Apparently, the future of the British monarchy depends on Lilibet Diana


Even before Lilibet Diana’s birth, royal commentators had already begun to talk about this child like it was on her baby-shoulders to “save the monarchy.” The theory was… people love babies and the Windsors will be happy to start a new chapter with the Sussexes now that they’ve welcomed their second child. Even curmudgeon Robert Jobson noted yesterday: “Any baby’s birth is a blessing. I am delighted for them both. Let’s hope little Lilibet will help heal some of the pressing issues that have been at the heart of the Royal Family in recent months.” Yeah, those “pressing issues” are things like “the Windsors did nothing to stop the racist attacks on Meghan” and “the Windsors were racist AF to Meghan.” I’m not sure how Lili can help there. Richard Kay – who operates as Charles and William’s mouthpiece in the Daily Mail – says much of the same, you can read his piece here. Some highlights:

The monarchy depends on Lilibet Diana? “Never has a royal baby arrived with quite so much anticipation – or with so much seemingly depending on her. Yet for a child whose destiny will almost certainly be far removed from the Crown, her influence over the long-term future of the monarchy and its well-being may be profound.”

Presumptuous name choice: Had Harry and Meghan decided to call Archie’s new sister Elizabeth Diana, their choice, one suspects, would have been met with warm approval. But by giving the baby the name Lilibet, the Queen’s private family nickname – even though they intend to use the diminutive ‘Lili’ for their daughter – there is a risk. Will it be seen as a presumptuous choice for a royal baby who is eighth in line to the throne, but who will grow up on the other side of the world speaking with an American accent? And how might Prince Charles feel about his fifth grandchild carrying such an intimate family pet name that he has never used himself? It is tempting to wonder if Harry would have been so emboldened in his choice if his grandfather Prince Philip – the only close family member permitted to call the Queen ‘Lilibet’ – had still been alive.

Ah, yes, Harry is to blame for all of it: They have chosen the names of the two women who have been Harry’s lodestars. Few public opportunities pass these days without the prince cherishing the mother he lost in a car crash when he was only 12. In Diana’s absence, it was his grandmother who assumed a strong maternal role in his life. The lost boy who followed his mother’s coffin was enveloped in a warm cocoon of love – one that has survived all the damaging acts of self-harm Harry has hurled at the Royal Family, from Megxit to Oprah. In all the tribulations that have seen Harry lash out at his father, his brother William and the monarchy, the door has still never quite been closed. And that is largely because of the patience and love of the original Lilibet.

Baby Sussex’s arrival is freighted with opportunity. How often have new babies brought reconciliation to warring families? And the healing power of baby Lili could be vital to resolving the sadness at the heart of the Royal Family. This is the rift between Harry and William. Now that both are fathers of boys and girls and the challenges that brings, Lili’s arrival offers a unique opportunity.

Apparently Harry chose exile over duty: Of course, it will be difficult – Harry’s choice of exile and California over duty and the Crown remains a major obstacle. The days when the newly-engaged Harry and Meghan could pop round from Nottingham Cottage to William and Kate’s stately Kensington Palace apartment have long passed. Five thousand miles separate the brothers now, though the gulf is far wider than mere physical distance. Can they, in the interests of family unity, find some common ground that the birth of a new baby can often provide?

How Charles feels: For Prince Charles, who has been grievously hurt by Harry’s constant emoting – especially his claims of racism within the family – there will be mixed feelings. Joy at the arrival of his second granddaughter, but sadness that he will see as little of Lili as he has of Archie. Will there be a christening for him to attend when so many wrongs could be put right? And if so, where?

This is creepy: But Harry grew up in the heart of the Royal Family. His daughter is destined for a very different experience, without a title and an upbringing that will have little in common with George, her cousin and future king. But there is just a chance that George’s passage to the throne could be infinitely more secure if his first American-born cousin plays her part in helping to end the crisis that has so damaged the House of Windsor.

[From The Daily Mail]

LOL, I had not thought about whether Meghan and Harry would do a California christening/baptism. That would be great if they did, and they could invite Charles, William and Kate to come to Montecito to see the baby on the Sussexes’ terms. And then if the Windsors blank on Harry & Meghan, well, they tried and William and Charles have to make the next move. I mean, Richard Kay has a job to do and he’s doing it. He’s always being sent out to explain the party line. The Windsor party line is that Lilibet Diana’s birth is happy news, and it’s apparently on this baby’s shoulders – and her parents’ shoulders – to make peace with the Windsors. The thing is, peace won’t come until the Windsors come to Jesus and admit their own sins though.

And how friggin’ creepy is it that Richard Kay is basically like “Lili has to come to England, do her duty and help her cousin George”? What the actual f–k is happening.

09-03-2020   Commonwealth Day Celebrations  Westminster Abbey 2020...

09-03-2020   Commonwealth Day Celebrations  Westminster Abbey 2020...

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  1. VS says:

    This is so funnyyyyyy……when I think some people in the uk believe this type of nonsense written by their press!!! jeez, this is embarassing

    • Yup, Me says:

      Right? Their purple prose level has surpassed that of the most melodramatic of romance novels. They need to insert some “heaving bosoms” and “throbbing [....]“.

      • Golly Gee says:

        😂😂😂 Maybe Sarah Ferguson wrote it.

      • Anne says:

        That sounded like Twilight-level fanfic. I mean, this sentence doesn’t even make sense; it’s just word salad: “Will it be seen as a presumptuous choice for a royal baby who is eighth in line to the throne, but who will grow up on the other side of the world speaking with an American accent?”

        Because….it wouldn’t be presumptuous if she were physically closer to the throne and speaking with a British accent? What in the holy hell? It sounds like he just closed his eyes and started typing words.

        By the time Lili is grown, I predict the monarchy will be gone. Or at the very least, stuck in a dusty closet while the rest of the planet moves on.

    • Killfanora says:

      Just the usual load of bollocking bollocks.

    • BABSORIG says:

      Just the usual malarkey from the royal 🐀🐀🐀, what’s new? 🙄🙄🙄 Leave Lili TF alone, beejus!!🙄🙄🙄

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      Most in the UK don’t. Only the racist, ignorant and loud do.

      • VS says:

        I agree; that’s why I said some….it is the same in the US with Fox news. If you even want to feel like you live in a parallel universe, turn on Fox news evening program. You would think you live in another “USA”…..those shows can create so much stress, tension and anger….If we could reject Fox News at home, we would! right now, we just ignore

    • Nina says:

      Hold on I thought Keen was the Kingmaker. That she was the glue that was holding the monarchy together.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      Exactly. I can only presume Richard Kay is on some kind of mind altering medication to allow himself to have this go to press. It’s just filled with so many WTF statements.

      Seriously Richard, the new baby is is working on sleeping & feeding schedules…not saving the monarchy or helping a cousin with siblings in the far off future.

      LOL Nina, haven’t they all been talking about Kate being the savior of the monarchy.

  2. Jess says:

    Omg. This is all just gross, comical, pathetic, and bizarre at the same time. H&M were so smart to get out of England.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      Now we know why Harry said he doesn’t like England much and couldn’t wait to get out twice.

      • BooyahB!tches says:

        well said, Lilibet :) ) Incidentally, there’s an article in Daily FAIL today reporting how Harry chose the name Lilibet as a name for his daughter BEFORE he even met Meghan, and that the Queen loved it. God, that media outlet is racist, ugly, stupid, and SALTY.

