CDC says fully vaccinated children & teachers don’t need masks at school


The CDC has relaxed its mask mandates much sooner than many of us expected. In my area, I still see a “masks required for unvaccinated customers” sign in front of most business, but the amount of masks on people is starting to dwindle. However, since vaccines are widely available, the CDC is working under the impression that folks are not only getting the recommended dosage, but they’re being up front about their vaccinated status. So, the CDC said it’s fine to drop the masks. And now they are saying it to our kids, which scares the heck out of me. The CDC said that vaccinated students and teachers do not have to wear masks this fall when schools go back into full classroom session. The reason is due to vaccines available for kids 12 and up, and maybe as young as six months soon. It does not seem to take into account that not everyone is vaccinating their kids. People has more on the CDC’s decision.

With COVID-19 vaccines now readily available, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are loosening its guidelines on masks ahead of the start of the upcoming school year.

The CDC now recommends that masks only need to be worn indoors by people aged 2 and older who have not been fully vaccinated. The announcement mirrored a similar easing of restrictions back in May, when the CDC said that fully vaccinated Americans could safely go without masks in most indoor and outdoor places.

As of Sunday, 159.3 million people in the United States have been fully vaccinated, nearly half of the total population. Kids aged 12 and up are currently eligible for vaccination, and according to NPR, so far 1 in 3 children have received the vaccine.

“Vaccination is currently the leading public health prevention strategy to end the COVID-19 pandemic. Promoting vaccination can help schools safely return to in-person learning as well as extracurricular activities and sports,” the CDC wrote in their updated guidelines, continuing to encourage everyone who is eligible to get vaccinated.

Additionally, the CDC also recommends “at least 3 feet of physical distance between students within classrooms” and that proper ventilation, handwashing and cleaning should also be prioritized. They also advised that all students and staff who are sick should be encouraged to stay home.

[From People]

My question: does anyone at the CDC have kids? Social distancing and directional foot traffic flow has been their plan since they first started putting kids back in school during the pandemic. The day school reopened, one of my son’s friends ran across the courtyard and full-on bear hugged him – social distancing be damned. Kids in large groups have no interest in staying away from each other, regardless of the rules. That cannot be the safety plan. But they will wear masks. So why are we relying on what won’t happen instead of what will? Once again, the CDC made this suggestion for students who were fully vaccinated. Fortunately, schools can insist on vaccination records. However, since most school are not supporting a hybrid learning plan, the only option for unvaccinated students is to attend school with everyone else. Those poor teachers. I get how their job will be easier if they don’t wear masks, but I would be terrified to look out on a sea of unmasked faces at this point. Especially during cold/flu season, wondering what strand they’re bringing in my classroom. I saw that the CDC recommends students should stay home if they aren’t feeling well. But a harried parent can convince themselves their kid just has allergies if they don’t have a babysitter. I’m sure the CDC is still taking this all seriously. They don’t’ sound like it, though, and that is why so many others aren’t either. I don’t want to spread panic, but I do think it’s too soon to let all our guards down.

The good news is that states can still makes their own decisions on this. Soon after the CDC’s relaxed mask mandate came out, California announced that they would require masks in the fall. They don’t want to take any chances. And that’s with the stupid recall election Gov. Newsom has to face in September. I’m sure the recall folks will make mask wearing an issue but I’m proud to be in a state committed to trying to keep us safe.



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  1. Robin says:

    This is really interesting to learn about from an England reader’s perspective.

    Any other UK poster absolutely terrified of the lifting of our safety measures? I can’t believe it. We’re heading for chaos. This government is a joke, an irresponsible f**k fest of people led by the clown that is Johnson.

    • SarahCS says:

      Totally. I’m now fully vaccinated but there are so many aspects of this which concern me and I’m frankly just angry that yet again the government is going for the ‘popular’ choice and focusing on business over health. At least keep the requirement for masks indoors, please. There’s a petition on the government site and set up by a Bristol guy campaigning to make masks a requirement in shops.

      I’m also incredibly frustrated that now I’m finally in a position where I would consider a meal out with a vaccinated friend, all the safety measures are being removed!

