Prince Harry ‘will absolutely do his utmost to get back to the UK and be with his family’

Lady Gabriella Windsor wedding

When the Duke of Edinburgh’s passing was announced, it was just after 7 am here on the East Coast, meaning it was around 4 am on the West Coast, in California. I wonder if anyone from the Windsor family called and woke up Harry and Meghan, or if perhaps the Lord Chamberlain informed Harry, or someone like that. As of this writing, Harry has not issued a statement and I’m not really expecting him to. The royal family has a million protocols for everything, and a lot of those protocols are about death and dying. I’m pretty sure it would be bad form for Harry to release a statement right now. But of course, it’s not bad form for the British papers to assume that Philip’s death means that Harry is coming home for the funeral:

Prince Philip’s death on Friday could send Prince Harry and Meghan Markle back to the UK for the first time in a year, weeks after they gave a devastating interview to Oprah alleging racism in the Royal Family which aired while Prince Philip was in hospital. The couple left the UK in March 2020, quitting ‘senior’ royal duties to pursue a ‘private life’. Since then, they have launched a charity, accepted lucrative business deals with Netflix and Spotify, given public talks, appeared on Zoom conferences, and on March 7, they trashed the Royal Family in a sit-down interview with Oprah that was viewed around the world.

Meghan is now pregnant with their second child and due to give birth sometime in the summer but she has not disclosed exactly when. The couple has not commented on any plan to return to the UK.

A source close to the family told on Friday: ‘Harry will absolutely do his utmost to get back to the UK and be with his family. He will want nothing more than to be there for his family, and particularly his grandmother, during this awful time. Meghan is obviously pregnant so she will need to take advice from her doctors about whether it is safe for her to travel, but I think Harry will definitely go.’

What kind of reception they will receive after their extraordinary interview and behavior over the last year is uncertain. The most damaging claim they made during the Oprah interview was that someone in the family made comments to Harry, expressing ‘concern’ over their son Archie’s skin tone. Meghan also suggested that the concern was why Archie would not be given the title of Prince.

[From The Daily Mail]

The Daily Mail is visibly licking their chops at the “uncertain” reception H&M will get IF they return for the funeral. I really hope Meghan is like “I’ll mourn in California, thanks.” I’m sure Harry will be required to go, and if he goes solo, it’s going to be a mess. Mostly in the British media. It doesn’t sound like Harry is even speaking regularly to William or Charles at the moment, but he actually will want to see his grandmother. And I would imagine that she’ll want to see him too.

People have already been widely circulating this clip from Fox News, where one of the morning anchors basically blames the Sussexes’ Oprah interview for killing Philip. No one can get their stories straight on any of that – reportedly, Philip wasn’t even told about the interview, so I have no idea what this dude is talking about.

Britain's Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex attend the 91st Field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey in London, Thursday, Nov. 7, 2019.

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  1. Abby says:

    Well it didn’t take long for this speculation to start. Eye roll.

    I doubt Meghan would fly in her condition, plus covid times. I would guess that Harry would want to be there to honor his grandfather but I would also guess he won’t leave Meghan if she’s close to her due date.

    Such a mess. It’s hard to grieve in the best of situations. This toxicity is just out of control.

    In my own experience, I lost my grandmother during a time when I was estranged from my brothers and their wives. Half our family knew what they’d done to create the mess (which also negatively affected my grandma while she was alive), and the celebration of her life was literally one of the most excruciating things I’ve ever experienced. Sitting at a table with them and their wives, and some family that knew the drama and others that didn’t, chit chatting was horrific. The whole experience was just not fun, on top of grieving her loss. So I feel for Harry and Meghan as they have to go through this.

    • Becks1 says:

      My grandfather died about two years ago and we were estranged from him and my dad’s whole side of the family, due to my sister’s manipulation and lies (even though my sister passed away years ago). My dad, brother and I went to see him shortly before he died and my dad’s mother and sister were there and it was one of the most excruciating things I’ve experienced like you said. I felt so bad for my dad who had a complicated relationship with his father regardless and then the family drama of the past 10-20 years on top of it. We did not attend the funeral though.

      I think this is a time where the protocol of the royal family might be a good thing. Harry can attend and he’s not going to be expected to make a big show of hugging family members in public or anything. He can just go to the funeral (especially if its private) and then leave.

      • GraceB says:

        I’m sorry to hear that @Becks1. It certainly does add a layer of pain when you’re on bad terms or estranged from family. I think often people around you think it’s somehow easier but my own experience was similar. Full of what if’s and maybe’s.

        I think if anything, Philips passing is only going to soften people towards the Royals again.

      • Moxylady says:

        Edit- deleted my comment
        Too personal

    • Snuffles says:

      Sorry you went through that, but, yeah, it will be like that for Harry x1000.

      I remember when my grandfather died and my Dad and his brothers were griping with each other the whole time. I remember having a dream the night before the funeral of my grandfather coming to me exasperated saying he wished they would stop arguing. The next day, when my Dad started griping again, I told him about my dream and he promptly shut up.

    • CJ says:

      Honestly I don’t want either of them to go. Something just tells me it’s not safe since the interview.

      • North of Boston says:

        That’s how I feel too.

        On one hand I can tell myself “don’t be ridiculous, it’s not like the middle ages or Game of Thrones or some Shakespeare play where the FK or FFK would off close relatives in the dark of night to solidify their positions”

        But then I read things like that DW letter, and that bizarre profile of William doing ‘dear leader’ dictator cosplay and I think maybe it’s not that ridiculous.

        And that’s even *before* I consider:

        – the major media players (and the RR themselves) getting clicks and gobs of money from jumping on H & M’s backs and who are looking to ride the BP, CH, KP royal gravy train for as long as they can. The industry known for phone hacks and other technology incursions AND digging out sources (and with deep pockets to pay some) to get inside info … especially with the Royal houses’ history of leaking like sieves WRT H & M’s plans, itineraries, locations could easily set someone up to target them.

        – the vile racists and royalists who really are reveling in pure hate for Meghan especially, and Harry as well … for many of them it could be a very short hop between posting hateful diatribes on the internet and seeking to violently take matters into their own hands to ‘defend the whiteness of the Crown’ or Britannia or whatever delusional god they worship .

