Duchess Kate believes she’s been ‘thrown under a bus’ by the Sussexes’ interview


In 2019, as soon as rumors of Prince William’s “alleged” affair with Rose Hanbury popped up, Prince William ran to Richard Kay at the Daily Mail. Kay ended up writing a completely tortured piece about how Rose and Kate have their own issues and it’s nothing to do with their husbands, then there was a completely blatant “sleight of hand” where Kay then shifted everything to the Sussexes, basically suggesting that Meghan and Harry were perhaps behind all of the rumors about poor Kate. It was insane. Then in 2020, just after the Sussexit announcement, William once again ran to Kay for one of the most deplorable abusive and gaslighting pieces I’ve ever read. So now it’s 2021. Post-Oprah interview. Guess what Kensington Palace organized? Another Richard Kay hit-piece, this one about how Meghan was always obsessed with Kate and… like, jealous of Kate’s friendship with Harry? Girl. I guess we can take this as Kensington Palace’s official spin. You can read the full mess here. Some highlights:

Meghan brought the Oprah conversation around to Kate: Again and again, Meghan steered the conversation round to Kate, their status and how differently they were treated. Or at least that’s what she claimed, and it bordered on obsession….The interview simmered with barely concealed resentment towards Prince William’s wife, who might so easily have been Meghan’s greatest ally as she struggled to adapt to royal life. In Kate, she had a ready-made buddy living next door at Kensington Palace who probably knew Harry as well, if not better, than she did herself. And here, quite possibly, lies the heart of the problem. Did Meghan envy that easy kinship that existed between William, Kate and Harry, who had turned themselves into the most popular act on the royal stage?

Sounds like Kate was obsessed with Harry? Their natural warmth and affection for one another shone through the pictures at engagement after engagement. Whether it was the London Olympics, a premiere for the film Paddington Bear, visiting the set of the Harry Potter films or cheering on runners in the London Marathon, their faces were always wreathed in smiles. And when William wasn’t around, Harry was always a reliable stand-in to accompany Kate, whom he once memorably described as the sister he’d always wanted.

OMG, Kate downright insists that Meghan DID make her cry: Giving her account of this apparently petty incident, Meghan insisted she was not ‘sharing’ it to be ‘disparaging’ to Kate. The duchess, she said had ‘owned it’, had ‘apologised’, and ‘brought me flowers and a note’. But within 24 hours of the Oprah interview being aired, another account of the episode was at odds with Meghan’s version. The Times newspaper reported that Kate had indeed left the dress fitting in tears. The following day, she reportedly took flowers to Nottingham Cottage — Harry and Meghan’s home at Kensington Palace at the time — as a peace offering. The newspaper claimed that Meghan slammed the door in Kate’s face. Last night, a royal source told me that Meghan had thrown the flowers away.

Will & Kate being outshone? When Harry joined the fray in the interview, another bombshell was detonated. He said relationships within the Royal Family began to change after the couple’s tour of Australia and the South Pacific. But he did not explain what changed. The trip was a stunning public relations coup, but the implication of his remark was that he and his new wife had been out-shining his brother and Kate.

Oh God they’re bitching about the use of “Kate” instead of “Catherine”: In another sign of the fractured relationship with William’s wife, she and Harry pointedly did not once refer to the Duchess of Cambridge as Catherine, the name the Royal Family use for Kate.

What in the world: Harry, of course, is not heir to the throne and Meghan is no Mrs Simpson. But there are uneasy similarities between Meghan’s and Kate’s frosty relationship and that of Wallis and the then Duchess of York, who later became Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. Is history about to repeat itself? Certainly, friends of Kate believe she has been ‘thrown under a bus’ by Meghan’s incendiary interview. But she is resilient; Middleton family blood has seen to that.

Kate is perfect & modest: Where Meghan is impetuous and outspoken, Kate is gracious and deferential. Where Meghan is drawn to the glamour of celebrity, Kate has settled for a less starry circle of friends. She has not sought fame for fame’s sake; indeed, motherhood is a more precious commodity to her than the red carpet. But then Kate did not rush into royal life, she took her time — hence the Waity Katie nickname. ‘She was around the Royal Family for a long time and knew what she was letting herself in for,’ says a Middleton family friend.

But Kate also has star power: While this is no doubt a perilous moment for the House of Windsor, William and Kate can surely be its salvation. For they are the only two family members who have the star power to out-dazzle the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. With support for the royals on a knife-edge in America, they should be sent there as soon as travel restrictions allow. Not to California, but to New York and the East Coast: Diana territory. There, they could give a real example of duty and public service that is far removed from the woke monarchy channelled by Harry and Meghan.

[From The Daily Mail]

First off, I’m really curious about what the section about Kate and William visiting the East Coast is really about. The Windsors thrive on their popularity in the American media market, and the Oprah interview did real damage to the Windsors’ standing here in America. I guess Kay is telegraphing the fact that the Firm will send Will & Waity to New York later this year for some kind of tour. Um… the reception will not be what they’re expecting. But look who’s thirsty to be seen as having “star power” now? Sounds like Harry’s cut about jealousy hit very close to home. I mean, we knew that already – Will & Kate have been jealous of the Sussexes from the word go.

As for the Middletons outright DEMANDING that poor infantilized Kate be seen as a victim, and that for sure Mean Meghan made Kate cry, and Meghan threw out the flowers… lord, these people are loathsome and disgusting. Imagine being this f–king fragile and privileged, that you have to twist a story about Kate being a bitch to Meghan into a multi-year psychodrama in which a Black woman made a white woman cry. I guess this really is William and Kate’s version of events though. Judge it how you want.

PS… How much of Kate’s immediate dislike of Meghan was simply Kate being possessive of Harry, and jealous that Harry was no longer “hers”?

Duke and duchess of Cambridge

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge And Prince Harry Visit Bacon's College

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge And Prince Harry Visit Bacon's College

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  1. Oatmeal says:

    Please , her permanent residence is under the bus after Will dogged her for 10 years before reluctantly marrying her

    • B says:

      And perhaps ultimately/temporarily residing under the Rose Bush…

    • VS says:

      On Monday after the interview I was asking for compassion for this woman! this is horrible, is it HER or HER MOTHER?
      Meghan could not have been more gracious to her and this is how she or her family repays her? can’t she read the room and realize Meg forgave her but corrected a false narrative without throwing her under the bus?
      Meghan is on record but here you have Kate and her family using anonymous sources again!

      I think Meghan has receipts, tons of them; maybe it is time she unleashes some of them on Kate………

      • Hello mar says:

        I thought Meghan was far too nice, and this proves it. She gave them a chance to start fresh and not compare her to Kate and the first thing they do is this article. Kate and Carole Middleton are awful, ugly people and I hope more people see it. I’m sick of this woman, #katemiddletonhateaccount from now on

      • Donna B. says:

        It was a “gracious” strategic play by Meghan. I believe, Harry/Meghan knew somebody from these “carnival of so-called experts” would double down after the interview. Now they are showing their face. Before 2021 ends, it will come out as to who is prompting these “carnival of so-called experts” to write these hit pieces.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        I was there with you saying I had pity for Kate. A victim of circumstance by her awful mother and never having a sense of self worth. That her value to everyone was based on her role within the BRF and she was largely co trolled there. But Meghan gave her sympathy and left the door open for her to at the very least be neutral. Kate picked her side. She’s as awful as the rest of them.

        Bring out the receipts!

      • VS says:

        I agree with you all; this woman is a terrible person….Omid just wrote a new piece about the “bully” statement H had to sign saying that W didn’t bully the Sussexes and there you see Meghan asking for the “Meghan made Kate cry” BS to be corrected!
        She is a bad person! Meghan was used to cover her mediocrity; her disappearing weight is just the beginning of the suffering she deserves!

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      Typical Karen Karening from Karenton Palace. Resident DARVO expert and foot mat.

    • Victoria says:

      Bitch, please.
      They at least were truthful and gracious.

      What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, Keen. Quack, quack heffa.

    • NightOwl says:

      Looking back, it was sort of brilliant that Meghan referenced the WaityKaty nickname during the Oprah broadcast.

      • Lorelei says:

        @NightOwl ITA…I love that Meghan actually said it out loud and didn’t just dance around it, she came right out with the words “Waity Kaity.” I think that was so important because it immediately took away any power Kate’s stans thought the nickname had as a comeback now that everyone heard Meghan directly address it and explain the difference.

        Obviously there *were* times for Kate that were horrible to live through: learning how ubiquitous “Waity Kaity” was, having her phone hacked, occasionally needing to push through swarms of paparazzi outside her house, knowing people mocked her mother for being a flight attendant, those topless photos being published, etc. There were many times I felt incredibly sorry for her. No one is saying it was a walk in the park for Kate to deal with the tabloids.
        But in NO WAY on any planet could it be compared to what Meghan endured. To say “Rude isn’t the same as Racist” was perfect; it needed to be said that bluntly to get it across.

        I’m sure there are people who will continue to insist that racism isn’t a factor here and that Meghan didn’t go through anything worse than what Diana or Kate did, but I also think there are probably a sh!t ton of people worldwide who get it now after watching the interview and having it explained so succinctly by Meghan, so in that way the interview succeeded.

        Totally agree with everyone here saying she went way too easy on Kate, but knowing Meghan, I’m sure it was part of some larger strategy. Still, it was very difficult to have to listen to her call Kate a good person, and it makes Kate’s behavior now that much more offensive. She should be grateful but she’ll probably play the victim. Again.

      • J.Mo says:

        She mentioned Waity Katey?! I missed a few minutes of the interview, I didn’t know I missed THAT.

      • Passerby says:

        I completely missed the Waity Kaity comment!

    • Emm says:

      I mean, she’s been doing it to them over and over for years so…..

      I don’t think they threw her under the bus, they clarified things, but I think it’s funny how offended we are supposed to be on her behalf over this interview and like she was the biggest thing they talked about. The projection is real. Cry me a River.

    • And Kate shows her true colors. The endless, perfect victim of bad black Meghan and true love of Hostage Harry. I loved the line about Meghan throwing out the flowers. There’s just enough truth there isn’t there as cut flowers are eventually thrown out. Meghan probably threw them out days later after the flowers died. Cut flowers do die and most people do throw them out. Maybe Kate is implying she’s kept all her dead flowers. The dead flower toss storyline is almost as bad as the Kate definitely was the one crying fairy tale. I would love for Meghan to simply have her spokesperson release a copy of Kate’s hand written note of apology that she had delivered with the flowers stating she’s sorry about making Meghan cry. Wouldn’t that be a nasty woke moment for FFQ Catherine.

      And, Oprah asked the question. Meghan did not offer Kate up. Geeze, everything is always about the Cambridges in their tiny little brains.

      And once again, proof that the Cambridges are going to continue their one-sided war against Meghan while she is pregnant with their second child. I suppose later this week, Kate will again tour a maternity ward to show her ongoing support for pregnant women.

      I truly hope when Harry and Meghan see this article they are finally done with William and Kate.

      And, finally, if Kate is this nasty a piece of work, no wonder William is out trimming the neighbor’s rose Bush.

      • Lyds says:

        EXACTLY. You mean to tell me that Meghan slammed the door in Kate’s face and threw out the flowers and NONE of this came to light all those years ago?

        And Kate hand-delivered the flowers??? This fiction writer is better suited for fantasy.

        Also, notice how they are STILL not going on the record and hiding behind “sources” who run to the same tabloids that they wine and dine. Get your face on television, Middletons, and kindly show some receipts!

      • A says:

        @Lyds, I know right. If Meghan had actually slammed the door in Kate’s face, thrown out her flowers, and refused to accept her apology, that shit would have been ALL OVER THE PLACE, way back with the shitty “she made me cry” lie first came out. Like, the Tatler article would have literally just been nothing but line after line after line, repeating, “MEGHAN SLAMMED THE DOOR IN KATE’S FACE AND THREW OUT HER FLOWERS.” We would have heard that shit for decades.

        But no, it comes out NOW. The MINUTE after Meghan clarifies the reality for everyone who was wondering. HOW CONVENIENT. Fucking idiots.

      • Lorelei says:

        Again, these idiots showing how poorly they handle anything, PR-wise. The comment about the flowers being thrown out only reminded me of how they intentionally threw Harry’s wreath away out of pure spite, which is far worse (not that I think the story about Meghan is even true anyway).

  2. Belli says:

    Meghan couldn’t have been kinder to Kate. She corrected the story, but didn’t blame Kate for the lie, gave her a ready-made excuse for not correcting it, emphasised that she was a good person and that she apologised.

    And now they’re trying to play it as though evil Meghan did make Kate cry, but saint Kate is just so saintly that she was the bigger person and apologised anyway? Just take the L and be happy she didn’t go in more!

    • Myra says:

      If the truth paints her unfairly then she shouldn’t have been rude in the first place. She should have been entirely supportive of this new member of her family instead of trying to assert authority over Meghan. This article makes her and her family look worse. I’m glad they reminded us how Harry was such a gentleman to her and as a thank you, she helped to drive his new wife to the brink of suicide.

      • Belli says:

        Imagine how good she could have made herself look by being nice to Meghan.

        Future Queen goes out of her way to show newbie royal the ropes! Isn’t she the kindest person in the world for giving Meghan the benefit of her experience? What a saint, so wonderful and generous.

        She could have positioned herself as the experienced and established royal and would probably actually been credited in the press for Meghan’s successes in her role. She would have been touted as the glue holding the group together. Her halo would have been so shiny!

    • Lemons says:

      Meghan said it pretty clearly: She didn’t understand why the story had come out in the first place and it didn’t come from her.

      So, Kate…if you’re so strong and stoic, why are we getting stories about your Karen tears months after the event took place? Why do we get separate stories that you’ve given flowers as gifts to Meghan, but it sounds like flowers were sent this one time before the wedding?

      These people are toxic.

      • Victoria says:

        What I find interesting now is the flip flop. Remember when it was suggested by the mouthpiece via BM that Kate was far too busy to be holding Meghan’s hand and showing her the ropes because she was a mother and a wife and a future #keenqueen.

        It was implied that Meghan was upset because Kate wasn’t reaching out to her and that she needed to basically get over it and grow up and learn about the 1200 year institution all by herself.

        now, they want to say Kate would have been a great support system, if only Meghan would have leaned on her. I really hope that people aren’t stupid enough to believe this s***.

      • (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

        Victoria, people (and these racist people in particular), have *very* short memories/attention spans. It’s the newest “shiny object” dangled that gets their interest/clicks. It also feeds into the narrative they *want* to believe. So yeah..they will “hear” the one that they want to believe.

      • Sunnee says:

        I think Meghan was brilliant. She didn’t really pull out all the ammo, just a little. That interview was just a shot across the bow. She didn’t throw anyone under, but she has receipts and could come back and do real damage. And if the firm and BM don’t see that that is a possibility they’re awfully stupid. She could come back and name names and tell all.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Victoria, I think if I was the brf I would be even more worried about angering Harry. They definitely have receipts, and Harry was clearly holding back. I think that family had better call off the dogs. If it gets really bad again, Harry really will burn the palaces down. He MAY wait until his Grandmother dies, but I think it will depend on just how bad it gets. TQ better tell Keen and the mids family to shut up.

    • Nlopez says:

      This BELIS! I would’ve sang like a bird and told it all. Meghan was too nice.

    • Rural Juror says:

      Exactly! I absolutely believe that Kate said/did something that made Meghan cry. Is it possible that Kate may have also cried afterwards? Sure. She was hormonal and, given the way Meghan explained the context of the situation, it sounds like she had recently found out about the affair with Rose. Doesn’t excuse her behavior, but she clearly knew she’d crossed a line or she wouldn’t have apologized. If this woman had a lick of sense, she would have a source say something like, “yes, Meghan is telling the truth and I never said anything publicly because she and I had already resolved the situation and I didn’t want to fan the flames in the press.” Easy. But she has no sense. Or doesn’t care. Or is just mean. Or some combination of all 3.

      • Denise says:

        I agree with you 100%. Kate (and the Middletons) still had an opportunity to salvage her reputation because Meghan gave them the out but…… here we are.

      • bobdegroot says:

        Exactly! I think this all the time- that these people react in the weirdest ways. Everyone makes mistakes. It’s not a big deal, but you make it a big deal by reacting so weirdly and also by still blaming Meghan. I think its just they think they can do anything.

      • And yet Kate seems to want to live and die on the hill that several years ago she cried. Why doesn’t she just nail herself to a cross and be done with it.