      They just want to absolve themselves of all responsibility and be able to point at the sick people and say ‘well, we ADVISED you to be careful’.

    • Beenie says:

      Hi from England 👋. I agree that lifting all measures right now makes 0 sense. I’m fully vaccinated but recently I’ve been shocked/horrified to find out that several of my neighbours and other folks I know well (not friends per se, but people I have to interact with regularly) are refusing to get vaxxed!! It’s honestly astonishing to me especially given what the delta variant is doing to our country atm.

      • Robin says:

        I understand both of you. I thought I wouldn’t be alone. I’m fully jabbed but it’s not a given that I won’t get it or pass it on. I gave my consent to be part of the national covid research project because I feel strongly that this disease is not done and dusted by any means. I too know people who are planning huge parties, stay overs, meals out. It’s just rampant stupidity. The NHS is warning it won’t cope; the Delta cases are already rising. There is no proof that the current vaccines even hold back this variant. I will never understand why people can’t respect each other and the health service and just wear masks. The Euros was the greatest mistake ever in terms of stadium numbers and mask wearing. Apparently, those people were double vaccinated. I doubt it.

  2. Shanaynay says:

    I’m going to keep wearing my mask until I feel comfortable taking it off, which might not be for a very long time, if ever. I’m not listening to the CDC on this one.

  3. Ainsley7 says:

    I think they are using this as an incentive to get kids vaccinated. Schools will likely require proof of vaccination from both teachers and students. Students who aren’t vaccinated will have to wear masks and I don’t see the kids being too happy about that. So, it puts pressure on the parents to vaccinate their kids. I know of some parents who aren’t anti-vaxxers (they were vaccinated themselves as soon as they could) but are reluctant to get their kids vaccinated because of how new it is. So, it would help those parents see that it is safe.

    • LillyfromLillooet says:


    • Jennifer says:

      That’s twice they’ve played that card but I don’t think it’s working.

    • Haylie says:

      Oh I wish that were the case.

      States are lifting mask mandates while kids under 12 still aren’t eligible for vaccination.

      Several states with Republican controlled legislatures are introducing/passing laws to prevent schools from requiring COVID-19 vaccination for students and teachers.

      If you can’t prove enough students and teachers are vaccinated and you tell people they don’t have to wear masks, vaccinated people are at higher risk for catching breakthrough cases of the Delta and Lambda variants. We have not reached herd immunity.

      The CDC is full of shit and pandering to business interests and tantrum-throwing conservatives. People will keep dying because of this.

    • Anna says:

      It’s going to put so much strain on teachers if students without vaxx have to wear a mask because they are likely the children of the belligerent anti-vaxxers who will behave similarly to their parents and flout the rules. I am personally worried about my school fighting me on not returning to in-person (higher ed) when, for my particular field, it works fine remotely in pandemic. I’m not going to risk my life if the school doesn’t require everyone to be vaccinated. And as of now, they are not requiring it of staff and faculty. That’s another big concern. Even if students are, the admin is a problem.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        I think that the CDC is making an enormous mistake with regards to keeping people masked, and instead of playing on the side of safety, they are choosing to play up to the pressures of states, school districts and the embarrassing refusal of people who refuse to be vaccinated!

        If people think that playing into the hands of the ones that are screaming about not getting vaccinated purely out of spite and listening to the stupidity that circulates, we are all destined to be suffering for years to come. As for the Repugnant’s and their stupidity towards encouraging people to be vaccinated, this will only play into the continuing issue of variants becoming more dangerous and deaths are likely to follow. As for teachers, they are taking the brunt of their stupidity and they are suffering the most. Why must we insist on putting peoples lives in danger when we shouldn’t?

    • Julia says:

      This is infuriating. It puts all the burden of enforcement on teachers–some of whom probably don’t believe in the value of masks themselves. Is Aiden wearing his mask properly? Is it covering his nose? Is Olivia (unvaccinated) making out with her vaccinated boyfriend in the hall? Guess what, teachers: it is now part of your job to get involved with that, and no, you’re not getting paid extra.

