‘Incandescent’ Prince William is now acting as the Windsor family’s ‘gatekeeper’

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attend the naming of the RRS Sir David Attenborough at Camel Laird shipyard, Birkenhead.  They are standing on the helideck in front of the unmanned submarine Boaty McBoatface.

The Mail on Sunday published a few different versions of the same article, which is “The Queen is not a puppet! Her Majesty has never been more in charge or more ready to be ruthless after Harry and Meghan’s claim that ‘men in suits’ run the monarchy, say sources.” If there’s one thing which will convince people that the Queen is in charge, it’s a rash of unnamed palace sources describing the Queen’s days full of card-playing in a decrepit castle while she assigns her most racist grandson to act as a “gatekeeper” to the all-white institution. This piece was so melodramatic and nonsensical, it’s pretty clear that the Windsor klan and the tabloid media share the same trait: they’ve both fully lost the plot and everyone is panicking. Some highlights:

Philip is fine: Prince Philip, less than 100 days shy of his 100th birthday, is said to be in good spirits. Yet for all the outward calm, something profound has changed at Windsor – and decisively so.

The Windsors think it’s bad form to speak of Philip’s death: How must the Windsors have felt to learn that part of the deal to screen the Oprah interview involved an agreement that it would be pulled from the schedules in the sad event of Prince Philip’s death. Perhaps this is considered good PR in California. In Windsor, they are simply baffled.

Oh wait, here are the Windsors talking about Philip’s death: Incidentally, a well-placed source has told The Mail on Sunday that the ever-practical Philip has long made his future wishes clear. When the time comes – which all hope will be some way off – there should be a ‘no-fuss’ funeral. One source said: ‘Philip has told the Queen that he should just be driven off to the Chapel in Windsor in the back of a Land Rover. No fanfare. No fuss.’ There is likely to be plenty more fuss emanating from the Sussexes’ £11 million Montecito mansion, however.

The Sussexes destabilised the Royal machine. Prince Charles had been targeted. William had been criticised. His wife had been given a verbal mauling. With the Royal Family under siege from Harry’s Hollywood howitzers – so blatant that one Royal watcher described them as ‘tantamount to treason’ – retribution had to be sharp and very public.

The servants are restless? While it is the Royal Family’s duty to remain calm, the tense mood in the Green Drawing Room at Windsor Castle has been noted below stairs, with Palace servants unsettled by the family ructions and allegations against loyal staff. As one insider said: ‘The place feels like a crumbling mansion – with no one in charge of the housekeeping.’ With the institution of the Monarchy under attack from 24-hour US news channels, there has been bombshell after bombshell.

William the Gatekeeper: Interestingly, but perhaps unsurprisingly, the [Sussex] episode has given renewed prominence to Prince William, who has played an important role in helping the Palace hold the line. Like the Queen, his response has been deeply personal. As a future King, he could hardly keep silent when asked about the racism allegations, replying during a visit to a London school: ‘We are very much not a racist family.’ Those who have worked with both William and his father say that William is more likely to address something head-on. Charles feels deeply but by nature avoids confrontation. William is increasingly acting as The Firm’s ‘gatekeeper’ – a role previously performed by Prince Philip. Royal biographer Robert Lacey describes the task as ‘Royal bouncer’ – a much grander version of a nightclub doorman keeping trouble at bay.

William the Incandescent: William was said to be incandescent that his wife was dragged into the firing line during the Oprah interview and that his subsequent phone call with Harry was leaked and then reported on American television in such a vulgar way. Confrontation with his younger brother is not something William is fond of, but nor is it something from which he shies away. His ‘bouncer’ duties are bound to increase, with Charles having less of a stomach for the fight and the Duke of Edinburgh having retired from the fray.

[From The Daily Mail]

How in God’s name was Kate “verbally mauled”? Meghan said Kate made her cry, when Kate’s people had insisted for more than two years that Meghan made HER cry. Is that a verbal mauling now? Lord. Anyway, this is just a reminder that the courtiers could not find their own asses with two hands and a map. They are really panicking and it’s pathetic to watch. As for William and his “gatekeeping”… like, we get it. He smeared Meghan in the name of keeping his family pure and white and mostly German. He’s incandescent that his house of cards is crumbling.

Here’s William the Gatekeeper with his Black friend. He would not be working this hard if he wasn’t the one who asked about the baby’s skin color.

Duke Of Cambridge At The Launch Of New Mental Health Campaign

The Duke of Cambridge visit to Harcombe House

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Avalon Red.