    • HeyJude says:

      Seriously! Kate was the only one of the immediate family that came off looking good, IMO. Meghan spoke of real caring for Kate, and said even crying wasn’t really Kate’s fault but the pressure of the wedding and all those emotions that made a little thing upsetting. And went to great lengths to mention they repaired their relationship.

      Kate was the only person they didn’t say anything bad about. Or that you didn’t suspect something bad about from reading between the lines.

      I know Kate seems so uber self-conscious of anything remotely being “against” her, but my goodness she desperately needs to reevaluate the people who are actually on her side, which Harry and Meghan went out of their way to say they are.

      She needs to count her real friends here.

      • Amy Too says:

        If even a lot of us here on Celebitchy were changing our minds about Kate or at least feeling pity and sympathy for her and attempting to draw a line from the abusive royal family’s tactics with married ins to why Kate acts the way she does, then she really was on her way to being rehabbed. She just had to revel in it. Her fans were still good with her, those that were neutral were still good with her, and those that had previously hated her were at least feeling understanding towards her. And then, in less than a day, she does this!? This is obviously a Middleton piece, and not a William/KP piece that embiggens Kate a little on the side. This is Kate’s family coming out trash Meghan and quadruple down on the “Meghan made Kate cry” story. They are actively saying “if you like Kate, you have to hate Meghan and if you like Meghan, you must hate Kate,” which is the exact opposite of what Meghan said. She was trying to give everyone an out, here, and it was working, and then the Middletons flipped the table in her face and came back with this? F*ck you, Kate and the mom you rode in on.

      • Lorelei says:

        The only thing I wish Meghan had done during that part of the conversation that she didn’t is give some specific examples of times the palace refuted something in the press so people who don’t follow this stuff on a regular basis could see just how blatant the bias against her was.

        She didn’t need to name names, but could have said that the palace put out a freaking press release denying that “a member of the family” was not wearing hair extensions, contrary to some reports. But when one-day-old Archie was compared to a chimpanzee or when claims were made that Meghan had been a porn actress? Nothing. Silence. Because once you know that the palace is absolutely able and willing to clarify things like that, and they chose to throw Meghan to the wolves instead, it makes their silence look so much worse than it already did, and imo goes a long way toward people understanding why Harry is so angry.

        During this time, CBS could have flashed some of the horrific, false headlines about Meghan across the screen so people could really see the stark difference. She explained that the palace wasn’t protecting her, but sometimes people need to see specific examples like that to really get it, imo.

  3. Brit says:

    No, Kate is just mad because that carefully crafted image has been ripped to pieces. Maybe not to the hardcore Meghan haters and racists that support for no other reason because a biracial woman overshadowed and outperformed their white princess. That family knew what they were doing when they threw Meghan under the bus and the racial undertones of the attacks and they just served her on a platter. Be mad at your husband, who put everyone in this predicament because he had skeletons to hide and jealously over his brother. It would’ve been better for William to just admit the truth and he couldn’t. It didn’t matter because it’s eventually going to come out anyway. People online already know. Those tabloids are not the Cambridge’s friends and no amount of access will change that.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      I wish I could like your comment a thousand times. Kate is also very upset because Meghan kept those receipts and she’s made sure we all know it.

  4. LizzyM says:

    Meghan did no such thing, she simply told the truth and she was pretty gracious. IMHO Kate deserves to be thrown under the bus for never correcting the stories about Meghan and letting her appear like the mean black girl who bullied the English Rose. Screw her and her wiglet.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      Kate is a seasoned mean girl. Even in defending herself from being an aggressor, she has to position herself as the victim.

    • Jaded says:

      Meghan is very good at “compartmentalizing” issues. On the one hand she exonerated Kate and mentioned the flowers and note she sent apologizing to her. On the other, Meghan surely has a ton of stuff on Kate with receipts that will not be so flattering. So she has given an initially well balanced and compassionate comment on Kate which, should Meghan have her hand forced, she will follow up with some very unflattering stuff.

    • Tessa says:

      I wonder if some of the women Kate encountered in her pursuing William years will speak up. Like the one who was coming on to William and interrupted by Kate pretending to be his girlfriend and William going along with it. And perhaps other mean girl behavior. She annoyed the York Princesses.

  5. Digital Unicorn says:

    Pot meet button decorated kettle.

    This is pure Middleton PR. Carole please stop being so obvious, We know you and Top CEO were seething with rage and jealousy over Meghan.

    • Coco says:

      “Middleton Family Blood: More useful than O negative, more rare than AB negative. It puts the red-blooded back in blue bloods. The blood of Britain’s future. Invest in Middleton Family Blood today.”

      • Isabella says:

        The Middleton blood made me giggle. No way William dictated that.

        Middleton = Mediocre

    • Ginger says:

      Exactly. When it comes to Kate stories the opposite is true. The crying over bridesmaids dresses is proof of that. So, Kate is jealous of Meghan and is also jealous of her relationship with Harry. Typical Carol PR.

      Kate is getting called out for this and I am glad. There are A LOT of people that are pissed at Kate. Karma is coming for her. Finally

      • Amy Too says:

        I mean, seriously. When you’ve just been exposed as a Hector Projector who leaks out stories that are the exact opposite of what truly happened, why would you think we’re going to believe “Meghan was jealous of Kate’s relationship with Harry” and not “Kate was jealous of Meghan’s relationship with Harry.” Like do we think Meghan, who has a massive social circle with many overlapping friends and acquaintances who all hang out in various groups, sometimes all together, sometimes just a couple at a time, is the type of person who would expect her boyfriend to drop all his friends and even his family to hang out exclusively with her? No. She seems like someone who would welcome that group dynamic and eagerly want to be a part of it sometimes but also respect when Harry wanted to hang out alone with his brother. Does she seem like the type of person to get all of her emotional needs met from her current man and expect to be the one and only source of emotional/social support for him? She’s maintained friendships with men and women going as far back as middle school throughout various relationships, careers, moves, and life changes, and has basically only expanded her social circle this whole time.

      • Miranda says:

        Yeah, “Meghan is jealous of Kate’s relationship with Harry” is just Kate (or her mother, or both Kate AND her mother) projecting her own insecurity. Meghan has shown us her confidence in any number of ways at this point, and I’m sure she knew she had nothing to fear from Harry’s apparent friendship with his sister-in-law. She knew, and everybody saw, that Harry was utterly devoted to her, seemingly almost from the moment they met. Meanwhile, Kate had to hound William for a decade before he finally proposed, and she was never able to stop him cheating on her. So which woman has more reason to be jealous? Hmm…

      • Harper says:

        I swear when I read this story last night it said William stepped in to mediate between the two women, but now that part is gone. This just tells me that it was Harry that probably ripped Kate for making Meghan cry, and Kate only brought flowers because she didn’t want Harry mad at her.

      • Ginger says:

        Harper, I definitely believe that theory. Also, since the wedding Harry has barely glanced at Kate during engagements.

      • Amy Too says:

        Also, how on earth would Meghan be jealous or worried or insecure about the Harry/Kate relationship when even the best the Middletons can come up with is Harry saying Kate was like “the sister he always wanted.” Like oh no, he feels specifically explicitly-stated sibling-like affection for his sister in law! That’s really going to make his wife/lover shake in her boots for fear that he might like Kate “in that way” more than he likes her. 🙄

    • Agree GINGER. And with Prince Phillip still in the hospital. Tsk, tsk Carole.

      • Harper says:

        YES! How can the royals even put out a STATEMENT with poor Philip still in hospital?

  6. Sofia says:

    Meghan was actually pretty nice to Kate. She called Kate a good person and highlighted how Kate immediately apologised with flowers and a note. She also highlighted in another unaired clip about how “Waity Katie” was not good.

    It’s pretty telling that not once has Meghan trashed Kate publicly or through “sources” but KP constantly trashes Meghan.

    • UptownGirl says:

      This is what is the most telling of how awful Keen Karen and her dreadful mother are. Carole is willing to scorch the earth to protect Keen Karen’s reputation no matter who she has to call and bend their ears! And this bit of utter bullshit that Keen Karen is “perfect and modest” is the most vile bit of trash I have read in a long time. Give it up, we all know how jealous Keen Karen and Baldimort are of the true stars of the royal family and it certainly isn’t them!!

    • Kate and Carole seem to belong to the Piers Morgan school of scorched-earth fairy tales and PR. Unfortunately, just like Morgan, they can’t stand to be called out for their BS.

  7. virginfangirl says:

    The Queen said the royal family would deal with the accusations privately, but yet the royal family continues to speak about these “private” issues through leaks to the media.

    This issue should be brought up EVERY time the royals claim that they were betrayed by Harry and Meghan with this interview – as the royal family betrays Harry and Meghan nearly daily by either leaking or remaining silent when the media makes these claims.

    • sa says:

      “The Queen said the royal family would deal with the accusations privately, but yet the royal family continues to speak about these “private” issues through leaks to the media.”


      It may be just me, but I’m not overly concerned about which one of them made a 30something woman cry over bridesmaid dresses. I’m guessing it was a stressful and emotional time for both of them (Meghan getting married, joining the royal family, and all the issues with her father, while Kate had just had a baby), so I kind of figure either of them were more likely to cry over things they wouldn’t normally cry over, and the act of crying doesn’t automatically make the other one a monster.

      But whichever way it happened, this multi-year campaign to paint Meghan as a tyrant for making Kate cry, to me, is a much bigger issue than the actual crying incident itself. It doesn’t do much to dispel the idea that the attacks came from the royal family when the royal family is still continuing the public attacks.

      • tcbc says:

        Yep. It’s not a big deal if there’s some squabbling and tears during high pressure moments, as long as no one hits below the belt and people genuinely apologize once they’ve cooled down. But Kate let this false story spread, allowing the press to frame Meghan as an “angry black woman” who drove poor Kate to “white women tears.” She allowed a false narrative steeped in racism to stand unchallenged, all to score some pathetic goodwill from her cheating bald husband and his enablers.

      • Margot says:


  8. Drun says:

    Responses to this story just make me mad. Meghan made Kate cry- we believe it! Kate made Meghan cry- where’s the proof?

  9. Wiglet Watcher says:

    So, they’re testing the waters for an American Tour? Please stop. There wasn’t much fanfare the 1st time and that was at the top of their fame post wedding.

    The BRF should stop hiding behind the tabloids and speak on the record if they’re so innocent. What a horrific family.
    Take them all down.

    • Jais says:

      BLM protests on the streets of NYC in honor of their arrival?

      • Miranda says:

        As a New Yorker, I support this. It has the potential to be the 3rd most popular gathering in NYC history (VJ Day and Trump’s eventual death being #1 and #2, respectively).

      • tcbc says:

        I’ll absolutely go, if only to hurt these people’s feelings in person.

      • bamaborn says:

        Oh, I’m ready to attend and give them the WELCOME they deserve.😫😫

      • Lexistential says:

        If they show up in NYC I’ll gladly wear bring my Black Lives Matter sign and a megaphone. Those two need to stay home.

    • swirlmamad says:

      Nobody wants their two-faced bland as tapioca asses here. Stay right over there on the other side of the pond, please. You made Britain a hostile place for Meghan….we’re sure as sh*t not going to roll out the carpet for them over here.

    • Miranda says:

      Actually, I think an American tour could prove significantly more popular this time around, if for no other reason than that plenty of Americans would probably line the streets for a chance to pelt them with rotten produce and shit, like that riot in King’s Landing on Game of Thrones (William is already SUCH a Joffrey, after all). Maybe the cities they plan to visit could install special trashcans in local parks for people to dispose of their dogs’ poop so we could save it up and have an arsenal of sorts. And bonus: Lazy/irresponsible owners might finally be motivated to clean up after their dogs if they know it’s contributing to a worthy cause.

    • Sunday says:

      I say let them come – as we’ve seen by who has come to their rescue in american media, the only places they’ll get the reception they think they deserve will be in very red, right-wing context. Sure will, go on tucker carlson while you’re at it. Have lunch with megyn kelly and the other fascist femmes, kate. It’s not like they can stop by the view or any of the late night shows without (further) revealing that they’re humorless snobs. If they visited the white house obviously they’d be politely received, but it still wouldn’t give them the fawning they so desperately desire.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Wiglet Watcher, I cringed at that part. I really hope they don’t come to NY. I might not be able to help myself from standing outside in one of the crowds outside the Carlyle or wherever and screaming “WHY WERE YOU SO CRUEL TO MEGHAN, KATE? ARE YOU STILL JEALOUS?!”

      Actually, maybe it’s a good idea. because I think if they come to NY now, there won’t be the same kinds of crowds there were the last time they visited; maybe a few hardcore fans, but that’s about it. I don’t think they would be received well *at all.* There genuinely might be hecklers. They will be able to see for their own eyes the hit that their reputations have taken here.
      Most Americans are firmly Team Sussex.

      The wife of NYC’s mayor is a Black woman, and while she had to escort Kate around the last time they were here, I imagine her feelings might have changed significantly considering everything that’s gone down since then (and even then, I don’t know how highly she thought of Kate, because I’m pretty sure she was the one who was with her at that one engagement where Kate famously rolled her eyes at the person who told her to “Keep wrapping!!” when they were wrapping gifts for some organization. Typical Kate thought she’d wrap one gift for the cameras, get the photo op, and then be done, but they weren’t about to let her get away with that here, lol).

      If they want to come to the US so badly, let them go somewhere rural in deep red Trump territory. They’d get a warmer welcome there than they would in any of the major cities on the East Coast.

      • Isabella says:

        Meghan got mobbed when she came to NY for the bridal shower. NY also loved Diana. NY and California are both part of the U.S., not separate countries.

    • Mila says:

      That’s what I was thinking they’re becoming the new trumps the fanfare will be absolutely non-existent and dead 💀💀 so their jealousy would be SO obvious and embarrassing. But since they can’t even recognise the obvious maybe they do it anyway.

  10. Merricat says:

    Kate would not have survived what they put Meghan through. What a piece of work she is. Boo hoo, Dolittle .

    • February-Pisces says:

      Kate can’t even handle the backlash from saying she’s ‘exhausted’. She’s an absolute joke. Meghan will join Diana as a strong woman in history who stood up for herself and fought for what is right, whilst Kate continues to cry.

      • UptownGirl says:

        Yes, in the years that follow and the decades pass, Meghan will be seen and looked upon as the one with the tenacity, empathy, compassion and strong desire to truly help anyone who needs a hand up. Meghan and Harry know their worth and their ability to make true change out of their endeavors and championed support to others. Harry and Meghan are the epitome of true dedication and empathy.

  11. sandy says:

    “deferential.” imagine being proud of that in the year 2021.

  12. STRIPE says:

    Ya know what? I am willing to believe that in at a highly emotional time for both of them, they got into an argument and both of them cried. That is totally possible.

    However, that in no way justifies the years long racist campaign that came from that situation. W&K and the rest threw M all the way under the bus over a personal and emotional argument months after the fact to smear her in the press and distract from the rest of the family’s BS, period.

    • Miranda says:

      Knowing what we know now, I guess we should just be thankful that William and Kate didn’t LITERALLY throw Meghan under the bus.

      • JT says:

        No I don’t believe that they both cried. Why does Kate have to be a victim too? Is that the only way Meghan gets any credit? If Kate has experienced any anguish? She lied for years and is still lying and if Kate’s telling the truth about her tears, have KP send out an official statement saying so. You can deny Botox and weaves but you can’t officially say that Meghan made Kate cry. It’s bullshit. Kate was the aggressor full stop.

      • STRIPE says:

        JT- I’m just saying that I believe that someone who just had a baby could possibly have cried after an argument, even if she (Kate) was the aggressor. I’m sorry but no matter how much we don’t like her here, it’s possible. It doesn’t make her the victim. It means a highly hormonal and emotional person could have cried.

        What’s more important is that, even if it *is* true, it doesn’t matter. It in no way justifies what happened to Meghan after the fact.

      • STRIPE says:


      • Lemons says:

        @JT, I believe Kate cried. But she cried in a way an abuser cries to their friends and family to try and gain sympathy against another party, knowing full well that they are in the wrong. She’s manipulative as her stalking of William suggests. She knows what cards to play and when.

        The problem is…that is amateur hour. I have no sympathy for her, especially when the first thing after the interview from Kate & co. is “What about poor Kate? She really did cry real tears and gave real flowers that were thrown away!”

      • STRIPE says:

        @Lemons, great point.

