Jana Kramer seemingly announces her divorce from Mike Caussin, but is she serious?

Jana Kramer made a sort-of vague announcement on Instagram that seems to suggest she’s divorcing Mike Caussin, finally. If you’re not familiar with these people I’m jealous of you and you can catch up by viewing some of the recent stories about them. Their whole brand is built around making their relationship work despite the fact that Mike is the most cheatingest of cheaters. They use psychobabble and therapy speak to try and sound reasonable about this when they talk about it on their podcast. Mike has been in sex rehab at least twice, and during one of his stints there he filed for divorce from Jana. He’s cheated on her several times that she knows about, including while they were dating. Every time she’s taken him back. They also have two children together, Jolie, 5, and Jace, 2. For some reason it sounds like Jana is done. I’m not going to try and unpack what happened as Mike clearly cheated. She’s said that she finds cheating texts on his phone “every time” she looks. Here’s US Magazine’s writeup on this. They have run a lot of stories on these two and have “confirmed” that Jana has filed for divorce.

It’s over. Jana Kramer announced she and husband Mike Caussin have split after six years of marriage.

“‘It’s time.’ As I try to make sense of a reality I never wanted to believe could be possible again, those words have now become a reality,” the 37-year-old country singer began on Wednesday, April 21, via Instagram. ”I’ve fought y’all. I’ve loved hard. I’ve forgiven. I’ve put the work in. I’ve given everything I have, and now I have nothing else to give.”

Kramer, who has documented her and Caussin’s tumultuous relationship via their podcast, “Whine Down,” added that she still “wholeheartedly” believes in “marriage, love, and rebuilding.”

She continued: “I just can’t fight any longer. It’s time to heal. Thank you for all the love, heart, and support, in many ways you have fought on this journey alongside me, and for that I am grateful. I’ll always encourage you to continue the good fight, but you can’t fight it alone. 💔”

Us Weekly can confirm that the One Tree Hill alum has already filed for divorce.

[From US Magazine]

OK so we know Jana told US that she filed for divorce, but did she really? Because I expect her to take him back yet again. That’s been her pattern for years. I know she’s been through so much in her life and that she survived a horribly abusive relationship before Mike, but at this point I don’t think she can be without Mike or the drama. She built her whole career around it. I hope that she really did file and that she means it this time.

Also I have to mention that these two published a relationship advice book exactly seven months ago.

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  1. Jess says:

    I really want to know who bought their book!!

    • Darla says:

      It’s like Trump writing a healthy eating book.

      • Emm says:

        Ha! @Darla, I love your comments.

        Have you ever been to her IG though? It’s full of women who were constantly praising her for sticking with him and working so hard to keep the marriage together. So I’m guessing it’s them and I’m sure a lot of them are in similar situations and are desperate to see how it can have a happy ending, is worth it or that they aren’t alone in their struggles. That makes me even more depressed for womankind right now. Down with the patriarchy! Lots of coffee this morning.

      • Drea says:


        How to be a Doormat: Losing Your Integrity and Denying Your Emotions In Order to Cling to a Terrible Relationship.

      • lucy2 says:

        Or just…a book. I still like Sam Bee’s joke/theory that he can’t actually read.

        The line “Wanting to leave, choosing to stay” JFC. Why would you want to be with someone who wants to leave you????

    • Louise177 says:

      Based on their relationship I would think people bought it as comedic read. Isn’t this the first time Jana left, usually it’s Mike? I don’t feel bad for her. Mike proved numerous times he doesn’t care about the marriage. Very often it’s better to leave than stay. Better for the mental health of yourself and children.

    • Case says:

      Sadly, I think she has a lot of women who look up to their dysfunctional relationship because they’re in one themselves. I think Jana seems like a nice person, but I had to unfollow her for normalizing such toxicity.

    • olliesmom says:

      That’s what I’d like to know too. Maybe they bought a bunch themselves and they are stacked in their garage and basement.

      It doesn’t surprise me. People have bad taste and they are stupid and are swept in by anything that comes along.

      How many books does one have to sell to be a “New York Times bestseller” anyway?

  2. Chris says:

    Who the hell would buy a relationship book by these two?! I can’t even imagine. I guess you could read it and do the opposite of what they say and maybe that would lead to a healthy relationship.

  3. Bryn says:

    My guess is that it was Jana doing all the work and trying so hard. Shes been married several times before and probably didn’t want another divorce. I feel bad for her, she’s clearly has issues when it comes to men. Mike is trash.