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  1. Emily says:

    >>” One source said: ‘Philip has told the Queen that he should just be driven off to the Chapel in Windsor in the back of a Land Rover. No fanfare. No fuss.’ There is likely to be plenty more fuss emanating from the Sussexes’ £11 million Montecito mansion, however.”

    Is the Daily Mail’s royal content now being written by bots? Those sentences don’t even make sense together.

    • Aphra says:

      So glad you said that! I thought I was being stupid not connecting to dots there. Do they mean that the Sussexes will hold a big N’Awlins wake for Harry’s Grandfather??

      • HeatherC says:

        Oprah and Tyler Perry will organize an extraction team that will intercept that Land Rover and take his body back to California where he will be held in state in the garden just south of Archie’s Chick Inn after a slow procession by bicycle through LA traffic back to Montecito (which according to some British papers is just a leisurely ride right?). Then his body will be ransomed off to PWBT on the condition that he stomp out racism in football AND polo.

      • Sunday says:

        OMG I’m crying… Harry & Meghan two-stepping and lil Archie playing the trumpet as they stroll along LOLOLOL.

        (These people are NUTS)

      • Miranda says:

        Oh my Jesus, you guys are exactly what I need this morning! *cackles*

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Heather C, you are on fire today🤣🤣🤣 I bet they will sell tickets and have a fun house too!! Though cotton candy and funnel cakes will cost extra!

      • yokoohno says:

        @HEATHERC omg this is my vote for comment of the week 😂😂😂

    • BayTampaBay says:

      “Is the Daily Mail’s royal content now being written by bots? Those sentences don’t even make sense together.”

      @Emily – Glad you brought up this point as I thought the exact same thing.

      “Lord Salisbury, 19th-century Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, dismissed the Daily Mail as “a newspaper produced by office boys for office boys.”

      Emily , a CBer, philosopher, and font of 21st-century wisdom, dismissed the Daily Fail as “a newspaper produced by racist BREXIT bots for racist BREXIT bots.”

      • SenseOfTheAbsurd says:

        I never make it through a full story, because they’re always like randomly cut ‘n’ pasted chunks of about three stories mulched together, and full of repetition.

    • Lemons says:

      @Aphra and @HeatherC Thank you for this! The imagery is doing it for me this Monday. I can’t stop laughing.

    • Lowrider says:

      I thought, what does the Harry and Meghan living in California have to do with Phi’s funeral?!?! 🤔

      • Jay says:

        There must be a requirement to mention the price of the Sussex mansion in EVERY story about the royals, that’s the only explanation.

        Also, we all remember the “how dare Harry and Meghan sit down for this interview with Philip in hospital, it should be postponed” nonsense, and it originated from Windsor not California lol.

        So weird how an irrelevant interview that none of them watched is causing such damage, right🤔?

      • Ginger says:

        Jay, if Harry and Meghan still lived in the UK, every article would mention Frogmore and how much the renovations cost. It’s the stick they constantly want to beat them with.

    • HeyJude says:

      Yes, so much of this is just made up out of thin air expecting British readers to believe it as is.

      For example, none of the US 24 hour news channels did major coverage of the H&M interview/palace issue at all either. Not even CBS who did the interview, because they’re not a strictly news channel.

      It was mentioned in passing on the news-only channels, but we literally just had a new President and an attempted insurrection on our Capitol it’s been complete wall-to-wall coverage of those 2 things non-stop since.

      The royals barely made the slightest ripple on those channels.

      These are all lies in this piece.

  2. Myra says:

    So he can speak up for members of the family, just not the black ones, right? But the family is very much not a racist family, he says.

    Verbal mauling? Is there no low to which they won’t sink? Now drawing up imagery of Meghan as an attack dog to the poor wittle victim, Kate? She shouldn’t have been a b*tch if she didn’t want the truth to be told.

    • My Two Cents says:

      yes, verbal mauling is sinking to new lows, even for them. I guess they realized incandescent with rage for the 50th time this month would be overdone.

      I’m not sure why the Windsors would be baffled if Philip had died and the interview would be postponed? why is this in bad form? How would this be insulting to anyone? I would imagine continuing with the interview if he had died would be worse? I can’t for the life of me understand what they think they’re trying to do with these pathetic statements.

      I would assume Meghan and Harry are just laughing when they get briefed on the daily updates, because who can take the klan seriously these days?

      • Amy Too says:

        They seem to be offended by the fact that there even was a contingency plan for if Philip died because they think it’s offensive and hurtful to consider the fact that a 99 year old man in hospital might die. Like just suggesting that prince Philip is a mortal man who will eventually die is some kind of vicious attack on the RF?

