Josh Duggar will not be allowed to see his wife or kids if he gets out on bail

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Thursday afternoon/evening was when we learned that Josh Duggar had been arrested by federal authorities. Everyone was being very careful about what was said about the arrest and what Duggar was being charged with. I had my fingers crossed for fraud, financial crimes, money laundering, that kind of thing. But there was such a weird energy around everything, I think we all knew that it was something very, very bad. And we were right: Josh Duggar was charged with receiving and possessing material depicting the sexual abuse of children. He pleaded not guilty and he continues to be held without bond, although there’s apparently a chance he could get out on bail at some point before the trial. If he does get out on bail, he will not be able to see his children and his wife, who is pregnant with their seventh.

Josh Duggar will be prohibited from reuniting with wife Anna Duggar and their six children amid his child pornography chase. After being arrested in Washington County, Arkansas, the 33-year-old former reality star pleaded not guilty to receiving and possessing material depicting the sexual abuse of children during a Zoom court hearing on Friday.

Josh is currently being held at an Arkansas detention center. If he gets released on bail, U.S Chief Magistrate Judge Erin L. Wiedemann said during the hearing, via People, he would be required to stay with a third party custodian with no minor children in the home; meaning he won’t be able to return to his Arkansas home. During the hearing, Josh’s attorney told the court that he and his client were waiving the right to have the charges read out loud in court. Following the hearing, though, court docs obtained by ET revealed his charges.

According to the docs, in May 2019, Josh allegedly used the internet to download the material, some of which depicts the sexual abuse of children under 12. If convicted, Josh faces up to 20 years in prison and fines up to $250,000 on each count. A pretrial hearing is set for July 1, while the trial is scheduled to begin on July 6.

In a statement to ET, Josh’s lawyers, Justin Gelfand, Travis W. Story and Greg Payne, said, “Josh Duggar has been charged in a two-count indictment. He has pled not guilty to both charges and we intend to defend this case aggressively and thoroughly. In this country, no one can stop prosecutors from charging a crime. But when you’re accused, you can fight back in the courtroom — and that is exactly what Josh intends to do.”

[From ET]

So this happened in 2019? Was that what the Homeland Security raid was about that year? I wonder. And I wonder about the lag in time, which will look particularly bad if Josh was abusing children or possessing additional images between May 2019 and April 2021. Considering this is not Josh Duggar’s first run-in with the law – following his slap on the wrists when he was caught molesting children – I would hope that this is the time the legal system will put him away for good.

Josh’s parents Jim-Bob and Michelle issued a statement but I’m not going to post it, it’s not important. Josh’s sister Jinger and her husband released a statement saying they are “disturbed” by the charges and that they “absolutely condemn any form of child abuse and fully support the authorities.” Jill Duggar-Dillard (one of Josh’s victims when she was a child) released a statement with her husband Derek, saying “This is just very sad for our family.” It’s pretty sad for the children being abused in the images Josh downloaded too.

Josh Duggar appears to smirk for his arrest photo

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Instagram.

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  1. Digital Unicorn says:

    The awful Duggar parents will absolutely go to bat for their favourite child and they WILL keep Anna and the kids under lock and key to stop her from leaving. CPS needs to investigate as if he can molest his own sisters, his daughters are fair game is his mind.

    The statements from his sisters pretty much say it all – they all know about his perversions and how its enabled by their parents and the cult.

    • (The OG) Jan90067 says:

      That was one of my first thoughts: I hope his OWN children have not been molested by him as well.

      That smug mug shot… I am NOT a violent person, but I have rarely ever wanted to smack the smug off anyone as much as I do to that pedo perv. But then I would have to douse my hand in bleach.

      I thought I read a statement from one of the J sisters & her husband to the effect that they hope “justice prevails *this* time” (or something to that effect) meaning that they WANT him to go to jail, where he belongs.

      That whole cult needs to be dismantled. I don’t even know if there’s enough de-programming in the world to help.

      • Chaine says:

        Let’s be real though, Jinger’s husband is a fundamentalist minister in training. His beliefs are the exact same a Jim Bob’s except that he thinks it is ok to allow his wife to wear pants. Because she still wouldn’t be doing anything that her husband didn’t allow her to do. And I firmly don’t think that this couple is happy Josh got arrested, because Jeremy and Jinger have long been trying to make a social media influencer business happen, and all the attention on child sex abuse in the family undoubtedly hurts their “brand.”