  3. Char says:

    How ironic that Lilibet is the one to “save” George’s future reign.

    • nutella toast says:

      There’s a lot of women “saving” weak men in this family – Kate has to “save” William and the Throne simultaneously, Carole has to “save” William by being his mother figure, Kate has to “save” the relationship between the brothers and now a 3 day old baby has to “save” the future future future King…it’s not a good look when women are doing the heavy lifting of leadership but not actually in leadership – just buttony-dressed decor. Not for nothing, but if Lili doesn’t “look” acceptable to courtiers as she grows, I’m guessing talk of her “saving” anything will stop. Gah – I can’t imagine being part of this miserable system.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      Lili will not be Joffreyed by anyone, Mr Kay.

    • Haylie says:

      George has a whole sister and brother to stand by his reign. Why does Baby Lili need to be there for George? So they can scapegoat her to protect George?

      This baby can’t fix their mess nor should it be on her shoulders. We’ve already seen how Archie’s arrival didn’t stop the vicious attacks from the press, the jealous royals (Clarence House and Kensington Palace) and The Firm.

      • BooyahB!tches says:

        please…as if George will ever reign…that family is so on its way out, and H&M are the ones who gave it the final kick to the kerb. When Queen Lilibet dies, that’ll be the end of it; some fragments may remain in Charles, but no way will the royal family continue as it is now…

  4. JanetDR says:

    Kay’s take is so convoluted! I’m going to need another cup of coffee.

    • Jegede says:

      Funnily, I now believe Harry will not be entirely against what Kay’s advocating.

      • Brielle says:

        Me too…

      • Jegede says:

        @Brielle – 😞😞😞😞

      • Carmen-JamRock says:

        Fortunately, we are not all mentally constipated. The vast majority of us have clearly seen that H has spoken loudly and visibly about how his family will have their being in the world. We especially rmbr him saying to Dr. Jane Goodall: “He (meaning Master Archie] is not growing up like that.”
        [Now we can also add baby Lili who wont be "growing up like that."]

      • ABritGuest says:

        Lili being named after his grandma doesn’t necessarily mean he would want her or Archie to participate in a system where he called himself trapped. Harry is probably still a monarchist but I think a lot has changed since they originally offered their deal terms with the nasty smears pre Oprah etc & from TMYCS – seems he’s gained even more clarity on his family including saying he’s accepted they can’t provide what he needs.

        I also think he will be super protective of his kids & will not want them to be press fodder. And the monarchy’s relationship with the trash press is unlikely to change. If he had it bad as a spare the mixed heritage part American children of sorceress Meghan and grandkids of Diana might have it even worse. We’ve seen both kids be victims of bigotry of British media types at just 2 days old.

        Family estrangement is never easy no matter how crap the relatives are and Harry might want his kids to get to know his paternal side but how realistic that is with the animosity towards Meghan that is likely extended to the kids, remains to be seen.

      • Becks1 says:

        No, Harry does not want his children to be working royals. I think that’s been pretty crystal clear from the get-go. Why would he want them to be a part of a system that he LEFT because of the toxicity and abuse?

        Again, many of us have been saying this for the past day – but there is a difference between The Crown (monarch) and Gan-gan or whatever they call her – the grandmother. It’s not just Harry and Meghan that have made this clear, its been well known for a long time, they just brought it up again. It’s why it’s called The Firm. I think Harry, probably better than any of us, knows and fully understands that distinction. And if, as we have speculated, the Queen is no longer in control and no longer running things? That distinction is probably clearer than ever.

        Harry loving his grandmother does not mean he regrets what has happened in the past year. If he regretted it, he wouldn’t talk about how much better his mental health is now, how happy they are, etc.

    • Chelsea says:

      Are yall trolling? There’s no way in Hell Harry will have his kids at royal events around the British press so they can be used as scapegoats for William and his kids. He literally said in The Me You Can’t See that he’s seen the business model and wants no part of it from his family. He’s been back to the UK multiple times in the last year and a half and left Archie at home each time but you think he’s going to let his little girl get used like this? Naahh.

      This name is an homage to his grandmother that he always said he’s adored. It has nothing to do with the courtiers or his trash father and brother who obviously didnt even know he was going to give her this name or that shed been bor because if they did they obviously would have leaked it.

      • Brielle says:

        I don’t know what to think: in one hand you’re telling me that he adores his grandmother and in the other hand ppl are saying that she was never maternal or warm and she used the boys to avoid backlash during Diana’s funeral….which is it?

      • Hannah says:

        Brielle, I don’t really get it either. But for example, I have a father who was abusive in my childhood and yet I love him, understand why he was that way from his background and how his parents raised him, and have a mostly good adult relationship with him. Families are tough sometimes. It’s entirely possible it’s complicated, and Harry does still love his family despite the general cruelty. Love is a strange force.

        I don’t think anyone could ever describe the queen as “warm” — maybe to corgis or that creep Andrew — but, from reports, she does like Harry. And it’s all relative. She’s probably warm now compared to the way William and Charles have frozen Harry out.

        I was really surprised and not happy about the name at first. But it’s a way for Harry and Meghan to show natural affection to his grandmother who’s so old and near death, while making clear the child will use a shortened form that’s all hers and not obviously royal. They have to make their own choices. I’m not thrilled but it’s their child.

      • NCWoman says:

        Exactly. And his grandmother appears to be one of the few members of that family who has made an effort to keep in touch with both Harry and Meghan and to see Archie on those zoom calls. IMO, the name Lilibet is a pointed rebuttal against the institution of the royal family and a clear love for the grandmother who has made a point to continue and even grow their relationship after they left.

      • Brielle says:

        @Hannah their name’s baby is none of my concern..what I don’t understand it’s like the queen is not responsible of anything,not the bullying investigations issued by BP,not the earrings when we know she keeps accepting gifts from those Saudis,and when Angela Kelly was blocking Meghan from trying tiaras or when she didn’t tell her to put a hat on that train and she was chastised for it…so those years she was senile but didn’t we discuss last week that the courtiers queen banned ethnic minorities from Office work in the 60s til to this day!!! Wasn’t she in charge then? Was she ever in charge of things? Her husband was a known racist,Margaret told some very racist things,Andrew also and Charles to that Manchester girl…this family is racist and also the firm…

      • Becks1 says:

        I don’t know how “warm” the queen is but Harry has made it clear on several occasions over the past few months that he is still on speaking terms with her and he has gone out of his way to defend her (she is not the one to ask about the skin color, etc).

        Families are complicated and i feel like the royals are more complicated than most.

      • Brielle says:

        Harry is still on speaking terms with his family :Sophie told us recently that her and Harry had a lengthy conversation at the funeral and we saw Kate and William discuss with him also at the funeral….Serious allegations but everybody on that family is acting like nothing happened

      • BooyahB!tches says:

        And Chelsea, yes, good question: are you lot reading and believing the utter CRAP you read in British press???? GAWD’S SAKE, GIVE IT UP.

      • ABritGuest says:

        @Brielle can’t it be both? Wasn’t it said she kept them at Balmoral as first instinct as a grandmother was to shield them & allow them to grieve privately but then when she & the firm were facing the most serious press & public backlash of her reign for not showing enough regard about Diana’s death, then decision was made to trot the boys out. Thus the firm’s survival instinct kicked in. He criticised decision for them to walk behind Diana’s coffin in the 2017 Diana documentary. To me thats example of her duality & think that’s why Lili is after the affectionate family nickname rather than using Elizabeth after the monarch.

