Angelina Jolie takes Shiloh & Zahara to Ethiopia for charitable mission

Yesterday we reported on Angelina Jolie’s trip to the largest refugee camp in the world, on the Kenyan border with Somalia. Angelina made the trip in her capacity as the goodwill ambassador for the United Nations High Commission on Refugees, and her official comments (as noted by UN press releases) were about the underfunded camp and the truly horrific sanitation, water and disease issues. What I didn’t realize at the time was that Angelina had made this trip as she and her family were vacationing in Kenya. I thought they were still in France (with the gerbils), but according to People, the Jolie-Pitts are on holiday in Kenya.

When Angelina returned to wherever her family is staying (probably a beach resort), she didn’t even have time to unpack. She grabbed her two oldest girls (Shiloh and Zahara) and took them on a special girls’ trip to Ethiopia, Zahara’s birthplace. This is apparently Zahara’s first trip back to her birthplace since Angelina adopted her in 2005. The trip, according to a source, was about keeping Zahara’s cultural heritage alive, and to scout locations for a tuberculosis and AIDS clinic in Ethiopia. This clinic project was announced last year, and I hope they’re doing more than just scouting locations on this trip.

It turns out that Angelina Jolie’s recent goodwill mission in Kenya was also a homecoming for one member of the Jolie-Pitt family.

While Jolie, 34, and Brad Pitt, 45, were “on a trip to Kenya with their children, Angelina stopped in Dabaab Refugee Camp, and also flew to Ethiopia with Zahara and Shiloh for two days,” a close family friend tells PEOPLE.

The girls’ trip was “the first time Zahara had been back home since her adoption,” according to the friend. Zahara, 4, was adopted from Ethiopia in 2005. “The trip was about keeping up that culture for her.”

One priority for them on the trip was looking for a place to build a TB and AIDS clinic in Zahara’s name, which would be similar to the Maddox Jolie-Pitt Project in Cambodia, an organization that helps impoverished and ill children.

While the girls were away, Pitt and the rest of the family – Madddox, 8, Pax, 5, and 1-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne – stayed behind in Kenya. “The family has been having a wonderful time,” on this trip,” says a pal. “The children are having so much fun.”

Earlier in the trip, Jolie visited Dabaab Refugee Camp, home to nearly 300,000 Somali refugees, with nearly 7,000 more arriving every month due to the food crisis in Somalia where nearly 3.6 million people are starving.

[From People]

In sub-Saharan Africa, there are hundreds of thousands of people infected with both HIV and TB. I believe the dual diagnosis is so common, it’s become known as “the terrible two” or “the terrible twins”. Generally, TB rates are drastically increasing amongst HIV positive groups/communities. It’s smart for Angelina to focus on these “terrible twins” in the form of a clinic, named after Zahara.

I’m sure there will be some general criticisms of Angelina, and some more specific criticisms of the weird timing on this – after all, this clinic was a project they announced last year, and they’re just now getting started on scouting locations? But here’s the thing – once it gets going, I imagine the Zahara Jolie-Pitt Project will be a lot like her brother Maddox’s project in Cambodia. The Maddox Jolie-Project formed over years, starting from a simple wildlife conservation and de-mining initiative, then adding on the Maddox Chivan Children’s Center for TB and AIDS in 2006. After that, the MJPP became part of Asia’s first Millenium Village, an economic-development program overseen by Dr. Jeffrey Sachs. MJPP hired 70 people to “work with Sachs’s group on activities – including rice planting, distribution of bed nets to fight malaria, school meal programs and providing medicines for clinics.” I would imagine that once Zahara’s project gets off the ground, it will grow over the years as well.

Angelina, Zahara and Shiloh are shown out in NY on 2/18/09. Credit:


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  1. alex says:

    I love the idea of a clinic in Ethiopia, so many people especially kids will benefit for it. WTG JPs

  2. Ruby Red Lips says:

    I think this is great, good on her, at least unlike a lot of celebs out there she actually does some good for others who are needy and underpriveledged.

