Gayle King: ‘I think Meghan has plenty of receipts, she’s been keeping track of things’

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge

One of the things I’ve really enjoyed this week is that American outlets have been treating Oprah’s interview with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex with the gravity it deserves. American outlets have been treating this like what it is: a legitimate news story about institutional racism, an out-of-touch colonialist royal family, and how unprepared and upset white folks are when Black women say plainly that they are being mistreated. Gayle King and the CBS News team have done a great job with their follow-up stories, and Gayle has obviously been in close contact with Oprah before and after the interview aired. So… what I’m saying is that Gayle knows. Gayle knows there are receipts. Gayle knows that even though the Sussexes’ interview was damaging, they could have gone a lot harder.

Oprah’s best friend Gayle King has doubled down on claims that Meghan Markle kept evidence to back up explosive allegations she made during her interview with the TV mogul – revealing that the Duchess ‘has plenty of receipts’.

The 66-year-old CBS This Morning anchor’s comment came just hours after Meghan’s close friend, actress Janina Gavankar, claimed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have ‘plenty of emails and texts’ to support the extraordinary and damaging accusations they made against the royal family.

Speaking specifically about the allegations of ‘racism’ that Meghan made during her discussion with Oprah, 67, Gayle said: ‘I think Meghan has plenty of receipts, meaning she’s been keeping track of things.’

Amid the furious controversy that has erupted in the wake of the interview’s broadcast on Sunday, Gayle claimed on Tuesday that Oprah was completely unaware of its bombshell impact – insisting the TV mogul was ‘sitting on her porch reading a book’ while the royal family was rocked by the couple’s allegations.

Gayle revealed that she had called her close friend to chat about the frenzied response to the broadcast – but said that Oprah was completely unaware of the overwhelming reaction.

‘I called Oprah yesterday to say, “You know, this thing is blowing up,”‘ Gayle revealed. ‘She’s sitting on her back porch reading a book, not paying attention to all of this. I said, “I’m telling you, this is big.” [She said]: “Is it?” Yeah, no it’s big!’

[From The Daily Mail]

I don’t know what’s funnier, the reaction of the Windsor Klan as they realize that Meghan kept electronic and hard copies of her interactions with palace staff, or the reaction from the press as they realize they can’t actually touch the Sussexes at this point. If anyone on Salty White Folk Isle tries anything, receipts will be dropped. Meghan and Harry have made that clear, and they’ve clearly authorized allies – Janina Gavankar and now Gayle King – to underline the point. The message is clear: don’t f–k with us. Playtime is over. The days when you could just take Kensington Palace’s smears as gospel are over.

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Screencaps courtesy of CBS.

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  1. Merricat says:

    This piece is so satisfying, thank you!

    • Agnes says:

      Celebitchy’s coverage of the Oprah interview has been so great!!!! Thank you for weaving together years of threads. I hope Meghan goes full tilt After SHE Dies and writes a tell all with all those receipts. The Crown could have a six season spinoff on the Harry and Meghan saga alone.

    • bibi says:

      I’m thinking: is the palace silenT or are they being silenCED?
      Let the receipts shut them up!!!!!!

    • (The OG) Jan90067 says:

      It is. So glad M&H have “their people” who have their backs.

      Only thing I don’t buy in this whole article is that Oprah “didn’t know” this was blowing up. She is seasoned, she *knew* what this contained (let’s face it, she was totally involved in the editing process, as well as what was released the next day, on CBS This Morning w/Gayle), so to say Oprah wasn’t paying attention to reaction is NOT true IMO.

      • Yup, Me says:

        I could see Oprah knowing that it WOULD blow up – she knows how the industry works. But not knowing the specifics around it the fact that it was blowing up and the royals were shitting bricks and tripping all over themselves. She did her part, she’s not chasing fame, she’s got plenty of both wealth and celebrity so she can put something out and chill and read a book on her big ass porch and let her friend give her updates.

        Also, the pandemic has changed so much of what people thought they knew about what people show up for. I’m in a tangential media related industry and there is a lot of chaos and conversations around the ways people’s attentions and appetites have changed during quarantine. Some things that were hits before aren’t any longer and other things that would have barely been a blip are super hot.

        There definitely is an element of “go for it and see” right now.

  2. Amelie says:

    I hope she drops receipts. The catty courtiers have been coming for her. I also hope she sues because, according to Valentine Low, the palace leaked how she had “mental health problems.” They disclosed private HR conversations to reporters.

    • JT says:

      I hope the press keeps banging on about this in the papers, they just might walk themselves into another lawsuit violating rules about disclosing health information.

      • (The OG) Jan90067 says:

        I’d think they already have grounds, considering VL’s statements. I think the Palace is starting to run around like a chicken w/its head cut off (hence, setting W out to claim “we’re not racist”). Articles are dropping as well, trying to deny… H&M have shown they’re not pulling punches anymore. Pushed just *sooooooo* far, and BOOM!

    • betsyh says:

      Valentine Low disclosed this information carelessly, like it was no big deal–human resources leaked very sensitive, private communication! It also confirmed that the palace did know about the extremity of Meghan’s mental health crisis. If it was shared with reporters, surely it was shared with people within the Firm. SUE HR MEGHAN!

      • Elizabeth Kerri Mahon says:

        And he said that the only reason he didn’t report it was that the paper was worried about getting sued since the palace leaked private information. So the RR’s knew that Meghan was in distress, yet they continued to publish negative and damaging articles.

      • MsIam says:

        You know that’s what I’m wondering, if in the UK the palace is protected from lawsuits the way the government is protected here in the US? Because, if I were Meghan, I surely would be exploring that possibility if the palace doesn’t stop. I would have my attorney send them a “cease and desist” or the UK equivalent and tell them do not mention my name without my permission. Family or not, they have no right to do this. Oh and bad dad and evil “sister” need a letter sent to them too.

    • Lisa says:

      oh, the receipts are there, and they are now being dropped:

      Keep on BP,KP, and CH. lets see how much you want to be made public!

  3. Cecilia says:

    This is why they are trying the whole: “ the queen wants to keep it private” angle while simultaneously allowing courtiers to keep speaking. When meghan does drop receipts, they can again complain about how disrespectful she is.

    On antoher note: you can fully tell that meghan has had actually job experience. Keeping hard copies over every single mistreatment you face is genius

    • Commonwealthy says:

      I’m coming to realize that it is impossible to innocently praise Meghan without simultaneously shading Kate. I just don’t think it can be done. Meghan has actual work experience (fact: Kate doesn’t). Meghan’s husband adores her (fact-ish: Kate’s doesn’t). Meghan has style (fact: well… I loved Kate’s coatdresses, buttons and all, but now I seem them as a bit costume-y, and now her style is weirdly Meghan-esque which creeps me out). Meghan is a self-made millionaire (fact: Kate is not, didn’t attempt to even be a thousandaire). Meghan is such a good speaker and was always so prepared for her royal engagements (fact: no evidence of this from Kate). I don’t like to compare two women like this, and I’m open about being a casual pro-royal family/pro-Kate’s persona watcher before 2018, and I was Team Both Duchesses until the post-Australia smear campaign took off. The reason I’m pretty much anti-Kate is because I hate bullying, and I hate people who are complicit in and beneficiaries of bullying. Plus, Kate is permanently the poster woman for how dangerous White Women Tears (TM) are. I thought this before the interview (why cry over bridesmaid dresses at someone elses’s wedding and go on about it for years??), and after the interview… well, screw you Kate, truly. Truly. Signed, a Black woman who can’t even contemplate responding to racist white women in the workplace with my real emotions lest I lose my social capital with white bosses and endanger my job.

