read or study up about it. I always remind her, my son may pass as white but he is half Asian and I’m proud of his heritage.
      The monarchy is not fit for purpose, it hasn’t been for a long time but I think most people don’t want to exert any effort in changing that.

  19. Noor says:

    The Royal Family suggested Meghan continues acting. They did not want to provide her with security citing no money for it.

    What does this mean? It is a shocking revelation that the Royals did not from the beginning want Meghan to carry out the duties of a full time senior working royal alongside Prince Harry. Does this mean they prefer Meghan to play no role in the Royal Family but remains merely as the actress wife of Prince Harry . Hoping Oprah will pick this up in her analysis.

    • Chartreuse says:

      Noor, that was very strange to me too. I haven’t been able to see it yet but read Kaiser’s excellent twitter feed. How they basically wanted to ignore Meghan was bizarre.

    • Deering24 says:

      Sounds like a particularly nasty trap. The RF didn’t want her to succeed from jump, and there are a gazillion ways they could have messed Meghan up if she’d gone back to acting. They would have micromanaged her role choice to death—nothing would have been “proper” enough. Production security for her would have been a nightmare. And the tabs would have roasted her every step of the way even before her work premiered. Eventually, it’s a good bet no movie/theater producer in their right mind would want to take on the grief the Palace would have freighted Meghan with. Result—one sunk career that would have been pinned on Meghan’s “failings.”

    • equality says:

      Do they provide those lower down in succession and spouses like Sophie with security?

      • betsyh says:

        I want to know this too.

      • Becks1 says:

        So I read an article about this YEARS ago – that she and Edward used to have FT security, but then it was scaled down so they only had security when they were on official duties (I remember there was a specific line about…..you guessed it…..the school run… and how happy Sophie was that she could now just zip up to Louise’s school in her jaguar).

        Now I think I have read that at some point they were back to FT security, but I cant recall. That could be in my head.

        I will say that its sort of mindboggling to me that security would be based on your place in the line of succession. Archie may be 7th in line and maybe they want to streamline the monarchy and whatever else, but I refuse to believe that he was not receiving death threats from the moment he was born. Same with Meghan. We know people sent her white powder in an envelope. Why wouldnt you want to protect someone who is under threat like that?

    • sassafras says:

      I was wondering about this too – not much discussion of it compared to the skin color comment (rightfully) but still – terrible. The POC wife is the only one expected to “keep working” ???? Because they “can’t afford her?” What the everlovin’ f*ck.

  20. IntheKnow says:

    100% William said it. Harry was still reaching out to Charles during the shit show for support and Charles stopped taking the calls. If Harry was still looking to Charles for support, to me it means, there was communication between Harry and Charles even if strained. Harry was shooting lasers from his eyes at William at the last Common wealth service. You could see his rage. This also explains William’s recent lamest attempts at ‘combatting’ racism and ‘being bored with racism’. This inbred mother fker is the one who is ‘bored with racism’ is the one who was commenting about Archie’s colour.

    If this is how Charles treated his own son, can you imagine how much MUCH worse he treated Diana? Charles PR to revamp his image sort of worked on me…until the last couple of years and then this interview. I was holding out hope that Charles would step forward. Harry said Charles cut him off financially and removed his security. Was the end goal to have a ‘crash in a tunnel’ for his own son?? JFC.

    I don’t know about the rest of you but when Oprah asked what’s Archie’s favourite word and they said it’s ‘Drive safe’, I got chills.

    I love how Harry said he’s happy, Meg’s happy, even the dogs are happy! LOL.

    Diana, even in death/after death you took care of your son. She knew what was coming. Even in death Diana is STILL a better parent than Charles.

    • Basi says:

      Yes InTheKnow! Well said all of it.
      The drive safe part gave me chills
      Did you notice Megan emphasized emails and letters. She has receipts!
      Harry and Megan had to do this interview to get most of this out there. Life insurance.
      After watching the interview, I wonder if Diana was murdered by the BRF. I do think they were trying to kill off Megan and her unborn child.

      My heart goes out to Megan and Harry. The royal family don’t deserve these good people.

      • Emily says:

        Yes! Meghan repeatedly mentioned letters and emails. Even a note of apology from Kate. She won her lawsuit against the Mail, so the Firm should be warned.