        Harry talked about not liking the business model of the firm. Harry on Oprah said she gets bad advice. Ultimately means he’s not agreeing with decisions she’s made based on that advice so maybe he’s critical of her as a leader but finds her a nice grandmother. Apparently all her grandkids have included her in the names of their daughters in some way. She may be warmer to grandkids than she was to Charles as is often the case but in that dysfunctional family even if she’s cold by our standards Harry might not have known better especially as doubt he was around his maternal grandmother much. He comes from dysfunction on both sides.

        Harry knows the firm smeared Meghan as he said in the Apple documentary re the bullying claims but i wouldn’t expect a funeral to be place to bring it up or any other issues. The chats he had with them (if true per Sophie’s claim) were likely about Philip, the service how Elizabeth was doing etc- standard funeral stuff. My aunt was seriously evil to my mother & they don’t talk but when her ex husband died, we went to the funeral and when my aunt broke down, my mum helped her. Then they went back to being distant after the funeral.

        Just like if Harry goes to the statue unveiling I wouldn’t expect him to be throwing daggers at William (or Kate if she’s there too). The event is about his late beloved mother & unlike some at the CW church service, he would be professional. Harry & Meghan even talked on Oprah about putting on game faces and doing your job even when struggling and things aren’t as it seems.

        The interesting thing is what happens next with the bullying claims review, whether there is any outreach to Meghan as Harry made the point via Gayle that nobody had spoken to her after the Oprah interview & whether we continue to see the firm smear Meghan. The firm & press will clearly want to use this birth & the upcoming jubilee thing for a reconciliation narrative to rehab its image.

        If Elizabeth isn’t racist herself she was sure surrounded by them & on her watch upheld racist policies internally & externally. That’s something he will have to contend with but he’s not the first person to love a relative even if you don’t like everything about them.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Brielle – I wouldn’t take anything Sophie said in that interview as gospel. She and Harry may have had a “long” conversation that consisted purely of memories of Philip, likewise he and William may have exchanged pleasantries on the walk back from the chapel and that was it.

        Harry being civil to his family is not a sign that he’s about to return to duties as a working royal or that he forgives his family for everything and people need to stop acting like it is. It’s Harry being civil.

  5. S808 says:

    “Lili has to come to England, do her duty and help her cousin George”? What the actual f–k is happening.”

    Just like Harry has to help William? At least they’re siblings but what’s with this way of thinking?? Why would a future monarch need 8th in line for anything? Babies are not bandaids for familial issues. They emphasis them imo. Heck, Archie’s birth arguably jumpstarted H&M’s exit from England and working royal life.

    • Cecilia says:

      They are admitting that the plan was to let the sussexes and their kids be the scapegoats so that the Cambs could get all the glory. Too bad harry had other plans.

      • Becks1 says:

        That’s exactly what it is. Archie and now Lili’s role in the royal family is to be the scapegoat for the Cambridges – at least that’s how the Cambs and RRs see it. That’s how Lili can “help” George – by providing cover for him. It’s gross. She’s 3 days old.

      • Seraphina says:

        You are both so spot on with this. And yes, a three day old baby and they are writing this kind of crap. Gross indeed.

      • Snuffles says:

        Yup. Harry knew what was in store for his family if they stayed. It’s the main reason why he took them away. To remove themselves from the equation.

    • Agirlandherdog says:

      There’s so much wtf happening in that article, the mind boggles. The queen stepped in to fill the maternal role? She wasn’t even a maternal figure to her own children. Harry was cocooned in his family’s love when his mom died?? The same family that forced a traumatized boy to walk behind his mother’s casket? And now they’re placing the validation of the monarchy on the shoulders of a baby whose age can be counted in hours? And yet people think Harry’s in the wrong for escaping…

      • SarahCS says:

        Exactly, we see your lies Richard.

      • Brielle says:

        But Harry gave his daughter the queen’s nickname so she is not that bad and they seem to have a special relationship

      • HeyJude says:

        I don’t disagree with the escape or that the English living royals are trash, but clearly from Harry’s continued affection for her Elizabeth despite all we witnessed publicly, she was more soft with the boys behind closed doors than what we know.

        But of course with as bizarre and hoity-toity as their stupid “protocols” and public image concerns are, she doesn’t acknowledge that and never did. IDK why, they must think if she appears like an actual nice human with her grandsons it would have looked too informal and unregal or some stupid shit like that.

      • Carmen-JamRock says:

        Dear @Brielle
        You seem to be confusing Harry & Meghan’s very vocal regard and respect for Betty the human being, with the British Monarchy.

        FYI: H&M have made it abundantly clear (dont know how much clearer they could make it) that THE. INSTITUTION. is run by a bunch of dinosaurial, racist idiots who give betty bad advice and who orchestrated a smear campaign against Meghan that drove her to suicidal ideation.

        H&M have referred to the Institution/the Firm as the place where they once worked and to which they wont be returning.

        This is separate and apart from the Family into which Harry, Archie and Lili were born.

      • Brielle says:

        @dear Carmen ,excuse me to be constipated like you said but was Queen Elisabeth the same one in charge when they were banning ppl of color from office work in the 60…til now?cause this thing is still in place..and Angela Kelly,her dresser was she mean to Meghan and telling all these stories without the Queen knowing?and one of her cousin also criticized her wedding dinner ?Are all those things without her knowing….Elisabeth can be nice to Meghan to Harry and Meghan but for me she is still a racist…I can’t separate those two things: you can’t be a racist at work and less racist at home,I just don’t believe that,sorry..and clearly Harry and Meghan don’t care about me or what I think but you can’t also change what I think…

      • MerlinsMom1018 says:

        1000% what you said 👏👏👏

    • taris says:

      yep. royal commentators are like ‘let’s project our monarchist fantasies on this 3-day old, and take ownership over her and her destiny like we do her father’.

      she’s not even *in* the monarchy – she’s in california! lmao. not her job (or her parents’) to ‘save’ your decaying institution.

      side note: how cool is it that h&m kept details under wraps and announced the birth on their own terms? no leaks, no harassment from press. *this* is why they left!

  6. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    Moved on from Kate quickly, I see. She can’t even compete with a newborn infant.

  7. lanne says:

    This baby is 3 days old. Saying that this newborn is somehow obligated to fix the damage the monarchy has done to itself is the most risible thing these ratchets have yet written. How wild is it that in the UK, with its absence of systemic racism, they pull the “POC are responsible for fixing any conflict due to racism” business? It’s the ultimate causasity to assign this responsibility to an infant.

    The one certainty in royal watching is that the ratchets are gonna ratchet. How do these fools get paid?

    • Cecilia says:

      Especially since these are the same people that kept abusing her mother during 2 pregnancies.

  8. MsIam says:

    Well if this Richard Kay babbling was supposed to be Charles’ viewpoint then he just doesn’t get it and there won’t be any reconciliation any time soon and probably never. I can’t believe that part of Harry’s “duty” was to ignore his wife’s suffering or better yet get rid of her, but then again it is believable with this bunch. Not to mention Harry ignoring his own suffering for the sake of “the Crown”. Yikes!

    • Nic919 says:

      Kay tends to be a mouthpiece for William. He was the one who set off the rose hanbury speculation by the strident denials.

