Ricky Schroder harassed a CA Costco supervisor about the store’s mask policy

Ricky Schroder seen arriving at the Premiere Of Disney's 'The Finest Hours' at TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood

Last week, many of us were startled when the CDC issued new guidelines for masks. According to the CDC, the vaccination rates in America have gotten so good that states and businesses can now drop their mask mandates, and if you’re fully vaccinated, you should feel free to go maskless whenever you want, basically. People are like “lol nah, I’m keeping the masks, thank you very much.” It’s not “virtue signaling,” it’s being responsible in a pandemic which is still raging in many parts of the world. It’s totally fine to take a minute to adjust and it’s totally fine to keep wearing masks if you want! It’s also fine for states and businesses to keep their mask mandates in place for the time being until further guidance is issued.

All of which leads me to this – over the weekend, dipsh-t Rick Schroder decided to “challenge” a supervisor at a California Costco about the business’s still-in-place mask mandate. Schroder – who helped bail out terrorist Kyle Rittenhouse – decided to film himself berating the masked Costco supervisor who refused to allow him entrance to the Costco. The supervisor – who seems lovely – explained that the CDC can say whatever they want, but that doesn’t change local and state-wide mask mandates. Rick is an idiot. A MAGA idiot.

After he briefly went viral – mostly people talking about how stupid he is – Schroder filmed himself talking about why he harassed a Costco employee and whatever.

I mean… this is one of the reasons why the CDC should not have come out last week and been like “no more masks, we’re good.” They ended up empowering dumbasses like Ricky here. I feel like more people – masked people, frontline workers – are going to be harassed for wearing masks and hurting the cause of Rick Schroder’s freedumb.


Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. Nomegusta says:

    “Resist Programming!!!” The ignorant, self entitled a**holes shouted as they clutched their MyPillows and settled in to watch their fifth hour of Fox Newzz.

    I understand why the aliens don’t mess with us…

  2. Watson says:

    What a fucking loser.

    • T says:

      You said it!

    • Mandy Purr says:

      Yep, how embarrassing. Such a douche.

    • Christine says:

      The fact that he recorded it himself makes me so entirely happy. I deeply enjoy stupid people making their own stupidity public.

    • DinoLover says:

      I served him at a restaurant in Calgary once about 20 years ago, and was excited at first, he came in with his family. He was (at the time I thought) surprisingly rude, grunting his order to me while everyone else at the table looked at me and spoke properly. He also slouched like the hunchback of Notre Dame over the table and ate a plate of giant beef ribs by picking one end up, resting the other end on the plate, bringing his mouth to with an inch of the plate and biting chunks off with he side of his mouth. Barbarian. That told me everything I needed to know about him and I had been a fan as kid, not knowing what a complete a-hole d-bag he would turn out to be later in life… Who gives this guy the impression that he matters, lol… he’s a former child actor and D-movie-made-for-tv actor who peaked at 9yrs old. Bye “RICKY”, disappear into the void please. And I would normally not offend anyone for their appearance, but a-holes are exempt, HE LOOKS LIKE A CHEWED UP PIECE OF LEFT-OVER HAM. Please spare us from looking at your ugly face and ugly personality in these self-serving trash videos harassing good and kind people. And COSTCO?? REALLY?? You want to give up your membership to COSTCO?? Like, okay, you must have gotten straight D’s in high school, and trust me, it’s YOUR loss ‘bro’.

  3. Lizzie says:

    God I hated Silver Spoons.

    • MissMarirose says:

      Jason Bateman was so good on that show. So much so, that Ricky and his mom got Jason kicked off because he was jealous.
      But look who’s doing better now?!

      • Robyn says:

        My 11 year old me has been so disappointed in Ricky!

      • Christin says:

        The last role I noticed for the golden-haired one, was in a holiday movie about Dolly’s life. He played her father.

      • Holly hobby says:

        Yeah I remembered that. They only wanted one cute kid on that show. 🙄

        Ricky must have hit his head hard along the way because he’s now full on nuts and unemployable.

      • equality says:

        @Christin Wonder if Dolly is regretting that casting choice now.

      • Christin says:

        @equality – I have wondered the same.

  4. BothSidesNow says:

    Be a “man”, if you can move your conspiracy entitled ass to Costco and personally apologize to everyone at Costco. And by the way, go to f#cking hell for wanting to support Rittenhouse, you lowlife POS!

  5. Maida says:

    This guy and Scott Baio should be put on a deserted island. We can throw in Van Morrison, Ted Nugent, Kid Rock, and Eric Clapton while we’re at it. I’m so tired of middle-aged white dude celebrities whining and grandstanding about how oppressed they are for having to give a crap about anyone but themselves.

    But I don’t blame the CDC for giving guidelines consistent with scientific knowledge about vaccinated people’s no longer needing masks in most situations. The blame lies with selfish, entitled people who can’t act like adults.

    • Robyn says:

      Oh no! I didn’t realize we had to throw Van Morrison on the pile! Darn.

