Brooke Shields got a staph infection after surgery on her femur

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At the end of March I wrote a post on how Brooke Shields was injured in a balancing board incident at her gym. Brooke had to relearn how to walk and it was hard seeing her in physical therapy trying to walk a flight of stairs. In an appearance on Good Morning America, Brooke discussed her experience having multiple surgeries to fix her broken femur. Brooke developed a staph infection post-surgery. Brooke said she had to fight through fear and loneliness and turn the situation into something positive so that she could be a good example for her daughters. Despite recovering in the hospital without the support of family because of COVID protocols, Brooke says she came out stronger and understanding that it is ok to receive support. Below are a few more highlights via People:

Paramedics came and rushed Shields to the hospital, where she immediately had surgery to put a rod in her femur. The next morning, though, she woke up screaming because the bone had “popped” off of the rod, and doctors had to get her back into surgery and put in five screws to keep her bone in place.

Due to COVID-19, Shields couldn’t have visitors during her initial two-week hospital stay, not even her husband or two daughters. And just as she was able to come home, the Suddenly Susan star developed a staph infection in her arm, where her IV had been in place, and had to go back to the hospital for emergency surgery. That was one of the scariest moments, Shields said.

“Once fear crept in, that’s when I started to falter,” she said. “I don’t think I’ve ever been more afraid, because I was helpless.”

After another two weeks, Shields was finally able to get home, and started the “very hard” rehab process. The Lipstick Jungle star has shared photos and videos of her rehab work on social media, and hopes it inspires people to push through difficult times.

“If I can turn it into anything positive, or I can teach my girls, yeah, stuff is going to happen in your life, and how you respond is going to define you, and adversity will reveal you,” she said. “It won’t make you as much as it will reveal you because you see who you are. You see what you’re made up of.”

“Especially women,” she added. “I want them to know that they deserve to feel good about themselves and be healthier and happier and bigger, live a bigger life.”

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When I first read this story about Brooke’s accident I had compassion pain and at the same time I felt relieved that she made it through it. I am happy that, despite all of the complications, Brooke survived nd was able to come out the other end with a positive outlook. It is scary that she got a staph infection but luckily it wasn’t antibiotic resistant. She could have possibly lost her leg or life.

Brooke is one of the celebrities I grew up with and she will always be that Calvin Klein model. It has been also wonderful to see her become a mom. I love that during her rehabilitation she didn’t fall into complete despair because she wanted to be a positive role model for her daughters. That to me is such a mom response. But I also hope that Brooke was able to feel her feelings and not push them away in order to put on a happy face. Sometimes it is just good to be in the sh*tty feelings. I am glad she overcame her fears and it was cool to see her on a balancing board again, albeit closer to the ground. I am glad to see that Brooke has almost fully recuperated. Watching the videos of her healing journey has been very inspiring.

Full Interview:

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  1. FHMom says:

    My dad got a staph infection after surgery once. It was ugly and frightening. This was at a world renown NY cancer hospital. It’s inexcusable, and I’m glad Brooke came out of it ok. She has really been through it.

  2. Merricat says:

    Staph infections are so scary. Ugh. I have a lot of respect for Brooke Shields. She’s been working hard since childhood, and when she was old enough to take control of her life and career, she did.

  3. Lindy says:

    I just had major (4hr) ankle reconstruction surgery on Monday after breaking my ankle on my usual trail run, and am currently struggling with a ton of pain. So this story really spoke to me today! I have a long road ahead, with lots of PT and months of recovery.

    Interestingly, the hospital where I had surgery done is using an infection control protocol because staph/MRSA is so common in hospitals. I had to pick up a bottle of hibiclens when I got my Covid test the day before surgery (I’m fully vaccinated but understand the caution and test). And then had to take two showers, the night before and day of, with multiple separate washcloths, freshly laundered towels, clean sheets etc.

    So far so good. Now I just have to get through this pretty intense pain, which has really kicked in the last 24hrs when the nerve block wore off. If Brooke Shields can do it, I can, too!

  4. Jenn says:

    Yeesh, that’s how my mom died — staph infection (antibiotic-resistant*) in her knee replacement. I live in terror of it.

    • Izzy says:

      Jenn, I’m really sorry about your mom. Antimicrobial resistance is a problem and getting worse, and the development pipeline for new therapies is faltering. I’ve been working with other advocates to try to help push for legislation to fix it, but it’s an uphill battle.

    • Lindy says:

      I’m so sorry, Jenn. What a tragedy to lose your mom that way, my heart goes out to you.

  5. Oh_Hey says:

    I was so upset for her but so happy that she’s recovered. Brooke has lived a rough life and the details of her childhood/early adulthood sound miserable. I want nothing but good things for her.

  6. Juliette says:

    I got a staph infection from a very bad burn last November. In the hospital for 2 weeks on IV therapy. I was so sick from the IV drugs and the doctor said I could have lost my hand. I had no clue staph infections could get that bad (naive obviously).

    6 months later, I’m healed but dealing with bad nerve damage. Staph infections are no joke. So glad she’s on the mend. Have always liked Brooke.

  7. Ocho says:

    I know of a very healthy, athletic 20 year old who died of a staph infection contracted through a gym locker room. It was shocking and devastating. Don’t walk around barefoot in a locker room, folks. I don’t believe in living in fear of something very remote, but this is a simple thing we can do.

  8. Susan says:

    Between Brooke Shields and Ashley Judd…not a good year for Gen X ladies and broken legs. Ugh. Both ordeals are different and yet similarly terrifying.

  9. Julia K says:

    Hope the hospital followed up on that nosocomial infection at iv site. Procedure/ policy fail due most often to human error imo.