Are Prince Harry & Meghan looking to hire Nicole Scherzinger’s manager?

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex absolutely have their eye on building an empire. It’s already started, especially with the Spotify and Netflix deals. But they’re going to expand beyond that – Meghan wrote her children’s book, The Bench, and will likely write even more. She’s invested in Clevr Blends, an oat latte business. Harry is the Chief Impact Officer for BetterUp, and I would imagine he’s got more offers in the pipeline. I know Meghan and Harry have already made some big hires for their growing empire, but the Sun now claims that M&H are looking to hire a full-time consultant known for working with celebrities like… Nicole Scherzinger. Hm.

Harry and Meghan are hoping to cream off even more megabucks deals — by hiring the business guru behind Nicole Scherzinger’s yoghurt ads. The couple are trying to sign up the Pussycat Dolls singer’s adviser Ollie Ayling, 30, as a full-time consultant.

He was instrumental in winning Nicole lucrative endorsements, including tie-ins with Müller Corner yoghurts and Perfectil vitamins, helping her amass a £10million fortune. Mr Ayling has worked with Nicole, 42, for almost seven years as her manager, but has had talks with Harry, 36, and Meghan, 39, in California.

The Sussexes have already signed a £112million deal with Netflix and a £30million deal with Spotify for their podcast. But despite Buckingham Palace fears of the couple cashing in on their royal status, they are pressing on with plans for more deals in the US and worldwide.

A source said: “Harry and Meghan are rapidly expanding their business empire and want the best in the business to help. Ollie Ayling has been key in guiding Nicole’s career, making her money and keeping her relevant, so he was deemed a perfect fit. The Sussexes are already way more famous than the Pussycat Dolls. Now they want a fortune bigger than Nicole’s.”

As well as endorsement contracts, Ollie looked after Nicole as she landed roles in Disney films Moana and Ralph Breaks the Internet.

[From The Sun]

We’re talking about this because I wanted to point out how stupid and small-minded the British press really is. They’re trying to compare Harry and Meghan to a Pussycat Doll who is best known to British audiences for being a reality-show judge. They want to pretend that H&M are in desperate need of cash and that they’re willing to do off-brand advertising to get cash. And that’s not the way any of this works. But I’m sure someone’s buying it. Anyway, it sounds like Ollie Ayling is the one in desperate need of big-name clients. Harry and Meghan are on parental leave, so this is going to be the kind of fake news we’re getting this summer.

Prince Harry and Meghan, Duke and Duchess of Sussex in Bristol

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  1. Snuffles says:

    Well this Ollie dude just guaranteed he will NEVER get hired by them.

    “ Harry and Meghan are on parental leave, so this is going to be the kind of fake news we’re getting this summer.”

    This. They’re going to go completely mental and will probably push things too far to try and force a response from them. Like this baby name shit.

  2. Sofia says:

    This sounds made up and fake. Especially the quotes from the source. Kinda feels like this Ollie guy could have sent this because it’s very complimentary towards him (and Nicole I suppose) lol (I doubt it! I’m kidding!) I doubt the sun is privy to their hiring plans. If Ollie sent this in, he’s probably no longer in consideration to be hired after this.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      Yes, pretty sure it’s made up or some deranger sent this in as a tip. A bad one at that. If H & M are even working at a brand at the moment. (it is curious that there have been recent comments about their brand lately) Harry & Meghan have connections like Oprah & Serena who are excellent with their brands to get advice from and they more than likely would work with a US based group.

  3. MsIam says:

    How much did Ollie pay for this mention? This is as bad as that guy who claimed he could get Meghan a million dollars to show up at a shopping mall.

  4. Amy Bee says:

    This sounds like Ollie got the Sun to do a promo for him. The Sun is known for doing this for companies and people.

  5. Becks1 says:

    The answer to the question asked in the headline is, “no.” We all know that.

    But this story is just so stupid. I mean, they talk about Nicole’s 10 million pounds fortune – and then talk about how H&M want an even bigger fortune than that. Um, I’m pretty sure they already have that.

    This is part promo for the manager, and part to make H&M sound like they are desperate for any kind of deal. They aren’t. They are being very careful and strategic.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      This article is from “The Scum”. Who believes anything published by “The Scum”?

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Exactly!! Another day, another set of lies!! The word journalists must escape them on a minute by minute basis!!

    • taris says:

      annoying that the british tabloids keep trying so desperately to make harry and meghan out to be some fame-hungry duo with no real values who will do absolutely anything for $$$.
      they’re constantly coming up with dumb shit about their supposed ‘plans’ (the other week it was a winery or something); but mention nothing about their charity work and the donations they make to their causes (world central kitchen, money raised by sussex fans, etc).

      they’re so starved for real information on the sussexes, and it shows (and this coming from the same people who like to crow that ‘nobody cares about harry and meghan anymore 😒).
      they need to spend more time reporting on their boring as hell royals.

      btw, what happened to the youtube channel? does anyone know? i don’t actually care, just making the point that the royals on that island are a little sad, and even their press knows.

    • Lemons says:

      I love it because they act like they don’t have a whole Peter and Zara Phillips willing to hawk milk in China using their royal adjacent status. They would both do well to create their OWN brand of consumer goods, but they’re too lazy for real work.