  3. Mimi says:

    People that never do anything will with joy be negative about this, to them doesn’t matter that is in projects to be done or when is done, what’s matter is the possibility to criticize everyone that do something especially this couple. To this people they can do no right and more specificity for the people of USA. Meanwhile the rest of the world appreciates the good that few in this world still has the courage to do and the attention that they bring to important causes

  4. lucy says:

    I don’t like her or Pitt and have a lot of criticism of them on other matters, but this is a good thing, something that’s needed and will help a lot of people. I hope it gets going quickly and is very successful.

  5. Laura says:

    As you already know, the Brange is stealth. When they want to go underground, they go underground. They have the money to disappear. So this “close family friend” who chose only to speak to the magazine that cultivates sycophant temples inside celebrity asses…?

    Obviously a phone call from a publicist.

    You know it’s been weeks since they’ve been seen. And while they may not want to be photographed right now, they do want you do know they’re still saving the world.

    Are you clear on that?

  6. Queenpen says:

    I have to often times question bragelina…why can’t they do charitable events/things without publicity? If she was doing this for the U.N. I could understand this…but honestly….there always seem to be a contrived effort to publicizing this family/couple. I am glad that she is getting Zahara and Shiloh to understand their positon/station with wealth as it applies to Zahara’s background and the importance to use your wealth and position to help others…just do it quietly!!!

  7. lrm says:

    Um,just b/c the clinic was ‘announced’ last year,does not mean they can just up and build it.
    They do not personally staff it,or even oversee it’s construction,let alone get all the gvmt permits,payoffs,etc.
    It’s a lengthy process.
    I say this from a neutral stance on her/them….it’s pretty silly to think that things happen overnight.
    Quite likely they finally got the go ahead to begin…and can now look for a site,depending on their permit/license,etc.
    Yes,even third world countries have procedures,sometimes more so.
    Yes,even celebrities have to hire people to make things happen-money itself doesn’t do the work. People do.

    They also probably announced the project to get funders and backers for the long term. Philanthropists often wish to be associated with certain people/projects. And they will not turn down financial partners for projects like this. Why would they?

  8. Mairead says:

    *awaits further details*

    *prepares for decampment to future HQ on receipt of further instructions*

    😉 @ Kaiser

  9. Kaiser says:

    😀 @ Mairead – You’re babysitting the gerbils right now, aren’t you?

  10. ups says:

    i don’t like her either.

    i don’t care what she does.
    as far as i’m concerned, she’s done more than enough to show me that i do not like her behavior at all. she’s no role model.

  11. DonnaInMichigan says:

    Brad and other kids stay in Kenya


    Jolie w/ Shiloh and Zahara are in Ethiopia.

    Why aren’t any of these kids in school??

  12. alex says:

    Hey Ups, I am sure Angie is crying herself to sleep at night cause you don’t like her lol

    oh man you got to love the haters on here lol. ” I don’t like her”. “Why aren’t the kids in school” blah blah blah

  13. Jen says:

    She is toooo young to be brought over there. She doesnt understand.. They are ridiculous

  14. janet says:

    Love Angie, they rock as a couple. Those kids are learning at the school of life, plus I’m sure they’re being tutored.

  15. sayrah says:

    “Why can’t they just do their charitable work in private?” Are you retarded? The point of the UN using someone like Angelina Jolie as a goodwill ambassador is to publicize the plight of those places – to make people aware of what’s going on there. All some of you care about is making everyone aware of how much you hate her. What a waste.

  16. hatsumomo says:

    Well I think its wonderful. And why do something quietly? When you got a voice and coverage, why do anything quietly? Gosh! I mean, when you do charitable work, you try to get as many ppl you can by being loud. Be heard! Be proud that one day, when a person is at home and thinking they cannot help change the world, they pick up the Enquirer and be inspired!

    And I don’t think kids that young are too young and innocent to be exposed to that part of the world. Kids understand more than you can imagine, if given exposure. Like that new report in Newsweek that shows infants as young as 6mos showing racial tendencies. But kids reguarly exposed to other races and talk about races understand it better than adults. Get what I mean? If not, read the article. Maybe the Jolie Pitts will be the first megarich kids without a self sense of entitlement!

    And of course:I’M GOING TO EUROPE!!!!!!!I’M GOING TO EUROPE!!!! I’M GOING TO EUROPE!!!!!

  17. Mairead says:

    @ Kaiser.

    Well…. I should be…. but I’ve lost them. 😯

    They haven’t escaped – I can hear their morse code. This buggering custom house Brad designed is more confusing than the Labyrinth!

