Prince William is grieving: ‘He feels he has lost his brother and his best friend’

Britain's Prince William, Duke of Cambridge unveils the plaques as he officially opens the new graduate building, the H B Allen Centre, at Keble College, Oxford University in Oxford, central England on October 3, 2019.

I keep thinking about how the Windsors and the British media worked together to gang up on the Duchess of Sussex. They psychologically abused her for years and then the whole time, they assumed the mantle of victim. We keep talking about that in the specific context of the Duchess of Cambridge. There’s something deeply unsettling about how she assumed Meghan’s story as her own and positioned herself as Meghan’s victim while Kate victimized Meghan. But that’s been happening writ large with media figures (white men) and other members of the Windsor klan. Speaking of, did you know this whole ordeal is the hardest thing Prince William has ever gone through? You didn’t have to smear your brother and sister-in-law, my dude.

Prince William’s rift with Prince Harry is comparable to the loss he experienced after the tragic death of their mother Princess Diana, a royal expert has claimed. Duncan Larcombe, a journalist and author of Prince Harry: The Inside Story, explained the tension between the royal brothers is increasingly painful for Prince William.

He told OK! magazine that the 38-year-old, feels like he’s suffered a loss, saying: ‘There’s no doubt this is one of the hardest things that William has gone through, the hardest since his mother died. He feels he has lost his brother and his best friend.’

Rumours of a rift between the brothers emerged in 2019 when the brothers divided their households following a series of disagreements about Harry’s role. It also emerged that Harry was upset when William advised him not to rush into marriage with ‘this girl’, which the younger brother took as a slight against Meghan.

[From The Daily Mail]

“He feels he has lost his brother and his best friend.” Why do they keep talking about Harry like he died? It’s disgusting and disturbing. William hasn’t lost a brother – all William would have to do is pick up the phone and speak to Harry and apologize. That’s it. That could be the start of the two brothers beginning to repair their relationship. And, again, it’s rich for William to assume the mantle of victim, of a grief-stricken man in mourning for a brother who is very much alive, and a brother who was going to be exiled by guess who? Prince William. Because Baldingham was so jelly-face about his brother’s charisma and his brother’s hot, smart wife. Anyway, yeah. William’s not the victim here. He’s very much the villain.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit the London Bridge Jobcentre


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  1. Southern Fried says:

    Omg what next? The garbage stench thrown out by the RR and palace leaks is ridiculous.

    • Cessily says:

      Happy relaxed beach photos of PH equals a grieving PW.. why don’t I even feel a pinch of sympathy anymore for PW, but It does make me hurt a little more for PH.

    • whateveryousay says:

      I think they are trying to see if this works (make William seem sympathetic because he just wants his brother back). The other mess did not land well at all.

    • Myra says:

      This is just a PR ploy to portray him in a sympathetic light because his own people pushed out an “incandescent with rage” narrative in the media. No one’s buying it.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      William surely has whiplash by now. The narrative keeps changing from one minute to the next. First he was incandescent, then he refused to put him arms around his brother, then him and machine gun Kelly spear headed Sussexit and now he wants the same so called best friend brother back?? No mention of Archie and Meghan as always.
      Harry was the so called best friend he threw under the bus constantly. Harry was his whipping boy plain and simple.
      Well ladies and gentlemen, Harry has left the building. The 2nd in line should rely on his top CEO, personal assistant, the BM, the Middleton clan, the establishment and his white supremacy from now on.

      • Harper says:

        If the Other Brother had anyone with an ounce of intelligence advising him, Will would give an interview to some non-Murdoch reporter saying that he’s perfectly capable of handling the roles he will inherit, he looks forward to serving the country’s best interests, and he’s excited to see what Harry is able to do in the future, knowing he will be a great representative of the UK abroad. End. Stop with the bellyaching about how he needs Harry, he’s been done wrong by Harry, how upset he is for Kate, etc. It’s undignified.

      • swirlmamad says:

        @Harper, this makes too much sense. Heaven forbid they actually think and act clearly and do the right thing for ONCE.

    • PEARL GREY says:

      “He feels he has lost his brother and his best friend.”

      The snort I just let out. He lost his lifelong human shield and best punching bag. William and his “winning PR team” need to go back to the drawing board to brainstorm some new ideas because this ‘poor, abandoned Billy’ angle will never land.

      • Ronaldinhio says:

        Without Harry the spotlight is on William and his unfortunate wife.
        He must be grieving
        Grieving for the grift he can no long pull
        The affairs he can no longer have
        The entitled rich racist ass he has to cover, himself

    • dc says:

      All this is just a long drawn out tantrum by Williboy, who can’t seem to get his way, so trying the “woe is me, I’ve lost my brother” routine. Won’t work either. In this context, I have a smidgen of sympathy for Kate, as she’s having to put up with Williboy’s rage at close quarters. Kate’s got her own problem with the “lying about Meghan making her cry”.

      But I reckon Williboy is also incensed with jealousy watching how good life seems to be for his brother: the 2 new jobs, larking about on the beach with Meghan, Archie & their dogs.

      • Tessa says:

        I don’t feel sorry for Kate. Since she enabled the PR stunt with the Flybe Jet even allowing the children to be part of it. No excuses for her sitting back and watching Meghan get slammed for something Kate did. Kate worked for years to “win” William. She could have developed some self respect and ditched him when he broke up with her.

      • notasugarhere says:

        I don’t feel sorry for Kate either. She’s a known bully, has been for two decades. Always anti-woman, and the staff refer to her as the Prickly Princess. She and William are two peas in a pod. Carole is there keeping two selfish, unhappy, constantly fighting people together. They should have never married or had children.

  2. Aurora says:

    “all William would have to do is pick up the phone and speak to Harry and apologize. “

    I think both Keens need to apologize to Meghan first and foremost.

    • Cate says:

      I agree.

    • Cecilia says:

      Exactly in that one phone call that did happen nobody even spoke to meghan. Its clear that they don’t want her around but if there is to be any chance of reconciliation (which i very much doubt) they need to apologize to her first. She is the actual victim in all this

    • Maliksmama says:

      This will never happen. The BRF can’t have Meghan and her kids around.

      As long as Elizabeth’s alive, Harry would play 3rd wheel to W&K. He’d be miserable but he’d do it anyway.

      With Meghan around, Kate would continually be compared to her and continually be shown lacking and wanting. That so-called family will not allow this to happen. The focus has to be on the “English Rose” not the “chick from Compton”.

      And they definitely don’t want Charlotte sharing the spotlight with Baby Mountbatten-Windsor.

      • kelleybelle says:

        When I see Kate, “English rose” is not what comes to mind at all. I see a propped-up, coddled, incompetent, jealous woman who is way too thin and smokes too much and has to get botox and fillers to compensate. There is no light in her eyes and hasn’t been for years. William hasn’t been interested in her for years and she has fulfilled her role: royal broodmare. “Stop trying to make fetch happen.”