      Plus, up to 30% of children who catch covid (even mild cases) will develop Long Covid, a poorly understood condition with unknown long-term consequences. (Check CNN today for sources.) Are we burdening an entire generation with a longterm health issue? Who knows???

      Masks help. They’re cheap, easy, and effective. If we truly feel that in-person learning is necessary for kids to thrive, then using all the tools in our toolbox (masks, vaccines, proper ventilation) will help maintain that. It’s not fair OR smart to leave these policies up to individuals, or even individual states. The CDC would have been better off saying: “For the next school year we are going require everyone to wear a mask. We will evaluate again in the fall of 2022.” If nothing else, it won’t add the additional burden of “Should that kid be wearing a mask? Let me check my vaccine records…” onto the to-do lists of already overworked teachers.

  4. BusyLizzy says:

    It’s too soon to take our masks off. Thanks CDC but I’ll keep mine on.

  5. Becks1 says:

    Our kids still wear their masks, but its starting to feel like they’re the only ones. They still wear them at restaurants, the grocery store, library, etc. They don’t even complain about it – I said something to them last week about how i liked that they dont give us a hard time over it and my 9 year old was like “well i’m just used to them at this point mommy.” I don’t wear my mask indoors 100% of the time (mostly just in crowded areas) but as the delta variant continues to spread I think I’ll go back to wearing one all the time.

    Anyway, for school – yes, the good thing is that schools can and do require vaccination records, so they’re going to know who is and isn’t vaccinated. That’s not really an issue right now in elementary school (none of the kids are vaccinated obviously) but its a different story in middle and high schools.

    Our district still has the virtual option, but you have to sign up for it at the beginning of the year, its not like the hybrid system was last year, you cant switch back and forth. What I liked about being able to switch was that if my boys did have a symptom, I could just keep them home and they logged on virtually and didnt lose any class or learning time and the teacher did not have to prepare extra work for them. But I know that the hybrid system in itself (and teaching to virtual and in-person students simultaneously) was way too much for the teachers and is an unfair burden on them.

  6. Aang says:

    I’m teaching a summer course at a small college. They require unvaccinated students and staff to be masked. I wish they would required everyone to be masked because unvaccinated students show up every day with no masks and ask me for one. Or better yet require vaccines for attendance, because I know so many aren’t following the rules. Many of my students are not vaccinated. They are all immigrants, mostly refugees, and don’t want the vaccine because their parents tell them it will make them sick. Where are their parents getting that idea? Many of the parents don’t speak English and most can’t read English so I doubt it’s Fox News or Facebook. I’m not sure I’ll teach in the fall under these circumstances, I don’t need to work. I do it because I’m good at it, it makes me happy, and I’m making a difference. I was so excited to get back in the classroom but it’s still too crazy.

    • Katie says:

      A while ago a Michigan publication profiled a number of people who aren’t getting the vaccination. A middled aged Spanish speaker said she got her news from Russia Today in Spanish. It really opened my eyes to the scope of misinformation outlets.

  7. Lala11_7 says:

    I think it’s irresponsible of Fauci et al to push the “no mask if vaccinated” narrative when so much of the population is not vaccinated & with ALL OF THESE VARIANTS RUNNING AMOK…and we NOW SEE fully vaccinated folks being infected with the variants and going into hospital with some of them dying or getting Covid long haul issues…I thought Fauci would push that ONLY after cases of Covid was down to the point where it would be EASY to track & isolate…which would have meant that the paltry national public health infrastructure would have been built up…Eventually we’re going to get a variant that is going to make ALL of these current variants seem like child’s play because the CDC is moving too fast with the non-masking BS!

    • wildwaffles says:

      I would be interested to understand where you got the information that vaccinated people are being hospitalized and dying and having long haul symptoms? That is not what I am reading in the news. I have a few friends who are ER physicians and they are saying 99% of the people in the hospital and dying of Covid are unvaccinated. They are seeing a very small number of vaccinated people contract Covid but their cases are very mild with quick and easy recovery.