    • lalisa says:

      No, I refuse to give Kate the benefit of the doubt. This mannequin left Meghan to the wolves when that story was being circulated relentlessly placing Meghan in such a dangerous headspace. Meghan literally said that this story was the turning point in her interview. This b- couldn’t even send out a statement to correct this. She literally didn’t even have to type it herself.

      Meghan is better than me because I would have exposed tf out of this girl in that interview.

      • UptownGirl says:

        @ Ialisa, you are absolutely right!!! Had Keen Karen had a decent bone in her body she would have set the record straight. But instead she enjoyed the fact that the RR’s, the rats that they are, continued to push this narrative. Keen Karen is truly a vile person to allow this to continue. This further proves that at the very beginning, Keen would do everything in her power to malign Meghan and keep her as the villain while portraying herself as the victim.

    • MsIam says:

      And I’m willing to believe Kate was a jealous bully who realized that she wound up with the wrong brother. Who made the ugly face to whom during the Commonwealth ceremony? Was she pregnant or had she just given birth then too? Who has been benefiting from a one sided smear campaign for the past nearly three years? And what kind of creep fights with the bride during her wedding dress fitting, especially a bride she barely knows? Middleton and her family basically tried to ruin Meghan’s life from the beginning, look at that whole ugliness around Pippa’s wedding and not wanting to invite Meghan.

      • STRIPE says:

        Yeah I agree with you. I’m not saying anything done to Meghan was justified. In fact I said literally the opposite.

    • Harper says:

      Kate’s father didn’t just have a supposed heart attack like Meghan’s did. Kate’s father was there to walk her down the aisle and Meghan’s dad just ghosted her in front of the world. Meghan said to Oprah that she was going through all that and she couldn’t understand why Kate couldn’t read the moment. Kate lacked empathy then and still does as she is continuing to push her story forward.

      • JT says:

        It’s like damn. She’s still lying now. If mweghan is the bad one than again, make an official statement. Most of the press would praise her for publicly putting Meghan in her place. The only thing she probably cried about is the fact she fucked up so badly SHE had to apologize. I’m betting it wasn’t a simple dress issue; I think she was really nasty. Meghan didn’t throw her to the wolves, all she did was tell the truth, which was apparently more damaging than 3 years of lies.

      • SenseOfTheAbsurd says:

        Whatevs, Kate. Being a heinous bitch to somebody then crying and playing the victim if they defend themselves is Karening 101.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      STRIPE, I believe if both had cried, Meghan would have stated that and would have given the context. I don’t think changing Meghan’s story to fit Kate’s lies is necessary.

    • Mila says:

      Sorry the only reason I can see Kate crying is because she didn’t get her way and she was upset it wasn’t her wedding and she wasn’t been doted on or the centre of attention like she normally is and feels like she should be. Being put in her place by the bride to be must’ve been hard and she was embarrassed but not remorseful, just spiteful.

  13. Shirley says:

    Oh, the gutter press

    • Elizabeth says:

      The Times isn’t the gutter press but it sure aspires to be with this BS. My god I would be so embarrassed as a grown adult woman to keep arguing in national newspapers whether someone made me cry three years ago. Andrew is RIGHT THERE. But the British (and global) media would rather squabble over Kate supposedly crying than do actual journalism on a senior royal raping a sex-trafficked underage person forced into slavery by his personal friend Jeffrey Epstein, and refusing to speak to the FBI. Come on this is beyond pathetic.

  14. Mac says:

    I think we can conclude from this attempt to change the narrative that William is who asked about how dark their kids will be.

    • SarahCS says:

      While the analysis since has been moving more towards thinking Charles, William was my first thought. It wouldn’t surprise me to know they both asked.

    • Mich says:

      I’m pretty sure it was Charles because he also pretty much disowned Archie before he was even born and went the step further of putting him in actual danger by decreeing that he will never have protection from the Crown.

    • February-Pisces says:

      I think it was William, but Charles has his back. Thinking about it meghan said there were ‘concerns’ about how dark archie would be, which made me think they were discussions on what to do with him because of those concerns. They actually changed the law so he wouldn’t be a prince and took his security away. I think all these issues coincided with talks on how dark he would be, and they wanted to take away as much royal status away from archie because of it. If they could they would have taken him out of the line of succession because he’s quarter black.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        Were the Letters Patent actually changed or did Chrales want to change them once he becomes King or did BPwBT threaten to do so when he becomes King?

        If Letters Patent were changed or modified, this would be public record.

      • Mac says:

        Taking away his security is truly vicious. Aside from all of the usual threats, Archie faces additional risks from racists.

      • February-Pisces says:

        I have no idea how it actually works, I need someone who understands to explain it. What I thought was when George was born, the law was changed to ensure all williams children received prince/princess titles. Then when Meghan was expecting archie it was changed to make sure harrys kids didn’t get titles. I don’t know if it changes when Charles becomes king. I need someone to clarify it.

      • Becks1 says:

        @February – you are right about the change when Kate was pregnant. As of right now, there has not been a subsequent change to prevent Archie from getting HRH when Charles becomes king.

        As it stands, Archie is entitled to use one of Harry’s lesser titles, and when Charles becomes king, he’s entitled to HRH Prince Archie.

        My guess is the reason Archie isnt using one of his lesser titles is bc they know that they are going to take away the HRH.

      • CuriousCole says:

        @February-Pisces, pretty please do another tarot reading for us! I’ve been so curious what the cards saying about various royal reactions to the interview.

    • UptownGirl says:

      @ Mac, I truly believe it to be Baldimort in every smear and temper tantrum attempts of all deliberate attempts at smearing/punishing Meghan at every viable opportunity. Nothing that comes out of smears smells of Charles but certainly Baldimort!!

    • Gabby says:

      I knew it was William in my gut because of the way in which Meghan said it would be very damaging to them. Who else would it damage? Prince Charles has already been damaged multiple times and frankly doesn’t have as far to fall.
      Harry verbalized wanting to work on the relationship with his dad but said no such thing about his brother. There was that “if you knew what I knew…” statement last year. Plus I knew right away that it was Kristin who JR on Dallas, so I’m just good with these things LOL

      • Jais says:

        Also Meghan and Harry were all still working under KP during her pregnancy, I think. So William and Harry would be seeing each other more at this time for this convo to come up. Not sure if that’s the best evidence for it being William but why not?

      • Mila says:

        Exactly Prince Charles has absolutely no reputation to save or salvage although he seems to delude himself into thinking so it’s William that would have the biggest loss and it’s William who has had all the stories about him being on welcoming and telling Harry not to go out with ‘that girl’ and that they’re moving ‘too fast’.

    • Nancy says:


  15. Miranda says:

    It’s funny, I thought I had learned about the great martyr Saint Catherine in Catholic school, but she doesn’t resemble Kate in any of the paintings I’ve ever seen.

    • Seraphina says:

      Give it time, Ma Middleton will try to have Kate’s face in those depictions by the time we are old and gray.

      • Miranda says:

        Do you think they’ll also insist upon “correcting” all the portraits of Jesus to look like William, since Catherine of Alexandria considered herself married to Christ? If so, they should hire the little old Spanish lady who attempted to restore that Jesus painting a few years back and made it look like a blurry monkey. It would easily be the most flattering portrait ever of William.

    • Hell Nah! says:

      Miranda, you’re on fire today.

      Thanks for my ab workout – LMAO!

  16. Lauren says:

    Kate has always said that she prefers to be called Kate, but William insisted in calling her Catherine, but sure now it’s disrespectful not to use her full name. Kate is jealous that Meghan got Harry, has the star power, was great at the job without training and did the work without anyone having to beg her to do it. They really are going to keep effing with Meghan. At this rate we will be getting receipts soon.

    • swirlmamad says:

      Just another way for Will to mold her into what HE wants her to be and erase her identity, because the bottom line is she wasn’t good enough. She was “Kate” forever and then as soon as they got married she was stuffy-ass “Catherine”. It’s a small thing but if she had continued to go by Kate it would’ve gone some way in humanizing her. She’s a caricature of herself now.

      • Lauren says:

        Kate has been a caricature of herself for the past 20 years. I hope for her that it has been worth it.

    • RedWeatherTiger says:

      Meghan also gets to speak in her real accent without having to twist her mouth into pretzels and remember how to pronounce every word like a posh Hermione Granger. That has to get old after a decade or so.

      I’m curious about that, actually. Did William tell her she sounded like a commoner to shut her up and make her self-conscious for her whole life? Literally taking her voice? It is a whole lot easier to control someone who has been told their speech will reveal their true unworthiness.

  17. My3cents says:

    Wow, so this didn’t take long, back to the smearing campaigns?

  18. Cee says:

    Guess they’ve learned nothing.
    Is this KP or the Middletons? To me the giveaway is the reference to resilience being somewhat connected to Middleton blood (LOL).

    The Middletons are, once again, stepping out and need to be reigned in. Their lack of awareness is oustanding and should have been part of their shiny family crest.

    • Sofia says:

      It could be both. This article has Kate as being “deferential” which could mean it’s KP as the Midds like to paint Kate as a “top CEO kingmaker”. But the “resilient Middleton blood” or whatever could also mean Midds.

      • Beach Dreams says:

        I think the “deferential” description could still be connected to the Middletons since they’re trying to make a direct comparison to Meghan. Being a tradwife is Kate’s only “appeal” when comparing the two women, and only to the royalists and conservatives.

      • Cee says:

        Remember Carole’s “I’m not going to publicize my MAGAZINE COVER because I’m very deferential to William and CATHERINE THE GREAT because Philip is in a hospital BUT PLEASE remember I have a business but I’m very sensitive too”?

        Yeah. This is the Middletons with William’s approval. His inbred qualities are shining through if he approved of this.

      • Lionel says:

        I was trying to figure out if the “resilient blood” thing was meant to be taken seriously, or if it was epic shade? Could mean “The Middletons are so strong…” but also could be read shadowy as “The Middletons have crawled back from low-born/scandalous places before, they’ll do it again.”

    • Beach Dreams says:

      I just posted and I agree this feels more Middleton-sourced. Kate and Carole were probably seething at the revelation about the flower girl incident, but the Waity Katie clip likely sent them over the edge. Anyone who forgot or never heard of that nickname and its origin before definitely knows it now.

      • Becks1 says:

        Yup I think this is the Middletons. They are scrambling now bc the two big things in the interview about Kate are that she made Meghan cry, and that she was called “waity katie.” Meghan saying she was a good person aside…..that’s probably not the glowing review the Middletons were hoping for, lol.

      • The Duchess says:

        Precisely this! Carole & Keen have spent a full decade trying to wash themselves rid of the ‘Waity Katie’ soundbite. Only for Meghan to beautifully drag it all back up in just one singular sentence. This is their karma.

      • Seraphina says:

        I watched the entire interview but obviously missed that call out. How was it brought up???

      • Sunday says:

        totally not the point, but the way that meghan said ‘wait-y’ made me laugh and laugh and laugh.

      • sara says:

        Seraphina, it was in one of the extra unaired clips released by CBS.

    • Amy Too says:

      My tinfoil theory is that it’s William working with/encouraging the Midds to speak out because William was told by his grandma to shut his mouth and lock down the leaks coming out of KP. But he’s salty and fussy and STUPID as all get out so he still wants to smear. He’s going through the Middletons, or is giving them the green light, so that if this backfires spectacularly and anyone has to get in trouble for this he can say it was Kate and the Middletons and place the blame on them.

    • A says:

      I think Kate herself had a huge part in this. She likely got very upset that she was busted for being a lying snake about the situation. I’m all out of fucks to give for her, so I really can’t bring myself to give her the benefit of the doubt at this point. She’s knee deep in the bullshit herself, I’m willing to bet, and far more invested and hands-on in crafting the narrative around her than people realize. Carole might be the one picking up the phone to make the calls, but Kate is writing more of the script than people think.

  19. Noki says:

    ‘there are uneasy similarities between Meghan’s and Kate’s frosty relationship and that of Wallis and the then Duchess of York, who later became Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. ‘… What does this mean, they are talking about Fergie ?

    • Lauren says:

      No they are literally talking about Wallis Simpson and Elizabeth the queen mother (petty Betty’s mother) who was duchess of York before her brother in law abdicated.

    • Cee says:

      They’re talking about Queen Elizabeth, the current Monarch’s mother, who was married to the spare, the Duke of York, who in turn became King when his brother, The King, was forced to abdicate in order to marry an American divorcee, Wallis Simpson.

      The Middletons and Kate are trying to now tie Meghan to Wallin Simpson, as if being a divorcee is the same as being a Nazy sympathizer. while Kate is trying to make everyone believe she is just like The Queen Mother (The Queen’s mother)

      • lanne says:

        Queen Mother who was a horrible racist herself, as well as a drunk (google the image of Queen Mum with David (Edward 8), young Elizabeth and Margaret doing the Nazi salute. For a photographer. With a smile on her face.

    • Sunday says:

      Also saying that Meghan is no Mrs. Simpson… like uhhh yea, she’s not a f*cking nazi.

    • ProfPlum says:

      The Queen Mum was the Duchess of York before the abdication.

    • Ines says:

      That would be Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, the queen mother.

  20. Harper says:

    Kate never smiles and laughs like that when she’s only with her husband is basically what Kay is saying.

    • Mila says:

      Basically, and yet they don’t seem to find it embarrassing. How anyone even a mugxit would believe that Meghan would even vaguely need to be jealous of Kate’s relationship with him is just beyond me like ??lol, it’s not even feasible. I feel like both Harry and Meghan are VERY secure their relationship and are not jealous people, they can hang out with other people hug other people of the opposite sex etc, bc they KNOW that they are each other’s world and will always be back to each other. Kate doesn’t have that and it is clear William would forget her in a second and has shown his near distain and lack of respect nor acknowledgement for her many times over.

  21. Kalana says:

    Lol. Let’s hear from all of Kate’s supporters from the last two days explaining this away. Kate is not powerless in this. Let me guess, this is William and Charles and Kate just couldn’t do anything about it.

    Kate is so desperate to play some creepy victim/martyr/perfect white mom role that she’s still trying to throw Meghan under the bus to do it.

    Meghan had a career! Kate is a mom! Meghan is a mom as well. And Kate burns through a lot of taxpayer money for not having a career.

    Kate is deferential! Meghan is outspoken and she’s got the DM apologizing to her and Piers Morgan out of a job.

    Kate has the support of Ben Shapiro. Meghan has the support of people who aren’t trash.

    • Stacy Dresden says:

      The phrasing is really gross, like Kate owns motherhood or something. Meghan is a great mother. They are so racist and crazy.

  22. Southern Fried says:

    Kate maybe should stop and take a minute, it could get way way worse.

  23. Who ARE these people? says:

    That good Middleton family blood, eh? And there it is.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Yeah that is a racist eugenicist dog whistle right there. Vile.

    • Lizzie Bathory says:

      Came here to say this. *And* tying “Middleton blood” to Kate being resilient means they also got in a dig at Meghan’s mental health. Really shows you a lot about how they think.

      • TeamAwesome says:

        Which isn’t even true because her BROTHER has written about his mental health struggles.

  24. Beach Dreams says:

    Predictably pathetic. Meghan was far nicer than I would be if I were in her position. Kate didn’t deserve such grace at all. I feel like this was more a Middleton-commissioned piece than a KP one. The gross “Middleton family blood” line is a dead giveaway. This is a huge mistake on Carole’s part, especially so soon after that weak statement from BP. Does she realize she’s potentially setting her daughter up for *actual* visits below the bus?

    • JT says:

      Kate probably told her mom to “set the record straight” as usual. She isn’t some powerless person people that people want her to be. She has agency and makes her own decisions. She leaked the story appropriating Meghan’s tears because she knew she could, she knew she would be backed by the palace, and she knew Meghan wouldn’t say anything. These were not the moves of a meek, stay at home mom. These are the moves of a woman comfortable in her power, however small in comparison to others, and she wields it at whim.

      Kate has survived that family because she just as ruthless (as stated in Tatler), conniving, and heartless as the rest of the RF.

      • Amy Too says:

        I’m actually wondering if Kate lied to everyone, including her mom and Will and KP staff about the “Meghan made me cry” story and that’s why they keep bringing it up and doubling and tripling down on it, insisting that it really happened. Because her mom and the reporters and KP really think that it happened so they really think Meghan is lying. That reporter that was called out for first reporting it insisted that she believed her source and her source was credible—which she would probably do anyways even if she knew they were lying, but maybe she knows her source REALLY believes this happened. Like did Kate make up this lie and then it leaked and got out of control but she didn’t want to tell her mom or her staff to quit bringing it up because she didn’t want to admit she made it up and the story was actually the opposite? Like did either William or staff see her crying after she had found out William was cheating with Rose and rather than tell the real reason why she was upset, she made up the story that Meghan was mean to her at the fitting and made her cry, because the opposite had just happened and it was fresh in her mind and she figured she could use the story for herself? This whole time has Kate been the only person who knew the true story?

