Adjoa Andoh on Rege-Jean Page’s Bridgerton exit: it’s not a huge surprise

Many Bridgerton fans are still upset that Rege-Jean Page is not returning for season two. Several sites equated Rege’s refusal to return as getting too “big for his britches.” Shonda Rhimes came out last week to say that Rege only signed on for one season and inferred that he turned down doing cameos for season two because of COVID travel restrictions. Now Lady Danbury is stepping in and standing up for her “charge.” In an interview with E!’s Daily Pop, Adjoa Andoh stated that the Netflix series will be following the books closely. That means that each season will focus on a different Bridgerton sibling, just like in the books. Therefore, the Duke of Hastings and Daphne Bridgerton’s story is over and the series will be focusing on Anthony’s story. Below are a few more details via Digital Spy:

Speaking to E!’s Daily Pop, the Lady Danbury actress explained: “We’re following the overriding framework of Julia Quinn’s beautiful novels.

“There are eight Bridgerton children: one down, seven to go.”

She continued: “Season two it’s Anthony Bridgerton [who is the focus] so there you are. That’s the arc of the show.

“We all love Regé and we’re all going to miss Regé but it’s not a huge surprise.”

Praising the actor, she continued that she loves “the way he loves to have a good argument [and] discuss and ruminate about things. We both share a love of punk. He’s a lovely man and he’ll be my friend for life.”

“That was the plan: come and do one season as the duke. Anything else that was extra and wasn’t really the plan when we started wasn’t the plan when we finished,” she said in a Vanity Fair interview.

“So there’s a lot of fantastically interesting talk that’s been going on, mainly cause I think people are having a hard time letting go.”

It was recently confirmed the record-breaking Netflix series has already been renewed for another two seasons. If the show continues to follow the books, then viewers will be seeing both Benedict and Colin’s stories play out.

[From Digital Spy]

Lady Danbury coming in to set the record straight is a whole ass mood for me. Adjoa was seeing how folks were trying to mischaracterize Rege and was like nope. Adjoa set the record straight like Lady Danbury would have in Bridgerton. Rege stans (like me) who are suffering from the vapors because they won’t get to see Rege in season two need to chill. Rege is doing some major films and we will get to see way more of him. The fact that some publications have been trying to take down Rege as his star is rising is not new. Black artists who know their worth or who are seen as getting too much attention often have to fight rumors of being difficult. I am happy to see Rege’s cast members standing up for him.

I love how Adjoa went on to say that it wasn’t a surprise that Rege wasn’t returning for season two. Adjoa also refuted the “diva” rumors by making Rege seem extremely level headed. Adjoa even said that they will be life-long friends. Adjoa is the new GOAT of misinformation take downs and she is letting everyone know that if they come for Rege they are coming for her.

To Rege’s fans, I’d like to encourage you to give season two a chance without Rege. I know they didn’t make Anthony’s character compelling but maybe Jonathan Bailey will surprise us. Also, let’s look forward to all the scene stealing Rege will do in his upcoming projects. Especially Dungeons and Dragons, with dreamy eyed Chris Pine, and The Gray Man, with Ryan Gosling’s pecs and Chris Evan’s all around hotness. I am not mad that I won’t see Rege in Bridgerton because I get to witness his brilliance on an even bigger screen. With that being said, I look forward to more Lady Danbury and her antics. Adjoa was definitely my second favorite thing about season one of Bridgerton.

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  1. OriginalLala says:

    “suffering from the vapours” *spits out my coffee laughing *. that is all.

  2. Becks1 says:


    If Rege was going to be in Season 2 at all, it would be bit parts anyway, so who can blame him for saying “nah.” I think the Bridgerton siblings in general (well the older ones) all got a fair amount of screen time in season one because they are setting up future plot lines and trying to get people invested in the rest of the series. But they don’t need to feature Daphne and Simon in the next season for those reasons, you know?

