Predictably, the British press is salty about protocol & Pres. Biden’s sunglasses

The Queen Invites The President Of The United States And The First Lady To Tea

I knew it was a big deal – you might even say a “breach of protocol” – that President Joe Biden didn’t take his sunglasses off for several minutes when he met Queen Elizabeth on Sunday at Windsor Castle. I knew that people on Salty White Folk Isle would be bitching about it for days, perhaps even weeks. It was the same thing when Michelle Obama dared to put her hand on the Queen’s back – it was mentioned and discussed repeatedly, because tightasses love to clutch their pearls over gauche Americans. What I saw during the Biden visit was an Irish-American man on a very bright day who probably forgot to remove his cool aviator sunglasses. It shouldn’t be a headline or an international incident, right? Wrong. Not only that, but President Biden revealed some of the topics he discussed with the Queen.

Joe Biden was today accused of breaching royal protocol by revealing the Queen asked him about Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping during their talks at Windsor Castle – and for not removing his sunglasses. The US President, who visited the monarch with his wife Jill Biden on Sunday following the G7 summit in Cornwall last week, said she ‘wanted to know’ about the Russian and Chinese presidents and they had a ‘long talk’.

Mr Biden told reporters before leaving London Heathrow Airport yesterday: ‘We had a great talk. She wanted to know what the two leaders that I… the one I’m about to meet with, Mr Putin, and she wanted to know about Xi Jinping, and we had a long talk, and she was very generous.’ However, it is generally frowned upon for anyone to reveal the contents of their private talks with the Queen – something that also happened when Mr Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump visited her in Britain in 2018.

Speaking about the latest protocol breach, royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams told MailOnline today: ‘The Queen is supposed to have told Michelle Obama that royal protocol was rubbish. It has nonetheless been a rule that an audience with the Queen is strictly private and to reveal its contents is a breach of trust. President Biden, by revealing that the Queen had asked about the Russian and Chinese leaders, did breach this rule. It is very possible that, as the G7 sees itself as a bulwark of democracy against regimes such as Russia and China, that this comment may have been prearranged in line with this theme.’

Fitzwilliams continued: ‘The President, who will soon be meeting President Putin, naturally gave no details. Biden’s revelation of what the Queen asked was surprising, but it appeared to emphasise the message of her government and its transatlantic ally, which is the world’s only superpower, that there is a great deal of concern about the activities of President Putin’s totalitarian regime and that of China’s President Xi too.’

Separately today, Mr Biden was also accused of breaking a second protocol by keeping his sunglasses on when he met the Queen despite the intense sunshine on a very hot day that saw temperatures hit 84F (29C) in London. Grant Harrold, a former butler to Prince Charles and Camilla, said Mr Biden should have removed his sunglasses at the point he greeted the Queen, rather than midway through the ceremony.

Mr Harrold told Newsweek : “If you’re meeting the Queen face-to-face there’s no sunglasses or anything like that at all because eye contact is quite important with any introduction. It’s fine for Biden to have had sunglasses on but he should have removed them when he actually met the Queen. Everyone else has to, it doesn’t matter who you are, even royals remove sunglasses when they meet royals. It’s one of those rules I always write about in my etiquette texts. It is a breach of protocol. I get the sun might have been shining in his eyes but the queen didn’t have sunglasses on. Jill, the First Lady, didn’t have sunglasses on.’

[From The Daily Mail]

While Gaffey Joe does say sh-t that he shouldn’t, I would suspect that he didn’t reveal anything which wasn’t pre-arranged by Downing Street, the White House and Buckingham Palace. It’s not like Pres. Biden is going to be like “then she told me that Putin is really short and has bad breath.” Everybody was sticking to their talking points. As for the sunglasses… well, Joe gave those stuffy British people something to whine about for a few months. I can’t wait for Dan Wootton’s column, How Dare Woke Yank Disrespect Our Queen By Wearing Woke Sunglasses.

The Queen Invites The President Of The United States And The First Lady To Tea

The Queen Invites The President Of The United States And The First Lady To Tea

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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  1. MangoAngelesque says:

    Even the Queen has worn sunglasses more than once, especially at her horsey events.

    They’re all just ridiculous.

    • Robin says:

      Yes, she has and does. Why the absolute fawning over this fossil of a woman? I doubt she gives a **** about his glasses.

      • HeyJude says:

        Because kind of like with white supremacists only have their whiteness to brag about, this is ALL these people have got about themselves that distinguishes them at the end of the day. No matter what they feel incompetent about, at least they have their Britishness and their sooper speshul monarch. And that makes them “better” than these lame democratic lead countries.

    • GraceB says:

      Exactly. I don’t get all this and for the record, this isn’t British people complaining about it. I haven’t heard one regular person mention anything about it. This is just the tabloid press making a story about nothing. He looks cool in his sunglasses and should have just kept them on the whole time.

      Personally I think the Queen looked quite happy and relaxed with the Bidens.

      • minx says:

        Didn’t any of the British tab press see Hamilton? I say that because it’s too much to hope that they might actually know history from, you know, school. America settled that sh*t with Britain centuries ago.

    • Whine, whine, whine……from a second rate power. And how do these “protocol” experts and 🐀media know what is going on with his eyes. Maybe he has a condition where the glare of the sun affects his eyesight. I’m sure the average British citizen couldn’t give tuppence about this. At least his clothes fit, he is capable of stringing relevant thoughts into sentences, and his wife is NOT dressed like Eurotrash Barbie. The British muckedy-mucks need to realize that just because they think the Queen is the second coming of Christ, not everyone else views her as such. She is a human being, just like the rest of us. Royal does not equal God……..except in their very small brains.

      • LMR says:

        Eurotrash Barbie LOL

      • HeyJude says:

        That’s what I was thinking, he’s older he very well could have a health condition necessitating them. My dad had cataract surgery and now has to wear sunglasses outside.

        These people are self-centered scum incapable of understanding the world doesn’t revolve around the British royals.