    • Bibi says:

      Totally. Whats so hard about picking up the phone and apologize to your brother? What, is that too low for a future king to do? Anyway, i think we’re gonna see a lot of this weak william crying over loss of brother. Wills knows he is wrong and theyre gonna try to make him look all nice and fragile vs angry jealous racist bully

      • HeatherC says:

        It’s vey hard, Bibi. He’s the FFK. Obviously Harry has to call HIM and apologize to HIM for making HIM feel this way.

        There are a ton of things wrong with America and a long list of things we haven’t even begun to address, but at least this guy won’t be my head of state.

    • Lorelei says:

      I agree that if any apology is to be made, the first move needs to be by the Windsors, and first and foremost be to Meghan — but honestly, what good would that even do?
      The Sussexes might accept it so there’s a false veneer of civility and the press can finally STFU about the “feud,” but it wouldn’t be genuine because they do not and never will recognize Meghan as a member of the BRF.
      They will never, ever treat her as an equal to Kate or treat Harry’s children as equals of the Cambridge children because they believe they are genetically superior. And they’re angry at Harry for “tainting” their precious bloodline (which, just…lol). THAT’S the real issue. The press can never acknowledge this, though, because they will go to their graves claiming there’s no way any of the Windsors could possibly be racist.

      I think Meghan knows this and Harry’s slowly been coming to accept it, which is why he was clearly in so much pain during that interview. Everyone keeps talking about this reconciliation as if it’s inevitable while ignoring the elephant in the room. The Windsors don’t think Meghan belongs near any of them, or that she or her children are good enough to truly be considered part of their family. They’d love *nothing more* than for Harry to abandon them all without a second thought and come back to the UK under the guise of “duty.” So any reconciliation would be superficial at best, done to get the press off their backs about it, imo.

      I almost wish Harry would snap at some point and give an answer along these lines the next time someone brings up this fantasy reconciliation (which will probably happen before I’m done typing this sentence, because the RRs seem to be obsessed with these relationships being “healed”) that they all seem to fervently hope will happen in time for the unveiling of Diana’s statue. The next time Charles and his sons absolutely need to be in each other’s presence — Philip’s funeral, if I had to guess— I’m sure they’ll be civil to one another, but they aren’t capable of going back to the way things were because they think Meghan is unworthy of them and Harry obviously will not stand for it.

      It’s just sort of baffling to me how it’s assumed that because of the “sacred bond” between William & Harry and the fact that Charles is his father, at some point, they MUST all want to put this behind them and “fix” the relationships. Some relationships are damaged irreparably and not fixable, and imo this is one of them…it isn’t as if there was one incident that William or Charles needs to apologize for and then everyone can move on. The issue is that Harry learned what kind of people they really are, how deep their racism runs, and that they view his wife and children as a mistake, and disposable. There’s no fixing that!

      If my family had so little respect for me that they made it clear that they saw my husband and children as trashy “mistakes” that I should simply abandon, I’d never have anything to do with them ever again. The End. But then again, many of the same people who think Harry should come crawling back to the BRF are the same people who think it’s up to Meghan to mend things with Thomas Markle, so their opinions are obviously not grounded in reality.

      It’s just so gross, the way they think it’s of the utmost importance that the brothers “heal their rift” so they can come together for this statue event. It isn’t that simple FGS. The press just wants a photo op so they can have their “body language experts” pick it apart. I hope Harry doesn’t even go. Everyone knows how much he adores and misses his mother; he doesn’t need to be at this one event to prove anything to anyone, and he’ll have a newborn at home anyway.

    • Angie says:

      I completely agree. PW needs to apologise to both.

  3. Cecilia says:

    Maybe he should have been nice to his brothers wife then instead of othering her from the beginning. Prohibiting her from wearing Di’s jewelry william? Making comments about you brothers future children’s skin tone? Not wanting your brother to be “blinded by lust”?

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      Exactly. His mean girl wife also plotted to have them shipped off to Africa, refused to correct the Meghan made her cry story equally operating and pulling strings in the media alongside her awful husband. William’s handlers know he is an object of ridicule and will never have an ounce of Harry’s abilities so they are trying for the sympathy card.

    • Amy Too says:

      Prohibiting Meghan from wearing Diana’s jewelry seems like it’s another bit of evidence pointing to him being the one who had the concerns about Archie’s skin color and what that would “look like” that then led to an untitled Archie. It’s the same thing basically. “I don’t want that black woman to be wearing the same jewels that my white wife does. My white wife is a REAL princess, Meghan is a black woman so she can’t be and we don’t want the jewels themselves or the privilege of wearing the jewels to be tainted by a black woman—they will mean less if just any random black girl can wear them.” Same thing with the titles. “I don’t want my white kids sharing the same HRH titles with a random black kid. It taints the title and it makes the privilege of being princes and princesses that my kids have seem like it’s not special anymore of the half American dark colored kid of a black woman gets to have the same HRH distinction. How will we prove that MY kids are actually the better, real, actual, regular, status quo royal HRHs, the epitome of princehood, the proper example of royalty, of just anyone can be an HRH?”

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Amy Too, this entire thinking mentality that you have painted creates an initial reaction in me that mixes feelings of revolting, anger, hatred, narcissism, vengeful and systematic jealousy throughout the entire Keen mentality. The fact that they have the audacity to place Baldimort as the true victim due to his own actions, reinforces his actual participation in the entire matter.

      • Anance says:

        I’m sorry that your comments about the jewelry sound so real. White people say equivalent things all the time.

  4. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    Rapidly ageing, unattractive, unlikeable, deeply vengeful and emotionally barren man puts on mantle of white victimhood. It’s nauseating, and possessive beyond belief. The subtext here is ‘lost Harry TO THAT WOMAN’; as if Harry has no agency, and no right to love and be loved by whomsoever he chooses.
    PWT better dial back these self-pitying narratives, because he’s looking increasingly desperate and weak.

    • Cecilia says:

      I don’t think william is upset because he “lost” his brother. He’s upset that the sussexes inveiled an ugly picture of the windsors and are in possession of receipts to back that up if need be. He’s simply not in control. And that hurts him.

      Also, i thought they wanted to keep matters private? What happened to that?

      • Osty says:

        Exactly Cecilia, William is sad his brother is no more his scapegoat, he is sad harry has finally said enough to him being used to cover William’s affairs and laziness, william is sad Harry is succeeding when he thought he wouldn’t and would have come back asking for forgiveness. William is sad harry is so happy, in love and doesn’t want to be used by them .

    • Enny says:

      The only loss William is grieving is his hair.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      Very well said!

  5. Snuffles says:

    “William is grieving. He feels like he lost his human shield and lifelong scapegoat. He has no idea how he will handle being King on his own without Harry doing all of the work.”