    • Emm says:

      Right, plus they have children together. It was so obvious from the outside and the fact that he’s filed for divorce while in rehab. My gosh they just need to let each other go and get serious therapy and be single for a while. Her life seems so sad, marriage is work but it shouldn’t be this much work. I really hope she goes through with it.

    • Sigmund says:

      Yes, I didn’t realize she’d previously been in abusive relationship. Knowing that, it makes sense that she struggled with walking away from this relationship. Abuse really messes with your expectations and sense of worth.

      I honestly feel sorry for her. I hope the divorce sticks and she leaves him, but we will see.

      • cdnKitty says:

        ^ +1 – abuse really changes what you accept in a relationship and wanting something to work, and being the only one to pull it along is exhausting. Leaving is hard when there are kids and family pressure and I’m sure for her, also economic pressure as well (if it’s her ‘brand’). I hope she leaves and does the healing work to make sure it doesn’t play out again in another relationship, for her and for those kids.

  4. Bryn says:

    The loving faithfully thing on the front of the book is kinda hilarious. If my memory serves right, he was never faithful and she kept forgiving him over and over

  5. Holland S says:

    I don’t know these people, but I hope she breaks up with him for good. Life is too short to worry if someone’s cheating all the time. Be free unknown woman, be free!

  6. Lucy says:

    I hope this is for real but I feel like it’s an attention ploy, from the public and from Mike. Like that time he filed for divorce while he was in rehab.

  7. Lila says:


    Her IG looks like a single mother already. Tons of posts on her kids. The only time Mike pops up is when they’re doing a paid advertisement together.

    • Yup, Me says:

      Good. I hope she makes it stick this time.

      I think more women would benefit from making their romantic relationships into business arrangements – here’s the contract – you give me a couple pretty (sweet, smart, financially covered – whatever) babies (which is what I really want) and then get the fuck on. I’ll call you when there’s some sponcon to be done.

      See also – JLo

  8. Mcmmom says:

    I’m sure someone who knows more about mental health than I do can set me straight – but I don’t believe infidelity is caused by an addiction. I think there can be some deep rooted issues that make someone more inclined to cheat – but an addiction? No. He doesn’t need rehab for a chemical dependency – he needs therapy and NOT to be in a monogamous relationship.

    • Kebbie says:

      Sex addiction is real, but I really doubt that’s what this guy is suffering from. I’m not an expert but actual sex addiction is like anyone, anywhere. I’m guessing all of this guy’s “relapses” involved beautiful women.

  9. Renee says:

    Jana has a pattern of being in abusive relationships. I hope she gets the hell away from this a**hol* once and for all. Her previous relationship was extremely physically abusive. I hope she gets the help she needs to stop this pattern.

  10. Case says:

    For herself and her kids’ sake, I hope she finally leaves him. He never changed because he thinks he could always be forgiven and she lacked the self-esteem to realize she deserves better. Hopefully she’s finally figured that out.

    I get that relationships take work, but this is WAY too much work.

  11. Meg says:

    ‘If you’re not familiar with these people I’m jealous of you’

  12. Abby says:

    I saw this on people today and I am SO HOPEFUL it could actually be for real. This girl and her trainwreck self esteem are so disturbing. You do not get an award for taking back a diseased sex monster every time he cheats. We know you tried to convince him to be a good person, Jana. He’s just not. Run and stay gone.

  13. North London is Red says:

    I only know her bc my friend went to high school with her. I am kind of blown away whenever I see stories about her — is she really that famous or accomplished?

    • lucy2 says:

      I’ve read stories about her before, but this is the first I remember of her being a country singer? I only watched the first few seasons of OTH and don’t remember her.
      It seems she’s most “famous” for having a shitty marriage, so hopefully if she leaves him she can rebuild something that doesn’t rely on her personal relationships and gives her something else to focus on.
      I really don’t get the social media fame that some people get though.

  14. Hope says:

    I follow her on IG – mostly out of curiosity. I’m actually surprised she is filing for divorce. She got a breast augmentation just before Easter and went on and on about what a wonderful caretaker he was during her recovery. This past weekend he went golfing with friends and she stayed home with the kids but he was on her IG stories.

    I’m wondering if something happened when he was out of town and she found out when he came home and checked his phone because it all happened really quick this time.

    They are pretty toxic together and really need to split up. Her whole feed is women commenting to her about how they are learning to forgive their cheating partner and how she’s such an inspiration. Whenever she does a Q&A it’s 90% questions asking how she’s learned to forgive Mike for all the cheating and how can they do the same.

  15. detritus says:

    I can’t help but see his serial cheating as a form of abuse.