      • Beem says:

        Some of those are not fact but just opinion. Regardless if many share the same opinion it does not make them fact. Also there is no such thing as fact-ish. It goes both ways. I support Meghan but I’m not going to be looking at everything with blinders on.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Beem, which of those would you say are opinion?

      • Elizabeth says:

        Style is opinion. Probably there are a few people out there who are of the opinion Kate has amazing style with her non-matching pink sweater and coat and her long bell bottoms black pants … ok I can’t. Beem, it is fact that Kate has noooooo discernible personal style, not like an icon like Diana or Kate Moss for example.

      • Nic919 says:

        Outside of the comment about style, which is subjective, all the rest are facts. Meghan is a better speaker, held actual jobs and made a decent income prior to the engagement. She also has a husband who treats her with respect in public and she is far more prepared at engagements than Kate, who can barely read the things written for her by staff.

        Even Meghan’s style is objectively more modern for women who aren’t stuck in the 1950s by way of sister wives.

        So where’s the non facts?

    • HeyJude says:

      You can also tell Meghan was well educated and on merit too. She went to Northwestern. Northwestern is an excellent school. The woman was a duel major.

      The palace always thought of her as some rube.

      The palace who’s every generation gets whisked through schools they probably don’t have the brains to be in because of their royal status alone.

      I just can’t with these morons. Every one of them. Even the couturiers who are all often employed on familial status alone. They think they were going to out wit a women with a real, well-earned education.

      • Byzant says:

        Absolutely right. When I was at uni a few years below- William sat his exams not with his class but separately and after his fellow students for “security” . Now come on tell me that wasn’t so they knew what paper was his and could make sure not to fail willleaks?he was literally a third year geography student in with first year(redacted just in case but different school) students

      • Trillion says:

        I’m just cracking up over the “duel major” typo!

      • SenseOfTheAbsurd says:

        Rumour has it that Charles had to be nannied through a bog-level BA, and he certainly didn’t get into Cambridge on merit.

      • BeanieBean says:

        I went to grad school at Cambridge in their anth department. We were told Charles’ bodyguard sat the exams, too, since he attended all the lectures with PC. And the bodyguard’s results were better than Charles’.
        And Sense: yes, Lord Renfrew (Master of Jesus college) really helped him out.

      • Nic919 says:

        Since Kate was known as the girlfriend very early in at St Andrew’s, she also got away with not doing much work. We already heard how she would copy from those who sat next to her (and they would put incorrect information to trick her) and it’s obvious she didn’t actually learn any art history because she has yet to have an intelligent conversation about art in the almost 2 decades since. She didn’t even know about Fabrege eggs.

  4. Oatmeal says:

    Shoot, and H&M tried to be nice about it too!
    As I said before the best part of the interview was how H&M subtly underscored their grievances with “we sent a letter, we wrote an email, kate sent a note ” etc

    The lowkey message being “we have receipts”

    Well, the RF is hard headed and dumb and has an overwhelming need to FAAFO so now others are saying point blank : Dont come for H&M, they have thr receipts

    The way H&M have completely outplayed and checked the BM and the Firm is a masterclass

    • Kiera says:

      What’s funny Oatmeal is that the RF and their people can’t help themselves and are going to continue to try and go after the Sussexes. I bet money they try and leak a few nasty stories again. I don’t know if they can fathom how far out of their league they really are with Meghan.

    • Otaku fairy says:

      True. The attempts to smear her before this interview were so desperate, and not at all like the fear was that she or Harry were making things up.

  5. Lauren says:

    So there are 4 different sources out there telling them there receipts and they keep whining and going on and on on who evil Meghan is and how she is liar. At this point they are either begging for them to released or they are still in denial over their existence.

    • LaraK says:

      Nah, I think H&M know the press will not stop. They are saving the receipts for if the family does anything.
      William is really the only one who has said something and the press are already making it seem like he was so classy and authoritative.
      But I think if the palace leaks more lies, they will start dropping receipts. We will have to wait a few months to see if the family can contain themselves.

    • Harper says:

      I said this on the other post, but I would say she’s already starting to drop receipts, i.e. Omid’s article that includes one email from Meghan and the response that the Duchess of Cambridge doesn’t get drawn into idle gossip. Maybe she and Harry are going to drop their Kate receipts until the palace calls off the dogs.

      • Lauren says:

        Someone said on the other post that Meghan publishing the sorry note that Kate s3nd would be like the mail on Sunday publishing Meghan’s letter to her father and I agree that one maybe should be held onto. The rest, show us girl.

      • MsIam says:

        No it wouldn’t. Its Meghan’s letter addressed to her, she owns it. As long as she not claiming authorship, she’s good. That’s why she mentioned the letter.

      • HeyJude says:

        @Lauren, you don’t have to show the context of the note to show the note exists.

        Just putting forth the fact an apology note was sent, with a photo of the title of who it’s to and from and the text not visible shows it in fact took place without breaking any copyright.

    • Becks1 says:

      I think that’s why she gave an email to Scobie – maybe he has had it all along, but I doubt it – specifically with the language about correcting the record for Kate and her and the crying. I think that was a very purposeful leak after the resilient Middleton blood article.

      Meghan was being pointed but subtle in that interview about her emails and texts, royal family didnt get the point, so Omid made it clear that there are emails and texts by printing part of one, and then we have Gayle and Janina again emphasizing that there are texts and receipts.

      I think Gayle and Oprah also both have real-time knowledge of these transgressions (for example, the 50% thing was something Meghan told Oprah years ago, it wasnt part of the interview) so right now they are both being professional and letting the story work itself out, but I think if they need to they’ll drop their own receipts. I can see on Gayle’s face that she’s not here for the gaslighting.

      • Harper says:

        More thoughts on the Omid email–he quoted Meghan’s email but paraphrased the palace’s response. Meghan has most likely been legally advised as to how to release receipts. She and Omid obviously have the palace’s response in text/email form but aren’t outright quoting it. But somewhere there is a receipt with the quote “the Duchess of Cambridge does not get dragged into idle gossip” or else neither would be releasing it.

      • MsIam says:

        I think Omid has seen a lot, he said he already knew about the “misconduct” issue and he also has said he knows why that one nanny was fired.

