Moby claims he’s not a creep with women, he’s just a recovering alcoholic & addict

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One of the last times we talked about Moby was in 2019, when he was promoting his memoir, a memoir which included stories about Natalie Portman being hot for him. In Moby’s telling, Portman was 20 years old when she asked him out and he was in his mid-30s. Portman quickly came out in 2019 to say that what actually happened was that a man in his mid-30s was very creepy with her when she was barely 18 years old. First Moby tried to “fact-check” her memories (no one bought it and he looked even creepier) and then he finally apologized. That whole incident highlighted, for me, why Moby is such a dangerous man. He’s intelligent enough to say all of the self-aware words he “needs” to say, but it’s all just a mile wide and an inch deep. He’s the fake-sensitive, fake-self-aware “woke avant-garde” guy who uses that persona to be a narcissistic creep and a predator with young women and girls. Moby has a new interview with the Guardian – he’s made a documentary – and he discusses his alcoholism and being gross and all of that:

Whether he was treated fairly: “Do I think I’ve been treated unfairly? Honestly, I don’t think I have been. I’m sure there are times when I’ve been portrayed badly and it was accurate. And even with some of the bad stuff I’ve been through, I don’t have any right to complain. When you look at the 8 billion people on the planet, a reasonably affluent caucasian cis-gendered male public figure musician is not necessarily the first person you think of as having valid criticisms about how they’re being treated.”

He’s so self-aware, you guys: “There’s something obviously sort of a little bit shameful or embarrassing about using my intimate story as public entertainment. Obviously there’s tons of historical precedent for it – I’m not pretending that I invented narcissistic self-involved narratives – but it’s especially odd to assess these intimate aspects of my life in terms of the lighting and sound quality.”

He got drunk & slept through his mom’s funeral: “Oh, that absolutely was not my lowest moment. I mean, sleeping through my mum’s funeral … yeah, I can imagine a therapist might find something they could work on there. But the actual lowest moments came later on, when the only happiness you can find is by being drunk and high, and when you wake up every afternoon disappointed and sometimes even angry that you’ve woken up. When the first thing you think upon waking is just disappointment that you’ve woken up again and you wonder: ‘What can I do to finally die?’ That’s much lower.”

Whether he regrets the Portman stuff: “A part of me wishes I could spend the next two hours deconstructing the whole thing, but there’s levels of complexity and nuance that I really can’t go into.”

Whether it’s fair to describe him, as Portman did, as “creepy”: “I wouldn’t use that word. But when I was an out-of-control alcoholic and drug addict I definitely acted selfish and incredibly inconsiderately towards family members and friends and girlfriends and people I worked with. But again, part of the 12-step programme is that it’s a programme of rigorous honesty. I don’t want to sound too much like a cliche ageing musician in southern California, but the idea of genuinely looking at your actions and making amends for them is a process that I believe I’ve gone through pretty thoroughly. And it does make me sad that I probably don’t do an effective enough job trying to communicate the addiction struggle and contextualise the stories that way.”

[From The Guardian]

Having read the entire Guardian piece (which I do not recommend), I have zero doubt that he was an absolute monster when he was in the throes of addiction. But I also have zero doubt that he’s a self-involved narcissist who uses his past addictions to excuse and gloss over his terrible behavior. Instead of working the program – he claims to be fully engaged in a 12-step program – he’s just adopting the language of the program to give himself a pass for his behavior towards the women and girls he hurt along the way, not to mention centering himself in every situation, showing an almost-pathological inability to understand how women and girls actually experienced his actions and words. In other words: he’s a f–king creep.

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46 Responses to “Moby claims he’s not a creep with women, he’s just a recovering alcoholic & addict”

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  1. Paperclip says:

    Yup…to all of it. Kaiser nailed it. Every. Single. Sentence. She. Wrote. Nailed. It.

  2. Esmom says:

    Yeah, just from these excerpts (thanks, Kaiser, for doing the heavy lifting!) he is extremely masterful at blaming his bad behavior on his addictions. And his comments about how he could spend two hours on the Portman situation but it’s just too complex and nuanced, eek. Um, it’s neither complex nor nuanced.

    • Lexilla says:

      Complex and nuanced = She wanted me, I just can’t say it because I’ll be called a creep again. But guys, she wanted me. The hot girl wanted me. But I can’t say it. Complex. Nuanced.

    • Lawcatb says:

      I think I can break it down for him real quick:

      “I misinterpreted her being friendly with me as proof that she wanted me, and even now my ego won’t allow me to admit I was completely wrong and engage in the same twisted, rationalizing thought processes of all sexual predators.”

  3. agnes says:

    Yep. He’s both: a recovering addict *and* a creep.

  4. Sassy says:

    I’ve lived in NYC since 1997. The women I’ve seen him out with got younger and younger through the years. The last time I saw him he was with a very drunk student (looking) young woman. He works that super intellectual angle but he’s just a creep and predator

  5. Chic says:

    “Deconstructing” sounds academic

    • Eleonor says:

      Yes. To me the choice of his words are a masterclass in gaslight.
      There’s nothing to “deconstruct” he was a 30yo am creeping on a teenager.

  6. Eleonor says:

    He blames addiction and doesn’t deny anything. In his mind it’s not his fault.

  7. Willow says:

    Oh my gosh. These guys are the worst! It’s all about him.