      • Meghan said everyone in the family and the staff knew the true story. So, I don’t go with Kate running with that story from the get go, AMY TOO.

  25. Jay says:

    Oh no, honey, this is not about you. If I had to guess, this feels more like team KP using Kate as a human shield, pretending that Meghan is “obsessed” with her when (to my recollection) the comments about Kate were both sympathetic and over in the first ten minutes.

    They are trying to drag the conversation back to a place where they feel comfortable – Kate attacked! Kate’s white tears! Kate has secret star power, she just hides it SUPER well! This is the Kate the Great narrative all over again, and being used to cover the more serious allegations.

    Also, why dig up the body Meghan buried so neatly for them, insisting Kate DID cry and Meghan was so mean etc. Seems like a hill they are desperate to die on.

    Lastly, you’ll recall that last week Kate and William did a zoom call promoting Shout, a crisis hotline that supports mental health. Yesterday, I took a look at the comments on that post-interview and people are scathing. If you are an organization that supports mental health or anti-racism, would you want these two anywhere near your work?

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      This is pure Middleton PR – they always project the truth onto someone else.

      Kate has long had a rep as someone who bullied any woman who showed in interest in or William showed in interest in. Back in the GF days there were many stories of her and Pippa marking their territory. Not forgetting the stories about how Kate and Carole’s ‘grand’ behaviour towards staff.

    • lanne says:

      Kate has secret star power? Then why the hell hasn’t she used it to do any damn work? Let’s start putting their records against each other. Kate shouldn’t get into this fight if all she has to bring is some harsh language. She’s about to go down hard. Call off Pimp Mama Middleton and take the damn L

      • The Duchess says:

        Because that’s not what she wants to do. She doesn’t find ‘work’ to be beneficial to her directly and she never will. That’s why she put so much effort into smearing Meghan because it gave her some of the best PR she’s ever had. Kate is evil like this.

      • Jay says:

        Very very secret. Invisible. So undercover we’ve never seen it, she’s that good lol.

    • sunny says:

      Um, has anybody ever been obsessed with Kate like ever? Sure she is bland, lazy, manipulative, and hateful but she is also pathetic and milquetoast.

      This story has all the greasy unsubtle fingerprints of Ma Middleton. What a silly amateur move. But also like, can we stop trying to absolve Kate from her involvement in this mess? She is clearly a terrible person and even if Meghan said so nice things about her, go back and listen to what she doesn’t say, her pauses, and her exact language in places, she probably feels some sympathy for Kate but thinks she was an unsupportive a%^hole.

      • Ginger says:

        I don’t know of a single person that is obsessed with that women. Even her stans are more obsessed with Meghan and know more about her than Kate. Kate is boring and empty.

  26. GrnieWnie says:

    SOOOOOO one thing that I’ve been thinking about for several years, that I’m considering researching, is the concept of something I call asymmetrical sympathy (it’s a reference to the concept of asymmetrical power in political science).

    Take Second Amendment people, for example. To them, the thought of the government coming to take their guns is…appalling. The worst instance of government overreach, etc. etc. At the same time, they are the sort of people who really think nothing of when the government does things like forcibly remove indigenous children from their families and send them to residential schools where they are subject to abuse (true story!). In fact, the worst fears of these 2A people have come true! It just hasn’t happened to them; it’s happened to others. And the government didn’t come take guns…the government took children. But do these 2A people take up that cause, which is the most extreme version of their own? No.

    This is asymmetrical sympathy. It’s “when thing A happens to me, it’s terrible. But when thing A x 100000 happens to you, it really isn’t worth as much concern.” I deserve sympathy on these grounds. My grounds are weaker than yours, but you get no sympathy from me. There’s an inherent contradiction here.

    Kate feels “thrown under the bus.” We’re all supposed to feel sorry for her. Well, if Kate was thrown under the bus and deserving of sympathy….what is Meghan? Was she not thrown under the bus 1000x more? Does she not deserve our focus and sympathy 1000x more? So why is Kate trying to pull focus? Asymmetrical sympathy.

    • swirlmamad says:

      Interesting concept for sure!!

    • Emily says:

      That is incredibly interesting! Thank you for sharing the theory.

    • Sunday says:

      Very interesting, though I also think so much of it (both in your example and in the Meghan and Kate saga) is that they simply don’t see people of color, particularly Black people, as human, and therefore don’t believe in affording basic human rights or supposed Christian values to anyone that’s not white. In their eyes, those children getting taken away doesn’t count because they’re not white children. Even if the government literally went in and took guns away from someone, if they were poc they would automatically deserve it. They have totally separated themselves and their whiteness from everyone else and would never consider anything that happens to them in the same category as the exact same event happening to a brown or black person. To them, it doesn’t matter if Meghan was thrown under a bus because she was lucky to be there anyway, wasn’t she and surely she did something to deserve being treated that way, but innocent princess Kate would never deserve such attacks. Their racism is so wholly ingrained in their worldview and daily perspective that people of color never enter the same realm of consideration in their bigoted white-centric realities.

      • GrnieWnie says:

        yes, exactly! That’s the blindspot of bigotry. Frankly, I see it in a lot of men in regards to women. If what happened to a woman actually happened to THEM, they’d be all up in arms. But when it happens to a woman, they…dismiss it, casually defend it, etc.

        You know something’s wrong because this is incoherent. If your reasoning is “this is bad,” then it’s bad in all cases. Not just when it happens to you!

        You really nailed it…underneath this behavior lies judgments/beliefs about who deserves what. And when we parse those judgments, that’s when we start to understand the bigotry. We need to bring those underlying dynamics to light (as Harry and Meghan did in the interview) in order to challenge them.

        I truly believe that the great human challenge boils down to being able to see someone as equal to yourself–a human being with the same (general) aspirations, desires, and need to be heard, valued, etc. It’s all about recognizing the humanity in others and seeing it as equal in value to your own.

      • Oh-Dear says:

        This is interesting…. I like it.
        and I agree about men and their blindspots about women. I have a family member who has always been uncomfortable about gay men. He says it is because he was hit one twice in an aggressive way and as a result he distrusts them (that plus a religious indoctrination he won’t acknowledge). I am always like…..what?! This guy is always making comments on women’s bodies and encroaching on their space but he doesn’t want to see it (yes, I have pointed it out repeatedly). The complete disconnect (and sense that two incidents 30 years ago justify this when women go through it regularly but should distrust men) is just asinine.

  27. Guest says:

    Ah yes the William and Kate American tour. Remember when she wore hot pink to the 9/11 memorial?

    These two losers will never have the popularity they want in the US. After their wedding was the biggest draw they had.

    • Cee says:

      or when she INSISTED on visiting Hollywood and being paraded in front of *gasps* CELEBRITIES?

      And then they have the audacity to mock Meghan’s career. They want to be her, they want her life. They are SWF-ing her.

      • Nic919 says:

        Or when she seemed super awkward around famous black people like Lebron James. Yeah that was a telling tour.

      • swirlmamad says:

        Now @Nic919, she’d never been that close to a big black man like that before…..of course she’d be uneasy. /s 🙄🙄🙄🙄

      • Xantha says:

        Now Nic919 you just remind me of this of Harry interacting with either rugby or football players. He was formal and polite with the white guys, but jokey and smiley with the black players. A stark contrast to Kate and Lebron which I remember all too well.

      • Deering24 says:

        Nic919–that’s when LeBron “broke protocol” by putting his arm around Kate, no? 🙄🙄🙄

  28. jennamaroney says:

    While watching the interview, I did note that they were using Kate and not Catherine. I kinda hoped they were doing it on purpose just because they knew it would piss them off, haha.

    • Becks1 says:

      I commented on this yesterday but she was doing it without thinking, without even pausing – its clear to me that Kate goes by Kate in the family, not Catherine.

    • Ginger says:

      I noticed this as well. Harry has always called her Catherine and the one time he said her name it was Kate. Definitely on purpose.

    • betsyh says:

      The royal family probably addresses her as Catherine in public to distance Kate from the Waity Katey nickname.

  29. Willow says:

    What I find fascinating is no one is talking about William. Once again, it’s all about Meghan, Kate, and Harry. They are always the smokescreen that William hides behind. It’s like there is a line at the bus stop, but instead of for getting on the bus, it’s for who gets thrown under the bus next. All to protect the reputation of the one person who will sit on the throne. It’s institutionalized abuse.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      Yep. The way that the British royal family works as an institution is deeply abusive – and that is why that family produce one very damaged individual after another. No child should grow up in within that family/institution.

    • Merricat says:

      People are talking about William. And they’re also talking about Kate.

  30. Sof says:

    I still don’t understand how either of them could cry because of a flower girl dress. My guess is that Kate did or say something completely out of place and Meghan was kind enough to go publicly with the dress fitting narrative.

    • swirlmamad says:

      For all we know, Kate had some outburst related to Will cheating and how marriage sucks if it’s true she found that out right before the wedding….similar to what Miranda did to Carrie in the first SATC movie. We will never actually know.

    • Dee says:

      There are people who make “suggestions” for changes last minute before events, trying to be “helpful” but there’s nothing helpful at that point, because it’s all a done deal. I can imagine Kate wanting something changed to do with the flower girls and/or their dresses and it would be enough to make any bride cry at that point, let alone someone having a ceremony in front of millions.

    • Merricat says:

      What we do know is that Kate allowed the story to be misrepresented for years,

    • Truthiness says:

      I want to go back to that! It was the ABSENCE OF TIGHTS for the young girls. Kate was referring to some “rule” that she had been taught that the young girls must be wearing tights. Saying that aloud will make Meghan feel like “why wasn’t I given the rule book?” and FFS THE LITTLE GIRLS ARE FINE, THIS IS NOT THE TIME FOR YOU TO SANDBAG ME. But…we are talking about the keenest knicker-flasher of modern royal history! Kate NEEDED that talk, Kate didn’t fully absorb that one until what, her second child? I am still gobsmacked this episode happened, you don’t do this to a bride, you smile and support. Any future future keen wannabe-queen would not need to be taught this.

    • Donna B. says:

      At the end of the day, this was Meghan’s wedding, not kate’s wedding. She didn’t have a right to have any say so whatsoever with Meghan’s wedding. If kate wasn’t satisfied, she could have taken charolette out of the wedding. Kate will always be a soulless, nasty human being, & all of her actions prove this.

  31. HeatherC says:

    This is Britain’s future future queen consort. Good luck lol.

    The real media barrage from Camp Middleton will be when Charles is King. Then Kate is going to reinvent being the Princess of Wales and more articles on how everyone loves her. Why, she’s going going to be a better Princess of Wales than Diana because she is “modest and deferential.”

  32. Texas.T-Rex says:

    As if Kate holds weight over Meghan. She is holding onto the only thing she has left, perceived power in an outdated aristocratic circle. Way to play the basic of basic strategies…being a territorial mean girl.

    • Seraphina says:

      Kate doesn’t even have from what I have read in posts on this site. They see her as a social climber and will never accept her as one of them. Which makes it odd that she didn’t try to assist Meghan in any way. To be able to empathize is not in Kate’s DNA. She is a mean girl and always has been.

      • Texas.T-Rex says:

        Great point. Was placing myself in Kate’s shoes and tried to imagine she herself believes she has power due to her marriage and children.

        You are right that within the context of the family she has no overall say or actionable power compared to her husband, Charles, and the Queen.

        Which is the polar opposite of Meghan and our American Culture. Love this site and all the healthy dialog.

      • swirlmamad says:

        She may be an aristocratic outsider, but first and foremost she’s going to align herself with the white elite faction rather than ally up with the black girl. These people have no friends nor acquaintances of color, and I highly doubt she understands the first thing about allyship. She can’t even support other WHITE women.

      • Texas.T-Rex says:

        100% agree. Classic mean girl tactics all around. You can see the hate and bitterness permenately plastered on her face. We are what we think about.

        Have to go to work, but really enjoyed your perspective and outlook. Am so happy the chickens have come home to roost.

      • Ginger says:

        This is why I don’t buy that Kate apologized on her own. I think Harry told her off and made her apologize. She has no empathy. We have seen how she is on tour when people talk of a traumatic experience “How interesting” She didn’t care that Meghan cried. That was her goal. I have no doubt Harry made her apologize.

      • Texas.T-Rex says:

        Woah Ginger..I think you are onto something. Not only would she have to eat crow, now she is playing the,”But I was here first card.” As if knowing someone for years takes precedence over their choice in a spouse and life partner.

        Kate can either stay the course or wake up to the world around her. Sadly we all know she is going to try and rewrite her story to fit the image of her choosing. So pathetic.

    • Shades of Caroline Bingley and Elizabeth Bennet. Caroline (I mean Kate) needs to move on. Darcy (I mean Harry) has made his choice.

    • Mila says:

      I don’t even think she has that I don’t think arostos like her nor Williams friends I think they probably just find it funny that she has such a LITTLE self-respect and will be her husband is lacky, What’s worse is very clear that she needs and she wants validation from them so they probs play on that. Because unlike Meghan (since I have no doubt they rejected her to or maybe didn’t she didn’t even need/meet them in the first place) it really doesn’t mean anything to her in the first place since she’s not desperate for society abc control and doesn’t need aristo friends in that way.

  33. El says:

    The quote “ But she is resilient; Middleton family blood has seen to that.” cracked me up. Perhaps this is another Carole Middleton source.

  34. swirlmamad says:

    Some of y’all still feel bad for ol’ Katie now??? We all saw this coming a mile away. Carole probably didn’t sleep for the past 48 hours crafting this work of fiction for Will to pass off.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      Thank you. I think the quest to see Kate as a victim of the palace machine can stop now. She fits right in when it comes to smearing others because it’s in her character. Probably comes as naturally as breathing to her at this point.

    • lanne says:

      I’ll bite. I don’t feel bad for her. I was interested in the power dynamic and how she has chosen to align herself within the patriarchy. I had empathy for her situation, but I’m yanking that empathy right back. Whether it’s her husband, or her mother who’s pulling this, the buck stops with her. Grow the F up, Kate. To be the future future queen of England (I did that on purpose) and to not be able to take criticism in any way is ridiculous. Her work record is a joke, and that will become apparent as people compare her output to Meghans. I hope Oprah recorded more discussion of the work Meghan has done there. That was the only missing part to me.

      Why can’t they learn anything? It’s because they, fundamentally, believe that monarchy exists to serve and elevate them–they don’t exist to serve and elevate the monarchy. And the Middletons don’t have an agreement with the US media–the US media could start sniffing around into the Middletons finances. Surely they don’t want that.

      • swirlmamad says:

        I enjoy reading your takes on Kate and I totally get where you were/are coming from. It does make sense to look at it as, why WOULD she be any different from other married-ins and have an easy time of it — it’s the same old scenario and she’s been squelched and molded into a shadow of herself, just like all the others before her, plus her own mother encouraged this. But as you said the buck stops with her. She had 10 years to open her eyes and get the hell out and she simply wouldn’t. Not that she could not — she WOULD NOT. She knew what lay in store for her, but the need to win and triumph trumped all and so she took her lumps, swallowed it, and lost herself in the process. Maybe in some way Kate felt she needed to punish Meghan because she saw she was not as weak as she was, and she wanted to wield what little power she had. Whatever it is, all of the choices she has made were absolutely the wrong ones and I have absolutely no sympathy for the situation she is in now.

      • Seraphina says:

        They also cannot learn anything because they believe it is their God given right, by birth, to be where they are.

      • betsyh says:

        I agree with what you wrote, especially that the royal family does not exist to elevate the monarchy. Their only purpose is to survive. As I wrote after watching the interview, the royal family is driven by fear of bad press and that informs all their actions. They try to fly under the radar and if another member is drawing off bad press from them all the better. And as Emm wrote, “They are so intertwined with the tabloids and the RR and there is so much money at stake. The RF can’t fail for a lot people, that’s not an option.”

  35. Rapunzel says:

    So palace briefings stopped, but the Queen of Bucklebury is free to attack. Meg slammed the door in Kate’s face and threw her flowers away? Puh-leze. That would’ve been part of the original story if it had happened. And Meg said sent, not brought, didn’t she? Sounds like Kate didn’t hand deliver the flowers at all.