      • Lala11_7 says:

        Google it….

      • Ally says:

        You can easily Google it. In Israel and the UK, fully vaccinated people have been hospitalized with this variant. Unfortunately we also just saw Catt Sadler, a high profile case, extremely sick with Covid after being fully vaccinated. A very few have died. Mostly over 50 and vaccinated but didn’t get Pfizer or Moderna. Also… I realize this is anecdotal but, in a town near me, three people who were fully vaccinated caught COVID at a semi-indoor wedding in the middle of June. Majority of guests were nurses or in the healthcare field. So, don’t take anything too lightly here. The virus continues to evolve.

      • Ionio says:

        This ^ Wild waffles. So many comments here are from really anxious people who do not read statistics.

    • Turtledove says:

      Lala11_7- I agree that putting out the idea of “if you are vaccinated, you don’t need to wear a mask” was SUCH a bad idea. I am vaxxed. I still wear my mask indoors.

      What I see in MA is that most stores have signs tha say “if you are fully vaxxed, no mask required. Masks required for nonvaccinated guests.” So….are we really meant to believe that everyone in that store that is maskless is vaccinated? Because it seems to me that it is very often the same people who are anti-vax AND anti-mask. So what, we are supposed to pretend that we don’t all know that hoardes of non-vaxxed people are wandering around maskless? There is JUST NO WAY.

      What would have seemed better would have been to tell people “hey, if you are having a small family gathering indoors and you know that the 15 family menbers coming over are ALL vaccinated, like you, you can feel free to go maskless.”

      But having stores allow this based on the honor system seems like a VERY, VERY bad idea. Particularly when we KNOW how many people have not been jabbed. We don’t know WHO specifically, but just reading these comments tells me that a high portion of the masks I see in Target are being worn by VACCINATED people. And I really don’t see all that many people wearing them. I’d say maybe 20% are wearing them, 20% is being pretty generoous. So match that up with the 62% of fully vaxxed people in MA, and what does that tell you? This pandemic is going to mutate and stick around for a long time because people won’t do the right thing. It’s insane.

      • Anna says:

        Amerikkkans have shown that there is no “honor system”. That will never, ever work in this country.

  8. Ashley says:

    I’m in Tennessee where the Delta variant is exploding and our vaccination rate is not very high. My teen is vaccinated, so I feel comfortable with him attending his small charter school next month. My 8 year old obviously isn’t vaccinated, and I am getting super nervous about sending him back to his large public school. Every store/coffee shop I have been in lately has kids under 12 running around with no masks, so I’m not very trusting that everyone without a mask indoors is being honest about their vaccination status. It’s all becoming so exhausting.

  9. Abby says:

    The bad news is states can make their own decisions on this. I’m in Texas, and our governor banned the enforcement of mask mandates–to the point where schools can be fined for trying to do so. They also dropped funding for virtual options. I have elementary kids who aren’t eligible for vaccines. I’m counting down till they can get them, but for those first 6-8 weeks or so in school, my kids will be wearing masks. They might be the only ones though. I wish the CDC had continued the mask mandate until children could be vaccinated.

    My kids’ school district superintendent has been making great decisions for our schools as far as covid protocols go. But following the requirement of the governor, at the end of last semester, the school dropped the mask mandate and also the distancing and contact tracing–and eliminated the virtual school option. I wish we could at least have contact tracing and masks in place till vaccinations are available for everyone! A couple of other parents and I are wondering if the superintendent will push back on the mask ban. One can hope.

    My youngest is starting kindergarten. I was feeling OK with everything this summer until the Delta variant started picking up. I’m a bit nervous at this point. :-/

    • Size Does Matter says:

      Preach, sister. We are in the same boat. I can’t get my 5yo and 8yo vaccinated quickly enough. I almost wish I was still nursing so I could get antibodies from my vaccines into those kids. How can Governor Abbott sleep at night?

