Sailor Cook: ‘Everyone wants to get back to dressing outside of sweatpants’

Christie Brinkley and her daughters, Sailor Cook and Alexa Ray Joel, are doing a new campaign for the brand Not Your Daughter’s Jeans. I like that brand, they’re so comfortable and flattering, although they’re on the pricier side. I have a couple of pairs that I got at Goodwill. (I try not to pay retail for clothing when I can help it.) You can see more photos from the shot on People’s site, where I first read this story. The woman gave some quotes on beauty and fashion that I wanted to talk about. People has a writeup but they didn’t include all the quotes from the video, so I’m just including those below. I’ve also embedded that video at the bottom.

Christie: If beauty doesn’t start in your heart and soul and include kindness it’s not lasting beauty. I always say to my girls ‘Bloom where you’re planted.’ “No matter what’s going in your life, there’s always something that you can appreciate about it.

Alexa: To me beauty is being creative, it’s freedom of expression and my mom has that bohemian spirit that she imparted to my siblings and me.”

Sailor: Post-covid everyone sort-of wants to get back into the groove of dressing actually outside of sweatpants and these are a great middle ground. If I can move, I can dance, I can do things in my jeans, I’m happy.

[From YouTube video via People]

I know Kaiser loves sweatpants! She especially loves the Old Navy kind and my friend Karen swears those are the best too. They had a half off sale recently that was such a bargain. I’ve been living in leggings over lockdown. I bought so many Lularoe (not Lululemon, those are a fortune) cute patterned leggings on eBay and have been wearing those. They’re super comfortable and because they’re an MLM company that saturated the market their clothes are easy to find. They have really flattering dresses too! I disagree with Sailor that everyone wants to get back to dressing in non-sweatpants outfits. While I do in a way, I’m going to wear leggings more overall. I know a lot of people who love that casual style and it works for them.

Getting back to jeans, this is a smart ad campaign. I need new jeans because most of my old ones don’t fit anymore. I’m trying to get back to my last size but that’s slow going. By emphasizing that we should wear flattering comfortable jeans they’re giving us a gentle reality check that we need to buy new ones. *sigh*

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

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  1. Sarah says:

    I’m in zero rush to get back to wearing “real clothes” but I’m in Canada’s never ending lockdown without a vaccine so I’ve got nothing but time to reconsider.

    • rainbowkitty says:

      So sorry. I’m Canadian living in the US and my whole family is in lockdown again. It’s looking like summer #2 of not seeing them.

    • Lizzie says:

      Me too, although I am fortunate to be vaxxed I rarely want to go back to jeans or prelockdown wardrobe. No matter my size I have never found jeans to be comfortable. I don’t know what I’ll do if I have to go back into the office.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        my answer: plain black slightly flared yoga pants. I pair them with a white t-shirt and a blazer and I’m good to go. I’m still doing tele-med, so I can pretty much wear anything, and once I’m back in the Bahamas at the clinic, my yoga pants and t-shirts are going to get a nice workout. LOL

    • Seraphina says:

      I am with you Sarah. Here in Virginia in the US. I have no rush to get into heels and skirts and hose. In fact, I may swear them off. I recently went out into decent society. I decided to wear my prelock down outfit and big leather designer purse. No thanks. I went to change after about 15 min of waiting for my friend. And that heavy purse was like an anchor. No thanks.
      I like my sweats, my shorts and my comfy clothes. And my sneakers when I am out and about.

      • Sue Denim says:

        I’ve brought out my old classic small black Kate Spade bag from 20 years ago and it’s so much more comfortable, and I think timeless, plus I’m small so I think it suits me better than the big ones I’d gotten used to. I think I’ll always emphasize comfort now too, but adding a scarf and/or some jewelry is my transition from lockdown to some semblance of normal life. Here’s hoping Canada and others here and abroad are able to be vaccinated soon too.

      • Becks1 says:

        I started using a smaller purse during lockdown and i’m sticking with it, lol. I have a big open leather purse that I use for work because it holds my laptop, my shoes (I wear comfortable shoes for walking from the car to the office), water bottle, etc. But my laptop hasn’t left its docking station on my home desk since March 2020 and I don’t even know where any of my work shoes are at this point, ha. So I downsized and it’s been so nice.

      • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

        Loosely related, since covid, I am surprised at how comfortable I am going out without make up or just a bit of concealer and mascara. My old clothes? Not until I lose 10-12#, lol. Sweets came back into my life. As did delicious, crunchy, chewy baguettes!