      • Cat Lady26 says:

        I think Harry would actually be safe returning for the funeral. I can’t imagine that someone would try to hurt him when the vast majority of vitriol towards the couple is aimed directly at Meghan. I think that, just as we’ve surmised that the Royal family wants Harry and JUST Harry to come home permanently without Meghan and Archie, the same would be applied to the BM and Meghan haters. He is still Diana’s son, and that allows for a ton of goodwill going his way. Meghan, in their eyes, is the Jezebel that stole the innocent and blinded Harry away from the family and that he will ultimately see the error of his ways and return to the fold without her and his children. I think, to some extent, Harry is still a very much loved figure in the UK. Hell, I think both Harry AND Meghan are very much loved but it’s split generationally, culturally, and of course, by the way the media portrays them and who is gullible enough to believe that or not.
        I was just ruminating on the power of the British media yesterday because, when I speak to my mom about Diana, my mom always insists that Diana was extremely problematic and that she does not like Diana at all. And I realized that the reason, most likely, that my mom does not like Diana is because of her portrayal in the media. This was before the internet, so the news reports that my mom heard would have been biased one way or the other and, all these years later, my mom still insists that Diana was, much like Meghan, a problematic and horrible person who cheated on poor, innocent Charles, which led him back into the arms of Camilla (though my mom is very pro H&M).
        There is definitely a generational gap when it comes to this type of stuff, and I think it’s mostly the conservative and older generations that have a problem with Meghan particularly, while in their minds, Harry is a besotten prodigal son that has been manipulated into this position by the power hungry evil monster he married.
        So, I truly do not believe that there would be any danger to Harry returning for the funeral or for the statue. After all, this is what they actually want… They want Harry back, as he was before he met Meghan, as the court jester and spare to the throne. And they will, for a very short time during Philip’s funeral, have their dreams come true.

      • Tessa says:

        The Cambridge stans want the “one big happy family” of Kate, William and Harry. Kate being “like a sister” to Harry and he would be the perennial bachelor who trails after Will and Kate. It seems to me that unless William found the “right” person for Harry and decreed that they wait a few years “to get to know each other” Harry could never marry. It is oh so dysfunctional.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        I checked the CDC site for international travel an they are advising against people going to UK. There are new variants of the virus that they are even discouraging vaccinated people in the US from going. Also, the terrorist threat level is high and they are discouraging people not to go to the UK. I think Harry needs to stay home. He will definitely have to quarantine when he returns because of Meghan’s pregnancy, plus any people around them. I think with the terrorist threat being high he should stay as far away as possible. You know that he would be VERY high profile because the media would make it so. He should tell TQ he will be to see her later this year when COVID isn’t such a problem. With luck, the terrorist threat will be lower, too.

      • Nana says:

        That last DM paragraph is appalling and straight out Trumpian… It’s as though the paper is trying to incite a bad reaction against them, which the DM would love. It would give them photos and content for the next year – almost enough to make up for the crickets & lack of exclusives H&M have been giving the DM for years.
        Utter rubbish, yet so harmful and insensitive to the loss. But of course to be completely expected from that ethical black hole of a media co. It’s as though the Leveson Inquiry never even happened.

      • Christine says:

        Nana, I agree, completely. It gives me chills that I even had the thought, “Oh, Harry will be fine, they want him back, surely no one would hurt him.”

        That is not how the world works, and I know that, I live in LA. If any member of the royal family is at all tapped into reality, they SHOULD have a flotilla of security around Harry. I suspect it will speak to the narcissists’ souls, or I hope so, that they have one speck of awareness that if anything happens to Harry, it’s all over for this family of really rich, privileged, entitled white people. Let’s not let them forget they are still cocooning the pedophile from facing any real harm.

        Honestly, if I was a part of the security for any of this, I would glue Harry to Anne. The ENTIRE world knows how much Anne is Philip, 2.0. No one is going to go after Anne.

        ETA: I am an accountant, I know nothing of the inner workings of security. I still feel like Harry will be the safest, if he is with Anne, or, failing that, Edward and Sophie.

  2. JT says:

    Does Philip have any other grandchildren? Does the funeral rest entirely on Harry’s shoulders? Does anybody care about Betty and both heirs being present in the uk currently?

    • LaraW" says:

      Nope, no other grandchildren. Harry does not have that Other Brother at all.

      • Liz version 700 says:

        For real, no other family to worry about or check in with?

      • Marjorie K. Margel says:

        Snarkiness aside, since this is a large family it’s important if anyone is interested who the Grandchildren are. Some may not know.
        Andrew and Fergie’s two daughters, Beatrice, and Eugenia, Edwards children,Lady Louise Windsor, James, Vicount Severn. Anne’s son and daughter, Peter Phillips , Zara Tinsdale.

    • marci-m says:

      Philip and Elizabeth have 4 children, Charles, Anne, Andrew, & Edward. Their children are all grandchildren (William, Harry, Eugenie, Bea, Zara Tindall, Peter Phillips, Lady Louise, James Vicount Severn) There are several great grandchildren besides Archie and Will’s children.

    • Becks1 says:

      You guys. JT was being sarcastic lol.

  3. Becks1 says:

    Of course Harry is going to try to get back to the UK to see his family. I don’t know why people are acting like this is some big mystery of “will he or won’t he.” If he can, given pandemic protocols etc, he will. I’m not sure what the CA rules for travel are right now, if he would have to quarantine before or after, but I think he’s certainly going to try to get there. Everything else aside, we know he loved his grandfather, we know he loves his grandmother, we know he is close to at least one cousin, Eugenie, and we know he is working on his relationship with his father.

    The thing that I don’t think is going to happen at this point is that he will make any public appearances. So the idea of “his reception” is kind of laughable. He’s not going to walk down the street as part of a parade or something. He’s going to go, stay at Frogmore Cottage, visit his family, maybe attend services if anything is held at this time, and then go back to California. I wouldn’t be surprised if there aren’t even any pictures of him in the UK.

    • Cecilia says:

      That’s exactly what i think will happen. I also think that the actual funeral might be a private event. Harry will go, but it won’t be the photo op the press thinks it will be.

      • LaraW" says:

        Haha, the REAL question is whether William will be informed of anything related to Harry’s comings and goings. Or Charles, for that matter.

      • liz says:

        I think they have announced that the funeral will be private and in St Georges’s Chapel at Windsor. So if they want it closed to the press, it will be closed – no paparazzi will get access at all. Apparently Philip didn’t want a State Funeral and COVID protocols make that impossible anyway.

        Harry is probably not eligible for a vaccine in CA yet (50+ until next week), but if he has been able to get one (by volunteering at a clinic or for some other reason), that will change his calculus on his ability/willingness to travel.