      My kids and I wear those masks like it’s our job, including my fully-vaccinated 18yos who start college next month.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Abbot is an idiot that is beyond help in protecting all of the Texas,residents. He was one of the first ones to fully reopen the state and has eliminated the additional state participation in employment benefits. Abbot and Paxton are the worst people to be in power to mandate issues pertaining to the coronavirus. This isn’t an issue of whether we should require vaccinations in all schools, but also being ignorant and flippant about a deadly virus. I feel so bad for teachers that have to face these children everyday and wondering who is possibly carrying the Delta and every other variant that comes after. These are peoples lives and not putting the teachers first shows how ignorant and disrespectful Abbot is regarding teachers!

  10. outoftheshadows says:

    COVID infections are up 59% over the past 2 weeks in the US. Most of the outbreaks are in poorly vaccinated areas. Our under-12 kids can’t be vaccinated yet, and only 50% of NYC teachers were vaccinated as of May. NYC has also committed to NO online option for schooling next year. I’m sure you guys can see where this is heading.

    That vaccine can not come soon enough for elementary age kids!

    • Kristen says:

      Covid infections are actually up 109% over the last 14 days in the U.S., so it’s even worse.

    • ME says:

      Why are only 50% of NYC teachers vaccinated? The U.S. has an abundance of vaccines. What is the problem?

  11. Lala11_7 says:

    How about with each variant that comes out it can & does make current vaccinations null & void…which is WHY the CDC should STILL be pushing masking & social distancing…the vaccinations JUST broke open wide for ALL adults in most states in April…I had to go to Georgia to get it in February because Illinois was doing a tiered system until the middle of April and my NERVES would not let me wait….and we’re ONLY in July…

    It’s too soon….

    • wildwaffles says:

      I understand being nervous and on edge still about the virus and the vaccines. But saying variants “make current vaccines null & void” is false. The vaccines available in the US do provide protection against the variants, the Pfizer and Moderna are in the 80% protection range. That is not null and void. There are reasons to be cautious and watchful with the variants but when we engage in hyperbolic comments about vaccines not working at all, that only serves to bolster the antivax movements and won’t encourage unvaccinated people to get vaccinated.

  12. Kristen says:

    The CDC should’ve never dropped the mask guidelines. That was the only support states had to keep mask mandates in place, and without the mandates, there’s no incentive for anti-maskers to get vaccinated, because they don’t believe they can get sick.

  13. Stephanie says:

    The FDA needs to give full approval to moderna and pfizer already. Get it out of emergency approval and then businesses and schools can REQUIRE the vaccination without question.

  14. Jmj says:

    What about the kids too young to vaccinate? I’m feeling really left behind. The country apparently doesn’t give two figs about the youngest kids and their parents, and the bind that we are in. Both of mine are under 5. I literally have no idea when they will be able to get a vaccine. At this point we’re looking at 2022 at the earliest, maybe?. My baby was BORN in the pandemic and he might end up having to start wearing a mask when he turns 2 because we will still be at the mercy of all the adults who just dgaf and stay unvaccinated, and because the portion of the country with no kids or older kids are fine with saying “I got mine, sucks to be you”.

  15. LW says:

    To be blunt, I think this is bs and I’m angry about it. They had BETTER require proof of vaccination in order to go maskless in school. Because as soon as the CDC released that guidance about adults a couple months ago everyone stopped wearing masks and I live in a Trumpy area and I know a ton of these people aren’t vaccinated. At least I know my husband and I are vaccinated so we have some protection, but my kids aren’t twelve and they have nothing but masks to protect them at school. Ignorant parents around here are already throwing fits that no children should have to wear masks in the fall. It’s a war brewing in my area and I’m over it.

    • Abby says:

      Schools in my area are already prevented by the state government from requiring masks. No vaccination needed. Been this way since end of may. It’s maddening and frightening.

      • LW says:

        I live in an extremely red area, but am luckily in a blue state and I’ve been thankful for that this whole time!

  16. Case says:

    I’m disgusted with the CDC. Fully vaccinated people are getting sick with Delta. Why are we so obsessed with lifting the mask mandate when there is still so much danger and uncertainty? Now I need to worry all the time (despite keeping my mask on) because EVERYONE EVERYWHERE I GO is running around maskless. It’s just common sense that you don’t remove restrictions the moment things get slightly better. You make sure they STAY better, otherwise we have another outbreak on our hands. The stupidity and incompetence many nation’s leaders have shown during this crisis is just…unreal.