        And yet…. the BRF and BM spent weeks screaming about how fragile, elderly, sickly Philip was in the hospital and insinuating that he could die any day and therefore the Oprah interview must be postponed. But now they’re angry that Harry and Meghan took philip’s health into consideration?

      • L84Tea says:

        @Amy Too,
        “They seem to be offended by the fact that there even was a contingency plan for if Philip died because they think it’s offensive and hurtful to consider the fact that a 99 year old man in hospital might die.”

        Are the BM already forgetting that THEY were the ones shoving “Philip is at death’s door!!” articles down the world’s throats??

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Brava ladies for calling it it all out as to the ongoing manipulative actions of the RR🐀’s and the delusions of grandeur with regards to everyone that leaks from Baldimort and his keen kourtiers! The fact that they have been spinning themselves into knots trying to out think Harry and Meghan is exposing all of their insecurities and their disdain for how well regarded and loved Harry & Meghan are, and it’s causing Baldimort one more handful of hair everyday.

  3. Cat says:

    See now?! William does have that one black friend. Not racist. *facepalm*

    • nutella toast says:

      @Cat It’s worse to trot out ONE person willing to defend you among 151 MILLION people in the Commonwealth countries than to not say anything at all. Yikes. Cringey.

      • lanne says:

        Because the person getting trotted out likely doesn’t have a say in the matter. That’s what I wished white people realize when they pull this stunt. Had “black friend” refused, he would have likely been slammed in the press, targeted by racists, and lost a major source of funding for his charity.

        Was this “black friend” invited to their wedding? I don’t recall EVER seeing William or Kate with black friends. There were black people at St Andrews, at Eton, at Marlborough College. Have either of them ever been seen with a POC in a friend environment?

        Dear white people: DO NOT, under any circumstances, go ask the black people you supervise or that you employ about their experiences with racism. They will lie. They have to, in order to keep their job. They will tell you EXACTLY what you want to hear, because they know you will resent hearing anything else, and you will take out that resentment on them. Hopefully, the moment they get asked, they will start polishing their resumes and looking for work elsewhere, because that’s a toxic thing to do to them. If you ask that question, no matter how well-meaning you are, you are likely harbouring a “right answer” in your mind, and you will resent them mightily if you don’t get it (usually along the lines of, why doesn’t X person see what I’m doing for them? I even went to a protest!) Trust me, the black people and POC that you employ or supervise know how you feel about issues of race, and they likely know better than you do, because they have to live with your biases, and you likely have never been compelled to examine them. Pease don’t ask this. It’s not a safe question for them to answer. You just want a validation that you are “one of the good ones”. Don’t put that on your employees. Their job is to do the tasks you have hired them to you, not to validate your feelings about yourself. I feel sorry for any black person who works at the palaces in any capacity. Things are about to get dangerous for them.

      • Lemons says:

        @Ianne, this is the tell-tell sign for me. Let’s look at the wedding photos.

        Also, if you can only trot out one Black friend out of your 30+ years of “service to the Commonwealth” and existing in a diverse country…you’re f**ked if you want to defend yourself as not being racist. Something in the water ain’t clean.

      • sunny says:

        @lanne nailed it. The black friend has very little say in this scenario. And there is nothing more racist than trotting out the minority you know to say you are not racist.

        Also, you can know people of colour, and hell even like a few of them and still be wildly racist. Racism is not just interpersonal but institutional. In Willnot’s case it is definitely both.

        God, this PR is so terrible. They are so bad at everything(well except being smug)

      • Harper says:

        Seyi Obakin works at Centrepoint, one of Prince William’s patronages. So, uh, not really a good example?

      • Cat says:

        @Nuetella Toast Cringey indeed they’d stoop low to pull through the weeds for that. @Lanne covered it perfectly.

        If William truly took any offense to being labeled racist then he should have rose to the occasion to defend his brother and sister-in-law. He should have taken offense in what they have been and are still being put through. Let him speak out on that. Let him declare that he personally will figure who could make his family so distraught. Let him speak on how he’s going to help protect them going forward. They too are his family. We know who the source is though. & hey, he has that one token black friend so it’s cool. Wonder who that check was made out to…

      • Amy Too says:

        The fact that William has black family members and yet he has to get someone whom he is the “patron” of to vouch for him is telling. If you’re so not racist, why don’t we have 4 years worth of pictures and video and stories and interviews that illustrate your awesome relationship with you sister in law? Why do we have no pictures or clips or even sound bites of you mentioning your nephew lovingly? It would be gross to suddenly pull out a bunch of family photos of him with Meghan or him with Archie to prove he’s not racist, but the fact that he can’t even do that is really telling.