    I;’ve been past the platinum Norman Foster ferris wheel twice. I’m sick to the back teeth on constantly bumping into the Liebiskind rolling ball…

    And that bloody Minotaur thinks I’m stalking him!!!!

  18. Linda says:

    I love the Jolie-Pitts, they rock. I feel they are very good people. Keep up the good work.

  19. flourpot says:

    Um.. my kids 4 and she’s definitely not too young. At this age their minds are wide open and this is the perfect time to plant those important little seeds of empathy, understanding and appreciation. And I’m positive they’re schooled on the road.

  20. oh my says:

    I think it’s great they are doing something to give back (and help treat HIV and TB) that being said, taking young children into an area in which they are likely to be exposed to a highly communicable disease like TB is just plain bad judgement

  21. lucy2 says:

    As far as the schooling thing, it is a bit odd that they’re vacationing just as school starts. I’m sure they have tutors or whatever, but those kids are jostled around so much, it would probably be great for them to be in one place, and attend school with kids their own ages and make some friends. Vacation in the summer, settle down in the school year for them. I don’t think either parent is filming right now, perfect time to settle into a home base.

    I typically agree about the “do charity quietly” especially with these two because I definitely think they use it to manipulate their image. But I’m trying to look on the bright side of it and remind myself that people who need help will get it, and to ignore the Brange’s neediness.

  22. Linda says:

    It is Brad and Angelina’s business, how the choose to educate their kids. If they choose tutors and homeschooling, that is their decision.

    No one has to raise their kids or live their lives according to the whims and ditates of the public.

  23. Here we go says:

    The timing is indeed predictable. You can predict these two like the sunrise. Enough dumb people with no life who live for tabloid pablum will buy this tripe, or be swayed by paid commenters unleashed on blogs (pathetic.)

    Oh, and if it’s in People it must be true. LOL.

  24. Goddess711 says:

    Is she dying or something? What’s the rush with pushing the babies into this stuff? She’s the adult, this is her business. The kids should be at daycare beating up the other kids and running wild. Child Services should look into this and AJ’s mental stability.

  25. Velvet Elvis says:

    I think it’s amazing the work that Angelina does..I really do. But the whole “this is for Zahara to keep up her culture” thing is ridiculous. This little girl flies around the country on private planes and lives in mansions with servants. What part of the Ethiopian culture is she living?

  26. Laura says:

    @ Here we Go

    People is NOTORIOUS for ignoring the truth. It prints the stories that publicists and their clients want. Examples you ask?

    George Clooney’s new woman being touted as a professional white-washed woman. The woman has done pr0n, let’s keep it real.

    The praise they heap on Mel Gibson’s woman. And the most funniest one in a while, the stories of Madonna’s marriage being fine while every other tabloid was saying they were just doing it to save face and protect their upcoming projects. People was so pissed when her publicist went to the AP to finally say they were getting divorced because they looked like asses.

    To quote Lainey, it’s a magazine that cultivates sycophant temples inside celebrity asses.

  27. anon1000 says:

    I applaud Brad and Angelina for their humanitarian work. As a U.N. Goodwill Ambassador it makes no sense for the haters to say she should contribute in private. She is a U.N. Ambassador!!! THIS IS PART OF HER DUTIES AS SUCH!!! Some people need to get over their hate for this woman. She did absolutely NOTHING TO YOU.

  28. Ruby Red Lips says:

    All you haters out there, so what if their publicist ‘leaks’ the news, its a great cause and it needs to be publicised, with Angie doing so it brings the cause so much more to the forefront than if joe public is doing so.

    You all need to get a life and realise that anything that helps the needy is GOOD!

  29. Shanny says:

    “People” mag is trash it is like a paid advertisment for celebs to put their bs stories in that they want/think the public will believe. All the rags are lame but “People” tops the cake with their bs publicity articles.

  30. Shanny says:

    “People” magazine is trash, it is like a paid advertisment for celebs to put out their bs stories they want/think the public will believe.

  31. Diane says:

    I agree with Laura = )

    How many know David Geffen has been contributing all he earns to charity? The number of fundraisers in NY and LA? Most of the promotion is done quietly and from within.

  32. redred2 says:

    Ditto on what Lucy said.