  9. MonicaQ says:

    I’ve read a lot of horse patucky in my day but that article about baby Lili is that big pile of dinosaur crap from the first Jurassic Park. Baby ain’t been breathing open air for a week and she’s being tasked with “saving the monarchy”. And “cocoon of love” that Harry was wrapped in? More like wrapped like the snake from Jungle Book singing “Trust in me” before trying to eat Mowgli alive.

    Harry’s said with his whole chest and then some how he feels and these “people” keep ignoring him and acting shocked/surprised/taken aback/incandescent/agog/apoplectic when he follows through on what he said. It’s like the RF/BM is running on the definition of insanity.

  10. Maria says:

    She’s going to be a happy private citizen in Montecito and the monarchy will function as it will.

  11. Sofia says:

    Damn the baby couldn’t even be a week old before the media started pushing stories about her and what she’ll do or what she should do.

    And lovely. Not only does Harry need to be there for William when he becomes King but now Lili has to be there for George when he becomes King. Thank god the Sussexes got their kids out of there

  12. Merricat says:

    Nope. Lili is an American and she has no obligation to anyone on the Isle of Salt, least of all cousin George. When will they get it? The Sussexes don’t need their approval or even their good will.

  13. JayBlue says:

    Typical treatment of females. Barely even born and all ready she’s expected to fix the problems of her problematic over-privalaged male relatives. Imagine that(!).

    • Doulton says:

      + So perceptive, JayBlue. Of course it’s so typical that I didn’t even notice it until you pointed it out. +

    • lucylee says:

      The only thing Baby Lili has to do is eat, sleep, and poop now. They already have 2 spares, and they will be fully capable of covering for George when he is older. I never paid attention to H being referred to as the spare, but now that I understand the role, it is really child abuse to rear someone telling them they are less than another sibling. In the real world, children would be removed from a family if their younger children were designated to be the whipping boy/girl for the oldest child.

  14. Riley says:

    I’m sure that Harry and Meghan asked TQ for her blessing in calling the baby Lilibet – I don’t believe for one second that she didn’t know. If TQ didn’t approve, the baby wouldn’t be called that. End of.

    • Cecilia says:

      The daily mail itself reported that the queen was informed beforehand about the name. As did ABC news and the royal family was reportedly “delighted”. So idk why they want to push this as some sort of a swipe.

      • Becks1 says:

        And why Kay would be like, a name that not even Charles calls her!!! It’s so personal he doesn’t even use it!!!

        Yes, because….he’s her son and presumably calls her Mother or Mum or something?

      • Enny says:

        For that matter, with all the salt about how disrespectful it is to name Lilibet after Phillip’s pet name for his wife – Phillip died quite recently and we know, from Harry’s appearance on James corden’s show, that Phillip enjoyed zooming with H, M & A. Who’s to say this conversation didn’t take place months ago, perhaps at a time when both Liz AND Phil were consulted, and they BOTH didn’t find it a touching tribute? What is it with Brits thinking they “know” the queen and Phil better than a clearly loved grandson who was in regular communication with them on a familial, rather than official, level?

      • liz says:

        There were people who called her “Lilibet” before Philip ever met her – her parents, her sister, her cousins . . . And I wouldn’t be surprised if someone like her cousin Alexandra still does, at least behind closed doors. She gave herself that name as a child because she couldn’t pronounce “Elizabeth.”

        I agree with @Becks1 – of course her children call her Mother, and not by name – formal or nickname.

        And finally, there has been acknowledgement that the Queen knew about the name they planned to use. If she had any objections, she would have said so, at that time, the name would not have been used and the public would know absolutely nothing about it.

      • Sid says:

        Also, King Felipe of Spain himself calls her Aunt Lilibet, as seen by the note he wrote her after Philip’s death. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Faux Crown Prince Pavlos calls her Aunt Lilibet too, since his family was also tight with her.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Other royals publicly refer to Queen Margrethe II of Denmark as ‘Aunt Daisy’ (her nickname is Daisy). Seems reasonable that QEII is known as Lilibet to many people, including extended royal relatives, in her private time.

    • equality says:

      I agree. Knowing that the courtiers and the press would have all kinds of nasty things to say if the Queen didn’t back the name, they wouldn’t have used it.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        They are twisting themselves into knots to cause chaos at every opportunity! You can always count on these commentators who are supposedly royal ones, to twist everything into a conspiracy of some sort. They know nothing, and that’s the bottom line!

    • Calibration says:

      this is what I’ve been saying too.

      Also today there are two headlines one ontop the other saying she knew and the underneath headline is she’s surprised. Well, Fail, which is it? But their readers won’t notice the hypocrisy

  15. Neners says:

    They are so desperate for access. It must be existentially shocking the way this birth announcement happened.

    1) Born in the US,
    2) Born 2 days before anyone even knew about her arrival
    3) Safely tucked away in Montecito before the announcement was even made
    4) News was deliberately embargoed to prevent the UK Sunday papers from breaking it, meaning
    5) US outlets via Archewell first told the world about little Lili.
    6) Absolutely no photographers. Who knows when we will see that baby!

    These are people who were whinging after Archie’s birth because they waited several hours to announce it and only one photographer was present. For the first time they’re realizing just how much access they have lost. Lili will not save the monarchy. Lili will only know the Firm as those mean people that hurt her mother, because of whom her parents had to flee the UK. This is the legacy with which the RF has to live in all its ugly, racist reality.

    • Watson says:


    • Merricat says:


    • (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

      I’m thinking we’ll get little baby feet, in a b/w pic, for Fathers’ Day, as we did for Archie. Most likely, Harry will be sitting on THE BENCH (!), holding Lili…or perhaps Archie next to Harry, with Archie’s little hand on Lili’s toes… 😊

      Sigh… baby toes…. num num! Perfect for nibbles!

      • Neners says:

        And I would be 100% happy with this! Who doesn’t love baby toes?! 🥰

      • swirlmamad says:

        Agreed. Betting on a Father’s Day pic, with both kids and faces obscured for sure, similar to Archie’s baby feet debut pic for Mother’s Day. And that’s more than any of us deserve.

      • MerlinsMom1018 says:

        You know Haz is a giddy mess with his little girl.
        And ohmygawd there’s nothing better than baby toes!!!

    • Calibration says:

      yes, this! And also, I just realised, they got to the hospital and back totally undercover!!! that is some good ninja work.

  16. Myra says:

    Lili’s parents, especially her father, made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that she could choose her own path in life. George can turn to his siblings if ever he will need help saving the monarchy. His parents, old, racist courtiers and the British media have predetermined his life for him.

    • Rosalee says:

      Ultimate sacrifice? Considering yesterday was the anniversary of D-Day that’s rather large presumption since that term is usually applied to armed personnel who have died in service to their country. Harry simply moved with his wife to another country…

      • Amelie says:

        Ultimate sacrifice is not a term just reserved for military personnel who have died in service to their country. It can apply to many situations, not just life-threatening ones in times of war. Oh and Harry is a military veteran so he has fought for his country, not that it matters. And no, he didn’t just “move to another country.” You make it sound like he and Meghan got itchy feet and decided to relocate for funsies, completely omitting that his wife was suicidal, faced vicious racist smears and lies in the British press, got zero support from the BRF etc.

        And I don’t need a lecture on D-Day either. My father is French from Normandy, my French grandparents survived the Nazi occupation during the war. I’ve been to the Normandy beaches twice at least if my memory serves me correctly.