    • Levans says:

      When the sister molestation allegations and Ashley Madison Cheating scandal first came out Anna only had 3-4 kids and stood by him. I can’t imagine how hard it would be for her to consider leaving now that she has 7 kids to care for and has been taught to not work outside the home/divorce means you go to hell.

      Someone should check on his daughters because if he can molest 4 sisters, I would put it past him to hurt his own kids. The first allegations being confirmed by his sisters would have been all I needed to leave.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        IIRC didn’t her brother offer to take her and the children in if she wanted to leave?!?! I think she would have the support of her own family if she did but the Duggar parents will never let her go and if she did leave they will hound her.

      • Izzy says:

        Apparently his crimes against his sisters and their friend were disclosed to Anna’s father before they got engaged, and he STILL allowed his daughter to marry him (in that cult, permission is required). This time, her brother should go to court to get custody of their kids.

    • Keroppi says:

      I hope the CPS investigation extends to the Duggar parents and the minor children still living with them. I’m pretty sure they have been visited before so there is already a file to build on.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        this, 100 times.

        I said it on the last post about this and I’ll say it again. I have my suspicions about Jim Bob.

      • Lola says:

        There was an AMA on reddit with a person who was confirmed to be a member of their church as a teen and was friends with Josh at that time. He said Josh as a teen mentioned being shown porn from Jim Bob’s dad Grandpa Duggar and there was another instance of some other teen boy “walking in on” Grandpa Duggar with porn as well.

      • keroppi says:

        whatWHAT? – 100% he is suspicious. Even if it is only (as if) financial abuse of his children

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Apparently a cult/family that prays together and preys together, are all in the same position to them. Nothing to see here folks!!

    • Severine says:

      Agree with what you said except that I would add his sons are fair game for abuse as well. Why limit his perversity to young girls? Who knows how screwed up he is?

  2. Watson says:

    Glad that Jill at least is getting therapy and has broken free to some extent.

    Hope this guy and his gross parents rot. The only people i feel bad for are his victims.

    • Millennial says:

      What’s crazy is I think they only broke free because Jim Bob wouldn’t help them pay for their youngest child’s medical bills after a home birth gone wrong. Which is extra messed up since he took alllll the money they made from the TV show, and they has to sue to get it back.

      But no matter how it happened, I’m glad they are out. Jill and Derrick are still fundies with bad views, but at least they aren’t in a cult anymore

      • JT says:

        I think it’s going to take some time to deprogram from it all. That was her whole life and they are all so poorly educated. The fact that she is sending her children to public school is a huge step. Her views are trash, but with time and more therapy hopefully that will change. I just feel awful for those girls being molested by their brother and the family doing absolutely nothing about it.

      • Ellie says:

        Turn your minor children into a circus side-show, use the girls as unpaid nannies for the brats you squeeze out, but can’t be bothered to actually raise, and refuse to pay them a fair share of income from the show?

        Hell, it’s almost like JB & Michelle are Mammon-worshipping frauds using fake piety as a cover for their bigotry and greed…

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        Jim Boob used the money from the show to control all his children, the daughters in particular. Explains why they were all so desperate to marry – its interesting that a few of them picked partners who were, or went onto become, financially independent from the Duggar purse strings.

        Am glad they sued him and won but from what I’ve read about that they still didn’t get what they were actually owed – they only got a fraction. I read somewhere that the show made the family millions but where the money went no one knows, except Jim Boob.

      • Izzy says:

        It really is messed up. Jill isn’t welcome at their house but Josh is. That really says it all.

      • Lola says:

        Yes. He has his daughters and daughters-in-law each giving birth rather graphically on camera MULTIPLE times each, and hoarding all the money to himself, not giving them a single dime of payment, and lying to them making them think that this show was a free service they were all doing as some kind of outreach. None of them had any idea TLC was paying the family for this.

        Remember all of these girls have been homeschooled and not allowed to watch TV, listen to secular music, be on the internet unsupervised, have social media until they get married, etc. So how could they know?

        Refusing to pay for the birth-related health issues was some kind of last straw for Jill and her husband Derek and they shockingly found how how much Jim Bob was being paid for all her work and opening her EXTREMELY PRIVATE moments to the camera all that time, while keeping it to himself.

