Prince William goes solo at the Euros as England makes it to the final

Soccer EURO 2020 semi-finals / England - Denmark 2: 1 nV.

It’s coming home, football’s coming home. England’s football team has been waiting decades to win a major championship, and stars have possibly aligned for them to win the Euros. It would be somewhat funny if England did win the Euros given Brexit, surely? In any case, last night was the second Euro semifinal, England vs. Denmark. England won, 2-1. Watching the match in person at Wembley Stadium? Football Association president Prince William. It’s one of William’s favorite “patronages” because “going to football matches” counts towards his royal-event numbers. Plus, he gets to hang out with footballers and William loves that.

In England’s quarterfinal match last week, the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince George were in attendance with William. It was at that match that Kate *possibly* got exposed to Covid, although no one is saying that. Kate started her 10-day isolation period last Friday, so that’s why Kate did not attend the semifinal. But where was George?

The Duke of Cambridge stepped out to watch England’s semi-final match against Denmark at Wembley Stadium in the UEFA Euro Championships on Wednesday night. But many royal fans were wondering why Prince George didn’t attend the game after he joined his parents, Prince William and Kate, to watch the Three Lions’ 2-0 victory over Germany last week.

The simple reason why George didn’t join his father at the match could be down to the timing. The seven-year-old enjoyed the after-school treat last week as the game kicked off at 5pm, but on this occasion, the 8pm start time might have been too late for the youngster on a school night.

After the Three Lions’ win against Germany, royal and football fans alike were quick to take to social media and officially name the youngster England’s “lucky charm”.

[From Hello]

First of all, it’s funny that so many people were like “where’s George?” I bet that got on William’s last nerve, so well done! Poor Baldingham, already overshadowed by his son. As for why George didn’t go… I mean, he is a little kid and that was pretty late, so I get that. Still, it’s a historic sporting moment for England and one which William might regret not including his son. I kind of wonder if William just didn’t want to deal with a sleepy almost-eight-year-old kid while he was trying to watch the game. If Kate had been able to attend, I bet they would have brought George and Kate would have been the one looking after George. (Sidenote: with all of the “where was George?” headlines, my first thought was “it’s not William’s week with the kids.”)

Anyway, the Euro final is this Sunday, England vs. Italy. I bet George will attend.

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138 Responses to “Prince William goes solo at the Euros as England makes it to the final”

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  1. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    One of the comments on the Fail read ‘so handsome’. Handsome? PWT?! I rolled my eyes so hard I nearly knocked myself out!

    • HeatherC says:

      A large majority of those commenters are still swooning over that picture of an Olympic swimmer in a speedo, swearing it’s William

      • Andrew’s Nemesis says:

        @HeatherC Ew. PWT in a speedo. Ew. I think my brain just shut down in protest at that image.

    • Pao says:

      More proof that the DM and its readers are completely delusional

    • Miranda says:

      Are you really trying to pretend that a sulky, petulant, racist, balding aristocrat with the physique of a pasty weakling in an old Charles Atlas ad doesn’t get you hot? You’re lying to yourself, that is SEX PERSONIFIED.

      • Over it says:

        Is Willy ignoring David Becks.? It certainly looks that way. Why does Baldimort always look so sour. Like wtf does he have to be so bitter about.

      • Noki says:

        @Over It Beckham is one of the biggest Knighthood chasers,it would be funny if Wills was actually ignoring him. He spoiled his chances years ago when we found out he is not as nice as his persona.

      • Lorelei says:

        Miranda I’m dying at this description

      • Andrew’s Nemesis says:

        @Miranda I choked on my lunchtime omelette – thanks very much for that belly-lol!

      • Robyn says:

        This description just moved me from peri- to full on menopause!

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        Am sure Top CEO (and her mother) will agree – she spent 10 years desperate to climb that tree!!

      • Over it says:

        Sorry I meant to put lol at your comment here and mine further down

      • MerlinsMom1018 says:

        It’s a bit too early for me to be spitting coffee through my nose, but here we are…
        Thanks for the wake up laugh.
        Now excuse me…gotta clean up, get a 2nd cup and bleach my brain

      • Liz version 700 says:

        Hahahaha Miranda that was the comment of the day!

      • kelleybelle says:

        And all the personality of a ping pong ball. To me he always looks like he just left the washroom and can’t quite remember whether he’s wiped himself or not. He never looks entirely “there.” Right now he’s grim about something, you can tell. Maybe too many people have caught on to his sham of a marriage?

