Kamala Harris and Doug Emhoff marched in the Pride Parade in DC on Saturday

Vice President Kamala Harris attends Capital Pride Celebration

Kamala Harris and her husband, Doug Emhoff, marched in Washington DC’s Pride Parade on Saturday. People Magazine notes that this makes Kamala the first sitting Vice President to march in a Pride event. Kamala also spoke at the event. She called for protections for the trans community and for youth and emphasized the Biden administration’s commitment to LGBTQIA rights. Here’s more, from People.

She spoke briefly at the event, advocating for the passage of the Equality Act while expressing her and President Joe Biden’s commitment to advancing LGBTQ rights. “We need to make sure that our transgender community and our youth are all protected. We need, still, protections around employment and housing,” Harris said, according to NBC Washington. “There is so much more work to do, and I know we are committed.”

The Vice President also observed the fifth anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub shooting on Twitter, paying tribute to the 49 people who were killed at the Orlando gay club on June 12, 2016.

“Five years ago, 49 LGBTQ+ people and allies were enjoying an evening out at Pulse Nightclub,” she wrote. “And then, in an instant, they were gone. Today, we remember those who died and their loved ones-and we recommit to building a world free from gun violence.”

Harris’ post came as President Biden issued his own statement announcing that he’ll sign a piece of legislation to name the nightclub a national memorial, which recently passed the House and Senate. He also advocated for stricter gun control and the passage of the Equality Act, acknowledging that the LGBTQ community is disproportionately impacted by gun violence, particularly transgender women of color.

“In the memory of all of those lost at the Pulse nightclub five years ago, let us continue the work to be a nation at our best-one that recognizes and protects the dignity and safety of every American,” Biden said in his statement.

[From People]

Kamala and Doug both looked so cute in their Pride swag. I need Kamala’s T-shirt because “Love is Love.” It really is that simple. I am truly enjoying Pride month. I love going out to support my people and their community. I am also glad that Kamala commemorated the Pulse Nightclub shooting. I cannot believe it has been five years. It seems like yesterday when that tragedy happened. It made me fear for my friends and family in the community.

The last administration systematically rolled back protections for women, the LGBTQIA community, immigrants and Black people. I was expecting this administration to be more conservative like the Clintons but Biden and Harris have surprised me in their first six months in office. I am glad to see them attacking these issues at the beginning of their tenure. I will continue supporting Biden and Kamala while I fangirl their spouses equally. How could you not love supportive husbands and wives like Doug and Jilly from Philly?

Vice President Kamala Harris attends Capital Pride Celebration

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Embed from Getty Images

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  1. Bettyrose says:

    Every day that I get to say “Madam Vice President” is a good day.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      Yes, and everyday I love seeing a President and a Madame Vice President I can be proud of!

      Gone are the days of complete incompetency, disruption, chaos, unlawfulness, and ugliness!

  2. Lenneke says:

    I will get back to liking her, but right now I’m still upset about her telling immigrants not to come.

  3. Lenneke says:

    I will get back to liking her, but right now I’m still upset about her telling immigrants not to come.

    • Darla says:

      That’s Biden’s policy, and I don’t like that she is the one he tapped to handle it. Like, no one is going to “fix” immigration. Immigration is actually going to increase exponentially because of climate change. Very much so. I don’t know. I really worry about what we do to our best and brightest. To our future candidates. She never should have said those two words though, she should have highlighted the positive in the administration’s immigration plans. And there are a lot of positives. I wonder, was she told she must say those two words? If so, that’s a set up.

      • Pilar says:

        Kamala was literally the leader on immigration in the senate. She was repeatedly being targeted for being to liberal on immigration So yeah that policy is most definitely not hers.

    • cassandra says:

      Same. Still have a sour taste in my mouth over that.

      I agree that’s she’s promoting the policy set by Biden, but it’s a cop out to blame Biden for those words.

      She’s an intelligent and seasoned politician who is very aware that every word she says can and will be held against her. That clip will most definitely be played on loop during her next political contest.

      • Darla says:

        It’s not a copout because he said those words first, though he largely IMO got a pass. He said them months ago. I AM wondering if she was told she had to get those two words in. I don’t like the whole thing. And yes, those will be part of ad campaigns. Just within the D party though. The Republicans sure aren’t going to run those ads. They will try to make her out to be an open-borders adherent. They’ll probably succeed too, because, American electorate. Not the best-educated in the world.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Valiantly Varnished says:

      What she said was a hard truth that people who may have been thinking of making the journey may have needed to hear. The majority of those who make the trip will not be allowed in and will be turned back and it’s better to let them know now before they risk their lives, possible trafficking, assault, etc.

      The majority of people who come do not qualify for asylum. We need comprehensive immigration reform that allows a path to citizenship but in the mean time we have to be honest about what happens to those who make that journey. It’s usually for nothing.

      • bettyrose says:

        This has always been my take on what she said. It wasn’t an anti-immigration stance; it was a “our boarders are a g’d mess right now and if you have any other option do not come here.”

  4. Kealeen says:

    People seem to forget that it was actually Biden who forced Obama’s hand on officially coming out in favor of same-sex marriage. I would’ve been stunned and disappointed if the Biden Administration had shown signs of leaning towards a more conservative and restrained approach for LGBTQ+ issues. Also, we should celebrate that this is the first Pride month in our country with an openly gay cabinet member (not just saying that because he’s my former mayor).