    Also, organizaing programs take planning . Sometimes years. I’m not her biggest fan, but she does great charity work. And as far as not doing the work privately, lots of people do it publicly to get their cause known & to encourage DONATIONS. It’s good they start these programs, but they couldn’t, or shouldn’t run them financially by themselves. Donations are a good thing. PS – forgive all the BAD spelling 🙂

  33. Firestarter says:

    Like she is the only celebrity or person period who travels to those countries and does charitable work. It is great she does these things, however it gets a bit tiresome to constantly read about it and see everyone fawning over every single move she makes. She is not the second coming of Christ, she is a mortal woman, who is doing nothing terribly different from any other well to do person who has the ability to donate their money and time to causes.

    Fantastic she helps out those less fortunate, but so do thousands of other people. I admire the people who are in these countries working daily to distribute food, give medical care, teach, build, defend, and brave the fighting. I am less impressed by a person paying a visit and then flying off in their private jet back to their comfortable home. Praise those that actually WORK daily to better the world.

  34. badrockandroll says:

    For all of you who think that AJ’s trip was leaked for People mag, please be aware that the story and photos of her camp visit have been on the UNHCR website since Saturday. She is a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador, thus her work and the ensuing publicity makes perfect $en$e. If it didn’t, the UNHCR would have ended the association long ago, don’t you think?

  35. Guest says:

    I agree with those who have called out People for what it is – a publication that caters to celebrities and making them appear the way they desire to.

    I also find the timing of this source’s (i.e. Brange publicist) “leak” to the mag suspect, but for other reasons. The same people who would bash Jen Aniston if she made the news at the same time as the Brange for whatever reason seem to be able to ignore that this leak of charitable information and drivel comes on the same day as the premiere for Jen’s new movie. I’m not saying the Brange had any further ulterior motives other than their continued publicity of themselves, but if roles were reversed and a story on Jen appeared in the media on the date of one of their premieres there would be quite a few who would nastily claim that JA was trying to upstage them, not the least of whom would be Kaiser and Celebitchy.

    And for those claiming this is part of her UN work and thus necessary to publicize, think again. This leak of information was all about them vacationing together in Africa and their own “work” in Ethiopia. I don’t deny that any charity is a positive thing, but I would much prefer that they didn’t use charity as a shield to hide their audulterous relationship behind and to further their image as the holy famuly. I have greater respect for those celebrities who quietly donate and support charities and don’t use them to further their own images.

  36. Ruby Red Lips says:

    god Guest,

    “ a shield to hide their audulterous relationship..”

    lots of people fall in love with other people whilst with their partners & who knows what was really going on…


  37. duh says:

    Guest I guessed Paul Newman used his Newman’s Own to hide his adulterous affair with Joanne too. Matt Damon take his kids with him on location and they were with him on his promo tour in Europe, Where is the concern for their education? They have teachers that travel with them.

  38. Jessica says:


  39. stacy says:

    I’m w/ Firestarter on this one! What about those people who have actually dedicated their lives, uprooted from comfortable living to get shoulders deep in the problems of third world countries and the like? We never read an article about doctors, teachers, carpenters and volunteers that are there all the time contributing their lives to the cause. Yeah, they need Angelina’s money but they were doing this long be4 she came around, and will continue w/ out her. She isnt the reason these countries are surviving the way they are. It is the people that refuse to get on a jet and fly home to their comfortable house and own country.

  40. vokable says:

    Who had payed for this trip?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Who are the 14 Mio. from the Baby-fotos????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  41. lucy says:

    Doesn’t Matt Damon pretty much make Miami his home base? I’m sure they do travel some and there probably is some tutoring and stuff that happens then, but I think they’ve got a home they always go back to when he’s not working. Never seems to me like the JP kids have that, it’s always a different place, and I just think it would be tough for them to have any consistency and friendships.

  42. Cheyenne says:

    This belongs in the now-I’ve-seen-everything department:

    There are some despicable trolls on Just Jared who have been stealing other people’s screen names to post some really vicious bullshit about the J-P family. One of them was on there this morning calling herself “Cheyenne from CB”. I don’t know where these freaks are coming from, although I’d suspect Female First or DListed; but to set the record straight, if anyone reads any denigrating posts about the J-P family on another forum under the name “Cheyenne from CB”, rest assured it wasn’t from me.

