Courtney Stodden: Chrissy Teigen’s sponsors should ‘reconsider’ their deals

Courtney Stodden is seen outside The Rainbow Room

As we discussed last week, Courtney Stodden spoke to the Daily Beast about a number of issues, including their marriage to and divorce from Doug Hutchinson, gaslighting, financial abuse and bullying. Stodden name-checked Chrissy Teigen as someone who abused and bullied them online, and Stodden said Teigen “wouldn’t just publicly tweet about wanting me to take ‘a dirt nap’ but would privately DM me and tell me to kill myself. Things like, ‘I can’t wait for you to die.’” When Chrissy apologized (a day late and a dollar short), she made it all about herself. Chrissy also claimed that she was going to reach out privately to Stodden. Teigen still has not done that.

TMZ reports that Stodden is actually open to sitting down with Chrissy to “hash out their differences” but that Stodden got what they wanted with the public apology and they’re ready to close that chapter and move on. But the Daily Mail spoke to Stodden and she blasted Teigen:

Courtney Stodden has revealed Chrissy Teigen still hasn’t apologized to them privately and has called for her to lose her lucrative deals, warning brands it’s ‘not a good look’ to be ‘aligning with someone who encourages a minor to commit suicide’. Stodden blasted Teigen saying the 35-year-old had ‘made her career out of apologizing’ and questioned the sincerity of her public Twitter apology in an exclusive video obtained by

The 26-year-old, who has recently said they are non-binary, made the comments Friday in Palm Springs amid the ongoing scandal. Stodden hit back at Teigen’s claim that she apologized privately, saying ‘she said she did but she didn’t. She apologized on Twitter but I was blocked from the apology so couldn’t really see it but a few people sent it to me. I feel if she was sincerely sorry she would have at least got in touch with me privately. She said she did but she didn’t.’

Stodden demanded Teigen lose all her lucrative deals with brands immediately and called for a boycott of any that stick with the disgraced 35-year-old, saying ‘luckily we have a choice where we spend our money.’

‘Vrbo, Target, Paypal… I think should really reconsider aligning with someone who promotes violence and encourages a minor to commit suicide,’ said Stodden. ‘That is disgusting and it’s not a good look. Luckily we have a choice where we spend our money.’

The 26-year-old urged brands to ‘rethink’ their association with Teigen as they sent a message to other victims of online abuse and bullying. ‘I am living proof that you can get through harassment and bullying. I think anybody dealing with a bully – you are so worthy and no matter how in power that bully is or how popular that bully is, life is always worth living. And it’s really awful to feel like you’re dispensable and your life is dispensable. I really think the brands need to rethink that.’

[From The Daily Mail]

I actually agree with Stodden? We absolutely, one hundred percent knew that Chrissy Teigen was awful before all of this happened, and it’s completely bizarre to me that she already had all of these sponsorships and advertising deals. But now that we know that Teigen was DM-ing a teenager and telling them to kill themselves? I hope all of Teigen’s contracts disappear.

Chrissy Teigen leaves GMA studios with her daughter Luna

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  1. Maria says:

    Mashable and Slate both had great writeups on this.
    It honestly blows my mind there are STILL people today claiming that Courtney is a slut and a liar and Chrissy is being unfairly targeted.

    There needs to be accountability for what she did. And Chrissy should be thankful she isn’t being prosecuted legally.

    And John Legend limiting the comments on his Instagram and trotting out pics of his kids to try to minimize this is disgusting.

    • Esmom says:

      Seriously. Every time I think about her messaging Stodden in such a horrifyingly malicious way, my heart just breaks. I honestly haven’t heard of anything crueler, which in the amped up hate of the Trump era is something! Accountability now.

    • ItReallyIsYouNotMe says:

      @Maria Thank you for citing these articles, they were very informative. What I can’t get over is that COURTNEY STODDEN is having the last word over people like Anderson Cooper and Chrissy Teigen. Good for Courtney. They have obviously done a lot of work to understand what happened to them. Their story should be used as a case study in how society bullied and isolated someone who was already extremely vulnerable and essentially allowed their abuser free reign over them. Because let’s face it, who was going to believe Courtney in 2011?

    • Darla says:

      I wonder if the marriage will survive this?

  2. Noki says:

    I think someone may have finally hired a crisis manager for Chrissy and told her to hish up. I know she must be bursting and her twitter fingers are having withdrawals.

  3. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Telling a teenager to commit suicide isn’t having a bad day, bullying, immaturity or some other excuse-type descriptor. It’s flatout horrendous and evil. Anyone saying it, at any age, has proven a black heart, and I would never, under any circumstances, give that person a second chance. That bridge is burned. For me anyway.