  8. C-Shell says:

    He makes my skin crawl. Yes, he’s dangerous because he’s too facile with language, creating smoke and mirrors to cover his reprehensible behavior and personality disorders.

  9. Margles says:

    It’s amusing how each seeming admittance of bad behavior has a chaser of obfuscation and “it’s really society that’s the problem!” bromides.

  10. Veronica S. says:


    Here’s the reason he goes after younger women, guys – no woman in the 30+ age range is fooled by this type of faux intellectual bullshit unless they’re frankly an idiot. There’s nothing complex or nuanced about the Natalie situation, much less complex or nuanced about this man.

    • Clarice says:

      Ugh, SO TRUE!! I dated a 33 year old when I was 19. If I knew then what I know now… My age was his excuse for EVERYTHING. It was because I didn’t understand.

  11. Jules says:

    let me play a tiny little violin for him. eye roll. yet another celeb playing the victim game.

  12. lunchcoma says:

    As an alcoholic, I can confirm that it’s 100% possible to be a horrible creepy asshole while you’re drinking, work your steps, and go right back to being a horrible creepy asshole – often to your fellow recovering alcoholics.

    I wonder what the women at his meetings think about him…

    • Lola says:

      Don’t they call those guys 13th steppers? The old heads who prey on new, young members who join?

    • Izzy says:

      In that case, doesn’t it just mean that person is a creepy ahole, drunk or sober? Like that is a part of who they are as a person, not a result of their addiction. They might be more willing to act on it in the throes of addiction, but if they’re behaving that way while sober as well…

  13. LouLou says:

    He’s on the same meditation app as I am, and he pops up occasionally as meditating at the same time as me. I have not interacted with him. I am way too old for him.

  14. Lola says:

    This is exactly like when Shia La Beouf released the statement about how he probably “behaved badly” when he abused Twigs but it was all just because of his drug and alcohol addiction and that he actually “hurt himself more than anyone else” and that he was the REAL victim, you guys.

  15. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Every manipulator that has ever existed knows exactly what to say and when to say it. That’s precisely what makes them masters of their craft. They’ve honed it for many years and are able to keep their narcissism in check when needed. They’re smarmy vats of Crisco and should be completely ignored.

  16. Pix says:

    This. Exactly. “But I also have zero doubt that he’s a self-involved narcissist who uses his past addictions to excuse and gloss over his terrible behavior.”

  17. Lucy says:

    “There’s levels of complexity and nuance that I really can’t go into” excuse me but what the F*CK!!! He’s not nearly as intellectual as he thinks he is.

  18. JaneEyreApparent says:

    I’d bet a million dollars that this guy is a 13th stepper

  19. Watson says:

    Man. He sounds like an awful person.

  20. SomeChick says:

    yeah it doesn’t sound like he really thinks he did anything all that wrong. at least he’s not a huge star any more, and it doesn’t sound like it got to Bassnectar levels of abuse. although who knows what he may have done to women who weren’t famous. his music was always mediocre but he had enough popularity to facilitate all sorts of abuse. in any case, he’s clearly not good boyfriend material.

  21. daddyissuesonpcp says:

    i have a story that about moby but from the perspective of a very young girl (me, in 2001) but…i’m not sure if i feel comfortable sharing it.

  22. Soupie says:

    20 years ago I treated my daughter to a Moby concert for her 18th birthday at San Diego State when he was the hottest ticket around. She was so happy. Now? Sickened.

    • Juniper says:

      I saw Moby with New Order at The Hollywood Bowl 20 years ago. I loved him back then and the show with New Order was the ultimate. Ugh.

  23. Hazel says:

    I’m not a creep

    - says every creep

  24. Samab says:

    You know…if she felt you were a creep you should just embrace it and say sorry. And it could have been addicted or whatever…you are still in denial and your recovery misses some pieces because it still sounds all about you.

  25. Yo says:

    Okokok I just gotta say I am Natalie Portman’s age and this man followed me around a bar when I was 22. My friends and I were scream laughing because, like wtf is MOBY doing hitting on me but I just gotta say I ain’t surprised.

  26. My3cents says:

    Kinda reminds me of Uncle Terry. Ughh.

  27. I remember reading about his “ relationship“ was Natalie Portman when I was her age. We are both about the same age. At the time I thought he was like, 24 then I found out that he was 35. I was utterly disgusted. Then later on, I was reading an awesome old website called, It has since disbanded and probably moved over to read it. On the website the woman who had slept with him said that he had an STD that he completely knew about but wasn’t telling any of the new girls that he was sleeping with. A lot of people said that he either refused to make eye contact with them or made absolutely scary creepy unbroken eye contact. Also, he preferred anal, but only if you had never done it and seemed a little frightened by it.

  28. Addy says:

    Sounds like a male Lena Dunham

  29. Kristin says:

    20+ years ago (when he was pretty big), my friend and I went to one of his shows. We were in our early 20′s at the time. At some point, a roadie saw us in the audience and approached us, asking if we would like to go backstage after the show. Of course we were thrilled beyond belief so we took the passes and after the show we were rounded up with a cadre of young girls. It felt gross, but we kept on going because we wanted to meet Moby. We got backstage where it was pretty much all young girls drinking, dancing, and making out with each other in what appeared to be an attempt to get Moby’s attention. We decided it was best to just get Moby to sign our passes and GTFO. I will say that he did nothing inappropriate in our presence and was very nice about signing our passes, but the whole thing felt so icky that it wouldn’t surprise me if gross things happened after we left.