  2. HufflepuffLizLemon says:

    The hems on all their jeans are so distracting! I assume they folded them up for the pics, but it’s throwing me off. I am always on the search for the perfect jeans (I wear Kut from the Kloth usually, which are ~$100, not terrible but not cheap) and now I’m questioning how the length works for these.

    • FHMom says:

      My eyes went there, also. I’m thinking that Christie and Sailor are super tall, and the jeans were too short on them and they had to be adjusted. Alexa’s hem looks fine, and she is petite. Just a guess. I am only 5’3”. I have a daughter who is 5’7”, which is tall but not super tall, and she has a hard time finding sweat pants, pajamas, etc., that are long enough on her. As a short person, I never imagined being tall was an issue for clothing, but now I know better.

      • AnnaC says:

        I’m 5’7” too and agree; petite is too short, regular is just a touch too long, and I always end up with a gap in the back because of my body type. Randomly the best ones I’ve found are the Gloria Vanderbilt ones they sell at Costco.

      • megs283 says:

        I”m 5’11″ and it’s always an issue. Sleeves are always too short. The belts or waists on dresses are always too high and awkward. Pants (obviously) are too short. While talls are available, often you have to buy them online, which is annoying when you NEED something for an event that is coming up with short notice.

        I used to be a 14 and I thought that was hard finding clothes that both fit and were long enough in-store. Now I’m a 16 (/18) and oof. It’s rough. :-(

      • HufflepuffLizLemon says:

        Yep. I’m 5’8” and usually have a pair of 33” and 34” inseams in my closet for different height boots, as well as skinny ankle jeans as I am an old millennial and you can pry my skinnies and my side part from my cold, dead hands. 😂

      • I’m also distracted by the hem!Who wouldn’t think this should have been a big deal for these pics?My husband had an expensive pair of jeans hemmed by a local tailor who was really old and I don’t think he paid attention to what he was doing-so we went out and my husband was wearing these jeans that looked like they were for a little boy or something,lol…So now I always ask a tailor in advance about any hem.

        I am 5’7 as well and I agree that it’s a good height for clothing but a regular can be too long with flats and too short with heals.
        I love my yoga pants and frankly I don’t care about wearing “real”clothes again-I mean I want them to fit but that is a ways off right now.

      • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

        My issue is less with height and more with boob accommodation. If a shirt fits my ample chest, then it’s hanging too low, and sleeves are too long. This combined with short-waistedness make me look dumpy. Sometimes I think about getting a reduction, because I know they’re just going to keep getting bigger like my maternal grandmother’s did, but I’m already 55. Same body type as hers. 😑

      • megs283 says:

        @Notsosocialbutterly – my aunt got a reduction at 55 and she was (is) SO happy that she did it. If it’s on your mind, it can’t hurt to explore and learn more! She has all the benefits (no back pain, etc.) that you read about.

    • detritus says:

      My people.

      How was this okayed as promotional material? The heeeemmmmssss

  3. Normades says:

    If I did one thing a day it was to put on real pants. I understand people love sweats/leggings but I like the feel of a firm waistband. I am looking forward to wearing cute summer clothes and it motivates me to get in better shape post lockdown.

    • Rebecca says:

      I’ve worn jeans through most of lockdown, mainly because it was my one check to head off the Quarantine 15. It was successful. If the jeans became tight, it was time to lay off the Cheez-Its and Cheryl’s Cookies.

      I still have the pre-COVID 10 to lose, but that had been ongoing for 2 years anyway…maybe this summer I’ll get far more serious about it.

      • Normades says:

        Yea that’s one of the reasons I forced myself to wear pants but I still gained weight and can’t fit into a couple of them anymore.

    • MaryContrary says:

      If I had made myself wear real pants everyday I probably would not have gained the 40 lbs I did. I’m down 20, so hopefully by fall when it’s time to wear jeans again I’ll be fitting back into them.

  4. hindulovegod says:

    I’ve become a soft pants convert. I don’t want to go back to uncomfortable clothes. I plan to wear Old Navy and Uniqlo joggers indefinitely.

  5. Nikki says:

    It’d be nice to go back to my prepandemic body, but no to prepandemic dressing. I love the freedom and softness of my sweats!

  6. Becks1 says:

    I am kind of ready to ditch the sweatpants – not on a daily basis, let’s not get crazy, but I’m looking forward to getting dressed in something cute and doing my makeup and going out. nowhere crazy, maybe the farmer’s market, LOL.

  7. Lady Luna says:

    I for sure don’t want to go back to regular clothes, give me sweatpants and comfortable shirts and sweatshirts anytime.