      • Kebbie says:

        Yeah, I loved that. Basically putting them on notice like “try and deny it, I’ve got it in writing”

    • JanetDR says:

      I am more upset than ever for them after learning that their security was cut off and that Archie never qualified for it. Up to this point I was kind of hoping that Charles would get to be king sooner rather than later, but now? Not at all. Abolish the monarchy! (Not exactly an influential opinion because I’m not from the UK.) I knew the interview would reveal some horror, but I had no idea that it was so bad. Glad they have the receipts.

  21. Miranda says:

    I’m angry, sad, and thoroughly disgusted. We knew it was bad, and then we expected it to be even WORSE because of how desperately the royal family and their sycophants were flailing about and trying to distract us. But I don’t know if I ever thought it would be THIS egregious. God, Harry and Meghan had NO ONE to turn to. The whole f–king family is absolutely vile and, quite frankly, dangerous. Poor Harry clearly still loves his family, which I think shows what a kind and sensitive man he is (he’s definitely his mother’s son, isn’t he?), and their situation had to be nightmarish and dire for him to feel he had no other choice but to leave to protect Meghan and Archie. And I don’t know how anyone can watch the interview and NOT feel the greatest admiration for Meghan’s refusal to be scared off, and the way she helped give her husband the courage to walk away. Diana has to be so proud of them both. They told the world what she had always wanted to say herself all those years ago.

    I don’t think there’s any question that America believes Harry and Meghan, and always has. I hope the support they receive here makes them feel safe and comfortable enough to open up even more. People need to be convinced to abolish the monarchy. In the meantime, I honestly feel like this is reason enough for future American state visits to drop the meeting with the Queen. We cannot claim to aspire to racial equality if we’re going to be chummy with such an outrageously racist institution.

  22. Shoo fly says:

    I convinced some friends to watch it and started out all popcorn munching and entertainment. When she said Kate made her cry I started getting agape and then when she discussed asking for mental health treatment and being denied it wasn’t entertaining anymore. Taking the passport and controlling people like that is the same type of crap they pull in Dubai. Authoritarians, all of them, cut from the same cloths.

  23. Sofia says:

    This interview definitely was not as tame as I thought it was but they definitely (still) held back. I did figure “the institution” would be called out but definitely not to this extent. Also figured they wouldn’t be naming names for bad behaviour (Charles gets called out but Harry also says he’s trapped)

    Anyways, I wish them both peace and healing moving forward

  24. Mariatia says:

    I wish there was a way to show our support. You know like passing around a card at the office! We got you guys. We got your backs.

  25. twoz says:

    The thing that stunned me was that they took her keys, passport and driver’s license.
    Anyone else, that’d be a sign to go straight to either the police or a women’s shelter.

  26. Ginger says:

    This interview threw me. I really didn’t think it would be that revealing and that they would call the press out more than the family. My husband even enjoyed it and really sympathizes with them. I am actually surprised how strained his relationship is with his father. My heart breaks for Meghan. When she told the podcast the abuse the unsurvivable, I knew she must have felt like she wanted to die, but to hear her describe it was heart wrenching. That event she described where Harry held her hand tightly was emotional. I always thought he seemed very off that night and now we know.

    I am very proud of them for doing this interview and for getting out of a terrible situation. The RF should NEVER talk about mental health or racism ever again. Ever.

  27. Midnight@theOasis says:

    That interview was everything. It could have easily been 4 hours long. Oprah gave a master class in celebrity interviewing and showed why she is who she is. My heart breaks for H&M. They’ve been through so much. So I guess it’s what we’ve speculated all along. They allowed the wedding thinking they’d get rid of her quickly…hence the degree wife comments. The pregnancy freaked them out and then the success of the South Pacific tour sent them over the edge. After that it was game on and they did everything they could to destroy her. And the Firm is beholding to maintain their incestuous relationship with the British media. There’s a special place in hell for all of them.

  28. Darla says:

    I didn’t suspect it was this bad. I really figured there was fault all around, as in my experience that’s usually the case. But my experience is as a white woman. When I saw that they were asked how dark the baby was going to be, or that was discussed or whatever, I was flabbergasted. It was downhill from there.

