Jana Kramer sold her wedding ring and put the money toward a home redesign

Jana Kramer continues to do the most to get attention and headlines post divorce. We’ve heard that she’s dating someone new, a former Bachelorette contestant named Graham Bunn whom she’s known for years. She hasn’t even been single two months yet. Now she’s talking about the fact that she sold her wedding ring and used the money to buy new furniture and an addition to her home. This is the second ring of Mike’s which Jana sold. She sold the first one he gave her during another split, in 2016. She also sold a diamond bracelet he gave her after they released a book about staying together and making their relationship work. That book came out in September just last year! Here’s what Jana said, thanks to People Magazine:

In response to a fan question on the June 13 episode of her Whine Down podcast, [Jana Kramer] revealed that she’d decided to renovate her home after her split from her estranged husband Mike Caussin – and paid for it by using the money from selling her wedding ring.

“I have redone pretty much my entire house…I sold my ring, and that money from the ring paid for the furniture and the new additions to the house,” she said.

“I debated. I’m like, ‘I’m going to sell this ring and then maybe buy myself something.’ Like a bag, or my divorce present. [But] I was like, ‘Honestly, what would make me happiest is to have new energy in the house.’ So I took that money and gave it to [interior designers],” she added.

“This was our house and we made memories here,” she said. “I needed to create a new space that felt like me and felt like mine. So now, I have someone over right now painting the bar room. I’m going to make it this really cool, girlie wine bar. So that’s helped me a lot.”

Kramer added that the ring was the second one from Caussin, 34, that she’s gotten rid of (the first being from their previous split in 2016).

“Cause the first ring I was like, ‘I will never put this back on my hand,'” she said. “He had re-proposed to me in Napa a few years ago with this new ring. I took every diamond he ever bought me and I sold them, because I didn’t want to look at them ever again.”

[Jana] became emotional as she recalled selling a diamond bracelet that Caussin had gifted her for the release of their book, The Good Fight: Wanting to Leave, Choosing to Stay, and the Powerful Practice for Loving Faithfully.

“I wanted to keep it so bad because it was such a f—— pretty bracelet, but it represented something that was not true. It was true that I worked very hard for the relationship, but to me it represented our book and it hurt me too much to keep that…”

She continued, “It was sad, but at the same time, they can be the most beautiful things in the world, but what they represented made them the ugliest things I’ve ever seen.”

[From People]

Jana posted part of the segment where she talks about this to her Instagram stories. She got really emotional and you could tell she attaches meaning to the things Mike gave her. My split wasn’t as dramatic as Jana’s, but I kept all the jewelry my ex gave me. Some of it is nice and I still wear it! I even kept my engagement ring and wedding ring. They’re pretty and I appreciate that he got me nice things. It just never occurred to me to sell the jewelry he gave me and I don’t think I could get that much for it anyway. If Jana thinks there’s bad energy associated with both her jewelry and her house it was smart of her smart to refocus that and sell the diamonds to redo her environment. This is one of the more reasonable things I’ve heard from her. It’s not at the level of “I’m taking time to appreciate and love myself as a single person” yet though. S



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  1. Lala11_7 says:

    That woman has been horribly alone FOR YEARS…while being in an emotionally abusive relationship with a lying cheating lessor male…I applaud what she’s done since she told her husband to go kick rocks in a quarry with no shoes on….


    • Yup, Me says:

      Pissing off the ex – great.

      But her kind of aloneness in this f*cked up marriage has not been the healing and growing kind. She is deeply addicted to drama and her own stress hormones and until she deals with those things, she’s going to find all kinds of new and inventive ways to keep repeating these cycles in her life.

      Is her ex a POS? Absolutely. Did she just spend years of her life jumping through hoops and publicly trying to polish a turd? Absolutely yes as well.

  2. Genevieve says:

    I have a beautiful, expensive ring from my recently divorced marriage. I haven’t been sure what to do with it. I do love it and know I would wear it on my right hand on occasion but am not too sure. I suppose I could use the money but 🤷🏻‍♀️. I really do love it.

    • Sarah says:

      If you love it, I would keep it and wear it on your right hand. Why not? If you hated it, it would make sense to sell it or take the stones and turn it into something different.

    • Killfanora says:

      Why not redesign it? I’ve done that with rings I’ve inherited that look old fashioned.

    • La says:

      Posted in the wrong place, sorry!

      However, ETA that if you love it, keep it and if you still love it once the rawness wears off, wear it on your right hand.

  3. Liz version 700 says:

    Bless her, she is not one for quiet reflection is she?

  4. Erica says:

    She annoys me but I LOVE this. You know it makes him mad and he deserves it. I would have done the same thing. Why keep it?

  5. Case says:

    Well, good for her. I’m glad she seems to really be done with that dirtbag this time. She seems like a sweet person who has just been in a string of really damaging relationships. I wish her and her kiddos the best.

  6. ThatgirlThere says:

    That cheater trash husband must be PISSED. Heh. She should chill and take some time for herself after/during this break up but I love that she did this.

  7. Lola Coasters says:

    I sold my set after my ex and I separated and used the money to go to NYC aka my happy place. Good for her, she deserves it!

  8. KBeth says:

    I sold my rings & took the kids to Disney after my divorce.

  9. Robin says:

    Why not? Good for her. I don’t know who she is, but it is a constructive use of money.

  10. Rose says:

    I had a moissanite ring from my first marriage. They’re essentially worthless when it comes to reselling—he paid $3k for it but the best offer I got was a couple hundred…there’s still a great bit of sadness about my first divorce. He was a college professor who cheated on me with his students and managed to keep his job only because of a technical loophole—he’s being named head of his department this year. I tied the wedding band and engagement ring together with black ribbon and keep them in the top drawer of my sewing desk to remind me of the very painful lessons I learned from that experience.

  11. TaraBest says:

    I gave my ring to my mom when I was going through my divorce as it was to difficult to keep around the house. It’s now been sitting her safe for a few years and I think it’s time to sell it off. It’s so hard because that ring was my dream (hello Tiffany!) and I helped pay for it (hello red flag!) but I’m ready to sell to fund a vacation with my now BF.

    • Jen says:

      It’s a red flag to help pay for your ring?

      • TaraBest says:

        In this case it was, because I wasn’t supposed to be paying. He made a big deal about doing it himself and when it came down to it, he took out a loan that I ended up having to pay off for him when we were in the process of buying a house.

        If it had been agreed on beforehand it would be no big thing. But because he didn’t keep his commitment, I should have seen that a sign that he wasn’t going to keep other promises he made. You live and learn!

  12. Lila says:

    I don’t hate the idea. It seems like a practical way of doing it, and I like the sentiment of being done. (Although she sold the first ring the first time she was done so…let’s hope this one sticks!)

  13. MomOfThree says:

    I hope she is including her children in some of this. It’s not only her going through this divorce. While I think it’s great she’s moving on, so many changes might be really difficult for her children to process.

  14. Jaded says:

    I sold all of the jewelry my ex gave me — it just reminded me of the awful things he did while we were together.