      • SenseOfTheAbsurd says:

        They’re just deflecting from the real protocol breach, which was Boris running his mouth and briefing the press with G7 negotiations, particularly over Brexit, which were supposed to be confidential, and which France etc are now enraged over.

    • teehee says:

      If you scroll down on the homepage of CB; you see one of the header pics is Her Majesty wearing sunglasses.
      I understand that removing them is a courtesy, but leave it to them to make it into an intentional parade…

    • Truthiness says:

      Lmao, thank God we unloaded the British 200+ years ago. On the right margin of my screen right now is the CB Hot Posts List. The top Celebitchy Hot Post right now is The Palace Will Brief Against the Sussexes and the thumbnail is the queen wearing sunglasses. It was the event where they named a rose or something after Philip. I empathize because medically my eyes over dilate, I am not outside without sunglasses and it’s usually raybans. Given her wide smiles and relaxed demeanor, it’s fine. I think she cares more about the content of their conversations.

      • Agirlandherdog says:

        Same. My eyes are incredibly sensitive to sunlight, and I wear dark sunglasses when outside even when it’s overcast. Whenever I see pictures on here of the royals out and about without sunglasses, it makes me cringe.

    • AD says:

      Just like most of the BM. Too bad so sad cry me a river. He had his sunglasses on and he didn’t take it off. Deal with it. This is just a glimpse into what the future holds for these Monarchs. The world is changing. They either change with it and update or they will be left behind. Who cares really.

      If you watch it always older males who are on TV griping about one thing or another. Protocol or other such nonesense. They are behind the times. Always insulting the newer generation as woke never trying to listen and understand their mindset and where they are coming from.

    • Lori L says:

      I’m very entertained by this because sunglasses etiquette became a big thing at my corporate office. One colleague insisted that the boss hated him because the boss did not remove his sunglasses when they bumped into each other on a city sidewalk and had a brief chat. Colleague says it’s rude. He says you should always allow the other person to see your eyes. You can drop that requirement with close friends. But with anyone else he says it is hostile. Who knew?

      • Rnot says:

        This is basic Miss Manners stuff: “Remove your sunglasses when meeting and talking to people if they prevent eye-contact, but only if you can do so without hardship.” If you can comfortably remove your sunglasses then you should. If it’s so bright that it’s painful then keep the glasses on.

      • Charfromdarock says:

        Keeping sunglasses on isn’t automatically rude.

        I *have* to wear sunglasses, including indoors because of disease – I cannot process light normally. What might be a brief 1-2 minutes under lighting to most is enough to make me lose consciousness.

        It really upsets me when people ask why I’m wearing glasses or aren’t you going to take them off etc. It’s none of your business.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I’m becoming SO TIRED of the royal family and the British Media. Their obnoxious fixation with their own protocols and the drama. The world humors their existence. Pomp and circumstance can be fun, but when they act like it is the most important thing while we are in the middle of a pandemic and global threats to democracy, they need some self awareness. They don’t provide actual services that improve people’s lives. Biden, on the other hand, coordinated an incredible vaccination roll out in the US. He can wear the damn sunglasses.

      • mojogirl says:

        Where is the “love” button for this?! you are so on point with the awareness issue. BM really can’t read the room and think the world revolves around RF, GMAFB!

      • Nina says:

        Biden as a foreign leader is on the same footing as the Queen. He is not her subject.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Nina, I wouldn’t even say they are on the same footing. She’s a figurehead, and he is the most powerful elected official of the world’s leading superpower. The British media acting like impressing Queen is important to a US president seems vastly overblown. She embodies ceremony, and that’s pretty much it.

        Thank you, mojogirl!

      • Justjj says:

        Same. They’re just exhausting anymore.

  2. Jan says:

    Oh the poor Queen, the BM was looking for something to bitch about and all they had was Biden’s sunglasses.
    Not upset about politicians helping their friends rob the Government with no consequences.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      Exactly!! Always smearing anyone who is American apparently with this little bit of so-called breaking protocol, but crickets when it comes to exposing the BM for their ill deeds!
      Also, why are they not questioning that Borish wouldn’t take questions from international news agencies? Is Borish that ill equipped or not up to taking hard hitting questions? Everything must be protected on that White Salty Island to them.

      Nothing but crickets when it comes to looking into their own dealings with outside interest.

      • Nina says:

        They trying to deflect from Dr. Biden’s reference to Harry. The Bidens are grown-ups. They don’t have time for childish games.
        Any attempts to belittle H& M was shut down with that reference to Harry and Dr. Biden’s work on veterans affairs.
        Also, Keen meeting and op-ed with Dr. Biden was not the PR success they thought it would be.
        So, they know that there was no hay to be made so like middle schoolers they are looking for something to tear them down.
        It’s not the Bidens fault that their best is as thick as plaster and boring to boot.

      • LaraW” says:

        @Nina— when did Dr. Biden reference Harry? I haven’t had a chance to catch up on news since this morning.

    • Rise & Shine says:

      I agree. Seriously? That’s all they have to pick on? What? That’s it? The reality is that everything is going well, G7, the Queen, NATO, meetings with our allies etc. Joe and Jill are knocking it out of the park and we are (YAY) back in the good graces of the world again and can keep our heads up high for a change. The British Press is brutal and now pure Pro Trump propaganda. Sickening. So he wore shades? AND so thankful we have this wonderful site, and all of the writers and commenters here!

  3. Anna says:

    This is all Meghan fault! lol

    • MangoAngelesque says:

      Those sunglasses were the last things the Queen had that belonged to her, and her alone, that she could truly call her own!

      • Miranda says:

        Oh my God, those histrionics will never NOT be hilarious.

      • Liz version 700 says:

        Hahahaha 👏👏👏👏

      • Thanks for the laugh, ANNA and MANGOANGELESQUE, 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😎. The free world will obviously thrive or die due to Joe having those shades on for a few extra beats of time. A G-7 Summit and that’s all the British idiots want to talk about. They need to remember that Americans successfully separated themselves from royal kowtowing in 1776.