    This feels transformational. My personal view is the RF needs to go. End them. When the Queen goes, the institution goes with them.

    When you have to refugee to AMERICA to get away from racism, there’s problems. That’s mind-boggling. I knew the UK was very racist and always say, “well that’s sure our Daddy ain’t it?” but I really didn’t grasp how bad it was. America may have an advantage because of Hollywood and the music industry we do have some very rich, powerful black people. And that’s exactly who stepped in here. Very interesting stuff to consider.

    • Yup, Me says:

      I am a Black woman and worked in a toxic white environment for a few years. I remember going home at the end of certain days, wracked with stress and anxiety. But at least I got to go home, be with my family, hang out with my friends.

      Just 8 hours a day, 5 days a week in a toxic white work environment had my physical and mental health severely impacted. And I remember seeing what was being said about Meghan and how concerned I felt for her – being in a toxic white work environment, and a toxic white nation and having married into the most rancidly toxic and whitest of the white people families.

  29. Wendy Mitton says:

    Oprah just confirmed this AM to Gayle that is was neither TQ not PP who made the comment re – colour of Archie. She said PH wanted to be really clear about that. I think it was both W and C (and likely Camilla too)

  30. Kaw1204 says:

    What this interview highlighted to me very clearly is that the Queen is Queen in name only. All of the decisions that were made, were not made by her. Charles IV is King without a coronation. He made the decisions and that’s what makes this all the more disturbing. He, alone, made this decision. Just like it was HIS biographer who started the nasty stories. He didn’t like Meghan’s star power, turned on her and expected to use money to make Harry stay.

    • L84Tea says:

      Exactly. The advisors are running the show there and it felt like Harry was trying to get that across without actually saying it.

  31. Case says:

    This interview was so well done and I feel like I watched in real-time what will become an iconic interview. I’m proud of Meghan and Harry for how they handled this; they were truthful and revealed a LOT, but didn’t name names or throw anyone under the bus. It is shocking how many stories, like them not wanting to give Archie a title, were flat out false and the Palace did nothing to correct it.

    They were extremely kind toward the Queen, which surprised me (that she’s that good to them, not that they were kind). I think some people will read their neutrality on Will and Kate as them being okay with them, but I thought their selective words about them spoke volumes. But Charles ended up looking WAY worse than I expected. I thought Will was the main problem. I don’t think that anymore.

  32. Edna says:

    I pray for Harry and Meghan’s safety and well being. I’m glad they were able to finally tell their side of the story. I’m sure it was a catharsis for them. And now I think emotionally they’ll be able to truly move forward and put the BRF/BM in the rear view mirror. Rather than just take the L and move on, the British establishment is about to unleash the hounds of hell upon them. At some point those people just need to LET IT GO. The monarchy is rotten from the core and after the Queen goes, I think all bets are off as to its survival. And this was all self inflicted. Charles should be removed from the Head of the Commonwealth.

  33. Liz version 700 says:

    This was incredible. I was left in tears and felt the same thing…they tried to kill this family. I hope they never go back to Britain! Will & Kate Zoom all day surely Harry can Zoom into the major funerals. They are not safe with this family. Charles is a passive aggressive coward who tried to terrorize his son into returning knowing Meghan was on the verge of hurting herself and Will…we see all Will has done.

  34. Savu says:

    The only thing missing was mention of Prince Andrew. Maybe Oprah’s got it, I don’t know. I find it hard to believe she wouldn’t ask. But whatever their answer, I bet it would ring differently knowing they’re “investigating” Meg. Such trash.

  35. ME says:

    Oprah is the Queen of interviews. She asked all the right questions. This interview was so good. I’m shocked Meghan and Harry were so open about everything. Well done !

  36. Duch says:

    not just that they gave up security but they publicly announced it, making HM and A sitting ducks, since their location was known. I think this is one of the things that that Harry says needs to be worked through.

  37. Amelie says:

    I don’t think any of us expected the interview to get that deep or that dark. In some ways I feel it revealed even more than Diana’s Panorama interview in 1995 since it was both an outsider (Meghan) AND an insider (Harry) explaining just how dysfunctional the institution of the monarchy is. At the end of it I felt like I’d been through an emotional marathon, they covered so much and I guess didn’t even get to everything that Oprah wanted to share.