  6. JT says:

    H&M are essentially neutering the BM and I love it. Now the American coverage will take precedence as main source of information regarding the Sussexes. The only ones making fools out of themselves are the UK press. H&M have ruined their credibility abroad.

    • Cecilia says:

      Don’t underestimate HMQ and her fanbase. The US right wing, people who celebrate 4th of july with such passion, have become surpringly monarchist and defenders of the royal family.

      • Merricat says:

        Lol. The likes of Scott Baio and Tim Allen. Whee!

      • tcbc says:

        But those aren’t the people the royals want. They want their American supporters to be Vanderbilts, not Trumps. They want to be celebrated in New York and (yes) Los Angeles, not airport hangers in Florida.

        It amuses me that they would be repulsed by the people who are most likely to support them.

      • lanne says:

        Let them. Let the monarchy in America be embraced by the MAGAs. The royals don’t want that. That’s a disaster for them. But it’s honest. And perhaps the royals should just lean into their republican and tory base of support. It’s exactly what they deserve.

      • MsIam says:

        They don’t care about the queen. If she is counting on those nutcases, she is in trouble. Besides, she’s shielding a pedo and that is a trigger word for MAGAS/Qnuts.

      • Zaya says:

        Those staunch right wing nuts aren’t necessarily pro-royal family though. If mm wasn’t a mixed race, feminist, Hollywood actress, they wouldn’t side with the royals.

  7. Yup, Me says:

    This is a Master Class in the Black Woman’s art of “f*ck around and find out.”

    You can’t spend years in the vipers’ nest and not learn how to dose them with their own poison.

    Those ugl’ass dimwitted royals better back off and have a seat. As much as they’ve fumbled every step of the way up to this point, they can’t survive much more of their own ineptitude.

  8. VS says:

    Wasn’t it clear from the interview, especially from Meghan, that she was keeping track of everything?
    1) she mentioned the note Kate sent her to apologize; sister has saved it
    2) she mentioned repeatedly writing to the palace about Harry’s security and it is ok if hers and Archie’s don’t matter
    3) she kept talking about letters, notes, etc….

    the woman has receipts; the rf underestimated her and they are about to learn what it means to have to confront a smart woman!

    All the rf know is how to deal with #mypalacesources…..they will learn soon enough that sister kept receipts of everything! so they better STOP

  9. Wiglet Watcher says:

    The Sussex are being very gracious giving the BRF and BM all this extra time to let their point soak in.
    Cut the sh!t or be exposed.

    At best their smears only help them locally, but they are stained on every other land mass. It’s insane they’re still on the offense blaming Meghan. Foolish.

  10. Myra says:

    There’s a reason why the queen ordered a stand down. Hopefully her minions understand the reputational damage they are causing. They are under a global microscope right now so they should stop playing to their audience in England.

    • Merricat says:

      Yes, indeed. The more they flail, the worse they look. Shut up and take your lumps and welcome to the 21st century.

    • Becks1 says:

      Its like for once the policy of “never explain, never complain” would have worked, or at least worked somewhat .Just sit down and shut up and they cant even do that.

    • Cee says:

      Her stand down has been largely ignored by her idiotic husband and his wife.

    • And doesn’t that say something that the Queen is stepping up to the plate only post-interview? In the 4-5 years now that Meghan (and Harry) has been dragged through the British mud, the Queen JUST NOW sees it as appropriate to reach out and issue a direct order to her family and all Palaces’ knuckle-draggers to cease and desist. The Queen was capable of shutting this down at the very beginning and yet she shut it down when and only when it became about the Monarchy after the Sussexes gained the freedom to speak and went worldwide with their side. I, for one, am not going down a path of ‘isn’t the Queen being supportive to the Sussexes.’ This is about DUTY TO THE MONARCHY — as always, the Queen is acting to protect the Monarchy and only the Monarchy. Like Harry said, for them it is always duty first, then family.

      And her allowing it to be leaked that she is going to personally call them sometime soon. I just can’t get over how truly awful these people are.

      And, spot on KAISER! I totally agreed that William and his knuckle-draggers had that question planted right down to the Sir at the end. He only showed up to have this question asked and answered. Way to disobey the Queen (your Commander in Chief and Monarch), William. This is William’s sneaky way around obeying the ‘shut up’ edict from Queen. I’m sure William doesn’t put think the Queen is smart enough to see his ‘brilliant’ PR move.

      • MsIam says:

        Agree, the queen is complicit too, imo. She sacrificed them to protect Prince Pedo. That was her priority. Just like William sacrificed them to cover his gardening. I think Harry may have been willing to sacrifice for his grandmother and also for Beatrice and Eugenie. But he drew the line with William’s screwing around, especially if William was the one who said the remark about Archie.

  11. Amy Bee says:

    Oh yes, she has receipts and thank god she does.

    • Lorelei says:

      It is AMAZING to me that in 2018–2020, these people didn’t *already* know enough to not put anything they didn’t want made public in writing. I know their team isn’t smart, but this is incredibly basic stuff that everyone knows.

      I’m a total nobody and even I’m super careful with what I put in texts or emails! I operate on the assumption that eventually, everything will be hacked and published online, word-searchable like Sony’s leaked emails were. The fact that that the content of that one lady’s Amazon orders because public scared the sh!t out of me.

      So I *might* use someone’s initial in a text if the person I’m writing to definitely knows who I’m talking about, but for anything that I wouldn’t want to be shouted on a megaphone or published in the NYT, I’ll only talk in person or on the phone. I don’t say anything about my child except cute little anecdotes; stuff that I would be fine with him seeing someday. (Not that I’d be trashing him otherwise, lol! But I won’t talk about his grades or any social struggles that he’s having or anything like that.) We have no idea what could happen with all of our communications someday.

      These people are either far more stupid than we already knew, or they severely underestimated Meghan (again, more than we already knew) and never thought their precious royal communications would possibly be copied and made public.
      IMO it’s a bit of both, but mostly the latter. They underestimated Meghan all along and even after the interview, they still are. It’s incredible. They are going to be their own undoing.

  12. Sofia says:

    Oh she definitely has receipts. It could explain their lukewarm statement. The BRF knows if they strongly deny things, the Sussexes will just come out with the receipts

  13. Chill says:

    “They could have had a bad bitch”!!! But, instead Harry got her. Go girl!!

  14. Katia says:

    I am from Greece and today on our news there was a Greek journalist who lives in England and said that English people have turned against the Sussexes more than ever after their interview with Oprah(That is known from polls and twitter reactions from the English.) So I don’t know, maybe they have receipts and the sympathy of Americans but I am not sure whether they have earned the respect of the ”realm” which they clearly desired from the start.

    Ps. Even though I am team Sussex, I think that when a person keeps receipts of everything happening to them, we could say that it makes them look suspicious and like they tend to plot on a situation. It sounds like Meghan was bias since the word go.

    • Merricat says:

      Americans keep receipts. That doesn’t make us biased, it makes us prepared. And I seriously doubt at this point that the Sussexes give a damn about the “realm.”

