“Grimes doesn’t understand communism or artificial intelligence” links


Grimes doesn’t understand communism or AI. [Dlisted]
Irina Shayk’s street style went full khaki. [Go Fug Yourself]
Olivia Wilde is still in London, where’s Harry Styles? [Just Jared]
Zooey Deschanel always kept true to her twee self. [Pajiba]
Michael Henry wants men to get ready for Pride Month. [OMG Blog]
Irina Shayk has been posting sexy selfies. [Egotastic]
Wedding Crashers is getting a sequel, will Bradley Cooper be involved? [LaineyGossip]
I would eat the f–k out of most of these summer salads. I also like the look of those apricot-glazed chicken thighs. [Buzzfeed]
There are 117 LGBTQ candidates running for office in Mexico this year. [Towleroad]
This Josh Duhamel photo is gross? [Seriously OMG]
Hailey Bieber shows that the youths really are bringing back high-waisted pants. Not just that, they’re also bringing back fug patterns. [RCFA]

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  1. I pet goat 2 says:

    She’s with the transhumanist crew, that’s where her mindset comes from

    • Lizzie Bathory says:

      There’s so much darkness in those circles. And it seems clear Elon & Grimes are high most of the time, but honestly, the drugs are probably the least of the issues. I really hope there are nannies to look out for their kid.

    • Midge says:

      The mindset comes from drugs. Drugs and being surrounded by sycophants.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        She doesn’t think. Ugh she sounds like pseudo intellectuals you meet in college that never lasted their freshman year.

    • Jules says:


    • Christine says:


    • I pet goat 2 says:

      Noone’s saying transhumanists don’t do drugs (quite The opposite), just explaining the ideology …

      ETA: for sure, @lizzie

    • Golly Gee says:

      There’s actually a Transhumanist Party in the US, which ran a candidate for president for the first time in 2016.

      • observer says:

        that’s really interesting Golly, i didn’t know that! uhh…even if we weren’t locked in a bi-partisan system, i’ll remain skeptical. i’ve done too much thinking *on* psychedelics *about* transhumanism and the ensuing eugenics to believe we’re at a point where that could work. hence my other comment about why i think ordering the Elon-And-Grimes-Special is a bad drugs idea when you have any modicum of power.

        If the Singularity doesn’t actually happen in the next 100 years, a trans-humanist society will still become divided on partisan issues as i see it. at first it will be “trans-humanist issues” on the party lines (probably mostly pro- on the left) but if our continued survival depends on transhumanism then we’ll still have fundamentally divisive issues about how we live and implement in that society.

        i just realized i could have just said “Bottom Text” instead of all these words.

  2. Lucy says:

    All this time I thought she was crazy. Now I know she’s also an idiot.

  3. mary.kearney@aol.com E Kearney says:

    Can’t fix stupid …

  4. Truthiness says:

    Does she stay this high 24/7?

  5. Delphine says:

    I love the pantsuit Hailey’s wearing.

    • Bettyrose says:

      I love it on Hailey but not gonna find my curvy butt and short legs in that thing.

  6. Millenial says:

    She literally married a billionaire. I don’t understand how she has this reputation as a cool indie artist. There’s no bigger sellout to capitalism than marrying Elon flipping Musk.

    • MangoAngelesque says:

      They aren’t married, she’s just his gf/baby mama. I really doubt Elon would risk losing money in the inevitable divorce when he can keep her happy with a non-binding relationship.

  7. Evenstar says:

    The fact she quoted Stalin in her yearbook makes my eye twitch. Let’s try and find a communist idol who wasn’t a genocidal dictator.

  8. psl says:

    I still have no idea who this Grimy person is, nor do I care. She is the one who had a baby with Elon Musk? That is the only thing I know about her.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      I have no idea who she is as well, but she is definitely not on a train of reality, or intelligence. I, for one, agree with Olivia Little.

    • The Recluse says:

      She also made a small fortune with an NFT recently, but I had never heard of her until Musk was with her. She’s something of a mediocrity.