    • HeyJude says:

      Seriously though, there will be a Daily Mail story about how Meghan and the horribly offensive sunglass wearing Biden are bestest buddies ever within days, you watch!

      Just to link her name to his while these morons are mad about him. It’s textbook for the DM.

  4. Watson says:

    Reminds me of the time Michelle Obama dared to hug the queen. The horror! Lol!!!

    • LaraW” says:

      I’m kind of wondering if that had more racist undertones than we thought at the time. Sure, protocol. But you know, uppity Black woman touching God’s anointed!

      • Becks1 says:

        Oh I absolutely thought at the time that there was a great deal of racism about the criticism. The Black woman dared to touch the queen.

      • Watson says:

        Considering the general racist tones of all the Obama news coverage I’d say yes.

    • Nyro says:

      It was racist and I’m shocked that the palace had enough sense to immediately shut it down at the time.

      • Watson says:

        I think the Queen and the entire royal family genuinely got on with the Obama’s as they are smart, charming, funny and very engaging. After all they got to sleep over at buckingham palace, which isn’t an invite most people get. So yeah, I don’t think they shut down the negative press because they were smart. They simply liked them better than Meghan cause their intelligence and charm didn’t affect their own institution and cause insecurities to run high.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      It reminds me of the time William and Kate displayed “The Negr0 Page” painting for Pres. Obama’s visit. But they are supposed to be “100% not racist”?

    • Ange says:

      To be fair there was a similar controversy in Australia in the 90s when our (very white and male) prime minister touched the queen’s back, it’s a big no-no no matter who does it.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Yea, I didn’t see Michelle hugging the Queen as a racial situation outcry-maybe by the tighty assed rotas-not the Queen. More a stupid protocol situation. The Royal Family are not known to be big huggers. Found a video of the sitch-hugging might be a stretch, the narrator – with an English accent- made it sound like the Queen initiated things. Is there a different video? Not suprising though, MO is a warm, friendly person. It’s a bit sad when I’ve read that people have been in uproars about her relationship with G.W. Crossing party lines in friendship should be okay.., maybe, unless it involves a certain orangish man.

        Grrrring at Angela Kelly sounding like a good person, anyhoo………….

  5. Willow says:

    Does this mean they have finally moved on from the baby name nonsense?

    • AlpineWitch says:

      Nope, this is an addition to the rest, including the faux outrage about the BBC lying to Diana 25 years ago….

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Right. I read Diana’s brother made comments about her “paranoia” being fed into again regarding the BBC interview. A$$hat. I’m wondering whose payroll he’s on.

        Joe looks good in his sunglasses. He could very well have a light sensitivity issue. I know someone who has had to wear glacier glasses outside most of their life. The problem isn’t that he wore them-it’s that these foolish protocols are there to begin with. The Queen probably enjoyed her visit with two kind, gracious and intelligent people – she’s probably missing two other people with the same qualities that moved away.

  6. Tom says:

    Pres. Biden’s go-to gift for foreign dignitaries should be a pair of aviator shades. When the President wears sunglasses, so must everyone else.

    See? The U.S. can pull protocol out of their behinds, too.

  7. Krista says:

    Possibly an unpopular opinion but I find it more polite to greet someone without glasses on and make eye contact. I usually pop them back on and yes when it’s sunny I usually put my hand above my eyes if needed (lol)
    But I don’t think less of someone if they don’t take of their sunglasses off or get my panties in a twist like the press is…a bit different situation though so I’m kinda mixed in that yes he should have taken his sunglasses off but really isn’t newsworthy, not an internationally incident nor breech of protocol.

    I was surprised to see how many news networks had articles on it (internationally and in the UK)

    • Watson says:

      Krista I’m with you on the fact that it is more polite to take off the sunglasses. I too prefer eye contact! But is it worth a newspaper headline? Hell no! I don’t understand how people are writing whole articles on this when there is actual news to be written!

    • Cecilia says:

      It is more polite to take your sunglasses of when you greet someone. Personally i always do it automatically, even when its extremely sunny.

      But i love that the president didn’t. Whether he did in on purpose or genuinely forgot.

    • Basi says:

      I agree! I always take my glasses off to greet people with eye contact then put them back on.
      No shade to President Biden tho. For all we know he has sensitive eyes. The sun can be a migraine trigger for many people.

      • LightPurple says:

        It causes me to sneeze violently. Repeatedly. On a really sunny day, I know if I take my sunglasses off outside, I’m going to sneeze.

      • AD says:

        Maybe Biden had allergies. Too many British pollens floating around.

      • Nina says:

        Nah. I don’t. Squinting gives you wrinkles. That’s all I’ve got but it’s still a better excuse than the shit they make up.

    • goofpuff says:

      This is not a first meeting. They have known each other for years and are comfortable with each other. Also, sometimes you just forget to take it off. It’s happened to me before.

      Again big deal over nothing. There were more important things to report and this is what they care about? So much for caring about the special US-UK relationship if they bash the US president for this. Where were they when the royals make gaffes in the US?

    • GraceB says:

      I guess it is more polite, just like standing to greet people but we all forget sometimes. Especially when focusing on many other things. The press are acting like that one annoying friend in a group who have to turn everything into a drama and try to play people off against each other.

      • BlueToile says:

        Exactly. I suspect his aviators are Rx sunglasses, as my sunglasses are. I often forget I even have them on when I go into a store or meet someone. I try to always be polite and take them off, but sometimes I forget. Move on British media. 🙄

    • Amelie says:

      It bothers me more when celebrities wear sunglasses in interviews on morning/late night talk shows. It’s one thing to wear sunglasses on the red carpet, all those flash bulbs of photographers have got be so annoying. But when people do it in interviews with a talk show host it drives me nuts. You are not magical and mysterious and seem to hold a special mystique because your eyes remain covered. You just come across as rude and completely unengaged. Diddy used to do this a lot in interviews, not sure he does it still.

    • Dilettante says:

      Krista, I agree. It’s about manners and respect for elders – not position.
      Not newsworthy.