    My mom watched the interview with me and she had always said “Meghan rubs me the wrong way I don’t know why.” I think after last night’s interview she changed her mind since she said “They never gave her a chance!” I got particularly emotional and cried a bit when Meghan admitted her thoughts of self-harm as it brought me back to a similar dark place. Seeing me empathize with Meghan’s feelings and that dark place we had both been in made my mom realize, I think, that Meghan is a human like all of us and was in a lot of pain.

  38. Gabby says:

    This was Game. Set. Match. The monarchy will never recover from this, and rightfully so.

    I think the skin color comment was absolutely William the Enraged. Hence the pre-approval hatchet job. Gayle King/Oprah this morning have confirmed it was NOT Liz or Phil.

    I was heartbroken at the Charles part: cut off the $$, wouldn’t take Harry’s calls, etc. UGH. My guess is that Charles is incapable of empathy. Remember, the people who would have modeled to Charles how to be a loving parent are Liz and Phil, and now we see the result.

    The Cambridges, well they are trapped, and that seems poetic justice for them. I hope they see the light before their kids grow up.

  39. L84Tea says:

    I’m still trying to process the shock of everything I heard last night. It was so much worse than I could’ve imagined. Overall, here is my overall feeling on the interview:

    1. I am SO HAPPY that they did not discuss Tom or Sammy. I bet that stung them badly and they deserve it.

    2. I feel like Kate got left off the hook a little too easily, but I’m still thrilled she has been outed. And I definitely get the sense that Meghan pities her.

    3. I had no idea Meghan knew Eugenie before even knowing Harry, which explains a lot. Was that known before? Had I missed that somewhere?

    4. I 100% believe William made the skin color remark. Harry was definitely holding something back when it comes to William, which was very smart. I agree with the others who have said that makes for good insurance. Willie needs to pull the reigns in at KP because Harry could easily say more.

    5. Meghan has ALL the receipts. I noted that she kept mentioning emails, so the palace needs to watch how they dispute this. She was very clever putting it that way because she was letting them know–don’t mess with me, I have this all in writing.

    6. Meghan feeling suicidal broke my heart in a million pieces. I was not expecting to hear that and it gutted me for her.

    7. Hurray that Harry mentioned the Oceania tour. We CB’s basically called all of this way back when. I was thrilled he called out the jealousy because it needed to be said!

    8. I now understand why Charles has been so quiet. I was so stunned to hear he cut off their security. I could never come back from that. He is a soulless monster who does not love his own son. The tiny part of me that has always sorta liked Charles just got obliterated. F**k him!

    9. I am SOOOOO excited they are having a girl!!

    10. Tyler Perry is such a wonderful human being and has treated them with more decency and compassion than their own family.

    Abolish the Monarchy. These people are done.

    • sassafras says:

      Agree with all your points. Yay Tyler Perry and Eugenie??? I don’t think I’ve heard that before. Where would that connection point be? Someone in Canada? Is she who introduced M&H?

      What I heard in M’s discussion of Kate is how I discuss a lot of sweet housewives around Texas. They’re… fine. They’re good people, they’re good moms, but they’re not the brightest bulb or going to make a lot of change. I think that’s what she was getting at about the Wimbledon pics too. She and Kate got on fine because Kate has the personality of cotton candy but it’s not like they were chummy.

      • Sandra says:

        That’s why I’m loathe to blame Kate for any leaks to the press. Kate is a perfect Windsor wife (royal version of Stepford wife): she does as she’s told, keeps quiet, and is on board with not showing her own personality or agency. She stays in the background and looks very pretty and doesn’t take any actions of her own. She is the anti-Diana. That’s what that family wants in women who marry in.
        I’m also glad that Meghan brought up that Kate likely didn’t have permission to speak up and clear the air about the Meg made Kate cry story. Even to just simply say, that never happened without damning herself. Goes along with being the perfect Windsor wife.
        Harry made a good point in that the backlash against Meghan came during their Australia tour and they saw a repeat of Diana’s popularity and charisma in Meghan. I still think a lot of it had to do with her becoming pregnant too, but I’m glad he brought up the tour.
        I’m also glad Meghan brought up that Kate likely didn’t have permission to speak up and clear the air about the Meg made Kate cry story. Even if it was just to say, no that never happened and we’re doing fine rather than damning herself. She can’t speak for herself and she’s resigned to being the perfect Windsor wife.