    Carole better watch it. Continuing her games is gonna backfire.

    • Carole Middleton is a bitch mama AF !!! Only prove that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    • swirlmamad says:

      It’s not even believable. Who on earth thinks Meg, who by all accounts is a kind-hearted person and has shown in spades how much class she has, would really slam the door in Kate’s face??? If Carole is going to make this sh*t up at least make it plausible.

    • Obviously, there is now a 4th court — Buckleberry. And the Queen of Buckleberry obviously didn’t get the Queen of England’s message yesterday to shut the F—k up.

      And, just out of curiosity, who was scavenging through the Sussexes’ trash at Nottingham Cottage and passing the contents list on to Kate? And Kate better remember that Meghan kept the note.

  36. Eleonor says:

    Kate, sorry CATHERINE, is the perfect wife because she doesn’t have an opinion, she is the kind of wifebot the Firm wants: someone who does whatever they say, without asking, without empathy without warm. She has been “in the making” for the last 20 years, she and William can be mad, but If you act like an a-hole talk like an a-hole chances are you are one. End of it.
    For once they should STFP and reach the Sussex privately.

  37. Valiantly Varnished says:

    I think Kate’s possessiveness over Harry was a huge part of it. And how in love Harry is with Meghan. But the even bigger part is how effortlessly Meghan outshined her.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Yeah the way Kate would flirt with Harry was uncomfortable to watch. I have a former friend who was like that, any man who shows her even the tiniest attention she’s all over it like a rash – both are women who need male attention to feel validated/good about themselves. Its a power thing – they have to feel that they are the most beautiful, most accomplished and better woman in the room.

    • Nic919 says:

      Kate always liked being the only young woman in the room and Meghan’s arrival took that away from her.
      She iced out Meghan from the outset, and once again I go back to the blind where Kate couldn’t be bothered to give Meghan a ride to the stores. She was rude from day one. For Meghan to called her a good person is far more generous than she deserves.

    • Chicken Tetrazzini! says:

      I think Harry was a good buffer for the obviously chemistry-free relationship she has with her husband. I’ve been the buffer friend for couples that are in a relationship death spiral and I make jokes to lighten the mood and keep a calm atmosphere because the tension is suffocating. When Harry found Meghan, Kate lost that and we’ve all seen how stilted her events are with William. Just brutal.

  38. Becks1 says:

    This article is disturbing. Like I know its supposed to make Kate look good, but it doesnt. It makes her look like the woman who was obsessed with her brother-in-law and couldnt stand it when he got married.

    They need to let the whole “Meghan made Kate cry” thing go. Just let it go like Elsa on the mountaintop. Meghan said there’s a note and we know Meghan has kept that note.

    I do think there was some “simmering resentment” when she talked about the crying incident, but I think it was 100% aimed at the palace and the communications office who refused to correct the story. She didnt bring up that story to slam Kate, she brought up that story bc Oprah brought up the headline, and Meghan took the chance to correct the record, but also to point out that from the beginning she was unprotected by the palace.

    Finally – lol, no, William and Kate do not have the star power to compete with the Sussexes. They should not even try bc they’ll look stupid. And please, stay off the East Coast. We dont want them here.

    • Seraphina says:

      @Becks, in complete agreement. And of course Kate was mentioned numerous times – they painted the picture of who the WHITE lady was treated vs the Non-White lady because The BRF and Firm are racists.
      I am on the east coast and I don’t want them visiting here either. Let them go visit all the commonwealth counties that will soon leave over this shedding of light.

    • Nic919 says:

      The article describes Kate in the ways that sexist old men like their women, which is why it comes off as so creepy and disturbing to women and non sexist men.

      Also the irony of daring to say Meghan was obsessed with Kate when we have seen the Diana cosplay shift to Meghan cosplay in the last year. As well as the sudden wearing of repeats which stopped as soon as Meghan moved across the ocean.

    • tcbc says:

      Kate is 100% the kind of woman who has to be the only woman in the room.

      • nutella toast says:

        @tcbc “To all the royal brothers who have loved me before”…trilogy coming on Netflix starring Kate in 2022.

    • Merricat says:

      Agreed on all points

  39. LaraW” says:

    This is so gross: “motherhood is a more precious commodity.” Might as well call it the “real estate of her womb.”

    Also, engaging NYC?!?! Are they f*ckin crazy? They would be MUCH MUCH better off trying LA where they would at least be treated like/generate interest as celebrities.

    “There, they could give a real example of duty and public service that is far removed from the woke monarchy channelled by Harry and Meghan.“

    I’m sorry but NYC invented woke. NYC is pretty fuckin proud to be woke. They will be EATEN ALIVE in NYC. I fully expect like super blunt point blank rapid fire questions about racism ‘answer the question we’re not taking your shit after four years of Trump also where is Andrew’ levels of hostility. Would be funny if out of incompetence, they managed to be in NYC the same time as Maxwell’s trial. Omg I would laugh so much.

    Lastly, wtf is “Diana territory?” Kay makes it sound like the US is a colony divided between the Cambridges and Sussexes. Sorry, that’s not how it works. Shouldn’t they be more worried about wooing the commonwealth countries instead of showing off how desperate and thirsty they are?

    I suppose there’s one upside to Melania destroying Jackie Onassis’ rose garden. Might have triggered Kate.

    • sara says:

      Not to mention Diana was literally planning to move to California.

    • Izzy says:

      They really shouldn’t bother trying the West coast either, because if they go there and don’t attempt to see Harry and Meghan, it will look even worse, like you were RIGHT THERE and didn’t even try to mend things with your brother.

      They should probably stay far away from the US right now.

    • Tiffany says:

      I still think about that woman who wasn’t about Cannot’s laziness when they were at the school wrapping gifts on their last trip to NYC.

      That lady was not having it and I am here for it. The look Cannot gave her could have cut through a person.

      They think they will have a warmer welcoming now? Of course they do.

      • Lady D says:

        The lady asked Kate to keep wrapping because they were filming it for their charity. Kate looked at her, gave her a dirty look, rolled her eyes at her, (all on camera) and then proceeded to continue wrapping. Kate’s expression was who the hell does she think she is, and what an idiot. I was shocked at her complete and utter lack of manners, never mind the fact that she was a guest.

      • swirlmamad says:

        I need to look this up! I didn’t know about it at the time. So many clues about their awfulness that I never paid attention to until now.

      • Steph says:

        Does anyone have a link for this?

    • Deering24 says:

      “NYC is pretty fuckin proud to be woke. They will be EATEN ALIVE in NYC.”

      Hee. They’d have better luck in Atlanta. Or Philadelphia…oh. Never mind. 🤣😈

  40. lanne says:

    Oh…this is a TERRIBLE take! The Cambridges aren’t setting foot in New York–unless it’s to hang out with Jared and Invaka and their crowd. They really are thin skinned aren’t they. The best thing Kate could do is be silent and let this blow past her, but now, she’s getting ready to step into the ring with a VERY telegenic and media-savvy American on her home turf. This woman child will wilt the first time someone snarks at her. If this is William using his wife as a human shield, shame on him. If this is the Middletons, they need to sit their asses down. Pippa crashed and burned here. Their groveling in front of the monarchy won’t play here. The east coast won’t be friendly to Kate. They should go to Mississippi or Alabama if they want people to fawn over them here.

    • LaraW” says:

      When did Pippa come to the US? And what happened?

      (Also where are Jared and Ivanka these days? From what I’ve read no one is willing to go near them- I thought they were essentially exiled to Mar-A-Lago.)

      There’s an idea: the Cambridges could visit Florida and tour Disneyworld. They’d fit right in as prince and princess. And there’d be adoring crowds where Kate can show off her pretty ball gowns and sparkly tiaras of questionable provenance. William would be right at home hunting game at the Animal Kingdom. MGM Studios would provide that old Hollywood glamour, and Epcot center would allow them to take a world tour in less than a day! Kate might have to change outfits between every amusement park ride, better stretch it out to a week. But she’d fit right in with all the cosplaying.

      I think we should send this suggestion to KP.

      • Ginger says:

        After Will and Kate’s wedding, The Today Show tried to have her as a correspondent and she failed SO BAD. She was supposed to have done a segment in Texas ( I think) and it was so bad they never aired it and they fired her. They tried to make her happen in the US and it was a massive fail.

      • MonicaQ says:

        Please don’t send them to FL, we have enough trash here to deal with already!

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        LaraW, LMAO. I particularly liked the image you conjured up with “William would be right at home hunting game at the Animal Kingdom.” OMG

      • Emily_C says:

        NO NOT HERE!

        Anyway, Trump is not popular in this area of Florida in the slightest, and I don’t see Will and Kate faring that much better. I mean, they’re not gonna kick them out of Disney World, but still. We don’t want them. Really, even somewhere like Alabama wouldn’t exactly fawn all over them en masse. We broke up with British royalty over 200 years ago. They need to let it go.

    • Petra says:

      A welcome mat will be laid for them in Florida. Apologies to Florida, I know there are good people in the state but Florida is cheeto’s thumping ground.

      • Jais says:

        I mean florida is technically the east coast…so maybe they’ll just change planes or refuel in nyc lol

      • lanne says:

        Great! Let them be the MAGA King and Queen. Let’s see how that works out for them with their commonwealth. I suggest they go to Mar a Lago. They will be WELCOMED there–which is funny because they worked hard not to get photographed with the Grifters when they came to the UK. I say they should embace them. That’s their fan base, anyway.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      Bullies are ALWAYS thin-skinned!

  41. Wow !!! This is the most bizarre twist this royal rota can spin this story. They really stick to the lie. And William and Kate are so outright jealous of Harry and Meghan’s star power. Just like the Flybe incident, they don’t hide their jealousy and disdain for Harry and Meghan. But the American people will see through their lies. No US visit can cover up their racism and the fact that they maligned America’s own. They are not Diana. They cannot razzle dazzle their way through the heart of the Americans. Not after the whole world has seen that they are cold and entitled racist bigots.

  42. Case says:

    Meghan told the truth when asked where the story originated and made it very clear she was NOT trying to throw Kate under the bus, but just wanted to illustrate how so many of these stories got turned completely upside down in order to criticize her in the press.

    It is so transparently obvious that Meg outshone Kate in terms of personality and likability right off the bat and she was a jealous mean girl. Meghan comes off as SO kind, trusting, and open-minded to me. I can see how Kate would’ve easily taken advantage of that.

  43. Emily says:

    I came out of that interview with a lot of sympathy for Kate, but now my sympathy is suddenly waning. Eff off Duchess Karen.

    • harla says:

      I recall some time after George was born, seeing photos of Kate and thinking “she’s not doing good” and now hearing what Meghan said about the institution I was having a moment of sympathy for Kate and how she must have struggled without support during that time but gosh these tit for tat articles sure do make it hard.

  44. S808 says:

    If they had the star power to outshine H&M none of this would’ve happen. And if correcting one of the biggest pieces of her character assassination is throwing Kate under the bus then back up and doing it again meghan.

  45. Emily says:

    This perma victim was called a good person by Meghan. SHE threw Meghan under the bus by not correcting stories.

  46. harla says:

    If the Cambridge’s do in fact have the star power to out “razzle dazzle” the Sussex’s where have they been hiding this star power over the last 3 years? In Kate’s never-ending parade of high end clutch bags?

  47. Petra says:

    What in the world did Kay watch? To write this nonsense says a lot about their stupidity. Instead of grabbing tight to the life boat Meghan threw Kate, this is what they came up with. I was starting to have some pity for Kate after Meghan went out of her way to say Kate was a “good person.” These people really need to fire their PR team like 3 days ago.

  48. Alexandria says:

    Meghan told the truth and even threw her a lifeline by saying she’s a good person to a global audience because she knew the Palace would target her next to save Andrew, William and Charles. It’s even trickier for the Palace to offer her as sacrifice now unless she relents to protect her position, or asks for more money, or asks for a fourth kid. Meghan has receipts, they are now forced to use their gold plated brains to firstly defuse the rage (good luck), rebuild their PR and throw someone else as sacrifice. Which diverse organisation would want a royal patron now? Heads need to roll and if they have some mercy for Kate, they will start with asking Jason Knauf to resign.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Alexandria, could this be a start of the brf throwing Kate under the bus? This really makes her look bad, bad, bad. If this came from the mids (which I believe) then the Firm can just build on this to continue to make Kate look bad? Someone needs to be made the scape goat and Knauf may be a start, but it won’t end there.

      • Alexandria says:

        If Kay is Middletons’ friend, maybe this article is not the start of it. The “Middleton blood” comment sounds like Carole.

        Regardless, she is on thin ice. The institution prefers discussing Kate vs Meghan endlessly because it keeps Charles and William out of the news. Simple deflection. Harry spoke nearly half of the show but unintelligent people just want to attack Meghan and regurgitate this story. Deflection.

      • Emily_C says:

        I wondered that too. Not because I think Kate is a great, or even halfway decent, person. But this makes her look SO bad. It makes it look like she was in love with her brother-in-law. And the whole “deferential” thing, combined with making it sound like flowers bloom where she walks, is gag-inducing. If someone wanted to undermine Kate, this would be a perfect way to do it.

        These are very stupid people though. So who knows.

  49. sara says:

    A woman being “deferential” in 2021 is not a good thing. Unless you’re in blighty old England I guess.

  50. equality says:

    This article makes K appear to be obsessed with H. And was H’s take that he enjoyed being the third wheel for life? And funny how they describe them as an “act”. Did WS throw the QM under a bus because from what I have read the QM was the one who was frosty to WS. So is comparing K to the QM saying that she was gracious to M? And how is the east coast of the US Di territory? What “duty” do K&W have there? The US is not part of the Commonwealth.

  51. Monica says:

    ‹‹ How much of Kate’s immediate dislike of Meghan was simply Kate being possessive of Harry, and jealous that Harry was no longer “hers”? ››

    Almost all it. The rest was filled in when H&M went on tour.

    She married the wrong Windsor. Of course H would have never gone for her. Suck on that, Kate.

    • Cee says:

      I disagree. She only wanted the position and power that marrying an Heir brings. Of course it is all smoke and mirrors and I do wonder if she has realised how vulnerable her position really is.

      In her mind, the tradeoff between love and power is worth it.

    • Winter Day says:

      @ Monica I totally agree. I personally think Kate is/was in love with Harry and felt she married the wrong brother. She hate Meghan from the jump start. The way she looks at Harry is telling and it feels inappropriate.

  52. Midge says:

    oh that’s rich. Meghan has the note, AKA RECEIPTS

  53. Lizzie says:

    No, the duchess thrown under the bus was Meghan to distract from Kate’s husbands cheating.

  54. Marie says:

    I seriously cannot believe some of you have sympathy for Kate when she couldn’t do the bear minimum for Meghan when she was pregnant. Kate and her family is just trying to protect her position. The family will not hesitate to throw her and the Middletons under the bus if this article blows up on social media.

    • lanne says:

      It’ll be funny to see Kate blather about Early Years now. I expect that effort will be quietly retired. Maybe Kate should take up gardening. After all, she was William as an example.

  55. Mich says:

    Good lord. KP is so horrendously dim. Meghan has documented evidence of Kate ‘taking ownership and apologizing’. She has made it clear that everyone there – including her friends – know what happened. A friend of hers was on UK TV today and reiterated that they have contemporary emails and texts from Meghan’s time in the royal family. AND SHE AND HARRY MADE CLEAR THAT THEY ARE DONE WITH BEING THROWN UNDER THE BUS and will destroy the monarchy if that is what it takes to get it to stop.

    So how does KP respond? By trying to throw them under the bus again. Just so unbelievably stupid.

  56. Over it says:

    Okay, so this is what happened. Megs excitedly screams i am getting married to my soulmate the love of my life. Kate shouts he was supposed to be mine forever, I need his attention because william always ignores me. She then burst into tears leaving Meghan with her mouth hanging open in a wtf moment?

  57. MsIam says:

    I told y’all yesterday that when Meghan said Kate was a good person, there were air quotes around the word good, lol. Meghan knows exactly what this ham-handed bitch is like. But, fortunately, people like Kate and her mother have a way of imploding just like Trump. Just give it enough time.