      • Anna says:

        Exactly. That is the smart thing to do when you work for a corrupt organization especially as a Black woman, and for us, even with receipts, the snakes find a way to slither out of complicity.

      • AlpineWitch says:

        Italians also keep receipts for like 20 years minimum because there is always the chance that the government tries to f**k you over after years….

    • VS says:

      ” but I am not sure whether they have earned the respect of the ”realm” which they clearly desired from the start.” — they don’t live in the UK anymore; I highly doubt any of the Sussex kids will live in the UK; why do you think they wanted to please the british public?
      you write that clearly as if you thought they were after the affection of the british? jeez, if they wanted that they would have spoken with a british “journalist”; there aren’t that many of those except for those at the Economist, or the FT and maybe the Guardian but that’s a different audience

      that interview was for the US market; they were re-introducing themselves in the US…… market (except China) is as big as the US market is.

      if they succeed here, they are set!

      “Ps. Even though I am team Sussex, I think that when a person keeps receipts of everything happening to them, we could say that it makes them look suspicious and like they tend to plot on a situation. It sounds like Meghan was bias since the word go.” — you are not team Sussex; which is more than fine! have you ever worked in a corporation? this statement of keeping receipts is so naive…..WOW

      • Katie says:

        VS, are you telling Katia what it means to be TeamSussex and if they don’t meet your definition that they are out? To paraphrase you…WOW

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        Reread that last paragraph of VS. VS is not gatekeeping sussexsquad membership.

      • VS says:

        @Wiglet Watcher — thank you very much. It looks like @Katie didn’t read or perhaps understand what I wrote; that’s ok
        Whom am I to gatekeep anything? so weird……thank you @Wiglet Watcher

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        IMO, and VS correct me if I’m wrong, to say that keeping receipts is sketchy in a way like they were planning all of this from the start is to rewrite history in the context of the Sussex had this planned from the start in a way no one could have ever known. Making them Nostradamus masterminds.
        It’s perfectly natural for Americans to store emails and screen shot text messages for references later without thinking you’ll need them.

        Also, I’m also Greek (off the boat), but naturalized American and so much of how Americans act is a culture shock.

      • VS says:

        @Wiglet Watcher — I for instance keep every single thing (learned this from my dad); I always think about what a lawyer might do with an email or what if this email ends up on the front page of a newspaper (learned this from my mother; that’s how she asked us to always think)
        That’s why I try never to answer emails when angry or frustrated…..does that make me cunning? this is such a strange concept from the OP; I do understand that culture can be different but for women and POC, this is crucial

    • JT says:

      I don’t think it matter what the brits think at this point. H&M are thinking globally, they don’t have to satisfy the folks on the island anymore, the royals do. This interview wasn’t for the uk, it was for everyone else. Spotify will now reach 1 billion people and when H&Ms podcast dropped it was trending nearly everywhere it was available (including the uk interestingly enough). When archewell audio is fully launched more eyes than ever will be on it. Netflix’s subscribers have grown significantly and H&M will have a piece of their global influence as well.

      I think people need to stop thinking about Harry and Meghan in terms of the UK anymore, because it doesn’t even matter. Hell, even with just the North American market they would be fine. H&M’s reach is growing while, the RFs is waning. And that was the point of the interview. Even just that fact they were discussed in Greece is the point. When was the last time the royals made global headlines on their own?

      • VS says:

        @JT — exactly; I am surprised that some think H&M are after the uk market…..should I laugh or be astonished? I am not sure

      • Cat Lady26 says:

        I just wanted to add that, if we’re talking about “the realm,” I would include the Commonwealth countries within that realm. And, from the reading I’ve been doing, the Commonwealth countries, especially those where the countries comprise of people of color, they are NOT HAPPY. They are questioning whether they should remain within the Commonwealth but emphasize that they would wait until the queen dies out of respect for her. And since the Commonwealth countries are majority persons of color, they absolutely understand what Meghan and Harry are saying about racism within the British royal family and media and what Meghan went through. They talk about the hope that they had about having representation within the Royal family of someone that looked like them and thought that that would bring the Royal family into the next century. And they talk about how offended they feel by the way that Meghan was treated and they CLEARLY see that, at least part of it, if not most, was due to her skin color, which, for the majority, is their skin color.

      • Christine says:

        I completely agree with you, on every single point.

        I did a spit take, five minutes ago, looking at TMZ, and the photos of William and (ahem, I would not like to be disrespectful) Catherine, being carried about by a squadron of (really hot) black men tells every bit of what they are about. Jesus God, is there not a single “royal aide” with even a little bit of common sense?

        Of course there isn’t, these are all positions that the aristocracy forces their stupid kids into, and then the royal family is shocked that their people are worthless. Yes, yes they are, you need to hire people that actually know something about the jobs they are in, I recommend looking at resumes, and not at last names, or titles.

    • NCDancer says:

      I think the benefit is now that they have walked away from the realm so that “respect” isn’t really needed now. But I always find it interesting respect is something to be earned or given. I take respect as basic human requirement, kind of basic decency. It certainly can be lost, but I always assume it’s a given until someone does something to show they no longer deserve it.

    • Snuffles says:

      I’m not famous and I ALWAYS keep receipts. Any adult in the workplace with sense keeps receipts. My parents have always told me to keep a paper trail. I NEVER delete an email, I file them away to keep a record of my activity.

      As for their reputation in England, I’m sure it depends on who you are talking to. If someone was anti Meghan before the interview, they remained so. If they sympathized with Meghan beforehand, they sympathize even more now. If they couldn’t give a fuck about the royal family to begin with, they still don’t.

      I don’t think Harry and Meghan care. They don’t need everyone to be on their side. They just want to carve out their niche, do their work and be left in peace.

      • VS says:

        @Snuffles — I said something similar above by asking that poster if she has ever worked in a corporation? ALWAYS ALWAYS keep receipts; this is common sense for everyone involved in any type of activity. Always have a paper trail of everything….
        does that make us calculated? my father taught us that early on; some people are not always given the benefit of the doubt!

      • (The OG) Jan90067 says:

        I was a teacher for 30 yrs. I ALWAYS kept parent letters (and memos from the school office) in a file (paper first, then as computers picked up, digital). ALWAYS. KEEP. RECEIPTS!

      • Agree, SNUFFLES, especially your last paragraph. The Monarchy, a good part of the senior Royals, and the British tabloids are definitely in the Sussexes’ rear view mirror at this point. They have had their ‘exit interview’ with Oprah’s help. The clamor from that island is just going to get fainter and fainter, as the Sussexes move on down that Freedom Highway and the satisfying lives and work that await them.

      • Lady D says:

        @(The OG) Jan, did you get a lot of letters from parents as a teacher? I have to admit, it never once crossed my mind to write a letter to my son’s teachers. We just spoke, before or after school for a minute maybe once or twice a month, and there was always P/T conferences at each reporting period. Should note, it was a small school, K through grade 6, with about 180-200 students.