  43. kim says:

    If you want to hear about aid workers and their tireless dedication maybe you should go on a site that’s not dedicated to celebs.It drives me crazy when people complain about celebrity obsession on gossip or celebrity sites sites.If you are tired of her don’t click on stories about her.. The more web hits on her the more the sites will cover her. IGNORE ANGIE

  44. Cheyenne says:

    Jessica: WHERE ARE THE BABIES?????? GEEZE!!

    What do you care? They’re not your babies.

  45. Mia says:

    Laura…are you Lainey or stealing her quotes because that’s the exact same thing she posted?

    I don’t care if their publicist leaked this information or not. They are doing good works. If it gets them favorable press, so be it. It also gets the countries and issues that need to be addressed attention too.

    Keep up the good work, Brad & Angelina. And may your children faithfully follow in your footsteps.

  46. Heavenbound says:

    To Alex:

    “Why aren’t the kids in school” blah blah blah

    What do you mean? That you do not value education?

    Great these kids are destined to not have a college education like the parents! And the social skills you acquire from school and being exposed to other children are important to their personal development. They are raising self-absorbed children. Great parenting.

  47. Mairead says:

    Stacy & Firestarter and co raise valid points. I know magazines such as Newsweek, Cosmo and the like do profiles on charity workers and the like. I’d recommending writing to the editors of the celebrity magazines and the DG of TMZ and E! online if you want the sites where celebrity gossip blogs get most of their info from to cover non-celeb good news stories, that you really want to hear them, you’d buy their rags, and more likely to buy from their advertisers etc. Or even do more coverage on other celebrity charity. I’ll wager it’d be more productive than random complaints in the middle of the comments section of one blog.

    The truth is that the rags and celebrity gossip blogs, like CB, cover Brangelina charity more than others because it’s a lazy way of getting plenty of hits/sales. Simple as.

    @Cheyenne… sure everyone here knows that your head would melt if you tried to write something critical about Angie 😉 😆 :p

    @ vokable I did???????? From money I found?????? down the back of my sofa?????????????????? What has that to do with anything. All these UN agencies have a huge marketing budget, that’ll just get wasted on one thin or another, even if AJ didn’t pay for all or part of the trip.

    I am agreeing on the whole school thing – either have a proper home-schooling system in place or leave the poor feckers alone during the school term.

  48. Cheyenne says:

    Mairead: Whatever I write about anyone, positive or negative, rest assured I have the guts to post it under my own name. I don’t have to steal anyone else’s name to make a point.

  49. Mairead says:

    I know Cheyenne, there was no malice or insult intended. It’s just that I know you to be one of our more dedicated BADettes 🙂

    Are you sure it wasn’t spam? The reason I say this is that a few months ago I noticed someone here had copied my name and post, and then threw on an addendum at the end I didn’t agree with. It was an older post and I spotted my name and original post in the “Recent Comments” section. It turned out to be a very confusing new form of spam. It annoyed me rightly though, let me tell you.

  50. Yawn says:

    Cheyenne: Hate to break it to you, dear, but nobody gives a shit.

  51. Rabbit says:

    Jeeze, some people obviously don’t THINK before they post.

    1. Zaraha, Shilo’s OLDER sister, is 4. That means she’s PRE-school aged. The Jolie-Pitts are absolutely pro-education per statements made.

    2. I can’t recall the name of the institute, France Lycee’ or something, but Maddox attends a school that is INTERNATIONAL so he stays on a “regular” curriculum.

    3. It’s well known that Ange has NO publicist. Got rid of him/her a year or so ago (maybe longer).

    4. There are vaccines for TB – I know, I’ve had one, and so has everyone in the US for the last 2 decades.

    If you can’t stand Angelina, just bypass the stories instead of submitting ignorant comments. I say “ignorant” because you obviously don’t know one or more of the above items. I’m not a Brangeloonie or anything, but I see no reason to trash someone whose trying to do something good, in a place that desperately needs something good done.

  52. stacy says:

    MAIREAD-I understand what you are saying about random comments in the middle of a blog, but my point was intended towards anjelinas spur of the moment dedication. I have made some really good friends through local charity work, so I’m a little more attached to the subject than some! to each his own i guess! At least my comment was on topic, more than i can say for some of these!