    • LadyMTL says:

      MTE, Becks1. If he can go (what with Covid, travel restrictions, and so on) it’ll be for a private matter, not a parade with balloons, confetti, and a 21 gun salute. His grandfather has died, I doubt very much that he’ll be smiling and waving to the cameras.

      • Cessily says:

        If he or she travels to England it’s a 10-14 day quarantine upon arrival in the UK and upon the return to the USA , from my reading. So that with 4-5 days for travel and funeral and he may miss his daughters birth that’s over a month. If the family goes together they would have to remain for the birth I would assume no doctor would sign off on a return flight to the USA.
        Truthfully after seeing that and the covid risk, it is horrible anyone would expect him to go.

      • Shawna says:

        There is no mandatory quarantine on return to the US – a negative covid test is required within 3 days of the return flight. I have no idea what the UK quarantine rules are but since he will arrive by private plane ( I assume and he damn well should for security) we will never know. It is hardly a month quarantine.
        There is no reason to believe they haven’t both been vaccinated at this point since pregnancy is not a contraindication.

      • FicklePickle says:

        @Shawna California does not have open vaccination yet. The categories of people who may get the vaccine at this point in time are: 50 years or older, higher-risk medical condition (asthma, BMI over 40, etc.), essential workers (as defined by the State of California), and medical workers and volunteers (technically they fall under essential workers but the stuff I’ve been seeing has separated them out as their own category to avoid any confusion).

        Unless Harry and Meg fall under one of those categories they haven’t been legitimately vaccinated in California. I choose to believe they aren’t the sort of rich asshole who’d fly across the country to a state where they can get vaccinated right now, or the sort of rich asshole who’d buy their way past legal restrictions.

    • My Two Cents says:

      But then there’s the question of how he’d get there, obviously under all the circumstances he would fly on a private jet. He will not be flying commercial during a pandemic. Good lord, i don’t think I can handle the reaction to that from the UK. and we all know what they’ll be writing.

      • Amy T says:

        Cue Elton John or another well-heeled friend with a private plane who understands discretion. He can fly in, attend the private service and be gone before anyone has time to realize he was there.

      • notasugarhere says:

        troll (fluffy_bunny)

    • mariahlee says:

      Sure, but this assumes that Harry can control these things. If the family (and the press) want to make a spectacle of his return — and we have every reason to believe they do — they will.

      • Becks1 says:

        I don’t think the Queen will want to make a spectacle of his return and I think right now the family is going to tread very carefully to follow her orders.

        But, time will tell of course. I just dont think that fear of his “reception” in the UK is going to keep Harry away from his grandfather’s funeral.

      • Snuffles says:

        One can only hope that for once in their sick, twisted existence, they will respect the Queen’s wishes and stand down until the funeral is over.

      • bloemheks says:

        Hopefully, KP will be told little to nothing about his travel plans or itinerary.

    • Alaska Monet says:

      Even if the funeral is fully private and Harry makes no public appearances, the royal press will still report on “his reception” at the funeral, either by representing speculation and fiction as fact or by reporting information acquired through their Willi-leaks channel. I think we need to be prepared for stories of William being benevolent and Kate acting with steely grace under extraordinary stress in the face of the petulant Harry, skulking back into the fold and having the audacity to expect the spotlight will be on him. We will hear about how Harry’s return did nothing to comfort his family, with his presence only serving as a reminder of his and his wife’s betrayal, adding enormous strain to an already grieving family. This narrative is already written and the funeral isn’t even planned yet.

      • Becks1 says:

        Sure, the press can just make up whatever they want or KP can leak it, but I think the press is hoping for some major photo ops with William and Harry that they can spin for months (omg the articles about body language!!!) and I don’t think that’s likely.

      • (The OG) Jan90067 says:

        I posted this on the other story, before I saw this story:

        Brace yourselves for the barrage of articles castigating Harry TO come back for the funeral (“Harry MUST come to show his respect for his grandfather/grandmother/BRF!!) or for NOT coming (How DARE he spit in TQ’s face/Not honor his grandfather, who he “claimed” to love so well)… And if Harry DOES go: (How could he break Pandemic protocols and travel? Does he expect to skip quarantine? Does he not think of what he could be bringing to TQ!!??)

        No win for Harry.

      • Lemons says:

        The rotas are copying and pasting everything you just said @Alaska Monet!

      • bettyrose says:

        That’s all so gross. Harry has his own personal relationship with his grandfather, and of course he wants to be there to mourn. It’s an important step in the grieving process. I feel so bad for him that it can’t be done in private. I’m sure many of us can relate, wanting to honor a beloved grandparent at a funeral regardless of family dynamics, but Harry of course knows there will be negative press for his family no matter what he chooses.

    • Kkat says:

      He can go if he wants. My X father in law recently died and his Wife (English) who lived here in California just had her daughter (Also from England) come out and help with her packing
      And they both just flew back to London.
      There were no restrictions.

  4. Snuffles says:

    Since Philip was in the hospital for a whole month, I’m going to assume Harry and Meghan have a game plan on what they would do when he died.

    If I had to guess, Meghan will stay in California and Harry will go to the funeral to pay his respects, visit the Queen, then book it the fuck out of there as quickly as humanly possible.

  5. Amy Bee says:

    I don’t think Meghan will go and I’m not sure about Harry. We’re still in a pandemic and I believe there are limits to how many people can attend a funeral. It would make sense for the palace to set up a zoom link for people who can’t attend the funeral in person, just like the rest of the world is doing.

    This is why I hate royalty. Ordinary people have to abide by the rules but the Royal Family can do what they like.

    • Snuffles says:

      Hmm…yeah, there are limits but will they make an exception for Philip? I know he personally didn’t want a fuss.

      If it were ME planning things. I would have a small funeral with just the Queen and his children. Then schedule a larger memorial service in the fall when the pandemic is more under control, most people are vaccinated and people can gather safely to honor his memory.

      • Amy Bee says:

        @Snuffles: This makes perfect sense but when it comes to the royals all sense goes out the window.

    • Becks1 says:

      What are the current limits for a funeral?

      If they have the queen, her children and grandchildren – no spouses – that puts you under 15 people if I’m adding correctly (HM, four kids, and 8 grandkids). The spouses though push the numbers up very quickly.

      • SarahCS says:

        I’m pretty sure it’s 30 (from a quick look on plus it looks like he’d have to stay in a quarantine hotel for 10 days on arrival? There may be a way to speed that up but I know they’re a thing now.