    • Gah says:

      Oh absolutely- the good person comment was clearly a strategic move to shift focus where it belongs- on William Charles the media and the grey men.

      m and H knew the media would pounce on absolutely anything said about Kate and make it a much bigger deal but they are savvy and have much bigger fish to fry than Kate who is reprehensible but ultimately a footnote in the story here. (Yep eat that Katie Karen and Carole)

      I give M and H and their media training team mad props for this. They are playing 3D chess (lol sorry I couldn’t help it) while the BRF is not even on the board. Esp Ma Midds.

      Their attempts to change the narrative are so obvious and amateurish.

  58. Wolfy says:

    I completely believe Meghan’s side of the incident. That being said, this is uncomfortably reminiscent to me of an emotionally abusive husband and family-the kind that parades the trophy wife publicly, praising her to the skies while being emotionally destructive privately. Women in these situations are so often condemned for not doing something or leaving their abusers. As a survivor of such abuse, I think it’s possible that Kate is in such a situation. So I will not drag her. It is telling to me that Meghan was so kind to Kate in her words. I think Meghan has receipts and Kate is the public human shield. I think the condemnation should stick to Charles and William.

    • MsIam says:

      I’m sorry to hear about your abusive situation and I’m glad that it sounds like you are free. But what Kate and her “team” are doing and have done to Meghan is abuse. I’m surprised you don’t see that. I see a lot of these posts comparing Kate to an abused wife, and somehow that absolves her of everything. Where do you get that evidence because literally every story about Kate emphasizes how happy she is, how close she is to her husband, she has these wonderful children and all the other royals rely on her when they aren’t relying on Sophie. Meghan just went on international TV to detail how horribly she has been treated, so much so that she and her family had to flee and from that you deduced that Kate is abused?

      • Angie says:

        Thank you, MSAIM. I’m so sick of all the Kate apologists here. Of course fake white women tears are still a more valuable currency than real black woman torment. I’m sick of it.

    • Lady D says:

      I had a pub customer who sat there night after night raving about his beautiful wife. Top of the line wife, mother, housekeeper and companion. It used to puzzle me that he would sit in the bar night after night if he had such a great wife at home. One night he didn’t come in. Turns out he was going home and breaking bones in his wife and, he liked to bite. One night she recognized the signs and slid a butcher knife under her pillow. She stabbed him twice after he started beating her. He lived and she got 15 years. They called it premeditated because she had taken the knife to bed with her. He beat her for years. Welcome to Canada.

  59. Emily says:

    If Kate—and William and Charles for that matter—want to be loved, they need to show up, do the work with a smile, stop the media games and treat people with respect. It’s that easy. They think they’re playing 4D chess with the media but they’re actually flinging poop.

  60. Rapunzel says:

    “And when William wasn’t around, Harry was always a reliable stand-in to accompany Kate…”

    Y’all, I figured it out! William is mad Harry got married and left because it means he has to spend more time with his wife!

    Seriously, imagine seeing your sibling as a “reliable stand-in” for your presence in your marriage. And imagine thinking you can admit being gone enough to need a reliable stand-in… and still portray yourself as happy family man.

    • swirlmamad says:

      Yup. Harry was never actually supposed to marry and have happiness and a family and life of his own. He was supposed to remain the jolly bachelor forever, chained to the Firm and keeping Keen happy while his brother ran around the UK dipping his royal scepter wherever he wanted. It’s the royal way — just because it’s the 21st century it does not mean this dynamic is supposed to change in their eyes.

      • A says:

        Oh, it’s worse than that. It wasn’t that he had to remain the jolly bachelor forever–Harry was supposed to fulfill the family role of the The Hot Mess. The life they had had planned for him resembled the sort of life Princess Margaret had when she was alive–one where any reasonable chance at love and happiness and contentment got effectively thwarted by the institution, where they damaged her sense of self-worth to such an incredible degree that they could be sure she would never go out and seek her independence, and would forever be chained to this abusive family set up where she had to play the disastrous foil to her wholesome sister, all to make the Queen look good.

    • Sandra says:

      I’ve always thought that’s why the Cambridges didn’t want Harry to get married. He was their buffer for years. A way to make the atmosphere lighter. They wanted him to be their little pet brother for ever and ever.

  61. bamaborn says:

    That picture. Lol! Harry’s like, “why is she looking at me like that”?

  62. Elizabeth Kerri Mahon says:

    I do think that Kate would have been jealous of any woman who married Harry. She got used to having an adoring brother-in-law for almost 7 years. All those engagements of the royal trio. But then Harry fell in love with Meghan who was charismatic, dynamic, had opinions, and a real career. I’m sure that Kate felt a bit inadequate and instead of welcoming her new sister-in-law with open arms, she was standoffish, and a bit cold. I would not at all be surprised if she had wanted Pippa to marry Harry, so then she could have a real ally in the family. And Kate has friends?

    • swirlmamad says:

      I don’t even think he was that adoring, lol. Just nice and cordial. Harry seems to have a natural way with people and I’m sure in Keen’s mind she was able to convince herself that that was special treatment “just for her”. She would’ve loved for Pippa to marry H — probably felt she could keep it in the family and still lord it over her sister. Thank heavens that ship sailed….never even left port, lol.

      • equality says:

        I think you’re right. If you look at pictures or video of Harry with any of the family, even Camilla, he has the same ways about him. Or pictures of Harry interacting with children he behaves the same. Kate is the one giving him the full hair-flipping, manic grin treatment. Did H spend a lot of time with W&K outside of public appearances? I know W tried to make it seem that way but the casual pictures of him out were more commonly with Eugenie.

    • Amy Too says:

      I have a feeling that Meghan and Kate hardly spent any time at all around each other, and maybe that’s how she was able to say she’s a good person. The incident with the bridesmaid dresses followed by the apology is probably one of the only times they ever even spoke to each other and the fact that Kate apologized made Meghan feel like she was at least being a good person in that one particular instance. After that, even when we saw them together, which was rare, at family events or things like the polo match, they either never spoke to each other or barely spoke to each other (like tennis). So I think that might be why Meghan suggested that possibly Kate also wasn’t allowed to directly respond to stories, because she really didn’t know her well enough to know if she could or not. And she didn’t know her well enough to know if she was the one leaking the lies about Meghan that made Kate look good. Like she probably assumed she had some part in it, or directed will or her mom to do it, but she didn’t know her well enough to really make an informed decision about whether or not she was doing it herself. I honestly feel like Meghan knows Kate even less well than we do. She only saw Kate in person a handful of times, and most of the time they didn’t even speak, and Meghan says she doesn’t follow the media or read the tabloids so she wouldn’t be reading all the stories that we are about Kate that have colored our opinion of her and that add to the pile of evidence we have of Kate behaving badly. So if her only info about Kate came from sitting or standing behind her at events where Kate was silent, then yeah, she wouldn’t have known as much as about Kate and her “Catherine the great” PR as even we do.

    • JK says:

      I was going to ask that same question. Does Kate have any real friends?

    • I wonder if Kate sabotaged Harry’s other relationships and thus was feeling her oats when Meghan came on scene?

      • Nic919 says:

        She was known to have told Chelsy Davy that cheating was expected, I guess projecting her own arranged relationship onto how Harry would act.

  63. Kitty says:

    An American tour is not needed AT ALL. They aren’t that popular or loved here. Secondly Kate and her family are just upset her “perfect” image has been tarnished.

    • equality says:

      Not to mention the US needs to get back on its feet from Covid and put any funds into that and not providing security for royalty.

  64. Sandra says:

    And to think, all they had to do was NOT put the story out there, 7 months after the wedding, that Meghan made Kate cry. It’s not that hard. This family is so dim.

  65. TheOriginalMia says:

    It’s a little early for me to be rolling my eyes this much. I mean…come on, sis! Should have left things alone. Kate didn’t come off badly. Not to those willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. She acted badly and apologized. Meghan accepted her apology & flowers. What Meghan had issue with was the media turning that incident into an angry black woman narrative that was not corrected by KP. Meghan was nice. Just because the rest of the world saw the truth behind her words is another thing all together.

    Carole should have let things go. She just had to center Catherine as the victim. Boyhoo. Meghan threw the flowers out after Kate walked them over to her. Well, why did she send flowers if Meghan truly was mean to her? See…somethings just don’t make sense. Lying liars lie. Carole has made it clear that Kate didn’t like the fact Harry chose Meghan and didn’t place Kate above her. He didn’t want her. Wasn’t interested in her beyond work. Guess what? She’s his sister in law. Not his girlfriend or life partner.

    Carole/Kate also didn’t like the fact that Meghan made the job look easy. Calling attention to Kate’s laziness, lack of empathy and none existent work ethic. Too bad, so sad. Better get her knocked up, quick!

    Also cringe at that Middleton blood line.

    • MsIam says:

      You know that if the “slamming the door in the face” had really happened we would have heard about that long before now. Because that is way more aggressive than just making someone cry. One thing I was always taught about lying and liars is that the story will always change, always be embellished, always grow bigger and bigger.

      • Shoo fly says:

        Absolutely. Also – how could *anyone* know Meghan three out flowers. Come on.

      • So Meghan slammed the door in the face of the delivery person? Because Meghan definitely said the flowers were sent round didn’t she? Why does this story keep getting more and more complicated with more embellishments and the details constantly changing? It was a minor incident several years go. Why is it so important to Carole and Kate that they just won’t let it go?

    • equality says:

      Really. I don’t know why anyone would think that the “woman stole the guy from his S-I-L” narrative would make Kate look good.

    • A says:

      It just goes to show, keeping your mouth shut and staying quiet is an actual action you have to undertake, and it’s not fucking easy–as evinced by how rapidly the Kate and the Midds got this cringe article pumped out today. They really should have just sat there and ate their food.

  66. Amy Bee says:

    I do believe Kate was upset that she was losing Harry and her behaviour towards Meghan at the dress rehearsal was probably influenced by that. But Meghan didn’t throw her under the bus, she corrected the record and sought to focus the blame at the people responsible for spreading and maintaining that lie. KP’s commitment to keeping that lie in the public domain should be questioned and it should take the Queens advice -Never explain, never complain.

  67. Elizabeth says:

    Kate is the one we have actually seen be rude to Meghan, in public, on camera.

  68. Merricat says:

    Kate really should fire her mother. This is the absolute wrong tack.

  69. February-Pisces says:

    I was talking last night to one of my oldest friends who is white. She is a very similar type to Kate, pale, brown hair, plain, ‘wholesome’ doesn’t have much ambition but to have marry a man with a good job (which she did). And the first thing she was pointing out was meghans mistakes, like ‘how did she not know how to curtsy?’ Or ‘I can’t believe she didn’t know what Oprah was asking’. Also ‘harry has ruined his relationship with his family now”. Anyway she did agree she had been treated badly and didn’t really challenge me cos she knew I wouldn’t stand for it, but I knew she hates Meghan but will root to Kate no matter what.

    It makes me sad the excuses people will make for this mediocre woman. I pointed out to my friend that Meghan had to go on record because no one would defend her. Whilst Meghan has only spoken once, the royals including ‘perfect kate’ have been trashing her in the dark on a daily basis, just like Kate is here today in the daily mail.

    I’m so sick of women in particular defending kate like she’s so f*cking fragile. Just because she’s dull, boring and plain doesn’t make her a nice person, it’s just means she’s able to hide her shady manipulative ways better cos no one suspects her.

    • Lizzie says:

      People like piers morgan put out that everything Meghan says is a lie and that gives people an opprotunity to glob on and also not beileve her no matter what she says. It’s like people in the US believe the election was stolen but there is zero proof and 60 lawsuits thrown out of court.

    • swirlmamad says:

      I also have a friend very similar to this. She was trying to push that nonsense party line “Well I like both of them and it’s the media trying to put them against each other….Kate is a good person and didn’t do anything wrong.” When she told me she really likes Will as well she lost all credibility in my eyes, lol. I refuse to “well I can like both of them, Kate is Little Miss Innocent in this.” She absolutely, 100% is NOT. I know this friend is really into the royals but only reads pubs like People magazine and US Weekly and is inundated with the sugary whitewashed version of W+K that they put out there (she’s certainly not on this site!). She does hate Charles’ guts however, and even more so after watching the Crown. I just find it funny how it’s so easy to (rightfully) see Charles’ villainous ways because how he treated Diana, a fragile white princess, but the mixed-race American duchess never gets the benefit of the doubt, even subconsciously. I’m SO over it.

      • Amy Too says:

        That is a really good and interesting point. Everyone immediately hated Charles and sustained that hatred for decades after they found out how he had treated Diana. Now the same type of smearing and gaslighting and sending someone into a deep, suicidal depression is being done to Meghan, but people just aren’t sympathetic to her, or if they’re sympathetic, they’re not willing to even dislike the members of the BRF that did this to her. It’s a very telling double standard. Innocent, white, blonde haired, blue eyed, young mother, virgin bride vs biracial, American, divorced, adult woman with a past and life experience. I wonder if some of it has to do with the fact that we can point to Charles as the one person who should have loved diana but who cheated on her and hurt her the most in a very obvious way. Like he’s married to his mistress now. Whereas with Meghan, it’s not just one person. It’s the whole concept of the Firm in general coupled with the press and the culture of the UK. You can’t really say “well the royal family is good and right and it was all just this one person doing something as obviously morally bankrupt as cheating on his wife.” Now you have to accept that the entire concept of royalty and what it represents, and every single member of that family was either actively cruel, passively cruel, or complicit in the cruelty. And since the cruelty is based in things like racism and xenophobia and sexism that lots of people don’t even want to acknowledge exists in the UK, that’s another hurdle. It’s not as obvious as “man married woman he doesn’t love and cheats on her throughout their entire marriage.”

      • J.Mo says:

        I’m surprised to find this polarizing in my wide circle. An acquaintance made an anti-Meghan and Harry comment on a friend’s FB post and I could see her reply to my own comment but then delete several times. I had asked her about her comment about Harry lying about the bike story and when I looked it up ended up on the Daily Mail page. When I went back to Facebook the DM was in my feed and I could see her comments at the top of each article since I have no other friends reading the DM. She had been spewing vitriol all day on DM a stories before I seemingly enraged her with my neutral comment on our friend’s wall.

  70. Midnight@theOasis says:

    😂😂😂 Geez. The Caucasity of this nonsense. Do these people truly not realize how they sound come across putting out this crap? Karen got called out for perpetuating a lie against Meghan for over 3 years and now she’s the aggrieved one? And Meg jealous of Kate…who knows her place….unlike that rowdy usurper Meghan. Chile, please. Just stop. Stop. And no, we don’t need them here to tour the U.S. I guess they’ll want a state dinner in their honor at the White House. I’m sure the Biden’s would invite the Sussexes to attend.🤣😂

  71. Lucylee says:

    They would send the Will and Kate to NY but not Andrew?

    • MsIam says:

      Lol! The stupid just keeps coming from these folks!

      • Jais says:

        Ooh good point. Believe me the ny attorney general would be like lovely, bring Kate and Wills into the office, so we can have them relay yet another message to Andrew about speaking with us. And yes the ny attorney generals do not mess around and they would very publicly state that during a Will and Kate tour.

  72. Serena says:

    This is utterly ridiculous and shameful, they’re really digging their own graves with these kind of articles. It just make them sound petty as hell and even more at fault.

    Like, who TF Varese about Kate? The issue here is much larger than her fragile little ego. Or maybe someone’s just trying to make or about drama between women, as per usual.

    It’s better for them to shut up (since there’s no way they’ll acknowledge publicly what they did or, God forbid, apologize).

  73. Mina_Esq says:

    Firstly, I find it hard to believe that Kate has one friend, let alone a “circle of friends”. Secondly, Bill and Karen may find a warmer reception in Florida than New York.

    • Lilly (with the double-L) says:

      Florida is the best option, if they insist on visiting the states.

      • L84Tea says:

        No! I’m in Florida and do not want them here!

      • Emily_C says:

        They would have to wend a very odd path through Florida. Tons of places here would hate them — a lot. I guess they could go to Mar-a-Lago, but good luck in Miami or Tampa.

  74. Xantha says:

    I don’t know what it will take for some people to realize that Kate does have a hand in her own image and she’s hardly any better than the rest of the Royal Family. Will it take a leak of tapes of her indulging in self pitying whining a la Melania Trump? She’s not the most powerful member of the family but she does have control over her own image. She probably ordered KP to deny the Botox and wigs rumors so she could definitely order someone to correct that “Meghan made me cry” story. But why correct something that you greatly benefit from? Kate gets no passes from me.

  75. ennie says:

    SHE took her time, hence wait Katie? hahahahahaha no, waity because how long he took to propose while PWT was beating around any other bush he could find.

