‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ is coming soon to fill the hole left by WandaVision

I got hit with the one two punch this weekend. Not only did I get to watch my favorite couple talk about their harrowing experience with being royal, I had to say goodbye to my Marvel royal couple Wanda and Vision with the last episode of WandaVision. Black Twitter made the last episode of WandaVision comical AF with all of the ViShawn (Vision in a turtleneck and herringbone necklace) memes. The good news is, I won’t have to wait long for what I hope is more amazing television from the Marvel/Disney+ studios. The first episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier will be dropping Friday, March 19. Marvel and Disney are making it easy and seamless for us by releasing each episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier every Friday like they did WandaVision. There will only be six action-packed episodes though. Marvel also released another teaser for the show to get us all hyped for one of the MCU’s best bromances. Below is a bit more on the series from CNET:

Don’t mourn the finale of WandaVision for too long: The first episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier isn’t far away, arriving on March 19. The Disney Plus show will slot right into the Friday night spot, pairing the Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and the Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) in a buddy comedy adventure.

Unlike WandaVision, the Falcon and the Winter Soldier isn’t expected to premiere with two episodes on the same day. It’ll release an episode a week, with the sixth and final arriving in the third week of April. While this is fewer episodes than the Wanda and Vision sitcom, the expected episode runtime gives you a little extra, varying from 40 to 50 minutes.

[From CNET]

I know there wasn’t a lot in the excerpt but hear me out. If you loved WandaVision, which by the way I thought was some of the best television and storytelling I have seen in a long time, it stands to reason that The Falcon and Winter Soldier will follow suit, right? Well we will see. I for one will be sitting my a** on the sofa on March 19th enjoying Sebastian Stan’s fine self. In true Marvel style the storyline of Falcon and the Winter Soldier will surely be connected to WandaVision somehow. Anyhow, here is the new trailer and check out the ViShawn memes that had me cackling all day Friday. I also am ashamed to admit that Paul Bettany looked fine AF in that turtleneck sweater. Don’t @ me, I know I know… just let me have this one:




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  1. LightPurple says:

    Looking forward to this. I believe Winter Soldier was the best film in the MCU as it played like a classic 1970s spy thriller.

    • ReginaGeorge says:

      WS and Civil War were the best of all of the MCU movies IMO.

    • pottymouth pup says:

      I wasn’t a big fan of superhero movies and had only watched a few assorted ones before watching WandaVision, so now I’m trying to watch the ones I need to see in “timeline order’ (per Disney+). Which ones, aside from Winter Soldier, do I have to watch before starting this show?

      • Ferdinand says:

        You could watch the Captain America saga.

        In the first captain You see the relationship between cap and Bucky.
        Then winter soldier and the arch ends with Civil war.
        Then go see the extra credits scene from Black Panther.
        Then probably both Infinity War and Endgame.

        Busy week ahead of you.

      • pottymouth pup says:

        thanks. I actually watched Captain America & the first Avengers this past week-end so I’ve started my journey. I’m mostly trying to avoid the Iron Man flicks the most (really not interested and Gwyneth Paltrow makes me even less interested)

  2. Rumer says:

    I don’t understand how Mackie gets roles. He was literally on the Wendy Williams Show saying he believes his woman should make him a sandwich and he believes in traditional gender roles. Happy belated women‘s day!

    • Celebitchy says:

      That was a joke and the only time he has put his foot in his mouth as opposed to so many of the white Marvel dudes who keep getting pass after pass for being problematic and both sidesing things. Mackie is talented, gracious and funny and because he’s not on Instagram or Twitter promoting himself people haven’t given him enough credit for turning in solid work and being a standup guy. I’m sick of people vilifying him over this one comment when Chris Pratt, Scarlet Johansson, Chris Evans and several of the other Marvel stars have supported Republicans and said so much worse.

      • Darla says:

        You really didn’t think he was joking? I’m not saying it was a funny joke! lol. I really did see it as joking, but he likely was told it’s not funny and I haven’t heard of him doing it again. the problem with men, and I know nobody asked, but it’s my favorite subject, so…the problem with men is, they are mostly all such hot messes that my line in the sand has moved a lot. I don’t think Evans has ever really supported Republicans, but people get mad because he interviews them and has pics taken with them. My view is that dude is going into politics. It doesn’t bother me. But I totally get it bother some people.

        For me, oh so the guy didn’t text his friend egging him on to light his wife on fire and then rape her posthumously? Cool, I can watch his show.

        Men are a mess, let’s face it.

      • hey says:

        THANK YOU!