  8. Mcmmom says:

    I’m ready for real clothes – I’ve been getting dressed up to go grocery shopping! Even working from home, I have to wear jeans to get into “work mode.” When I wear leggings, all I want to do is online shop.

    • Normades says:

      Same. Maybe it’s because I live in Europe where people don’t really wear sweats or leggings out. But if I’m wearing sweats I feel incredibly lethargic. I just want to sit on the couch and watch Netflix.

  9. rainbowkitty says:

    Quite like wearing sweats, thanks.

  10. N0body says:

    I think you’re either a soft pant convert or not. I for one will never go back to wearing hard pants every day.

    • HoofRat says:

      Same. Also, I just realized I have not ironed anything since the second week of March 2020, which is bizarre for me because I’ve always spent a couple of hours a week ironing my work clothes, for as long as I can remember. I’m going to have to start job-hunting after 10 years, so I guess I’ll have to dust off the ironing board.

      • N0body says:

        My favourite in office pant was a dark black jegging. They just looked like skinny black dress pants but were COMFY. No one ever knew the difference. Hang to dry and never need to iron 😉

  11. Esmom says:

    I agree with whoever mentioned the jeans hems, it’s the first thing I noticed.

    I negotiated only one day back in the office (for now, more days are in my future) and it’s my one day to wear normal clothes and makeup and it feels like playing dress up. I was hoping the office style would be more casual but our director is setting the tone with a highly professional wardrobe of all new stuff, nice pants and skirts. She looks great but it seems unnecessary. She wore a dress and heels the other week for a board meeting — on Zoom! She clearly likes to play the part of a professional and the rest of the staff seems to be stepping it up now, too.

    • Lucy2 says:

      I do one day a week in the office too, by myself as we each take a day, and it first I was wearing nicer clothes and then realized I was an actually seeing anyone, no one is allowed in. I wear my nicer sweatpants on those days, LOL.

      • Esmom says:

        Nice, I love it. Will you keep it up when more people come in together? I noticed as more people have been coming in on the same days, the style has stepped up more. Especially hair and makeup, which I really have little patience for but do the bare minimum. I had to get used to mascara again, my lashes felt strangely weighed down the first few times I wore it again!

  12. Southern Fried says:

    Traveled to finally reunite with my vaccinated family and practiced wearing real clothes and shoes ahead of time lol. Not only do I need a size larger but I was hella uncomfortable after a year+ in comfy clothes and flip flops. Misery. Don’t know what I’ll do when I go back over the holidays having to wear winter gear.

  13. Joanna says:

    I didnt wear leggings until about a year ago. I thought they wouldn’t look good on me since I’m not small. But then I tried them and they are so comfortable! I think I last wore a pair of jeans several months ago. Now that I work for myself, I am never going back to regular pants.

  14. Lemons says:

    I’m completely fine with continuing to wear sweatpants from Uniqlo for….forever. Who wants to put on jeans to go grocery shopping?

    But I also want restaurants and bars and lounges and clubs to open back up so I have a real reason to get dressed up.

  15. NotHeidisGirl says:

    Nope, I‘ll stick to my sweatpants and leggings (and comfy dresses when it gets warmer).

  16. Ines says:

    I’ve been dressed head to toe in Lululemon for over a year and I never want it to change. Ever.

  17. BothSidesNow says:

    May I just say that Sailors comment came off as ridiculous! Here they are talking about beauty and she utters the jean factor into the equation. Did she not understand the question?
    And yes, the lengths look ridiculous on both mother and Sailor. Their brand doesn’t scream inclusion for tall people, just the opposite.

  18. AnnaC says:

    Not jeans related, but I was looking through Christie Brinkley’s IG yesterday. Lovely posts, included several pics of her mom and Christie with the kids when they were young and, well, I wish she would stop with the cosmetic whatever she is doing.

    • I don’t think she going to stop 😐

    • The Hench says:

      Yeah. Maybe I’m a bad person but my reaction to seeing these pics was to start mourning for Christie’s former face. She was so beautiful. She has amazing bone structure and probably would have aged well. Now she looks painfully plastic and freakish.

      Whoever worked on Jane Fonda or Honor Blackman or Jane Seymour needs to make themselves known to more of Hollywood.

    • iconoclast59 says:

      I actually think Christie’s work is quite good. She doesn’t have that duck-lipped, overfilled look like the Real Housewives and other celebrities have. But she also doesn’t look anything like a 67-year-old woman — not even close! That’s what freaks me out.

  19. Southern Fried says:

    What were they thinking? The jeans look awful.