      • Nedsdag says:

        @Noki, If England wins, GarethbSouthgate will get the knighthood before Beckham.

      • (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

        Over It, Becks was at TOBB and Keen Kween to Be’s wedding (as well as H&M’s). If he’s ignoring him it’d be new. Though after Beckham put out “THAT” email when he failed to get a Knighthood nod, that might’ve caused a big chill. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Still, he was in pretty close proximity to TOBB in both matches, so there’s that, too.

      • The Hench says:

        @Noki – you’re right. Beckham is not as nice as he likes to pretend. A friend of mine worked with him on a project. Amongst other demands he insisted that he have a whole entourage flown out with him – including his personal hairdresser – only he had to go first class and they all had to go coach – and also that his hotel sheets were changed EVERY day. Lord knows what he was doing that the latter was necessary – and screw environmentally friendly…

    • Lizzie says:

      Is Prince Elegant handsome? Sadly not really. But he could have sex appeal as that is all attitude and personality (see Stanley Tucci). Rage just isn’t attractive.

  2. Lady Luna says:

    I’m rooting for Italy!!

    • Andrew’s Nemesis says:

      @Luna I’m rooting for England. It’s the first decent thing to happen to us in fifteen months, the country is briefly united and buoyant, and there’s an air of general good cheer that has been missing for decades. Besides, having once been engaged to an Italian who was calcio-mad, I think I’m allergic to their national team.

      • Simone says:

        I married an Italian woman & moved to Italy. The football is the most fun we’ve had in a year. Forza Azzurri!!!!

      • Lady Luna says:

        @Andrew’s Nemesis I live in Italy haha so yeah. Forza Azurri Italy!!

      • Sofia says:

        I too am rooting for England but Italy are a very, very good team. So I don’t want to get my hopes up. Cautiously optimistic I suppose!

        But I do want to add that some English football fans are… horrible

      • line says:

        I hope Italy will win because they have come a long way since 2006 and I hate the attitude of the English supporters.

      • Andrew’s Nemesis says:

        @Sofia Right? What the bloody hell were they doing, booing every other nation’s anthem and the taking of the knee? Nothing’s changed in the brute tribalism of football since the 1970s, and they still behave like bloody skinheads. Just deplorable and shameful.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        One English fan even tried to blind the Danish goalie with a laserlight during last night’s match. So I’m rooting against England on principle (and because Denmark exited) – because the English supporters are acting atrociously.

      • Robin says:

        Agreed, Andrew’s Nemesis. I am crossing everything for our England team to win. It is so joyous here. And, also, on a deeper level, the ethos of Gareth Southgate is fantastic: his inclusivity, cultural awareness and kindness. I believe he is bringing out some of the best in our character, something that got lost in the hatred of Brexit; it’s nice for us to feel united in something positive for once. I’m probably desperately misguided in thinking that this will trickle into fairer minded behaviour towards maligned people, such as Meghan and Harry.

    • Normades says:

      Same. I don’t understand why England even gets to play in the EUROS.

      • Elvie says:

        I mean… England is still in the continent of Europe…

      • Merricat says:


      • EMF999 says:

        Europe is a continent but the European Union is a political/economic group of 27 countries. Not all European countries are members of the EU.

      • TabithaD says:

        England is still part of Europe even though it is not in the EU. See also: Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Ukraine – all of which had teams eligible for the Euros, none of them in the EU.

      • Lady D says:

        @EMF999 & TabithaD, thank you for your responses. I was a little confused about that myself.

      • Laurie says:

        Because the European Union (EU) and the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) are two completely different things. Plenty of countries that are not in the EU are in UEFA, including Switzerland, Russia, Serbia, Macedonia, etc.

    • Nina says:

      I’m also rooting for Italy. Brits just don’t have the love and support of the world due to their very violent past. I live in one of ex Commonwealth countries and people here were rooting for anyone besides English. Also Italians are just so charming

      • AB says:

        Italy was a colonial power and also committed huge atrocities in Africa and elsewhere. Also, as we’re talking anecdotally – you did mention about your experience with Italians – I’ll add my own experience which was not as nice unfortunately: Italy was the most racist place I’ve ever visitd as a Black woman (I’m Nigerian British). I was really looking forward to it but myself and my family were routinely, and openly, called slurs and harassed throughout our visit. Maybe it was the region or whatever, but it definitely soured the country for me.

