Angelina Jolie is ‘warm & gentle’ with kids: ‘Who you are to the children is everything’

Angelina Jolie with son Shiloh Pitt and daughter Zahara Pitt during the European Premiere of film 'Maleficent : Mistress of evil', Rome, ITALY-07-10-2019

Angelina Jolie is promoting Those Who Wish Me Dead, a film which looks like a somewhat straight-forward action vehicle for Jolie. Like, if they switched the gender of the lead character, I could easily see Liam Neeson or Bruce Willis playing a “fire jumper” and protecting a traumatized kid. To promote the movie, Jolie recently chatted with Sydney Morning Herald’s Sunday Life magazine. She worked with an Aussie child actor in the film, and she’s very complimentary of him (and he adored her too). She also chats about her mom, representation on film and a lot more. Some highlights:

On playing badass women on screen: “There are times when it’s the first time somebody takes a step and shows that – whether it be a woman, a man, somebody – they can do something different. Somebody pushes the boundary, then says this can also be done this way, or this gender can also do this. Then you push those boundaries and tell those stories, and you look for other stories to tell – you don’t want to just repeat the same message.”

On the need for wider representation of badass women: “It’s an interesting question. It’s a deep question. Particularly for women: what is the representation that’s not yet been shown on screen? Who is a woman and what is a woman capable of? There’s a lot to discover, there’s a lot that’s yet to be represented, and there’s a space being created right now that is not yet there. There’s a lot of trauma behind the strong women in a lot of these roles, and it will be nice to get to a place where we’re also in our maternity, in our femininity, strong and intelligent and not fighting to survive.”

Her late mother Marcheline Bertrand: “My mother was very gentle. I can be many things in my work and in life, but I am very warm and gentle with my children. That kindness and warmth is a foundation that’s unbelievably important. She gave me many other things and taught me many lessons. But if you don’t have that base, to feel valued and safe, then it’s hard for any of the other messages or lessons to land. I hope that I’ve been able to be that [for my own children], that I’m that warm, safe place. Because – and it’s maybe a funny thing to say – but considering what my different jobs are, or what people think they know of you, or what you feel you have to be in the world, in truth none of those things are what you really are. Who you are to the children is everything.”

Her character in Those Who Wish Me Dead:
“She’s intentionally reckless and clearly is not functioning well. If the path this film takes her on didn’t happen, I’m not sure she would have recovered from what she’s carrying. And that is a lot. Not to get heavy, but I’ve been to places where there are different groups of people being treated … those who had physical injuries or were harmed, and this other group, those who had to participate in harming others as part of their torture. The damage was so clear, but the mental-health trauma, you can’t see it. Those who do those types of jobs, anybody on the front line, you just never know what they’re going through when you look at them. So in this story, which is not as heavy and depressing as I’m making it sound, these people, you throw them together and you light a fire and you see who makes it through.”

Working with Aussie child actor Finn Little: “We’d both be very serious actors on set, but also have play dates on the weekends with my kids and go hang out all the time. So part of our work, if you will, was just playing paintball or swimming. So our professional bonding was just a lot of fun, being friends.”

Respect frontline workers all the time: “When there are fires, we seem to honour the firemen, and during the pandemic we’ve been very supportive and focused on those in the hospitals and on that front line. You’d hope these things continue regardless of what is happening in the world. It shouldn’t have to take a large fire to respect a fireman, or a pandemic to respect a nurse.”

She doesn’t mind a dangerous situation: “I’m a bad person to ask. Maybe it’s something that’s off about me, but I tend to walk into slightly dangerous situations and be the last to panic. So I didn’t feel like I was in danger during filming. I didn’t feel like it was too much. There were certainly times when it got really hot, very fast, and we had to all move to the other side. Again, being with Finn, it did something different, because when you’re next to a child, you’re so hyper-focused. So when the bullets and shrapnel were flying, all I could think about was his eyes and keeping them covered. When we’re in situations near the fire, or in the river surrounded by fire, I had my eye on him. But I will say that he’s an Aussie, and tough, so there was no real need for me to be concerned for him. He wasn’t afraid of anything.”

[From Sydney Morning Herald]

She’s dead-on about Aussies being tough as hell. I’ve seen the spiders, snakes and Aussie creatures y’all seem to live with on a daily basis. Finn was probably like “whatever, it’s fine, I see more danger from the spiders in my house.” I also enjoy the fact that Jolie is working with more child actors as she gets older, and she seems so maternal with them. She’s practically ready to adopt all of those kids. As for what she says about her mom and hoping she provides the kind of safe space to her children which her mom provided her… I think she’s absolutely like that. It’s a little bit weird to think about who she was, like, 22 years ago? The goth girl who didn’t give a f–k, the rebel without a cause. And now she’s so much like her mom.

