Kyra Sedgwick on why she wasn’t invited back to Tom Cruise’s house

I adore Kyra Sedgwick. And I love her husband Kevin Bacon. When they’re together it’s enough to make me weepy. Kyra stars in the new ABC new sitcom Call Your Mother. I’m watching it out of a sense of devotion to Kyra but it’s not great. Sherri Shepherd’s role has been increased from an end of the episode cameo to a multi show arc. I think it’s an effort to save it, but it might be too late. Kyra is promoting it, bless her, and she recently appeared on The Drew Barrymore Show. Drew’s interview style isn’t my favorite, but Kyra’s relaxed approachability combined with Drew’s chaotic effusiveness worked well together and made for a fun watch.

Kyra told a funny story of visiting Tom Cruise’s house to screen A Few Good Men, which came out in 1992. That starred Tom, Kevin and Demi Moore, who was also there with Bruce Willis. Kyra, who admits to being a snooper, said she started poking around and ended up calling the cops when she pressed Tom’s panic button. The cops came, the screening was interrupted, and Kyra has never been invited back.

Kyra Sedgwick once had a nosy moment as a house guest.

The actress appeared on Wednesday’s episode of “The Drew Barrymore Show” and told Barrymore a story about attending a party filled with movie stars at Tom Cruise’s house about 30 years ago.

Sedgwick says this was around the time she had starred in the 1989 film “Born on the Fourth of July” with Cruise and her husband, Kevin Bacon, had filmed “A Few Good Men” with him.

She told Barrymore: “I was pregnant, I was very pregnant, and we got invited over to dinner. We got invited over for dinner with lots of famous people like Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, because she was in [A Few Good Men]. Rob Reiner was there, it was a flow, and Nicole [Kidman] was there. It was one of those nights that I often don’t get invited to.”

They were there to screen “A Few Good Men.” Sedgwick said she couldn’t help herself and started snooping around Cruise’s home, which, of course, led to trouble.

“There was this, like, fireplace mantle, and I was looking around and there was this little button underneath the mantel. I was like, ‘Oh what is that little button? So I pressed the little button because I thought maybe something interesting will happen. Nothing happened and then I got a little nervous.”

Cruise was mid-conversation when she came clean about what she’d done.

“He goes, ‘That’s the panic button,’” Sedgwick said. “And so the cops came, they had to stop the screening, they had to see Tom. I think there were more than like five cop cars, it was something.”

“I didn’t get invited back,” she said.

[From CNN]

Somehow, I was born without the snooping gene. It’s not a moral stance or anything, I just get more engrossed by what’s in front of me, like décor choices or what’s on the bookshelves. Hand to God, I’ve never looked in a medicine cabinet unless I was sent to get something. So I have no idea what would possess anyone to push a button without asking what it did first. I get the curiosity of a hidden button and what purpose it served, but to push it without any idea what would happen? I could never. Kyra explained to Drew that she thought something cool would happen, like maybe the fireplace would turn and reveal a secret room. That would disrupt the party just as much! Of all the possible outcomes of pushing a hidden button without permission, pretty much all of them lead to not getting invited back.

Kyra could have blamed the whole thing on being pregnant. That’s the best part of being pregnant, you can use that as an excuse for virtually anything. Demi would’ve backed her up. I applaud her for coming clean to Tom, though. It would’ve been much worse if she hadn’t warned him ahead of time. And I’m sorry the screening got interrupted. But you know five cop cars showing up because the secret panic button on the mantle got pressed was a much better story for everyone than just seeing some dumb movie* at Tom’s house. Ultimately, this is all on Tom, anyway. If he’d invited Kevin Pollack to the screening, Kevin would’ve had the perfect joke for the situation and the party would’ve elevated from there.

*written for effect. I think A Few Good Men is a fantastic movie.



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  1. Darla says:

    If I ever found out any guest of mine was in my medicine cabinet I would end the relationship.

    Personally I believe most people who do that are drug-seeking. And Drew confessing to that doesn’t exactly change my mind. But either way, it’s a huge invasion of privacy and I can’t think of many things a guest could do that would flip me out more.

    • Mle428 says:

      There was a former family member who was snooping through my MIL’s house in the dark on Christmas Eve. We found out much later that’s he was looking for opiate pain killers when all sorts of crazy stuff came to light about him. My MIL won’t even take a vitamin (or a COVID vaccine *shakes fist*) so there was maybe some 40 year old aspirin to be found. Still, scary that he felt ok to just go creeping around the house in the dark.

    • Genevieve says:

      I was a snooper when I was a kid. I was just curious. Definitely not looking for drugs. (I don’t snoop now, for the record.)

