Jana Kramer has a new boyfriend already, although she’s calling it an ‘entanglement’

Jana Kramer finally filed for divorce in late April from her serial cheating husband of six years, Mike Caussin. Those two monetized their toxic relationship with a faux-confessional podcast in which they talked about how they were trying to make it work, over and over again, after Mike broke Jana’s trust in various ways. (Go here for a recap of the only time I listened to the whole thing.) This last time Jana caught Mike cheating it was the final straw for her for some reason. Now Jana says she’s ready to date again. While she was hosting E!’s Daily Pop last week she said that she’s in an “entanglement” with a guy named Graham Bunn, who was on The Bachelorette in season four and has been Jana’s friend for years. Jana not only said this on E!, she also gave sourced quotes to US Magazine about it.

When one door closes, another opens. Jana Kramer may not have found her happily ever after with Mike Caussin, but she’s “open to what may happen” with pal Graham Bunn.

“They are reconnecting their friendship,” a source tells Us Weekly exclusively. “Jana is enjoying being single and in a good place. She’s also enjoying her time with Graham.”

Kramer, 37, announced via Instagram in April that she and Caussin, 34, were going their separate ways after nearly six years of marriage. They share daughter Jolie, 5, and son Jace, 2. No more than two months later, the One Tree Hill alum admitted that she was “entertaining” another romance.

“I didn’t think I deserved it or I’m worth [love],” she said during an appearance on E!’s Daily Pop on Thursday, June 10. “Now, I deserve the greatest, biggest love and am excited for it.”

The next day, she dished on her friendship with Bunn, 42, whom she’s known for seven years. “We are in an entanglement,” she said during another Daily Pop episode. “We are dancing the line of friends. We are dancing the line and I am happy.”

“Graham is open to what may happen and into her but also understands that Jana may need time before jumping into another relationship,” the source tells Us.

[From US Magazine]

An “entanglement” is when you’re hooking up with someone and it’s complicated, so I guess she could be in one with this guy if their status is unknown. Maybe she should keep it to herself though! If they’re not official and it’s tentative, pushing him out in the spotlight like this can only put pressure on the relationship.

I think Jana should spend some time alone for a while. She went through so much with Mike, which we know all about because she talked about it constantly. You don’t suddenly feel worthy, whole and complete after all that, it takes a while to heal. Plus she’s been posting about how she’s focusing on her kids with Mike, daughter Jolie, five, and son Jace, two and a half. Single moms can date too, I just thought she would take a minute to herself. That’s not going to earn as many headlines though. Also, she just had surgery! She got a breast augmentation.

He spells tough “tuff” and uses a lot of filters



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24 Responses to “Jana Kramer has a new boyfriend already, although she’s calling it an ‘entanglement’”

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  1. Evenstar says:

    For a hot second, I thought the guy in the top picture was Hrithik Roshan (famous Bollywood actor) and my head nearly exploded.

    • Size Does Matter says:

      I thought he looked just like Ben Affleck.

      Then I saw the “tuff” pic and I wondered how anyone could take that man seriously with that tragic haircut.

      • Noodle says:

        He totally gives off Affleck vibes.

      • It’sJustBlanche says:

        Never trust a man who photoshops his IG pictures like this guy. He’s vain and a probably stupid.

      • AmyB says:

        @Size Does Matter LOL – Yeah I (sadly) know Graham from my pathetic addiction to the Bachelor franchise LMAO. He was on one of the Bachelorette seasons, decades ago (it seems) and on the first season of Bachelor in Paradise. He seemed nice enough, kind of wishy-washy, from his edit. I don’t know why anyone rushes into a relationship with someone hot out of a separation/divorce! That’s a hard NO in my book. They call it a “rebound” for a reason. Seems to me, Jana would suit herself better to be alone, and figure out why she stayed in such a self-destructive marriage? I don’t know, maybe I am the crazy one haha!

      • lucy2 says:

        I thought skinny Ben Affleck.

  2. tammy says:

    She really can’t keep anything private. She should take a break for herself and family.

  3. Smiles says:

    Good for her that she finally filed for divorce. I find her just exhausting.

  4. Sara says:

    I still have no idea who this person is or what she does other than “Messy Relationship Haver.”

  5. Hope Rutten says:

    I’ve been following her on IG for a while now and she CANNOT be alone. I get that it’s new to her and if she found someone to fool around with and maker her laugh – great! But she isn’t the kind to keep it casual. Before you know or she will have him meeting the kids and he’ll be her true love.

  6. detritus says:

    This is kinda the hallmark of a codependent person, the monkey branching. It’s another sign she hasn’t really gotten to the root of why she stayed so long with Mike yet.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if there was overlap, emotionally or otherwise. It’s sometimes what is needed for someone to leave an abusive relationship, the idea that yes, someone else could be better.