      • OriginalLala says:

        @AB I’m so sorry you experience such vile and racist treatment in Italy. I’m saddened to say that my family in Italy is generally pretty racist as well, so is much of my Italian Canadian family unfortunately..,

      • Mina_Esq says:

        I second what AB said. I’m not a POC, but I could see that the Romani and people from North Africa were treated like trash by Italians because the racism is so out in the open. And don’t even talk to me about them being charming. Their fans are just as bad as all the other football fans. They even turn on their own players should they, G-d forbid, miss a penalty shot or something.

    • heygingersnaps says:

      Gutted that Denmark didn’t win last night.
      Even though I live in England, I am rooting for Italy to win! Forza Italia.
      My partner is English so he’s over the moon and very excited about this our 5 year old son isn’t that bothered about it but says he will cheer for England.

    • OriginalLala says:

      I’m Italian Canadian (dual citizen) and we are a forever Forza Azzurri household!!

    • MerlinsMom1018 says:

      Married to an Italian and have English ancestry on my Mama’s side…sitting this one out!!!

    • Cee says:

      Me too! As an italian with italian in-laws I really don’t have much choice.
      This Saturday is the Copa America final ARG vs BRZ so this weekend will be 100% football.

  3. Jan says:

    60 thousand people attended the match, maskless. In two weeks England is going to be a dangerous place, with the the Delta variants.
    Not sure which Country it was that told the politicians to take off their mask, because it was hurting the economy.

    • Serena says:

      Why are they being so stupidly careless about that? It’s so unnerving!

    • mariahlee says:

      Truly. I hope the wins are worth the fallout.

    • heygingersnaps says:

      It’s very much irresponsible. I’m waiting for the eventual fallout. A friend and neighbour got covid last year and he is still not himself more than a year after having had it. He is always fatigued and needing to take several naps a day which is not him as he was always very busy and active. He can’t even go back to work because he is just too tired all the time.

    • Lizzie says:

      As a person living in an area where the delta variant is spreading fast (MO), it’s no joke. If adults want to risk their unvaccinated life I guess it’s up to them but the youngsters who cannot get the vaccine need to wear masks. No mandate needed.

      • Lizzie says:

        Springfield hospital had to borrow ventilators and put out a public request for raspatory therapists. They haven’t seen these levels in a year.

      • smlstrs says:

        @Lizzie – Grew up in the midwest and have friends and family throughout including along the KS / MO border including nieces and nephews under 12. Am scared to see what’s happening there w Delta and “vaccine hesitancy.” It seems incredibly insufficient but I’m keeping all y’all in my thoughts.

  4. Becks1 says:

    I was rooting for denmark yesterday just because I wanted to see them win it all, after their start – but now I’m indifferent. We’ll be at a soccer party for my oldest’s club team so i’m sure we’ll watch the game there. He wants a Kane england jersey (he has a Kane kit but its the Spurs and apparently that’s not enough for sunday. amazon is failing me though bc I’m not spending 50 bucks on one lol.)

    Anyway as to why george didn’t go – I agree that it was a timing issue, and also, did William attend the last event as president of the FA, or was he just there as “Future future king?” If it was just the latter ,then maybe someone decided that it wasn’t appropriate to have George there if he was actually “working.” (nice work if you can get it I guess.)

    • line says:

      You should rather advise him to buy a jersey from Raheem Sterling, Bukayo Saka, Jadon Sancho or Kyle Walker because it is literally them who make the games in the Anglettere team.

      Kane in the matches is downright transparent, he pops up a few times and then disappears when the team is in trouble but the press ( daily mail , sun ….) treat him like Hercules but all the work from start to finish is done by his five players.

      • Becks1 says:

        He was cheering for Sterling in the game yesterday so maybe I can push him that way. He basically likes whoever the other kids in his school like, so it can be hard to push him to wear someone new, and one of his best buddies wears a Kane kit a lot.

        He does willingly wear his Morgan or Rapinoe kit when the women play so I consider that a win lol.

      • heygingersnaps says:

        Kyle Walker’s parents are my neighbours and they are very down to earth.
        I just got my son an England shirt from H&M which cost £6 as the ones from Nike costs way more than I would like to shell out.

  5. Amy Bee says:

    For the last week the only engagements William and Kate have done are attend sporting events. This is the public service that Harry and Meghan have been accused of abandoning.