      • keroppi says:

        I’ve heard and read before that for the fundies who truly believe (read – Jill), when something goes absolutely wrong, like the birth of her second child and the events surrounding it, their whole worldview crumbles and they end up questioning everything and leaving. It’s the ones who sort of buy into the beliefs but participate more for the performative and power element that stay and perpetuate the cult beliefs.

      • lucy2 says:

        All of it is just so abusive. I feel so bad for all of the children raised and being raised in that mess.

    • HeyJude says:

      I feel pretty damn bad for his kids too. Damn, they’ve got so much baggage already and most of them are just barely knee-high. Their dad’s a scumbag, their mom’s a doormat fundamentalist robo-wife, and now Jim Bob & Michele will probably take the lead in raising them with Josh in prison, which is a bleak prospect.

      They have no chance at turning out normal and it’s so sad seeing their innocent little faces knowing that.

  3. Alissa says:

    I was the least surprised ever when this is what the chargers were. The dude had multiple issues with his sexual behavior, including molesting his own sisters. The instant that it wasn’t immediately announced why he was arrested it became very clear that it was for some sort of sexual abuse.

  4. carousel says:

    JB has been careful to make as many of the children financially reliant on him as possible. Jill and Jinger have extricated themselves pretty effectively (through in different ways) partially because they married outside the cult. I hope the whole house of cards falls, and more start leaving. It’ll be a slow process but I’d bet it’s already started.

    The good news is that the feds have something like a 92% conviction rate. They generally don’t miss. It sounds like Josh and JB think they can fight this and win, so I don’t see him taking a plea deal. The harder they fight, the harder the feds will clamp down on his neck. It’s going to get ugly.

    • AnnaC says:

      This! My cousin works for the DOJ and said they wouldn’t have arrested him if they didn’t have a darn strong case, and he was likely allowed to turn himself in vs a perp walk to give him time to get his personal/family affairs in order (not uncommon for federal cases). I’d also guess since the original search warrant was executed in 2019 they also executed additional warrants on all his personal devices, if they weren’t covered in the first one, have continued to monitor his searches and downloads, and no doubt there was a lot more found.

      Also, from what my relative said, he’s lucky charges are federal vs state/local if he ends up in prison.

    • Cee says:

      Oh yes, let them fight this. They will go bankrupt and their “protection” will disappear along with the money.

  5. josephine says:

    These people will go to every end to support and protect this man solely because he’s a man and pretends to be religious. This is truly the epitome of privilege.

    You have people like the QAnon delusionals chasing shadows when all they really need to do if they want to truly help woman and children is look at all the abuse promulgated by and hidden by religious fanatics in this country, and of course privileged Republican men.

    • Seraphina says:

      Yes, it is so amazing that the QAnons are chasing shadows and most are right under the their noses in the Republican party. It truly is mind boggling. But those smoke and mirrors work, deflecting from the guilty. It is sickening.

    • Emily_C says:

      I firmly believe QAnon was started to get people to chase shadows. They’re clogging child sexual abuse reporting lines with bullcrap about cabinets and whatnot. Meanwhile, the likely “Q” runs a child porn site.

      • josephine says:

        Exactly – it’s like the super homophobic politicians who are hiding the fact that they are gay. My first thought with those QAnon people are always that they are the real abusers.

      • Emily_C says:

        I was reading a lot about QAnon for a while until I got too disgusted. There are some belonging to it who are desperately sad and afraid. But there are also many who think it’s “fun”. An enjoyable game, though they also believe it’s real.

        I play video games. And if a game, total fiction, had a world like QAnon pretends, I would be totally appalled and grossed out and demand my money back. It is vomitous. Fun? There’s something wildly wrong with those people.

  6. Courtney B says:

    Jill’s husband revealed in March that they hadn’t been to her parents’ house in several years because there are a lot of triggers there. I think we can guess what at least some of them are. She’s probably saying it’s sad because she knows that if he’s actually been punished or even professionally treated back in the day this may not have happened. I would think she’s pretty full of anger and rightfully so.

    Jinger’s statement was particularly strongly worded. None of the siblings have said anything like ‘we still love him’ or ‘he’s innocent’. She was one of his victims too if I remember correctly.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      His sisters clearly hate him and don’t blame them – he’s repeatedly gotten away with it and his behaviour is totally enabled by their parents.