    Taking her sweet time to work was cause of Lazy Katie, duchess dolittle.

    If Meghan/Harry had done as they did, they would’ve attacked relentlessly, they were actually woking and look what happened, they were going be thrown to the wolves regardless.

  76. ABritGuest says:

    So this smear campaign has taught me that what the firm accuses Harry& Meghan of- they are usually doing it themselves. So suggestion that Kate feels Meghan has thrown her under the bus means Kate sorry Catherine has thrown Meghan under the bus. Which the firm did by never correcting the tears story and even leaving a version in when the Tatler piece was edited.

    Meghan being fixated on Kate means Kate is going by how she’s been copying Meghan’s style recently. And isn’t the rumour that the Queen mum hated Wallis not only for the abdication but because David not Bertie was her first choice? So my guess is bringing them up is not only to get the predicable Wallis dig at Meghan but also because Kay may be being mischievous and saying issue is actually that Kate is jealous of Meghan’s relationship with Harry.

    • swirlmamad says:

      It’s like the Donald Trump M.O. Everything he falsely accused Biden/other opposition candidates of, was something he was usually doing himself. This is how malignant narcissists operate.

    • Amy Too says:

      The whole Queen mum vs Wallis Simpson comparison and “is history going to repeat itself” was bizarre to me. It’s making it out to be that Kate and William now have to step up to a role they didn’t expect and aren’t prepared for when Will had always been the future future king and Kate has always been the future future Queen. And then the other thing is that the Queen mum always hated and resented Wallis and was horrible to/about her, blamed her for her for pushing her family into the top spot, and never forgave her and yet they’re trying to make it seem like KATE is the one who is having her reputation ruined by a hateful woman who won’t stop being horrible and blaming her and will never forgive her for pushing Meghan’s family into the top position? It’s obviously the opposite. If they’re just trying to say that Kate is the one left behind to do her duty while Meghan and Harry are the ones who’ve been forced out…. that ALREADY happened so how can they ask IF history WILL repeat itself in that respect? It already did.

  77. Angie says:

    Well that was batshit insane.

    • Emily_C says:


      I was expecting them to say birds flocked to her at the sound of her voice, and she could heal sick children with a smile. Along with her being in love with her brother-in-law. What?

  78. NotSoSimpleTaylor says:

    Let’s remember that Kate doesn’t have a lot of friends of her own at this point and the Turnip Toff crowd would love to see Kate fail.

    I’ve long said Kate Middleton is dead and gone. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is all that remains. She’s just an empty suit and prop for William and a vacant womb when convenient. She has everything she ever wanted. She isn’t bright enough to ask for more. So whatever happens if William no longer desires to remain in the marriage will be devastating towards her.

    • Sofia says:

      I do agree that there is no more “Kate Middleton” left in Kate anymore. She’s just “Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge” 24/7 now. In the early years of marriage you could at least see “Kate” shine through even on engagements but all there’s there these days is Catherine.

      I also agree that she is toast if William ever decides to leave her (which I honestly doubt he ever will tbh. Separate lives yes but no making it official). The royals will not support her, the aristos don’t like her now and the media kissing her ass will be the ones doing her smear campaign.

    • bettyrose says:

      That’s a bleak image. Guess one can understand how she valued whatever ray of sunshine Harry warmed her life with.

  79. ennie says:

    “MIDDLETON BLOOD” ha! resilient from all the breakups!, bouncing back from being dumped to become the FFQ! I know relationships can be complex but girl really waited out for him to finally choose her as mother of his children. he sowed his wild oats right around their relationship.
    who wrote this cr*p? Richard Kay? or Ma Middleton?

    • Meghan's DonkeySanctuary(formerly cherriepie84) says:

      My bet is on Ma Middleton

    • A says:

      “She has her family to thank for that.” That one line screams Middleton Script Writer Inc. If you go back and read all the articles that came out over the last year, attempting to embiggen Kate, you’ll see that the “source(s) close to Kate” that speak about her being something or the other all have a similar sort of style when it comes to speaking, and honestly, I think it’s Carole writing that shite and pumping it out for the royal reporters to print. She is not subtle at all.

  80. Leah says:

    Never cared for her. There’s something about her that’s not authentic and I can’t quite put my finger on it. Her mother worked for years to throw her into the path of royality unlike Harry/Meghan which was a lovematch from the start. I remember how her mother was vilified for years for being akin to a thirsty stage mother. She really has nothing to worry about because it’s not as if Archie is that close to the throne because there’s a crowd in front of him.

    I’m glad to see that Harry and Meghan got away from all the negativity of the palace.

  81. Amelie says:

    I think both of them cried probably. Kate was just a few weeks post-partum and dealing with a newborn, probably also sleep-deprived and stressed out. Yes, I know she has nannies but I believe she is super hands on when the babies are young. Meghan was about to go on the world stage in front of millions getting ready for a royal wedding and dealing with her father’s staging of photos drama and lies.

    My guess is Meghan probably cried in front of Kate because she kept saying people knew she didn’t make Kate cry and everyone knew the story was the reverse. So my guess is other people were present when that happened. Then later on, maybe Kate cried in private about the whole thing, mentioned the whole affair to Carole Middleton or William while crying without mentioning she made Meghan cry. And the story became “Meghan made Kate cry” but after the fact leaked by William or Carole. That’s the only way I could see the story becoming the opposite, unless Kate lied about the whole thing and said Meghan made her cry.

  82. Shoo fly says:

    Kate and William *have* been to New York. Kate visited a center in Harlem with Christane McCray, who is black, the mayor’s wife, and proceeded to roll her eyes when teased by an older black lady to “wrap faster!” They also looked ridiculously awkward at a basketball game and complained LeBron James, a black man, touched Kate in the official photo. They wrapped up this charm offensive by wearing bright fuchsia to the 9-11 memorial and Art Deco earrings of unknown provenance to a 6 figure per invitation fundraiser for their “foundation” or for St Andrew’s, I can’t be bothered to remember which.

    • Amy Bee says:

      I can’t see a tour to US by the Cambridges happening anytime soon. If the Palace has any sense they would sending them to the Commonwealth and not to the white parts.

    • Amelie says:

      Omg I remember the HOT PINK Pepto Bismol coat Kate wore to the 9/11 memorial. As a New Yorker I wasn’t necessarily offended but I was shocked at her choice of color.

      1) The color looked horrible on her.

      2) Everyone else around her wore dark suits and colors and she stuck out like a sore thumb. I’ve never seen her wear bright colors around the WWII memorials she’s visited with William in around Europe so I was really confused by her sartorial choice.

    • TheOriginalMia says:

      Thank you! I couldn’t remember who she met, but I sure did remember her rolling her eyes when told she was doing something wrong. She didn’t like that one bit.

    • J.Mo says:

      Are you sure you aren’t being manipulated into polarizing the two women? I remember Kate rolling her eyes as a sign that she has a sense of humour, it was a rare moment of her being unscripted.

  83. Margaret says:

    I think Kate’s issues with meghan revolve around harry. Period.

  84. Shoo fly says:

    Diana’s America and her New York was not WASPs who spend winter in Palm Beach but the total opposite – fashion lunches and Tina Brown.

  85. NotSoSocialButterfly says:

    “whom he once memorably described as a limpet.”
    FIFY, Kay.

  86. Seraphina says:

    An American tour after our FLOTUS wore a dress that resembled Meghan’s, POTUS talked about their courage, Queen Beyonce is on record supporting Meghan and Oprah is on her speed dial???? That’s hilarious, because FFK and FFQC do not have those kind of cahones. And our press will not protect them. They would be insane to step foot on US soil, but they have done stupider things.

  87. Reece says:

    A few things:
    I think someone has said this before, sorry I don’t remember who but is it possible that they both cried? Kate cried her privileged white woman tears. Meghan cried because it was her f___ing wedding being Katren-ed! So now they’re both saying the other made them cry.

    Of all of the cities in this country, yes send 👏them 👏to👏 New 👏York! They’ll get real quick lesson on how we are not buying it.

    “For they are the only two family members who have the star power to out-dazzle the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.”lmao yeah uhh huh

    • equality says:

      But why do they need to “out-dazzle” anyone? I thought the monarchy wasn’t about celebrity.

      • A says:

        And I thought Kate couldn’t be “out-dazzled” by anyone anyway? At least, that’s what I thought was the case, considering all the articles we got on a regular basis that were desperately trying to embiggen Kate last year?

  88. nutella toast says:

    SO there were flowers and an apology??? They’re admitting this?

    Als, does any woman want to be known as docile, unproblematic, featureless, dutiful, and accommodating to that degree? Do guys actually think that’s attractive long-term? It seems like they’re aiming for the lowest bar – skinny even after babies (check), quiet unless told to speak (check), no discernable interests outside of tennis or zooming (check), dress like your husband’s Mom (???) (check)…they’re upset because Meghan looked at that bar and said, “Nope – I’ll set my own thank you”…and Harry responded, “YES”.

  89. kerwood says:

    You can’t be thrown under the bus if you’re driving it.

    This has Middleton stink all over it. Charles goes out to awkwardly show the world that he really LOVES Black people. The Queen refuses to sign a release presented by Charles and William because it’s too harsh. But the Middletons decide now is the perfect time to add fuel to the fire. The Middletons are a perfect example that money can’t buy class.

    The first time I saw Kate and Harry together (I think it was at the Olympics), I thought ‘what’s going on here?’ because I’d never seen Kate like that. She was lit up like Times Square on New Years. Kate was going to hate any woman that Archie married but Meghan was a salt-mine to her wound. Kate barely had any time to prepare herself either; one minute Harry and Meghan were dating, the next minute they were getting married. And if that wasn’t enough, Harry and Meghan went out on a tour and broke box office records.

    I can imagine that Kate must look at Meghan and bitterly reflect on all those years when she was chasing after William, years that she could have made something of herself and created a circle of ‘ride or die’ friends. Instead all she has is her family, who milk their connection to the royal family for all it’s worth. Poor Kate. Oh wait, I mean Poor CATHERINE.

    • Amy Too says:

      The whole part about how Meghan kept circling back to Kate and couldn’t stop talking about Kate and always redirected things back to Kate and comparisons about their treatment….. that didn’t happen. UNLESS you’re Kate and you think you own everything that is even vaguely related to being a Princess in this generation. Like Kate probably sees Harry talking lovingly about Meghan and vice versa as some kind of shady comparison to how Harry DOESN’T love Kate like that. And anytime Meghan spoke about the things she had done or accomplished in her past life, Kate probably saw that all as criticism of her and what she hadn’t accomplished. Meghan talking about meeting the Queen early on with Harry at a casual lunch is some kind of shade about the fact that Kate met the Queen alone at a formal wedding event years into her relationship with William. Harry and Meghan saying they’re having a daughter is basically them saying “we’re having a better, more interesting daughter than Kate’s daughter” to her.

      If you’re convinced that you’re in a fierce competition with your sister in law, to the point where you’re literally copying her zoom room, then you’re going to interpret any comments your sister in law makes about herself, her husband, her children, her life, her past, her health, her extended in-law family, and her media coverage as some kind of comparative attack against you. And that’s how she and her mom can honestly say they think Meghan talked about Kate the whole interview.

  90. Steph says:

    Hey, Native New Yorker here. I promise, they would not be welcome. We hate these types of visits bc they make our necessary commutes an effing nightmare. Whoever wrote this piece has a horrible memory and zero concept of how this city is built. Kate was a whole *ss mess the last time she was here in a neon pink coat for a memorial service. Plus, there is nowhere here where you can roll them out for fan fare and even if we there was, no one cares about them to come out. If they want optics to show how loved they are, NYC is not the place to do that.

    • LaraW” says:

      I’ve changed my mind. I want them to come tour the East Coast so they can be humiliated out of the country.

    • swirlmamad says:

      New Yorker here too and I agree with every word you said. But I will say if M+H came here, I’d be front row center, lol.

    • Jaded says:

      Meghan and Harry made a very good impression on the Canadian people when they were staying on Vancouver Island, just north of Victoria. They were quiet, respectful and their neighbours kept watch over them, literally chasing the paps away who found out where they were (guess who leaked that….). The Cambridges wouldn’t be welcome in Canada either despite us being a reluctant member of the Commonwealth.

    • Deering24 says:

      “We hate these types of visits bc they make our necessary commutes an effing nightmare.”

      And maybe it’s just me, but New York is going to need time to get back to post-Covid normal even after travel restrictions are lifted. I kinda doubt New Yorkers will be in the mood for royal anything, much less these two trying to dazzle and all. 🙄😈🤣

  91. Catwoman says:

    Meghan strikes me as the type of person who saved the apology note. Why don’t she “accidentally” release that since the palace isn’t past doing that shit. I’m white and I can sit back and see when white people go into defensive victim mode whenever a black person or person of color has the audacity to even look at them. It’s disgusting. It’s embarrassing and Kate is clearly one of those white women Karen’s who do that. Meghan was extremely nice in her interview. She went out of the way to make it clear there was no bad blood, but Kate couldn’t handle even the least bit of truth coming out. She refused to correct the story and sat back idly while Meghan became suicidal. Kate is just as gross as the rest of them.

    • Emily_C says:

      It is so embarrassing. Plus my family’s multiracial, and if anyone said anything about one of my cousins like “hope they’re not dark”, I would END THEM.

  92. Keri says:

    Oh, it’s on. You know, silly me. After the interview, I was willing to give duchess Doolittle the benefit of the doubt and take Meghan at her word, despite the deplorable way Kate acted during Meghan’s wedding and after when she kept her mouth shut and let the smears continue uncorrected. But this? This woman has no soul and no shame.

    The Doolittles are so tone deaf. Like how do you not have any self awareness? Read the room! A trip to the states, the East Coast, in particular, will be a disaster. If they think they got an icy reception at the Baftas, they haven’t seen anything yet. We New Englanders don’t play. These people are so, so stupid. It boggles the mind.

    As for who is more popular? Please. People have eyes. Even her supporters know, though they are loathe to admit the truth. Who sells out papers whether the coverage is positive or negative? Whose charities thrive while duchess Doolittle’s fail? Who connects effortlessly with people on tour and during events? Who can actually speak articulately without mumbling in a fake posh accent? In contrast, whose manic faced grimace when she opens her huge maw to fake a smile scares small black children during photo ops? Look up the photos, people. They are hilarious. Children can detect BS when they see it.

    Now let’s talk about jealousy. Whose husband looks adoringly at his wife and is solicitous and supportive to the point where he’s willing to leave his family and country if it means protecting his wife and their children? Whose husband can’t even be bothered to hold out a hand to escort his wife during events and often forgets she’s there if he’s not downright looking irritated every time he realizes she’s beside him. Who has millions of friends who will stand up for them and go to bat for them against the whole British monarchy? It ain’t Kate. Though she does have pimp mama Carole in her corner, creepy uncle Gary, and the bought and paid for British press. LOL. So yay? I guess? This trick is even jealous of her own sister Pippa. Then there’s Rose Hanbury and every other woman William comes into contact with. Kate has a history of jealousy and throwing other woman under the bus while people who actually know Meghan, both women and men, can’t praise her enough.

    So cry me a river duchess Doolittle. She who is too stupid to realize that Meghan did her a favor and gave her an out. Do you think her own sister or any other female in her vicinity would be as forgiving if she did to them what she did to Meghan? “Wah! How dare she tell the world that I was actually the one who made her cry at her own wedding and continued to let the world believe that she made me cry? How dare she tell the truth after years of being bullied by the media for something I did? Pity meeee!” This insufferable, soulless stepford wife deserves all the blowback this article will generate against her. She just blew any goodwill people were willing to give her because Meghan as the bigger person, forgave her. I guess it’s true what people say. You can’t fix stupid.

  93. Jay says:

    Also, if the Cambridges have been holding in their “super secret star power” this whole time, they should be sent on a desperate tour of whichever Commonwealth country might still have them, not to New York!

    I’d pay for them to find out what a Bronx cheer is in person though.

  94. Vanessa says:

    This Has carol and Kate finger prints on all over this just like Meghan Said that kate couldn’t read the room at the dressing fitting and that she has been called out for her lie . Carol and Kate have decided that it’s a good idea to called Meghan jealous and obsession with Kate like they really wanted people to believe that Meghan is so jealous of Kate and Harry friendship. Their basically implied something about Kate relationship with Harry do they think it would be a good idea to make a suggest like that . Kate is the one who is jealous and obsession with Meghan and her marriage to Harry Kate is behaving like a lunatic who is becoming unhinged over Harry no longer being around her . I agree with a lot of people that Harry was the one who probably went ape shit over Kate treatment of Meghan at the dressing fitting and that’s the only reason she apologized and now there still running with there attacks again now it’s meghan slam the door on Kate when Meghan said Kate sent flowers and a apology Note .