    • Sunshine says:

      Katie, I’m in Ireland and we get U.K. news as secondary source.
      The American positivity is not reported in U.K. news at all. There’s a blackout. So unless you are on social media, you wouldn’t be aware of the support she’s getting from inside or outside the U.K.
      It’s quite insidious.
      Polls and media are controlled by the right wing in the U.K. so I would not consider that an indicator of reality.

      • Snuffles says:

        Well, the U.K. does that to their own detriment, not the Sussex’s. Pretending that the rest of the world agrees with them will only result in them getting a harsh reality check down the line.

        It was the same with Brexit. Tory media spinning their BS to get people to vote leave and now the reality and the economic damage it hitting them hard now.

      • WithTheAmerican says:

        That’s sad. The last thing Brexit island should be doing is isolating themselves more from leading nations.

      • HeyJude says:

        Exactly, alllll over social media when the interview dropped the majority of the conversation I saw from the area were people of color and everyday folks in Britain up in arms over how H&M were done by the Monarchy.

        These so called “British polls” are BS. They poll white royalists. That’s a small part of Britain.

      • Cat Lady26 says:

        I would add that every CB reader that is outside of the UK should do a deep dive into the UK press. I went down a rabbit hole yesterday when I looked up the UK news of the world phone hacking scandal. It was not just News of the world. It’s a common practice and there is very little regulation and very little protection for the victims. The police are involved in leaking information to the press. So it’s little surprise that the royal family has this incestuous relationship with the British media. As Harry clearly stated, that media has the power to destroy them.

        Just to get you started, here is the first article I read, which, when I clicked on the links led me further and further down the rabbit hole about this. It’s absolutely insane! (Also, Piers Morgan was a player in this as well…)

    • Emily says:

      I’m a Brit and I love them, but I think they need to not care what the Brits think. So many Brits are doubling down on their garbage opinions and it’s embarrassing. The rest of the world can see what’s happening.

      • JT says:

        This interview was for H&M to reset their narrative for everyone else going forward. It was very much a royal family for dummies. They were explaining why they went it, why they left, and why it was the best decision. Now that they have, they can move on to the real work and they have a media that is ready and willing to report on that work without smearing. No US media is going to trash them after the ratings gold that was the Oprah special. Everyone will want to be in on the action and the only ones not invited to the party are the BM, hence them trying to burn them still.

        RRs are complaining that the US isn’t even paying attention to their coverage across the pond.Lol. That did that to themselves. H&M have bigger fish to fry than to worry what’s going on in the RFs territory.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        JT, but CBS This Morning, was paying attention to the BM. I viewed the clip above and I assure you they were paying attention and were clearly disgusted with the way Meghan has been portrayed as compared to Kmart. They (the BM) must be watching Fox, One America or NewsMax to think that they would get any other type of coverage here from JOURNALISTS! I wonder when it will occur to them that they have just pretty much ensured they’re not going to have a following in the US news. Man, these people are something else.

    • sara says:

      Katie since you’re from Greece I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, but non-white women who work in places surrounded mostly by white people all know that we HAVE TO KEEP RECEIPTS when things start turning sour, because no one will ever believe us over white people unless we have every single scrap of evidence saved. It has nothing to do with plotting. It’s about protecting ourselves.

      And I doubt they care about the UK, a place that is virulently transphobic, deeply in denial about racism, and as the Sarah Everhad situation shows, also incredibly misogynistic.

    • Cee says:

      Any person with sense, working any kind of job, knows to keep receipts. When a boss tells you to delete something from an email chain, do you do it? Or do you print it out first in order to cover your ass when that boss tries to pin it on you when something goes bad?

      Why is common sense such a bad trait?

      • lanne says:

        She’s naively thinking that “respectability politics” will work. I think people are being “way harsh” with Katie–coming from Greece, she might not be as aware of the dynamics at play. But if “just be a good girl and everything will work out” really worked, there would be no such thing as sexism or racism. Katie, try tot to get upset at people who are seemingly coming at you. I’m not speaking for them, but I can say for myself that my own nerves have been raw over a lot of this, and I think that’s true for a lot of posters as well. I have certainly snapped at people on this site, people who might have been well-meaning but gave a response that twanged my pulled-taut nerves.

        Those of us following this story closely know this: Meghan was slated to be the villian. That was her role. She was supposed to be Harry’s good time gal who wasn’t “good enough” to be royal, and should have been “Fergied” out due to her gaucheness. But Meghan was the real deal, and royaled better than the mediocrities and idiots at the job. Now the courtiers panicked. She’s showing up Kate, and Kate is supposed to be her “superior.” They treated Meghan like a pawn in their story. They were willing to destroy this woman’s life, reputation, and integrity just to elevate Kate and William. None of us would, NOBODY should stand for that! In that instance, the only thing she can do is to keep receipts. She’s up against a major institution–no different from a whistleblower going against a company doing criminal acts. Her receipts were her protection–we see that these courtiers were willing to gamble with her life and her babies’ lives. They WANT her and her children to be abandoned and forgotten. I’ll bet they have even drawn up plans to let her keep the courtesy title of Countess of Dumbarton and Baroness Kilkeel in a divorce settlement while Harry’s new wife would now be styled as Duchess of Sussex. I’ll bet there’s a binder with “future plans for Harry” on it.

      • Katia says:

        Lanne, thank you for that. I guess I pussed the wrong button even though it wasn’t my intention at all. Anyway, coming from a different place, I realise things might work differently in the US. I will justify people coming after me, accusing me of naivete, and being rude in general. I guess quarantine takes a toll on all of us. I wish you all a good evening and hope you are not too harsh with others, and neither with yourselves!!

      • Cee says:

        1. I’m from Argentina, live in Argentina and work in Argentina.
        2. I have an extensive corporate background and experience.
        3. We all save receipts for when a boss/superior tries to pull one on us, intentionally or not.
        My dad is my boss and I keep a paper trail anyway not because he’s going to blame me for something but because sometimes people interpret things differently and facts are facts, opinions and recollections are not.

    • L84Tea says:

      LOL, Katia, you are not Team Sussex. Nice try. And keeping receipts of everything was not plotting, it was just plain smart. When you have an entire institution and media coming for you day after day, you’d be keeping track of their lies too.

      • Lizzie says:

        Additionally I think that when you are in the rf everything is kept for posterity. Not just as receipts. No ill will can be supposed here just by keeping reciepts. Anyone who has had a corportate job can tell you this.

      • MsIam says:

        @Lizzie, even Diana had receipts. Remember those letters that her butler claims that she gave him (or he stole, whatever). Remember Meghan said she got help from that friend of Diana’s? I bet that person told her to document everything too.

    • Em says:

      If you think Harry and Meghan wanted respect from the realm you’re absolutely mistaken. They’re rebranding in America, American sympathy is exactly what they’re looking for

    • Mich says:

      Very odd to hear that you delete all of your professional emails and personal texts as soon as you send them. Most adults do not.