      Comments that like from Jill makes me thing what else went on in that house beyond what we know Josh did to them. Josh clearly learned that behaviour from someone close to him. Jim Boob has always creeped me out and I totally believe that he behaved that way towards his daughters. He controlled the way they dressed – he had them all dress and act like their mother which is not only sick but says a lot if you catch my meaning…

      • Courtney B says:

        I totally get your meaning and don’t disagree.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        I agree with you; I think Jim Bob is a creep and dangerous. he should be investigated too.

        perhaps Josh will roll on his pops to get a lighter sentence.

    • Isa says:

      Jill is also not allowed there without permission from Jimbob and she can’t be over there while he isn’t home. But josh gets to live there for free.

  7. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    I read yesterday that the wife has stated she has no intention to either leave or divorce him. If that’s the case her skanky ass needs to go down too because she is willfully turning s blind eye. The kids need to be removed from that house and placed as far away from the duggar cult as possible. Sooner rather than later.
    I will try to find the site I read it on

    • Emily_C says:

      She’s been brainwashed since birth to believe that if she divorces her husband, she’ll go to hell. Most people aren’t “All right then, I’ll go to hell” types. And yes, because of that, if she refuses to leave him, her children will be taken away from her. As they should be.

      • josephine says:

        But it’s fine for her to have the kids in a living hell. A real religious woman (or any woman) sacrifices herself to keep her kids safe.

      • Lola says:

        In their cult’s manual which was written by the despicable Bill Gothard, there are instructions on what to do if your female child is sexually abused, and it LITERALLY SAYS, you should ask them the question, “what might you have done to cause this abuse?”

        I would bet my next 10 paychecks that both Josh’s wife and any children he was found to have abused within his family, were asked this question and deliberately brainwashed to believe his predatory acts were their fault and caused by their behavior.

        Anna (Josh’s wife) has had it pounded into her MANY times that if he “sexually strays” then it’s HER FAULT for not being ENOUGH. Not being sexually available enough, sexually exciting enough, attractive enough, thin enough, pretty enough, young enough, submissive enough, obedient enough, cheerful enough, and that she DESERVES HELL because SHE IS THE ONE at fault for all of this.

        So I think that to Anna, by staying in the marriage with him, she IS keeping her kids safe. After all, all of this is her fault, she caused it, and only she can stop it, by TRYING HARDER.

      • Ange says:

        That’s a bit of a cop out though, several of her siblings have left and they were all raised the same way with the same indoctrination. It’s been done right in front of her, she knows its possible.

    • Heat says:

      Anna is absolutely one of his enablers but, to be fair, she has been groomed and programmed for this, her entire life.
      She probably feels like this is somehow her fault, or that she’ll rot in hell if she turns her back on him.

      • Jess says:

        Oh no doubt she feels responsible for his behavior. They teach girls if they dress immodestly and get sexually abused that it’s their fault, that they should thank god for the abuse because it helps them grow. Anna probably thinks she didn’t please him enough so that’s why he cheated on her before. Who knows what kind of hell she’s been in this entire time, but I have very little sympathy left for her. At some point you have to put your children first, and she kept having innocent little girls with this monster.

      • Heat says:

        @Jess – Michelle Duggar has probably already instructed Anna to make the girls sleep with their clothes on with the door locked, like they did with Josh’s sisters.
        And, if Josh did do anything to his daughters, it would be deemed their fault or Anna’s.
        The only true sympathy I feel is for the children he has victimized.

    • Marie says:

      I agree with Heat. Keep in mind that Anna has been groomed and abused by this cult her entire life.

    • keroppi says:

      Anna is currently living her trauma. It’s easy as outsiders to say what she should do. In order for her to leave, she would be fighting back against 30+ years of trauma and brainwashing. I’m not saying that it can’t be done, but it’s easier said than done.

      • HoofRat says:

        And facing abject poverty with no marketable skills while single-parenting seven children and being permanently ostracized from her family. Not excusing her, but these Quiverfull scumbags certainly know how to arrange everything to maintain their sick, closed, abusive little cult.

  8. Willow says:

    The parents response to Josh molesting his sisters was to make them sleep in their clothes at night and lock them in their bedrooms. ‘What were you wearing when your brother molested you? PJs? Where were you? Asleep in your unlocked bedroom? Well then, of course, your poor tempted brother couldn’t control himself!’
    This cult teaches that girls and women are temptresses by their very nature and that a man only strays from his marriage if his wife is not doing her ‘job’. That is why Anna will never leave him, she believes it’s all her fault. Their minor children desperately need CPS intervention.

