Shanna Moakler claimed that Travis Barker cheated on her with Kim Kardashian


Why are all of these early-’00s celebrities having a revival in the year 2021? The Bennifer Revival is one thing, but why are we still talking about Shanna Moakler and Travis Barker?? Damn. I remember Shanna and Travis’s reality show and it was a mess. They were messy together and they managed to have two kids together – plus her daughter by Oscar de la Hoya – before they fell apart in 2006-08 (but there was a lot of back and forth for a few years). They accused each other of cheating and God knows. By that point, I largely checked out of gossiping about them. Nowadays, Travis seems completely in love with Kourtney Kardashian. They’ve been dating for a few months, and of course Shanna is jealous and trying to insert herself into their relationship. She apparently claimed that she and Travis split because he was cheating on her with Kim Kardashian. Oh God. Not only that, but Shanna and Travis’s teenage kids (Landon and Alabama) are telling the world that Shanna has barely been in their lives. This is all very sordid.

Shanna Moakler claimed she ended her marriage to Travis Barker because he cheated on her with Kim Kardashian, but a source exclusively told Page Six that’s not true.

“Travis and Kim have never had a romantic relationship,” a source close to Kim, 40, insisted on Monday. “They were friends who met through Paris Hilton and that is also how Kourtney and Travis were introduced.”

Moakler and Barker’s daughter, Alabama, recently spread the affair rumor when she took to her Instagram Story to blast her mother, claiming Moakler, 46, was “never completely” in her life and was not an “amazing Mom.” Alongside her critical message, Alabama, 15, shared a screenshot of a direct message purportedly written by Moakler that read in part, “I divorced Travis because I caught him having an affair with Kim! Now he’s in love with her sister…It’s all gross…I’m not the bad guy!”

Barker, 45, has been dating Kourtney Kardashian since earlier this year. Moakler has been less than supportive of the relationship, even calling the new couple’s PDA “weird.” A separate insider slammed Moakler for dragging a newly single Kim into the situation, asserting that the former Playmate is guilty of “spreading lies.”

“It’s a shame that she continues to spread lies because she is clearly bitter her ex is happy and has moved on,” the other source said. “It’s extremely hurtful to her kids how she is behaving. Hopefully she gets the help that she needs and can eventually find happiness.”

[From Page Six]

I’m including the DMs which Alabama posted a few days ago which seem to have been the start of all this. Clearly, Page Six spoke to Kardashian sources to get them to refute this… but that doesn’t mean the Kardashian sources are lying or hiding anything. While Kim has dated different kinds of guys over the years, Travis Barker is not her type whatsoever. I don’t believe that Kim would have had an affair with him, although he may have wanted to. I’ve been surprised to see how close he is to the whole family, and he’s clearly been tight with them for many years. He seems completely head over heels for Kourtney too, and I doubt Kourtney would be into it if Travis had banged Kim. As for Shanna… mess. Drama queen.

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  1. Nomegusta says:

    Travis nearly died a few years ago, if he wants some samples of Kourtney’s Poosh, no matter how cringe, I say have at it

    The Game was with Khloe and Kim.

    Drake is rumored to have been with at least two of the Kar/Jenner’s.

    Sis, these women have no shame sharing men. But Shana should feel ashamed for being so bitter she doesn’t care about the impact her actions are having on her children and for embarrassing them.

    • cronuts says:

      Bieber admitted on Ellen he slept with two sisters as well.

      • Princess Peach says:

        They definitely share men but I don’t think that Kourtney has the same type as the rest of them. Like Khloe and Kim both like athletic black men. Khloe, as her whole thing with Tristan has shown, has no self esteem whatsoever and basically specializes in Trina and Kim’s leftovers.

        Kourtney seems to like small-ish, brown haired white men. So I don’t see it for that reason. Although Travis was probably interested.

  2. SurelyNot says:

    Eh, it wouldn’t shock me, Kim doesn’t seem to have a type and they were in each other’s orbit well before her relationships became transactional.

    Consenting adults and all. Shanna is doing herself no favors getting into this.

    • cronuts says:

      I think it’s more the gross factor. I think any “normal” ex would not want their children being influenced by the Kardashian klan. Alabama is 15 and looks like she has more procedures done than Kylie.

  3. Millennial says:

    Aubrey O’Day has said that Kim sent nudes to Travis around that time, and Shanna threw a drink at Kim because of it. I mean, we can debate the trustworthiness of Aubrey O’Day (I guess she witnessed the event in question) but Amber Rose has said Kim sent nudes to Kanye while they were dating too, so it… kinda checks out.