      • Myra says:

        That’s just ridiculous because people make sacrifices all the time and they have never fought in wars. Considering the large coverage and hate levied their way when they announced their exit, ultimate sacrifice is not far off for the Sussexes. When I migrated, ‘I’ simply moved to another country. I didn’t face intensive/daily hate and vitriol for moving away. I hope we get to a point in time where we don’t use world wars to diminish the pain of others in their everyday life.

      • Jaded says:

        Harry and Meghan, who was by then having suicidal ideation but was refused treatment, got threatened and chased out of the country by a rabid mob of racist tabloid slimeballs, with the tacit approval of his leaking, lying, back-stabbing brother & sister-in-law, his father, Ma Middleton and The Firm. He didn’t “simply move with his wife to another country”.

      • VS says:

        @Rosalee — that’s a BS take; and if you don’t know that, I’d be like WOW

      • Hannah says:

        Making “the ultimate sacrifice” does refer to giving up one’s life.

        Myra misspoke. It’s not the end of the world (and it’s not a slam on Harry/Meghan) to point that out.

  17. Liz version 700 says:

    Yikes…there is so much in that article…. Do I laugh, cry, snort… Liki best get her rest now these folks want to put her to work!

  18. GuestWho says:

    “he lost boy who followed his mother’s coffin was enveloped in a warm cocoon of love…”

    Do they write this ish with a straight face?

    • AbbeyRoad says:

      That one is up there with “a warm-hearted trio, delighting the world” in reference to William, Kate, and Harry. You know, during that era where Harry has said he was miserable.

      Do they write it with a straight face or are they trying to see how out there they can get at this point?

    • molly says:

      “it was his grandmother who assumed a strong maternal role in his life. The lost boy who followed his mother’s coffin was enveloped in a warm cocoon of love.” BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. What?! I wasn’t like, there or anything, but I’d bet very good money that ol’ gran has never warmly hugged anyone in her life.

    • sunny says:

      This whole take is so bs and poorly thought out. it is wild. It should be up to none of the children to save the monarchy’s future and the fact that they are using this language shows how weak the whole system is.

      A much smarter framing in the press might have been that the birth of a new baby in the family is a hopeful time and one that can often spawn reconciliation.

      I just… how are the royals so bad at PR strategy?

  19. Over it says:

    Well, Richy boy, if Georgie Porgie can’t hold onto his own thrown,then he has bigger problems . Lili was just born she is a bit busy sleeping. Archie and her will be happy in their own monticeto kingdom. Good luck isle of dusty saltines. Kaiser that name .lolololol

  20. FC says:

    It would be something if the whole family flew in for the statue unveiling and had a christening in England with only the queen and a few others in attendance. Then flew right back.

    Also once they remember that Lili is mixed race they’ll change their tune about her “saving the monarchy.”

    • Merricat says:

      That will not happen. Harry honored his mother by giving his daughter her name, so he’s not going to leave Lili behind, and he’s not going to take a month old child into that cesspool.

    • Snuffles says:

      It couldn’t possibly be safe for an infant only WEEKS old to travel, let alone during a PANDEMIC to see the Queen.

    • lanne says:

      Why can’t Charles, Camilla, Kate and William get off their asses and fly to the US for a christening if it’s that important to them? They have Anglican churches in the US—we just call them Episcopal. I hope baby girl is christened in Dorias church.

      • Becks1 says:

        Now now @Lanne. be reasonable. Kate and William are too busy saving Scotland for the UK to fly to California.

      • Jaded says:

        @Becks1 – ya, sending Mean and Keen to save Scotland is like sending in Dumb and Dumber.

      • Dee says:

        Just give Kate a few weeks for a new coatdress with lots of buttons to be made. She and Will can try to cozy up to some Hollywood stars while they are there. LOL

      • LMR says:

        Noooooooo. Don’t invite the Cambridges here to darken our shores.
        I hope for a Cali hippie baptism outside under the moon.

      • Nic919 says:

        I can guarantee they will fly with the kids shortly to Mustique which takes much longer and is more complicated than a flight to Los Angeles.

    • swirlmamad says:

      Harry ain’t going to that statue unveiling. He told us so when they stated right in the birth announcement that he and Meghan are currently on “parental leave”. That will last for a couple months, I’d say — past the date of the unveiling for sure.

      • Curious says:

        Harry will go ,its not a job, cause they on Parental leave , does not mean he won’t show up for the unveiling of his mother statue. I notice they are calling the baby Lili Diana. Charlotte is never called Charlotte Diana, she is always just called Charlotte. So he will take a short trip to show his respect to his mother statue,cause his daughter is also named after her..

  21. Truthiness says:

    Baby Lilibet has already accomplished a grand feat, she moved ahead of Andrew in succession. We love her already!

  22. Calibration says:

    Omg. Why don’t they just say they want Sussex kids there to check skin colour. These people.

    • Desdemona says:

      Because that would be racist and they most definitely aren’t racist (cynical smile)..

    • FC says:

      They totally do! It’s eating away at them, hence all the angry reactions to the black and white photos of Archie, lol.

    • (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

      While I would love it if she looks like a carbon-copy, mini-me of Meghan, Lili would be a gorgeous woman if she favors her maternal grandmother, too!

      • Calibration says:

        honestly I was in such a crappy state yesterday when all this came out. It was late in my time zone, I was over tired, and I had spent a weekend with a friend who loathes the sussexes and continually says so. and then I read the comments to the birth. My brain just exploded!!

  23. Cecilia says:

    I have never read anything more unhinged save for that “open letter” Dan wootton wrote Prince William

  24. Tiffany says:

    Of course the Black woman is suppose to fix things.

    What, they expect Lili to be George’s maid for the rest of her life?

    • Over it says:

      Yes, fetch his slippers, his robe and his crown. Archie can saddle the horse and start the engine of the car. These people still think we are living in the days of slavery.

    • goofpuff says:

      of course, and scape goat. and attention deflector while getting treated like garbage. Her reward is just to be able to hang out with them when they allow it. That’s how royals function. Glad Harry got his family out of that cesspool.

    • Cecilia says:

      They expect her and archie to be his scapegoat for life

    • Becks1 says:

      Yup, she’s the scapegoat.

      Honestly it makes sense (from their perspective) – we’ve all said on here for ages now “what happens when the Cambridge kids grow up, is Kate going to be okay with Louis and Charlotte being the scapegoats for George.”

      I think it’s clear now that they never intended for Louis and Charlotte to be the scapegoats. It was always going to be Harry’s kids, they were just going to keep using Harry and then his children the same way they always used him. And now they’re SOL.

      • lanne says:

        Which of course sucks for Louis and Charlotte. It’s sad that the royals can’t seem to function without scapegoats. It’s already starting with the “feisty Charlotte” nonsense.

      • Nic919 says:

        I don’t think the media would have played it that way though. Beatrice and Eugenie were rarely compared to William and Harry and they will compare George to Charlotte and Louis because those two are the closest to the throne and you can’t have the peasants realize that primogeniture is a stupid system so you need to make the ones directly after the heir look incompetent. Harry’s kids are irrelevant to this just as the york girls were to Harry and William.

    • Kalana says:

      Didn’t you see the painting on their wall when they hosted the Obamas? That’s what they expect.

  25. Eurydice says:

    Has anyone thought to check the water quality at the royal residences? Because there’s some serious amnesia happening there. Ah yes, those blissful days when H&M and W&K would just pop round for family visits!