  9. Dippy says:

    This dirty pedo should already be in jail!

  10. Lauren says:

    Good! He shouldn’t have been allowed around children after it first came out that he is attracted to children. His wife shouldn’t have allowed him around their daughters. That family is disgusting and can rot in hell for having facilitated this piece of trash disgusting tastes. I hope his children get help and are taken far far away from the Duggars.

  11. Soupie says:

    Those poor kids all look like him. Hopefully they’ll look a little more like their mother as they get older. I wonder if the Duggar family is trying to normalize why Daddy is gone. I mean, they’re too young to be told the truth, but hopefully mental health professionals have helped shape the narrative. Doubt it though.

    Seeing all those kids reminds me of the comment I just made on the Billie Eilish thread: “People forget that you can grow up and realise sh-t was f**ked up when you were younger.” –Billie Eilish

  12. STRIPE says:

    I wonder if Josh was molested as a kid. I would bet he was since victims sometimes repeat the behavior on others. Not making an excuse for him, to be clear – Just stating a fact. I wouldn’t be surprised given their upbringing if he were molested by someone in their church circle.

    It’s just so awful all around regardless.

    • Christa says:

      This is exactly what the secondary questions should be about. Clearly Jim Boob is manipulative and controlling. The grandfather was caught with porn. However I would not put it past someone at his church being his abuser. These fundies are not open to oversight at all. Several high profile female Southern Baptists have walked away because the organization is deaf to complaints of sexual abuse. They are all sick and twisted and the kids are all victims. JB needs to go to jail too for the financial fraud against his kids.

      • plural of apocalypse says:

        Jimmy Carter walked away from the Southern Baptist Convention several years ago because of the church’s treatment of women and girls. He’s still a Baptist but is no longer associated with that particular denomination. Jimmy is greatest and it’s pretty on brand for him to speak out against injustice.

    • JanetDR says:

      You are right @STRIPE, there is usually a history. It’s the worst (speaking as a former social worker) when one person just keeps on ruining a family for generations because of lack of evidence. The digital age is not all bad!

  13. Sam the Pink says:

    It is fairly standard that people accused of sexual crimes cannot have contact with minors. And there isn’t any really way for him to be around his family without coming into contact with minors. I assume he’ll have to rent some kind of property where he can live – but who will give him the money? The parents?

    It is very telling that Josh and his family were welcome to live on his parents’ property (they live in a converted warehouse), but Jill is not welcome back home because she chooses to deviate – slightly – from her parents’ methods and she asked to be paid for her work on the show. What telling priorities.

  14. Liz version 700 says:

    This family flew him home from pretend rehab to see his family, they will absolutely make sure he can see his kids and continue to undoubtedly be creepy to them. No way he has pics of kids under 12 and isn’t grooming his own kids. He needs to be locked away under the jail and never allowed near a female or child again.

  15. Marie says:

    My thoughts on Anna are that she IS an abuse victim of that cult and I don’t want to get into the “So why didn’t you just leave” victim blaming. Which is hard, I totally get it, because there are children involved and this man is a pedophile and child molester. I can’t think of a cult I’ve read about that does not have sexual abuse as a part of it.
    These women are purposely undereducated and discouraged from working so that they are always dependent on their parents and then their husbands. They are taught from the time they are little girls that their only purpose is to birth babies and be submissive to their husbands. They are given the responsibility of caring for the younger children (not just babysitting duties…like, do everything for them) when they themselves are still children. They are taught that they must be “joyfully available” whenever their husbands want sex and they can’t say no…which is rape.
    Jim Bob and Michelle have proven that they don’t care who Josh hurts. They don’t care that their grandchildren were still in his presence even though they knew that he sexually abused little girls including THEIR OWN DAUGHTERS. They didn’t get him help and they covered it up. Even their statement now is just like “meh.”
    Even with the court involved now and the requirement of a court appointed counselor to be present if Josh is in the presence of his children….I am very very very worried how this will end. Look up the Susan Powell tragedy if you aren’t familiar with it. And Susan’s parents were truly trying to protect their grandchildren from their psycho father in that case…

  16. Fredd says:

    My understanding about the time lag is that the Feds don’t bring a case until they have it basically airtight. Their conviction rate is something like 90%. Josh’s charges are severe and the experts I’ve seen weigh in say it is almost assured that he will do jail time. His charges are for downloading and possessing child sexual abuse material, but not producing, and the Homeland Security raid on this work office in 2019 (I believe) is undoubtedly related. They’ve been building a case against him since.