      • Maida says:

        Yeah, it’s a shame, because his early work is great. But last year he became an anti-lockdown loudmouth and he just released an entire album of right-wing rants. So many of these old rockers are going that way — John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten) is another sad example.

      • SlipperyPeople says:

        Tbf, John Lydon has always been a dick. I weirdly had a sex dream about him recently and thought about reevaluating my opinion of him, but, nah, still a dick.

    • Soupie says:

      Wait what? I missed the memo about Van Morrison and Eric freaking Clapton. Off to search. The others I couldn’t care less about. Well, I mean Van Morrison has always been a di*k but not Clapton 🙁

      • liz says:

        Clapton has been sliding deep into the realm of what-the-f’ery for a while. Over the weekend, he stated that he had a very bad reaction to the Astra-Zenaca vaccine and went off on how it’s all a conspiracy . . .

        Too much money, not enough education (formal or informal), and too many people calling him God for too long.

      • Malificent says:

        Not Van! He’s always been a curmudgeon, but an anti-mask curmudgeon is a shade too far…. He’s the only thing that chills me out it in nasty traffic….

        Were all of these guys hidden nutcases when they were younger and we missed it before the age of social media? Or, did they gradually evolve with age and entitlement into the crazy uncle that nobody wants to sit next to at the holiday table?

  6. Kcat says:

    Man thinks he’s above the law while wearing a hat that’s supposed to show dedication to supporting law and order. Cool, cool.

    • Celin says:

      Yep! And I bet he’s against “cancel culture” but bleats about Costco should refund all the membership fees.

  7. Ann says:

    Not stopping with the mask because of aholes like Mr. Silver Spoons here.

  8. Mia4s says:

    How many times has he been arrested for domestic violence now? Two? Three? And this is the most on camera work he’s had in years. A loser in every way.

    Think I’ll renew my Costco membership.

    My favourite moment yesterday was when Scott Baio (yes it’s still alive) went off on someone who noted a private company can set their own on property rules by screeching that Costco is a public company…because it’s publicly traded on the stock market.

    AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Stay in school kids.

    • Noki says:

      He just has that ‘look’ of an unpleasant ,racist wife beater,so not surprised.

    • Christin says:

      I just looked at that private company thread. People were genuinely trying to educate him, and some even suggested he delete the tweet before embarrassment worsened.

      As usual, he dug in even more (after bringing up his wife’s illness).

  9. Betsy says:

    Kathy Griffin noted the domestic abuse allegations against him. He’s a pig.

    Do these employees who have to deal with the harassment and especially the ones who end up going viral get anything from their bosses? A letter? A call of thanks? A bonus?

    • LightPurple says:

      At the end of his original video, the manager who gives him the refund rolls her eyes at him.

  10. Miranda says:

    Why did Michael J. Fox end up with a debilitating disease, but this asshole is still running around accosting minimum wage employees and rescuing racist murderers? God is asleep at the wheel, apparently.

  11. MissMarirose says:

    “sorry I had to use you”

    UGH. No. That was not an apology in any way, shape, or form. Ricky didn’t “have” to use anyone to make his idiotic point and it’s clear that he’s not sorry at all. He flat out admits that he doesn’t have any concern for anyone else, so why would Jason (or anyone else) accept such a fake apology.

    What a selfish twat.

    • Maida says:

      Agreed, that “had to” is the giveaway. Ricky is trying to do damage control because he got pushback for bullying a young guy in a low-level position who’s trying to do a tough job. Pathetic.

  12. Robyn says:

    I’m noticing the same folks who said the CDC has no authority over them regarding wearing masks and getting vaccinated are now using the CDC to justify this position…how very unsurprising.

    • Kristen says:

      These are also the same folks who will use statistics about the flu but dispute statistics about Covid, even though those statistics are coming from the exact same place.

    • Apple says:

      and worse still not getting vaccinated but saying they “identify as vaccinated” and want to run around mask less.

      • Miranda says:

        “Identify as vaccinated”? That’s really a thing? Like, more than one person has tried to use that excuse? Are you f–king kidding me?

        *screams into pillow; grabs nearest puppy for calming cuddles*

      • LaraW” says:

        I’m trying to wrap my head around this concept. So if you “identify as vaccinated,” does it mean you believe (or you’ve scientifically identified?) that you’ve spontaneously developed immunity against covid that a vaccine would have given to you?

  13. Apple says:

    One thing Ricky’s parents did was not rob him blind and invested his money well in fast food franchises. He was a multi-millionaire. I wonder if he blew it all or invested badly since he became of age. If he still has a bulk of it shame on him harassing a regular working person. So he can enforce his crazy ideas that are WRONG. It must be fun to sit in your paid for ivory tower looking down on others.

    • Holly hobby says:

      He is well off. He had a lot of job offers when he was younger and he did enjoy a run on NYPD Blue. It was all downhill after that.

