Ewan McGregor & Mary Elizabeth Winstead welcomed a secret son, Laurie

Ewan McGregor and girlfriend Mary Elizabeth Winstead hold hands while riding the Subway in NYC

I don’t know when Ewan McGregor’s affair with Mary Elizabeth Winstead began, but I suspect it started while they filmed their season of Fargo. We didn’t find out until months later, in the fall of 2017, when they were seen canoodling in public and people were like “wait, he’s married?” Months later, he and his wife Eve formally split up and filed for divorce. It was a long process and their adult-children were apparently unhappy about all of it. Clara McGregor, Ewan’s eldest daughter, called Mary Elizabeth “a piece of trash” for ruining their family. They worked that sh-t out though. And after all of that… Mary Elizabeth got knocked up during the pandemic and we never knew. Ewan is a father for the fifth time, and he and MEW welcomed a baby boy named Laurie.

Ewan McGregor and Mary Elizabeth Winstead are new parents! The couple, who costarred in 2020’s Birds of Prey, welcomed their first child together, according to the newborn boy’s older sisters. McGregor’s eldest child, Clara McGregor, 25, confirmed the birth of her baby brother in an Instagram post on Sunday.

“Welcome to the world little brother ❤️ congratulations to my Dad & Mary – this is the greatest gift,” Clara wrote alongside two adorable photos with her sibling. Clara’s younger sister Esther, 19, also welcomed their little brother Laurie into the family on Instagram.

“Met my little brother looking like a pirate. I recommend!,” she captioned a trio of sweet images. “Welcome to the family little Laurie.”

Before welcoming her newborn, the Kate actress, 36, did not publicly share the news of her pregnancy and was not photographed with her baby bump. The Halston actor, 50, is also dad to two other children, Jamyan, 20, and Anouk, 10, from his previous marriage to Eve Mavrakis, whom he divorced after 22 years of marriage.

McGregor and Winstead met on the set of the TV series Fargo in late 2016. In May 2017, Winstead split from her husband, Riley Stearns, after seven years of marriage. That fall, she and McGregor were seen kissing during an outing together. Months later, the Obi-Wan Kenobi star filed for divorce from Mavrakis in January 2018, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for their separation. And in November 2019, McGregor asked a judge to declare him and Mavrakis single before finalizing their divorce.

[From People]

Laurie McGregor? Laurie Winstead-McGregor maybe? I don’t know. I wonder if the name is a Little Women reference? In the book, Laurie’s real name was Theodore Laurence. I kind of wonder if this baby’s real name is Laurence McGregor, and if that’s a family name on one side. Hm. And secret pregnancies and secret babies are all the rage now. I think the pandemic is only part of it – the pandemic just made it easier for pregnant women to disappear for months at a time and then pop up with a baby. Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well. I’ll admit, I did not think Mary Elizabeth and Ewan would last.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid and Instagram.

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  1. girl_ninja says:

    Sweet photos of baby Laurie and his sissy. I hope he well loved up on.

  2. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    Cue his next affair in 5,4,3 …

    • Frida_K says:


      When a man marries his mistress a new job opening has been created.

      In this case, she’s stepped up and become the mother of his latest child, so it’s as good as being married. More likely than not, there will be someone else to step into the role she vacated.

      Cheaters cheat and he is a cheater, so…

  3. Case says:

    Cute name and adorable baby! I suppose it’s nice if all that drama was worth it (maybe) and they’re still together. I didn’t think they’d last either.

  4. cynic says:

    The thing about Ewan McGregor is that he has been known to cheat on his wife constantly during the marriage….so no surprise he would hook up with a co-star but a surprise that is hook up has lasted long. LOL.

  5. Tiffany says:

    Child or not, they can always end. Just ask his ex wife.

    Yeah, something tells me that this was not a surprise as Ewan is not the parent of a baby boy.

    Laurie is a cutie though.

  6. NotSoSimpleTaylor says:

    I used to like Ewan but after learning how he treated Eva, I will never respect him again. Mary better hope she can keep his attention longer than Eva could. A child won’t make a difference when he decides to cheat again.

    • minx says:

      I used to like him, too. Now I just think he’s a cheating tool.