    I follow an epidemiologist Jessica Malaty Rivera on Instagram (she’s awesome) and she was horrified by this news. Said it was an indefensible choice to announce this.

  17. Imara219 says:

    The WHO stated masks should be worn inside vaccinated or not. So all of this superciliousness by the CDC is really maddening.

  18. ClaireB says:

    I thought the CDC was only being political because Trump was in office, and they were all trying to keep their jobs so they could keep helping the citizens of this country. But the nonsense the CDC is coming out with makes me feel like they’re still pandering to Republicans/Trump people and I don’t understand why. Delta variant appears to be more contagious and to cause more symptomatic illness among children, none of whom are vaccinated. I’m scared for my two under 12.

  19. Kim says:

    I teach kindergarten-third grade kids. This group will not even have the opportunity to be vaccinated before school starts, and yet our district has dropped masks mandates for all students. This is in Idaho, where we are sitting at a 38% vaccination level. And you are right. Parents send kids to school all the time when they are sick. Kindergarteners not feeling well tell their teachers, “My mom (or dad) gave me some pink stuff before I came to school.”

    • Sonia says:

      Kim-I teach intermediate grades (4-6) and they tell us that they threw up that morning, but Mom or Dad told them to “try to stay at school” or Mom or Dad gave them tylenol and they have more in their pocket in case their fevers come back…it is ridiculous.

  20. ME says:

    Dropping masks is NOT a good idea. I can’t imagine being around anyone bare faced. F*ck that.

    • Valerie says:

      But what’s the harm if they are truly fully vaccinated? I’m not an anti-vaxxer, just genuinely asking. If the whole point of being vaxxed is so that we get to the point where we’re able to drop the mask altogether and go back to some semblance of normalcy, why is this a problem?

      I don’t think they should be dropped prematurely. Keep the mandates in place. A lot of the problems that we have in Canada and the US seem to be coming from our eager politicians jumping the gun and opening too early. The minute we see a decline in numbers, it’s like, “OKAY, LET’S DO THIS,” rather than waiting it out. They keep rushing to open and it’s actually holding us back.

  21. HoofRat says:

    Mask mandates have been lifted in Alberta, with a few exceptions like public transit. I’m fully vaxxed, but I’m still masking, as are many people in urban areas. I recently dropped into two rural stores and got funny looks because I was one of only two or three people wearing a mask. Jason Kenney/Trumpy removed restrictions way too quickly so he could do pancake-flipping photo ops at the Calgary Stampede. I fear for teachers and kids in the new school year, and I fear especially for hospital staff if/when the fourth wave advances.

    • Valerie says:

      I’m in Ontario, and I’m not sure what I’m going to do after my second shot. Probably wear a mask the first few times I go out? By that time, it’ll be late summer, and things will be different again. I think I’ll be comfortable going unmasked when I know I’m covered. I’m not anti anything, but it would be nice to be able to go about my day as close to the way I used to as possible.

  22. MW says:

    My son’s preschool is requiring masks indoors but optional outdoors and the elementary school I teach in is doing the same. The CDC is not dropping mask recommendations indoors. Their guidance very clearly states that 2-12 year olds should continue wearing masks indoors (as they are unvaccinated). All the schools in our area that serve an under 12 population are following indoor mask guidelines thankfully.

    • Imara219 says:

      My son’s Prek class is not requiring kids to wear masks at all. I’m an educator and my mother is a licensed Daycare provider. We both know that masks are still being required. Instead, she said they are doing temp checks two times a day but we all know that’s pointless and wearing a mask is a simple fix.

  23. 2lazy4username says:

    All i need to see is “CDC says…” to know it’s BS.

  24. Lindsey says:

    Everyone has their own level of comfort with things but I’m totally fine with this. The risk to vaccinated people who are astound unvaccinated people is extremely low. The risk to kids has always been extremely low, lower than the drive to school in many cases.