  6. Neners says:

    He actively pushed his brother and sister-in-law out. What he misses is his reputation not being in shreds. Harry as tabloid canon fodder and royal workhorse did wonders for William. Now he has nothing but his boring wife and their combined ineptitude. All the media propping in the world can’t make that sh*t shine.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      Well you can’t polish a turd but you can roll it in glitter. The only problem is glitter can’t mask the stench of a turd. The world sees William for what he is, especially those propping him up. On the world stage, Harry is the true king, taking a stand for his well being, his wife and his child.

    • Heat says:

      The saddest part of all of this is: This is EXACTLY what Diana worked so hard to avoid. She didn’t want The Firm to completely envelop William and mould him into another typical narcissistic royal drone. And she knew that it would be William that would be targeted, because he would be the “future king”.

  7. Sunshine says:

    TBH, I don’t understand how Meghan lasted 2 years there. The running commentary of lies and drama is surely damaging to one’s mental health.

    • Pétulia says:

      As cheesy as it sounds, love. Harry must be a really great man and husband. I hope their marriage last because all of this is not healthy at all.

    • MsIam says:

      Its like Meghan said, they tried to do the “stiff upper lip thing” and push out the “noise”. They also tried to stay as far away from the rest of the family as possible, thus the separate offices. But it was just not enough, especially when Archie came along. Meghan knew she couldn’t be the mom she wanted to be for Archie in that environment, not if she wss thinking of harming herself.

  8. Lauren says:

    Bill sure has a funny way of grieving and showing how much he misses his brother.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      I will loan Baldingham a quarter so he can call someone at the Royal Rota who cares!

      Baldingham is finally realizing all the damage this mess has caused the Cambridge brand which is all he really cares about. I do not believe for one minute that PwBT really cares about Harry let alone the Sussex family.

      • HeatherC says:

        He doesn’t need the quarter. It’s obvious that the RR accept collect calls from him.

  9. Cecilia says:

    I don’t think william is sad that he list harry tbh. I think he just hates the fact that a growing group of people isn’t kissing his feet. His future is looking grim.

  10. fishface says:

    Poor diddums….

  11. ABritGuest says:

    So dramatic. It’s a shame the firm started this leaking war because winners are the press & cottage industry around this feud.

    Didn’t Richard Palmer say William had dropped Harry like a ton of bricks around time of office split? And then he apparently couldn’t put his arm around Harry anymore because he didn’t agree with Harry suing the press. So not sure how he’s the victim.

    Although I do wonder now if idea of William dropping Harry was projection (like Meghan making Kate cry when reverse happened) and actually Harry moved to distance himself from William first over pre marriage comments & other shenanigans.

    • JT says:

      Like Keen Karen appropriating Meghan’s tears, I think Cain did the same. It’s clear Harry has been pulling away from him for quite some time. From the office split, to the foundation separating, moving to Windsor, and then California. It’s clear Harry is the one who dropped William like a bad habit, at least to me.

    • Nyro says:

      I never thought about the talk of William dropping Harry possibly being a story swap, but it makes total sense. It does look like another “Meghan made Kate cry” type of switcheroo and projection.

    • Isabella says:

      So it wasn’t just about Meghan:

      “Rumours of a rift between the brothers emerged in 2019 when the brothers divided their households following a series of disagreements about Harry’s role

      Palmer did say that about Harry;

      Richard Palmer
      Oct 7, 2019
      Nobody in the Royal Family or the Royal Household is supporting Harry and Meghan at the moment. Even the couple’s aides seem embarrassed by their actions. William, who dropped his brother like a ton of hot bricks earlier this year, and Charles have distanced themselves.
      Richard Palmer
      Oct 8, 2019
      Obviously, if that changes it will be a story but at the moment the Sussexes appear out on a limb. Whatever the merits of their various legal actions, they didn’t inform their family that Harry was going to release that inflammatory statement.

      • equality says:

        Lacey claimed that Harry and William weren’t close before Meghan because of Harry always being the one who caught the bad press even when William was also involved with something. When he saw Meghan treated the same way and that it was affecting her mental health, he decided it needed to stop. I imagine, he projected to the future for his children and knew that Will would do the same with them to deflect off of his children and that is why he said Archie would not grow up the same way he did.

  12. Angie says:

    Speaking as someone who has a toxic, narcissistic sister who had to cut ties, William is so clearly a narcissist. My sister also said she wouldn’t accept my children because they will be biracial. I can’t imagine how painful it has been for Harry to have this all play out on the public stage.

    • Andrew’s Nemesis says:

      Apparently PWT had a TBI after being hit in the head with a golf club when he was younger; I wonder if that caused a huge personality shift, or if he has always nurtured the seeds of toxicity.

      • Snuffles says:

        Huh… interesting. Apparently they do have psychiatric effects. And we know the palace would never admit to any long standing effect of the injury. It was a skull fracture to the forehead at 8 years old.

      • The Hench says:

        Someone over on that TBI thread posted a People article about the golf club accident. It was fascinating because it noted that even the then eight-year old William (pre-accident) was “temperamental”, spoiled and very aware of his position and “how to use it”. That lovely personality COMBINED with a TBI…whooeey.

      • swirlmamad says:

        @The Hench, that was me who found and posted the article. It was SUPER insightful on how William was (and was portrayed) as a child, and also interesting how there was a lot of shade towards Charles and how he was pretty much considered a deadbeat dad by the RRs back then. That accident could have physically done some damage for sure, but there was clearly just as much emotional damage done by his upbringing that has played a huge part in who he is now

      • The Hench says:

        @swirlmamad – well found! It was fascinating reading it knowing what we know now and didn’t back when it was written in 1991. It was also clear from the way it was written that Charles and Di were living apart as well as all the stuff about their parenting styles. Thank you for posting again.

      • notasugarhere says:

        William has always been like this.

    • Miranda says:

      For what it’s worth, coming from an internet stranger, I’m sorry that your sister is so hateful and petty. I come from a multiracial family (I’m white/Latina myself, have white/Korean cousins, and 3 of my nieces and nephews are white/Japanese, along with another niece who is white/Black, and a white/Persian-Jewish nephew) and as corny as it sounds, it has enriched all our lives (and, real talk, our diets!). I hope you have more accepting and supportive friends to step in as aunts and uncles, should you choose to have kids in the future.

      • Ann says:

        I come from a completely WASP, Southern family. My parents had four kids and nine grandchildren. Their grandchildren are all half something else: Jewish, Russian, Indian, Ukrainian, and Irish. It’s great. My parents were actually pretty good cooks, but now we have good Indian food, good brisket (that’s me), and a wonderful gardener (my Russian sister-in-law) who plants all sorts of goodies in our garden in the country. We just walk outside to pick our salad and herbs for dinner. She’s after me to plant apple trees now.