  4. Woke says:

    I still don’t understand why Chrissy went so hard at her. At the time, di other people abused her that way ?
    The fact that Chrissy still didn’t apologize privately is something. She doesn’t even have ti do it herself, one of her assistants can sent Courtney an apology or send flowers that’s so simple.

    • NTheMiddle says:

      There’s no reason except she’s a horrible human being and tried to mean-girl a young and vulnerable person into suicide. It’s outrageous and heartbreaking that no one saw to cancel her until now. I still don’t understand how she has a platform at all on any social media. Liberal or not, she deserves the same as Trump.

      • Christina says:

        Courtney was VERY CLEARLY being abused to survivors. She was only 16-17 and she was photographed pretty wasted next to her mother and her new fiancé. It was horrifying. Many of us saw ourselves in her. I was older, but remember men trying to make me like her when I was young and not protected.

        Women went after Courtney because we are brainwashed to support that there are “bad” girls and “good” girls. That way, when the “bad” girls speak up, we won’t believe them. And the “good” girls enjoy destroying them. It’s conditioning. Paternalistic BS competition that is ingrained. Courtney Stodden is one of the poster children for the toxicity.

        I wasn’t on this platform back when they were discussed here. I do know that a lot of people had horrifying things to say about them everywhere in the media at that time. CBs are more mature, but plenty of people go after the weak to make themselves feel better about their own lives.

        Courtney is courageous and a hero. They deserve a lot of respect. I adore them. They are helping get people to examine how they think of young women in such circumstances. Maybe we won’t default to slut shaming and will think about how people got where they are before judging. Gossip can be harmless fun. We can go too far, though, when we don’t have information. It’s nice to see all of the support they are getting here.

    • lucky says:

      yo. i bet if we go back to the comments on here, we would see that there were terrible comments about them from all sides. lest we all feel that it is a chrissy issue and not a general gossip issue. she is certainly not the only guilty party…. glass houses…

      • GA says:

        if any of these commenters at the time DM-ed Courtney asking them to kill themselves, they deserve the same as Chrissy. I doubt that many people had as much time on their hands and hate in their hearts to do that though.

      • NTheMiddle says:

        I am not perfect and have regretted a lot in my life but have NEVER encouraged anyone to commit suicide, devalued their human existence, or wished them harm. I’ve also never called a 9 year old names or sexualized little girls. That is the difference. She shows no true remorse either… it’s truly bothersome. It’s kind to give people second chances and reflect on our own wrongs but that doesn’t mean we can’t hold her accountable. This type of bullying has seen others expelled, fired, or jailed.

      • lucky says:

        um.. if it isn’t you, then it isn’t you, but I clicked on their name above and I can tell you, no one was standing up for them in those comments from 2013… so, that is my point… this is not mean to be a chrissy pass, but rather, a look inward too… but if it genuinely doesn’t apply to you, keep it moving….

      • Maria says:

        People slutshamed Courtney a lot, but no, it was not common for a high profile celebrity to be sending DM’s repeatedly wishing death on her.
        There are no “glass houses” here.
        And Courtney is not the only person Chrissy Teigen bullied.
        Also, the “keep it moving” comment above makes no sense because the point is that this is a dialogue and comments like this attempting to normalize and make universal what Chrissy did are derailing.

      • lucky says:

        by ‘keep it moving’, I only meant, if you feel like you are not responsible and haven’t bullied people in these public comments, keep it moving, my comment isn’t directed at you… in fact arguing that ‘I was not as mean as that person’ is another kind of deflection from the issue in my opinion. The issue is that she was bullied, and people in these comment sections are not innocent. Was chrissy THE WORST bully, sure seems like it, but certainly not the only one.

      • Maria says:

        I understand what you meant by it and I get what you are saying but this is only one case in a long line of really disgusting bullying behaviors from Chrissy Teigen and not all of those bullying behaviors were being echoed by other commenters online.
        And as for the Stodden situation, yes, I do think it’s pertinent to point out that saying mean things on online platforms here and there, while indeed reprehensible, is a different thing entirely from a concentrated campaign of hatred on Twitter from someone who at the time was (and still is) far wealthier and more famous than Stodden and repeated DM’s of death wishes to Stodden. Chrissy’s apology would be better suited to the former situation.
        Chrissy’s harassment of Stodden lasted up until a couple of years ago too.