    • Harper says:

      TOB’s entire presence at a sporting match is completely different from when he attends his royal events. He is so completely lifeless, checked-out and fist-clenching while doing his duty. At the sporting events he is waving his arms around, hyena-ing just like Kate and turning red with excitement. I think losing his royal box seats are the only con on the Should I Abdicate? Pro/Con list he keeps in his journal.

    • HeyJude says:

      TBF They did abandon this shit but to do real work like working with the schoolchildren in LA and delivering meals to the needy during the pandemic lock-down.

  6. Serena says:

    Indeed England shouldn’t have been allowed since technically they’re not part of Europe anymore. You wanted Brexit? Now deak with it -would have been great.

    But between that and how they’re dealing with Covid.. good lord, let’s just say I hope Italy will kick their ass.

    • mynameispearl says:

      They arent part of the European Union (Eu27), they are part of Europe.

    • Allison says:

      We aren’t part of the EU but we are still part of the continent. The Euros are nothing to do with the EU.

      • Lady D says:

        Does the winner of the EURO’s get entry to FIFA, or do all EU countries with a soccer team have a shot at getting in?

      • Sofia says:

        @Lady D: Both Italy and the UK are a part of FIFA already. As are all the European Football teams. FIFA isn’t a tournament, it’s the organisation that runs the World Cup.

        All countries have a shot at entry into the World Cup. It’s not dependent on the results of the Euros.

      • Lady D says:

        Thanks, Sofia. I just started watching soccer three months ago, and a lot of it is new or puzzling to me. I shall however, persevere, soccer beats golf/basketball any day.

    • Polly says:

      Norway, Switzerland, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine aren’t members of the EU either. The Euros have nothing to do with the EU.

    • Serena says:

      Sorry I meant EU, of course it’s still Europe. I’m just pissed at Brexit.

    • Tina says:

      I didn’t blame the people of the USA for your Covid-related suffering when Trump was president. It seems very unkind to blame English people for our government’s Covid mismanagement.

      • Lady D says:

        Seriously, clowns from most countries are going to do what they want, regardless of govt. protocol, or the potential death of themselves or someone they love.

      • Marion says:


      • Pinellas Pixie says:

        Exactly right. Citizens of any country generally have very little influence in decisions made by their government and it’s unfortunate that we hold them responsible for anything. They may or may not have voted for the people in power but even if they did, that’s where the influence ends.

  7. Becks1 says:

    Also wanted to point out that its interesting Hello mag is putting it out there that Kate was exposed at the soccer match. That just leaves a very big unanswered question about William and George.

    • Amy Bee says:

      I don’t think it was at Wembley. I think she was most likely exposed at her hairdresser’s. She wasn’t alerted by the app but by the person who had covid.

      • Becks1 says:

        @AmyBee I still don’t think it was at Wembley either, but I’m finding it interesting that it is being pushed by a mag like Hello, which I would think would want to stay in the good graces of the royals and implying that William and George are flouting the protocols isn’t a good look, you know?

        ETA maybe Hello is just being shady and trying to provoke someone to confirm where she actually get exposed.

    • Sofia says:

      Huh. Maybe that’s why George didn’t go. He’s in isolation too. But that still leaves the question of why William isn’t in isolation.

      Maybe he’s supposed to be and he’s thrown a tantrum saying “No! I WILL go to my football matches!”. Or the separate households theory i.e Kate and the kids are one household and William is another. But even then, if Kate got exposed at the football match, William would have too, separate households or not. Or Hello has got it wrong.

    • Pao says:

      Very interesting indeed and i don’t really know what to make of it.
      It could be that Hello mag knows more than they’re letting on. But if that were the case than it leaves question marks for why george and william weren’t exposed to the same source.
      Or it could simply be that Hello mag is speculating because KP is unable (or unwilling) to clarify anything.

    • The Hench says:

      Very interesting. Hello mag’s schtick is that it is obsequiously friendly to its celebrities at all times – it’s stated as their position so that they can always get stars to work with them and gain access that more critical publications would not. So for HELLO to be this shady??

  8. mariahlee says:

    I have no dogs in this fight, but since England has been winning in this tournament the media has been too preoccupied to harass my fave. For that reason alone, I hope they win.

  9. Steph says:

    I got to see the end of the game last night at a bar. When they panned over to William I was so confused. Why is he in a suit? Why was he alone? Does he have no friends? Why was he so emotionless. His team just won and he just clapped. No excitement at all.