    • Jaded says:

      I too had a horribly narcissistic older sister who made my life a misery from the time I came out of the womb – one of the symptoms is overwhelming jealousy. I finally had to cut her out of my life it got so bad so I totally understand what you went through and how long the damage can last. While the exact causes of NPD are unknown, it can be inherited (my mother and uncle also had it), and there are also theories that excessive praise or judgment by parents, or a distant or cold parent can play a part too. Look at how Diana treated him – very loving, nurturing and caring – while Charles was as cold and disinterested as a bucket of ice water. The two combined, plus a possible genetic component, may have been the genesis of his NPD.

      • Mustlovedogs says:

        Daughter of Narcissistic mother here @Jafed. Lifelong scars. Working my hardest to not perpetrate those wounds on any one else. Ever. Hugs to you

      • notasugarhere says:

        That’s Diana’s side of the story. Charles was heavily involved, even changing nappies, to the point Diana was resentful. Diana was far from a perfect parent, she used those kids for PR and manipulated them from the beginning too. William has the worst of both of them, Harry the best.

      • Tessa says:

        Diana did praise Charles attention to the children. During the Australia tour, they talked of william’s favorite toys and laughed together. William does have the worst of his parents features. And indeed Harry has the best. Harry has a warm heart and does not get above himself like William. Even Charles never was “cut loose” by the Queen to make all the decisions when CHarles was Wililam’s age. Nor did he even try–I can only imagine how Princess Anne would have reacted if Charles lectured her about her personal life. I am shocked at how William was allowed to run rampant.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      @The Hench, What thread is that?

      • ArtHistorian says:


        This is an interesting quote:
        “The private William, says a knowing source, “has much more of an image of himself than Harry, and therefore he’s more worried about making a fool of himself. He is sensitive, temperamental and spoiled. He realizes that people defer to him, and even at his age he uses that.”
        – especially the part about him being very aware of his image (even at such a young age) + the tidbit about him exploiting his royal status. Those two things really jives with his adult self. He is rumoured to bit quite arrogant in private, expecting people to bow and scrape to him.

        This is also interesting:
        Royal sibling competition is as prevalent as the sibling revelry. “There’s a certain amount of rivalry between the boys, but no bickering,” says one royal watcher. “They are very good friends and have a close, healthy relationship.” Of late, William has taken a shine to his cousin, Princess Margaret’s son, Viscount Linley, 29. And both boys feel close to their bodyguard Ken Wharf, who is in his mid-30s. It was Wharf who comforted Wills when he burst into tears on the Austrian ski slopes last April because he was frustrated by a cold and the difficulty he was having keeping up with his little brother.
        – seems like even at a young age William didn’t like when Harry outperformed him.

        Then there’s the psychologist who calls the royal family “amazingly arrogant people”!!!!

        It is really amazing to see how sycophantic the press has become compared to the 90s.

      • notasugarhere says:

        ArtHistorian, it speaks so much to how William is now. All William has is being firstborn, that’s it. What Harry has has been built in spite of William, courtiers, everyone treating him as whipping boy.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      I am sorry @ Angie you have had to experience your horrific sisters actions. I am of the same position of circumstances but the oldest sister is for all unity, but she suffers more than I do given the distance of miles.
      Imagine suffering through this entire ordeal but magnified by 1000, all in public forum, for your brother to turn the tables to the being the actual true victim. If Baldimort hoped for a reunion and healing, that has just evaporated into thin air. Harry actually wanting to come to the table of forgiveness has been evaporating for the past 5 years. The Other Brother has eliminated that by his own actions. Grow TF up Baldimort and take responsibility for your own actions or STFU and move on.

    • Emily_C says:

      My father’s narcissistic. As I’m an only child, I got to be both golden child and scapegoat, which was… a mess, to put it mildly. He insulted me to every guy I dated, and tried to break up my husband and me by “commiserating” with my husband about how mean I supposedly am. My husband would just say something like “she’s awesome” and change the subject.

      It’s a strange and terrible experience to have a family member try to break up your relationships.

      • Lady D says:

        I honestly can’t picture a single relative of mine trying to break up my relationship. It must have been so hard to process. Did you end up pre-warning any one you had to bring into his presence?

    • Nick says:

      @Angie I’m sorry your sister did that to you. One day she might wake up.

  13. Alexandria says:

    Too bad, so sad. We don’t believe you. Shut up and get to work. Good bye.

    My grief is reserved for Harry’s family and the minorities in the UK.

    • kelleybelle says:

      This, all of this. The headline is BS and meant to be sympathetic for William, when William is the instigator of ALL of this. William and Charles. They’re nasty people and don’t give a damn about Harry. I wish they’d stop lying about it. It’s becoming a joke.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ Alexandria, thank you for your precise expression of my sentiments too! I wish I had your ability to express my sentiments as well and short as you do, with the same agreement.

  14. Miranda says:

    Well, that tends to happen when one gets all racist about one’s brother/best friend’s wife and unborn child.

    But you know what? I bet that, if William and Kate made a genuine apology, Harry and Meghan are both kind and warm-hearted enough to forgive them (though forgetting is another matter entirely. I don’t know that they could ever do that). They both know what it’s like to have a fractured and toxic family, and they probably want to set a better example for Archie and his baby sister.

  15. equality says:

    Just another blame Meghan article. Everybody discounts that Harry was the scapegoat for Will for years before Meghan. Who wouldn’t want to escape that if at all possible?

  16. Agreatreckoning says:

    Abusive people do grieve the loss of their punching bag in their mental twisted way. Gonna have to find a new one Will. Harry’s busy enjoying his life with his wife and child in sunny California.

  17. Lizzie says:

    Does Bill do anything but whine? Sorry you dont like the result of your actions so buy a ticket to Santa Barbara and work it out.

  18. Osty says:

    Of course the only one whose feeling matter is the William. What about harry who had to watch his wife suffer, who had to watch his family sell his wife out to cover their mess, what about harry who had to watch his family defend everyone but not his wife and child ,what about harry who was bullied to pay for a house renovations when everyone wasn’t, what about harry who literally had to move away cos it became too much for him and his wife? William and his sycophants should spare us the victim nonsense. If he misses his best friend so much then he can pick a phone n call and apologise, call of his dogs and own up to his mistakes and affairs

  19. Amy Bee says:

    But William is the one who decided to create a hostile environment for Meghan. His actions caused Harry to leave so I’m not getting why he would be the one who’s grieving.

    • The Hench says:

      I think he’s in shock. He’s nearly 40 years old and this is likely the first time something has been outside his control. He is a spoiled man child who has always had the world rearranged to suit him because he is the heir. If people (including Charles) attempt to stand up to him then he goes full rage monster and they back down. But Harry – who he was counting on to provide cover/work/support and initiative whilst he does a job he resents – has walked away and he just can’t deal with it. He is grieving the loss of his omnipotence not the loss of his brother.