      • nutella toast says:

        @lanne Every. word. you. said.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Amy too, excellent points! They are measurable changes you can make in your immediate circle to tackle systematic racism in society without degrading those around you for a photo op or some grand train tour. Do the work Baldimort, it’s that easy.

    • 809 Matriarch says:

      Reminds me of an episode of Mad Men when Sterling Cooper was trying to woo the account of Menken’s Department store (a Jewish retailer). They ran all over the building until they found a young Jewish man in the mail room or some such place and had him sit in the meeting so they would look diverse. It was really funny because the had the hors d’oevres of gigantic shrimp cocktails all over the table. Just as tone deaf as the Windsors.

    • CAT (comment 3). —— Whom he “once slept rough with”! I found that unintentionally hysterical. Obviously, that statement has a different slant in USA English versus the Queen’s English. But, I just can’t unsee it.

      I agree with LANNE and AMY TOO. This poor guy had to suck it up for his charity. Sad that this is what William offers up to prove he’s not a racist.

      • iconoclast59 says:

        I presume “sleeping rough” is what we in the US would call “camping out,” correct? Yeah, my mind went to some weird and naughty places, too, when I read that!

  4. nutella toast says:

    I just keep wondering how Charles isn’t getting angry at all the shade being thrown his way by William – I think the press coming from William’s office is faaarrrrr more damaging than anything Harry said. It portrays Charles as a fumbling, out of touch old fool with no leadership skills whatsoever (which might be true?) and casts so much sun on William that it makes it read like he’s the only reasonable option to succeed the Queen (along with Queen(ish) Already Kate Camilla Who?). How is Charles not angry about that? Where is the outrage and defense of Charles…unless no one is interested in defending him?

    • Becks1 says:

      I think Charles is LIVID but probably doesnt want to add fuel to the fire right now. As it was William has already screwed the palace by leaking the bullying allegations right before the interview.

      • nutella toast says:

        @Becks1 Good point. I’m no Charles defender but I find myself thinking that if I were Charles, I would feel like both of my kids were taking me out at the knees…of course, only one of them is getting the flack for it. I don’t think Harry means to hurt Charles – I see someone who actually aches for sincere love from his Dad and if Dad isn’t consistently picking up the phone like a normal human being and Granny is “super busy all week”, public discourse might feel like the only option to get the message across – an emotional hail Mary pass. William on the other hand, just looks like someone wiling to feed Daddy to the wolves to make himself look better and get power sooner.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Charles may be sitting back 1) afraid of what out-of-control William will do next and 2) waiting for William to fail at this lastest PR stunt. The Diana cards stunt? That was aimed at Charles as much as anyone. Leak that I’m the racist one, Pops, and I’ll keep throwing my late mummy in your face.

      • Jaded says:

        I think Charles knows exactly what he’s doing – he’s giving Will Duce enough rope to hang himself big time. Wills is too stupid to understand that revenge is a dish best served cold and that one day, when his father is King and holding the strings (purse and otherwise) he’ll make sure his son is brought to heel.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Jaded, I hope you are right! I would so much like to see that happen given the pompous ass deserves every bit of hell on earth thrown his way.

      • Jay says:

        @Jaded “Will Duce” 😂😂😂 That’s the best one yet!

        Yeah, all this “William the Gatekeeper/Charles doesn’t have the stomach for it” talk seems like an ill-considered power move on William’s part.

  5. Merricat says:

    Kate was mauled by the truth. Maybe stop lying?

  6. CommentingBunny says:

    I think it’s going to play to a segment of white people who are certain they aren’t racist. They never say the n-word (out loud, or at least not out loud in mixed company). They have a Black friend (he lives a few doors down and they hardly ever think about how that affects their property values any more). You know the type of racist who os horrified to be called racist. They see themselves in the royal klan.

  7. Oh_Hey says:

    “I could not possibly have been racist about my future nephew – I mean look at my friend who’s happy to be tokenized”. Like photos like this went out of style for crisis management Circa 2000. The incompetence….

    • I pet goat 2 says:


    • notasugarhere says:

      Not a friend. Someone from one of the few charities William occasionally shows up for. Not because he cares about homelessness, but because this one was attached to Diana.

  8. Snuffles says:

    Wow, such melodramatic use of violent imagery. They make it sound like Harry high jacked a private plane and flew it kamikaze style into Buckingham Palace. 🙄

    They are clearly in perpetual shock over what just about everyone else on earth has predicted with great accuracy.