    • Becks1 says:

      So last week we discussed this and people said that the suits were required attire for the box, but you can see Boris a few seats down from William and he’s in a jersey, so why not William? Or last week George certainly could have worn one.

      • Steph says:

        Maybe bc he’s the president? I dunno. But what about everything else?

      • Cee says:

        Prince Christian of Denmark, who is William’s equivalent in terms of succession, wore a jersey and a jacket. But poor George was stuffed in a whole suit. It makes no sense, at all.

    • Janey says:

      He was there in an official capacity so the suit was required. As was Beckham (though frankly if my husband looked that good in a suit it would also be required at all times). I believe he was seated alone due to restrictions but I have no idea because every pleb present was not afforded the same precautionary measures. I don’t know if he has friends, I doubt it. He was clapping, I would think, because he’s an emotionless robot. he did do a bit of cheering and fist waving but it was very uncomfortable to watch, almost like he was copying what a real live boy would do.

    • HeyJude says:

      Yes, even during the peak moment since the 1960s of his supposedly beloved football team William still looked like he had a stick up his arse.

      With how much William looks like even the most easy appearance is a horrifying ordeal and imposition on him I honestly hope Charles’ big “streamlining of the monarchy” when King is to end it.

  10. Sunshine says:

    I guess it wasn’t his turn to have the kids.

  11. girl_ninja says:

    William looks miserable. What a sad way to go about life, with a shadow hanging over you constantly.

    My nemesis is an Italian from Italy fan and she SUCKS. Maybe they can BOTH lose.

  12. TIFFANY says:

    I really think David Beckham needs to ease up on the hairdye.

    Dude, you have shown bits of gray before? What you doing now looks comedic.

  13. J ferber says:

    I’m not surprised England won. The Danish team is still off-kilter because of the devastating cardiac arrest of their captain, which they all witnessed recently. I wouldn’t be surprised if they all had post-traumatic stress. I totally get that the players’ heads are not in the game. I’m sad for Denmark.

    • North London is Red says:

      The Danes far outperformed their ranking and expectations despite what happened in their first game. They just ran out of gas yesterday and subbed too many people. Also, soft pen on Sterling, but both teams were diving all over the place.

      I think Italy will win it all, but if England wins then I can stop hearing about it “coming home.”

  14. Cj says:

    Maybe he just has resting rage face? Because surely he’s enjoying the football. And it must not be a bad moment because Beckham is laughing behind him… so… RRF?

  15. Red Weather Tiger says:

    I hope England loses just to piss off William.

    • North London is Red says:

      I don’t think William really cares? I guess he’s an Aston Villa fan but otherwise I’m not seeing the passion for the sport.

      • Robin says:

        I think he does care. See my comment further down thread. I actually think he cares about football more than his wife!

  16. Lauren says:

    I usually don’t care about football, but PWT is bringing out my patriotism so this Sunday I’m going to be hanging around with an Italian flag, singing the Italian national anthem, and cheering with my parents. That’s gonna be a first in my house.

  17. Sofia says:

    I’m rooting for Italy, they deserve it! And not only that. Have you seen their “occasion” dressing? Bloody Armani made these! On the other hand you have M&S suits that can be machine washed…. Cringe!

  18. Nancy says:

    He really does have resting rage face doesn’t he?

  19. J ferber says:

    Red Weather Tiger, you are a boss. Your comment is diabolical and I love it. Also, aren’t the English no real match for the Italian team?

  20. equality says:

    The Delta variant is rampant, people aren’t wearing masks and seem to be packed in, and George is too young to be vaccinated. He doesn’t need to be there.

    • Robin says:

      I know, equality. Here in the UK we’re meant to be waiting for some mythical later July date for the official lifting of covid measures; in fact, some UK scientists are advising the government to slow down or postpone. And then you see these matches and the fans watching in the stadium or at pubs across the country. There are no regulations anymore. It’s really alarming. Lockdown three ahead.

  21. JemimaLeopard says:

    It will be interesting to see if George attends at the weekend … my theory about why KP is being so weird about Kate’s isolation is that one of the younger Cambridges (likely Charlotte) has tested positive. William doesn’t have to isolate as he hasn’t been in contact (just with George’s who likely travelled to the match with Kate).