    • Normades says:

      It is the same in France. When you run into a friend on the street and do the bises cheek kissing, it’s customary for someone to remove their sunglasses, usually the dude (otherwise your sunglasses hit 🕶

    • Jaded says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if it was because he has cataracts or serious light sensitivity. He always wears sunglasses when outside. As my mother aged her eyes became so sensitive to light that if she didn’t have dark sunglasses on her eyes would tear up and she literally looked like she was crying. So let’s say for protocol’s sake he had removed his sunglasses in the glaring heat and sunshine, and his eyes teared up so he had to wipe them with a handkerchief. The salty saltines would have gone nuts about HoW dArE He WiPe hIS EyEs IN FRonT oF ThE QuEEn!!!

  8. Lizzie says:

    If Biden was supposed to take off his sunglasses when they met then they should have met indoors then went outside. Biden can protect his eyes if he wants to.
    Don’t blame Joe for your poor planning.

  9. Southern Fried says:

    What the salty asses won’t say is that they are extremely fortunate President Biden and Dr Jill Biden were spectacularly gracious spending as much time as they did with the musty fusty monarchy. The Biden’s are generous people unlike the royals.

    • AnneSurely says:

      This exactly. Joe Biden is the duly-elected President of the most powerful country on earth. That he is gracious enough to entertain the pampered religious figurehead of the last remnants of a nearly defunct empire at all is amazing.

      Guaranteed Charles does not get the same treatment from world leaders if he ascends to the throne.

    • Jaded says:

      Exactly. And Dr. Biden was a pillar of graciousness putting up with a vapid, unprepared and inarticulate airhead of a FFQC who turned what could have been a great mini-summit on the desperate need for early and affordable childhood education with a focus on mental health into an embarrassment.

    • coffee_coffee_coffee says:

      excellent points!!

  10. Cecilia says:

    The petty side of me wants to believe that him not removing his sunglasses and dr.Jill Biden not curtsying was on purpose.

    Personally i love that they didn’t do any of that protocol nonsense

    • Amy Bee says:

      Jill was not required to curtsy to the Queen, she’s not a British subject.

      • Katherine says:

        British subjects aren’t even required to. It’s such a silly outdated concept. That seems to only really gain traction for the endless stories about who curtsies to whom in the royal family itself.

      • Kim says:

        Correct. Plus, spouses of heads of state are not required to curtsy or bow.

    • LMR says:

      Cecelia, I love it too, and neither one of us is petty.

      Nobody needs to bow or curtsy to this useless queen, who proves every day that she is better than NO ONE.

      If the RF and BM don’t like it, they can stop arranging visits between the RF and American presidents.

    • AD says:

      Of course it’s on purpose. Why should anyone be curtsying to another human being. The world is evolving. You think Jill Biden didn’t know about this archaic protocol.

      • BlueToile says:

        Did Melania curtsey? Anyone remember, or have we all purposefully blocked those years from our minds?

    • Nina says:

      Americans don’t curtsey to royalty. It’s just not done. I think it is a direct outflow from the US dumping the Empire back in 1776. In fact, the oath of allegiance requires citizens to renounce all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, or state. Dr. Biden’s curtseying to the queen would have been a big issue in the US.

  11. heygingersnaps says:

    More nonsense that the bitter/british media is spewing. They still think the world revolves around this salty isle.
    Also, some people are even deluded to think that the G7 leaders were all scrambling for a photo off with betty.

    • MF1 says:

      I’m enjoying the fact that these idiots think Joe and Jill give a shit about royal protocol!

  12. Miranda says:

    Oh, FFS! He’d probably just been wearing the sunglasses for a while and forgot they were there. We’ve all done something similar (I’ve done this with my facemask so many times now. Sitting around, home alone, watching TV with a damn mask on for HOURS before I realize it).

    I have to think that all these etiquette experts are oblivious to the fact that, by insisting on protocol out of respect for the Queen, even after she herself disregarded it, they’re kinda infantilizing her, thus being pretty disrespectful themselves.

  13. Woke says:

    The royal commentators are more strict about those rules than the actual royals.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      I would be willing to bet that few Royal Commentators have actually met any HRH and actually had a conversation with them, let alone meet QEII

  14. Merricat says:

    Americans are gauche until you need their money and/or power. Then they’re still gauche, but you have to pretend to have a “special relationship.”
    This “policy” is less effective in the digital age. Tell me again the nations that have lined up behind England as her staunch allies–you can’t count the countries that are currently considering making a break for it from Brexit Island.

    • AD says:

      Surprised the headline did not read “Biden should have asked the Queen to keep his glasses not told her that he was keeping it on”.

    • MF1 says:

      Yep. They bullied Meghan (in part) for being American but now they’re cosying up to Biden because they need that trade agreement *eyeroll*

  15. A Guest says:

    And Jill Biden didn’t curtsey to the Queen!!!!

    The British Media needs to remove the collective stick up it’s ass. I’ve never seen a more miserable group.

  16. AVEA says:

    God the British press are so uptight about the dumbest stuff when it comes to the queen. Like… Sunglasses? Really? Is there anything that doesn’t offend this woman according to these idiots? I doubt Liz gave a crap

  17. Becks1 says:

    OMG. I said yesterday the cult surrounding the Queen is weird and it just seems like its getting weirder. Why can’t Biden reveal some of the things they talked about? He’s not giving away state secrets. It’s no different than what he might say if he walked away from Macron or Merkel and said “oh we discussed the upcoming meeting, should be interesting” or something. She’s not the queen of the world.

    • Merricat says:

      She’s not even the queen in that she is a figurehead rather than ruler. Please.

    • SarahCS says:

      Because the BRF is ALL smoke and mirrors, that’s how Andy isn’t in jail and they have been pushing governments to follow their whims for decades. Saying they’re not allowed to talk about what was talked about gives secrecy for all the things she’s poking her nose into that a non-elected figurehead has no business with.