    I’m just going to sit back and watch them slowly implode.

  9. Kalana says:

    But who is William fighting? His brother and pregnant SIL? What is the point of all this sound and fury to an outside observer who doesn’t know the BRF was trying to bully Meghan out of the family?

  10. Betsy says:

    This article affirms for me that if it weren’t for William, Harry and Meghan would still be working Royals. He is, indeed, the gatekeeper. I don’t remember why I thought that Charles and the Queen were so afraid of Will, or what they thought he’d do, but they certainly seem willing to let him do whatever he wants to whoever he wants and he’s never expected to do any work.

    So when he wanted his brother and sister in law exiled to Africa, he halfway got his way. That’s a weird and inappropriate request, and I don’t think it has any historical precedent for having someone so far down the line of succession banished, basically, and then punished for leaving.

    • nutella toast says:

      @Betsy Maybe Charles needs WIlliam’s “endorsement” of Camilla in order for things to be OK – and William could turn that emotional tide in a hurry with just one well-placed public statement. The Diana cards almost seemed like a threat to me…”I’m still Diana’s son…don’t you forget it”.

      • Tessa says:

        William does not want Harry to talk about Diana and HE is the one to do it, even bringing in his children writing cards to Diana and publicizing it to the media. He will not stop talking about Diana.

  11. SaraTor says:

    It’s hilarious that they try to pretend the Royals are holding the line and keeping a stiff upper lip, while also describing palace as a crumbling mansion,. Why is gatekeeping necessary if they have risen above the fray?

    • ArtHistorian says:

      This article is so hilarious – perhaps in an unintentional way – because it constantly contradicts itself. Like the example you list but also the way William is both the “bouncer” because Charles doesn’t like confrontation but at the same time William doesn’t like confrontation with his brother.

    • Couch potato says:

      Yeah, a crumbling mansion where there’s no housekeeper in charge! But have no fear! William is the bouncer of the castle, a manly man, who’s working REALLY hard, saves the world before breakfast and confronts his familys enemies head on! Pushing lies about his brother and sister in law in the tabloids are confronting right? That’s statesmans-like right?

      At the same time BP desperatly try to convince us the queen has never been more in charge than she is now. She’s busy playing cards with the lady in waiting, but she’s in charge!

  12. MF1 says:

    Meghan: Kate is a good person.

    These people and their tender white feelings. *eyeroll*

  13. Rapunzel says:

    Meg: Kate is a good person.
    Will: how dare you verbally maul my wife!!


    Edit: just saw MF1 state the same thing, only better, above.

    So I’ll add: I wonder if it’s really just the crying story that is bugging the Keens. I think maybe Kate might’ve been irked by the mention of the “Waity Katie” nickname, which she hates.

    • lanne says:

      Waity Katie is the truest thing ever said about her, other than Duchess Doolittle. She’s been an HRH for 10 years and we’re still getting crap like “she’s FINALLY coming into herself and embracing her role.” Nope. That doesn’t cut it.

    • notasugarhere says:

      It isn’t just that the truth of the crying story has been revealed. What has been revealed is W&K, courtiers, Carole, and the tabloids spouting lies about it for years.

  14. Miranda says:

    Bad form to speak of Philip’s death? Don’t all the most senior royals plan their own funerals years in advance? They have “Operation (London Tourist Trap)” codenames and everything.

  15. Bunny says:

    I’m sure William is willing to take on the roll of gatekeeper, as anything that gets him closer to being King is desired, but he’s honestly not smart enough to do even a mediocre job.

    He’s been out-manoeuvred at every turn.

  16. MsIam says:

    That picture of William and his ” friend” reminds me of the one of Charles and William, lol. Poor Charles looks like his neck hurts. And this poor guy here, lol , I don’t even know what to say. Clown show indeed!

    • windyriver says:

      I assume you mean the picture in the other article with Charles leaning his head on Will, who has his arm around Charles’ shoulder.

      I think that picture was a mistake for Charles. Most likely it was intended to illustrate affection (?!), but IMO it makes Charles look weak, like big strong Will really is the one in charge.

      • Feeshalori says:

        I thought the optics of that photo was awful. William looked dominant and Charles frail. If it were an ordinary family photo that’s another matter, but given the dynamics of this family it sent out another message altogether even if it was meant to be an intimate picture.

      • Lady D says:

        Charles wore a genuine smile, William’s looked calculating.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        William rarely smiles in photos for the public – he just bares his teeth. It is weird.

  17. Tiffany says:

    Those two kids talking in the last photo, they know.

    Oh, they know.