      • Betsy says:

        This is me, too. Although I very *badly* want to snoop, I no longer do so. If it was a close friend, I’d ask for permission; I love seeing the products people use! Awesome toothpastes! What kind of face wash are you rocking? Do you use high end products, a high/low thing or do you use dollar store products? What lipstick is that? Sadly, I don’t allow myself this treat anymore (in a world in which we went to other people’s houses).

        And I’ve never done drugs a single time in my life.

      • Nana says:

        Not a snooper. And I always cross my fingers when the dog minder stays for a week or two, that they don’t get bored enough to snoop around my bedroom cupboard bottom drawer, just quietly!

    • iconoclast59 says:

      I’ve heard of people who load up their medicine cabinet with marbles when they’re expecting company. Great prank!

    • Emily_C says:

      Yeah, it’s not an impulse I understand. I likely wouldn’t dump someone over it, but I’d hold them at arm’s length.

    • Jules says:

      I didn’t know medicine cabinet snooping was a thing until I had a house party, someone snooped in the medicine cabinet and broke the door. She was drunk and oddly confessed to me right away, with no explanation as to why she was snooping. She also mentioned she liked to spike her coffee with a little bit of cocaine in the morning, so now it is all making sense…

  2. Merricat says:

    I really enjoyed reading this, especially the Kevin Pollack reference.

  3. Feebee says:

    This is why I never push buttons unknown.

    • lucky says:

      I have done this exactly once with a strange thing that was hanging off the shower head in a house I lived in with roommates (while I was taking a shower). It started making a funny noise after I pushed the button, so I leaned in for a closer look, all wide eyed and innocent, and then a spray shot out right across the shower and directly into my eyes burning the sh** out of them. It was one of those fancy shower cleaners that you use right after showering? Effed.

  4. liz says:

    In NYC, she and Kevin live in my neighborhood. When they are here, I see them with their dogs in Central Park all the time. They are the cutest couple and she is much tinier than you might think. And even in a baseball cap and sweatshirt, cleaning up after her dogs, she’s absolutely stunningly gorgeous.

    • Granger says:

      She looks teensy tiny to me in pictures so I can only imagine how tiny she is in real life!

    • tealily says:

      They shopped at a store where my brother used to work and he said they were always the nicest, down-to-earth people. He told me about once when Kevin wanted to buy some expensive cheese with truffles or something and Kyra talked him out of it, saying to my brother “I wouldn’t serve that to guests, would you?” So relatable!

  5. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I love them too. I remember when they got married, I was all, ‘Omg, they’re perfect. I love them.’ As for the snooping thing, my mother was a snooper. Incorrigible. I wouldn’t be caught dead rifling through people’s things. Why? Because I wouldn’t like it if somebody went through my stuff. Even if I’m told to, I’m still trepidatious and require constant permission and direction lol.

    • iconoclast59 says:

      A guy I was dating came to pick me up one night. I excused myself for a quick bathroom break, and when I came out he was going through the mail on my desk. I didn’t break up with him that night, but it wasn’t too long afterwards. I had a few reasons for doing so, but that was a big one.

      • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

        That’s insane! What on earth goes through people’s heads when they do stuff like this? Your mail!? To this day, if my husband needs something from my purse, he brings the purse to me. I’ve actually told him many times, ‘Just get it! Geesh!’ For almost 30 years, we’ve gone back and forth about him going through my purse when I tell him to. And we’ve never gone through our kids’ stuff when they were past a certain age. Everyone should have privacy and have it respected.

  6. Greenteaplease says:

    I also like this couple a lot and am glad they lasted. Kevin’s a very good actor and I really loved A Few Good Men – one of very few HW films that doesn’t glorify the power of the military.

  7. Watson says:

    It’s wrong to snoop but this story is so funny! She has the impulse control of a toddler. 🤣

  8. kgeo says:

    Just cause Kevin Bacon’s in the post: We watched Tremors with the kids last night! What a great movie. It really aged well. I think I like it better now than when it used to come on TBS or whatever all the time.

  9. C-Shell says:

    I just love her. I forgive her absolutely anything.

  10. Heat says:

    I’m not a snooper, but I am an avid button-pusher (I’m rather embarrassing to take to the toy aisle in any store). If there was a cool-looking button on someone’s mantle, I totally would have pushed it to see what it did. I mean, it’s not like it was in some tucked away back room.

    • megs283 says:

      Same. I can resist anything!! …. except for buttons and soft-looking fabric….