      Anyway, they weren’t talking to the British public. They were talking to the royal family and warning them to stop their bullshit.

    • equality says:

      Serving in the military and actually going into combat when Harry could have opted out isn’t deserving of respect? And he didn’t do his service like the Queen–going to a site every day and sleeping at the palace at night. Yet she gets loads of respect for that and he gets none?
      I worked for the government in the US and constantly kept the important memos and e-mails in case any discrepancies arose but I didn’t go into the job with an agenda. It’s a smart business practice. Some things she may also have kept for sentimental reasons such as a note from Kate apologizing. You are also buying into the spin that the media is putting on things. Were these polls and their parameters explained or was a chart simply presented saying “this is what we found.” The tabloids run polls all the time but obviously the ones they reach with them are their readership and not necessarily representative of the entirety of a country.

    • Carmen-JamRock says:

      “…….Even though I am team Sussex, I think that when a person keeps receipts of everything happening to them, we could say that it makes them look suspicious and like they tend to plot on a situation. It sounds like Meghan was bias since the word go.”

      Spoken like a typical karen, so deep into your privileged myopic view o the world that it makes you incapable of stepping into someone else’s shoes even for a minute, in order to even begin to understand their reality.

      And BTW, in the REAL WORLD where most folks live, keeping receipts for a period of time (even of your commercial or domestic purchases) is commonplace. But what would an immature karen know about that?

      ALSO YOU:
      “….So I don’t know, maybe they have receipts and the sympathy of Americans but I am not sure whether they have earned the respect of the ”realm” which they clearly desired from the start.”

      Respect is earned. The british family is very much aware of this, which is why they dress up in their clown suits and perform for the plebs every so often, so that they dont get what the French monarchs got. No one respects hypocrites.

      PS: FYI you have NO idea what it means to be a supporter. Of anyone.

      • Katia says:

        To that I ‘ll say relaaax. I don’t know why anyone would draw conclusions about a person’s character after one comment on a site. Good evening and much love from a white Karen who is very naive to keep receipts, lives in a myopic world full of not so much privilege, I assure you, trying to make sense of that world!!

      • QwietStorm says:

        I think something was lost in translation here. My interpretation is that Katia was recounting what a Greek reporter in England surmised was a British response to the Sussex issue. It may be that from a Greek perspective, there are times when collecting and filing receipts may cause one to think that this is suspicious behavior. In which case Meghan may seem to be biased. Not that she necessarily is biased.
        I did not get that Katia was not team Sussex, nor was she a Karen, as C-J Rock suggests. It’s amazing how many different ways a comment can be interpreted, is it not?

    • Lila says:

      These aides were undermining and gaslighting her from day one. They outright LIED about M and H not wanting Archie to have a title, wouldn’t correct lies that were written with the intention of smearing her character. Anyone not collecting receipts in this situation would be an idiot. If anything, Meghan needed to be biased and as she said, it took her a few months to realize these people were not protecting her.

    • Becks1 says:

      Let’s clarify something about the whole “keeping receipts.” It doesnt mean that Meghan has a file folder* labeled “RECEIPTS ABOUT KATE MAKING ME CRY” or something. It means that she was just very conscious about having a paper trail, at least in the beginning. Maybe as time went on it was more about “keeping receipts” but my guess is initially, it was just part of her general work MO, and its a good business practice. You have a conversation with someone, and you send a follow-up email to confirm. This is beneficial to BOTH parties in my opinion. So that if I heard my boss say I could take off on Friday, and my boss meant that I could only take the afternoon off, if I email and say “per our conversation, I will be off on Friday and will be back on Monday” my boss will say “oh no, that’s not what I meant, I need you here in the morning bc we have that meeting, but you can take the afternoon off.”

      Obviously with more sensitive issues this paper trail is even more important, and that’s when I’ve done things like drafted memo “to file” so that I have a recollection of what happened if someone brings it up 6 months later (this is what James Comey did after convos with Trump.) Again, this is good business practice. I think people are interpreting the whole “Meghan has receipts” as if she was plotting against the BRF the whole time, and really it just means she was a professional from the get-go.

      *Now I’m sure she did end up printing out a lot of emails in case her palace email was ever wiped, and I’m also sure that as time went on, she realized the value of her paper trails so probably made even more of an effort to put everything in writing as a way to protect herself. But I think initially, it was just part of her work habits.

    • Victoria says:


      Since I was 5 years old and listening to conversations that my mother would have about her workplace, she was a professional mental health care worker and the administrative team and the only Black woman on that team, she would say, “It’s all about documentation.”

      My mother was a by the book, policy and procedures type of person and there were people who would look to go around the policies and procedures and when she would call them out they would get very upset and say and do awful things. And she was right to do that because we’re talking about people who can’t fend for themselves and you absolutely need the protections of policies and procedures that are put in place to ensure that they get the best care, but a lot of people didn’t care and did some really awful things. But what saved my mom each and every time was that my mother took very detailed notes, kept very detailed recordings, had documentation for everything. And that’s because her parents who were born in the Jim Crow era were very very very vigilant in ensuring that their children understood that as Black professionals they were going to come across all kinds of situations where people would try to take them down for daring to be in top administrative positions.

      My mother was also a union rep and so and dealing with clients who were being mistreated fairly and other Black workers calling out things and getting harassed about it, she made it a point to let them know they need to have documentation for every transaction that occurs on the job.

      This is not about trying to be suspicious, this is about protecting yourself. It’s a cultural thing that maybe is lost in translation for other cultures. But it’s a very real thing.

      I left a comment yesterday on celebrity in another article in regards to all of this and it was deleted. And I admit, I was hurt because as a Black woman I hate when my voice is silenced when I try to make a point. It wasn’t meant to be disparaging towards Meghan but your comment Katia is a perfect example of why I had made the comment that I had made.

      This is a very nuanced discussion and I think it’s important that we understand how this could have happened to The Duchess.

      On the one hand because of her perceived identity she has access to the spaces and places that many of us would never ever get. But on the other hand she is also partially Black so everything that works for her in one way will work against her in another and surely her mother raised her to know to a certain extent that she was always have to be prepared for when the other side will work against her.

      This is why she keeps receipts. This is why she had to make it clear and has made it clear over several years that they have receipts. And this is why she’s a planner.

      • Wonderful comment, Victoria. I also don’t think it is just an American thing; I think woman all over the world who try to work and thrive in a world where the rules are skewed to favor males or management or those in power, are smart enough to always watch their own backs. I, especially, think a biracial woman who has successfully navigated her father’s toxcicity, navigated through the mud that is Hollywood, and is still a self-made, professional, highly intelligent woman, knows that you keep important paper trails. That’s not being conniving or sneaky, that’s just being smart in the real world which is where most of us live.

      • @ Victoria . Agree. ThAnk you for this.

    • Villern says:

      It is not a calculating, but an American thing. I never delete an email – and everything of importance is kept. I doubt Meghan kept the actual note from Kate, but I don’t doubt she has some emails in her server thanking her for the gift

      • lanne says:

        I’ll bet she kept the note, if only that it’s a note from the future future queen consort.