    And how interesting that Harry is not only to blame, but mentally ill (just like his mother) – acts of “self harm” and “lashing out” at his loving family. After all, he’s admitted quite publicly that he has mental health issues – poor boy, the family just wants to help. Please invite us to the christening.

  26. jwoolman says:

    Everyone is assuming that George will be King. It’s not even certain that his father William will be King. Does anybody truly want the job beyond Charles?

  27. Snuffles says:

    First of all, the child ain’t Jesus. She ain’t saving NOTHING.

    Also, I’m all for Harry and Meghan christening/baptizing Lili in AMERICA and giving the family the opportunity to come to California to meet the baby, visit with Archie and see Harry and Meghan’s new life in America.

    If they really cared about mending fences they would make the trip just like Harry did for Philip’s funeral and will probably do for the Diana statue.

    • GG says:

      I’m curious as to whether or not they’ll choose to have a baptism in California, or if they will choose to have the Archbishop of Canterbury perform her baptism during a trip to England. Perhaps a pre-Jubilee or post-Jubilee baptism is in Lili’s future. I think it would be surreal to have The Cornwalls and The Cambridges in Montecito.

    • Cecilia says:

      @snuffles. I think it will be a while before baby girl will be baptized. Eugenie’s baby is what? 4 months old? And also hasn’t been baptized yet.

      • Snuffles says:

        What is the typical age to baptize?

      • Snuffles says:

        Maybe they have and just didn’t publicize it. I don’t think every royal christening gets press.

      • Becks1 says:

        They may have baptized the baby in a private ceremony and not announced it, but we do usually end up hearing about the other royal christenings – we know when Lena Tindall was baptized for example – but I think that’s usually because someone tips off reporters if they see the Queen going somewhere. I don’t think Lena’s was announced per se, and we only got photos of the guests coming and going, nothing posed etc. So baby August could have been baptized at royal lodge (where Beatrice got married) and we might not know.

        But, my bigger guess is that they do want to have a larger ceremony (maybe at St. George’s? Maybe in Scotland this summer?) and maybe are waiting for more people to get vaccinated or rules to lift more or something. I think Eugenie is doing a good job with social media and August (in terms of not posting 10k pics of him a day but posting enough to keep people interested) so I would not be surprised if she posted something when it happens – the front cover of the program maybe or something like that.

      • Nic919 says:

        She will probably wait until august when the Queen is “off” and lockdown should be over in the UK.

        That said Meghan and Harry will christen Lili in the US. Bishop Curry is an excellent choice.

  28. ModeratelyWealthy says:

    These people are such a bunch of reactionaries it would not surprise me this “royal expert” is already imagining a future marriage between popular, beautiful, rich and modern Lili Montecito with her dull, poor but titled cousin George. Inbreeding,is, of course, one of their traditions!

    • lucylee says:

      I wonder how they would react to a king or queen being in a same-sex relationship or being transgender? How would that impact the line of succession?

  29. equality says:

    So tired of this being described as a PRIVATE nickname. The whole world knows it. “Phil was only close family member who used it”? The Queen’s parents and sister weren’t close family members? The Queen’s cousins supposedly use it and Queen Letizia and King Felipe used it in a condolence letter to the Queen. And why would Charles or his siblings have used it? Is this writer trying to look stupid? I don’t believe any of the royal family just “pops round” to visit. H&M could have stayed near to W&K but chose Frogmore instead. Does that seem like they wanted to pop round? And planes work BOTH ways. Everyone knows W&K vacation frequently and Charles is the royal who travels the most so why can’t they go visit? I would picture Harry wanting to have the christening where the Queen could attend if possible. Of course, she didn’t attend Archie’s but maybe there was a good reason.

    • (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

      Anyone remember WHY she and Phil didn’t attend Archie’s christening? He was well enough to take that lovely pic with Doria after the “showing” at Windsor.

  30. Lauren says:

    The way that they talk as if they had any right to that baby. Baby Lili and her brother Archie will be growing up in a home where they are very much loved by their family, far removed from the royal circus. One can just hope that their cousins yeet out of there as soon as they are able to.

  31. Calibration says:

    Can the salty rota explain what Harry’s ‘duty’ was that he ignored? I’m curios. Was
    It to be thrown under the bus constantly?

    • Amy T says:

      Thanks for this @Calibration.

      “Apparently Harry chose exile over duty: Of course, it will be difficult – Harry’s choice of exile and California over duty and the Crown remains a major obstacle.” …. was the sentence that really got me. I understand that “The Crown” was fictional, but the broad-brush elements weren’t, and Harry’s closest equivalent in that configuration was Princess Margaret (two same-sex siblings; one the monarch and one monarch-adjacent). He chose a life of his own over all the obligation and none of the autonomy so his children can grow up with the ability to make their own choices.
      “Duty.” {rolls eyes}

      • Becks1 says:

        And what’s weird about that is that Margaret’s children live their own lives. I think they may make some appearances at royal events (maybe the trooping or something, IDK) but they have their own lives, careers, families, etc. They weren’t presented as something “essential” to the monarchy or that they needed to “help” Charles if the monarchy was going to survive. Maybe the difference is the Queen had four children of her own and by the 80s she had several grandchildren, but still, we’re back to the idea that there is something about Harry and now his children that is essential to the monarchy in a way we haven’t really seen before.

        Is it just about being the constant scapegoat, or something more?

      • Nic919 says:

        @becks I agree that the narrative where Harry needs to be there for William is. It something we have never seen before. Not with Charles and Andrew and not with Elizabeth and Margaret. There is something they don’t want to admit about William that he clearly lacks because otherwise he should be able to do this himself.

    • MsIam says:

      His duty was to divorce Meghan and either a) abandon Archie except for the occasional visit or b) take primary custody from Meghan unless she agreed to remain in the UK under the scrutiny of the media vultures. Either way, he was also supposed to remarry with a white Toff whom they could endlessly compare to Meghan, with Meg always falling short. If this was the plot for a cheap romance novel it could not be more unbelievable but I really think that’s how their minds work.

    • Curious says:

      when Harry left the army, he carried William /Catherine on his back . they had him working his butt off and William /Catherine took the credit for it . seems Harry didn’t mind doing that job while he was single… after he got married his wife came first , not William. harry never left his duty , he was pushed out from doing his duty together with his wife. sometimes i think they thought Meghan was so old she won’t get pregnant. then Meghan shocked them by getting pregnant pretty fast after her marriage. in Harry eyes and everyone else eyes their own family comes first not your brother or sister family. maybe Harry should have said to William how about you ditch your wife and we work together, since you want me to ditch my family to support yours. Harry was the backbone to carry the royal family before he got married and for a short time after. without Harry they are a weak bunch of people with no where to go .

  32. 809Matriarch says:

    Okay. Let’s just have it plain. They keep saying Harry chose “exile” over “duty.” What they mean is Harry chose to protect his wife. Period. They were hoping and scheming for a breakdown in Meghan’s mental fortitude so SHE would leave. They got what they wanted. Unfortunately, for them, Harry is the ONE man in that family who is not a dishonorable selfish scoundrel and CHOSE to honor his vow before God to love, honor and protect his wife.