      • schlussel says:

        the US isn’t currently on the UK’s ‘red list’ of countries, so Harry would be able to isolate at Frogmore or a private residence. plus with ‘test-to-release’ if you test negative repeatedly you can shorten the quarantine period down from the full 10 days.

  6. Cecilia says:

    To be honest, if the pandemic allows it harry will go. But I sincerely hope meghan stays in cali.

    As for the fox news bit. People trying to blame his death on that oprah interview while he lived a whole month after it aired need to get their brains checked

    • Lucy2 says:

      And he was 99 years old, and let’s be honest, has looked…unwell, for quite some time.

      I was overseas and unable to attend my grandfather’s funeral. It was tough, not being there with my family. If Harry wants to go, I hope he does, and I hope Meghan and Archie stay put.

  7. Lauren says:

    They write about a source close to the family saying stuff, and then write this “He will want nothing more than to be there for his family”. Just write that a source close to the rf says that and call it a day. We know that the royal roaches have no source close to Harry and Meghan, might as well stop faking it. I’m wondering about the logistics of a funeral, technically no more than 15 people per funeral right now. Are they going to allow more than that for Philipp? Because if they follow the rules that’s 15 from the rf and Harry is kind of persona non grata right now and his place is waaaaaay behind the FK and FFK as they like to remind people. Harry will probably be flying in to be close to his gran, but Meghan is pregnant and there is still a pandemic…

  8. S808 says:

    I’m not expecting Meghan to go as she is heavily pregnant but I am expecting Harry to go. I mean it’s his grandfather and his last words regarding Philip were warm. There will be headlines either way so why not? I don’t think he’ll let his batsh*t crazy family stop him from saying a final goodbye to his grandfather.

  9. Iris says:

    If I lived on the east coast of America and my 99 year old grandfather died in the middle of a pandemic, I would think long and hard about flying home for the funeral. (Especially if I was supposed to adhere to a 14 day quarantine on arrival into the U.K… although presumably they’re all vaccinated anyway)

    I absolutely would not expect my pregnant wife and our toddler to travel, nor would any member of my family. But if Meghan doesn’t go, it’s because she ‘thinks she’s too good for the royal family!’ or she’s ‘snubbing the queen in the her time of need!’ If she does attend, it’ll be because she’s ‘an attention seeker!

    What baffles me is that these people never seem to think about the real life application of this. Would they travel during the pandemic for their grandfather’s funeral? Would their partner be expected to? It’s bizarre.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      “What baffles me is that these people never seem to think about the real life application of this.”

      Real life applications do not seem to apply to the British Royal Family in any facet of life.

    • Katie says:

      Exactly. Especially since his wife is heavily pregnant. She would definitely need him more should she give birth. This can prevent him from being with her during or around labor, as well as helping out with the newborn which is nuts. Well, that, or risking infecting the wife or the baby (well, babies), which absolutely unacceptable. I would not expect him to attend.

    • Anne Call says:

      He’ll fly private. According to my Instagram feed EVERYONE is busy flying all over the country.

  10. Talie says:

    If he’s able to be there, I wouldn’t be surprised if The Queen has him ride with her to the service to silence any speculation. If not, he’ll probably stick with Eugenie and Jack since they would all be staying together anyway. No way Meghan will travel – too far along.

    • SarahCS says:

      Yeah except we’re not supposed to be in contact with anyone outside of our immediate household unless you’re in a ‘bubble (support, childcare, etc.) so they should all be staying 2m away from each other even around the funeral. That’s whether you’re vaccinated or not.

    • Carrie says:

      I want to know what the fuss was about Eugenie moving in and then out and then back into Frogmore was all about. Why hasn’t the press chased after that story? Inquiring minds need to know!

      • Lady D says:

        Because it was William who raised a stink and somehow ended up being overrode. Now who has that power? Charles, Andrew and her Maj.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Why do you think the queen, who wouldn’t even let Harry send a commemorative wreath, will do anything in particular to make anything easier for anyone?

  11. BearcatLawyer says:

    Lord, the RF is really tone deaf. Countless weddings, funerals, and other celebrations have been cancelled or strictly limited in number thanks to the pandemic. Now would be the exact time for them to set a good example and host a Zoom or YouTube service for Philip and avoid looking like the rules do not apply to them.

    • Dolly says:

      Funerals are happening in uk and up to 30 family members can attend so the rf won’t be exactly breaking any rules. Harry can attend and frankly imho should

  12. Merricat says:

    I hope if Harry does go, it’s directly to see his granny, and then directly back home to California.

  13. swirlmamad says:

    The numbers allowed for weddings have increased (at least it has here in the US) so I would assume the same for funerals as well. It all depends on how safely he can travel to the UK, and I would hope the rats shut the F up about flying private (that is the most logistical way for him to travel right now anyway, between it likely being a short visit and the safest way to avoid Covid). All things considered, I agree that the most likely scenario is Harry going on his own and Meghan staying home with Archie.

  14. Q says:

    I really hope he doesn’t go. I worry for his safety.
    His family tried to have his wife and child killed, ffs!

  15. Sofia says:

    I definitely do think Harry will go. He has made it clear that he loves his grandparents. Meghan I’m not too sure of. She’s currently pregnant and most likely in her third trimester but I can also see her wanting to support Harry during this time and decide to go (unless medically she can’t).

    • jwoolman says:

      Meghan made it pretty clear in the interview that she had a good relationship with the queen. They also went out of their way to clarify the next day that Elizabeth and Phillip were definitely not the ones who were concerned about Archie’s potential skin color. They also see the queen often via video calls.

      Logistically, the visit is going to be difficult because of COVID. Hope that Harry managed to get vaccinated in anticipation of this situation. His grandmother is going to be under tons of stress, she’s 94 years old herself and even though she knew her husband was likely to die soon at 99 – it still is a very difficult thing for her. So there would be real worry about Harry bringing COVID to her or someone in the family bringing COVID to him, and then back to his very pregnant wife (who is also physically vulnerable, even if she was able to be vaccinated).

      I would assume that if needed, the embassy could have arranged a vaccination under UK rules even though he has been living in the USA, simply because he might need to return to the UK at any time for state reasons. On return home to his wife in the US, he would have to quarantine long enough to be sure he was free of the virus at a crucial time in the pregnancy.

      No vaccine is 100% effective, because people vary so much in their individual immune response. Vaccination doesn’t prevent you from getting the virus, it just helps your immune system recognize the little #**## faster to keep the viral load down, dramatically reducing your risk of hospitalization and death. But all bets may be off for a 94 year old.