    • Sofia says:

      I think it’s to an attempt at being non partisan or something. Even if they reveal the list of topics, it might suggest that the queen cares about one thing and not the other. I know it sounds ridiculous but I’m just saying what I think is happening.

      And there’s definitely large, *large* affection for the queen and that’s largely because she’s been there for so long. It’s why some countries don’t want to pursue becoming a republic after she dies and why whenever the Sussexes exist, people shout “they’re disrespecting the queen!!!!” and not Charles and/or William.

      • Please let’s not board that BRITISH ROYALS ARE NOT POLITICAL train. I think that train of thought has well and truly left the station. They just do it like everything else they do, behind closed doors and by leaking their opinions and wishes to others to push.

      • Sofia says:

        @Lowcountry Lady No I never said they’re not political. I literally say it sounds ridiculous because I *know* they’re not political.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Manufactured controversy. Reporters always ask people what they talked about when they met the Queen. Always. And most people give some sort of answer. There’s no ‘protocol’ breech.

      • AnneSurely says:

        Also, have people not met us? Americans do not follow protocol as a whole identity. It’s our national culture.

    • AD says:

      The world is leaving them behind and they are not keeping up. All those rules not effective to foreigners only to the salty locals.

  18. JT says:

    It’s not like this was the first time he met the queen; this was the second meeting and it was outside. Just because nobody else felt the need to wear sunglasses, doesn’t mean Joe shouldn’t have. I’m just tired of seeing people act like they have to show deference to her because if the queen wore sunglasses to the meeting, nobody on that island would give a damn. She’s the one shielding her son from the FBI, the queen should show deference to Joe.

    • Cecilia says:

      The monarchists genuinely seem to think that this woman was appointed by God himself, and any sign of disrespect to her is an attack on humanity

    • Katherine says:

      I’ve seen her wear sunglasses a lot! The garden parties I feel like I’ve seen she might have the transition lenses. People are entitled to protect their eyes and maintain comfort esp when they’re working and have to be focused! I mean what’s the option he’s standing there squinting and only thinking about how annoying his eyes feel?

      • JT says:

        Exactly. The queen wears sunglasses all of the time regardless of who she’s meeting. She cut a cake with a goddamn sword for goodness sake. Protocol where? She’s just a figurehead. She has no real power, so in my eyes, who gives damn. Joe has to run a whole ass country, sunglasses be damned.

  19. Jillian says:

    I feel you, Joe! I do this all the time and, yes, it’s a bit rude when meeting new people. But they’d met previously, and this was just a greeting – not rude at all. Joe and I are both the palest end of Irish descent, we’re not made for sunshine – I’m totally blind and my eyes water uncontrollably in bright sun, shades are necessary

    • Liz version 700 says:

      Amen! My sunglasses go on the second I step outside and stay on until I am inside. My indoor glasses even have a bit of a tint.

  20. Amy Bee says:

    I can’t believe people are upset about this. Further justification for the monarchy to be abolished.

    • Nina says:

      What else does that salty isle have besides fish and chips

      • Ange says:

        I am assure you the average Brit doesn’t care, it’s all a beat up by the press. But pretending England has nothing except fish and chips is also pretty silly. For better or worse it’s a place where you can feel the history around you (bearing in mind that if you want to go the colonialism argument America has its own skeletons in that particular closet).

      • Lady D says:

        I think it’s the history more than the royals that draw people to the UK. It is literally steeped in ancient history full of all kinds of fascinating (and horrible) kings and queens. And the ruins, le sigh.

  21. Millennial says:

    The queen has done nothing to earn all this deference other than be born to the right person, I’m not even sorry. Joe, though he benefits from many forms of privilege, did a heck of a lot more than she ever did to earn his spot at the G7. The Rota need to take a few seats and ask themselves why they still support a monarchy in 2021, centuries after the rest of the developed world got rid of them.

    • Pilly says:

      I mean, I get this site is US focussed, but “the rest of the developed world” still has lots of monarchies. Japan, Spain, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden just to name a handful…

  22. Jan says:

    Biden invited the Queen to Washington, the only member of royal family that don’t travel, guess chuck and Cain didn’t make an impression on him.
    Boris pulling up all the stops to impress and having the BRF prancing around, and Biden rewarded them by inviting Merkel.
    None of the leaders trust Boris, they know he is a liar and can’t be trusted.

    • Merricat says:

      Boris isolated his island and now wants everyone to be friends. Lol.

    • LaraW” says:

      Not sure how much of it was strategic. If Charles and William had an excuse to fly to DC for a “state visit,” the BM would be raging about how Harry and Meghan should fly to DC to meet them and “reconcile” and demand photos of Lilli. It would also be an opportunity for William to brag that his connection to POTUS is somehow more important or superior to Harry’s connection because William Is A Stateman who is doing Important State Things instead of faffing around with Oprah and celebrities and VaxLive concerts.

      I can also believe that the Bidens find William reprehensible and Charles… whatever he is. The Bidens are devoted parents and I think would be appalled by Charles withdrawing support from Harry in such a dangerous manner. Also racism. Also Charles isn’t king yet— there’s no reason for him to tag along.

      And POTUS and FLOTUS have no f-cking time to sit around having tea with the BRF. We’re talking about the man who hangs up on his aides if they don’t know the answer to every single question he fires at them. Honestly, if anyone was insulted, it was Dr. Jill, who wasted her precious time to prepare for some stupid fluff engagement with Kate when she expected an actual round-table discussion. That time could have been used for 5 billion other things she has on her plate.

      • MsIam says:

        After losing his son Beau so tragically I have to imagine it must make Joe feel some kind of way to see Charles tossing Harry aside like that. And even with all of Hunter Biden’s shit, both real and made up by the press, Joe still stands by him publicly. So yeah, I know the Biden’s are polite and won’t embarrass the country like Humpty Trumpty but I bet they don’t hold Charles or maybe any of the royals in high esteem.