      • Lady D says:

        His tantrums no longer work, and he hasn’t been told no in twenty years. I absolutely believe he’s in shock.

  20. Harper says:

    William is grieving the receipts that Harry and Meghan have. That’s all. Because right up until Oprah Day he was orchestrating the “Meghan was a bully” smear campaign. Nothing stopped on William’s end until Gayle King announced that the phone call between Harry & his family was unproductive and that H&M have receipts and are ready to drop them. THAT is what sent William spiraling because it seems that KP has shut up where Meghan is concerned. William and Kate’s games with Meghan are over and they are one false step away from being outed. So sit in your full diaper of sadness Baby William. It’s time to grow up.

    • Cecilia says:

      I said the exact same thing. The only thing william is mourning is his loss of control over his younger brother and his sis in law.

    • Islandgirl says:

      As someone looking on from the outside I have tried to look at this objectively.
      Yes I felt from October 2018 that William and Kate were behind the smear campaign. I felt that instead of pulling back they just dug in their heels with respect to how they treated Meghan. I remember Tom Bradby saying that both sides were really angry with each other and felt they had good cause.
      He also said that some bad things were done and that while the BRF would barely maintain support in the UK they would be damaged globally if yheses things were found out.
      I originally didn’t think that Harry and Meghan should have done the kind of interview they did with Oprah. I felt they should have just moved on and lived their best lives and do it after the queen died. But 2 things: I did not experience what they experienced over the last 3 years and also the birth certificate story seemed to me like a sign that the BRF would still be trying to throw Meghan under the bus when they felt that the UK needed a distraction.
      So the interview happended and Tom Bradby’s prediction came true. Even people who were not following the royals are interested and they are not seen in a favourable light outside of the UK. Based on recent survey they are not seen favorably by POC in the UK.
      I felt like the interview was a warning sign to them to leave Meghan alone.
      William’s reaction to the interview revealed a lot more about him than it did about Meghan and Harry. He knew what Tom Bradby knew….The BRF has a serious problem because William is almost 40 and I am not seeing the maturity that you would expect to see as a result of age and experience.
      It seems that it took Harry sending that message through Gale to get through to him?
      He needs to shut up…stop talking because he really is only speaking to the converted right now. He is making things worse with other people. The people of the Commonwealth are watching and they are horrified.

      • Cecilia says:

        @ islandgirl if the royal family has any sense left and any will to keep the monarchy a float, they will start using their power and influence to make the royal rota shut up and simply not mention meghan anymore. If they ignore her this whole problem (that they created themselves) will go away. But something tells me that they can’t do that. I have a feeling that the press has some dirt on the royals that they simply can’t afford to be made public. So they struck a bargain with the press. Secrecy for stories about meghan. That interview was 100% a warning shot. You could tell that they didn’t tell the full story. I honestly want meghan and harry to throw decency away and start counter leaking. Im pretty sure that if they were to go to a magazine (or multiple) and start giving them dirt about the Cambs and simply hide behind “sources” they would get away with it. I would go to every semi respected news outlet and also gossip rags. And just start talking.

      • Tessa says:

        I noticed it too especially since a lot of the gossip involved Kate as well. LIke Kate “seeing” Meghan scolding a staff member or Kate crying because Meghan wanted the bridal attendants to wear socks.

  21. TheOriginalMia says:

    Poor widdle William. Everyone leaves him. GMAFB! A loving, caring brother doesn’t orchestrate a years’ long smear campaign against his brother and sister-in-law. One that didn’t abate, not even when he knew she was struggling mentally and pregnant. Nah, William wants people to feel sorry for him when he was the jerk that got all this started by demeaning Meghan and questioning the color of Harry’s biracial future children. William can get bent and stick to his Rose gardens and Stepford wife.

  22. Pétulia says:

    Can the press and the firm find another punching bag ? I’m so sick of it all.
    A journalist must grow a pair and expose William.

    • Cessily says:

      When the press gets tired of the Sussex’s new “leak free life” and the RF narrative continues this pitiful self serving agenda, it won’t take long for the tabloids to turn on the RF. I am sure they will have no problem starting with PW.

    • Lady D says:

      Even if they did, the paper they work for won’t print the article. Social media on the other hand would give said reporter a much larger audience, but how does the reporter get paid? This story would be retirement fund huge to the author.

      • The Hench says:

        What we need is another book that blows the lid off the whole thing as ‘Diana Her True Story’ did back in the 90s. I would so love for H&M to make gazillions just from telling the whole truth, no holds barred.

    • Nyro says:

      They’re desperate. They’re still running around trying to call her a liar about the private wedding. They’ve revived the ridiculous running for president thing and now they’re even turning maternity leave into some kind of thing. They’ve got nothing. And yet, even with nothing, the other royals are getting almost zero coverage from the Rota.

      • Julia K says:

        The “private wedding” was the customary rehearsal of vows, but to Meghan it was the heartfelt commitment of the moment that felt like the real thing and just for them. She could have been clearer but most people knew exactly what she was trying to say.

  23. Over it says:

    Baldimort can just take his self inflicted grief and go f himself with it. If he wasn’t such a giant asshole Harry might still be there to help him and his wife, queen of Karen’s look good, so yeah, F off Baldimort

  24. sandy says:

    they are so truly awful. all they have to do is care about harry’s wife and family and they can’t even try.

  25. MsIam says:

    These people are impossible. Harry did the only logical thing you could in that situation which was leave. Its the only adult thing to do, especially when you are dealing with duplicitous people like his brother. Otherwise you’re likely to do great bodily harm to someone if you stay. How William could hear Harry say publicly that his mental was being destroyed and still claim he is the real victim is beyond me.n

  26. Max says:

    Meghan said “nothing is as it seems”. In every picture of her with William she seems extremely uncomfortable. I bet Prince William is a raging, racist lunatic behind the scenes. I bet he is really out of control. Notice how the papers describe him as being “incandescent” so often? It’s the tip of the iceberg. I bet he’s terrible.

  27. Tate says:

    This reminds me so much of my husband’s brother. Years of being an abusive POS and my husband finally cuts him out and now the brother is just so distraught over losing his relationship with his brother. 🙄🙄🙄

    • SofiasSideEye says:

      Abusers always play the victim when the one they’re abusing finally gets sick of their shit.

  28. Sofia says:

    Well he’s to blame for it. Truly all him (and Kate) had to do was wait 10 years or so until the Cambridge kids became teenagers and became the focus of the tabloids/gossip mill due to their age and antics. That would put the Cambridges back in the spotlight.