    • Darla says:

      I think Pete can be President someday, and even, that he likely will be. I watch him all the time, and he’s such a pro!

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ Kealeen, I did not know that! Wow! That was very progressive on his part and I am glad that they are trying to reverse all of the damage that was done in the past 4 years. I admit I was thrilled when Keystone Pipeline pulled out of their project in the US. It was a natural disaster the day it was started.

      @ Lenneke that was probably what she was told to do. Madame VP Harris wasn’t going to go to the Southern Countries and just wing it. There are also the issues of the coronavirus and the fact that they can’t manage the number of people coming in now. In addition, the coyotes were telling people that now was the time to come and it placed the border into a situation that was overloaded. The administration is still trying to connect the minors in custody back with family members and the numbers were worse than was imagined. Plus we have the summer months already here in the SW and traversing the area that are primarily desert is extremely dangerous. The SW is also in a dangerous heat period which will only worsen as the days find themselves into the summer. I am not against people coming to the US, as my father was an immigrant as well. We are all made up of immigrants, except for Native Americans, and everyone deserves a life filled with opportunities and to live free from violence and corruption. I just wish that there was a safer and an easier way to passage without the coyotes and the arduous journey.

  5. Becks1 says:

    I loved this. I just love seeing them together – it shouldn’t be surprising in 2021, but I love seeing a man like Dough Emhoff, with a very successful career etc, gladly taking a step back and letting his wife shine. I really think they are couple goals.

    Her comments at the parade were very strong and I think that’s necessary at this point. If we are going to support LGBTQ+ rights, we need to do so loudly and unequivocally.

    • TQ says:

      Totally agree. Absolutely loved seeing her vocal support for LGBTQ rights.
      Her and Doug are just so cute together — love their dynamic!

  6. harperc says:

    First, these pics are awesome. I would never have believed 20 years ago that we would have had our first black president and our first black, woman vice president, and that she would be marching in a Pride parade.

    Second, I love playing Spot The Secret Service in these pics/vids. I feel for them, I really do. I hope they get a nice spa day to relax after the marching with such highly vulnerable targets in a parade in a world full of violent a$$holes.

  7. patron st of gin says:

    One small correction. It wasn’t the Pride Parade they walked in. It was the Pride Walk and Rally. I believe I saw on twitter they were spotted at the actual Parade that took place later in the day, as well, but that would be as spectators.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Thanks for the clarification. I watched the video embedded in this article, and that just didn’t look like a parade to me!

  8. Jane Doe says:

    Pride has been completely co-opted by politicians and police. Pride is a protest was created by the efforts of the most marginalized people in queer communities, Black and non-white racialized trans people and gender no -conforming folks. Kamala is a cop who just told Indigenous peoples and migrants displaced by US imperialism, political interference and foreign policy not to come to the US. Those migrants include 2S and LGBTQ people. Kamala and Pete B. are conservatives in every country but the US. Kamala is a cop, and guess which parts of the LGBTQ community get disproportionately criminalized? The policies these individuals promote won’t create widespread equality for racialized LGBTQ people and 2S people in the US.

    • Lala11_7 says:

      @Jane Doe…what we will NOT DO is get on here and LIE on VP Harris!

      Your tired ass “Kamala is a cop”narrative has been disproved AD NASEUM by facts…and Kamala’s actions as an elected politician…AGAIN makes EVERYTHING YOU WROTE A F—ING LIE!

      And you want to be pissed at her for saying the HARSH TRUTH to combat the LIES that greedy crooks are saying to immigrants risking their lives to come here…guess what…as LONG as half the country are card carrying lying fascists…and the filibuster exists….there WILL be no humane immigration policy passed in this country…NONE! It’s so funny…y’all can deal with and pass on lies…BUT NEVA THE DAMN TRUTH!

  9. Truthiness says:

    I love the stark difference in the VP office from the last VP (Conversion therapy) to this one but holy sh*t marching in the middle of a parade looks like hell for her secret service! Not to mention that it is the first woman, AND a POC, that they have to keep alive. Let’s give a moment of gratitude for the men and women who keep active threats at bay. Rolling deep with the VP!

    • Betsy says:

      That’s what I’ve noticed in all the stills and video. Especially some of the stills featured here; they look like they’re going to blow a gasket (and I get it, I get why, it’s just that their focus is so different from the focus of us everyday not protecting the executive branch folks).

    • Willow says:

      I’m guessing they only walked part of the route, and that section was likely past federal buildings which were secure. Notice they walked in DC, this city and it’s workers are used to dealing with security concerns (except for Jan 6).

  10. Size Does Matter says:

    These two and their love story are relationship goals. They look so genuine.

  11. Amando says:

    It’s funny seeing the SS trying to “blend in” by wearing street clothes. Anyway, I’ve never been to a pride parade, but they look like so much fun! Kamala and her hubby make a great team!

  12. Apple says:

    What a difference a year makes. This made me so happy I cried yesterday. Love is Love is Love!!

  13. khaveman says:

    The Secret Service! So conspicuously official. love those guys – that must have been a challenging day for them. I hope they like the current administration a little better.