  25. Lindy says:

    Also in Texas and so frustrated. I had to do a mandatory in person work event a few weeks ago and no one was masking, we were in and out of a few restaurants. I caught Covid despite being fully vaccinated and wearing a mask as much as possible while indoors (took it off to eat).

    I have a newly minted 12 year old who got his first dose the day after his birthday and will get his second dose next Tuesday. So I’m feeling a tiny bit better about letting him be back in school this fall (Texas has denied funding for any remote schooling this fall, so our option is either to pull him out and homeschool or send him).

    We also have a 3-year-old and who knows when he will get the vaccine. Luckily we are able to afford a private daycare that does not recognize vaccine waivers of any kind, that requires their staff to be fully vaccinated, and that requires children ages to and up to wear masks while indoors. They have had a handful of covid cases here and there, but no community spread in the daycare whatsoever. If my kid ever has any symptoms, I have to get a PCR test with a negative result to send him back. I love that they are so strict, though it causes headaches for us from time to time.

    My Covid symptoms were what I would call mild (total loss of taste and smell, incredibly painful pressurized sinuses and congestion, 2 days of fever around 101F, and headaches). It was still pretty unpleasant and alarming. I’m angry that my boss required us to attend in person.

    I have so much rage with the never-vaxxer crowd that I could scream. Having children under 12 makes every current risk assessment feel impossible. My family will continue wearing masks indoors for the foreseeable future.

  26. ThanksButNoThanks says:

    The preschool industry in most states allows for very diverse practices. I’m a preschool teacher, and if your child goes to preschool know this: realistically, it is nearly impossible to keep 2-4 year-olds socially distanced in a classroom and have it be a developmentally appropriate program. Masks should be required for this age group at school, it’s just the best response.

    Most of the children in this age group adapt to masks surprisingly quickly. If everyone around them at school is wearing a mask, it’s just “what they need to do at school”, like how they need to wear shoes. It also makes it harder for them to put stuff in their mouths, and if they do cough or sneeze and it’s messy, it’s contained, and we can get them a fresh mask.

    We’re in a mostly weather-friendly area, so for 2020-2021 we decided to move our program entirely outside on the playground. The kids have loved it! And it helped keep our teaching staff from quitting when vaccinations weren’t yet available. We only go inside for bathroom breaks. If your community has a program with this format, I’d highly recommend it until your little ones can get vaccinated.

    Before enrolling anywhere, call and ask how the school has adjusted their program in response to Covid. What the response is, and how it is articulated, will give you a sneak-peak at the school culture.

  27. Anna says:

    I’m working elementary summer school in NYS and masks are only required on the bus. They are optional for students in the classroom and no one is wearing them…staff is vaccinated and no one wears masks.

    There are only 5 kids in our classroom (behavioral class), but it’s a regular indoor classroom setting so It’s scary! I didn’t realize kids would be maskless when I signed up for this so worried my younger daughter will get the virus through me, even though I’m vaccinated.

  28. Zantasia says:

    Even in Seattle, in a zip code with over 90% of the eligible population fully vaccinated, I see parents letting their 8 year olds running around *inside* small stores without masks. There was a positive case at my kid’s camp three weeks ago—in this highly vaccinated area—and all exposed children had to quarantine. Luckily, masks work and no other kid got it, but the coronavirus is still here. I can’t imagine what it’s like in other areas of the country. I am holding my breath until both of my kids can get the vaccines.

  29. sillybee82 says:

    i guess al the kids under-12 who can’t get vaxxed just don’t matter to these f*ckers. The CDC is making a huge mistake. Huge.

  30. ThanksButNoThanks says:

    So far, most children have not had serious cases that lead to hospitalization or death, and that has been a great blessing. However: 1) we don’t know what the long-haul consequences for children will be. 2) with every new case, it gives the virus the chance to mutate into a new, more efficient variant (one that renders our current vaccinations ineffective, or perhaps one that is specifically more deadly to children). Masks are an easy way to help stop potentially more dangerous new variants from developing and spreading.