      • Linny says:

        I heard she had to be hospitalized for anxiety after appearing on SNL, I guess it was too much for her to handle

    • Bettyrose says:

      Do yourself a favor and check out her music vids on YouTube. They really are exactly what you’re now imagining.

  9. Kaykay says:

    I thought it was Britney in the header.

    She speaks just like Elon in that video.

    I get her point but I don’t think it’s that easy.

    • clomo says:

      Very difficult if we are on the subject, in fact damn near impossible with humans as a mitigating factor.

  10. N0B0dy says:

    Well I don’t understand her baby’s stupid name 🤷🏼‍♀️

  11. someChick says:

    I was born in communist Eastern Europe, shortly before “the wall” fell, in one of the worst dictatorship countries – Romania and everytime i hear such ignorance it really saddens me. She has zero idea of what communism is really like, although it all went downhill, everywhere. It was very similar to North Coreea: you were entitled to 500g of meat/month, for which you had to wait 20ish hours in a long queue, there was electricity in the evening for 2h max, no warm water, no heating. There were no contraceptive methods allowed, abortions were illegal, which lead to a lot of women dying doing homemade abortions. As a man, you couldn’t wear your hair long(er). Not to mention the lack of freedom of speach, the Security which was always listening so that you don’t say anything against the Party. The utopia turned really quick into a 1984 like dystopia. Grimes should really pick up a book before speaking on this topic..

  12. TeeMajor says:

    Tragic as hell.

  13. Rose says:

    She’s exhausting and I hope she negotiated a good prenup.

  14. jferber says:

    Is she married to Elon? I thought they just had a baby and did not marry (yet). Also, she looks like a teenager. How old is she? And honestly, what do they call their son? What does it sound like? Because it’s fucking unintelligible to me.

    • observer says:

      she’s somewhere between 30-33 yo, i can’t remember exactly but i do remember thinking to myself “huh, she’s almost the same age as me” when reading up on grimes x elon drama

    • observer says:

      edited duplicate comment

  15. Rhoda Cowboy says:

    Well…at least she has a nice tin foil helmet.

  16. KL says:

    “if we achieve man-made sentience we can make it do all the work :) :)


    (Also wtf this is literally the plot of “Blade Runner,” I thought for sure she’d have that one under her belt? Did she seriously skip the Maybe Creating A Slave Race Would Be Wrong movie.)

    • observer says:

      AI is not by definition sentient or sapient. i know what you were trying to get at, but she’s not implying that, she’s implying non-sentient algorithms making decisions above the level of human judgement.

      this is not defending her btw but yea. i really got into reading up on elon AND grimes’ collective lysergic messiness at some point…

      • observer says:

        to add on to what i said

        i think it’s interesting she’s suddenly all “AI = Love and Peace!” when it’s a known fact that Elon himself has a huge paranoia about the Singularity occurring in the next 10-15 years (he voiced this in an interview or quote or something, he also wasn’t joking about it) …

        also Elon “got into” (his words) weed because of Grimes, and there was that time Azalea Banks ended up at their house and he was *allegedly* high on acid and couldn’t stop tweeting on acid.
        Azalea is not exactly a bastion of sanity or truth, but i completely believe her on this one. i’m sure this kind of thing is an every day occurrence for one or both of them… and if there’s one thing that can make you more paranoid and schizo-affective than THC, it’s LSD *and* THC.
        LSD also very STRONGLY can fuel delusions of grandeur as well (and definitely other delusions) if one is inclined to them naturally i.e Elon & Grimes are such people

        …i’m speaking from experience about these drugs btw so that is why i have this opinion. i have lost count of the times i’ve used acid. once you’ve “been there” it’s very easy to see where Grimes and Elon’s mindsets come from… the interaction of psychedelics, big tech, narcissistic egos and capitalism do not go well together. so i’m not sympathetic to them in the least. morbidly fascinating from my perspective, though.