  16. My3cents says:

    I hope he goes, just so we don’t have to read endless dumb opinion pieces about how cruel Meghan kept Harry from going to his grandfathers funeral.

  17. Harper says:

    I’m glad for Meghan that the timing of his death and her advanced pregnancy and covid restrictions makes it a no-brainer for her to stay home. My hunch is that Harry will go. I am worried that Will will try and force a meeting with Harry. I’m worried that they will make it hard for Harry to leave the UK. I hope Harry is bringing his own 24/7 security as the paps and tabloids are going to be FROTHING at the mouth to get the first pic of him and I am afraid Will will set up some kind of photo op. Ugh. I do not trust this family right now.

    • (The OG) Jan90067 says:

      Wasn’t it posted a few days ago that if Harry brought his own security to England, because of their gun laws, his private security people would *not* be able to carry firearms? I know RPOs do, but Harry doesn’t have an RPO. OR…would Harry be ASSIGNED an RPO while he is on British soil? How would that work. He sure as sh*t can’t go *un*protected!

    • Alaska Monet says:

      Yes, I wouldn’t put it past Will to hand deliver a photo to his mouthpieces in the press as part of their ongoing arrangement for access in exchange for positive press for Will.

  18. ME says:

    I am sure Harry will go. It’s not like there aren’t any flights from LA to London…plus he’s rich enough to fly private (or has friends that can lend him their private jet). I don’t think anyone should be upset if Meghan doesn’t go. She’s pregnant so she has a really good excuse.

  19. Bunny says:

    Predicting that, according to the tabloids, William will be devastated and/or incandescent with rage if Harry attends; and devastated and/or incandescent with rage if he doesn’t.

    • Chrissy (The Original) says:

      IKR? He’s incandescent if Harry’s goes there “taking the spotlight for himself” and, if he decides not to go, PWT will be incandescent because Harry “didn’t show up at the funeral for dear Grandpapa and to support the Queen”. Either way Harry is being raged at. I think he will go just to see his grandmother, pay phis and Meghan’s personal respects and then he’ll leave. There’s no need to see anyone else. They don’t deserve to see him and it would avoid the paps from getting intrusive photos. PWT can suck eggs.

  20. Lowrider says:

    Harry will be there for his grandmother.

  21. nicegirl says:

    Fave eldest lost his grandfather in late December. Family postponed funeral until post pandemic.

  22. mariahlee says:

    Here we go… The next couple of weeks are going to be awful. I’m sure the tabs have a whole bank of stories they’ve been waiting to deploy for this moment, most of which center around M&H. The irony of the spare and his family being the main characters.

  23. Monica says:

    I hope Meghan stays home, and I hope Harry arrives in England with large, well-equipped bodyguards.

    • notasugarhere says:

      I hope he arrives via the private area at Heathrow, no one gets photos, he’s taken to Frogmore Cottage without anyone seeing him. If all goes right, with a private event, none of the tabloid hacks get a picture of him at any time.

      • Gina says:

        I’m sure, paps will be guarding Heathrow from today- day and night. Sadly. It’s unbelievable what’s happening with this family, I mean Royal family and their court tabloids. And it seems all this fuss because of Harry’s dumb and constantly enraged brother.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Heathrow built a private terminal years ago, The Windsor Suites. That is how Harry and Meghan were able to avoid her being seen when she came to visit him every other weekend.

    • Harper says:

      I hope Meghan removes herself and Archie from her home while Harry is gone. Maybe transfer to Oprah’s guest cottage or something. I don’t like the idea of Meghan being home alone with everyone knowing Harry is in England.

  24. molly says:

    Harry probably hasn’t worn a full suit in over a year. That’s got to be strange to go from a full suit every day, to a full suit never, to putting that thing on once again. Hopefully as soon as he tightens that tie, he’s reminded how much better his t-shirt life is in CA.

  25. harla says:

    While I think that’s it right for Harry to go over to the UK to be with this grandmother and attend the funeral, I hope that he keeps his guard up while there, all is not well and the threat being whipped up by Dan et al are very real.

  26. Phoenix says:

    This people have no shame!
    It’s not about Harry, or Bulliam, or their clickbaits. Just have decency and let it go… If Harry goes, he goes. That’s it!
    I hope that Bulliam will have the decency to not use this against his brother though

  27. lanne says:

    Meghan flew to Morocco heavily pregnant. If all is going well with her pregnancy, she may very well fly to the UK–but then she risks perhaps giving birth in the UK if she’s too far along, and she likely doesn’t want to do that. My guess it that they have had “going back” scenarios gamed out for a while now–funeral or 100 birthday celebration, memorial statue, maybe even scaled-back trooping. Probably lots of “if…then” scenarios worked out.

    No matter what, there’s no placating the haters, because they are attached to their hatred beyond any reason. They will move the goalposts in order to hold on to their hate. So there’s no point for Harry trying to game the “what keeps the creeps off my back” system. He should make whatever plans that are the safest and best for him and his wife, and proceed from there. Haters gonna hate, and honestly, nothing less than abandoning his wife and children will placate them. Even then, the haters will likely always see him as a “race traitor” anyway.

    The toxic mess has already started. All they can dois shut it out and keep on keeping on.

    • Amy Bee says:

      The difference is now were in a pandemic and she miscarried her last pregnancy.

      • Becks1 says:

        Also, the flight between Morocco and the UK is much shorter than the flight between the UK and California.

  28. TheOriginalMia says:

    Harry is going to go to the funeral. No doubt. I wonder if he’ll need to quarantine after he returns.

    • Katie says:

      I mean, no idea if he’d be required, but giving COVID to a pregnant 39 year old woman is a very undesirable event. And if she delivers by then, to the newborn as well. Plus, they have the other kid. I’d expect him to quarantine. Well, I’d expect him not to go because if he quarantines and she goes into labor, well, he is not there to help which is a difficult time to be short on help for a woman, esp. with another tiny kid in tow.

      • Tessa says:

        I hope he does not go. It does not matter because he will get criticized by the bots no matter what.

  29. nutella toast says:

    Seriously Kilmeade – the man was 99, almost 100. Burnt toast could have contributed to his passing. Stop trying to make “Fetch” happen.

    My Dad talked about himself at his Dad’s funeral and didn’t even mention the other two living sons sitting in the family row except to saw they had been the “naughty” ones. So yeah. Families are complicated.