    • booboocita says:

      PwBT looks like the third child in that photo. Bored, impatient, and upset that the other kids won’t play with him.

  18. Sunday says:

    I thought the tidbit about the queen’s lady in waiting was very interesting. For me, I knew these positions still existed in an abstract sort of way but never really thought about them. This mention, however, brought the queen’s daily life into clearer view. These women have the queen’s ear day in and day out, and the mention about playing cards seems to indicate one in particular spending the bulk of her time with the queen (as I understand it, some of them are more ceremonial and only brought in for specific occasions, as opposed to daily camaraderie). One or more were appointed as recently as 2017, around the same time that Charles succeeded in getting the queen’s private secretary replaced with someone he personally chose. Just some interesting timing, especially given that these are the people with whom the queen is surrounded in her day-to-day life.

    I wonder what conversations are had, what machinations are massaged, over a friendly afternoon card game…? Not to mention that, according to my .05 seconds of googling, they are the ones in charge of her correspondence and calendar. We always talk of the men in grey, but there are some women in grey skulking around, too.

    • Feeshalori says:

      Honestly, l get the image of the queen playing gin rummy and knocking back cocktails with Angela Kelly while Rome burns.

    • Chaine says:

      Imagine being so removed from the normal world that you have to have people appointed to be your friend. And based on what Meghan said in the interview, even when your appointed friends arrive to play cards with you, you make them curtesy to you first.

      • Beach Dreams says:

        See, it’s information like the ‘curtsying in private’ bit that royalists severely underestimate when they criticize the interview. Do these people have any idea how absurd that sounded to most normal viewers? Out of the ‘milder’ moments from the interview, that was one I saw a lot of WTF responses to.

      • Couch potato says:

        It’s astonishing! When people meet the Norwegian royal couple in a private capasity they’re told no need to curtesy, and their children and grandchildren certainly don’t in private. Only on official occasions. But then again, they’re an actual family who likes to spend time together and don’t run to the press to smear eachother.

      • notasugarhere says:

        That’s been known for years, the curtseying in private. That’s why the Order of Precendence is redone all the time, because the Queen makes everyone follow that protocol in private. Keep Anne, Alexandra, and Andrew’s noses from getting out of joint.

    • notasugarhere says:

      She has lost most of her personal friends in the past decade, including her cousin Margaret Rhodes a few years back. Along with Philip declining and stepping back, it has enabled people like Angela Kelly to get too much influence with her.

  19. TeamAwesome says:

    Whew, I am stuck at home during my Spring Break with a painful COVID vaccine arm, a raging period, and a car in the shop, so I have extra enjoyed all the laughs these articles have delivered this morning!
    Phillip’s funeral was planned at the PALACE the second he became the QUEEN’S husband. The only mauling Kate has gotten has been by fulgly dresses and buttons. No one is in charge of my housekeeping either, though, so you know. Royals. They’re just like us.

    • Couch potato says:

      Oh, your “staff downstairs” must be horrified of no housekeeper to manage them;-)

  20. Nic919 says:

    So William is the gatekeeper who purposefully excluded the biracial spouse of his brother…. how is that a good look?
    And using the CEO from centrepoint to write a “he’s totally not racist guys!” article is meaningless. He’s beholden to the patron, who is William and so he really didn’t have a choice. This is even worse than having said nothing.

    • notasugarhere says:

      This, plus Centrepoint is still in trouble over allegations of fiscal and staff abuse from a few years ago.

  21. Bex says:

    The tabloids have been using the prospect of Philip’s death in an effort to bring the Sussexes to heel since 2019. They want control, and we’re pissed when the Sussexes opted to skip all the Christmas stuff at Sandringham. His health as been used to whinge about Archie not seeing these people for going on a year and a half.

    Now, the family suddenly has an issue about the Philip death watch because an American network said they would have pulled the interview if Philip passed away?

  22. Becks1 says:

    The dog whistle has become a bullhorn. A verbal mauling?? The firing line? why, because Meghan is so scary and threatening? William cant believe that his phone call to Harry was leaked in such a vulgar way? Why, because a black woman shared the information?

    Not a racist family though, no, not at all.

    Also….yes, the interview was a big deal. Yes, the interview needed a response from the royal family. But they are still freaking out and in full-fledged panic mode after two weeks. The best thing really would have been to put out that statement, and then actually stopped the leaks and shut up for a while. Instead….we have this mess.

    • Miranda says:

      Yeahhhh, the “mauling”. They just keep finding new and exciting ways to call a Black woman an animal, don’t they?