        Personally, I’m not a fan of Mackie when he’s putting his foot in his mouth, but I will stop giving his passes once Marvel fires Chris Pratt (homophobe, transphobe, animal abuser, alt-right dogwhistler), James Gunn (wrote an insanely awful article about sexual fantasies he had about comicbook women, some of the characters were underaged, and some of the fantasies included r*pe), RDJ (racist garbage), Scarlett Johansen (where to begin…), etc, etc…

  3. Darla says:

    Yeah, I looked it up when I saw someone make a comment about it here, because I love Mackie. I watched the clip in question, it was clearly a joke. For me, the one I can’t get past is Bettany, but that didn’t stop me from loving Wandavision. Mackie is not problematic IMO. Let it go.

  4. Mely says:

    I saw the Mackie and Stan at a Comic-Con, with Tom Holland. The chemistry and charisma exploded off the stage. After seeing how well Marvel did fleshing out Wanda & Vision, I’m excited for Falcon and Winter Soldier.

  5. Dutch says:

    I wouldn’t count on this following the WandaVision story. In pre-COVID times F&WS was scheduled to air first.

    • Oya says:

      That’s right it was. But I am wondering if they will tie the two together somehow despite the reversal of release?

      • Dutch says:

        It looks like the story in F&WS is going to at least partially focus on who gets to be Cap’s successor and who gets to make that choice. That’s a great setup for conflict but maybe not so much for the kind of personal journey that Wanda experienced in her series. It feels like F&WS will hew closer to whatever happens in Black Widow, since they both take place in the “real world” of spies and political intrigue (and it was to be released a couple of months after BW initial release date).

  6. ThotBot says:

    Honestly, WandaVision was such a creative, clever, whimsical show I have a hard time seeing how FATWS can follow with just as much ‘whoa!’

    It’ll have fanfare like all Marvel projects but I don’t think it will be as amazing as WV. It also was supposed to come BEFORE WV pre-pandemic, but filming got delayed so WV came first.

    Sidenote: Sebastian Stan still a tool for traveling during the pandemic. My cousin died the day that stupid white boy was 📸 yachting in europe’s COVID epicenter. He’s a mediocre actor, too. I’m all in for Mackie tho 👏👏👏👏

  7. Missy says:

    Oooh now I have something to be excited about again!!

  8. chimes@midnight says:

    I don’t think it’s going to be anything like WandaVision at all. That’s the joy of comics that the MCU has captured a little bit, that you can have two completely different ends of the spectrum in one universe. It looks like a throwback to The Man from U.N.C.L.E. or a Lethal Weapon style action comedy, maybe more like Daredevil season one. But I dig those so I am totally down.

    • Oya says:

      I am not saying it will be like WandaVision, I am hoping it will have the same great storytelling aspect AS WandaVision.

  9. ReginaGeorge says:

    I was looking forward to this one more than WandaVision at first because the WV trailers didn’t really captivate me, as I thought it was gonna be a weird, hokey story, like most others erroneously thought as well lol.

    But I love Falcon and Bucky’s love/hate chemistry. I also loved Bucky and Cap’s bromance and how it lead to all of this now. I hear they are incorporating a big Xmen location called Madripoor so I’m excited to see if they build on that and somehow Evan Peter’s role on WV wasn’t just some cheap stunt casting that made his character into some sort of Beavis and Butthead joke, and was actually MCU once again playing the long game and building up to an Xmen connection. That was really the only thing I was mad about in WV.

  10. Amy says:

    Don’t forget the making of WandaVision/maybe also making of other MCU stuff that starts this Friday the 12th!! Excited for that too, I love “how they did it” stuff 🙂

  11. Caitlin Bruce says:

    Wandavision was way better than expected to me. They really developed two under-utilised characters.
    Mackie isn’t problematic, he made an unfunny joke but it was obvious he was playing. If anything what Paul Bettany did in relation to Amber Heard is way more problematic.
    Can’t wait for the Loki series either. The trailer for that looks incredible. And it’s great to see Tom Hiddleston working with another female director (he’s worked with a good amount of female directors on and off stage)

  12. Watson says:

    Wandavision was so unique because it was a female character driven storyline in the marvel universe that focused on her emotional story arc. I don’t care as much as the male characters anymore cause they seem a dime a dozen.

  13. hey says:

    I don’t understand all the comments (not only on this site) about how special Wandavision was. It was the same basic MCU sh*t and I say this as a fan of the MCU. It was nowhere near the best thing to come out of the MCU.

    It tried to be Twin Peaks and failed tbh.

  14. Robu84 says:

    Now if only the guy who plays falcon could act for shit