  30. Katie says:

    Is he vaccinated? If not, he shouldn’t go as he would be putting too many people at risk, esp. his wife and children.

    • booboocita says:

      California will make Moderna, Pfizer, and J&J vaccines available to all adults 16 years and older on April 15, 2021. However, J&J — the one-and-done vaccine — has vastly reduced availability due to manufacturing issues, so just now, Harry and Meghan would be limited to the two-shot Moderna and Pfizer vaccines. Meghan might not get the vaccine for a while; I don’t believe either vaccine has been extensively tested on pregnant women, and she won’t do anything to jeopardize Princess Montecito. And even if Harry is vaccinated as soon as he’s allowed, he’ll have only the first shot in him and will have to wait for the second vaccine for at least three weeks, and he won’t be fully protected until two weeks after the second. All excellent reasons to just stay home.

    • bloemheks says:

      Not sure about California, but where we are in Washington it’s been pretty lax on who can get vaccinated. They were more worried about vaccines going bad than about people who didn’t qualify getting them. Arnold Schwarzenegger was vaccinated weeks ago.

      • windyriver says:

        Arnold has been eligible for vaccination from the beginning. He’s 73. Believe he went to a drive thru site, saw a clip somewhere.

      • jwoolman says:

        Arnold is old enough to qualify for quite some time. He’s no Spring chicken, as they say.

  31. Belli says:

    Predicting Harry will go, but Meghan will stay. As she should. She’s heavily pregnant, there’s a pandemic and she might (rightfully) feel unsafe being in the UK.

    The press will be salivating at the prospect of getting a photo of Harry with W&K in the frame for a “Remember how happy they were before SHE came along?” headline, they’re probably already sending people to stake out Frogmore and no matter what he does there will be reams of articles about it.

    • Tessa says:

      The most horrible “bot” comments are their wanting him to take Archie away back to his brother and his wife. Horrible.

  32. Le4Frimaire says:

    He’ll go back for the funeral, especially if vaccinated. Families always have feuds, and most navigate them at times like this. They can handle it and they can manage the press. It’s a large family. I don’t see the point of focusing on the Sussexes over the Queen in this. The man was 99 years old and it seems he died peacefully at home.

    • JT says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if he is vaccinated. I live in SoCal and am in my twenties and I received my second jab already. Meghan might’ve gotten hers as she is pregnant and I heard that expecting mothers can get one.

      • Dl says:

        I am in norcal am 60 and still waiting for in my first appointment. It depends on where you are and availability. I do not think Harry will go due to quarantine regulations on both sides of the Atlantic. If he were allowed to not comply that would not be a good look for any of them. I personally believe the family knew the end was near and said their personal goodbyes

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Di, I agree that Harry won’t put his family at risk, nor will he want to quarantine and be away when Meghan is heavily pregnant. Since vaccinated US travelers are being discouraged from going to the UK because of the new virus variants, I think it would be a huge mistake for him to go now.

  33. Lemons says:

    Let’s please not act like both of these very privileged people do not have the means to travel without worrying about Covid. One has likely been vaccinated, and from what I have read, pregnant woman can also be vaccinated. Even without vaccinations, I’m sure they are capable of hopping on a private plane with minimal interactions with others into the UK.

    The only thing stopping either one of them from flying is Meghan’s pregnancy, but again…depending on the due date, I think travel would be possible.

    I hope that Meghan does attend the funeral given her desire to share how close she is with the Queen and her concern for Philip’s health during the interview. Optics-wise, this is the best choice. If she can’t go with Harry, that’s fine. Other factors obviously come first, like safety.

    With all these psychotic articles coming out of the BM machine, though, I would be concerned for my safety.

    • Wit of the Staircase says:

      Agree 100%. Assuming she is in her early third trimester (she said she will deliver in the summer) she can likely travel safely with the protocols you outlined above. I’d like to see the BM go after a heavily pregnant woman who has come to pay her respects despite the difficulties she is sure to face. It would be brave of Meghan and pure class.

    • bloemheks says:

      It doesn’t seem like it’s been that difficult to get vaccinated before you technically allowed in the US. My ex, his girlfriend, and several people in his office were all vaccinated before they opened it up to all adults (Washington state). They’re more concerned about vaccine hesitancy and vaccines going bad, which has happened in some places.

    • Shawna says:

      @ Lemons – I agree, I replied earlier that of course these people are vaccinated. And the pandemic hasn’t stopped them from relocating even at the start…that isn’t a criticism, it’s just a timeline.
      Having said that — if they just flat don’t want to do it for whatever reasons, why not lean in to all of the restrictions, it leaves an easy way out and frankly, they’ll get excoriated from one side or other no matter what they do. On the flip side, if they both want to go and take Archie…they also have the means and the protections to do so.

      I’ve got my popcorn either way.

  34. Amy Bee says:

    To people hoping Meghan goes to the UK in her third trimester, on long haul flight during a pandemic, why do you want her to be at place where she’s not wanted and not respected by the Royal Family? I get that Meghan is a nice person but she has to think of her physical and mental health first.

    • Q says:

      And I’m wondering why people here want harry to go? His family actively set out to harm his wife and child.
      I thought people here would be taking that much more seriously and I will absolutely side eye harry if he goes.
      His so called family are a bunch of psychopaths. I worry they will harm harry if he goes.
      I get he wants to be there for his grandmother but at what cost? Surely he can talk to her by phone or zoom? I just don’t understand how you can trust the very people who wanted your wife and son killed.

      • Snuffles says:

        I don’t WANT him to go but I believe he will. It’s going to be stressful and awkward as hell, but I think they will behave out of respect for the Queen.

        It’s Meghan who I hope and pray stays in California. She’s probably too late in her pregnancy to travel anyways AND it’s a high risk pregnancy during a pandemic. No dice.

      • Amy Bee says:

        @Q: I don’t think he should go either. I note that the source saying that Harry would absolute want to go back is a royal source. Royal sources don’t speak for Harry anymore so I don’t think they know if he’s going to be there.

    • Lemons says:

      This isn’t really about forgiveness, but I think Meghan and Harry showing a united front as a couple in mourning shows that they are there for certain people, even if they were let down by the family and the institution as a whole.

      But like I said above, if she’s not able or doesn’t want to, that’s fine. Things can’t always happen perfectly, and safety and health are more important, especially while she’s considering the wellbeing of her two little ones. If I were Meghan, I wouldn’t even be eating the food they serve.