Here are some pics of Angelina & Vivienne out in April.

Angelina Jolie and her daughter Vivienne go shopping for flowers together

Angelina Jolie and her daughter Vivienne go shopping for flowers together

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Avalon Red.

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  1. Sierra says:

    And Angelina has been working with a former attorney general to give women and children more rights in custody battles.

    A legislation has passed and will fully come into law which gives children the voice to speak. And that past domestic abuse incidents can be used in custody hearings. If a judge wants to refuse a child wanting to testify, they will need to show concrete evidence for the refusal.

    This explains why Brad, his lawyers and the corrupt judge wanted to get things done now and the smear campaign against Angelina. They were trying to get ahead of the game and didn’t want the children to testify.

    As always Angelina plays the long game and it seems she and her children will have the last laugh. The children wanted to have their say and Angelina wanted the domestic violence evidence taken into consideration.

    This law will give thousands of domestic violence victims as huge victory and protect mothers & children from the corruption.

    Huge applause to the people who worked hard to get this done.

  2. UnionSnack says:

    I was never in love with Angelina. Before I saw her in british Vigue video and… God. She is fascinating. I liked so much when she told “that’s not my “mom’s” bag” meaning that her “mom’s” bag is full of staff kids need. It was a small but clear detail for me.

  3. Lily P says:

    I hope her, and especially the kids are doing okay. The obvious smear campaign against her and some of the children is brutal and I hope they all manage to stay sheltered away from it.

  4. LOL says:

    Such a Good mother. Her children are lucky to have her as a dedicated mother, who takes all the hits on their behalf.

  5. Leigh says:

    Team Angelina and the kids

  6. Lively says:

    She’s a good mother, her kids are lucky to have her. My mum thought screaming at us was communication.

    Brad Pitt, pr will destroy anyone that tries to threaten it that includes his children. I hope they blast his pathetic ass all over the place in few years

    • Lemon says:

      I have just gone through a custody issue with older teens in my family. No physical or sexual abuse, borderline neglect, but horrible verbal abuse — yelling, name calling, sarcasm, belittling. CPS twice and they said verbal abuse is non actionable. In the meantime there are three kids that are nonfunctional with depression, one abusing drugs and getting into unhappy sexual situations.

      Verbal abuse is so damaging. This is not the occasional snap or a parent having a bad day and raising voice, but constantly picking on or screaming at a kid. It should be recognized as the damaging situation that it is.

      Parents willingly signed over custody but otherwise it would have been impossible. Kids in therapy taking first steps to feeling like human beings worthy of love.

      I’m sorry about your mom and hope she learns that it’s not ok to treat people like that.

      • GrnieWnie says:

        Bullying too, man. I feel like people don’t take bullying from other kids seriously enough. I don’t think anyone should be forced to endure it.

  7. BL says:

    I love her maternal side, her kids are lucky to have her in their corner.
    Also, can we normalise “fire fighter” instead of “fireman”? 2021 baby!

  8. ClareV says:

    Just came to say I adore her ❤️

  9. Dee Kay says:

    Angelina Jolie is a superstar, of megawatt voltage, and I love absolutely everything she does in the realm of politics and human rights and global aid. Obvs she is also an excellent mother. Those Who Wish Me Dead was a totally okay movie, she and all the cast were solid, the fire effects were great, but it felt like a bit of filler in her résumé. I hope she gets big juicy meaty parts to play soon. I’ve never thought she lived up to her potential acting-wise, except for Gia and Girl, Interrupted.

  10. What says:

    One parent is all about their children and other parent is all about their image and who they are dating now.

  11. Xilco says:

    I’ve been a fan of Angelina for sixteen years for her acting and even more for all that she does with regard to her humanitarian efforts and she does a lot. She appears to be a great mom and her kids must love her very much. I hope the future is filled with much happiness for her and her children.

  12. Wyatt says:

    I have always liked her even when she was younger and didn’t care what was said about her. She has always been my LADY. You go girl!!!!

  13. Agreatreckoning says:

    Angelina being a warm & gentle person with her own kids or someone else’s has been something I’ve never questioned. She fights the good fight and has taken her hits and shrugs them off. Still trying to work out watching TWWMD on our tv, with out cable..can do it on my computer…I want to watch the movie on a bigger screen.

  14. LOL says:

    Much respect to a good mother. Keep making us proud Angelina ❤