    He exposes her to unwanted and un agreed to risk. He hurts her emotionally and to a certain extent his actions shame her publicly. Then promises to seek treatment and get better.

    I hope she can get out for real this time.

    • Abby says:

      It is absolutely a form of abuse! It’s betrayal trauma/emotional abuse, sure, but it literally puts her life at risk! Who knows what random genitals he’s indiscriminately banging! Even if he uses condoms (doubtful) his mouth is probably all sorts of places and condoms are not foolproof. It’s horrifying that he would put the mother of his children at risk like that.

  16. Ania says:

    Jesus this reminds me of my aut and her horrible marriage and everyone in her close familiy convincing her to „try just a little longer”. Imagine a guy staying with a woman who cheats all the time. Jana is troubled but she is also a result of culture expecting women to forgive and sacrifice themselves and being praised for that. I see it all the time in women my mum’s age. They are acting like suffering will give them respect somehow but in the end nobody cares.

  17. Rice says:

    Oh! THAT Jana Kramer! Nah. No idea who she is, neither her husband but he sounds like the Prince of Jerkanistan.

  18. Cee says:

    Jana seems to always fall into abusive relationships. She needs to understand why she seems to find herself attached to men who abuse her, either physically and/or emotionally and psychologically. She needs therapy to break that pattern and finally be in a healthy relationship.

    He needs to stay single, period. Single and unattached. Far away from her.

  19. Krystina says:

    I kind of understand why she kept trying and trying.. Even to the point of practically selling out. Some people need to feel they’ve done everything they can think of to make something work, before they can let go. I did the same with one ex. It was exhausting, but at the same time, the closure I got from knowing I tried everything in my power to fix things was huge.
    Maybe I’m off the mark, though.

    • MaryContrary says:

      Choosing to stay with someone who is constantly unfaithful to you is not a sign of healthy self esteem. It’s a sign that you don’t love yourself or care for yourself enough, and you’re willing to tolerate abuse. I don’t see that as wanting to have closure.

      • Krystina says:

        Nowhere did I say it was a sign of healthy self esteem.
        Also, nowhere did I say anything about tolerating abuse.
        I was just stating that I understood a possibility of why she remained in the relationship so long.
        Stop reaching.

  20. Zantasia says:

    “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” -Maya Angelou

  21. Jess says:

    I’m shocked she finally left him, I hope she stays single for awhile and works on her mental health. She needs to figure out how she keeps getting into these kinds of relationships and not leaving them. I know people can be manipulative, but at this point it’s a pattern for her. No woman deserves what she’s been through, but she seems to think she does.

    On that note, he’s disgusting and I side eye the hell out of her for writing a book like that.

  22. Starkille says:

    How many times has this woman been married, divorced and engaged at the age of 37? At what point does one have a Frank conversation with themselves and accept that marriage may not be for them?

    • ElleEee says:

      I really don’t see how she is responsible for men behaving poorly. I cant speak to her other relationships prior to him but why in the world is SHE the one who should realize she is not made for married life when she is the one having made, for 7 years may i remind you, all the efforts to keep the marriage functional and he has done nothing but betray her trust and shit all over her efforts? She is clearly someone who puts an immense amount of work in her relationship and holds her vows as sacred and HE is the one clearly not suited for marriage. Come on!

      • MaryContrary says:

        She needs therapy to figure out why she would keep choosing such horrible people to partner with. There’s nothing “sacred” about staying with someone who treats you so horribly.

  23. Willow says:

    Interesting how all the comments are about her, what she needs to do, how she needs to change, she should forgive him, should leave him. Our society puts all the work and pressure to fix a relationship on the woman. But there are two people here, and the only one I see causing the problems and emotionally abusing their partner is him! He needs to be doing the work, and since he is clearly failing over and over again, it’s him we should be telling, leave her alone, give her peace, realize you are toxic or stop cheating. As women we deserve more than to sacrifice our lives for a partner who doesn’t care.
    The other thing is that it seems as if Jana is getting all her emotional needs met by her supporters on the internet. These women are enabling each other to stay in toxic, abusive relationships. Sad.

  24. AMJ says:

    Just read in the comments that she just had a breast augmentation and he was taking care of her… Want to bet either he pressured her into it or she did it so he wouldn’t cheat (so much)? Because there’s no way she’d have any healthy reason to do so given her past and how their relationship works.

  25. Isa says:

    I hope she learns that love doesn’t have to hurt. And that he realizes monogamy isn’t for everyone and that’s okay as long as you’re not hurting anyone. I have a feeling though, that he gets off on sneaking around and hurting people.