      • JK says:

        I am in Spain and I think it’s a common sense thing, keeping receipts. My earliest lesson: When I was 16 working a summer job, I got thrown under the bus and blamed for the manager’s mistake. I typed and sent a fax exactly as it was given to me handwritten by the manager on a piece of paper, including the addressee. Turned out that he had put the wrong addressee and the boss (another guy) got a reply from them, causing him a huge embarrassment. I got severely reprimanded and was in tears and when I got back to my desk, I found the paper torn up and in the bin. I got those pieces out of the bin and pieced them together – I knew I hadn’t made the mistake. When I showed this to a senior co-worker and asked what I should do, I was advised to just forget about it.

        More recently, I accidentally threw away the receipt of my robot cleaner and couldn’t claim warranty. Still kicking myself over it.

      • L84Tea says:

        I literally have a digital folder for every person that I speak to thru email at work, and any correspondence with that person gets moved to that folder. Even my requests for time off, which are done electronically at my company, are put into a designated folder when I get the “approved” response just in case somewhere down the line I get a manager claiming I took time off unapproved (which my company is super nit-picky about).

        Heck, I had a coworker who has an extremely important position who last year discovered a multimillion dollar error that someone was trying to blame on her. She had saved all her emails with that person and had to go digging, but she found the email that proved she was instructed to do what she’d done. That one email saved her job and proved she’d been told by a higher up to make the change. Without that proof, she would have been fired for something she hadn’t done.

      • Jaded says:

        It’s not just an “American thing”, most employees keep digital records of everything, plus even if it gets deleted there’s a copy on the server. I had to sue a boss (VP of HR) back in 2008 for sending his buddies a filthy email pretending to be me. I was beyond embarrassed as I had to work with all these men. I found it because he was stupid enough to not delete it immediately, and part of my job was to review his incoming emails for urgent issues. One of the guys responded to him without deleting his email from the stream and I found it. I sent a copy to my private email, printed out half a dozen hard copies, shut off my computer and went home. I called a lawyer the next day and long story short got a very handsome payout.

        I think @Katia is reading this the wrong way, and maybe she’s a bit naive about toxic workplaces, but let’s all be civil and not dunk on her.

      • MsIam says:

        Oh she has the note trust me. Probably has the card from the florist too. Remember, she kept a copy of the letter she wrote to her dad.

    • AlpineWitch says:

      “I am from Greece and today on our news there was a Greek journalist who lives in England and said that English people have turned against the Sussexes more than ever after their interview with Oprah(That is known from polls and twitter reactions from the English.”

      This is the same crowd who voted for Brexit regardless of consequences and today we just had the cold shower that in only one month the trade balance is 5.6 billion of pounds in negative….

      Please don’t put any stock on what 50% of English people think of the Sussexes or if it is intelligent…

    • TheOriginalMia says:

      I rarely delete emails. If I ever need to refer to anything or check on something, the email trail is there. I have emails going back years. That’s just good business. It’s CYA. Cover your ass.

    • Alibeebee says:

      Being a black woman … we have been taught to keep receipts . Only because when it comes to jump we are not taken seriously and our feelings and statements are often dismissed or diminished.

    • Catherine, Chicago says:

      The point is Britain doesn’t count anymore. By Brexit, they rendered themselves irrelevant. Everyone else in the world is for H&M. Americans know that when you are being mistreated by someone more powerful than yourself, you keep evidence in case you are not believed. With their reaction, I dearly hope it drops who the racist is.

    • Vera says:

      the poll was done by the Daily mail, so not exactly representative

    • heygingersnaps says:

      @Katia hahahahahahaha, never trust those polls. Those surveys are skewed to get the results that they want. I’ve got a yougov account but never get invited for surveys regarding Harry and Meghan because I probably put a favourable view of them in one of their profile questionnaires. And if the poll was done by daily fail, scum and the like, well those are trash papers so enough said.
      I’m Asian and I also document stuff, nothing shady about keeping receipts.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Oh, no, you have to keep documentation of workplace issues. You have to. It’s the only way to protect yourself.

    • Nina says:

      There is nothing suspicious about documenting things and keeping proof. If you don’t have proof, it didn’t happen. Anyone who has ever worked in a corporate environment knows this. CYA and keep your receipts.

    • Snrub says:

      Anyone who has worked in corporate culture, especially the medical field, keeps all receipts. At some companies I worked at I was not allowed to delete *anything.* It becomes ingrained quickly.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Katia, there’s several factors at work with keeping records and not throwing everything away immediately. Legally, Meghan would have wanted to keep all her papers in order. (She was probably told she had to keep all documents for the royal records, in fact.) She knew she was in a very visible and historic position. Personally, if she was aware she was in a hostile working environment, it would definitely be wise to keep track of everything going on. She may have been advised to do so. Professionally, it’s just good business to keep records (and she was part of a business with “the Firm”). Financially, she also probably knew she might be called on to demonstrate her work for the family/firm/country to justify the money the taxpayers give the royals. If you don’t keep records, it would be so much harder to demonstrate or prove anything. This kind of record-keeping is what allows businesses to show end of year results. This is not specific to any one country.

      • Lorelei says:

        ITA with basically every reply here. When I was working I documented everything just out of an abundance of caution. No one was trying to sabotage me; it was just automatic, what any professional does.

        A lot of the time, saving stuff benefits me because I have a TERRIBLE memory — there have been times I’ve been in an argument with someone, went back and checked what was actually said, and realized I was totally wrong and apologized (or vice versa, & was able to defend myself). Nobody’s memory is perfect. So I also tend to save personal stuff for my own sake.

        I think William probably DID view the receipt keeping as “suspicious” — it’s not something he’s ever had to think about since he’s always had a staff handling everything for him, so he has no idea that out in the real world, it’s not only normal but encouraged for anyone in an office who relies on written communications to keep a paper trail.
        I can definitely see William thinking it makes Meghan look “cunning” or whatever, but that’s because he’s coming from a place in which he automatically wants to attribute the most negative motive possible to anything she says or does— and, again, he’s so cosseted in his little bubble that he has absolutely no idea how normal adults operate, no context whatsoever.

        @JT, I loved your comment about the interview being “royalty for dummies” — you nailed it! A lot of the questions Oprah asked were for Americans (or anyone who doesn’t usually pay attention to the royals watching only because the interview was a big deal, not necessarily only Americans), to give context to people who have no idea how any of this works.

        I also thought a lot about what you said about when was the last time the BRF made international headlines on their own. If we’re talking pre-Meghan, I would say it was probably when George was born, and even that was only because he was the heir. There wasn’t nearly as much coverage around Charlotte’s birth. And before that, probably William and Kate’s wedding?