  7. Yup, Me says:

    She reminds me of girls I knew in college (I went to school in bumf*ck where people stirred up drama as much to alleviate boredom as for anything else) who thought kissing meant you were dating now and who thought three dates meant you could call someone “my boyfriend” (with nary a conversation or agreement from him about it). Those girls were constantly in and out of relationship drama and as tedious as it was at 18-21, it’s even moreso at damn near 40. She needs to take some time for herself, and get some therapy. There’s no way she’s ready for any kind of dating/entanglement/relationship with all that she’s been through. I’m tired just reading about all her upheaval; I can’t imagine how exhausting it must be living it.

  8. ThatgirlThere says:

    I think it’s about staying relevant for her. Her personal life is her revenue stream and I’m thinking SHE’S thinking that she has to support her family. That soon to be ex husband has the wife of loser deadbeat dad. I could be wrong but he’s not reliable.

  9. Lonnietinks says:

    If I remember correctly, that guy is sort of a fuck boy, that being said, I hope Jana has fun getting over that loser Mike. I also hope she is in therapy and working on herself and learning to identify what makes her feel attracted to toxic situations. I wish her peace and happiness.

  10. Green Desert says:

    Jana definitely seems like someone who has a difficult time being alone. I do hope she’s in therapy. Mike was her third husband and maybe she stayed so long because of that. Her first ex was extremely abusive – he almost killed her. Then her second marriage lasted mere days. She’s extra and a bit irritating but I have some sympathy for her. She clearly needs third party help and I hope she gets it.

  11. Amy Too says:

    Nooooo!!! That’s not what “single” means, Jana, if you’re already naming this guy and seeing him exclusively even if you’ve not had the “are you my boyfriend?” conversation, and you’re suddenly taking about how he makes you feel like you deserve all the love. She just filed! She’s not even technically divorced. And to already be rolling this guy out publicly by name (and it sounds like she’s at least super into him, whether or not he’s super into her—like I bet she’d love to call him her boyfriend but he’s like “let’s just have fun, I don’t think you’re ready”), she must have started seeing him awhile ago. Like immediately after filing for divorce. And the whole “we’ve been friends forever” thing makes me feel like she’s telling herself it’s okay to get very serious very fast because they can skip the whole getting to know you dating period.

    And this is judgmental and probably wrong of me, but I DO NOT trust this guy just based on the fact that he uses Bible quotes as Instagram captions. For selfies. For highly filtered beauty shot selfies. And he was on the Bachelor/Bachelorette?? No, no, no! Run far away from that if you’re looking for someone who is going to cause less drama than the current ex. I associate the Bachelor/ette with skeezy, faux-Christian narcissists who perform love/attraction/affection with whomever is available that season in order to prolong their reality TV screen time. Like is it really believable that every single guy who is chosen to date that season’s bachelorette is actually into her? Every single one of them clicks with her and is instantly attracted to her, she’s everyone’s type? Because it seems like they’re all just trying to “win” the season so they can be on TV the longest and become famous. And this guy is into doing that sort of thing. Performative relationships in a reality TV way for fame. Probably not the right kind of guy for Jana right now, who could benefit from either being truly single and guy-less for awhile, or at least having some very discreet booty call type of thing with a guy that no one knows about.

  12. Lindy says:

    Good grief. I know everyone is different, but when I went through a really difficult divorce, I was so emotionally drained that the only things I found energy for were my child (making sure to support and love him as much as possible), my job (because single mom life, I couldn’t afford to mess that up), and therapy (so I could begin healing from the PTSD after my marriage to an abusive alcoholic).

    I honestly can’t even imagine how this woman can find the energy even for regular casual dating, much less whatever drama is involved in an “entanglement.”

    • AmyB says:

      @Lindy – AMEN to this ^^^^^ I was the same way! After separating and divorcing my husband of ten years, who had a horrible drug addiction, I took probably 2 years? to heal, go back to therapy, and give myself a chance to get OVER that SHIT! I was a mess. I still had my young daughter too, my job, and I was broken hearted. I loved him, but realized I couldn’t save him. I had no interest in dating, and didn’t want to subject anyone else to my sorrow and anger.

      I too, cannot imagine, just jumping back into something, even if it was casual. That is just not me. I need time. Period.

  13. Starkille says:

    Who else read “engagement” instead of “entanglement” at first. I was not even surprised, I would have no trouble believing that this woman was already engaged to someone else.

  14. karelli says:

    Pot, kettle. Bless their heart.

  15. Case says:

    I think Jana needs a new therapist and less wine drinking, for starters.