    • Shawna says:

      @ Amy — I don’t know who these people are – I have yet to read anywhere on this thread a single person wanting Meghan to go?

  35. The Recluse says:

    Considering she had a miscarriage last year, no one should expect Meghan to attend in her condition. Nobody with a heart and soul, that is, but watch the Press make a stink about that. They’re worthless.
    Harry will likely attend all the private ceremonies though. It would be a little surprising, if he didn’t because this is a significant family event.

  36. Darla says:

    I over relate to the brothers stuff because I have two brothers who don’t speak and the wives are involved, and the younger one was single for ages, and the older one didn’t acclimate and so anyway, I can’t be unbiased about it. But I will tell you reading this gave me such anxiety. I dread more than I can even put into words what will happen when my mom passes, and I often wonder if maybe she will outlive me, and there’s a part of me I think that would prefer that. I know it sounds crazy. But it is so beyond awful, I can’t even explain the horrific scenes. The tension, the fights when the tension boils over.

    • betsyh says:

      Darla, that sounds awful. I’m wishing your family more peaceful communication in the future. And if that is not possible, then I wish you peace and healthy boundaries with your contentious family members.

  37. Izzy says:

    My aunt died unexpectedly on Monday and the hardest part has been not being able to gather as a family to grieve together. I have no doubt Harry will try to get back there. Not sure why the Fail needed a whole-ass article on this point.

    • Beana says:

      I am so sorry about the loss of your aunt, Izzy. It is hard when you can’t gather with family and go through the traditions that help you grieve. Hugs. ❤️

  38. Jaded says:

    Weddings and funerals generally bring out the worst in people – it’s a coping mechanism that I’ve observed first hand through family deaths. Look at the drama around Meghan and Harry’s wedding. Emotions run high, old slights come to the surface, people who would normally not get together under social circumstances are forced into close contact. Harry will go to his granddad’s funeral alone. Meghan is too far along in her pregnancy to risk overseas travel, and the whole thing would turn into a media shit show for her. Can you imagine the pressure?? I imagine Harry will slip in quietly, spend some time with Gran, stay as far away as possible from the Duke and Duchess of Vitriol, and quietly slip home.

    • L4frimaire says:

      That makes the most sense. Of course he should go. The Queen lost her husband, Harry lost his grandfather and despite these difficulties, he loved the old man, and had no problems with him. Hopefully he’s vaccinated, tested negative, and will be fully masked up. There is no reason for Meghan to travel being so far along in pregnancy with a toddler to watch at home. Even in most normal families, that would be the case with a grandparents funeral, especially with Covid travel restrictions. He could be on his way there now for all we know. It’s pointless to speculate and frankly distasteful if any of the palaces use this to score points and be petty and vindictive, although nothing they do in that regard is surprising.

  39. A Guest says:

    It will not be a state funeral per Prince Philip’s wishes. The public has already been asked not to come as it will be private. It won’t be televised.

    Per the James Cordin appearance, Harry has been in zoom calls with his grandfather. Meghan also stated that she called the Queen when the news broke about PP’s hospitalization.

    My prediction – Harry will quietly fly into the UK and stay with Jack and Eugenie. Since it’s a private service, the public may not even see any of the Royal Family arriving. He will see the Queen and then leave.

    Both H&M know that the British Media will go bonkers regardless of what they do. And H&M will ignore it as usual.

    • Alexandria says:

      If Harry doesn’t quarantine how can he stay with Jack and Eugenie? They have a new baby with a new immune system.

      I don’t want Harry to go but he loves his grandfather so let’s see.

    • Snuffles says:

      He won’t stay with them. Not with quarantine requirements and them having a new baby.

      If he goes, he will have to isolate somewhere with his security detail. Probably a friends place that is currently empty.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Eugenie and family could easily relocate to Royal Lodge temporarily and let Harry stay at Frogmore. Not asking too much, seeing as he’s letting them live at Frogmore for free.

      • Shawna says:

        @ nota — you have so much no nonsense real information it makes me wonder if you aren’t running Windsor on the DL. I say this as someone that appreciates your insight and knowledge.

      • Alexandria says:

        Shawna, OMG I’ve always suspected nota is an insider 😀

  40. Amando says:

    Well, that will be an awkward funeral/family reunion. RIP to the Duke.

  41. Tess says:

    That’s a big fat IF. Only they know Meg’s due date and how far along she is, and Harry seems like the type to not leave her if it is anywhere near her due date.

  42. Snuffles says:

    Whatever Harry decides to do, ain’t nobody is going to know about it until the last minute.

  43. Faye G says:

    If this had happened a month or two ago, Harry would’ve had an airtight excuse for not going, due to the pandemic. I’m sure he would love to see his grandmother and be there for her, but I am worried about his safety. Undoubtedly Megan will stay home, but possibly he could go to London quickly and discreetly, do his duty and then return. I hope he has excellent security to protect him if he does choose to go.

  44. Zaya says:

    No clue on whether or not they should go, but wanted to chime in and say they’re probably vaccinated already. I have two pregnant friends in their 30s and they’re both vaccinated. And even though it’s not officially open to everyone under 50, there are sites with no restrictions here in California. Or you could volunteer at the sites for a couple of shifts and then they’ll give you one. Or you can get on a waitlist. My cousin’s boyfriend who lives in Santa Barbara, merely walked into a Walgreens and they gave him a shot. Most people I know in the 20s and 30s in SoCal are vaccinated. I’m in my 20s and I’ve been fully vaccinated. Heck, my 18 year old cousin got her first shot already. And if you’re vaccinated, per CDC, you don’t have to quarantine when you travel, so they won’t have to quarantine when they get back. But they would need a negative test three days before flying back to the US. Not sure what the quarantine rules are for vaccinated people in the UK.

  45. aquarius64 says:

    Harry and Meghan have paid tribute to Philip on their Archwell website.

    And I think Harry and Meghan are speaking privately to the queen and it’s decided Harry doesn’t go. They know the BM will turn this into a spectacle with his prescence. You can tell by the tone in the Fail’s headline on Philip’s passing: PHILIP IS DEAD. The queen will want some dignity on the service. I think it is another reason for the private funeral. The queen wants Andrew to attend. A state funeral with Andrew attending is another wave of ugly headlines.

  46. boyd says:

    Look anybody can say anything. I could say If Harry was there he would have lived longer.. Willi-leaks is a monster. Count the number of articles that refer to him as LIVID, ANGRY, FURIOUS.
    You have to believe there’s something there.