  95. EM says:

    Two privileged women claiming the other made them cry during a dress fitting while regular folks are dealing with covid, unemployment, loss of businesses, declining mental health from a year of isolation, and loss of friends and loved ones. Okay. I’m tired of all of these people.

    • Cee says:

      This incident happened before COVID and Meghan did not confirm it happened over a dress. She refrained from saying what it was about.

      • EM says:

        I know it happened before covid. The two of them trotting out this inane argument right now, during a pandemic is tone fucking deaf. But I guess we should expect that from the Royal Family. Hope this helps end the monarchy permanently.

      • swirlmamad says:

        @EM two of WHO? Keen Kate is the one who has dragged this through the mud for literally YEARS. Meghan has every right to finally say enough is enough and correct the lies. If people aren’t feeling sorry for Kate, they’re trying to equally dole out the blame for something SHE did. Period. It’s laughable.

      • Ginger says:

        Em, a lot of us are capable of handling more than one news story at a time. That’s why sites like these exist. You must think so as well because you are here.

    • Lizzie Bathory says:

      Meghan addressed it in like 2 minutes of a 2 hour program in which she mostly focused on discussing the damage to her mental health from the media, the royals & the Middletons dragging this lie out for *years.* What about all of the people saying her admitting her suicidal ideation helped them during this time when as you say, many people’s mental health has suffered? What about all of the important conversations happening around racism in the UK & their media because of everything else Meghan & Harry raised? Hateful Piers Morgan lost a platform just this week due to his reaction to all of these other issues Meghan raised.

      Meghan is not the one focusing outrage on this story. The people who are dragging it out (as a means to keep smearing her) are focusing on this incident SPECIFICALLY so they can avoid talking about the major issues she highlighted.

    • Jaded says:

      EM – Meghan merely confirmed it was she who cried, and that Kate immediately apologized with flowers and a note, and that Kate is a good person. It was a classy, mature way to respond. Meghan is allowed to defend herself against all the hyperbolic lies and smearing that were directed, condoned and most probably instigated by the Cambridges, KP and tabloids. It’s well past time for all this to be revealed in order to clear up misconceptions about why they chose to step back from royal roles.

    • MsIam says:

      You forgot to add that Phillip is in the hospital too.Or is that not important anymore? I forget.

    • Emily_C says:

      If you’re tired of these people, why are you on a gossip site? Go read Jacobin or something instead.

    • Lanie says:

      One woman talking about how a story that weaponized white women’s tears to paint her as a stereotype of an angry black woman and launched a multi year racist countrywide campaign to destroy her, put her and her baby in danger and get her to leave a racist island was your little Segway into a both sides/ eat the rich comment?

      Maybe you should’ve thought about your comment a bit more before typing it out. You seem tone deaf, out of touch, and like you might not really care all that much about COVID-19. After all, you could’ve spent your little rant time volunteering at a vaccine distribution site.

  96. HK9 says:

    Kate is less than smart. She should have kept her mouth shut, because now she looks even worse. If she could moderate her behaviour she wouldn’t be under the bus. I have no sympathy for her. She made her bed-lie in it.

    • North of Boston says:

      Exactly! Meghan gave her a giant pass, said the whole whatever went on in the run up to H & M’s wedding was in the past because Kate was under a lot of stress, realized she had erred, and apologized, and that Meghan had accepted Kate’s apology and forgiven her. And that she thought Kate was “a good person”. That was it. Neither Meghan nor Harry threw Kate under any bus. If anything, they made sure any buses they were steering went clear around Kate … oh, sorry, Catherine. The mention of “Waity Katey” in the bonus footage wasn’t dragging Kate, it was dragging the tabloids, and acknowledged that painting Kate that way was “rude”, while also pointing out the difference between “rude” and “racist” Again, nothing that drags Kate in that.

      Kate was in the clear, out of the mud, as far as what H & M actually said in the interview. Why Kate or Carole thought they needed to weigh in and have Kate playact being thrown under a bus is beyond me, and is not a good look for the Cambridges at all. My only guess is that it’s a smokescreen, similar to “How AWFUL that H & M were disrespectful to HM The Queen, especially now with Philip’s health issues!!!” nonsense. A false story being tossed out (Meghan and Harry were absolutely warm and respectful toward Elizabeth) to deflect from the actual tea and bombs tossed at Charles, William, the tabloids and The Institution. It’s Charles and William hiding behind Kate’s tailored, be-buttoned shirtdresses, instead of owning their own ish.

      The two of them are petulant, entitled, cowards. Sad to think they are the future ‘leadership’ of the BRF.

      And Shame on Kate for going along with it, or sparking it up for her own petty reasons.

  97. Robin says:

    I think the bare reality of the matter is, the person who threw Kate under the bus, under a whole fleet of London buses, is her mother. Mrs Middleton knowingly got her daughter into this mess by encouraging Kate to spend year after year running after William and headlong into the misery of royal spin and counter spin.

    • Tessa says:

      Kate was a very willing participant in the pursuit of William.

      • Robin says:

        Tessa, you’re absolutely right. I gave Kate too much of a pass on that. I’m trying to hold back on my dislike of Kate these days. She reminds me so much of a classmate of mine, in looks and behaviour, who used to copy everything I wrote down in Maths, getting top marks because her writing was neater than mine! I get them so mixed up. However, my classmate was not a silent and willing participant in rampant gaslighting.

  98. Meghan's DonkeySanctuary(formerly cherriepie84) says:

    Cruella DeVille should be more worried about rose bushes and her allergic reaction to said bushes first. Meghan merely spoke her truth and if Karen Keen had quelled all the nasty rumors years ago about Meghan making her cry she would have come out quite peachy in the aftermath of the interview but she choose not to clear the air the and is doubling down now. That FlyBe incident tells me all I need to know about this doormat!

    • North of Boston says:

      Interesting that Kate & Co seemed to have COMPLETELY missed some of the important gems in Meghan’s telling of cry-gate: A) Meghan KNOWS that it was a stressful time for Kate, which means Meghan and Harry know WHY … that right then is when word of William’s adulterous affairs was surfacing and B) Kate gave Meghan flowers … with a NOTE.
      Meghan did not mention either of these things idly or accidentally. This was absolutely a FAAFO shot across the bow, Meghan giving Kate an out for whatever reason (maybe because H & M view her as trapped, and Meghan sympathizes with Kate’s circumstances … because as much as Kate is living the life she signed up for, it also seems like a miserable existence) but also making it clear that she has the goods and could do some damage if Catherine FFQ and her allies did not sit this one out.

      Meghan and Harry didn’t sit down with Oprah to take down petty mean girls, or someone in the family who snapped under undue pressure and apologized, they were bearing witness to expose institutional racism, blatant disregard for mental health and well being for people in crisis, and the toxic, dysfunctional symbiotic relationship between the RF/Firm/Institution and the tabloid press/RR. Plus finally, after being told “no” for so long, they were freely speaking their minds and clearing their names.

      But Kate/Carole apparently saw William, Charles and the Palace Courtiers getting slammed and thought “Hang on, someone hold my wine spritzer” and waded on in. smh

  99. Meghan's DonkeySanctuary(formerly cherriepie84) says:

    I am sure it stung Kate hard when Meghan repeated “Waity Katie” in her interview! I howled when she said it and Im sure it was quite deliberate on Meghan’s part…here’s a gentle reminder home girl.

  100. Mia says:

    She wore bright pink to ground zero. Stay the F out of New York. Boo. Hiss.

  101. Leonelda says:

    The fact I was defending this woman on this site previously. I am so sorry! Y’all called it. Have loved Meg forever but thought Kate deserved sympathy too.. well NO MORE! Shady Katie.

  102. Wadsworth the Butler says:

    A U.S. tour would be very ill-advised for the Cambridges, especially if they expect a superstar reception that would outshine the Sussexes. They didn’t even get that sort of reception on their last U.S. tour when they were the undisputed stars of the family and not tainted by a racism scandal.

  103. Caitriona O Reilly says:

    Oh good God, surprise surprise out and about earlier ‘DM’ , probably outside her house, we have pregnant Pippa on her scooter with Authur !!! Seriously who does their PR

  104. Kyliegirl says:

    Harry’s comment about everything changing after the tour confirms Charles/William/Kate/Carole’s insecurities launched the campaign from the palace. Operation Kate the Great started shortly after. Far from Meghan morphing into Kate, Kate was morphing into Meghan after trying to morph into Diana unsuccessfully. Kate and Carole especially should be ashamed of their actions. At the same time they were putting Meghan through their paces they were going through deep family counseling with their brother/son James who was suffering from debilitating depression. Witnessing the devastation this had on their family member, how could they willingly contribute to the mental anguish of another family member. Especially if Harry meant so much to Kate. How could she actively contribute or if you don’t believe they leaked the stories, not correct something that you knew was wrong and being weaponized against Meghan who means the world to Harry. It seems like the RF and the people they employ have the emotional intelligence of hormonal teens.

    • North of Boston says:

      Especially if Harry meant so much to Kate. How could she actively contribute or if you don’t believe they leaked the stories, not correct something that you knew was wrong and being weaponized against Meghan who means the world to Harry. It seems like the RF and the people they employ have the emotional intelligence of hormonal teens.

      Maybe it comes from the same sort of thinking that imagines that attacking Meghan, making her persona non grata, cutting off RF resources from H & M would cause Harry to leave her and run back home. That is delusional thinking. Harry chose Meghan, he married her, and she has been his lifeline (and he hers apparently) through an awful time when BOTH of their families have shown their true colors. In other words RF, divorce of Meghan, abandonment of Archie by Harry, Harry returning to The Firm/RF ? Not. Gonna. Happen. EVER.

  105. Jodi says:

    this type of headline is exactly why the RF will never be more than what they are today and it’ll likely end them. the ONLY response from Kate and team should’ve been, “we are sorry that we didn’t step in to negate the false narratives around an incident that was handled privately months earlier between Meghan and Kate but was allowed to be mis-reported months later”. this continued victimization narrative around Kate is gross and just shows her true self time and time again. they just CANNOT get out of their own way and their egos are making all the decisions. Her white tears just HAVE TO STOP. we see you, Kate. JUST STOP.

  106. Annalise says:

    I’ve said literally for years that Kate would trade Will for Harry in a NANOSECOND. Even before and since Meghan came on the scene, Kate has had a secret crush on Harry. And I think Kate loved it when Harry was single and Kate was the only woman in his life and could interact with him in ways she wouldn’t be able in front of Meghan. Plus I’m sure it was MADDENING to see what a great partner Harry has been to Meghan, vs what a shyte husband Will is to her

    • A says:

      No she wouldn’t. She wouldn’t bc she needs to be with William, bc William is her ticket to being Queen. What she wants is to be William’s official wife, while having all the men fall at her feet out of sheer want, all the time.

  107. Tessa says:

    Spin Spin Spin. William made Kate wait. She had no control over when the proposal came. She probably would have said YES had William proposed right after they graduated.

  108. BeanieBean says:

    OMG!! How can he write such drivel without making himself throw up??

  109. J.Mo says:

    Richard Kay comes off as obsessed.

  110. sassafras says:

    Ugh. I defended Kate after the interview because I saw Meghan trying to be the better person.
    Now it’s obvious they’re TERRIFIED that Meghan kept Kate’s note (she did) and that Kate wrote something like, “I’m terribly sorry that I was triggered by your insistence that my daughter wear shoes. I should not have screamed those racial epithets at you. Would you mind introducing me to Serena Williams?”

  111. Nic919 says:

    I don’t see how Kate could ever get the benefit of the doubt after the commonwealth service bitch face moment. Kate felt entitled to act that way despite knowing Meghan had been blamed for a false story. That’s what we are dealing with here.

    Kate has been a mean girl to any woman she views as competition for years and Meghan was the ultimate competition… in her own mind anyway. That Meghan was better at being a Royal in every way along with having a husband who actually loves her must have killed her.

    Duchess Melania is no different than the rest of that miserable clan and should be treated accordingly.

  112. No matter how much Carole Middleton, RF, Richard Kay and the rest of the royal rota spin the blame back to Meghan about “who made who cry,” they cannot reach the millions of people around the world who viewed and heard Meghan speak about her truth of the incident. The TV ratings, both in US and UK alone, are unbelievable ( not taking some forms of millions of viewers streaming it and the TV ratings it garnered across the globe). The global reach is massive. So they can spin it all they want but they cannot reach a worldwide audience. Hardly. This interview has caused shock waves around the world and exposed the lies peddled by the RF, the Middletons, and the carnival of so-called royal experts.

  113. A says:

    The sort of language used to refer to Kate–calling her “modest” “deferential” “maternal”–is an attempt to dog whistle to the racist, white supremacist, Little Englander tradwife contingent who read their rag, to whom Kate is the epitome of the perfect, traditional white wife and mother. This is the sort of audience to whom William, Kate, and the RF are telegraphing to. The white supremacist Brexit supporting Little Englanders who hate brown people.

    Those are the people that W&K and everyone in the monarchy, including the staff, is trying to target and cultivate. These are the people that they think the monarchy is supposed to represent. The society that W&K and everyone in their staff wants is a racist, unequal society where minorities “know their place”, where democracy and voting rights don’t matter (in fact, all the better if democracy is abolished), where the only people who get prioritized are mediocre pasty white people who vote Tory and hate foreigners. I assume that this is the sort of politics that Will, Kate and their staffers are in support of, based on the language and behaviour I’m seeing from them.

    The BRF is on its way to become an ever-increasing hindrance to democracy and the creation of an equal society, even more than they are already. William especially is not someone who I think really gives a shit about something like equal rights. He strikes me as a complete asshole, and one who’s in a position that, frankly, makes him a danger given the system of governance in Britain right now. Maybe that’s too alarmist, but that’s my sincere observation. These people are not setting themselves up to be representatives of a diverse society in the slightest. That’s going to have consequences.

    Also, LOVING the BRAND NEW TOTALLY TRUE AND COMPLETELY HONEST details that all of these “royal sources” have JUST REVEALED about how Meghan is LYING and how she WAS a total bitch to Kate, and how she TOTALLY MADE KATE CRY AT THE FITTING OKAY, SHE DID, and not only that, SHE THREW AWAY THE FLOWERS THAT KATE WAS NICE ENOUGH TO BUY OKAY, like that TOTALLY HAPPENED AND IT WASN’T AT ALL SOMETHING THAT GOT MADE UP ON THE SPOT, about a story that has never once stayed consistent from the day it emerged in the press.

    I know the blockheads from the KP comms staff are Ma Midds are reading this right now, so: do you people not understand that Meghan was being NICE to all of you, when she did not NEED TO? And you’re still continuing to lie about a woman who likely has proof, in WRITING of ya’ll being assholes to her? Do you really think this will go well for you all? Is this the standard of education provided for you posh idiots over at places like Eton and Harrow? Good grief.

    Oh and, in case you are struggling to understand what the word “blockhead” means–it’s defined by Oxford Learner’s Dictionary as, “A very stupid person.” Emphasis on the very. I’m putting this here bc I know some of you had trouble understanding North American things and phrases like, “Espresso machine”, and “sending e-mails before 9 am”, and “doing your job as entailed by the description.” You’re welcome.

    • swirlmamad says:


    • Cape Town girl says:

      having a little giggle to myself. it seems that the queen’s ‘three-line whip approach’ to silence staff from making any public comment has kicked in. there was a line this morning on the lead story (now not the lead story, haha) on the daily fail which initially said that ‘… duchess boasting how ‘wonderful’ and was changed to ‘duchess saying how ‘wonderful’ WRT talking about how the couple had tried to ‘ring-fence’ granny and grandpa from any criticism.

  114. India says:

    Kate is a grade A Mean Girl from the word go. She has NO girl friends. This speaks volumes. She doesn’t like women and she sure as hell didn’t like the beautiful and brilliant Meghan. She hated her and was intensely jealous of her. Mean girls who are as hard as nails don’t go around crying. The Mean Hard Faced Kate who is a renown liar made Meghan cry. And you can take that to the bank.

  115. Emily_C says:

    They think Kate can be popular in NEW YORK?

    These people are not only gross, they’re terrible at their jobs.