Halle Berry: ‘Never give up on love, keep your heart open it will find you’

Halle Berry has been making a big PR push around her relationship with Van Hunt. The couple went Instagram official several months ago and have been gushing about each other in interviews and posting workout videos dedicated to one another. Halle Berry is known for her high profile relationships that often start off hot and heavy but end up crashing and burning. Halle seems to be quite happy if not peak Leo showy about her relationship with Van Hunt. Halle recently posted a picture where she’s kissing Van while wearing a white shirt with pink and green bikini bottoms. Halle captioned it “we do this thing called whatever the f*ck we want!” The photo was inundated with many well wishing fans and Halle got in on motivating them to not give up on love. Below are a few highlights via People:

“We do this thing called whatever the f*ck we want! 💋,” the X-Men actress wrote in the caption of her post.

Berry’s followers flooded the comments section of her post with supportive messages for the happy couple. “Keep doing it!! ♥️♥️,” said Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Garcelle Beauvais,” while Gabrielle Union wrote, “Yessssss 🔥🔥🔥,” and Ayesha Curry commented, “No wait !!!!! I’m obsessed 😍😍😍😍😍😍.” Thandie Newton also told Berry, “You guys are freakin hot.”

Meanwhile, Berry responded to fans in the comments section, raving about love. “Love wins,” one fan wrote to which the actress said: “I truly believe that. I’ll never stop fighting for ❤️.”

Another fan told Berry, “You give me hope. We are the same age.. twice divorced.. I’m disenchanted with dating and then I see you two.” Berry encouraged the fan, writing, “Never give up on love… Keep your heart open it will find you!”

[From People]

I think it is tacky when people tell Halle she can’t keep a man, I am not one of those women who thinks it is a woman’s responsibility to “keep a man.” I hope that Halle has grown and mellowed over the years and that this relationship lasts for her. However, the constant showiness and gushing has my spidey senses tingling and I am a bit concerned. To be fair, I don’t know Halle nor Van and am wishing them relationship success because I truly want Halle to be happy. Sh*t I want everyone to be happy and in love. I think Halle and Van should celebrate their love but be less public about it. Sometimes keeping some things just for you, in the beginning of a relationship, makes the relationship stronger and less superficial. Keeping your relationship low-key on social media gives you room to just enjoy each other without an agenda. Anyhow, I’ma get off my judgy soap box and celebrate how good Halle looks and how happy she is.

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  1. Noki says:

    There was also another fan she responded to who told her she thinks that Halle is more in love with Van than he is with her. People behind keypads have some nerve.

  2. Size Does Matter says:

    It’s good they met before Oscars 2021. That hair…

  3. Louise says:

    Whatever happened to Oliver Martinez? just seemed to disappear.

  4. PlutoTrineSun says:

    You’re right Oya. This is peak Leo like Jen & Ben. Leos Love Loud(ly).

  5. Lauren says:

    I’m still not over that very bad wig. I can’t take anything else seriously when I see it.

  6. detritus says:

    That pink dress is so gorgeous but the cut is not growing on me.

    Does Halle have naturally straight hair? I wonder what it would look like curled.

  7. whateveryousay says:

    Ehh. I just leave her alone. She was supposedly the happiest she’s ever been with all of her exes. She’s a woman that definitely loves to be in love. But I still side eye her after having her ex beat up the father of her children, for her to lie on that man and claim that he was racist, and the other month complained about paying him child support. She stays messy.

    • Joanna says:

      Yeah! It was so awful what she put Gabe through over their daughter Nahla. She claimed he straightened Nahla’s hair and took him to court over it. Hair analysis was done and showed that he had not straightened their daughter’s hair. I felt like that was a very unfair accusation. She tried to make it seem like he was racist. That plus the Oliver situation makes me not like her.

      • whateveryousay says:

        Yep. I just leave her alone. She’s beyond thirsty on IG and now Twitter. Thankfully she only pops up on my Twitter once in a while, but not many people seem to be engaging with her on her posts.

    • Case says:

      Yeah, the way she treats Nahla’s father is really quite gross. I remember thinking that a number of times over the years.

    • Green Desert says:

      Just have to say – not one of us knows Gabriel Aubry. And by that I mean he was never so famous that you could even get a sense of who he was from interviews or anything. I know Berry has seemed messy, but it’s interesting to me that so many people have defended Aubry over her and criticized how she “treated” him. Aubry may be a dick is all I’m saying. Also, people can be unaware of their implicit biases and have people of color in their families. I’m not saying this applies to him, but why so quick to defend him?

      Also – Halle Berry is not responsible for Olivier Martinez’s behavior.

    • OliviaJoy1995 says:

      Exactly. Initially the guys she starts dating are always the “love of her life” and “she’s never been happier.” Then when they break up they are the worst thing that ever happened to her.

  8. lucy2 says:

    She’s definitely had some messiness, hopefully this is the real deal and they’re happy.

    Not specific to them, but whenever celebrities post photos like that, I wonder about the poor assistant tasked with photographing such moments for social media.

  9. BlueNailsBetty says:

    Wait until he tells her no. She’ll turn on him just like she turned on the others.

  10. Midge says:

    We all have different paths. I find the criticism around Halle and other women who have not had “traditional paths” to be offensive. I know plenty of people in traditional, long-term marriages who are absolutely miserable yet celebrate anniversaries on IG like it’s some massive accomplishment. One woman I know posted a huge, gushing montage a few weeks ago and I know for a fact her husband was caught on a dating site. “20 years together!” ugh. I have another friend who is admittedly repulsed by her husband and grossed out when he wants to have sex with her but brags every chance she gets about their longevity as a couple. My thought is life is short. I’m not saying cut and run every time challenges arise, but it’s a disservice to celebrate longevity the of a relationship in and of itself, or to criticize those who leave and start over as dysfunctional.

    • Robert says:

      I agree. But I think everyone would be better off after a relationship ends. Good or bad. If they would step back stop dating for awhile and work on themselves. Maybe try therapy. It just seems that to many people have to be in a relationship all the time. If you can’t be by yourself then how can you really be with others.

      • Midge says:

        yes, completely agree!

        Although I do selfishly want JLo and Batfleck to get it on this summer.

    • candy says:

      This! I cannot fault women who bail when a man starts treating them poorly (which is like 90% of the time, let’s be real). Our society places way too much emphasis on supposedly “successful” relationships because they are long. It’s patriarchal. Sooooo many of my friends who are in long term marriages have vastly unequal loads, emotionally.

  11. Lila says:

    I hope he’s taking notes on how these things end. Halle brings the drama.

  12. Chantal says:

    If it is not Jlo, it is Halle. They are grown women and can do whatever they want. However, if I was either one of them, no one would know anything about my current love life. Especially Halle, I would keep it under wrap, “once burned, twice shy or 4th shy” . That would be my slogan for future romances.

  13. Kfg says:

    Gabriel did straighten their daughter’s hair. There are pictures. He stated he wanted their daughter to look “normal” so that is racist. Halle isn’t messy. She’s a grown ass woman who is independent and his ass needs her money to live. She is allowed to be angry and be loud. Men aren’t the prize, women are. Her stating someone is a pos isn’t messy.

  14. Monica says:

    I’ve been a fan of his music for quite a while and he seemed serious and no drama. Hoping this bodes well for their relationship.