      • NTheMiddle says:

        You’re right. No one should have been talking about an underage girl on here at all or allowing any attacks against her. I am grateful that our culture is changing and is evolving to hold people accountable for their words and actions. We can all be better.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        I was here under a different name at the time.
        No one encouraged self harm on any level and I doubt those comments would get past moderation.

        And there was concern! Many discussions were about her safety given all the adults around her saw her as a meal ticket. No one was suitable for guidance.

      • Jaded says:

        @Lucky – there were nasty comments about Stodden here but NONE of them mentioned killing herself or taking dirt naps or whatever other atrocities Teigen flung at her. First, they would have been removed ASAP and second, many commenters didn’t actually know that Stodden was being groomed, brainwashed and forced into the sexpot role. Once that became apparent Stodden got way more sympathy than scorn.

        Teigen has been known for her social media bullying for a long time and it’s coming back to haunt her. It’s time she disappeared from social media and worked hard on rehabilitating her ruined reputation. All I can think of is how her husband is now being tainted by association and defending her. I don’t know if their marriage will survive this latest crisis.

      • Otaku fairy says:

        The point you’re both making is very important, Lucky and Ntheamiddle. “Wishing death on her was a bridge too far” isn’t the only thing to take away from this. Like you said, we need to look within, and it’s not just a Chrissy Teigen problem. The way groups of people are talked about have an impact on their wellbeing and the way they’re treated (and that partially answers Woke’s question too, about why Chrissy chose them as a target. She chose a category of person whom people are already conditioned to blame for any abuse). Misogyny is dangerous, whether grooming is also involved and clear to people or or not.

      • Maria says:


  5. local russian hill says:

    what a piece of trash teigen is. and people magazine recently had her on the cover which shocked me then and has shocked me more since stodden has spoken up. i’m so tired of abusive bullies. and then they blame the victim when they react or act out in response. bullies need to be stopped. stopping the cash flow is one such way to send the message and perhaps stop the cycle. good luck to courtney on her mission to put an end to teigen and others’ bad behavior.

  6. Wiglet Watcher says:

    Stodden is no a perfect victim and she’s being attacked for speaking up about her experiences while her tormentor is protected.

    I had a subscription with Farmers Dog for my 3 dogs. I wrote them asking why they were following Teigen on platforms. They’re hoping for a mention or support. I asked them why given all the recent information and past information on bullying. I suggested they at least unfollow her. They never responded or unfollowed. So I wrote them I was canceling and switching to petplate.

    She’s still a name with a platform and when she isn’t harassing victims of abuse companies still want to give her free stuff to shill.

    • Maria says:

      The Instagrams of Target and Macy’s are full of people demanding them to sever ties with her.

      Vrbo had to turn off their comments completely over the weekend. They’ve turned them back on (mistake, lol).

      I’m here for it.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        I checked them out. Wow. Some of those comment sections are insane! It’s all demands to drop Tiegen. Which they should.

  7. Desert Lizard says:

    I just saw that Macy’s has pulled her cookware. The article I read attributed it to the Courtney Stodden bullying. I do hope that is the reason. Real consequences are called for and this would be a good one. On the Macy’s site, you can still search for her cookware but a message comes up that says “no items matching the description can be found.”

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      It sounds like a win/win for them as a few people here noted the cheap quality of her cookware.

  8. Kimberly says:

    Chrissy being targeted is definitely something she earned by sending those words of troll hate…

    Courtney, despite being a victim of abuse, is definitely trying to cash in on it and used her 15 min of fame already. The further she tries to remain in the media, as an F-list celebrity climbing to E-list or D, the less public pity she will get. People side eye when others try to cash in on victimhood…especially when they don’t have any talent or markable skills…

    • Maria says:

      Way to completely minimize and miss the point of this dialogue.
      And good job rerouting the conversation back to criticism of Courtney.

      And for that matter, an argument could be made that Chrissy doesn’t have many marketable skills either – she has the status of being John Legend’s wife and has his money to invest in her ventures.

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      Ok Kimberly
      What you’re doing is a very insidious tactic to discredit a victim. It’s also very common and people feel justified in it without realizing it’s victim shaming. Like rape culture it can be very easy to attack the victim instead of the abuser.

      What we are discussing is Chrissy has done this to many people and cries victim when there’s backlash. She said she would apologize to Stodden. Hasn’t. Her apology was all about her pain with a few vague references to Stodden.
      And her sponsors are ignoring the pleas to remove her by monitoring or banning comments.

      Also, Chrissy still hasn’t apologized to that 9 year old Oscar nominee. Please do not victim shame her as well.