    And if they were nice or at least neutral towards Meghan, the Sussexes would probably be in Frogmore right now planning their next engagements and none of this would be happening. Plus, they may have even stayed with the the royal foundation allowing the Cambridges to coast on using the Sussexes while not lifting a finger themselves

    • line says:

      They have failed to accepted Harry and Meghan’s popularity and their work ethic so I cannot see them supporting or managing the future “potential” interest of people and the media in their children. Once the Cambridges kids will grew up as well as the Sussex kids, no one cared about Kate and William (see Charles and Camilla). The question to know will they be able to throw on the bus their children as well as their future spouses on the bus like Charles to hang on to the little relevance that will they have ?

      • Sofia says:

        I meant that some of the Cambridges would be back in the spotlight anyways in 10 years. It would be 3 out of 5 but that is the majority of them anyways.

        Plus in 10 years, W&K would probably be PPoW which would give them a boost, even if it’s a small boost that fizzles out after a while.

  29. St Mary says:

    What is Bulliam mourning abt?
    He with the UK media and his workers and some members of RF sold Harry and his family away,foolish Bulliam cannot eat his cake and have them!
    Shosh Baldie!

  30. Merricat says:

    We’ve heard nothing but tales of how angry William is over Sussexit, how disgusted he is, how disappointed, and now KP wants to play that violin and pretend that this is grief? Only from the point of view of an abuser.

  31. Giddy says:

    You can’t lose something that you threw away.

  32. caitlin says:

    I know it’s been said on here countless times before, but his miserable, spiteful ways have really aged him. Someone pointed out in an earlier post that he & Prince Edward look to be the same age and I have to agree.

  33. aquarius64 says:

    This is FFK’s fault and his consort’s too. Betty and Chuck must be really angry at them for this mess.

  34. Tessa says:

    Interesting how William never takes any responsibility for the rift. His giving unwanted advice to Harry about Meghan was way out of line. He is heir to the heir and not in charge.

  35. Tessa says:

    He was so busy undermining Harry and herded the children off the Flybe Jet carrying luggage and just happened to have photographers around.

  36. Catherine says:

    The incandescent with rage storline didn’t work. The he is defending the monarchy storyline didn’t work. The he is protecting his wife/family storyline didn’t work. So now they are trying out the he’s so sad narrative. When are they going to realize that they should just stop talking.

  37. February-Pisces says:

    If he cared about harry at all he wouldn’t have tried to ruin is life for the past 4 years. I know people IRL who believe harry should make up with Willie, and that it’s sad that harry has given up on his family. I mean harry didn’t give up on his family, his family gave up on him the minute they smeared him and Meghan. Willie has spent the last 4 years working the hardest to make sure everyone in the whole f*cking world hates harry and Meghan. You don’t come back from that.

    • notasugarhere says:

      If he cared about Harry, he wouldn’t have used him as whipping boy their entire lives.

  38. Lory says:

    Best friend? If this is how Wills treats his friends how does he treat his enemies??

  39. Gabby says:

    Wills misses Harry just like the plantation owner missed his favorite slave after the Civil War.

  40. Gina says:

    So, they try to change the narrative. I agree with the posters above – by appropriating situation that caused Sussexit KP team tries to assure everyone that the Royals, especially TOB and his Karen, are victims.
    For example, the tone of many articles describes H&M interview as aggressive, incriminatory, likewise. One can spot very precise and intentional choice of wording in these articles. Then, the articles about “poor Queen” and thousands consolation letters she is receiving. At last, the articles about poor Kate…
    And now we got to “grieving” Willy. It could be laughable if the British public wasn’t so susceptible to these lies. I would never underestimate British tabs, their history and experience in public manipulation. I just hope it won’t work this time because Harry and Meghan have a voice now.

  41. Mina_Esq says:

    This is so pathetic. My man, pick up the phone. There is such an easy fix to all of his sadness lol

  42. Jaded says:

    This one has Ma Midd’s hands all over it.

  43. Reece says:

    I understand where he’s coming from.
    It’s difficult. It’s a long slow grieving process when your institutionalized scapegoat tells you to go F yourself.

  44. Liz version 700 says:

    He is grieving the loss of his favorite chew toys. This man has no feelings for others. Also he is grieving the trouncing he now currently gets from the international press.

  45. swirlmamad says:

    Too bad, so sad. BLAME YOUR OWN DAMN SELF and find someone who cares — you won’t find anyone on this site who does. I truly believe the theories that Will has a personality disorder. Constantly deflecting and turning the blame so that he becomes the victim, and his wife is the same exact way.

    • Chrissy says:

      Or PWT is just a spoiled brat with a God complex, who’s gotten his own way his whole life and, after treating his only brother abominably and scapegoating him and his SIL, Harry called the PWT/BRF’s bluff and high-tailed it to sunny California to live his best life. Harry gave them the “half-in/ half-out” option but PWT et al. nixed that and continued to feed the racist beast, so the only alternative was to make a clean break. I believe that Meghan gave Harry an outsider’s perspective and helped Harry see that how the BRF operated was incredibly unhealthy and the RR system was soul-crushing, so they left and are both using their pooled talents to make a new impactful life away from the insanity. Diana would be so proud!

      • swirlmamad says:

        I agree and really do think Diana would be so proud of Harry as well. It’s nice to think that she is rooting them on from up above!

      • swirlmamad says:

        I agree and really do think Diana would be so proud of Harry as well. It’s nice to think that she is rooting them on from up above!

  46. meatloaf&gravy says:

    After two years of being a bystander, it’s time to respond to this madness. PW, RF, BM have all have made their beds and they will not only lie in them, but will endure the wrath of Karma and it will be harsh and more than anyone can imagine. I have no mercy nor pity when it starts to happen and they start to spiral. I loved Meg from Suits and was over the moon when she found love with Harry. The vitriol, racism, have all been too much, they didn’t deserve that, no one does. I had a feeling she was going through something sinister behind the sciences, but sitting down and watching her interview, to find out she was not only pregnant but suicidal brought me to tears.. I can’t imagine how alone she was and felt, while the others refused to help her and purposely devised plans to bring her to that point, it was the grace of God, her praying mother along with her strength and Harry’s will to forego everything and get her the ‘hell out of there.’ They all underestimated him and he will not ever go back, knowing now the full extent of how evil and sick they truly are. What’s also been bothering me is the night nurse and how was fired so swiftly. I truly believe she tried to smother Archie and if it was successful, it would have looked liked SIDS, I have a feeling either Meg or Harry caught her, I’d really like to find out the exact truth about this, it it’s probably too traumatizing for them. I hope they are undergoing some sort of therapy to continue to heal. I’m so glad Meg is now able to enjoy her pregnancy the way you should, with peace, happiness, joy and excitement. I also hope she is touching her stomach one hundred times a day! Being able to finally sit and write how I’ve been feeling during this period has been cathartic.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      If the nurse had tried to harm Archie she would have been arrested an prosecuted. I think we should be VERY careful about such speculations. She may have been fired promptly and being unprofessional but I don’t think it is fair to speculate whether she was a potential murderer. I suspect that she took pictures of him – at the time the press was baying for pics of Archie.