    • Becks1 says:

      That’s an interesting theory and actually ties up all the loose ends. Charlotte was exposed, so Kate has to isolate, but William hasn’t seen Charlotte since she was exposed so he’s fine, but they can’t share that info bc then people would realize that William and Kate do not live together. That would explain why KP is being so squirrelly about the whole thing.

    • Isabella says:

      Don’t get why reporters assume George is more into soccer than Charlotte. Little girls in the U.S. love soccer. Bring her next time, Will.

      • Tessa says:

        I think it is not right that Charlotte does not get to go there. She will not only be stereotyped as the “spare” she will be treated as her parents thinking only the male children would enjoy soccer games. George actually looked mostly bored at the game.

  22. Lizzie says:

    I’m getting from all of the comments how huge this game was. It would have been a great opportunity to invite some royal cousins. Wouldn’t it be a better look for the elegant prince to be cheering along with Zara and Mike or Bea and Eugenia instead of skulking alone? He seems more like trump everyday. He is the only one in front of the camera’s.

    • equality says:

      He’s probably on the outs with Eugenie since she is close with Harry. Bea is pregnant so probably being very careful. Mike might be interested in going to a sports event.

      • Lizzie says:

        Oh, you are right equality. It’s just that this could have been such an easy win for kp.

      • Cee says:

        Bea is at Wimbledon today. If they’re being careful then it’s around William, not COVID.

      • equality says:

        Has Bea ever been there with Kate or was this her chance to sit in the royal box without having to be around Kate?

    • TabithaD says:

      I don’t get the impression William has many friends in his own family – he doesn’t really seem that close to any of them does he.

      • Lady Digby says:

        In 20 years time Will could be King with the purse strings so family members might not like surly Bill but with bills to pay they all have to tip toe around him now and forever!

    • ArtHistorian says:

      Some of the Danish royals were there – but I guess they didn’t interact with William.

      I’m still not over how TALL 15 year-old Prince Christian is. He’s taller than his father now. And Fred isn’t a shortie. The way that Christian paired a Danish soccer jersey with a blazer looked surprisingly good. It still looked formal while not too formal.

      Mary looked good too in a dark red blazer and glasses – and Fred, as usual, didn’t comb his hair.

      • Becks1 says:

        I just looked up pictures and they were in the box with him but a few seats down, so too far away for casual convos but still kind of weird there didn’t seem to be any interactions at all, but maybe i’m just not finding pics of that.

        Prince christian looked good IMO – he looked very age-appropriate, that’s the kind of look I thought George should have worn last week. Keeping with the dress code with the blazer but showing support in the team jersey.

      • TabithaD says:

        I liked the photos of the Danish royals – they looked relaxed and easy both with the event and each other. It made William’s outing with George and Kate the other day look even more stilted.

      • Lizzie says:

        No one was close to William, maybe they all think he should be isolating along with his wife.

      • Beach Dreams says:

        No, they did interact with him; well, at least Mary did from what I saw. There are pictures of William chatting and laughing with Mary. Honestly…he looked more chilled at yesterday’s game than last week’s. Still had the stick up his ass, but he was definitely more smile-y. Three guesses why.

      • Becks1 says:

        @BeachDreams – ah okay, thanks, I only saw a handful of pictures. So sounds kind of like the unveiling, where objectively he looks stiff and uncomfortable but for William, he looks relaxed and laid back?

        Huh. Interesting. wonder what the difference could be. ….

      • Calibration says:

        Becks1 here is a pic of them talking (Baldi with his weird facial expressions!) in People if I’m allowed to post the link

    • HeyJude says:

      I doubt even his cousins want to hang with him. Surely Harry’s their favorite too. For Eugenie & Beatrice we even already know this.

  23. Marion says:

    Of course England got to play in the Euros: it’s in Europe! Such as Sweden, Iceland, Switzerland… Turkey also play in the Euros!
    I’m rooting for Italy as well ♥
    But, am I the only one who doesn’t get how it is possible to organize such a competition in DIFFERENT COUNTRIES, in the middle of a pandemic? All those supporters travelling from one country to another and most of them not wearing masks…?
    I know they’re supposed to be tested/vaccinated but I don’t get why the UEFA has decided to organize the competition in different countries.
    Anyway, go Italy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Beach Dreams says:

    Pippa and her husband also attended the match. I saw a screenshot of the Fail’s article on it, and the title made a point of mentioning that 1) they did NOT join William in his box and 2) that it wasn’t known if they spoke to him at all.