      • Golly Gee says:

        A quote from Stephen Hawking, who believed AI was the biggest threat to the continuation of humankind:
        “in contrast with our intellect, computers double their performance every 18 months … the danger is real that they could develop intelligence and take over the world.”.

      • KL says:

        What you’re describing is “strong AI” and machine learning, but the blanket term “AI” covers a wider range of concepts. I know that’s what Grimes was thinking as well, but I still think it’s pretty ridiculous that someone who counts themselves as a visionary would neglect the idea of singularity, or even just the irony of the idea of creating programs capable of human-level reasoning only to make a labor force.

        That’s also why I brought up “Blade Runner,” a movie in part about questioning what would it take for us to admit to the sentience or ‘humanity’ of self-governing AI AFTER we have outsourced our labor.

      • observer says:

        you know what KL, you are completely right. my brain likes to go “YEAH BUT” on technicality contrarianisms often (and this is why i said “I knew what you were trying to get at…”)

        re-reading my comment, i do NOT actually think Grimes was talking about this for sure…it was just me jumping to a foregone conclusion based on the fact that *right now* there’s no such thing as sapient AI (that could change, or if you have a shiny silver hat, it already has in some deep lab it hasn’t taken over and shut down yet) and when a Singularity is, as Golly pointed out, actually a real possibility backed by maths and logic.

        like i said: i KNOW i have heard Elon mention being very paranoid about this particular subject. the reason i pointed this out was because this infers either

        1 – Elon and Grimes don’t talk about this subject, which seems highly unlikely
        2 – They talk about this subject incessantly but have entirely different take-aways from the conversation or levels of comprehension.

        and 3 – Both of them have a conflict of interests, well mostly Grimes does now that she’s Elon’s own *personal* Manic Pixie Dream Girl. She’s been defending him a lot lately on social media and i highly doubt she’d have talked about this if she wasn’t with Elon.

        Elon has the more negative, dark personality but he also lacks morals so he can keep his paranoia, there are whole think tanks he can fund to attempt to prevent the occurrence of a Singularity if he’s so worried about it…that’s *actually* something he has the ability to influence.

        I wonder if he does fund this kind of research and doesn’t talk about it? “Hey guys I’m trying to save the world from the thing i am actively helping to precipitate” doesn’t sound like great PR. that’s why Grimes is also his White Knight.

        anyway, both of you made extremely valid points that i agree with.

    • SKF says:

      I think I understand what she is trying to say.

      Marx at one point believed that the decline of capitalism would come in part from increasing automation leading to socialist states and that one of the steps from socialism to capitalism was the end of manual industrial labour due to automation and technology. Socialist states would have the technology for automation to do much of the labour, and this, combined with a post-capitalist society, would remove some class barriers and also free up people’s time for them to then spend on the arts, science and creative activities. Marx also believed that there would be free distribution of the abundance of goods created by automation.

      He later changed his thinking somewhat, believing that capitalism would only end if it was overthrown. But technology and automation were still important overall.

      He believed that socialism and then communism would start in the wealthiest countries, which had enough abundance to share around to all, and that it would then spread to poorer countries as those initial wealthy countries shared what they had with the wider world (including their technology).

      Real-world communism took off in largely agrarian countries with little technology and massive impoverished populations and took shape very differently to what Marx envisioned. It essentially dragged even more people into manual labour and increasing poverty. Automation did not free people’s time up to spend on arts and science. There was also no true socialist state as Marx envisioned with the withering away of the state being a key step to communism.

      So I think a lot of people are looking at communism as it has existed in the real world and judging her an idiot who doesn’t understand communism, when she is likely referring to the Marxist theories of communism (albeit, somewhat poorly).

      She is suggesting that AI will take over automation and a lot of manual labour, as well as other things.

      However, practically, that is not how AI is being applied. Sure, it is involved in automation; but as a tool of capitalism for the few to make more money. Amazon’s warehouse AI is essentially used as a modern day slave master, whipping the workers to work harder and faster.

      So yeah, she is kind of dope; but maybe not as completely stupid as people think.