    I am interested in how much Daphne features in season 2, in the book I think we just see her in a few scenes, so I wonder if they’ll make her more of a confidante of Kate or something to give her more time?

    Anyway Rege is doing what any smart Hollywood actor would do – taking advantage of a major breakthrough role – and I’m glad to see that bigger parts are coming his way and that he’s not going to play the Duke forever. Honestly his performance on SNL really sealed his appeal for me – that made me think that he’s going to be a huge star, more than Bridgerton itself. He has such talent and charisma and will make fun of himself, and I think that will take you a long way in Hollywood.

  3. Sofia says:

    I am going to be Regé yes but I am 100% excited for the Anthony/Kate story. I know a lot of people had issues with Anthony last season and I totally understand why, I am still excited for his story. His and Kate’s are apparently one of the best overall.

  4. CJ says:

    I re-read Anthony’s book in the Bridgerton series after watching the Netflix series over Xmas. Even re-reading it recently the only time I remember the Duke really being present is during the Pall Mall game, and even then he could be interchangable.

    In the light of covid I totally get not wanting to complicate things with cameos, and some of the commentary about Rege-Jean not returning really does smack of ‘put him back in his place’. Glad to see Shonda and co-stars refuting it – especially Adjoa who totally is the Lady Danbury I imagined whilst reading!

    • Katie says:

      I’ve just discovered that this was based on books and went to book 2 straight away to see what’s next, and wow, it’s so amazing. Having read the book, I really don’t understand any of the conversations around Bridgerton now anymore – people really don’t get it, the duke was not supposed to stay in any major way, it’s not called Hastings, it’s Bridgerton. I wonder if they’ll do the prequel about the other Ms Bridgerton, that one is so off the rails, am reading it now.

  5. Jayna says:

    She was sooooooo good in Bridgerton.

    • megs283 says:

      I have never seen Adjoa in anything else, and she was AMAZING in this role. It was like she was born for the part of a stylish, sharp-tongued aristocrat who DGAF.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      She was so wonderful. I searched her out on IMDB, because I was an instant fan of her work.

    • Seeker542 says:

      LOVED her in Bridgerton, so excited to see her in the next season of The Witcher!

  6. Seraphina says:

    I just came here to say, she is BEAUTIFUL and regal. Well done casting for the role.

  7. DuchessL says:

    I’m 100% there for Anthony. I’m into bridgerton for the romance story and not for Rege/Daphne although I looooooved them. Plus, I dont like it when series start as a romance series and then becomes an adventure with the couple in the next seasons – I get bored real fast and things get out of whack real fast. not my cup of tea. This is exactly what Im looking for. New romance, new characters, new personalities every season with the orginal vibe. YAY

  8. tealily says:

    “We both share a love of punk.” Was not expecting that and I love it!

  9. Louise177 says:

    I don’t get why this is such a scandal. I haven’t read the books but everyone says that Simon is only in a couple of scenes. To change it so that his part is significantly bigger would probably hurt more than help. Plus Rege was only signed for a year. He has several other projects lined up. Even without COVID flying in and out for a couple of scenes is probably more trouble than it’s worth.

  10. agnes says:

    As long as Lady Danbury will be in ALL of the seven remaining seasons, I am fine anything.
    She was – to me – the absolute best part of the show.

  11. Bec says:

    All other considerations aside, I applaud the decision to stick closely to the books.

    Gossip Girl – with which this series has been compared – made a fatal error in abandoning the books after the first season to capitalize on the insane chemistry of characters Chuck and Blair. That backed them into a corner really quickly with storylines and ended up sticking them with ridiculous campy soap/jump-the-shark moments like bringing back Chuck’s father from the dead, and having another character sleep with her almost-rapist/step-brother.

    I’d also note that the success of Gossip Girl was a double-edged sword for the actors, several of whom were not pleased to be locked into 7 years of TV over their 20’s – their prime acting years, and it really showed in the later seasons.