    • Shirley says:

      Articles aren’t always the same as the truth

      • Lady D says:

        Agreed, but the non-stop litany of “he’s incandescent with rage” has to be coming from somewhere. It’s also showing no signs of going away, at least until the DM/William can come up with another word, so someone wants this idea out there.

  47. Miss C says:

    If I was Harry I would come in on a private plane come in the day of the funeral come in and do what I Gotta do and get the fuck out of here and peace out

    • Cessily says:

      With the covid quarantines to and from even in a private plane it’s 2travel days and 28 days quarantine unless the rules change next week..🤷‍♀️

    • Lady D says:

      Pass on the family tea afterwards too. Just get back on a plane and go where you know you’re wanted.

  48. Cessily says:

    Whether either of them attend one thing is for sure the “Royal expert” that is shooting off her story about Meghan amassing a legal team needs to stop, no one believes any one from the Sussex’s camp is letting any “Royal expert” in, let alone confiding in them.
    Also, Fox News has always been controversial and an opinion station not a news one but today Brian Kilmeade made unforgivable comments.. he needs to be fired, unacceptable behavior!!!

  49. Hoops says:

    He’ll go. She’ll stay home. Either way they’ll lambaste them. “She didn’t come to pay her respects” and “Harry steals the spotlight”. * insert massive eye roll*

  50. Emily_C says:

    He should not go. Especially with quarantining necessary. That is too long to be far away from his very pregnant wife.

  51. Pink says:

    This isn’t even a question, of course he will go, he was close to Philip even if the rest of the family is a shambles.

    I’m not a royalist by ANY stretch, I’m British but couldn’t care less about them, but all this worry about his safety and the terror threat is absolute nonsense. The public would likely be pretty respectful if he can make it to the funeral because they have respect for the BRF as a whole, even if the media do try and make a thing of it. Also for those talking about the terror threat being high, it’s always high, that’s not even a factor.

    He can do the test to release thing to get out of quarantine early so in theory there’s no reason why he can’t make the funeral if he wants to, and I believe he does. People just need to chill and stop blowing everything out of all proportion.

    • Q says:

      Two men are currently serving time after threatening to murder harry for being a ‘race traitor’.
      His psycho family sicced the trash media on them and they have completely managed to dehumanize his wife.
      They drove her to almost commit suicide, they took away her security, they leaked their home address….I don’t know how exactly we are overreacting when we’re concerned for harry and meghans safety.
      That’s not putting “negative energy” out there when my concerns have been proven to be right thus far.
      I don’t know why people like you want harry to go…it’s like some of you just want content – a show, so you can continue your fun gossip. “OoOo how exciting, let’s analyze their facial expressions and dissect every encounter.”
      Or, worse, you lot actually want a reunion and for Charles (the snake or wolf in sheep’s clothing, take your pick) to have a happy hallmark ending where the rf accepts meghan into the family and all is well….not going to happen. Charles is just as odious and fake as the rest.
      Some of you are the true royalist. You don’t want it to end (I don’t think harry or meghan want to end the monarchy either, after all, if they hadn’t been so racist to Meghan specifically they would have stayed) after all the thieving and colonizing….you want the charade to continue.
      I’ve noticed on here, no one seems to have taken harry and meghans words seriously at all.
      “Just chill”, right? No biggie to have your baby attacked, your wife character assassinated on the daily, and driven to thoughts of suicide to get away from the hell she endured.
      So what was the point of the interview then? If harry doesn’t cut ties with his nasty family after all of this then his and meghans words are completely empty.
      No one will take them seriously anymore and will question what the hell is wrong with them.
      Forgiveness is great but doesn’t mean having the people who harmed you and your wife and children around.
      Trust is also important. How can you trust someone who still to this day, uses your wife as a human shield to protect creeps like andy? And the rest of them.
      I truly hope harry stays with his wife. There are other ways to mourn someone. You don’t have to physically be there, certainly not at this time.

      • equality says:

        On the other hand would you let a few members of your family keep you from being there to support the members you have a good relationship with? If the Queen wants him there, I would go and flat-out tell the media that is why I was there.

      • Tessa says:

        I feel some trepidation that he is going there. Some Cambridge stans insist he will “make up with William.” I doubt that will happen. Harry needs to leave the same day as the funeral and be with his true family.

  52. Feeshalori says:

    This is a personal decision for Harry and Meghan and whatever they decide will be the right one for them.

  53. Merricat says:

    A funeral service honors the dead, but it’s held for the living. If the queen asks Harry to come, I believe he will. Otherwise, there’s no reason to go; Harry can honor his grandfather in a gesture that speaks to the military bond they share, or any number of ways.

    • Nancy says:

      I like this way of looking at it. ❤️

    • equality says:

      The Queen needs to make some big gesture of support for Harry: invite him to stay with her (the place is large enough to quarantine), be seen riding with him, have him escort her to the funeral. She needs to do something besides her cold-sounding public responses. The ideal would be to put out an announcement in no uncertain terms that she, Harry, Meghan and Philip were on good terms and he is welcome at the funeral and both are welcome to visit her any time. I am so tired of people on SM making comments about them not being welcome like they own the country.

  54. swirlmamad says:

    So, looks like Harry is going, and Meghan will be staying home as per doctor’s orders, as per People. IDK how much they even know anyway. But peep the reference to her being due “later this spring” 👀👀👀

  55. NotSoSocialButterfly says:

    Meghan should not go. She owes them nothing, and she owes her health to her babies. Harry would likely go, and should appropriately quarantine and test upon return.

    It will be interesting to see if Harry gets RPO while on Salty Isle.

  56. Ania says:

    Meg won’t go. Heavily pregnant woman leaving her 2yo to surround herself with those vipers? I know that usually nothing bad happens but most women want to be home, close to their doctor and not travel so far. And it would be awkard as hell for her, even if she looked unbothered during that commonwealth service it must have been stressful.

    • swirlmamad says:

      The absolute last thing she needs too is for some issue to arise and be admitted to the hospital in the UK, and then potentially need to stay there for the duration. She is absolutely making the right choice in not going.

  57. Rosina Boham says:

    That Harry would go if he could was a given with how close they were.

    There’s no denying that Prince Philip has been the singular most influencial male in Harry’s life, you just have to look at the parallels in their choices to see. He not only leant how to live a life of substance, but how to be a good husband too. As Harry’s choices echo those Prince Philip made for his wife, The Queen.

    And I fully believe Prince Philip would have supported the choices Harry made on that basis.

    I love this picture of them together: