Jennifer Lopez & A-Rod won’t be getting back together but he really wants to

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are all smiles as they arrive to the 2019 CFDA Awards in NYC

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez broke up officially two weeks ago. They broke up because Jennifer was finally over it, and more specifically, over him. We tried to tell her that A-Rod is a douche and a cheater but she had to see for herself. I’m happy that she’s rid of him and it amuses me that she’s probably keeping the ring too. But Jen and A-Rod were seen out at dinner together a few days ago, so people were wondering what was up. As it turns out, he’s trying to worm his way back into her heart, or possibly her pants.

Why they reunited for dinner on April 25 at the Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles: They went there to “talk business and how to move forward in a friendly way,” a source close to Lopez tells PEOPLE. “Jennifer and Alex are figuring out how to be exes and still remain friends,” says the source.

Their main priority is their kids: They want to make sure sure their kids — Lopez’s 13-year-old twins Max and Emme, with ex-husband Marc Anthony, and Rodriguez’s daughters Ella, 13, and Natasha, 16, with ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis — “are okay. They want to be as considerate of them as possible. Jennifer has been such a big part of Alex’s daughters’ lives, and she will continue to be a big part,” the source says of Lopez, who posted a sweet birthday tribute to Ella as an Instagram Story on April 21. “She loves his girls. Their split is trickier because of the kids.”

She’s going to keep living in Miami too: “Jennifer’s kids attend school in Miami, so this will still be their home base,” says the source.

Post-breakup, J.Lo is fine: Lopez has been “fine,” says the source. “She is very strong and will continue to follow her heart.” Now that filming has wrapped on her comedy Shotgun Wedding, Lopez is looking forward to a break. “She is pretty tired from the intense filming schedule,” the source says of the star, who filmed in the Dominican Republic over the past few months. “So she is hoping to take a few days off soon to recharge.”

A-Rod is not fine: On the other hand Rodriguez — who currently appears as a Sunday Night Baseball analyst on ESPN — is having more difficulty moving forward. “Alex seems to have a harder time letting go,” adds the source. “He still wants to get back together with Jennifer. But to her, their relationship is over.”

[From People]

It’s cracking me up that Jennifer’s publicist keeps going to People Mag to talk about how A-Rod sucks and he’s obsessed with Jennifer and she’s totally over it. I hope that becomes a weekly feature! Checking In With J.Lo: She’s Still Embarrassed About A-Rod! Anyway, of course Jennifer is fine, she’s made of teflon. And of course A-Rod is desperate to get back with her, she gave him relevance. I do feel bad for the kids, but I’m sure Jennifer will still be part of his daughters’ lives. You know who else is beyond thrilled about all of this? Marc Anthony. I thought he was still married to his fourth wife but no… he’s not married at the moment. Ten bucks he tries to convince Jennifer to remarry him.

Jennifer Lopez steps out with Alex Rodriguez and her blinding engagement ring!

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  1. Jegede says:

    A-Rod wants to??? Yeah sure.🙄

    I’ll be awaiting messy tweet updates from Jose Cansesco.😎

    • Madelaine says:

      Yeah, that guy suffers from the Tristan-Thompson syndrom, namely ‘I beg-you-to-love-me-and-my-cheating’.

  2. Noki says:

    J.lo always inbolves her men in her business ventures which makes things even harder to untangle.

  3. MyJobIsToPrincess says:

    100 bucks JLo would refuse anything from Marc Anthony. It seems to me like those MA days were the worst for her!

  4. Shannon says:

    For a lot of older athletes, bagging women is akin to scoring a TD. …Definitely lacking in emotional intelligence.

  5. Watson says:

    I love how all of JLo’s exes want to get back with her if given the chance. Hahhahah!!! She’s the best.

  6. TeeMajor says:

    It’s VERY important for her to make us think that ALL men want her, its pathetic.

    A Rod wants her back, sure Jan..

  7. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    Meh. I don’t get the hoopla over either one of them.

  8. ThatgirlThere says:

    The thing is Alex is so good on Sunday Night Baseball. I used to sympathise with Alex because of how his dad abandoned him and his family. I know what that’s like and I know how it can really mess with a kid. I also know that the father tried to weasel his way back into Alex’s life when he made it to the Big Leagues. Knowing that your father is a jerk loser who refuses to care for his family is gutting. But instead of getting therapy like he should he instead chooses the life of a liar and a cheater. He cheated on Cynthia when they were dating and then again when they were married. He really thought he could do the same to Jen and roll right into marriage. I’m happy for her that she ended things because at this point he has chosen who he wants to be.

  9. ElleE says:

    “It’s cracking me up that Jennifer’s publicist keeps going to People Mag to talk about how A-Rod sucks and he’s obsessed with Jennifer and she’s totally over it.”
    Ms. Lopez can save her publicist fees.

    No one needs to read People to know that once Ms. Lopez walks, she insta-blocks a man in every way never looks back, always comes out on top and she leaves in her wake a trail of flawed, regretful, men who temporarily engage in superficial post-breakup soul-searching. Can’t say you didn’t see this coming Alex.
    When I saw those intrusive really-wrong photos of Alex on the can years ago, I thought, “This is so off brand for Jlo, I bet she dumps him.” Ha

  10. chimes@midnight says:

    Everybody with me now…..

    Are never, ever
    Getting back together
    Are never, ever
    Getting back together