      • Becks1 says:

        Not “just” Beau but his first wife and daughter Naomi. One of the appealing things about Biden is his empathy because he has experienced great loss in his life. He knows the value of family and I think he and Jill must be so appalled at the royals, especially since they know and like Harry. They appeared virtually at the vax live concert, and Jill made a point of doing two veterans events and mentioning the Invictus Games. I think the Bidens are dealing with the royal family on diplomatic/government terms, but there is no real respect or affection there.

  23. Purplehazeforever says:

    He needs those sunglasses for his eyes. Biggest eye roll ever.

    • AnneSurely says:

      This is why I wear sunglasses at wants like this. Some self-important buffoon is faulted. going to say something idiotic and my professional face is going to faulter.

  24. Emily says:

    I’m British and I’m on Team Joe for this.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Emily, do you have any media which are reporting about the G7 meeting? Obviously, we hear about the tabloid media, but what about credible media?

      What I find the most interesting about this is that a good many of the British feel far superior to Americans and aren’t afraid to show it. (Nope, I definitely do not think every Brit is.) This is just another way to let everyone know that President Biden is wholly lacking because he’s a colonial. It’s an attitude that’s trotted out when it suits the narrative. What I find hilarious are the comments I’ve read on social media that keeps saying Americans need to keep out of the baby naming issue. Well, you know, she’s an American. Her brother is American. Her Mother is American. You want to use a different argument now?

      So, Johnson, BM and brf tell the American colonials again why the UK wants a trade agreement with the US.

  25. equality says:

    What is it about the BM and the over-dramatization of everything royal? I wonder if they will be as concerned about “disrespect” when Charles is king. You don’t see other European countries with monarchies going off the deep end about every little thing done in a monarch’s presence. Does the media really care or does it just get their readership up in arms and they sit around and snicker at the responses from the sheep?

    • Liz version 700 says:

      Charles is a prissy baby. He will be incandescent over any perceived slights real or imagined. It will be the Golden Age of melodrama

  26. Robin says:

    And this is when, once again, the royal family shows how out of date it is. It’s a Victorian load of nonsense and it is shooting itself in the foot continually when now, right now, it should be showing how up to date and relevant it is. Extinction beckons.

  27. Winterberry says:

    Why do they expect that people who do not have a monarchy are supposed to know every single weird aspect of protocol? Next time Biden should take a long list of all of the rules and openly refer to them every time he has to have an exchange with her.

    • Lorelei says:

      I’m lol at the idea of Joe taking out this list and it unfolding like a giant scroll that just keeps going and going

  28. jazzbaby1 says:

    This reminds me of when the media dragged Bono for years about wearing sunglasses all the time and when Graham Norton finally asked it turned out he’s had glaucoma for decades. It doesn’t matter.

  29. Over it says:

    She isn’t his queen and he was probably trying to keep the saltiness of the uk out of his eyes.

  30. Jay says:

    Oh, what pissants. Of course he wore sunglasses, they had him out taking pictures with his delicate Irish complexion!

    Haha, seriously though, how hilarious would it have been if Joe had just casually pushed them up on top of his head to shake hands with the queen. I could not treasure him more.
    I’m sure the queen herself couldn’t give less of a darn, but her self-appointed defenders should keep in mind that truly well-bred manners would mean treating people with respect no matter what they are wearing.

  31. Lili says:

    I hope they spoke about Harry and the Queen passed a message through them to ignore the BM

  32. Kittylouise says:

    Bloody hell at the ridiculous outrage. I don’t know anyone in the UK who thinks like this – I dread to think about the mentality of the average DM reader.

    What kind of protocol is it that someone can’t wear sunglasses on a sunny day? It’s utterly ridiculous. And of COURSE the US President and his wife shouldn’t bow/curtsey to the Queen. It’s not a requirement for anyone to curtsey; and neither should anyone.

    Please can we see an end to the monarchy in my lifetime?

  33. MsIam says:

    Oh no the breech of protocol! I know the Biden’s are glad to be away from that circus. These royal reporters and experts make the actual royals look even more terrible with all of these complaints about protocol. Didn’t the queen supposedly invite Biden for a state visit next year? If I were Joe I would find some pressing emergency to deal with instead!

    • Lorelei says:

      That’s what I don’t get- how can they not realize that articles like this, purportedly in the name of “showing appropriate deference” or whatever only reflect poorly on the Queen?

      Because I doubt the Queen noticed or cared about Joe’s freaking sunglasses, but this makes her look petty and ridiculous.

      I actually feel a little bit sorry for her when it comes to stuff like this, because the reporters are constantly projecting their own idiocy by putting (generally untrue and offensive) words into her mouth and she can’t respond to all of them with denials.

      And now we’ll be hearing about SunglassGate until the end of time.

  34. GrnieWnie says:

    Americans don’t need to follow British protocol. It’s a courtesy if they do. Joe Biden has been working in government for half a century. If the man wasn’t too concerned with wearing sunglasses, then it isn’t a big deal. That means he’s met dignitaries and heads of state around the world who haven’t made a big deal about sunglasses.

    Soooo…why are the Brits?

    Why are they special?

    Why do they ALWAYS think they’re special?

    Americans put up with that POS Erdogan coming to the White House and beating protestors. Brits can’t put up with a foreign head of state wearing sunglasses–a head of state with the power to secure their economic future at a time when it is in jeopardy? Ok, Boomers.

  35. aquarius64 says:

    I think we as Americans see royals as celebrities and not national symbols/deities. That’s why the Windsors are primarily covered in the US gossip press and puff magazines. Dr. Jill was asked at that round table with Kate if she asked Kate what to do when meeting the queen. FLOTUS said no, we had more important things to do (education summit).
    The only reason the Washington Post and the New York Times covers them more is that one of our own, Meghan, married in and was treated badly by the royal house. Which is why there was a charm offensive by the Windsors at G7: No. 10 and the Foreign Office may have told them the Sussexes’ Oprah interview has the potential of damaging the US – UK special relationship. Note the queen made sure there was a private audience with the US president.

    I love that the Bidens were respectful but not standing in awe of the queen and frankly Joe had bigger fish to fry (Putin). The courtiers must have tossed a fit when he announced the queen was invited to the White House. Topics would be so bad if a senior royal was in the US and not see the Sussexes.