  20. Heat says:

    Someone in the fashion industry needs to come up with business casual sweats. I am still working from home, and losing my ability to wear sweats all the time (as well as farting freely) has become a real concern of mine.

    • They are pricey but have you ever looked up Beta Brand? They have tons of patterns,prints,basic black and denim in various cuts. I think you get a first time 50% off-I have been looking at them for a year or so and just haven’t bought yet,due to prices( 100-150)and I don’t know if they will fit and all of the sending back is such a pain. But I’ll probably break down and buy a couple pair for autumn.

      • Heat says:

        I’ll check them out.
        Now…about the free-farting…

      • AbominableSnowPickle says:

        I have a pair! They are really nice! I wear a uniform for work (EMS), but my Beta brand yoga/work pants in black are my go-to for comfy but a little dressed up for going out and stuff. If I’m not working, i’m pretty much in yoga or sweatpants and t-shirts (but that’s not a pandemic thing, that’s just me, lol)/
        Important to know though, even their ‘regular’ length pants are hella long! I’m 5’7″ and had to have a friend hem them for me…3″ shorter!

  21. SusieQ says:

    My job transitioned to WFH permanently, so I’m getting ready to purge my closet of some of my professional wear. I love my comfy clothes, but I will say it was so nice to have dinner with some vaccinated friends this weekend and actually put on makeup and real clothes!

  22. It’sJustBlanche says:

    I always wear dresses, just because I think they are more comfortable but now, I put one on and it seems like so much.

  23. manda says:

    I will have to try the Not Your Daughter jeans. I don’t have a daughter, ha, but I have noticed that jeans have just been uncomfortable in the last few years, like even before the pandemic I struggled to find jeans that fit well, and I don’t feel like my body is particularly weird.

    • Liz version 700 says:

      I love the NYDJ. I used to get them at Filene’s Basement for $40. Now I wait for a sale so I can at least get them for $75. They are like pajamas but look amazing.

  24. mellie says:

    I buy all my jeans from consignment stores, they are usually in pretty good shape because people usually buy jeans, hate them, re-sell them…many times the tags are still on the pants!
    My favorite jeans are from the Loft or Chicos, but I like NYDJ too. It’s really hard to find the perfect pair, honestly. The struggle….

    • Liz version 700 says:

      💯 hear ya. I am 5’4 and usually end up wearing capri pants or ankle pants as jeans because my legs are so short it is tragic lol

  25. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I was done with uncomfortable clothes decades ago lol. Even at my skinniest, I wore flowy black skirts and tunics, oversized sweatshirts and leggings, etc. If I had to attend a dressy function, I still wore an oversized black top, tunic or jacket over some flowy maxi skirt (could be see-thru, could be anything from chiffon to cotton lol). I’m also picky about my shoes which have to be platform or chunky heel, very comfortable and give me at least three to four inches (preferably five or six). 😋

  26. Jules says:

    Oh gawd, say no to MLM companies. I know so many people who have been scammed and lost a lot of $.

    • MaryContrary says:

      Where’s the MLM in this story? “Not Your Daughters Jeans” are a legit brand- I’ve seen them carried by Nordstrom.- It’s not like it’s that god awful Lula La Rue (or whatever it’s called )that is a big MLM scam.

      • AnnaC says:

        I think the original CB post mentioned she was wearing a lot of Lularoe leggings, but was buying them on eBay, not through an official Lularoe MLM.

  27. Case says:

    I don’t want to take my sweatpants off! I’m someone who always used to wear jeans out running errands and now I’ve become a little more nonchalant about wearing whatever to the grocery store, lol. Old Navy’s are nice but don’t tend to hold up well in the wash for me. I like some of Target’s brands, like Wild Fable, for sweatpants. I still really am fine with jeans and have always thought they were comfortable, but the assertion that I’m so ready to get out of my comfy clothes is not true!

    It does feel nice to put on a summery dress, but that’s about it. I don’t care at all about dressing up anymore.

  28. Maxime duCamp says:

    Yep, hard no on hard pants for me. Prepandemic I discovered Athleta’s city pants line. I thought they’d be great for travel (remember travelling for pleasure? I do…barely) and they were as they are light, easy to pack, and don’t get too wrinkled. But they are also dressy enough to pass for a business casual look in many work settings. I like in them (when I’m not in my sweats!). So much more comfortable than jeans. Like some others have mentioned, I also find flowy skirts and dresses more comfortable during the hotter months. Plus with a dress, it’s one and done; no need to find a matching top, etc.