  14. Am says:

    I work in a big box store in Georgia but in the optical department. They’re telling people they don’t have to wear a mask but telling us we have to wear one and we can’t serve people without one. It’s confusing and scary. People are pissed and I don’t think it should be my place or my job to police them.

    • sassafras says:

      This is why I’m making it a personal rule of mine to wear a mask inside any business that still requires employees to. I’m vaccinated but I see you and I want you to feel safe.

      • AMA1977 says:

        I like this rule very much and am going to implement it personally.

      • Poisonella says:

        Didn’t get COVID, the Flu, or a Cold. Hmmm wonder why? Oh yeah I wore a mask, kept my distance, and washed my hands every chance I got! I will not be removing my mask in the foreseeable future. Ricky Schroeder- I don’t take advice from Wife beaters!

      • Winterberry says:

        Same here. I am fully vaccinated but only planning to skip a mask when with friends I know to be fully vaccinated.

      • liz says:

        Same. If the employees have to wear a mask, I will. Even if they don’t, I’m likely to anyway. I haven’t had a head cold in over a year and I kinda like that.

        My apartment building still requires them in common spaces, so I need one just to walk out my front door. I take it off when I’m running outside or walking the dog, but leave it on if I’m running errands and will be in and out of stores.

    • Liz version 700 says:

      I think stores need some kind of bonus or raise for front lines employees dealing with this BS. My God this is disgusting behavior.

  15. Janie says:

    He’s a has been with an A-lister mentality. I wish all these anti-mask anti-vaxxer idiots would sign a waiver refusing medical treatment due to the pandemic so that they don’t drain our healthcare system like they drain the life out of everyone with their rants and hate. You don’t want to wear it then you don’t need medical care either.

  16. Green Desert says:

    It cannot be said enough…this cretin helped bail out Kyle Rittenhouse. This latest news is very unsurprising.

  17. Liz version 700 says:

    It’s ironic that the Schroeder brigade was all over letting nature cull the herd at the beginning of Covid, and now they are setting themselves up to be the culled. They will be the ones left for Covid to go to, of course this means their idiocy will force the rest of us to sometimes wear masks and get boosters for variants forever 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  18. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    Fully vaccinated. I live in trumplandia and therefore my mask will be my second skin for the foreseeable future. Maybe longer.
    Just like Fox Mulder I trust no one.

  19. nutella toast says:

    Classic abuser language “Sorry I had to use you”.

    • paranormalgirl says:

      Makes me want to say “sorry I had to punch you, but you’re just…. so… punchable.”

  20. KBeth says:

    Such childish, pathetic behavior.

  21. Holly hobby says:

    I laughed when I saw his stupid video. He was telling Californians to demand a refund for their membership. Then he goes we can go back once Costco lifts their rule. Sorry dude, I’m sure Costco will blackball you. You can keep your measly $70 membership refund.

  22. Courtney B says:

    Makes me want to sign up for membership. They also treat their employees right unlike Walmart/Sam’s club. Good benefits, etc.

    I had a crush on him, and Kirk Cameron, as a kid. My older self is so embarrassed for my younger self now. But then my younger self always thought Scott baio was icky and gross so maybe that redeems my childhood picker somewhat.

  23. Abby says:

    What an absolute POS. That supervisor at Costco probably makes $20/hr. He isn’t an executive at Costco, he isn’t paid to be a spokesperson for Costco or California. WhyTFFFFFFFF would privileged Ricky freaking Schroeder think it’s appropriate to film himself terrorizing some guy just trying to follow his coproration’s policy. So elitest. What a bully. Go after someone who is earning residuals and a rich MF’er like yourself, Ricky – not Jason at Costco who isn’t supposed to have answers for our “ruined economy.” This makes me sick. I couldn’t even watch more than half of it. Thirsty, attention-seeking troll. Get your bulk goods elsewhere, Rickster. Like does he expect a supervisor at Costco to break the rules for some idealistic principle and lose his job? Just, wtf. This infuriates me for some reason. “But it’s not personal.” Yes, it’s personal when you pick a proverbial little guy to bully.

  24. Beech says:

    If Ricky Schroeder wants to fight the good fight on that long hard lonely calvary of the anti masker why didn’t he take it up with the CEO of Costco? Sheesh it’s not like fire hoses and police dogs are being sicced on him. What a maroon.

  25. Sarcasm101 says:

    Guess he still has a silver spoon in his mouth. D**chebag.

  26. Krista says:

    We’re people not being shot at, at the beginning of this whole thing because of pandemic guidelines and now the CDC wants to change it which I can only see leading to violence again.

  27. Agreatreckoning says:

    There was a time when I thought he was attractive. Now, between his face and what comes out of his mouth, he just looks like the way my stomach feels when I’ve eaten too much cheese.

  28. Jocelyn Cox says:

    I am in Canada, workiing for a retailer that was among the first to enforce a mask for all customers and employees with ZERO exceptions and I know we will be the last to lift the rule. There have been some hellacious experiences. Now that we are getting caught up with vaccines, it will be brutal with people causing crap like this. The entitlement….