  6. ABritGuest says:

    So this made up by the Scum who have no sources in the Sussex camp & clearly from them having that false story about Lili being born on 10th June- palace sources have been truly cut off. I very much doubt Nicole Scherzinger is wealthier than them & this is meant to put them down (no offence to Nicole) as well as promote this random manager.

    but this is the type of thing that causes people to be ‘weary’ of Harry & Meghan being in the press all the time as some noted yesterday when they themselves haven’t even been that visible. I think in the last 6 months Meghan’s done the Oprah interview and Vax Live only. Whilst I can see them returning to SM when they can be more active post parental leave & covid restrictions easing- how much other derogatory clickbait would come from more visibility with a SM presence?

    It’s a tough one to strategise and I don’t envy their team managing an all out smear campaign from the British establishment to MAGA types

  7. S808 says:

    No offense to Nicole but what is Ollie doing for her at the moment? Don’t think he could handle the demands H&M’s manager would have to deal with.

    • Snuffles says:

      She probably sacked him recently and that’s why he’s planting stories to promote himself.

  8. Hannah Young says:

    Nope. Sorry to be a classist but no one with H & M’s reputation & potential will work with anyone on Nicole’s team. That’s from personal assistant, security, driver, to manager, agent, and lawyer. Some of them might be affiliated with same agency/company but that’s about it. Possible exception would be the glam team, but as a manager, I’d dissuade them on that point, too. None of my clients are as famous or as rich as Nicole on her bad day, but they would not stay with me if I added someone to my roster they didn’t deem “worthy” of being in their midst, rightly or wrongly. It’s not just about the money.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Hannah Young, I thought about it and it makes perfect sense. If I’ve got it right, what you do reflects on your clients. And visa versa. Definitely more than money. Thanks for the perspective.

  9. Louise177 says:

    Unless they’re looking for someone new this story doesn’t make sense. Harry and Meghan already have huge deals so I doubt they are. Besides If they were, they probably would hire someone who was well known and working with big names. Nicole isn’t one of them.

  10. AD says:

    As if (rolling my eyes) Harry and Meghan need yoghurt deals. These people are shameless. Keep their name outta your mouth.

    • equality says:

      Peter might sign on for a yoghurt deal. It would be a step up from selling milk in China.

  11. Eurydice says:

    Nicole does yogurt ads? There’s nothing wrong with it – just that I’ve never seen that brand in my stores or an ad with her promoting it. And it took Ollie 7 years to get Nicole to 10 million? It’s a nice sum of money, but not the stratospheric success this article implies.

  12. L4Frimaire says:

    I suspect there will be a lot of silly random articles like this to try to get a response because there will be a summer drought of Sussex news while they’re taking their leave. This seems like it recycles a similar article after they first left in 2020 where they were trying to link them to Kim Kardashians manager. They know this is nothing like what the Sussexes are interested in or the type of work and people they’re affiliated with, just trying to resort to Hollywood stereotypes again while ignoring their cause driven work.

  13. Normades says:

    H & M will continue to build their empire raking in success and money and the British media will continue to loose their minds every step of the way.

  14. booboocita says:

    There’s a terrific essay at “Conquest of the Useless,” stating that Rupert Murdoch has written down the financial worth of the Sun to ZERO:

    The article states that Murdoch has essentially admitted that the Sun is quite literally not worth the paper it’s printed on. Well, if you ever needed proof that trashing H & M makes money for others, here’s your proof.

  15. Chelsea says:

    Meghan was able to land a clothing line at Reitman’s and an endorsement deal with Land Rover when she was just a tv actress and lifestyle blogger; the idea that they’d need someone to help them land huge endorsement deals now is laughable. If she wanted she could very easily have already signed an 8 figure a year deal with pretty much any fashion house in the world. The fact that neither of them has actually signed(or at least reached news of signing) an endorsement deal is interesting to me. They seem to want to have their own companies and/or be invested in whatever they are selling (you can bet your ass is that Harry has equity in BetterUp), which is smart. It’s more responsibility but it’s less people taking a % of their money and they will have more control and ownership over what they do.

  16. Catherine says:

    Either Ollie or Nicole or both needed some publicity and of course they used the Sussexes to get some. They almost the exact story once before except they used a guy who use to work with Kim Kardashian. Harry has a docu series out that is being praised around the world. Meghan’s book is selling well. World Central Kitchen is expanding their services. And they haven’t even gotten started yet with their Netflix and Spotify content. They are establishing themselves as people with global impact so of course Murdoch media has to try to reduce them to being celebrity endorsers.

  17. Izzy says:

    It’s the Scum so likely not at all true, but on the off chance it is, this Ollie guy just made sure he would never get hired by them. Team Sussex doesn’t hire people who leak to the rota rats.

  18. Well Wisher says:

    All due respect to Nicole, I am unaware of her. It seemed to indicate that she was offered opportunities from a lucrative singing career.
    The Sussexes are on a different path as content providers and volunteering.
    Not everything and everyone can be narrowingly be reduced to marketing terms.
    It is not surprising that the source of this story is the Sun: the WSJ, another Murdoch entity was quite bitter about the income that the interview garnered for Harpo production.