    • Couch potato says:

      We have this mess because the FFK is a raging idiot and the tabloids are dancing because they’re cashing in on it.

      Willnot himself told media he had talked to his brother, but of course it’s not vulgar when you tell a white middle aged tabloid reporter. He can’t tell lies about how great the call went when Harry tells the bad black woman it was unproductive. Shame on Harry, how vulgar!

      I’m beginning to think the reason the british public supports the monarchy is because they provid a never ending soap-opera. Never mind the married-in women have their lifes and mental health destroid.

    • (The OG) Jan90067 says:

      Apparently, the new fear is iTV has said it has 90 MIN. MORE of the interview that it’s mulling over airing. I think “The Palace Gatekeeper” is shitting bricks at the thought!

    • Nic919 says:

      Kate was called out for being a liar and not correcting a story that falsely branded Meghan as aggressive. It was not a mauling but a rich white girl getting called out for being a bitch. No decent person would ever do that to her own sister in law, but the reality is that Kate is not a decent person. Her actions over the years and shown at the commonwealth service demonstrate that she is as petty and grasping as her mother is accused of being.

  23. equality says:

    How was Will criticized in the interview, unless he is admitting something here? The Windsor “duty is to remain calm” but Will, who is all about duty, is incandescent?

  24. Harla says:

    I’m finding it so fascinating to watch William throw his father under the bus time after time this last week or so. It appears that the families mutual “hatred” of Meghan and what she represented as an intelligent, compassionate woman of color was the only thing holding these various relationships together and now that she’s gone they are imploding all over the place.

    • windyriver says:

      It’s interesting, isn’t it? Pretty much the only work, and only real interests, William appeared to have in the last four years was busting up his brother’s family, demeaning his brother’s wife, and belittling his brother. Now that Harry’s being out is a done deal, no more ties (e.g. patronages returned), post interview and clear statement about “receipts”, he doesn’t know what to do with himself.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      Yeah, the palace PR was practically boasting of how close Charles and William grew over the past two years…and that “closeness” is quickly unraveling.

  25. Yoyo says:

    Last weeks pictures of Cain and Unable trying to look like they sleep in the same bed were funny as hell, when will they stop copying Harry and Meghan. No wonder the lady at the nursing home called Unable, Cain’s assistant who was lousy at Bingo calling.

  26. Phoenix says:

    I saw this yesterday in Telegraph and at this point is laughable, but also left me with no words. How bad can they be at this? Hoooow?
    And than I saw a publication about this same article in my FB news and guess what? Apparently it worked for a lot of people. They were like oh, here it is…the proof that William is not racist. Wow! These people swallow royal propaganda without any criticism. And than again why I am surprised? They do it about everything lol.

    • Lucy says:

      It also works because a lot of people are eager to think they aren’t racist.
      It totally works on people who believe the “I can’t be racist because I have a black friend!” is real. And he has a black sister in law, don’t you know!
      White people will do anything except look at themselves to avoid believing they’re racist.

      • lanne says:

        The guy in the Klan robes is just “misunderstood!” He’s just burning a cross because he had a “bad day.” He’s totally not racist, it’s just __economic/sexual______anxiety!

        “Facebook whites” is a real thing: That’s why I don’t have facebook. I dont need to know how racist the white people in my life truly may be. So long as they keep their mess away from me.

  27. DS9 says:

    The thing is the “made Kate/Meghan cry” story could been easily handled or dismissed had it been done properly.

    Wedding planning is stressful. Wedding planning involving an institution and the grandson of a queen is stressful as fuck.

    Had someone merely said tensions were high and Meghan cried but Kate apologized and sent flowers as a goodwill gesture, the story would be absolutely nothing.

    But that’s not what they wanted to happen so here we are.

    • Alexandria says:

      Everything about this could be handled easily. I could tell them what to do then, to retain HM. I could tell them what to do now. But they’re all too egoistic, pompous, unkind, dumb and racist to resolve this.

  28. ABritGuest says:

    Bringing out Seyi from centrepoint to deny a racism accusation that hasn’t been made against him was pathetic. I’m sure it works with the monarchists but people were dragging William for this tokenistic approach to try & discredit what the Sussexes said & saying he’s outed himself as the one who made the baby remark.

    After even Trump said he wasn’t racist & talked about ‘his African Americans’ the firm should have known this was a bad look but maybe they are just that clueless. Also as others have said not credible to project as an anti racism campaigner&then keep silent on racism towards your own family.

    The firm seemed to cynically provide frequent updates on Philip as the interview approached which suddenly stopped after it aired. The tabloids were also campaigning for the interview to be cancelled in case something happened to Philip (whilst having reporters staying up all night to watch it)so the irony of dragging CBS.

