Tom Hiddleston attends ‘Loki’ screening, talks about Loki’s gender fluidity

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Here are some photos of Tom Hiddleston and Sophia Di Martino at a Disney+ event last night. There were Loki screenings held in both London and LA, which leads me to believe that executive-producer Tom did not want to actually fly into New York or LA to promote the Loki series. Every interview he’s done has been via video-link-up, so that’s interesting. I guess Marvel didn’t really need Tom to do a big international promotional tour, and more actors are feeling empowered to say no to studios because of the pandemic. In any case, Tom looked very handsome at the screening. Dude can wear the hell out of suit.

Meanwhile, it’s apparently big news that Loki is gender fluid? Like, Loki has always been a shape-shifter and we just call Loki “he” because his current preferred form presents as a man. Tom spoke to Out Magazine about this big reveal in the Loki series though:

“I’ve known about the breadth of Loki’s identity since I was first cast as the character 10 years ago,” Hiddleston told Out when asked about the recent confirmation of Loki’s fluid identity and whether or not he already knew that about the character from the comics. (Multiple versions of Thor’s mischievous brother have appeared in the pages of comic books over the years, including the canonically pansexual and genderfluid Lady Loki.) “Back then, I did a really deep dive into my own research and could see that not just in the comics, that’s always been there, but also in the history of the character across hundreds of thousands of years, there’s been a fluidity about Loki that I found really interesting and compelling and very much a part of the fabric of the character. It was really thrilling to get to touch on that this time around.”

And speaking about the slow-but-steady expansion of the MCU, and how much more diverse and inclusive it is set to become, especially with queer-inclusive Marvel titles like The Eternals on the horizon, he added:

“I think it’s really exciting. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is expanding and quite correctly, is so much more inclusive. I think it creates unbelievable possibility, a world of opportunity and storytelling which we haven’t seen yet. Thrilled to be part of it, and can’t wait to see where it goes.”

[From Out]

Yeah, again, it was something always known about the Loki character? And it’s nice that in the year (of our lord Beyonce) 2021 that a major studio is like “hey LGBTQIA+ people exist and might want to see themselves represented on-screen at some point.” But I still think Marvel screwed the pooch when it came to more substantive changes to embrace their female characters. I remember all of the sh-t about Black Widow and how Kevin Feige didn’t even want to sell Black Widow merchandise.

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  1. Justme says:

    Well as far as I know he is still filming The Essex Serpent in the UK so that may also play into it. (He also probably likes being able to go home to Zawe every night!😊 ) He does look so handsome. And the series is starting out great! What a talented guy he is! And the other actors are all excellent. Great mixture of comedy and pathos.

    • Maxine duCamp says:

      I don’t blame anyone for still being hesitant to travel, but I wonder if part of it is that he was away from home for such a long stretch of time. Just prior the pandemic, he was in NYC for Betrayal for 4 months and then after a return home (presumably) for the holidays, he pretty much came right back to the states to start Loki and seemed to have stuck it out in Atlanta during the pandemic, even though production was stalled for months. It must have been tough to be away from his family; especially during the scary first couple of months. Overall, I think the promotion via video works well enough and he’s earned some time at home even if Essex Serpent wasn’t a factor.

  2. Eurydice says:

    Yeah, I don’t even know what gender means when we’re talking about beings from another plane of existence.

    But, back on this plane, Tom is looking very fine. I don’t think we see very much brown do we? And brown shoes?

  3. Rapunzel says:

    His sex is listed as fluid in the show. Not gender. That’s probably fluid too, but I wish people would stop conflating the two.

    • Sally says:

      Yeah, it’s a fictional character who can literally change its sex in a second through magic, I don’t quite know how this plays into real life gender and queer identities, nor what it says about diverse representation at Marvel. But hey, if this gives joy to people who can see themselves in Loki, more power to them. Oops, this was meant to be a reply to Eurydice, but it fits here too.

      • The Hench says:

        and its species. In Norse mythology one tale has Loki turning himself into a female horse, having sex with a stallion and then giving birth to a six-legged horse. Definitely ‘fluid’.

  4. LillyfromLillooet says:

    T-Hid is looking real nice here. Appreciate it.

  5. Millie says:

    It was Ike Perlmutter who didn’t want Black Widow merch, not Feige.

    • Courtney B says:

      Petlmutter is a huge MAGAite who tried influencing the VA and other things while schmoozing at Mar a Lago. There’s a scathing Pro Publica report on that. He gave literally tons of food to food banks during covid and is a supporter of the Innocence Project though showing a broken clock is right twice a day. Wish he’d brought up the IP with Trump. And it took years of maneuvering but they finally got him put out to pasture with a fancy title (Chairman Emeritus) and Feige took control.

  6. Courtney B says:

    Yeah it’s totally known from the comics. There’s talk we may see Lady Loki and maybe other comic versions like KidLoki and that Richard E Grant is playing an older Loki.

  7. Stacy Dresden says:

    Has anyone watched the series Ragnarok on Netflix? It is awesome. The Loki character is really good

  8. pravdaverdad says:

    Wear that suit, Tom!

  9. Lightpurple says:

    Not giving any spoilers but I have watched Episode 1 twice. There’s a lot of exposition and Loki’s background is covered through clips so anyone who didn’t see the films will be fine.

    We are serving Loki Charms, mischievously delicious, if you need sugar shock, and have a lunch spread going. Colin is concocting a cocktail he’s calling the Tesseract martini, which seems to include blue curaçao, vodka, and Prosecco.

  10. Case says:

    I mean, he’s a shapeshifter so I feel like this was a given, right? He can be anything. In Norse mythology, in the comics, and even in the movies he has taken on the form of a woman (in Thor 2 he posed as Sif for a moment). He can be an animal, an insect, anything lol.

    The first episode of Loki was absolutely magnificent. I was starting to get worried about the humor being too heavy-handed based on the trailers but wow, it knocked my socks off. Tom is perfection in this role and I’m so excited to see what will happen! Based on the production and writing quality, I predict this will be the best of the three Marvel shows.

    Also, good for him for not flying to LA or NYC. Whether it’s due to other work obligations or personal comfort level, people shouldn’t feel like they absolutely must travel right now.

  11. serena says:

    It has always been known, at least to the ones who digged a little deeper. It would be nice to see it addressed in the series though and I hope they will.

  12. Norafloral says:

    Tom’s looking good.

  13. The Recluse says:

    Anyone who freaks out and gets in a huff about Loki’s fluidity does not know their Norse mythology. Loki is the definition of fluid in any identity sense of the word.

  14. Gorgonia says:

    Loki is one of the many personifications of the Divine Trickster, like all shamanic divinities the archetype of the Trickster was characterized by gender fluidity.