    • swirlmamad says:

      Lol — YESSSSS, Dr. Jill! You tell ‘em. The utter gall, suggesting she should be bowing and scraping to Kate and beg her to school her in royal protocol. That chick needs someone to school HER in how to appropriately duchess. 🙄

    • Lorelei says:

      @Aquarius: the thing is, at least imo, is that at the end of the day, they *are* just glorified celebrities. They may also be national symbols, but they hold no real power and basically serve as an ongoing soap opera to make £ for the British press.

      The people who believe they were anointed by god (lol) are the only ones screeching about how “they’re not celebrities!!!” and they need to get a grip and look around. It’s 2021 and if the monarchy was gone tomorrow, absolutely nothing would change. Except the Fail/Sun/etc. would have a lot less to write about.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      The royal family is like a sports team’s mascot. Just very expensive, highly paid mascots who get to live in palaces. People can view them and cheer the “team” they represent.

      They don’t need any particular education, or intelligence, they just need to look the part. Their job is to provide a visual presence, just like any mascot. That’s it.

      • TigerMcQueen says:

        They don’t even need to look the part, they just need to be born to the right person at the right time and be white as white. They don’t even have to be English (and I use that deliberately instead of British), really. Don’t forget the Windsors are Windsors thanks to Saxe-Coburg being a little uncomfortable to have as a name during WWI. But only just a little. That was a total PR stunt if ever there was one.

  36. swirlmamad says:

    LMAO….damn if these people don’t need to unclench and breathe. The world will not stop spinning on its axis because Joe didn’t take off his shades to look Liz in the eye. She seemed pleased enough by her visit with the Biden’s. I pity these anal retentive courtiers and rota rats. Life is too short to be so uptight.

  37. Lisa says:

    I think I am at UK Royal family saturation point. All I keep coming back to is: congratulations on being born into royalty; earning none of the respect and deference all must show to you.

    • LaraW” says:

      Lol, kind of makes me wonder what celebrity gossip is flying under the radar because of all this nonsense. It’s going to be one of those “we found out in 2022 that sources close to [blah] have said this cheating/secret dating/money laundering/whatever has been going on since 2019!”

  38. Haylie says:

    Just more proof that the royal “charm offensive” was a complete flop.

  39. Midge says:

    Breaking News!! Joe is POTUS and she’s some lady who inherited her position. Elevating a monarch in 2021 🤦‍♀️

  40. 809Matriarch says:

    “…It has nonetheless been a rule that an audience with the Queen is strictly private and to reveal its contents is a breach of trust…”


    She ain’t the pope people? She ain’t even a parish priest!

  41. Betsy says:

    I don’t think anyone over there actually cares. Perhaps some of the courtiers, but I just don’t think anyone gives a rat’s. They just write it up to move papers and here we come to give clicks about our “outrage” about the “outrage.”

  42. thaisajs says:

    They were also complaining yesterday at the DailyMail that Biden and Dr. B didn’t bow/curtsey to the Queen when they met her. Yeah, hard pass on that.

  43. Lala11_7 says:

    At least POTUS Biden knows how to navigate tragedy & horrific family issues humanely and with love and has MAGNIFICENT relationships with his children & grandchildren…

    Perhaps Great Britain should focus on why their monarch can’t achieve THAT instead of focusing on wearing sunglasses…outside…on a sunny day…you would have thought POTUS was reenacting Corey Hart’s iconic 80s hit!

    • Lorelei says:

      @Lala 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 forever.

      THIS is what’s actually important, so the media will focus on bullsh!t like sunglasses so people won’t think too hard about what you just said.

  44. Ariel says:

    I wonder if the salties have complicated feelings about Joe because he is Irish. And they have a complicated relationship with Ireland.

  45. KS says:

    Are people not aware there are medical conditions that require the use of sunglasses in sunlight? Like it’s a legit thing…more than one medical condition, not just pertaining to the eyes themselves. Or medications. Some medications can make the use of sunglasses necessary. Just saying.

  46. AnneSurely says:

    This. I’m not sure why we’re keeping up this farce that she has soft diplomatic/political power. All of this begrudgingly deference folks pay her is basically due to her longevity on the throne. I really think the global community is going to take the opportunity to turn the page on the British monarchy once Charles ascends. And that petty, sausage-fingered dandy is not going to like it.

    • Liz version 700 says:

      I maintain that he is the one who taught William how to throw fits, his will be epic when he ascends to the throne.

      • AnneSurely says:

        Oh definitely. And global leaders are not going to pay him the same deference that they do to the Queen. His global reputation is always going to be the insecure whiner who lost princess Diana. That is not global leader behavior.

    • Lorelei says:

      I might never stop laughing at “petty, sausage-fingered dandy.” Bravo

      • Liz version 700 says:

        I second that Bravo lol. His fingers are disturbing for real

      • AnneSurely says:

        Thanks guys. Lol. The way Great Britain does not understand the kind of contempt Americans have for them, when they think about them at all, is fairly funny.

  47. Murphy says:

    The comments he made about their conversation were signals–a diplomatic tool and the Queen knows it so all those commentators can stuff it.

  48. paranormalgirl says:

    not our circus, not our monarchy.

  49. khaveman says:

    Hey UV causes cataracts – all three should have been wearing protective sunglasses.

  50. Keri says:

    And once again, the British media proves that everything that Harry and Meghan said was the truth. If this is the kind of nitpicking and outrage they manufacture against the President and FLOTUS when they desperately need US money and trade agreements to bail them out of the mess the government has made, it’s not a stretch to assume they went all out on Meghan and Harry, 2 people they despise because they hate that Harry married a biracial American. But then, Americans are gauche, crass, and beneath contempt until they realize that they need our money. It’s why Meghan’s haters get so salty over the Sussex Squad’s generosity when it comes to charitable fundraising on the Sussexes’ behalf. They want so badly to believe that Sussex supporters are uneducated and poverty stricken, and it kills them to know that many can afford to buy Meghan’s couture dresses, which usually sell out within days of her wearing them, and generously donate their hard earned cash to the Sussexes’ charitable causes. So call me petty but the schadenfraude is glorious. I love that BJ and the UK government were shown for the laughingstock that they are. The Uk government, the Queen, and the UK media should be on their knees begging Joe to bail them out, not acting like they smelled a fart because Joe wore sunglasses while meeting the Queen. No wonder their empire is rapidly shrinking. Their sense of arrogance and entitlement will be their downfall. Dumbasses.