    • Green Desert says:

      This is by no means a defense of him, but I’m almost positive he and Eve had an “understanding” throughout their marriage. I remember pap photos of he and Melanie Laurent looking loved up while they were filming a movie together that were not from the set. There’s other similar stuff out there about their marriage.

      My take is that they had an understanding that while he was away, he could find companionship on set (and hopefully Eve was allowed that same thing if she wanted) but that they still had a strong marriage in their own way and thought they could do it this way and stay married. I think these acts alone were not considered “cheating” to them. But he fell in love with MEW and clearly that lead to him leaving his wife.

      I couldn’t have a marriage like that. I don’t know how people think they can do it indefinitely and never develop stronger feelings for someone! But I think that’s why Eve was so understandably upset when he left her. This is all speculation on my part of course but from other stuff I read about him through the years, I think I’m at least close to the truth.

      But babies are wonderful, and Laurie McGregor is a cute name.

      • Lily says:

        Very interesting. It was the same arrangement Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde had, except she fell in lust and got out first. This arrangement seems fairly common in Hollywood.

  7. Christa says:

    Kaiser, it doesn’t mean you were wrong! They may have a baby and still not be together long. That baby is very cute and his other pictured children are very pretty. At least he passed on his good looks.

  8. Greta says:

    Ewan McGregor is a known cheat, he cheated on his wife the entire time they were married- openly. He just left her for Mary, there’s no way he’s stopped his cheating ways, but goodluck to them I guess.

  9. pf says:

    Little Women? Laurie or Lawrie is a Scottish name, probably references Ewan’s roots.

  10. Plums says:

    Well I’m glad at least his adult children have made peace enough with their trash father to be happy about a baby brother. And also glad to hear they’ve come to some kind of amicable relationship with Mary Elizabeth Winstead, because last I paid attention to these people was when the daughter called her trash, lol. I honestly don’t see there’s any way she and Ewan last long term, but she’s a permanent part of the family now as the mother of their sibling, and she’s gonna be connected to them whether she stays with their father or not. It’s better that they get along if that’s possible.

    I had the hugest crush on Ewan McGregor when I was a kid. He’s turned out to be such a disappointment.

  11. Ann says:

    Well, disappointing that he’s such a cheat. The baby is adorable and his daughters are very striking, wow. I feel badly for his ex though.

  12. ItReallyIsYouNotMe says:

    I side eye Ewan now too even though I love his acting. He was really excellent in Halston.

  13. lunchcoma says:

    I still don’t know that they’ll last. My prediction from him is that he’ll be one of those actors whose biography ends up including four wives and three sets of kids.

    In any case, I’m glad the kids are reconciled enough to be involved in their little brother’s life.

  14. Ariel says:

    I certainly do not wish them ill, but having a baby is not any kind of sign that their relationship will be long lasting.
    Maybe it is because i thought that season of Fargo was so wretched, but they do not give me a good vibe.
    Glad he squared things with his (other) kids.

  15. Boxy Lady says:

    Not very long ago, like in the past few months, Clara said that MEW was now part of the family. Upon reading that, I wondered what had changed. Now I know! Lol
    He’s a beautiful baby. Bless.

  16. Mee yo says:

    This won’t last. He knows it, she knows it. Ewan cheats, it’s just what he does. It’s Tiger Woods, ARod, what’s his face husband on that podcast. 50 year old men don’t all of a sudden change their behavior. Best of luck in shared custody MEW.

  17. Sunnee says:

    Am I seeing things? That baby has some caramel color.

  18. Hanah says:

    So sad when men are looking for their lost youth in a woman young enough to be their daughter…

    • Stefanie says:

      That’s a bit exaggerating no? She’s 36 and he’s 50. So yes there’s an age gap but also not that much…

  19. lol says:

    I don’t follow Ewan (tho I do think he’s kind of handsome), so I’m surprised he’s a father of adult children.

    I see no chemistry at all between these two tho. I imagine they’ll break up soon. Hollywood just doesn’t seem to be the place for love.

    Just get an average joe/jane. You’ll never have a healthy or fulfilling relationship with another primadona.