      During the promo for FF, Omid apparently told another journo about why she was fired (off the record) and the other man replied that she would have done the same. I doubt the response would have been this subdued if she had tried to harm the child.

      • meatloaf&gravy says:

        I will admit I became more upset and emotional as I was writing. I’ve been on CB for a few years and admire everyone who stands up and defends Harry and Meghan. Much of what they’ve endured, family abuse, depression, dark places hits too close to home for me. You are correct about the nurse, I just feel these people will stop at nothing. Thank you for using logic, I needed that.

      • Nick says:

        @meatloaf Many of us are completely triggered by Meghan and Harry’s story. As a biracial woman married into a white family with a few unwelcoming relatives I have been worried about having a stroke through some of this. It feels extremely personal. But so many other elements of this story has touched us all and the fact that it’s happening to people as genuine and kind as H&M is making us crazy. Glad you said something.

      • Jaded says:

        @meatloaf&gravy – I have a feeling the night nurse did one of two things. She was drinking on the job, and/or sexting with a boyfriend – either way it would have taken her away from her duties to the baby or rendered her not compos mentis enough to look after Archie. She could have even been going through Meghan and Harry’s personal stuff looking for dirt she could sell to the tabloids. But she certainly didn’t have murdering a baby on her mind, otherwise she’d be in jail.

    • Lady D says:

      I think she would be charged and jailed if she had tried to harm him. Plus suffocation is easily pegged by a coroner. I think the theory floated here a couple of days ago is more correct. They said she had made a very sexual move towards Harry, and that’s why she was fired instantly. I hate the idea that someone did try to harm that babe.

      • meatloaf&gravy says:

        Thank you for your response and setting things straight, should I post again I’ll ensure to forgo my conspiracy theories 😉 This post just sent me over the edge, I just want this to stop. Meghan and Harry have been through enough. I keep wondering when it’s will end, when will they have peace? I just don’t know.

      • swirlmamad says:

        Yikes — getting in as a plant and making a pass at Harry to conjure up dirt to feed the Rota? As crazy as that sounds I can totally believe that theory. These people are beyond sick if that was truly the case.

      • Donna B. says:

        If that theory was true about the nurse making a move on Harry, then she was trying to set Harry up for tabloid gossip. Remember there was already the speculation about willie’s affair with rosy.

    • swirlmamad says:

      That is too horrific to even contemplate. I believe it was something more along the lines of she was sharing private/personal details or even taking photos of the baby to pass on to the RRs (perhaps to “verify” his skin color???). Something extremely out of line and worthy of immediate firing, but nothing so diabolical as that. I am quite sure H & M would have pressed charges had something like that been the case.

  47. Bunny says:

    William has deep-seated emotional problems if he’s grieving his brother and “best friend”.

    He still has a brother. His brother isn’t dead. His brother has married, and has his own home and family. William has married and has his own home and family.

    People all over the world do these exact things, and aren’t overcome with crippling grief and sadness. People grow up, get married, have families, and dedicate their lives elsewhere.

    I’m not sure what the Palace thinks they’re doing, but they’re making William look weak and emotionally unstable.

    Additionally, if William cant bear life without his brother, when he has a wife and three children, one can presume he’s having marital problems as well.

  48. Faye G says:

    He’s grieving the loss of his looks and his popularity. Those are the things that matter to him, not family members, not other people, only himself.

  49. FunkyEdema says:

    Big Billy the Incandescent has no one to blame but himself.

    You don’t insult and endanger your brother’s wife and child if you’re hoping to remain “best friends.” No one needs a friend like that.

  50. FicklePickle says:

    I mean, I would certainly be very mad if some stranger came along and stole my couch. I would grieve it’s loss. I’d probably try to get other people to help me punish the thief and get my couch back. It’s MINE, after all, and very useful. Not easy for me to get another one.

    SOOO, I can kind of understand where William is coming from? It’s just, I don’t feel that people can be equated to things, whereas William’s family is ALL ABOUT equating people to things.

  51. Likeyoucare says:

    Dear willie,
    Since meghan was not allow tofind help for her mental health during her stay in britain.
    Maybe harry can give you a discount for that BetterUp Mental health app.
    You really need it, make it two for Kate too.

  52. tiredoldcrazylady says:

    it’s so freaking stupid. How about pick up the phone and apologize and then jump on a plane and visit. Plan some family holidays. Send a text full of dumb memes. Harry’s not dead and neither is William. William wants to see him – he can just pull his big boy pants on and go do it.

  53. Isabella says:

    Except for Harry, they are all incredibly boring. That’s a problem for them. That’s a problem for the press. That’s why they can’t leave this story alone. It’s all they have.

    • AKansan63 says:

      Our society today doesn’t value duty and honor. Instead it values self. Self expression, self fulfillment, self centered and selfish. So very sad.

      • Edna says:

        And the right wing Maga/Brexiteers are the best example of selfishness.

      • Jaded says:

        I beg to differ. There are literally millions of people in many societies who work tirelessly for others. Including Meghan and Harry. It’s Harry’s own family who exemplify selfishness in a myriad of ways.

  54. Chartreuse says:

    That rage momster is not capable but good try.. Even his kids step away,um still shocked at my friends who believe that Kate /will story and the evil meghan story but end of day they’re late 60s and read and believe fail 😔😔😔

  55. Well Wisher says:

    This is an emerging pattern of behaviour deflect, attack and project. It serves no one well including the people who used it as a ‘coping’ strategy. No wonder this whole fiasco went horribly wrong.
    William wanted to continue to control his brother and eventually his future wife and family. It seemed to be his reason for being, unfortunately Harry became a fully functioning adult and chose another such individual to be his partner. So the emotional toddler ‘threw his toys out of his pram’.
    He demanded that Harry assumed the assigned position that he, William created for him as loyal punching bag when he is ‘incandescent with rage’ (I wish he would learn that feelings are neutral, to accept them, breathe then act: rather than repress and ‘blow up isht’.
    He was given new powers when Simon Case was employed and he used them to accommodate his ongoing rage issues in the most irresponsible manner, unbecoming of a future monarch and ignoring his brother’s boundaries, which are necessary to have a professional relationship. The pattern persisted until the Sussexes left. The threats, briefings and ultimatums all fail for one good reason, he selfishly failed to recognize his brother’s humanity and decency. He sees his brother’s decency as an affront and now cluelessly continues to gaslight.
    Thankfully Harry no longer sees his brother’s needs as his priority. He has a family to consider, his need to be a decent husband and father is too important to ignore to appease the dysfunctional Cambridges.
    The only redeeming factor is that he, William, did not wax poetic of ‘his love for his brother’.
    Harry grew up, by the age of 27 William should have outgrown the terrible 2s.
    It is amazing to see that man profoundly misused the new found powers to abuse his brother and his wife, then blamed his grandmother, now he is labeling his aunt as a ‘racist’. Every misstep from the royal family concerning Harry was because of William, and Charles inability to confront him.
    Chillingly, is pulling security and exposing the Sussexes whereabouts, the biggest threat to Harry’s and his family wellbeing is William and Kate, sadly Harry loves him. This is not a salvageable relationship in its present state, William has a lot of work to do on himself and a whole lot of apologising to do. It has to inform his actions, until then Harry has to continue to prioritize the safety and wellbeing of himself and his family.
    The ghoulish language used in the family’s article is unnecessary and unfair, his brother is very much alive but the unhealthy relationship died due to William’s actions. Harry needs to keep those boundaries firmly in place until further notice.