        There was a lot of hoopla around the 20th anniversary of Diana’s death, but that wasn’t really “making headlines.”
        Andrew certainly made worldwide headlines, but not the kind the BRF wanted, and they actually did their best to shut them down, so I won’t even count that.
        I guess you could argue that stunt with the Queen parachuting into the opening ceremony of the Olympics, which, fine- but that was like a 20-second planned skit.

        It’s interesting to think about how things would have gone if Harry had never met Meghan. The Cambridges’ popularity had already been trending downward for years, and Louis’s birth would have been a tiny blip. Most of the world probably would have forgotten they existed by now, tbh, with Andrew being the only one notable part of an international story.

        They should have been THANKING her for making them relevant again.

    • Not her first Rodeo says:

      People tend to think this was Meghan’s first experience with racism. She has more than likely experienced this mistreatment her whole private life and definitely her public life as a Hollywood actress. She is well prepared to handle this mess, and keeping receipts is lesson one you learn when dealing with institutional racism.

  15. Snuffles says:

    I LOVE the image of Oprah sitting on the porch of one of her palatial estates completely unbothered while back England the royal family and media are having a meltdown.

    • harla says:

      I can also picture Megs and Haz playing with Archie and their pets, planning their next podcast and not giving a sh(t about what’s going on across the pond. I can also see them turning off their phones ahead of Big Willy’s call.

  16. SH says:

    Meghan has receipts and and apparently she has contemporaneous witnesses as well and not just her close friends. Bryony Gordon wrote an article that Meghan had shared her struggle with suicide with her. Matt Haig implied in his post that he had “known” why Meghan had been so moved by his writing and there are more. Meghan like referencing the SAG/AFTRA clearly had work place experience and probably one or two things in years on Suits probably came in helpful as well.

  17. JK says:

    Meghan was never going to be accepted in the UK, no matter what she did. That’s what racism does. She would have been attacked whether she was invisible, visible, competent, incompetent, whatever. It’s sad.

    That said, I think that not only is she very smart, perhaps playing a paralegal for ten years has taught her to be extra well prepared to fight.

  18. Mich says:

    The fun part is it isn’t only Meghan who has receipts. I feel pretty certain that her friends also have mountains of contemporaneous texts and emails about what was going on. Janina made that pretty clear. Even in situations when Meghan would relay problems verbally to friends initially, they probably followed up with texts. And it is highly likely that those friends then texted and emailed other friends in real time.

    I can tell you what is going to happen next. A WHOLE lot of people have spent years dehumanizing Meghan and fully believe that abusing her was not only fine but something she deserved. They convinced themselves that she was less than them and, worse, less than human. These folks are too used to successfully running to the tabloids, too entitled to accept how much M&H just flipped the script, and too arrogant to accept defeat and change. They are going to convince themselves they are still in control. And there are a lot of dimwitted ‘journalists’ out there with their entire reputations on the line who are going to convince themselves of the same.

  19. whateveryousay says:

    Nah. That’s understood in every aspect of your life to “keep receipts”. I do that when I am working with people and also in my personal life.

  20. Nina Simone says:

    Meghan basically said her receipts are as long as a CVS receipt. Palace is shook.

    I’m here for it!!

  21. Vanessa says:

    It’s Funny Kate and William and Charles are allowed to set the record straight with palace sources correct things say about them . But Meghan who had her whole life destroyed by the British tabloids and the Royal family is not allowed to correct the record she can’t defend herself against the Racism and the Lies . Somehow Meghan is the Villain because she stand up for herself after years of being bullied and tormented by a whole nation because of her skin color.

    • Cat Lady26 says:

      Why would the British royal family bother to make a correction to the British media about an article that they personally leaked?

  22. JT says:

    For anyone wondering how this interview went, there is an art piece up in, what I assume is LA, with Meghan on it. It says, “Keep calm and Speak Truth”, by @teachr1 on Instagram.

  23. Petra says:

    I was fired from by first job after graduation due to my naivete. I did what my supervision requested verbally without asking for a written request. I was financially destroy, it took 3 years before I was able to gain employment in my field again. @Katia, I advice you start keeping proper record at your workplace. Always protect yourself, things are bound to hit the fan every now and then. Receipts ( colloquial for documentation) is not sinister, it’s a best workplace practice. I’m proud to say I’m the queen of the ‘as per our discussion’ and ‘please clarify’ followup emails.

    • harla says:

      I do the same thing Petra, ever since I had a forgetful boss that loved to correct me in front of other staff. I would pull out my notebook where I wrote down every one of his directions or answers to my questions and in front of everyone say ” but on 1/1/01 you told me to xxx”. Because this guy was a bit stubborn it took a few times before he finally got the hint that I keep notes and am not afraid to correct him in public.

  24. Carrie says:

    Hilary = Hilaria
    Kate = Katia?

  25. Chartreuse says:

    I would love opinions. Who really is winning the pr war after the interview ? I’ve read so many negative Sussex commentaries (and ccomments , even ffrom lefties friends. I was praying ffor a slam dunk, but it’s more complicated and they are copping more flack than I expected.

    Sorryfor for sstupid ttext , pphone melting down.

    • Lila says:

      Here’s the thing: she’s a biracial black woman (meaning she will NEVER get the same sympathy that’s given to white women and will be seen with suspicion) and they (Palace and British media) ran a smear campaign on her for four years. For years, people that don’t really follow the royals all that much got the message that she’s a diva, she’s spending too much money on clothes, she doesn’t respect traditions, she’s trying to keep Harry from his family. It was all of that, nonstop. Now that they’ve stepped down, the new talking point is “they wanted privacy!”. One day, all of that would start to shape people’s opinions.

      As for being a leftie, I saw plenty of people on twitter opposing Trump and them just tearing Meghan apart.

      • Chartreuse says:

        @lila that makes sense. It’s been a war of attrition. And if you don’t read the other pov, you don’t know that you’re being had.

  26. Likeyoucare says:

    Dear kate @ katia
    The 1st day in my work place,the chief clark give lenghty advice to always take note when the boss give verbal instruction and keep it as a receipt, especially if you work in a government department.

    Meghan is not stupid, she intern for the us embassy, she know how the birocracy work. It is a hierarchy work place, when you are in the bottom pecking order, everyone will believe the people on top.

  27. Likeyoucare says:

    Dear kate @ katia
    The 1st day in my work place,the chief clark give lenghty advice to always take note when the boss give verbal instruction and keep it as a receipt, especially if you work in a government department.

    Meghan is not stupid, she intern for the us embassy, she know how the birocracy work. It is a hierarchy work place, when you are in the bottom pecking order, everyone will believe the people on top.

  28. Lainie says:

    I am living for this coverage! I don’t often post, but can I make a PSA for the Celebitchies? Apologies if I irritate anyone here with this.

    The plural of Sussex is Sussexes. (Not Sussex’s.)
    And the plural possessive is Sussexes’ .

    Thanks for your patience 🙂

    • Lady D says:

      Appreciate the lesson. I hate being inaccurate. I had to look up the pronunciation of inefficacious this morning, I’d never seen the word.