  17. lol says:

    What’s up with the anti-communism talk in the comments? And before you come for me, I am also a “survivor” of communism. Read on communism before you try to smacktalk. I feel like the only ones complaining about communism are always the Ayn Rands who became poor after communism. I’d rather hear about other people like me, poor before, during, and after authoritarians calling themselves communists.

    • Blinkbanana says:

      What they’re describing isn’t really communism anyway…

      • Jenn says:

        Right. She’s coparenting with someone who once tweeted “take the red pill,” and on TikTok she’s conflating “communism” with what she thinks all us poors believe about socialism (“no one will ever have to work again!”). It’s cringe.

        I do think she also really believes meritocracy and equality are the same thing. I get it, I was a “tech libertarian” in my teens — I read a lot of WIRED in the ‘90s, I believed the Internet was a level playing field — but I snapped out of it once I’d, y’know, existed in the world.

    • observer says:

      they’re talking about communism as it has historically been implemented. Blink’s right: “not really communism anyway” is the only kind of communism we have actually ever seen in the world on a wide-scale. Dictatorships are contrary to the notion of a utopian communist society… but keep in mind that people deeply and cruelly affected by regimes leveraging communist *ideas* has become the *cultural* definition of communism.

      even though this is the only gossip site i ever want to comment on or enjoy reading the comments on (it’s a huge relief to be in a civil leftist safe-space in the gossip landscape– without the doom and kill yourself because the world is terrible articles that happen on Pajiba) i really doubt most people commenting are likely to have spent too much time thinking about or studying this topic or debating theory v implementation (i’ll leave that to the Pajibans). so a lot of our politics might actually align with communist ideology, but that doesn’t mean we are de facto pro-Communism with a capital C.

      it is 100% understandable to me that people who have survived the very real trauma and pain of so-called “communist” regimes would be “anti-communism”

  18. Eenie Googles says:

    High waisted pants have been back for probably 10 years now…

    • observer says:

      i was going to say this. at least 5 years. i can’t believe we ever wore low waisted pants…but then i remember high waisted pants in the 90s and 00s were actually equally uncomfortable and awkward as low-waisted ones. it was absolutely impossible to find comfortable pants back then so i mostly wore skirts and dresses!

      Zoomers brought back the center parting already. any moment now someone is going to try and bring back low pants if they haven’t already (i don’t care enough to find out)

      also if we’re going to discuss pants, let’s talk about the warcrime and affront to humanity that are the Optical Illusion pants which are trending. Addison Rae, a 19-year-old, was just papped wearing them. when choosing *anything*, Zoomers pick Chaos.

  19. Fine says:

    She is so deeply embarrassing, makes me shutter.

  20. Desdemona says:

    Is she serious????? My jaw just dropped… Why do some people think they are intelligent?

  21. teehee says:

    The premise is that a machine could make more rational and less biased decisions than persons when dealing with topics of distribution or rights (to commodities for ex)

    Yet, decentralization is definitely the antithesis of communism so I don’t understand how you can be for both?

    By that I mean less in theory and more in actual practice /historical cases

  22. Hannah says:

    As if Grimes has ever done a day of “manual labor” in her entire insulated, navel-gazing life.

  23. Coji says:

    Ugh, high waisted pants. I just loooove my pants to meet up with the bottom of my bra. #shortgirlproblems

    • N0B0dy says:

      Hahaha what’s funny is I’m tall but I do actually find it comfy when my pants are right under my boobs. I’m weird though.

  24. Carmelita says:

    I was watching a doc about Andy Warhol and his posse and it’s uncanny how much Grimes looks like Edie Sedgwick.

  25. Bellaluna McKenzie says:

    I thought the header picture was Miley Cyrus…

  26. Elo says:

    Wtf did I just watch 😂
    You know what also gets us closer to equality. Elon Musk paying his fair share of taxes. She should really sit this one out.

    • Justjj says:

      For real. What gets us closer to equality is dismantling the billionaire and millionaire classes, eliminating tax havens and tax loopholes…

      I used to like Grimes, she’s rather insufferable now.