Oprah is all about ‘Mad Men’, does awesome ’60s makeover


The Emmy Awards will be held Sunday night, and it looks like Oprah thinks she’s got an inside scoop on the big winner. For her Monday episode, Oprah is hosting a Mad Men-themed show to celebrate the Emmy Awards. So… it might be awkward if Mad Men loses big time at the Emmys? Not so much – Oprah’s pretaped the show, thus, this glorious publicity still. The show will be called “Oprah Goes Back In Time – The ‘60s” and Mad Men’s stars Jon Hamm and January Jones have already filmed their part in the show. Oprah looks really cool with ‘60s styling, doesn’t she? She should go for that look more often. The show will also include a 1960s-themed set and a performance from the musical “Jersey Boys”. That’s not all… Oprah is making her audience dress up like the 1960s too. Mother of…

From the looks of Oprah Winfrey’s Monday lineup, she appears to be betting that AMC’s “Mad Men” is going to be the big winner again at Sunday nightr’s Emmy Awards telecast on CBS.

Oprah is going totally 1960s Monday including a dress designed for her by Janie Bryant, the Emmy-Award-winning costume designer of the cable drama.

Her guests on Monday will be Jon Hamm and January Jones who play Don and Bettty Draper, the couple at the center of the drama. He’s a Madison Avenue ad agency executive with a troubled sense of identity, and she’s a pregnant mother of two in Connecticut with some real feelings of discontent.

The music will be from the 1960s, and the audience will be encouraged to come in ’60s garb, according to AMC.

It sounds like fun. But what if “Mad Men” has a really bad night at the Emmys? It has happened to great shows before. Well, there is always the Janie Bryant dress.

[From the Baltimore Sun]

I can’t wait for this show. I can’t wait for the Emmys, honestly. It’s been a while since I’ve had a big show that I love and root for as much as Mad Men. Here’s the thing – doesn’t this make Oprah really cool? When I found out she’s a big fan of Mad Men, I felt a sudden warmth for Oprah I’ve never felt before. I never would have thought Oprah would like something so complicated, dirty and smart.

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  1. jule says:

    I am currently watching season 1 of madmen on DVD, freakin love it!!!! Good for Oprah finally doing something I like

  2. Jen says:

    “Here’s the thing – doesn’t this make Oprah really cool?”

    Um, no. It makes Mad Men decidedly UNcool.

  3. GatsbyGal says:

    Can somebody sum up Mad Men for me in one sentence? I’ve never watched it before but I hear good things, though I’ve yet to actually find out what the show is even about.

  4. HashBrowns says:

    @Gatsby Gal: It’s about ad men in the 1960s. Basically it follows characters who work in an advertising agency.

  5. Jen says:

    @GatsbyGal ~ A soap opera drama set in a Madison Avenue advertising firm in the 1960s.

  6. Diane says:

    Soap opera melodrama. I have a pic of my grandmother, 1960, Christmas Day, SoCal, by the pool in a pink bikini. She read Playboy, worked for women’s and civil rights. Very expressive woman.

    Weiner’s restricted and moody character’s has some accuracy, but lacks the full picture. I prefer Revolutionary Road, (film and book).

  7. Eileen Yover says:

    Oh yay! I need to move this series up in my queue in Netflix. I’m watching all three seasons of Dexter right now and I LOVE it!!! I’ll put Mad Men next! I need some good series to take up my True Blood empty hole….=(

  8. Hieronymus Grex says:

    I love it when a billionaire shills for a network show like a penniless whore.

  9. Firestarter says:

    Jon Hamm- YUM!

  10. Cerulean says:

    Damn! Oprah’s got a really big ol’ head on her, doesn’t she? Never noticed that before.

  11. Ally says:

    Yeah, this kind of hausfrau show (Jersey Boys?!?!?!) really can suck the aura of cool off a good drama like Mad Men. I will not be watching this or any other episode of Oprah. Her shows mostly consist of lame corporate shilling, and I can’t bear all the cringing at the dumb questions she will ask.

  12. Felicia says:

    Go to youtube and watch “Madmen in 60 seconds” and you’ll be all caught up.

    Morning Don. How’s the most genius ad man in 1960s Manhatten doing?
    Great, except for that history changing even that happened today.
    Frankly I don’t see how Sterling-Cooper can help my company sell cars.
    I think our male bosses treat us women poorly.
    That’s because they’re smarter and stronger than we are.
    You’re right.
    I just remembered something terrible from my past but I can’t tell you what.
    We all have secrets Don. Lets smoke indoors.
    I really enjoy the asthetics of this era.
    I don’t care much for black people.
    Ford cars. You drive it.
    Scotch. Oh cigarettes. Uh skinny ties. Uh rotary phones. Oh racism.

  13. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I don’t think I really understand the tenor of this thread.

    Oprah isn’t to my taste, but I don’t understand how a person who has had her kind of career trajectory and influence can be considered ‘stupid’. And I certainly don’t see how a person in her position could be accused of not having the brain function required to ‘appreciate’ ‘high art’. Irritating is not the same thing as dumb.

    I really like MAD MEN, but come on. This is the show that has a tradition of ending the seventh episode of each season with a big ol’ barf, and saddling some character with an unwanted pregnancy in the finale.

    Is she an egomaniac? Heck, yes. Does she grate on me? A fair deal of the time, yes. Are a fair number of her supporters sycophants? Of course.

    Still, how exactly is having a knee-jerk reaction against everything that she endorses endemic of true individuality? Sure, a reference point to mark off your opposition can be useful, but it says more about what you’re not than what you are. If Dog A bites you instead of Dog B, it all eventually turns into the same foaming at the mouth.

    Let’s just have fun and leave the righteous indignation to the Daughters of the American Revolution, because all told:

    A) She doesn’t owe me anything or need
    my approval.

    B) I’ve got too much stress and too many bills to deprive myself of the things that I like for no other reason than to tout my own aesthetic opposition.

    Time to go back to not reading Faulkner, I guess? Word on the street is that some blonde kid got a papercut. Get FEMA here, NOW! THAT’S a fucking TRAVESTY!

  14. Aviatrix says:

    Way to jump on the bandwagon like 2 years later. Don’t tell me what I’m supposed to like, you are beyond out of touch. I know before you do Oprah.

  15. hmm says:

    Mad Men’s ratings are not doing that well and a real fan of the show should be happy for the exposure they’ll receive on Oprah. Not exactly sure what the corporate shilling complaints are all about since ALL shows on television do the same things. Why all the hate on Oprah?

  16. edgite says:


    Well said, I agree. Oprah’s endorsement gives me the icks. Love Mad Men. Oprah not so much.