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ Heat, so now we know when when we go to buy toys, they are all dead from you pushy fingers🤣🤣

    • tealily says:

      Yes!! I would 100% have pushed that button, but I never would have told anyone. Ever. Hahahaha

    • Golly Gee says:

      My mother was a teacher and was working at school on the weekend when it was empty. She had my brother with her, who was four or five at the time. As they were leaving, he saw the fire alarm switch and pulled it, bringing fire trucks, sirens wailing, to the school. When my mother relayed the story to other people, so many of them admitted to a strong desire to pull that tempting red lever themselves.

  11. Steph says:

    I’m nosey af, it’s one of the reasons I’ve been reading this site religiously for all over a decade. I still can’t see myself snooping though. It’s just rude. That being said, this had me cracking up!!! Why would she press the button?! 🤣

    • Teebee says:

      So true! We are all snoopers here as gossip fans, but we do it vicariously through the writers. Explains why we would love to be invited in, but we practice decorum… then run home and call up friends to find out who “pushed the button”! 😂

  12. whatWHAT? says:

    I’d consider the end result of her snooping to be a good thing.

    who’d WANT to go back?…

    • Justwastingtime says:

      WharWhat ..dunno. The screening sounds like fun..I would like to do more of those.. but I agree that Mr. Cruise is probably not a lot of fun one on one.

  13. Lucy2 says:

    OMG that must’ve been so embarrassing!
    I love her too, and I’m also watching her show because I like her so much. It’s not great, but every couple of weeks I catch up on it when I need something light to watch.

  14. Emily says:

    I used to be a snooper as a kid which is how I found the family Christmas presents which dispelled any remaining belief I had in Santa lol. I’ve definitely done a few things I wasn’t proud of but all that stopped in high school. I did once accidentally find my sister’s vibrator when I was going through her sock drawer looking for extra socks because I didn’t have any clean ones and told her she had to find a better hiding place for it (this was when we still lived at home with our parents, it wasn’t her own house and we were in college at the time).

    And I also accidentally found out my friends were in the process of buying a house when I was cat sitting for them. Not really scandalous but I knew that friend would be pissed if I shared that with mutual friends so I kept it to myself until she announced it. But that detail was left out in the open for me to find. They had a calendar on their wall in the kitchen and on that month I was there (so I didn’t even need to flip through the calendar) they had written “house inspection” on one of the days which made me realize they were in the process of buying one but had not announced it yet to the friend group. So, really not my fault there (and I have yet to tell her that actually and probably never will).

    • Golly Gee says:

      When I was 12 years old, my younger sister and I bought a pair of hoop earrings my mom liked for her birthday – but she didn’t know that we had bought them. While we were at school, she rummaged around our rooms until she found them. There had been two sizes of the hoops with the same design and we had chosen the wrong one, apparently. So she secretly took them back to the store and exchanged them for the other pair and re-hid them where she had found them. We remained completely oblivious until she confessed to it years later.

  15. FilmTurtle says:

    I was thinking of them lately with the news that Bernie Madoff died in prison. They were among the celebrities who lost most of their money and savings in his schemes. They were always cool about it in interviews, though, and would shift the emphasis to the people who literally lost everything and weren’t able to earn it back as quickly as they likely could.

  16. purple prankster says:

    once a visitor to our house asked to use the toilet. I directed her to it. several minutes later I went to my bedroom and the visitor was in there, looking around. when she saw me she kind of giggled and hustled on back to the living room.

  17. carousel says:

    I used to be a snooper, I’ll admit it. Adulthood and improved impulse control have mostly gotten rid of it. The beginning of the end of my snooping was when I was in high school. I house-sat for a friend while he and his family were on a cruise. I snooped around and found a drawer full of d!ldos in his parents’ room in a rainbow of flesh tones! To my credit, I never said a word about it to my friend or anyone who knew him. I mostly stopped snooping after that, but I could never look his mother and father (lovely people btw) in the eye again.

  18. Willow says:

    We are convinced one of our cats was a sentry guard in a former life. All guests get followed by him and he is super obvious about. Do anything he doesn’t like and you will get a cold green eyed cat glare. Snoopers beware!

  19. Giddy says:

    My son and daughter-in-law have several cameras in their security system. One date night he pulled up the cameras on his phone to check on their children, and saw their darling babysitter systematically going through everything…purses, drawers, closets, medicine cabinets, etc. They immediately returned home and told the girl that they had her on video, and that if she returned everything they wouldn’t call the police. They were stunned at how much she had taken! I never snoop because I always assume that I could be on camera.

  20. Valiantly Varnished says:

    I truly do not understand the desire to push random buttons. It’s such a weird thing to me. In this one instance I am on Tom’s side. You don’t go snooping and pushing random buttons at someone’s house. It’s rude.