    • Jaded says:

      @Kimberley: Courtney isn’t trying to “cash in”, they’re trying to rehabilitate themselves after going through a horrendous period of time in her teens where she was monetized and sexualized by her parents…HER PARENTS…who sold her to the highest bidder – a drunken, washed up actor who used them as tabloid fodder.

      Courtney’s talents may well be reaching out to other victims of parental/spousal abuse, gaslighting and brainwashing to help them regain their “personhood”, confidence and self-esteem. They seem to have a good heart and that’s what counts. They’re only 26, they have a long and productive life ahead of them.

    • GirlMonday says:

      This is nasty.

    • Otaku fairy says:

      Then those people need to get with the times. Maybe Courtney seeing others’ experiences taken seriously for a moment has empowered them to speak up about their own experiences. The opposite can and has happened before with how the public has treated girls and others whose abuse happened out in the open, but sometimes the reverse happens too. Even if they do also have a goal building a career, people should not still have to hide or dissapear into a minimum wage job in order for their claims to not be side-eyed.

  9. CoffeChamp says:

    I had no idea that Chrissy was this awful person, all the hate she spewed towards CS is horrific.

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      It’s not just Stodden. Chrissy attacked a lot of people. And when people point it out she has a Twitter hissy fit, deletes her account and a week or so later reactivates it and does what she does best. Trolls.

      • Otaku fairy says:

        Yeah. I liked the way Farrah Abraham called her out too. I don’t remember enough facts about her to know if she’s a crappy person too, and if so a reminder will probably be posted. But still.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        I had to look it up. Tiegen uses her time to just be awful. When you’re wealthy and busy with work and a family life gets easier! You become happier! She just harasses. She needs heavy therapy.

  10. Sarah I says:

    I think that Courtney Stodden sounds pretty mature and more grounded, and I loved their statement “I think anybody dealing with a bully – you are so worthy and no matter how in power that bully is or how popular that bully is, life is always worth living. And it’s really awful to feel like you’re dispensable and your life is dispensable.” This is a lovely statement that affirmed and helped me. Other statements about bullies helped me to clarify what was going on in my case. My mother is in a nursing home, considered one of the best, and whenever I bring up their neglect (in an appropriate and respectful way), they direct their abuse to me. They have been atrociously vicious. I have been bullied and harassed by women that I think of as street thugs. It takes an act of courage to go see my darling mother, and I am emotionally exhausted.

    As for Tiegen’s behavior, it’s not just reprehensible, it should be illegal. Remember the girl who urged her teenaged boyfriend to kill himself? And when he was afraid and balked at doing it, she told him to get back in the car and kill himself. She had to go to court. I think she got off light, but my point is that I think Courtney should take this further. I keep having the thought “Stodden’s Law” run through my head. Someone needs to make this a prosecutable, criminal offense. And what better way to help oneself than to help others. Also, a victim does not have to be appealing to be worthy of compassion and protection. So what if Courtney’s lips looked like duck lips, and she writhed on the lap of her 50 year old abuser/husband like a novice porn star, they were still just a child who really didn’t know how to act or who they were, and the lip injections, abbreviated clothing and ginormous breasts were symptoms of her being misused: something that people focused on rather than the abuse. They didn’t arrive at this juncture by themselves, they were taught to act this way. I am really impressed that this young woman pulled herself out of this quagmire to respect herself and try to have a meaningful life. i never thought that I would be saying that I was impressed by Courtney Stodden, but I am, and I wish them well.

    • purple prankster says:

      Thankyou for typing out these wonderful thoughts. So many people are still putting Courtney down but I am also so impressed at how far they have come and I wish them all the best.

    • GirlMonday says:

      You lost me at street thugs

  11. Izzy says:

    They’re not wrong.

  12. Appalachian says:

    CT had an awful lot to say about CS at that time. Now that Stodden has had some time to mature and process what happened to them…I’m glad Stodden has latched onto Tiegen the same way Tiegen latched onto them. I hope CS climbs Notre Dame and shouts it from the tops of the bells. What Tiegen said to them was abhorrent. Especially since she was attacking an exploited teenager failed by their mother and preyed on by a 50 year old man who I’m pretty sure was also plying Stodden with drugs to keep them in a placid state.

    • Lyds says:

      Yes. I am all for CS having a lot to say about Chrissy. If they didn’t remind me that blocked people can’t view Twitter apologies I would’ve been like, hold on — you said you forgave her?

      But blocking someone on the platform you’re using to apologize is some next-level trolling. I mean, Chrissy’s true intentions are all in writing: she worked sooo hard to be beloved, you guys! Can you please forgive her?? Courtney who?

  13. Call_me_al says:

    Get Chrissy out of our faces!