  29. Chrissy (The Original) says:

    It may be off topic but Christie is sure trying to make her daughters happen, isn’t she? Sailor seems especially desperate.

    • april says:

      Yes, she does exploit her girls. I think she also does it to keep herself relevant.

    • Julia K says:

      Saw Sailor in a morning show interview few years ago. She seemed lovely and polite, talking about how excited she was to be accepted at design school. Just a nice, regular kid, I thought.

  30. bettyrose says:

    I know Alexa Ray Joel is the last person in the world I need to feel bad for, but I do. When she was younger, I always imagined it must be hard living in their superficial celeb world being compared to her mom who she looks nothing like. And then the younger sister comes along as the twin of their mom, and Alexa is absolutely adorable with fabulous hair but they live in a world of super models. When I see the three of them together I just want to hug her and be like “short brunettes unite!”

    • AnnaC says:

      I look at Sailor and think of Kaia Gerber. They are both pretty, fit, etc. and resemble their mother’s but are missing that IT factor Christie and Cindy had, or even still have to some extent. Sailor to me looks like an even mix of Christie and her father Peter Cook.

      Alexa is beautiful and has an amazing figure but definitely got Billy’s genetics.

    • iconoclast59 says:

      I know Sailor’s a model, but IMO Alexa Ray in the stunner in these pics. I know she had a nose job and I think a breast reduction, but it’s nice work. Sailor reminds me of Anna Camp in these photos. I agree with AnnaC that, while Sailor’s a pretty young woman, she doesn’t have the “It” factor her mom had in her heyday.

      • bettyrose says:

        I had this friend who spent a couple of years trying to make it as an actress in L.A. Never really worked out, but she was also a petite brunette (and busty). From her stories, her two best friends in L.A. were leggy blondes. They’d all go out at night and the dudes would flock around the leggy blondes. My friend figured she didn’t have a chance so she’d act like a total comedian (which she was) and the guys would end up noticing her after all. I guess I hope that Alexa Ray has that kind of confidence. I’ve never cared about being a leggy blonde but I’ve never been surrounded by them, either. (BTW, if anyone doesn’t know, my icon pic is a young Bette Davis who’s my second favorite Betty after Betty (Lauren) Bacall).

  31. N0body says:

    My favourite part of the video is the zooming in on the size 2. What is the purpose of that?

  32. Marigold says:

    Do we though? If I could only wear sweats forever, I would be happy. That said, I’ve been back working in person since January, I’ve been living in the sweatpants of dresses – the sack dress. They are heaven. No waist band! But you do have to shave your legs. So. There is that.

    • outoftheshadows says:

      i too am all about the sack dress, in all lengths from above the knee to the ankle. i shave my legs only because i want to get in bed at night and feel the sheets on them right after shaving. it’s the little things :) and honestly i NEVER want to return to work in person. i am a teacher (college) and i much prefer being home with my daughter instead of my hours-long commute (sometimes up to 4 hours a day.)

  33. Eleonora says:

    No, we don’t all want to wear uncomforable (and unhealthy) heels, skirts and make-up again.

  34. Lila says:

    Lularoe leggings (at eBay prices) are awesome. Soft and they’ve got the strangest patterns. Lockdown me is really digging the quirkier stuff lol. I’ve been bouncing between maxi dresses + sneakers/flip flops, flowy skirts + t shirts, and leggings + oversized hoodies. As comfortable as pajamas but looks dressier.

  35. april says:

    Watching them makes me feel like they are just like the Kardashians.

  36. says:

    Yeah, I’m not into dressing up anymore either. The pandemic had a real mind reset for me in many ways. I haven’t worn make up in ages, I am still working from home, and I could live in shorts and a t-shirt forever. I still color and trim my hair though, my remaining piece of “vanity” I guess. Other than that, I’m happy to shower, put on my shorts, t-shirt and go on with the day, nothing else required.

    When I have to put on pants, I have some jeans by Democracy that I love. They are super stretchy and have great skinny leg styles. I will never be a flared/boot cut person. I’m 5-8 and if you don’t get those kinds of pants at the perfect length they look ridiculous flared above the ankle. Ew.

  37. nicegirl says:

    Yes to every word, CB!

  38. Pilly says:

    Where I live we’ve been working back at the office since last August and everyone is back to wearing normal office wear again – not a soft pant in sight lol. I know it feels like things will never go back to normal but you’ll be surprised at how quickly it does.

  39. Jezebel's Lacefront says:

    I’ve lived in lounge shorts, sports jerseys, and leggings. I’m good. No need to rush back.