  33. Coco says:

    “An intimate family pet name that [Charles] has never used himself.” Like, of course Charles (and his siblings) didn’t call his mother Lilibet? If your father had a childhood nickname of Speedy, you wouldn’t call him that, you’d call him Dad. Hopefully you wouldn’t name your kid Speedy, though.
    Also, talk about pressure on a literal newborn infant. She’s supposed to prop up her cousin’s future reign, probably reverse the outcome of the Revolutionary War and bring the US back under British control, and singlehandedly save the whales. The Dalaï Lama is still alive, but can a person be pre-reincarnated? Lili better become the Buddhist spiritual leader before she learns her ABCs or she’ll be an utter failure at life.

  34. Catherine says:

    This baby is days old and they are already dehumanizing and commoditizing her. It’s disgusting. They only see her as what she might represent to the monarchy. Disgraceful.

    • Amy T says:

      Well, bless them then. Because they’ve just given Lili’s (& Archie’s) parents the receipts when they start challenging their parents as to why they don’t live closer to their royal relatives.

  35. TheOriginalMia says:

    Whatever these “reporters” are smoking, it’s some powerful stuff. I mean…what.the.hell?! She’s a newborn. She’s not glue to repair the cracks in the monarchy or the family. That shop has sailed. Sailed! Lili and Archie are free. They won’t be used as pawns or weapons against their parents. Lili doesn’t need to help George do squat.

  36. GrnieWnie says:

    When will these people realize that their stupid institution is obsolete.

  37. Becks1 says:

    This article is just gross. She’s 3 days old.

    If he meant something gentler, like “the birth of a baby can usually soften hearts and people are sometimes more willing to move on for the sake of the children” that would be one thing. still a little much, but okay.

    But no – she’s going to save the monarchy? She better be willing to help George in order to save his reign? Again – SHE’S 3 DAYS OLD!!!!!

    The cambridges marriage must be in bad shape and things must be really bad over there on Salty Isle for this to be the tactic Kay is taking.

    (as a side note, I think the whole “save the monarchy” thing is mostly about being the scapegoat, but I also think its about modernizing the monarchy. they know the California Mountbatten-Windsors are going to be well connected, well adjusted, move in celebrity circles – they are going to want some of that glow to rub off on the UK Windsors. Too bad so sad Harry said “nope” and you’re on your own.)

    • lanne says:

      The royal family has moved west. The “ money” royals, that is. Those ratchets don’t even know what hit them. When the Sussexes are living their best lives, doing meaningful work, watching their kids grow up, those salty folks in the UK will be on the outside looking in. Go ahead, send the Cambridges to hide at balmoral in Scotland— they can not work in Scotland instead of not working in England. Dispatch the Ford Fiesta wessexes to charm the media. The actions going to be in California. The royals have rendered themselves as obsolete as a Nokia flip phone. Here’s my advise for the Cambridges next project: start a MySpace page! And don’t forget to open a chat room on AOL.

      • Becks1 says:

        YUP, agreed, and I think that’s part of the panic. The California royals are always going to outshine the other royals. Wait until H&M are nominated for an Emmy or an Oscar and walk the red carpet in gorgeous designer clothes with gorgeous jewelry. It’s very fast going to become “Kate who?” And those kids are going to have amazing lives – they’re going to move in the top circles in the US, they’re going to have fantastic experiences, top notch educations, all without being beholden to a racist and toxic press that thinks it “owns” them.

        Starting a MySpace page may be their best bet at this point lol.

  38. Mooney says:

    February 14 1985: Princess Diana announced her second pregnancy.

    February 14 2021: Her second son and wife announced their second pregnancy.

    June 4, 1996: Princess Diana visits Northwestern.

    June 4, 2021: Northwestern grad Meghan Markle gives birth to Diana’s granddaughter.🥺

    • Carmen-JamRock says:

      … proving, once again, that in life, there are no coincidences, just things our brain dont fully understand. As yet.
      Can you imagine all the incidences that were occurring which Harry discerned and which moved him to say: “….all the stars were aligned….”

  39. Amy Bee says:

    Richard Kay is unhinged. William has 3 children it’s their role to save the monarchy not the American cousin who has no title.

  40. Mooney says:

    “The queen was a maternal figure in Harry’s life and he was cocooned with love…”

    Um… the same queen who’d say “why bring these problems to me..” when her children would bring their problems to her.

    The same people who threw him under the bus to cover up for his brother’s misdeeds…yeah those people would smother him with love.

  41. Bettyrose says:

    I suspect after Lili graduates Stanford and Georgetown Law, she’ll be an international human rights lawyer.

    • Snuffles says:

      And Archie will be a professional baseball player after being trained by his “cousin” Mookie Betts.

      Oh, this is fun! Let’s plan their entire future. 😜

      • Bettyrose says:

        I know it’s silly but with their parents and likely upbringing international law is the type of glamorous but important work they’ll be exposed too. Sure they might go Hollywood instead.

      • teecee says:

        That’s a slightly weird take, considering their mother was an actress and their parents’ work in media production.

        But the idea that “Hollywood” is less honorable or important than other industries has never sat right with me.

      • bettyrose says:

        It was just my first thought when I imagined Lili growing up. Obviously I don’t know her or her parents or have any ability to predict her future. But if I, knowing what I now do about myself, had been raised by wealthy, socially minded parents with international opportunities at a young age, I can see that being how I might have gone. (I did consider international relations grad work at Georgetown but was ultimately too intimidated to pursue it, and I can’t relive my early 20s with the confidence I have in my 40s). May Archie & Lily be blessed with happy healthy carefree childhoods without pressure to figure out who they are until they’re ready. :-)

  42. Courtney B says:

    Going on about how Harry disrespectful Harry was and how he wouldn’t have dared used the name if Philip was alive. They’re ridiculous. Yes, that’s Harry showing monumental disrespect to seemingly the only people he has any use for in the family besides Eugenie. The two he went out of his way to mention affectionately on Cordon and to defend by name after the Oprah interview. The same grandfather he flew back into the hornet’s nest for. More likely it’s a touching nod to Philip as well as the queen since it was the nickname Philip called her—the last person who was able to and whom Harry presumably heard use it a lot. He probably identifies the nickname with his grandfather more than say the queen mum or Princess Margaret.

  43. KS says:

    As a child born into a family where my parents were estranged from their siblings, it won’t heal anything. If anything Harry will try to protect her from it more.

    • bettyrose says:

      KS – Yep. Children cannot heal rifts between adults, and it’s cruel to expect that of them. Of course it would be lovely if the Cambridges made an effort, perhaps flew out to California as a family to greet the new cousin, but let’s all temper our expectations.

  44. Chill says:

    Hold on, Lili saving the Windsors? I thought The Top CEO, Kate, was saving the monarchy? I’m totally confused.

    • lanne says:

      To be fair, Top CEO and baby Lili do an equal amount of work, and since Lilis work is mainly digestion, the products of her work already match Kates.

  45. Noor says:

    For heaven’s sake. What is in a name ?
    Is the name Lillibet Diana so loaded as to leave Richard Kay , Piers and others foaming in the mouth.

    How is it a presumptious choice if you name your baby after your husband’s grandmother and mother. The Queen is not objecting to the use of her nickname. Why Richard Kay is objecting and on whose behalf?
    Why is Richard Kay crying cos Meghan’s mother name is not included.
    All in all Richard’s opinions are so crabby that it leaves a bitter taste in your mouth.