  21. Nicole says:

    I was a child snooper, but mostly in my mom’s stuff which for some reason I found fascinating. *shrug* Her very limited jewelry selection was always most appealing. I never took it, but I loved it. Otherwise, I will only snoop on a bookcase to see what others are reading without apology. I can’t help myself, I’m a devout reader and love to have conversations about such.

  22. Moxylady says:

    Omg I would never snoop through peoples things! That’s awful.

    • Lemon says:

      I snooped when I was a nosy, curious kid babysitter and people’s houses are essentially boring so I stopped. Snooping like peeking in master bathrooms but I never went in a drawer.

      Recently a neighbor’s kid has a seizure (she’s ok) and I stayed overnight with the other kids while parents were in ER. I was surprised how little I felt like snooping. I didn’t even want to open their fridge (though they offered), I went up stairways once because I thought I heard the kid up, and got a look into their bedroom because it was right there and the door was open and the light was on.

      For a moment I had a weird urge to make their bed. Like, I wanted in some way to comfort them, how upsetting it would be to come home to the room all dishevelled, but then I realized how weird that would be and went back downstairs.

      • tealily says:

        Ha! Good instinct. I think I’d find it upsetting if I knew I’d left the bed unmade and came home to it perfectly tidy. My MIL reorganized my kitchen once while I was at work, and while I appreciated the hand it felt very intrusive!

  23. Dlc says:

    This is an interesting thread! I had a friend once who admitted to ALWAYS going thru people’s medicine cabinets. Fairly sure she didn’t use drugs. I was stunned. Why would you want to know if someone was depressed, or had hemorrhoids, or anything else? I will say I think that looking at stuff out in the open is not snooping. I always look at people’s art work/pictures/books etc. If they have them displayed it almost feels rude not to admire them?

  24. Susan says:

    Kyra on Brooklyn 99 was GREAT. Her chemistry with her arch nemesis captain Holt was great. You could tell they loved their sassy dialogues. Also she’s the OG grunge scene queen, hello, Singles! Ahhh the early 90s.

  25. Mina_Esq says:

    I’m not a snooper and have grown up in an environment where no one really snooped. When I moved to the continent and had a friend over, it bothered me so much that she felt it was ok to help herself to stuff in our refrigerator or to look through my stuff without asking. I eventually got over it, but it still makes me a bit uneasy when people make themselves too comfortable. I don’t like it when people want to help clean up after dinner, for example. I have friends, I promise lol

  26. Kkat says:

    I was always a snooper.

    it came in handy when my dumb ass little sister ate a bottle of baby aspirin and the Dr told me to get some syrup of ipecac.
    I was 17 and happened to know my dad had a 20$ bill taped to the bottom of his bedside table drawer.

    I always laughed at the George Carlin video about snooping, you just need to know where things are at!

  27. TeeMajor says:

    I’ve never had the urge to snoop, never snooped in my whole life. This story is hilarious though.

  28. tealily says:

    I find it hard to believe how many people are saying they have never and would never snoop. Not even a peek? I don’t believe you!

  29. Greenteaplz says:

    But does she and Kevin still get the famous Christmas coconut cake from Cruise? Or did that button push get them removed from the coconut cake list?

  30. T says:

    I have always been HUGE fans of both Kyra and Kevin as actors and as a couple. Hearing this made me LOL – I find her so relatable and genuine. And I also find her new show not great. But I hang in there out of devotion. I really miss The Closer. She was fabulous in that.

  31. Holland S says:

    I only look in fridges for some reason. Not intensely, but a glance. Looking in someone’s medicine cabinet is egregious.

  32. CeleFan says:

    I’m sad to report Kyra is not a nice person. Back in the 90s she was on a flight that I was on from Denver to NYC and she pitched a huge fit at the gate about not getting a first class seat, and used the “do you know who I am?”. Later, when we were boarding, she realized that not only did they not put her in a first class seat, but they gave her a middle seat and she pitched another fit in the aisle. She caused quite a commotion. What’s funny is that most people in their seats were like ‘who is she? she does look a bit familiar”. Singles had recently come out and I think she thought that made her more famous and recognizable than she actually was. And then a few years ago she was doing the rounds promoting some show she was in and was on on the local radio morning show. She was super rude to the hosts, answering in one word answers. And then at the end, when the hosts signed off, she must have thought she had hung up and you could hear her saying angrily – ‘God I really hate these morning radio shows I have to do”. The hosts were stunned but got a good laugh out of it – they were like – do you think she’s talking to Kevin? :) .