  53. DD says:

    ya I noticed comments using my handle on this site as well that were not made from me. I don’t think it was intentional, but people who mimick other people’s handles to piss them off are pathetic, no lives that’s for sure. But alas, we are all anonymous here so its not a big deal and trust me if anything remotely offensive ever came out of Cheyenne regarding a Brange story, pigs would be flying for sure.

  54. alex says:

    damn a Angie or a Brad’s thread really do bring out the haters. It must be so nice to hide behind a computer and bash people you don’t know and would never know or meet

    Keep on doing what you are doing Angie especially when it makes the haters’ heads explodes

  55. badrockandroll says:

    This has become a rather silly debate. There can be no front line workers in any charity if there are no fundraisers or PR folk. Do you rag on Jerry Lewis because he isn’t in a lab somewhere finding a cure, or at Danny Thomas because he wasn’t changing bedpans in the hospital he fundraised for years or at Carole Lombard (also an adultress if you are consistent with your medieval judgements) because she raised funds rather than signed up as a soldier in WWll? I bring forward those examples to show that the relationship between charities and celebrities is ancient. It may be mutually beneficial for the celeb and the charity, but that doesn’t make the celeb a parasite. Just remind me not to knock on your door when I canvas for the Cancer Society – you’ll snap at me I’m sure!

  56. DD says:

    So far there are no valid arguments here. Yes she gets a lot of attention for this work. Yes this improves her image and is extremely positive PR. I firmly believe that while this is obviously good for her career that she truly also cares and helps in a way that she knows how.

    She is going there under the guise of the UN. If the UN felt she was hindering their cause, they would not allow her to continue representing them. Is she helping much? I don’t know, it’s up to the UN and the people there to make that decision. Here we are just judging her based on our own prejudices of her as a celebrity.

  57. 4Real says:

    I think they’d rather go to a park. Or maybe just enjoy being little girls instead of being schlepped around the world and back. Maybe they’d like to live in just one house and wake up each day in the same bed with the same toys. It’s all about her #1, the world #2 and the kids #3.

  58. kim says:

    I believe they want to be with their parents unlike some celeb kids who don’t see their parents for weeks at a time because they are on location. Brad says they have a rule to keep the family together so they don’t film movies at the same time. It’s never too early to expose your kids to other cultures Maddox has played with orphans in India, and refugees in Africa. The kids are able to speak several languages including German, French, Vietnamese and Khmer according to Brad.They travel with a multilingual teacher who specializes in Art per AJ’s Vanity Fair interview last year.Maddox was reading at 3 y.o. Also with all the security and staff they must require I bet some of the staff’s kids travel with them also. Don’t worry about these kids, worry about kids in your community. Consider becoming A Mentor or Big Sister. Have a nice day.

  59. 4Real says:

    Wow Kim you know so much about the Jolie-Pitt family. Don’t tell me to worry about kids in my community. I have 3 of my own and all the neighborhood kids are at my house all the time. You really missed the point I was making as a mom, and instead got all preachy. Whatever…free speech and all that. Oh and don’t tell me to have a nice day. I’ll have a shitty one if I want to thank you!

  60. hello says:

    @ 4Real: Spending your time on the internet judging people you’ve never met makes you a good person. You could spend that time better, but of course, it’s all about you as #1. Using swear words makes you sound low-class and immoral. You also sound like an irresponsible parent . . . yep, judging others from afar works so well

  61. JANE says:

    oh well why do some ask why the jolie-pitts publicized their personal charity works?

    they do publicized so they let the world know something is missing in that part of the world..

    same question goes to why do they take celebrities as ambassadors of good will?it is their popularity that brings out to the world the problems of certain areas to be solve…

    if some people here don’t like the jolie-pitt’s then why bother reading articles relating to them…

  62. 4Real says:

    Isn’t that what you just did Hello, judged me? You sound like an old lady. “Immoral” where do you get that from? So what if I’m low class, what are you upper class? Ask yourself why are you even on here? You’re enjoying ripping on me just like I’m enjoying ripping on celebs. You’re no better than me madam.

  63. alex says:

    I just love it how some people think they know better than Brad and Angie on how they should raise their kids(not yours). It is none of you all business how they raise their kids. Take care of you all own houses before commenting on someone’s elses.