  46. Vanessa says:

    I think the Royal family and those reporters wanted the Sussex’s kids around to use them as a scapegoat for the Cambridge’s kids that why there this suddenly need for healing . In all the talks about healing and reuniting the family it’s always been on Meghan and Harry to do the heavy lifting they have to be the ones who apologizes to the royal family not the other way around .

  47. Mia says:

    He never said Archie needs to go support George. Sexism.

    • Eurydice says:

      Well, that was before, when they were trying to get rid of Meghan and Archie. Now, life is boring and they want H&M back.

  48. Lowrider says:

    The Rota rats have a quota to fill. If they don’t write articles they will get fired just like that Emily Andrews loser. The next to write an article will be Dumb Rotten. Yawn.

  49. Laugh or Cry says:

    Every day that lot falls farther from the Light… Charles is allegedly sad about seeing ANY of his grandchildren when he barely saw his own children. The lies been spewed is something to behold.

  50. Melly says:

    I know black women as mules and the expectations of us bearing emotional labor is nothing new but this damned ridiculous. This baby is THREE days old for crying out loud. Welcome to the world Lili Diana! This is a new low for the British press, misogynoir directed at a baby!

  51. Robin says:

    This is a reach on two fronts:

    1. The child is only a few days into her newness, whereas the stale Bristish monarchy is in its end days. This is largely because of its irrelevance as an institution in the modern era, but also because W&K misjudged the power of her mother in possibly reviving it. They really have shot themselves in the foot; William and Kate will probably inherit the crumbs of a monarchy in decline.

    2. The idea that an American citizen would want to rebuild a British institution full of hate for her mother is digusting.

  52. lanne says:

    Well, someone needs to trash the ridiculous “no systemic racism in the UK” report pronto. The racists came out loud and proud for Lili just as they did for Archie and once again, no response from the royal family. The British racists are nothing if not predictable. I shudder to imagine what’s being written on the royals Instagram posts. I double dog dare William, Kate, or Charles to read those posts out loud, televisized, and then tell us why they remain visible. If their mouthpieces are baying and screeching about what Lili’s obligations are as a royal, then they need to openly state exactly what vitriol this baby would be walking in to (crawling, I mean. They expect her to be “dutiful” before she’ll be able to walk)

    Raising those 2 kids in the UK within the confines of the royal family would be an act of child abuse. It’s bad enough that Meghan was subject to that mess, but those salty racists need to leave those children alone and keep those precious kids names out of their stank ass rancid dentally challenged mouths.

    • Jolie says:

      is there a chance the two children will suffer racism in the States?

      • Likeyoucare says:

        these two beautiful children might face racism in America but not blatantly from the tabloids, talk shows and the insitution or face consequence from the public and be sue their ass off.
        Unlike in the uk when all of these, they need to be quiet as the royals will not defend them because the royals in cohort with the media.

      • lanne says:

        They very well could experience racism in the states, but nobody here will claim that accepting racism is their duty and that the entire purpose of their existence is to be tabloid fodder for someone with an earlier birthdate than theirs. No one will tell them they can’t seek help for any mental health problems they face because it might make some ingrate look bad. And they won’t have an entire media complex dedicated to slandering them, destroying their reputations, and to driving them out of the country.

  53. Izzy says:

    I truly hope the courtiers, comms teams, and rota actually do read this site because they really need to understand this ONE THING so clearly: It is SO FKING INAPPROPRIATE to lay the future of this messy family or the monarchy on the shoulders of a child, much less a three-day-old baby. They need to stop with this because it is way beyond creepy. It’s psychotic.

  54. iconoclast59 says:

    Once again, a POC (ONLY 3 DAYS OLD!!) is being tasked with fixing a broken institution. As one of my favorite writers puts it, the caucasity of it all…

  55. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    Damn that’s ALOT of pressure they’re trying to put on a baby who isn’t even a week old!!!!
    And now everything is Harry’s fault???
    I’m getting whiplash

  56. Athena says:

    I googled it, there is an Anglican Church in Santa Barbara. Charles, Camilla and anyone else from that family who cares to attend the baptism can fly over.
    There will be no pictures of 19 year old Lili coming out of a bar to cover for worst behaviors by her English cousins. There’s plenty of other cousins they can focus on.
    Would not surprise me if all of Harry’s first cousins eventually leave that island, with their children.

  57. Nyro says:

    So in other words, The Other Ones they can’t believe he had the “gall” to use that name and they’re planning on using Lili for PR purposes, hopefully with a trip to Cali to boost their profiles. Got it.

  58. Murphy says:

    If Beatrice can’t help William then Lili doesn’t have to help George.

  59. Rose says:

    Anyone else notice how from birth, even before birth, female children are expected to put their own plans for their own lives aside and serve others needs/wants/demands?

    • lanne says:

      So let’s end that shit now. Let’s all push back against it with everything we have.

  60. Saucy&Sassy says:

    Wow, I don’t even know where to start. So . . . First, I almost wondered if this was supposed to be satire. The one thing I’ve learned by reading posts on Twitter is that there is a pervasive attitude among a certain percentage of the British that Americans, or Colonials as they call Americans, are inferior to the British. So, with the remarks above about Lili being born in America and having an American accent? That’s to let us know that’s unacceptable. And, since there isn’t anyway for history to be erased, there’s a certain percentage of the British that are racist. So, let’s see 1 + 1 = 2. The “first American born cousin” is supposed to make George’s position more secure? Well, I don’t think PC will spend all of the money when he’s King, so there should be enough when W becomes King. Do they think he will spend all of the money, so George will need his Montecito Cousin to loan/give him money? Maybe they think that no one will know who George is, so his Montecito Cousin needs to go visit him so that media will report about him? What I can’t help but see is the glaring omission that Archie isn’t part of securing George’s position. What’s that about? You see what I mean when I think this is supposed to be satire?

    Harry has repeatedly corrected people that he has “stepped back” not “down”. So, why are they saying he’s in exile? I wonder if the 1/2 in 1/2 out was proposed in order for H&M to earn money to pay for security for Archie and future children? I can’t help but think that might have been a driving force for their proposal. They must have been shocked when the brf would only allow in or out, but not both. I think there is so much that hasn’t been told, and H&M may never tell. I’m grateful that they’re in a safe place, happy and thriving. And, if anyone is wondering? I totally say this as an American with an American accent. Just sayin’.

  61. Noor says:

    To Richard Kay and others virulent anti Meghan brigade who snipe that Meghan did not acknowledge her side of her family in naming her baby Lilibet Diana

    Meghan has a ‘Lillie’ in her family too. Her great-great-aunt was Lillie Ragland – the first black director of an estate agency in America.

    Poor Middle Englanders being led by the nose by tabloid journalists who do even bother to check their facts properly and adhere to the high standards of journalism.

  62. LynnInTX says:

    Since the majority of what else I was thinking has been captured by the rest of the comments, and said better, all I say is this….

    Did any one else catch this part ” His daughter is destined for a very different experience, WITHOUT A TITLE and an upbringing ….” (emphasis mine).

    Is this the first tacit acknowledgement that the letter patent WILL be changed when Charles is crowned, so that Archie and Lili don’t get their rightful titles of Prince/Princes & HRHs? Because otherwise, unless Kay is planning on bumping Charles off before then, wouldn’t they both automatically get titles upon his coronation, as they are his grandkids….

  63. Marivic says:

    IMHO I believe Harry and Meghan adore and love the Queen. There is no intention to disrespect her when they named their daughter after her Lilibet. I think they want to honor her and want that immortalized in their daughter.