    It’s interesting how people are so upset that the lie was exposed about Meghan making Kate cry (and the press referring to Meghan ratting out Kate let’s me know Meghan was telling the truth and the press knew it all along) even though Meghan said she was a good person. No suggestion that it was a harmful smear for Meghan though despite the violent history of white tears for people of black heritage.it would have had no impact on Kate’s image for the true story to come out at the time but for Meghan it played to harmful tropes & probably led to lots of abuse. Just shows how much Meghan is dehumanised or how much the press& palace want to project a negative image of Meghan that there is no thought of Meghan’s feelings about that original smear.

  29. HeatherC says:

    I wish my former in laws would have mauled me by calling me a good person!

  30. Beach Dreams says:

    It seems that over the past couple of days, Will and KP are finally realizing that Charles and CH are quite happily remaining quiet on the sidelines and letting him make an ass of himself. He’s been trying to redirect some of the attention back to his father, and I’m curious to see if/how Charles will retaliate.

  31. aquarius64 says:

    William is doing more damage to the House of Windsor than Edward VIII ever did. If receipts drop that William ordered the media to weaponize Thomas Markle that’s horrible. The justification would be that Meghan’s white family is trash, evident with the hit pieces, therefore Meghan should not been allowed to marry Harry.

  32. Over it says:

    So gale telling the truth is vulgar but william running to the tabloids with his rage is dignified silence.? William if you or Jason read this, get a f—-ing clue you complete moron. And if your wife is all cut up it’s because she held the knife for 2 plus years that was used to ripped Meghan to shreds for something she didn’t do and your damm wife did .

  33. kelleybelle says:

    Ugly where it counts the most: inside.

  34. Wadsworth the Butler says:

    The hiring of the “racism tsar” seems to be a direct rebuke of William’s efforts to “gatekeep” the situation by trotting out every BAME person he ever waived to on the street. It’s a standard move from the corporate playbook, which suggests to me that perhaps Her Majesty has finally decided to seek outside counsel. Or that it is being imposed on her by HMG.

  35. Lowrider says:

    What is the mindset of a person wanting to be referred to as a “servant” and l below stairs” ?? This is why crap television like downton abbey is ridiculous.

    Anyway more propaganda from Bills media dogs. So gross to align yourself wit right wing gutter trash tabloids. Says a lot about Bill.

    • Ann says:

      Thank you. I also thought Downton Abbey was crap. I enjoyed it well enough for a while, until it became clear that it was insidiously whitewashing, reinforcing and defending the whole class system and making horrible snotty things “acceptable” and amusing by having Maggie Smith say them. I hate the term “servant.” Someone who cleans your house for you or helps you pick out your clothes is an employee. It’s a job, but it’s not who they are.

      As for William, how is being described as a “bouncer” a good thing?! Bouncers are big thuggish guys whose job it is to police and, if necessary, throw out other thuggish guys or trouble-makers. No one threw out Harry and Meghan. They got up and left the crumbling castle of their own accord.

  36. Original Jenns says:

    Ok, I need to go back and read the article, but the first thing that popped at me, after Will and Kate’s faces in the header photo, was Boaty McBoatface. I totally forgot about that and it made me laugh a good couple of minutes. There is humanity!

  37. Mina_Esq says:

    The excerpts are hilarious. These people take their silly roles rather seriously. The monarchy is basically a very expensive clown show at this point. What royals call “work”, the rest of us call business development, which we do on top of our jobs. In the end, I think the real problem (aside from, you know, racism) was that H and M’s proposed half in/half out approach was going to expose the fact that royals do very little. H and M’s part time engagements probably would have added up to more encounters than Will and Kate’s full time work. But H and M would be doing real work and earning money on top of that.

  38. Tessa says:

    At least Charles shows some expression. William looks absolutely vacant .

  39. VIV says:

    Made an edit for them: Philip has told the Queen that he should just be driven off to the Chapel at £236 million Windsor Castle in the back of a Land Rover. No fanfare. No fuss.’ There is likely to be plenty more fuss emanating from the Sussexes’ £11 million Montecito mansion, however.

  40. Agreatreckoning says:

    Maybe the gatekeeper of Rosegate?

    Gatekeeper reminds me of the iconic line from Bill Murray’s character in the original Ghostbusters movie and how it could apply to the outdated BRF:

    “Let’s show this prehistoric b*tch how we do things downtown!”

    Zuul did look pretty inandescent with rage in the scene. Only with more hair and makeup than William.