  51. Tish3 says:

    I had PRK vision correction, and I HAVE to wear sunglasses outside.

  52. Athena says:

    Did he tell her he was keeping his glasses on or did he ask her if he could keep his glasses on? Did she verbally agree or was her silence a sign of agreement?. Is the queen throwing out her do not complain, do not explain stance when it comes to Joe Biden?
    Had she not wanted the world to know that she was offended by the US President keeping his glasses on when he met her, it would not have been covered by the press.

  53. Jodie says:

    I’m glad the headlines said the British press because of British Public couldn’t care less whether he wore sunglasses or not. It is hardly a matter of great importance is it?

  54. aquarius64 says:

    I wonder what is the US is getting out of this new trade deal either the UK?

    • L4frimaire says:

      I wonder what the UK is hoping to accomplish with this amateur thin-skinned whining?

  55. L4frimaire says:

    Basic American reaction to this was “are they serious?” To quote Bree Newsome: “Like, just the idea that we’re supposed to have any kind of affinity or feelings for the British Royal Family is weird”. My takeaway from this is the Brits are looking for some type of validation that they feel they’re not getting. This explains some of the off the charts lunacy about baby Lilibet’s name ( her superhero origin story), and the fact that we were less than impressed with Kates photo op with Flotus disguised as a round table discussion.

    • Jais says:

      Aw her superhero origin story. That’s a good way to think of it as the press keeps going too far.

    • MMadison says:

      I think the fact that the RF pull out all of the stops and barely received a response from the US is concerning to them. Basically they know what most of us know in the US but their British “subjects” refuse to acknowledge…..IT”S ALL FAKE. Royalty is a SCAM…full stop

  56. Barbiem says:

    She is an old rich lady who lives a very privileged life. I will never see her as more than that. I get enjoyment watching how folks ooh and ahh a flesh and bone person like a GOD. Humans are interesting.

  57. Leah says:

    They’ve met before. The queen knows he’s a good guy who’s not going to walk in front of her like that other guy.

    The British press need to lighten up.

  58. MrsF2u says:

    Ha ha ha! He’s just Joe from Scranton.

    Deal with it Salty White Isle!

  59. Itteh Bitteh says:

    Did any of these crybabies stop to think two grown people might have started their conversation with, “hey, sorry about the shades, I have xyz,” followed by “oh don’t worry, you leave them on?”

  60. Chloe says:

    Hey I will gladly send the last President back over there to visit, I’m sure after a day of him they would love to have the Bidens back.

  61. Rise & Shine says:

    Yep of course they made a big deal out of it. The reality is Joe is doing great, G7 went wonderfully, he met with the Queen and it went well, Jill is amazing. Everybody happy. That is all they have to pick on him for? Give me a break. And yeah I go on a certain website sometimes that( wretched DM) because, it does have a huge readership and managed to convince a few people to do their homework and vote blue. So probably still will, but not so much. They are awful. DM actually had to shut down someone’s account (not mine) for making threats against me and my family. WTF? Because I dared to criticize Trump, his three oldest adult kids and the NRA. Sorry not sorry but I did because it’s true and yeah it scared me. Not cool. Even DM shut down those threats. I think that as of now, with Trumpie twitter shut down, blog down, etc. that much of the British Press, especially the Daily Mail is now pure Trump and Right Wing Propaganda. And I love the UK, the people there etc. but it does make me sick how the press is there , the DM is the worst. And I am just someone who comments but they can be ugly, we know that. And again, yeah big deal (NOT) about the shades, I tried to defend him there and got utterly slammed. Oh well. Again, that’s all they got? Pathetic. And so grateful for all here, that show sanity and compassion, thank you and love darlins.

  62. MMadison says:

    Petty Brits. Why do we expect more from these people. They have always been petty and will always be petty. They should really be concerned with The Queen grabbing a ceremonial sword to cut a cake. I personally think she may have borderline dementia. Not one single person can explain why she grabbed the sword to cut a cake yet here we are with Biden broke protocol BS.

  63. MMadison says:

    I think the fact that the RF pull out all of the stops and barely received a response from the US is concerning to them. Basically they know what most of us know in the US but their British “subjects” refuse to acknowledge…..IT”S ALL FAKE. Royalty is a SCAM…full stop

  64. Christine says:

    Jesus.God. Salty White Folk Isle, no one, anywhere, but where you are, that TINY little island, is clutching any part of their belongings. You look like fools. I mean, you do it multiple times a day, but this attempt to shame the Bidens?

    Keep juggling those balls, there are still at least 1,000 people who believe that “royalty” has any meaning, on the planet, other than pure comedy.

  65. Feebee says:

    Screw Royal protocol. The whole world is OVER it.

  66. Kiki says:

    The Brits are so annoying . They are probably turning up their noses at Biden because he’s a proud Irish American or because the press sees Joe as an ally to Harry. Those dummies are snobs over everything. They are losing influence worldwide and their petty nit picking is embarrassing. They hate all things American but they need America especially now.

  67. Nivz says:

    They need to keep Joe Biden’s name out of their mouths. I would love to be a fly on the wall for the next time Jill meets Harry.

  68. Jayna says:

    I have light blue eyes, and if it’s really bright , I have to have my sunglasses on. I also get optical migraines. Certain light conditions absolutely trigger them.

  69. Sara says:

    Joe’s aviators are a part of him. Leave old Joe alone.
    For Christ sake it was sunny so he wore sunglasses. Get a f*cking life.

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