    • Sam the Pink says:

      He will almost certainly do time. How does he argue he is innocent?

      The only thing he might have in his favor is if the feds are inclined to go after bigger fish – the people actually producing and distributing these images – and Josh has information that can assist them. Maybe, in that case, he might be able to cut some kind of deal, but I doubt that. One thing I do find interesting that is this seems to be an isolated arrest. Often, when the feds make these kinds of busts, they do so in groups or rings, breaking them up all at once. However, I have not heard about any other arrests related to this one, which is odd to me. Seems like Josh was on their radar all by himself, which is kind of worrying – I think we might see more charges forthcoming.

  17. nicegirl says:

    JD for prison

    • keroppi says:

      Which one? All the Duggars initials are JD. Can we add some extra Duggars to the prison list?

      • Talia says:

        Also, one of the other Duggar sons (who is rumoured to have beaten up Josh when the abuse of their sisters first came to light) goes by the name JD – it’s not fair to confuse the two.

  18. nicegirl says:

    I hate brothers who do this and parents who cover it up.

  19. Scal says:

    Anna Duggar’s entire support system is against her. Her in laws, her parents, most of her siblings. Even if she found the strength to overcome all of that-where is she going to go. What is she going to do? She has no education, never worked a job, been programmed that she’s only good for making and raising babies. She got basically sold away to the duggars by her parents when she was 18. She’s only lived on Duggar property since leaving home. She’s been told if he cheats/attacks children it’s her fault for not being godly enough.

    I’d hope she’d step it up for the kids, but this woman is brainwashed and has been since childhood. I’d be shocked if she HAD said she was leaving him.

    • Lola says:

      She does have something like half a million followers on Instagram. TLC absolutely could get some consultant to help her monetize that. I feel like TLC created this Frankenstein in the first place and has been profiting of the exploitation and abuse of children for half a generation now, they can step up and fix some of the mess.

    • Sam the Pink says:

      I am sympathetic to Anna insofar as she does find herself in an awful position – she has no real means of self-support and will soon be a mother of seven, and has spent her whole life in a brainwashing cult that taught her that her only value was as a wife and mother. I understand and have empathy for her position.

      BUT, speaking as a mother myself, there has to be some line. Okay, she probably chalked up his molesting his sisters as teenage curiosity or folly, and she blamed herself for his cheating. Okay, I get it. But THIS – this is a different beast. This is not some kind of moral error. Seeking out those images, that is not a mistake. And he has 3 little girls! How could you ever trust him around his kids again, knowing that he was getting his jollies looking at images of kids in the same age group as his own. His oldest daughter is around 11, 12 – I would be terrified for her. If my husband were accused of such a thing, I don’t think “should I leave” would be a question for me – it would be a matter of logistics. If she does not leave him, her reputation is dust, no question.

      EDIT: And I do agree that TLC bears some responsibility for this entire mess – they pushed these people into the spotlight and encouraged the public to view them as just a conservative, Christian, big happy family while trying to divert attention from the more insidious parts of their character. That is why I don’t patronize the channel anymore.

      • Betsy says:

        I don’t want to give her a pass, but seriously. She grew up in a cult. She isn’t really exposed to outside sources, at all. She is uneducated. She is brainwashed.

        This is 100% her husband’s fault.

  20. Serena says:

    Hopefully they put him away for a long long time.

  21. Noodle says:

    I read this morning that a reason it may have taken so long to indict him was because it had to go before a grand jury, and COVID might have delayed that. It is absolutely shameful that he has had access to children for 2 years while the process played out.

  22. K says:

    This whole family has given me the creeps since Day 1. I don’t want to think about what’s under all other rocks .

  23. Midge says:

    He will never stop and needs to be locked away.

  24. lise says:

    if u wanna use the most up to date term, i’ve heard the new terminology is “child sexual abuse material” (CSAM)

  25. Jessica says:

    I look at the faces of those children and I want to crawl into a closet and sob in the dark for several months. May Josh rot in hell.

  26. Coffeeisgood says:

    The Duggar’s are creepy. I really feel bad for all the daughters who grew up with those sick parents. The parents literally turned a blind eye to the brother molesting them. All the children are brainwashed. They all married very young and all have a bunch of kids themselves. It seems like such a sad life to live.