    Shanna says the kids prefer Travis because he has a bigger house and more money. She seemed a pretty absent parent on their TV show but who knows. One look at the kids’ instagrams/tik toks is pretty… telling about Travis and Shanna’s parenting styles.

    • Gab says:

      Sent nudes to Travis or posted them publicly and he couldn’t stop looking?

    • cronuts says:

      OMG, as I was trying to find the picture of Travis Barker and Kim holding hands from the early 2000s, this story is TRUE!!! I think this was at P Diddy’s labor day party I remember the tabloids talking about this incident and Moakler was asked to leave. Obviously, the klan scrubbed evidence of it online because I literally saw the picture, kim sitting along side Barker’s lap by a motorcycle. If anyone finds it please post and share. I don’t trust the K klan and at that time they were bumping parts with anyone to get famous.

    • cronuts says:

      This is when Moakler threw the drink at Kim, I found the article.

    • emu says:

      Yeah right, like why wouldn’t Kim be his type? I didn’t think Kourtney would be his type either.

  4. Gillysirl says:

    I barely remember their reality show but what I do remember was being surprised how into his kids he was (including Atiana) and how she was always in bed and they argued a lot about her spending money. I know if was a reality show – but they seemed mis-matched from the start (Moakler & Barker).

    • rainbowkitty says:

      This is exactly what i remember. He was always taking care of them while she was in bed.

    • Meg says:

      Yep! Mentioned this to my roommate who remembered the reality show and he said oh yeah the woman always in bed?

    • Vesper says:

      Moakler was super lazy on the show…house was in disarray and she neglected her oldest daughter terribly. There was a whole episode about how the kids were more bonded to the housekeeper than her. She was a so trashy on that show, but her and Travis had crazy sexual chemistry, hence the two kids in less than three years. BUt ultimately she was a lazy gold-digger and terrible parent. Oscar’s family had Atiana most of the time anyway. She did not raise those kids actively at all. But she loved to parade them around.

  5. Noki says:

    Travis is not Kims type AT ALL but during those years that was the height of Kim trying to get famous by any means necessarry. Especially inserting herself with the big reality stars at the time. She was hanging with her stepbrother Brody (the hills ),she had a couple of dates with Nick Lachey (Newlyweds) and ofcourse Paris. She was very thirsty,she may have cringed through it but her bottom line was worth it.

  6. Cecilia says:

    Big yikes

  7. Watson says:

    Shana needs to move on. She has tried to insert herself into Travis and kourtney’s relationship since day 1, reacting to fans on Instagram who prefer shana, commenting that he bought her flowers and sent her messages via planes too when they were married and how weird it is that they are together. They divorced in 2008!!! Can you imagine trying to smear an ex you were married to 13 years ago?? Embarrassing!!

    The fact that her own children are telling the world she’s a crappy mom speaks volumes.

  8. ce says:

    Oh I remember these toxicas. I’m going to slowly back away and go back to forgetting all about this woman

  9. Daisyfly says:

    Even Shanna’s daughter with Oscar de la Hoya prefers Travis to her. He spent the most time with his kids, he put in the most effort and affection. Of course his kids are going to be Team Dad.

    And Kim’s type is obvious. If she went on dates with white guys, it was for publicity that went nowhere. Travis wouldn’t have given her anything she could’ve used to up her fame and we all know it. I’m not A Kardashian fan but come on, this is a no-brainer.

  10. MikelaJames says:

    Travis was the one who divorced her she was caught lying in the DM’s.He met Paris after his divorce and Kim was her assistant then so she lied about that too.Seems bitter

  11. Jules says:

    Gross, all of them. And stooping to new lows to get in the news.

  12. Midge says:

    I just see a bunch of narcissists circling each other.

  13. Sid says:

    Kim’s type seems to be anyone who can raise her profile or help her get more attention. Barker is not out of the realm of possiblity.

  14. emu says:

    I’m sure she was a terrible mom (saw those comments about how she always stayed in bed in the reality show). But just my two cents in general on Alabama’s sentence about her mom not reaching out for Mother’s day… that’s not how it works. The kids reach out to the mom to set something up. The whole point is to take the emotional labor off the mom. The mom doesn’t reach out to the kid to see if they have time to see her. Whatever.

  15. Coffeeisgood says:

    Shanna needs to move on she’s embarrassing herself. She’s been divorced from Travis for years! I think she likes the attention her ex’s new relationship has brought her and she’s milking it for all it’s worth but it makes her looks so pathetic.

  16. Amando says:

    Kim has a pretty clear type and Travis is nowhere near it. I’m calling BS on this one.