Sharon Stone denies she’s dating RMR, 25, her son calls it ‘funny’

Tribeca Film Festival, Closing Night Celebration - Arrivals
Last week, I wrote about the rumor that Sharon Stone was dating 25-year-old up and coming rapper RMR. They had been seen hanging out and there are photos of them together, including a picture of Sharon wearing one of RMR’s signature ski masks. Well, Sharon has put those rumors to rest. A paparazzo asked Sharon if she was dating RMR and she laughed and said “no.” Sharon was out with her 21-year-old son, Roan, and he laughed and said “You couldn’t have asked a funnier question.” You can see the video of that on TMZ.

Sharon basically said, “I am a grown a*s woman and I don’t have time for the youngsters.” I am glad this rumor has been cleared up because some folks were not happy that Sharon would date someone so much younger. It is not like Sharon makes dating men less than half her age a habit, so I was unbothered. However, watching that video I felt relief. I do love it when women are sexually liberated and empowered, but I I cringe when there is a more than a fifteen year age gap between partners. I tend to wonder what sort of mid-life crisis the person is experiencing when they date someone half their age. I am glad the ski mask picture was only a photo-op between friends or acquaintances and I will continue celebrating Sharon having a damn good time and not giving AF about other people’s judgements.

Sharon Stone looks radiant and youthful in New York

Sharon is shown last month in New York City, where she attended the Tribeca Film Festival. Credit: Backgrid

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  1. Merricat says:

    Sharon looks super happy, which to me is 80% of beauty. She’s looking great.

  2. Darla says:

    That video is so cute! Her son is funny and they both helped the guy who fell.

  3. Golly Gee says:

    I love the slouchy Jeans she’s wearing in the second picture. They look super comfy.

    • EnormousCoat says:

      Sharon Stone is effortlessly cool. If I showed up in that jeans outfit, people would be like ‘omg, did a pipe burst in your closet and ruin all your clothes?’ I would look like I was doing clown cosplay, yet she pulls it off.

      • Golly Gee says:

        Who cares. Key word is Comfy. So very comfy. Just tell interested onlookers you’re available for hire at children’s parties. 🤡 Then don’t show up.

  4. Queen Meghan’s Hand says:

    I didn’t know she walks like that! Of course she has Hot Bitch Gait.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      No kidding!! Damn, she is hot!! But why did the videographer keep calling her Cheryl, except the very last time? Does he not know WHO Sharon Stone is?!?

  5. Jayna says:

    I cringed and I couldn’t believe it. It’s the fact the guy was only 25 that was so cringeworthy and she’s 63. It’s pervy and I couldn’t believe someone as mature sexy as she is, intelligent, vibrant, and fascinating as Sharon would stoop to Madonna’s desperate level, or any man her age, dating some boy-toy/girl-toy age 25 in a whole different lifestyle at that age, an almost 40-year age gap. And it wasn’t true after all. I did find it hard to believe the story.

    If she dates an interesting man in his 30s, someone who is a grown-ass man, I honestly don’t have a problem with it. It’s still a sizable age difference, but it’s two mature adults.

  6. Natters says:

    I can never date anyone that I could have babysat. That was always my limit. If more boys had babysat maybe they would feel the same way and not date women half their age. Lol!