  56. Carabella says:

    He wanted Meg gone, that’s what he got. As the saying goes, “Be careful what you wish for.”

  57. Lowrider says:

    I doubt it. This is the reporter projecting.

  58. Moxylady says:

    If only he wasn’t such a malignant narcissist, he never would have pushed his brother out of his life and terrorized him, his new wife and their unborn child.
    No sympathy for those who who suffer the consequence of their repeated tyrannical actions.

  59. Cass says:

    I worry for Megan. The Windsors are incredibly vindictive people with long memories.

    The Gayle King leak thing made me concerned for Megan. She is being used for headlines and not protected. There is no long game there and she will need one if she is taking on the House of Windsor.

    Diana was always the mother of the future heir to the throne whereas Meg does not hold that status. She is a celebrity

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      Harry is taking on the House of Windsor. The narrative that it’s Meghan alone is absolutely incorrect. H & M do have a long game. It’s why they left. Gayle King isn’t using them without their permission. Meghan probably has more protection now than she did while in England. After all, H & M are paying for their own protection….not The Firm that was running them out. Their lawyers probably have copies of the receipts.

      Yes, the Windsors are incredibly vindictive people which more and more people are becoming aware of. The new PR person should suggest they get therapy for that. That family (had to put it that way) seems more concerned with the optics of H & M leaving rather than actually having any real emotions tied to them leaving other than incandescent rage.

      Don’t worry for Meghan. If anything were to happen to her the BRF would be the first to get a hard long look with all the receipts.

      • Jaded says:

        @Cass – they have their own security. The BRF has shown they’re not protecting Harry, his own father took away his RPOs. Meghan is not any more vulnerable than Harry now, and I don’t for a minute believe the BRF has long enough tentacles to cause her sleepless nights. If all they can muster is cheap shots through the tabloids, she can rest easy. Besides, she has all the receipts and if the BRF so much as sneezes in her direction she’ll drop them.

  60. Cass says:

    Talking about Harry like he died is the first step to managing him out of being seen as a Prince.

    I hope that Harry and Megan’s understandable need to pay their bills is not going to strategically backfire on them.

    If they need to publicise their civilian jobs they look less royal. If they look less royal it is raise to treat them as not royal

    • equality says:

      If they look less royal? How do you look royal? Have any of them looked like somebody to look up to or emulate at all times? Has Harry looked “royal” at all previous points in his life, and yet, no calls to remove him when he was showing all his “royal” body? There are various other members of the family who have had commercial ventures such as Ann, the Kents, Andrew, Edward and Sophie. Where are they treated as less “royal”? You can google any of their names and come up with scandals. Where are the calls for removal at those points?

    • lanne says:

      I’m getting a whiff of serious concern trolling here. Maybe you’re a Nervous Nellie by nature, but honestly, H and M are fine. They have money, security, powerful friends. They live a continent away from the hapless Windsors. They have more “security” through their money and connections than Diana ever had. Diana was on her own, with no one to protect her, and completely vulnerable to exploitation by idiots like the Fayeds ( whom she likely thought could protect her). When H and M were at their most vulnerable, they had people like Tyler perry and Oprah looking after them. That’s where the Windsors f—d up big time, thinking the Sussexes had no friends (you’re nothing without us—they said, echoing Thomas Markle). They have the kind of independence that Kate and William will never have. The windsors may have billions, but they also dance on the puppet strings of the daily mail and the sun. Harry and Meghan are free free free! They get to live their best lives. Save your worry for people who really need it.

      • lanne says:

        Oh, for what it’s worth, prince Henry of wales, duke of Sussex, is a royal by birth. It would take an act of parliament to remove his duke title, and even then, Meghan would still be Princess Henry by marriage. I think the UK parliament has bigger problems than if a prince 6th in line to the throne living on his own constitutes treason. You know, Brexit and all

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      Since Harry was in the military, by definition of the word, he’s already had a civilian job. And was quite good at it. Don’t know how working to pay one’s bills will strategically backfire-most people consider working a good thing. It’s better than having taxpayer’s help fund your lifestyle when your supposed to have a great net worth or taking a maskless publicized stroll through a vigil and then calling it “work”.

      Fortunately the world isn’t going to forget he was born a prince or that he’s liked for reasons that have nothing to do with being a prince. And, if talking about him as if he died (which is gruesome) is the strategy the FIRM wants to employ it will do more damage to the monarchy and William especially than to Harry globally.

    • Jaded says:

      How is hanging out on a beach with his dog, or Meghan running on the beach with Archie and the family feeding rescue chickens “looking royal”? They haven’t “looked royal” since they left that poisonous family. Harry was born a prince, you cannot erase that from his CV. His wife is a Princess by marriage, however neither is acting anything other than professional and continuing with the work they set out to do within the royal family, and were not allowed to do. Between the two of them they have the contacts, credentials, drive and passion to create a foundation that will help many good causes worldwide. Publicizing one’s philanthropic work is normal in order to attract donors and partners. Why should it be different with them? Why should they hide away? Your comment really doesn’t make sense.

    • Emily_C says:

      They’re living in the United States, making their own way (though with a definite boost from their past.) Looking “less royal,” whatever that even means, is only a positive for them. We don’t actually like royalty here as anything but gossip fodder. You seem to believe that the RF is going to try to assassinate them — why? What good would it do? And on American soil, really?

      Meghan and Harry are very rich people with even richer friends, living an idyllic life of making bank for work they like. With chickens. Don’t worry about them, they’ll be just fine.

  61. Agreatreckoning says:

    I am very much worried and concerned that the Windsor family in England have their heads so for up their own @sses that they’ll sprain their necks when they fart.

    And, sadly, I don’t think they’ll ever realize it.

    • Emily_C says:

      They think royalty is real, and not based on having ancestors who were simply very good at murdering and thieving. It’s sad, really.

  62. Saucy&Sassy says:

    The post I was replying too disappeared.

  63. DrC says:

    He seems borderline. His mom had been thought to have borderline personality disorder and it is often passed along.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      DrC, are you saying that Diana was thought to have a borderline personality disorder? Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that the diagnosis that is used today for a psychopath/sociopath? I think you might want to be careful about what you’re suggesting.