      • harla says:

        Kate was pretty quick to “clear the air’ about that Tatler Kate the Great article. She and Will demanded that Tatler remove certain bits on the on line edition but did not ask that they remove that wedding tights/Kate crying part. So yeah, Kate played as big of a part in this as they all did.

      • Sandra says:

        @harla – I respect your opinion but I believe Meghan when she says Kate doesn’t really have a voice in these matters either. I think she is complicit in that she goes along with all of it, but I don’t think she can just speak up and say “change that, it’s not true” and it’s changed because of what she herself has requested.

      • Amy Too says:

        Sandra, but we know that the Middletons leak like sieves, to the point of having every single member of their family listed by name as being the people that surround Will and Kate in “goodness,” in an article where the source is “a close family source.” They leak. Do you think Carole is working with William and not Kate? Or doing her own thing without Kate or William? When you say you don’t think Kate is behind any of the leaks and then you mention how you don’t think she can just demand that the palace send out press releases to fix something…. do you think that she just isn’t directing leaks from the palace, or that she’s not even calling up reporters or having her mom call up reporters directly? KP protects her fiercely, denying Botox and hair pieces, saying she was bullied by Meghan, denying that she yelled at Meghan. Do you think William is ordering that sort of stuff on her behalf? Or that the institution just does it for her without her having to even ask bc she’s the heir’s wife?

        I think she leaks but is told to stay within a certain narrative. So she probably can’t get her comms team to call up the reporters and say “that article you wrote that said Meghan made Kate cry isn’t true, it was the opposite,” because that’s not the Perfect Princess vs Pushy Princess narrative they’re going for. But honestly, I don’t think Kate would even want that corrected bc she’s just glad to not be the lowest ranking, newest, senior royal that the tabs feast on anymore. I do think she’s able to direct leaks about her doing the school run or working super hard or keeping the family together through her own Coms office and I think she can leak on her own to certain reporters she has a relationship with, and I think she can tell her mom and sister to leak for her and that’s all allowed.

  40. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    Ugh. I missed the whole thing!!!!! I was in bed with a migraine 🤕
    I hope they’re gonna show it on a repeat or something but y’all, judging from the comments it was a barn burner for real

  41. Faye G says:

    I only intended to watch for half an hour but ended up riveted by the whole thing. Wow, I am floored by some of these revelations. It was painful to watch at times, just imagining what those two went through at the hands of his supposed “family”. These who are very brave and classy for handling the situation like they did. I would’ve had a breakdown.

  42. Sandra says:

    Can we talk about how Meghan was imprisoned in her house and was told she couldn’t see her friends? Fergie wrote about that being done to her in her autobiography. Someone will have to chime in if Diana gave a firsthand account of this happening to her, but the Crown presented this being done to her too. They lock women away in their cold palaces like collectible dolls and forget about the person behind the public persona.
    It is so disturbing and depressing.

  43. K says:

    I had to rewind because I was sure that I misunderstood about taking protection/security measures away. I thought they mean if they moved to the USA. But omg they meant period?! Surely Harry finally had to see the dire situation of this. I hope they make so much money here they can afford a huge private security detail. What a poisoned institution.

  44. paddingtonjr says:

    Wow, I am truly in shock. I knew Meghan was treated badly, but I had no idea what H&M really went through. My heart truly breaks for them. I can’t imagine how Harry felt as his family treated his wife and child with such hatred and cruelty and his own father refused to take his calls. Meghan seems to have gone into her new life with the best of intentions; in return she was not only rebuffed and ignored but nearly driven to harming herself (and Archie). That the two of them survived and have thrived is nothing short of a miracle. I wish them love and peace as they continue their lives in California and prepare to be a family of four.

  45. L4frimaire says:

    This is really stressful and very upsetting. When it airs over there, the UK is going to be so incredibly nasty. Need to log off this whole thing for a while.

  46. GGRosey86! says:

    Hopefully this will serve as a warning to anybody thinking of marrying a royal. No freedom & no protection.