    • Ginger says:

      That’s interesting. I wonder why they didn’t sit with him? Pippa sat with Kate ( and Meghan) at Wimbledon.

    • swirlmamad says:

      This is…..very interesting. His SIL and her husband were also at the game — and William didn’t interact with them at all, far less sit with them? Extremely curious.

  25. Kyre says:

    Of course George couldn’t go. Unless Kate is isolating away from her own children, which seems very unlikely, George is also not going out in public to spread germs.

  26. Robin says:

    William is a massive Aston Villa fan and football fan in general. I think it’s one of the few public appearance events where he feels relaxed and part of normal crowd behaviour. When you think about it, their lives must feel so controlled. They can’t pop into the pub for drinks, or meet up with friends at a local cafe. I doubt they can even splurge out on takeaway without feeling their staff are getting it for them and then watching. Everything they eat must be logged because of the security in getting it to their property. As I say, I’d rather be getting by in terms of money than ever buying into this myth of the royals living a life of luxury. They are public property and constrained to the hilt. When I saw George at the football, I felt so sorry for him – this is his future. When I see Kate, who opted in, I feel what a fool. And when I see Carole Middleton, I see a mother who groomed her child for this caged life and with it her grandchildren. Stupid woman.

    • Pat says:

      @Robin, I hear you’re concern for them. I know money isn’t everything and it certainly doesn’t mean instant happiness. However,George is the youngest wealthy child in the world. George’s fortune right now is MORE THAN A BILLION DOLLARS CURRENTLY. I think that’s much more Important to them than the situation many of us see when we take a closer look at the situation and realize just how unhealthy it is.

      • SnoodleDumpling says:

        George doesn’t have any money.

        His great-grandmother has a billion dollars, his grandfather has a yearly income of at least 5 or 6 million ( most likely 10 to 15 million), and his father has a yearly allowance somewhere between 1 and 5 million dollars plus a trust fund somewhere between 5 and 10 million.

        George will most likely inherit the lot, but that is most likely AT LEAST 20 years down the line and the UK is NOT heading for a generation-long economic boom. Heaven alone knows what the family fortune will look like.

      • Robin says:

        Hi Pat. I suppose that is one way of looking at it and helpful. But the thing is – there is a big difference between incredibly rich and enjoying the freedom it brings (although factor in the security fears) and being incredibly rich and royal, for whom every spend is watched and accounted. In this regard, they are compromised – wealthy yet shackled, however comfortable those shackles are. You couldn’t pay me all the money they have to live like they do. (As always, I caveat this with, unless I was below the poverty line, struggling, in debt, homeless etc.) Whenever I see them, I am grateful for my ability to get by and be free. Being born into this is bad enough; wanting it is stupid.

  27. Athena says:

    Not related to football. We use to see pictures of Charles and Diana vacationing with other European Royals. Why don’t we ever see Will and Kate interacting with other European Royals off duty? I’ve even seen pictures of Beatrice and Eugenie attending the wedding of other European Royals (some still using the title but not a country with a monarchy) again Will and Kate are never there.
    The other European Royals seem to act more like a family behind close doors and with each other.

    • Julia K says:

      Perhaps they have never been invited?

    • notasugarhere says:

      The Queen has sent Edward and Sophie to most Continental European royal things for almost twenty years. The big exception was Charles attending Haakon and Mette-Marit’s wedding, because he wanted to support them. The royals tried to send W&K to the Lux royal wedding; Lux clapped back and said no, Edward and Sophie would be attending.

      When we do see W&K at large events with European royals, like the war memorials in the past few years? They act like they are in charge, ignore the other royals who have higher rank (Hello, KING Felipe IV), and generally are enormous pains.

      • Lizzie says:

        I had no idea. I imagine Keen is jumping in front of cameras the whole time.

      • SnoodleDumpling says:

        Oh god yes. I will NEVER not cringe when I think of how the 2ND IN LINE to the UK throne flat out IGNORED in PUBLIC the SITTING KING of Spain.

        Like, Billy, seriously, if you’re going to demand that everybody ranked below you bow and scrape to you then you have to give those ranked ABOVE you the same courtesy. At least be consistent with your bullshit, the peasants are watching!

    • Calibration says:

      Some of the happiest looking Kate pics I’ve seen are when she’s with the Danes. She seems to legit like/admire Mary. And interesting, Mary is 10 years older than Kate but they tend to look the same age

  28. Coji says:

    I bet he has really bad TMJ pain.